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Welcome to the Rotary Club of Marana in Marana, AZ


Service Above Self

We meet Tuesdays at 7:00 AM
Nana's Kitchen
8225 N. Courtney Page Way
Marana, AZ  85741
United States
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Rotary Club of Marana
Minutes 10-18-16
Submitted by Randy Brooks Secretary
President Mary called the meeting to order, invocation by Randy Brooks and song by Jo Holt.
13 members attended this meeting. 
Announcements: Maeve Johnson: El Tour de Tucson, Maeve would like four volunteers to help set up and is confident we will have a lot of room. It was suggested that we make peanut butter sandwiches again this year, along with the traditional goodies and bananas.
Presidio Club asking for help from all clubs for their fundraising venture this weekend.  Everyone seems busy and cannot support them at this time. Randy asked for those that were comfortable to pledge money to Polio Plus to support riders in the El Tour.  Five members volunteered to donate $450.00 to the riders.
Eric Miller was inducted as our newest member.  He was previously in the Foothills club.  Tony Hunter is his sponsor.  Eric likes the “Service Above Self” mantra of Rotary and that it is a worldwide organization.  He rode in the Tour de Cookie last year and was treated well by the members and decided to join.  Eric was raised in Quincy, IL. And it appears he was an under achiever …… Eric was encouraged to go into the military, by authority figures.  He did and worked for the most part in the US Army in Germany.  He learned about helicopters and loved to fly. Eric has two children, a son and daughter and a beautiful grandchild. He held many jobs in his life, from marketing and sales, to Chamber of Commerence and learned the skills to open his own successful consulting business called Owner’s Ally.  He partners with  shareholders to make their companies successful looking strategically into the near and distant future.  Eric has been quite an adventurer: Mountain bike rider, skiing, and ice fishing (boring he says). He has been a competitive bike rider. He considers himself a spiritual based person and a trouble shooter for business helps develop new companies. He provides webinar support for companies including leadership and training.  He is a Paul Harris Fellow +4.  We are happy and proud that you joined our club.
The Four Way Test was read and meeting adjourned.

Submitted by PDG Randy Brooks, Club Secretary
Meeting called to order by Jo Holt, President Elect, Pledge led by Randy Brooks and meditation led by Past President Maeve Johnson
Unfortunately it was a sparse turnout at the meeting today with only 10 members attending.  We do know that several members are on vacation and business trips. Please hurry back we need you!
Announcements:  Randy discussed that the Restoration Project has been canceled and added that the board will work on finding a new similar project.
Suelee: mentioned that “More Than a Bed” could use some help this Friday evening to help with caring for children while parents get a respite and have the opportunity to go out for a few hours. If you can help call Suelee or show up at the New Life Bible Church on Cortaro at 4 PM.
This Saturday, “Missing in America” there will be an interment of the remains (ashes) for I believe about 20 unknown military personnel that were “unclaimed” by family members from WWII, Korea, and Vietnam at the Memorial site in Marana.  This will occur at 10:30 AM. I hope we have a good showing at this event to honor the deceased heroes.
Maeve asked about volunteers for the El Tour de TucsonJo is going to ask the Interact Club and Maeve will reach out to other clubs.  There is no such thing as too many volunteers for this project.
Maeve also has formed an ad hoc committee for the Food Bank to prepare gifts for those unable to get out of the home to obtain services.  The club will be donating gifts on the birthday of these that are unable to get out the home.
Guest speaker:
 Susan Reed, representing the Epilepsy Foundation of Arizona.  Introduced by Randy.  Susan was his supervisor 32 years ago in Chicago.  Met once again this past year as her spouse is Kirk Reed of the Catalina Rotary Club and Governor Nominee for Rotary D-5500.
Susan discussed many of the myths about epilepsy including and not limited to: epilepsy is contagious (1500’s), need to be in colony’s 1800’s in England, Germany and the US, the list goes on and on. A few members and Susan stated they have family members that suffer from this disease.  Susan, a world class bike rider (she has crossed the USA twice on her bike and averages 1000 miles a month on her rides).  Discussed different types of seizures, including Tonic-Tonic (Grand Mal) and Absence (Petit Mal) seizures as well as partial seizures. She discussed first aid for seizures, DO NOT PUT ANYTHING IN THE MOUTH, TURN HEAD TO SIDE AND DO NOT RESTRICT MOVEMENT. Remove any objects that could cause harm, only call 911 if the seizure lasts for more than 5 minutes, multiple seizures occur, normal breathing does not occur soon and if they are injured.  Susan discussed cultural concerns regarding epilepsy, a neurological illness ……. Including shame, bullying, lack of education, caregivers, depression, anxiety and isolation.  A few members asked if we could invite Susan back because we did not have time to ask questions.  Thank you Susan for a wonderful and thoughtful presentation.

Rotary Club of Marana
Minutes 10-4-16
Submitted by PDG – Secretary Randy Brooks
President Mary Straus called the meeting to order and the traditional pledge of allegiance and meditative moment was completed.  Once again, we stumbled over the singing of a song …. Not prepared and it was determined we would sing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.”
Mary announced that she is going to query the club to determine if members want to continue to sing at our meetings.  This apparently will be a secret ballot.
Mary reported on the park project ribbon cutting at Road Runner Elementary School last Friday.  Mary, Jo Holt and Randy Brooks attended.  DGE Joe Hentges and his spouse as well as Jim Nook and his wife were in attendance from the Dove Mountain Rotary Club.  Randy reported it was certainly a “Rotary moment” for him and Mary stated it was very moving for her as well.
Dan Contorno and Tony Hunter gave a report on needed changes and research for the Tour de Cookie route.  The county is not allowing us to use the same start location.  More will be revealed.
The club was reminded of the Foundation Seminar and Dinner, November 5, 2016.  Randy encouraged current leadership, including Jo Holt PE and Tony Hunter PN as well as new members to attend both events.
President Mary was awarded a Hunger Walk T-Shirt by Maeve for our club paying for transportation to the event.
Maeve Johnson requested that she be allowed to hang her Edward Jones banner at the El Tour de Tucson, Ride to End Polio aid booth.  It will be discussed at the next Club board meeting.
John Dooling won the initial drawing but with great humor did not pull the winning card.
Weekly Program:
Don Jorgensen, on behalf of Shelter Box.  Don began his presentation by thanking the club for previous purchases of shelter boxes victims of earthquakes, floods and other natural disasters. Briefly we discussed the possible need for boxes in California if the suggested earthquake happens. Don indicated that boxes have been sent domestically in the past to the NE USA after floods.  He discussed there is a product called “Shelter Box Solution” that does not provide a tent but as needed tools for rebuilding and helping those that have their own shelter.  Rotary is now fully partnered with Shelter Box and by creating an office in the USA donations can be a tax deduction.  Don discussed deployments of Shelter box in the past year to the USA, Indian Ocean countries, Nepal, Ecuador, Philippines, Syria, Iraq, Japan, China, Myanmar ad several other countries.  Don asked that the club consider purchasing a Shelter Box.  The membership asked the club board to discuss this at our next meeting.  Great Job, Don

Minutes of Rotary Club of Marana Meeting
Minutes by Dan Contorno – September 27, 2016
Submitted by Secretary Randy Brooks
First I must apologize that the minutes are so late.  I have had computer issues the past two weeks and was unable to complete them.  Dan Contorno thank you for taking notes for me while I traveled.
What a small turnout for the club this week.  Six members and a few guests.  How very sad. 
Past President Maeve Johnson facilitated the meeting in the absence of Mary Straus. Thank you Maeve. Maeve also did a meditative moment.  There was no song this week and that would be the meeting I missed.
Student of the month was introduced by visiting Denise Coronado and Melissa the English teacher.  The student is named Nick.  Sorry no further notes available.
Dan discussed the poker tournament …… Don Jorgensen fared the best rest of any in our club …. The rest of us bombed but had a great time.  Discussion that several of us rode a part of the Tour de Cookie.
No raffle ticket sales this week. 
Xavier provided sergeant at arms duties and there seemed to be much discussion of the rain falling outside ….. You know you live in the desert when ……….
David Hindman, our newest member, did not present because the attendance was so small. It will be scheduled soon.  Sorry David …..
Meeting adjourned early with the 4-Way Test.


The Rotary Club of Marana proudly supported the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona's (CFB) Hunger Walk on Saturday, September 17, 2016. The Club sponsored a bus to take walkers from the Marana Branch of the Food Bank to the Sam Lena Recreation Area to join hundreds of walkers from all of the communities served by the CBF. Rotarians Jo Holt, Maeve Johnson, Denise West and Deb Hume were joined by Linda Hampton, Executive Director of Marana Food Bank. Suelee Edwards, world famous photographer, joined us for the trip downtown. Each walker was presented with a lovely orange t-shirt to bring attention to those who are in need of food assistance. The fundraising goal for the event was $205,000, but the amount raised was $257,966. As Rotarians, we are proud to sponsor and participate in this event.

Rotary Club of Marana
Meeting Minutes 9-20-2016 – Submitted by Randy Brooks Secretary
Called to order by Mary Straus, pledge let by Don Jorgensen, Moment of Reflection by Maeve Johnson.
Introduction of Guests: David Mandel, Marana High School Principal considering joining our club. Johnathan Grove, MHS Junior interested in RYLA.  District executives: Governor Sheryl Christiansen, DGE Joe Hentges, AG Stacy Cox, and District Secretary Liz Cohn. Also joining us was David Hindman’ s spouse, Becky and two of their children Lea and Nathan …… welcome to the family of Rotary.
Announcements: Dan Contorno stated we have only 27 people signed up for the poker tournament this Friday.  Please ask your friends to join us for fun and excitement. On Sunday at 7 AM members are invited to ride with Dan to check out the course for the Tour de Cookie. How about it, a little exercise and fun!
A special presentation was made to Randy Brooks from Lynne Himmer.  After watching Randy tip over water glasses (and break one) last night at the board meeting she kindly brought him a non-spill child’s cup.  You know the cups made for infants.  Later, when Randy came out from under the table where he was hiding from embarrassment he indicated appreciation for this thoughtful gift.
Tom Mangold announced he attended the funeral of Ed McCauley. Ed was a member of our club and later an honorary member. He last attended a meeting about 13 years ago and lost touch with many of us.  He will be missed.
Clint stated his family has a new child in his home…… his grin was huge and filled with happiness. We are all very proud and happy for his family.
 David Hindman – Inducted with his family present by President Mary Straus as our newest member. So he is the newest Rotarian in the world …..  At least when inducted this morning. Welcome aboard David.  Mary, to not waste a moment, asked him to chair the Youth Exchange Program for our club and Randy volunteered to assist him.
Assistant Governor Stacey introduced Governor Sheryl Christianson.  DG Sheryl is a charter member of the Yuma Sunrise Rotary Club.  She began her inspirational speech by discussing personal reflections of polio in her community and in the Philippines where she and her family visited when she was a child.  She is proud that we are very close to eradicating the disease from the earth. She states she loves Rotary for the fellowship, leadership development, the Rotary Leadership Academy and wants our emphasis to be on membership. Our district experienced the largest drop in membership in our history last year.
DG Sheryl gave Randy pins to give to each of our Paul Harris Society members: John Dooling, Jane Howell, Don Jorgensen, Peter Mack, Mary Straus and Randy Brooks.
Governor Sheryl encouraged participation in the Rotary Vocational Fund of Arizona (Tax deduction and Credit), asked that we attend the Atlanta Convention, June 10-12, attend the district conference in Yuma April 28-30.  She also went on to discuss the consolidation of the two northern districts (5510 and 5490) next July 1 …. That district will be called 5495. PETS in 2018 will be in Los Angeles as we join six other districts to have one of the largest and best PETS in the world.
DG Sheryl encouraged club members to not engage in political discussions or jokes at this time.  Expressed concern that the race is so divisive that it could cause harm to our membership.  Interestingly she then went on to say that her son was backing the wrong candidate, but did not say which one. A big sigh of relief from the attendees that she followed her own edict.
In closing she asked that we have a good showing at the November 5th, Rotary Foundation seminar and dinner.
Meeting adjourned with the 4-Way Test.  Fun meeting.

Rotary Club of Marana – Minutes
Submitted by Randy Brooks, Club Secretary
Meeting called to order by President Mary Straus.  Pledge and Thought for the Day completed
I actually thought it was not possible but the song today was actually worse this week than the prior week.  This was not an easy goal to achieve! Interesting how we sang in several keys without any sense of harmony or timing.  However, we get a metal for trying.
Sadly, Tom Mangold informed us that Ed McCauley, a former member of our club expired and his funeral is scheduled for Saturday, September 17, 2016 at 11:00 AM Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church, 7570 N Thorndale Road, Tucson, AZ.  Members are invited to attend if you knew Ed.
Guests introduced: Le Craven, Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation Manager, Kirti Khalsa, CEO, Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation, Eric Miller (potential member) and David Hindman. David will be inducted next week during DG Sheryl’s visit.
John Dooling reported he is having an open house at his home this Sunday from 2-6 PM in honor of guests from Natal, Brazil.  Patricia Gurgel and her spouse Jr. will be staying at his home this weekend. 
There will be a special board meeting, September 19, 2016 at Mary’s home to meet with District Governor Sheryl Christensen.  All committee chairs, and board members are requested to attend and supply Mary a hard copy report for her to review and give to the governor.  The governor will meet with the club next Tuesday at 7 AM and it is important that all members attend.     
PDG Randy discussed typical Rotary protocols as it relates to governor visits.
It was requested that members and friends attend the poker tournament, September ………  The Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation donated $100.00 for advertising.
We had happy bucks and as always much laughter and excitement as John Dooling pulled the card to see if he would be an instant millionaire.  No such luck, John, sorry.
 Introduction of Kirti Khalsa, our guest speaker from the Rotary Club of Pantano and the Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation. Kirti discussed our club sponsored “Memory Screening in Mexico,” Nevada and a potential one at the Rotary convention in Atlanta in June 2017.  We are simply waiting for approval for a booth from RI.  This booth will be a feather in the cap of the Rotary Club of Marana.  Kirti discussed why she cares about Alzheimer’s disease.  She discussed her grandparents and how she has always had an affinity for older people and was drawn into the field.  She is now an expert and known throughout the world for her knowledge of yoga, meditation and Alzheimer’s related issues.  She described how dementia is preventable and can be slowed by using the four pillars of intervention: Diet, Stress Management, physical exercise and spiritual fitness.
All enjoyed Kirti’s presentation. 
Meeting adjourned and all encouraged to attend the meetings next week for the governor’s visit and installation of our new member, David Hindman.

Rotary Club of Marana
Meeting Minutes – September 6, 2016
Submitted by Randy Brooks
President Mary Opened the Meeting at 7:00 AM and proceeded to have the meditation by Jo Holt and the pledge was completed without anyone getting hurt.  Then we sang, kind. The last I remember someone said, “Does anyone know the words to 9 to 5?”  ….. It went downhill from there.
Dan Contorno made an announcement about the slow sales for the Poker Tournament, September 23, 2016 at the Vision Church 7511 SN Benet Drive, Tucson.  Please attend and bring your friends.  Only a $40.00 buy-in, I have invited my brother.  Why don’t you bring a friend or relative? You are randomly assigned tables so if you don’t like them you may not have to sit with them anyway. This is an amazingly fun event. It raises funds for our Marana Rotary Club Foundation. Join us.
President Mary announced that we are all invited to celebrate our project … the Therapeutic and Exploratory Playground at Coyote Trail Elementary School, 8000 N Silverbell Road, Marana, 5:00 PM, September 30, 2016.  We helped pay for it, worked on the project and we get to share the excitement of the dedication of the Playground for those that are physically challenged. 
Potential new member, Eric Miller, has been working on an Interact Club at Legacy Charter School. He reports he has an educator and they are working on getting students involved.  Our other potential member, Michael Hindman was at the meeting and he will be installed during the District Governor Sheryl Christian official visit. We hope you bring your family to this installation. It will be special.
Tony Hunter gave a great overview of the Community Service Projects for the year … thank you Tony.
Maeve Johnson discussed the club’s commitment to the Walk to End Hunger scheduled for 9-17. I am so sorry I cannot make the walk but I hope you can.  Maeve is going to send out an invitation in the next couple of days.  Thanks for heading this up, Maeve.  The club is still considering helping out the Food Bank in various ways and Maeve it taking the lead on those potential projects.
Randy, Tony, Mary and several other discuss the restoration of a home project scheduled for October 15, 2016.  Jo Holt offered tools (sanders and the like).  Randy, Dan Contorno and others are trying to schedule a visit to the home for evaluation of need.  Thanks everyone for helping.
Someone, I can’t remember who, discussed the Loop to Loop pre El Tour de Tucson Ride to End Polio.  Whomever it was that brought than up, please take pity on me and write a note to the club inviting them to participate with details.  Thank you.
Randy announced that the Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation donated $100.00 to the Marana Rotary Club Foundation for Poker Tournament advertising.  How about a few of our members stepping up and donating $50.00 to advertise your business?   If you pay $100.00 you could be a sponsor, get advertising during the event, purchase your buy-in and have a great time.  Contact Dan Contorno.
We know the fall season is here, Don Jorgensen and Thomas Mangold visited the meeting.  Welcome back guys.  Actually Tom has been back a few weeks but seeing both of them at the same meeting was overwhelming.  We are so happy.
PDG Randy Brooks was the speaker today and he discussed the Rotary Foundation and asked for individuals to consider joining the Bequest Society ….. A promise that $10,000 of your estate will to the Rotary Foundation after you and your spouse pass wont’ be missed by you.  But it will be appreciated by those that live in hunger and poverty.  Randy handed out applications for this program and announced that PDG and attorney Michael Drake will provide no cost codicils for your wills to those that are interested.  Let Randy know if you need help.
Randy also presented on the Rotary Vocation Fund of Arizona and requested that members donate to this fund that helps the working poor become training in technical jobs and gives them a future.  This is a tax deduction as well as an Arizona Tax Credit.  It actually turns out that you make a few dollars making this donation.  The limits are $400 per person or $800 per couple.  If you are already giving to another non-profit group how about splitting the difference and giving funds to both?  Again you actually make money doing this.  Questions? Contact Randy or the Rotary Vocational Fund of Arizona at
Very active meeting today ……. Thanks everyone for your support and participation in our Rotary Club of Marana.

Promptly at 7:00 AM President Mary Straus called the meeting to order and did the pledge of allegiance to our flag.  Denise West give a wonderful thought for the day …… and Jo Holt, the happy camper, led the song and seemed quite proud of herself.  We had a small group today ….  Only 70% attendance.  I bet we could try harder to be at the meetings.  Thank you for all that were there and engaged.
Sad news:  Denise Coronado has resigned from the club. She states the early morning meeting is not helpful for her schedule.
More sad news: Randy Brooks has been asked and accepted the task of being your secretary for the remainder of the Rotary year.  Be patient with him because he is “special” and it takes him a while to catch on to processes.
Regarding attendance.  If any Rotary Club of Marana is engaged in Rotary activity, including district or zone activities your attendance at those activities will now be counted as a makeup.  Let Randy know. Further if you are asking for a leave of absence please let Randy (your new secretary) know and he will take your request to the board.
The following activities and opportunities were discussed at the meeting today: Walk to End Hunger …… September 17, Maeve Johnson in charge.  Ride to End Polio …. Not sure who is in charge but grateful we will be having several riders and will support the aid station again.  There will be no meeting next Tuesday 5:30,  August 30, 2016 … instead we will have a club social at Lo Esencial Brewery located at the Northeast corner of Tangerine/Twin Peaks/Dove Mountain starting at:
We discussed the Football pool and hope that you all play.  Ask your family and friends to join in …. It is a hoot.  Check your e-mail boxes you should have received an invitation by now.  If not contact Randy. Forward the invitation to your friends.  Proceeds will go to the Rotary Club of Marana Foundation.
We have a poker tournament scheduled for September 23, 2016.  This will also be to benefit the Club Foundation to help those struggling in our area and around the world. Dan Contorno is heading up this venture.  I can’t wait.  It is always fun and many clubs in the region as well as our friends participate.  You will have a good time.
We are looking at several projects in the near future.  Two projects are being considered for the food bank.  One that gives gifts to shut in persons and another that delivers food in areas where residents may not have transportation to the Food Bank.  More on this to follow. Maeve is in charge.
The club unanimously confirmed that they would like to assist Mr. Angelo Buongermino on an upgrade on his home.  This is called the Home Renovation Project: He is in need of sheet rock and insulation in the back of the home and a paint job to the house and two storage buildings.  Peter Mack volunteered to take care of the sheet rock and many indicated a willingness to help with sanding, grouting and painting Mr. Buongermino’ s home.  This is now scheduled for October 15, 2016Randy will send around a sign-up sheet at our next meeting.  Angelo is a disabled Vietnam Era veteran and his income if far below the poverty scale.  He was introduced to us by the Citizens of Picture Rocks Seniors Group.
Discussion was held regarding tax credit for the food bank.
Randy presented briefly on The Rotary Foundation, its programs Global and District Grants.  We are all encouraged to participate in Every Rotarian Every Year ($100.00) and Peter Mack approached Randy after the meeting and offered to become a Paul Harris Society Member …. He promises to donate $1,000.00 a year to the Annual Programs Fund.  Thank you, Peter.
The meeting was adjourned after the reading of the 4-Way Test by our esteemed president.

Rotary Club of Marana members convened their meeting under the leadership of Mary Straus, President, at Nana's Kitchen promptly at 7:00 a.m. Fall is around the corner because it is a little darker when we arrive in the morning. During the previous week, the temperature had been a  little cooler, so everyone was pleased with the respite in the temperature.
Of course, Secretary Jo Holt, PhD, was not in attendance because she was tripping the lights fantastic in New York City, so another Rotarian dutifully agreed to TRY to take her place. Really, no one can.  After the pledge, invocation and a rousing rendition of Home, Home, on the Randy Brooks inquired as to the lack of attendance. Many members are still away for summer vacation. It is important to attend the meetings, so our club has continuity and builds fellowship. So, Harold, John, Peter, Tom and the rest of you, when are you coming back home to meet with us again? We miss you and eagerly await your return.
Interested in playing poker on September 23, 2016. Dan Contorno is organizing the next tournament. He needs players and help running the event. This is one of our major fundraisers, so the club needs to get involved to help this be a successful event. Thankfully, Dan doesn't require you to know the difference between a pair or three of a kind in order to play or volunteer. All you need a the ability to count change and welcome players with a smile.
Randy Brooks presented a Housing Improvement Project for senior housing in Picture Rocks. One candidate was proposed who is a veteran living on Social Security. He needs a new roof, insallation and sheet rock. Other work may be necessary as well. Rotary International provides insurance while clubs are working on community projects. 
Mary Straus asked the club to nominate Randy Brooks to Zone Selection Committee. Mary Straus made the motion to do so and John Dooling 2nd it. The club voted to support Randy's election to this zone position. Randy will be able to site on the Board of Directors for Rotary International. Rotarian Randy is deeply committed to Rotary. This appointment is well earned.
 Mary Straus initiated Mark Murray into the club amid thunderous applause. Mark told us a little about himself, and we can't wait to learn more. Mark is truly outstanding, and we are very glad that he chose to join the Rotary Club of Marana. He was proposed by membership by Javier Teran, but we won't hold that against Mark. Javier's mother prepared a special breakfast of a mouth watering quiche which was given accolades by everyone in attendance. Mark is the newest Rotarian in Tucson, AZ. The Rotary Club of Marana are proud to have him as a member. August 17 is Mark's birthday.
Our guest speaker was Kathy Reilly, a craniosacral therapist. CranioSacral Therapy (CST) is a gentle approach that addresses pain, stress, dysfunction, and health maintenance. It is a therapeutic process that addresses effects of past trauma. The therapy helps the body's nervous, digestive, lymphatic, immune, circulatory and endocrine systems. She is able to help many syndromes such as ADHD, ADD or autism. It isn't a cure but helps people in many ways. She gave each Rotarian a piece of salt water taffy to hold in our hand. At the end of her talk, she asked whether the taffy was more pliable. The membrane surrounding the craniosacral area softens in the same way when she is providing a treatment. This allows oxygen, blood and nutrients to move into the area helping patients feel better and become healthier.
With solemnity, our members joined together is reciting Rotary's Four Way Test. Mary Straus adjourned the meeting and sadly we parted for our various destinations. We look forward to seeing eachother again at our next meeting to be held on Tuesday August 23, 2016, at Nana's Kitchen. Mary Straus will be sorting out projects that are important to us so we can move forward through a very successful year.
Please remember that on Tuesday, August 30, 2016, our morning meeting will go 'dark'. The club will have a social gathering at Lo Esencial in Marana, Arizona. See you next week! Don't be late!

Renovations remain ongoing at our Rotary home, Nana’s Kitchen, and things are looking great! Owner and fellow Rotarian Javier Teran is slowly unfolding from the fetal position. (If you could see Javier you’d realize how funny that is. Really.)
Our song today was chosen by Lynne Himmer, our Treasurer. You’d think it would be “We’re in the Money” or something like that, but she went with “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” in honor of the Wildcats. We nailed it, as usual.
John Dooling told a joke before giving the invocation: “Make God laugh, tell him your plans.” Go ahead and do that, just don’t share your recipe for squirrel gravy.
Calendar Update
Tues June 21
Club Assembly:  we’ll be talking about Projects!
Fri July 1
The new Rotary Year begins, welcoming Mary Straus to her full-term year as Club President!
Breaking News
Clint Kuntz reported that he and Kendra have been awarded custody of Arianna, a 2 year old. Arianna is still in Ohio, but will be coming to her new home soon. Wonderful news!!
Strange but True: Happy Bucks
Happy Bucks is a solomn ocassion which gives everyone the opportunity to say a little something about anything. That is, should they be willing to put a dollar or two in the pot. John Dooling reports that our former exchange student, Matus Bogar, arrived home safely. His Dad, showing him true tough love, apparently “destroyed” Matus in ping pong. Slovakia may never be the same. Randy Brooks has decided to stop and smell the roses! He has resigned a number of Rotary committees and zone positions just to take life a little easier. And Sulee Edwards, who volunteers for More Than a Bed, remarked that they really desperately need a building!
Guest Speaker
No guest speaker today, but President Mary Straus gave a wonderful slide show on the recent International Convention in Seoul. That was followed by a short discussion on Projects, to be continued on June 28!

Ah, we were back home at Nana’s today. Renovations are ongoing, but we’re all good! The new interior changes are looking great, and owner and Rotarian Javier Teran is pleased (also traumatized by the whole experience, but we try to remain positive here).
Today was Bring a Friend Day, and as soon as President Mary Straus opened the meeting, and we sang “For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow” to our departing exchange student (see below), everyone got to introduce their special guest. Tony Hunter brought Christopher Saunders, Denise West brought Susan Jacobson, Randy Brooks brought Della Grove, and Maeve Johnson brought Dave Hindman. Jo Holt claimed some joint ownership of Maeve’s guest, but no one was buying it.
Calendar Update
Mon June 20
Board meeting at 5:30 pm at Mary’s home.
Tues June 21
Club Assembly:  we’ll be talking about Projects!
Breaking News
Dan Contorno’s wife, Heather, returned safely from Ethiopia, and Dan noticed!
Strange but True: Happy Bucks
Happy Bucks is a solomn ocassion which gives everyone the opportunity to say a little something about anything. That is, should they be willing to put a dollar or two in the pot. Don Jorgensen has recently heard from Bryson in Zimbabwe, who had good news. The government provided a teacher for the school, which is now up and running! The odd thing is that Bryson, who conducts safari tours, had a couple from Marana on a recent trip… Now that makes it a very small world indeed.
Guest Speaker
Our very special exchange student, Matus Bogar, gave us an overview of his experiences here with us over the last year. He leaves tomorrow for home in Slovakia. There were a total of 9 exchange students in southern AZ, and Matus reported that they all got to know one another and will be seeing each other in the future in Europe and Las Vegas (?). He took us down memory lane, with his trips to the Grand Canyon, to RYLA, and Los Angeles. Matus played on the Marana High soccer team, although they won not one game, and then played on the tennis team, which was undefeated! He was the tennis MVP as well! This is particularly ironic for Matus, in that he was an experienced and very good soccer player, but had never played tennis before. He recalled “the longest 6 hours of my life” in the El Tour de Tucson, in which he covered 104 miles. And then there were the fish stories. With Dan Contorno and John Dooling. Hmmm. Matus got to experience an ice hockey game, a baseball game (“better than I expected”), and Copa America, a big soccer tournament in Glendale. He recounted his visits to numerous museums and holiday events.
We want to acknowledge Matus’s host families:  Randy Brooks & Deb Hume, John & Cindy Dooling, and Dan & Heather Contorno. We presented Matus with a keepsake box with a scorpion decoration, and an AZ flag! We wish him the very best, and we will miss him so much!

Today we had a change in venue while Nana’s Kitchen was undergoing remodeling. Owner Javier Teran apologized for the inconvenience, but our Club members are more than happy to assist in any way we can.
Relocating to the local IHOP, President Mary Straus gave us a description of her trip (along with Randy Brooks and Don Jorgensen) to the International Conference in Korea. She reports that Seoul is a huge metropolis, with lots of money, lots of smog, but no graffiti or beggars to speak of. Mary was impressed with Japanese-like gardens “everywhere” and a mix of old and new. For example, a palace built in 1389 is still standing right in the middle of the city. Randy added that the infrastructure in Seoul is better than ours, particularly the roads and bridges.
Our good friend Jim Nook of the Rotary Club of Dove Mountain visited us again! He said it was just for the pancakes, but he also presented us with a check from Dove Mtn for our special needs playground project. Thank you to our sister Club for their support!
Harold Burtzloff reported that the 5th Tuesday social, held on May 31 at Bianchi’s, was a success, with 17 folks in attendance. The next 5th Tuesday is Aug 30, venue to be announced. Great job, Harold!
Calendar Update
Mon June 20
Board meeting at 5:30 pm at Mary’s home.
Breaking News
Randy will be playing music at Café Tremolo Fri June 10 along with Cheri from Picture Rocks. 6pm, bring a friend!
Strange but True: Happy Bucks
Happy Bucks is a solomn ocassion which gives everyone the opportunity to say a little something about anything. That is, should they be willing to put a dollar or two in the pot. Since we were at IHOP we didn’t really do HB today, but we did “share”. John Dooling reported that Dan Contorno had caught 50 fish on a recent adventure. Or was it a single fish the size of 50? Or, as Randy pointed out, since Dan catches and releases, perhaps it was the same poor fish getting caught time after time.
Guest Speaker
We did not have a guest speaker this week, but we did have a wonderful meeting! Thanks, everyone!

Sometimes things don’t work out the way we planned. Sometimes things change at the very last minute. Even to the stalwart Marana Rotarians, life itself can sometimes be a mystery, but that neither disheartens nor deters us from our goals. President Mary Straus was under the weather today, and so President-Elect Jo Holt conducted our meeting. Songmeister of the month Tony Hunter was running a little late this morning (like maybe 60 seconds late), and when he entered the door of Nana’s Kitchen we were already standing waiting to sing. Tony was somewhat surprised at this and, quick thinker that he is, came up with “Row Your Boat.” We did a single stanza, and were quite pleased with ourselves so everyone sat down. It was fun to surprise Tony.
Very pleased to be joined today by Jim Nook of the Rotary Club of Dove Mountain!
Anniversaries were announced:  Clint Kuntz’s wedding on the 25th, Dan Contorno’s wedding on the 27th (Dan was a bit surprised, initially), and Don Jorgensen’s 9th year in our Club.
There was a special announcement for all Club members under 40. The 2016 AZ Emerging Leader Summit will be held Sept 9 and 10 at the Phoenix Public Library. Jo gave copies of the details to Tony and Vanessa Ruiz. A few other members claimed to need a handout, but they were ignored.
Calendar Update
Sun May 28 – Jun 1
The Rotary International Convention in Seoul, Korea. Members Don Jorgensen, Randy Brooks, and Mary Straus will be attending.
Tues May 31
In honor of the 5th Tues of the month, our breakfast meeting will NOT be held. Instead, we’ll meet for an evening social, at Bianchi’s on Tangerine at Thornydale. See you there around 5:30pm!
Breaking News
Mark Murray’s membership has received final approval from the Board, and the date of his induction will be set soon. Eric Miller’s membership will be finalized right after Memorial Day. We’re excited to welcome both gentlemen!
Strange but True: Happy Bucks
Our Happy Bucks schtick gives everyone the opportunity to say a little something about anything should they be willing to put a dollar or two in the pot. That is, of course, if one remembers to bring a dollar. Or four quarters. Or ten dimes. Not to put anyone on the spot or anything, but today John Dooling had no money (he said), Tony was broke, and even astrophysicist Peter Mack couldn’t find a buck in all of spacetime. Gotta love ‘em anyway!
Guest Speaker
In lieu of a guest speaker, Jo gave an update on our Interact Club, the ceremony inducting our President and Officers for 2016-2017 was reviewed, and we then had a general discussion about the history of our Club presidents. Those who attended the induction at Mary’s home last Saturday were very pleased with what was a beautiful ceremony. We teased Treasurer Lynne Himmer about her efforts to throw President Mary Straus into the pool, with aid from Maeve Johnson. Former Club Presidents present today were John Dooling, Dan Contorno, Harold Burtzloff, John Zwick, and Randy Brooks. Our Club has a very long history, and it was really interesting to hear from those who have helped build and maintain it and are still with us today. Thank you, Former Pres’s!

The Rotary Club of Marana installed its President and Officers for 2016-2017 on Sat May 21, 2016 at 10am at the home of Mary Straus.
***Photos can be found under the Photo Album tab on the Home Page***
Past District 5500 Governor Randy Brooks acted as Master of Ceremonies. Music was provided by Nick Coventry and Matt Mitchell.
The ceremony was held on the back porch, and the tables were beautifully set. Randy asked Maeve Johnson to lead us in the pledge, and Jo Holt followed with the following invocation:
Today we begin a new year and a new leadership cycle. But what is true leadership?
It is often said that a good leader can translate vision into reality. Not by telling you what to do, but by showing you how it’s done.
It’s the great leader that is both humble and bold. She will go out of her way to listen to her members, but she knows better than to try to please everyone.
But it’s the outstanding leader who harbors a winning perspective, who isn’t fearful when challenges and difficulties arise, because it’s within those difficulties that opportunity lies.
We’re excited and ready to begin a new chapter and a new year in Rotary, and offer our support and best wishes to our wonderful leader, Mary.
Randy then introduced Guests, which included spouses and prospective members, and then brunch was served.
Mary then presented each outgoing officer with a gift and her appreciation. Randy shared his thoughts with "Leadership: You Are Up to the Task." He then inducted Mary as President for 2016-2017. Randy and Mary then inducted the Board of Directors:  Jo Holt, President-Elect; Lynne Himmer, Treasurer; Vanessa Ruiz, Secretary; Harold Burtzloff, Member-at-Large. Tony Hunter, President-Nominee and Member-at-Large, was inducted in absentia. 
Mary then shared her thoughts about the upcoming year, and Past President Dan Contorno led everyone in the four way test. Randy adjourned the proceedings.
It was a lovely day and a very nice formal installation ceremony.
This, however, is the Rotary Club of Marana, and some tomfoolery at the pool ensued afterward.

The sun wakes up early in southern Arizona these days, and that makes it easier to pop out of bed, get all gussied up and get to Rotary on time. So much easier. What? Not really?
President Mary Straus was definitely awake and got us started promptly at 7am. Or 7:05am. Anyway, Tony Hunter chose a wonderful song to sing, “Stand by Me.” We did our best with it and cheered for ourselves when we finished. This was either a case of wishful thinking or a demonstration of group delusion. But it really didn’t matter, we were happy in the end and that’s what counts.
Nana’s Kitchen owner and Rotarian Javier Teran explained the upcoming renovations to the restaurant. We’ll be careful.
Our Club has a Foundation which is useful for holding funds for projects. Rotary International also has a Foundation, and it’s important to understand the difference. As carefully pointed out again today, Maeve Johnson is President of the Club Foundation and Randy Brooks is in charge of our contributions to the RI Foundation. Maeve and Randy are not the same person, as it turns out. Good to know. Maeve announced that she and Harold Burtzloff have been updating the Foundation bylaws, which is quite a big job.
Calendar Update
Sat May 21
Installation of our new President, Mary Straus (her full term year) and new board members, 10am at Mary’s house.
Sun May 28 – Jun 1
The Rotary International Convention in Seoul, Korea. Members Don Jorgensen, Randy Brooks, and Mary Straus will be attending.
Tues May 31
In honor of the 5th Tues of the month, our breakfast meeting will NOT be held. Instead, we'll meet for an evening social, at Bianchi’s on Tangerine at Thornydale. See you there around 5:30pm.
Breaking News
Randy Brooks announced that our very own Matus Bogar, amazing exchange student from Slovakia, was named the Marana High School most valuable player in tennis. This is doubly amazing since Matus had never before played tennis. Wow, what will he do next?
Dan Contorno pointed out that today’s election included a ballot proposition regarding school funding or something. He took a position on said proposition and made his case. Mary then gave a somewhat different perspective. Now, you might think at this point that some sort of loud argument or physical melee ensued. After all, it’s politics. But, everyone remained polite, thoughtful, and respectful. Weird, huh?
Strange but True: Happy Bucks
John Dooling missed our meeting last week, which is quite unusual. Was it hunting season of some sort? No. Was it a bad batch of squirrel gravy? Not at all. John and wife Cindy have several dozen grandchildren, who all came down with the flu. The Club Secretary forgets whether John himself was sick or not.
Tony Hunter shared a story about his girlfriend and his parents. Since we wouldn’t want to do any additional damage to an already delicate situation, we won’t go into further detail here. In fact, we probably shouldn’t mention it at all. But it was good that Tony wanted to share with the rest of us, wasn’t it?
Guest Speaker
A few weeks ago we heard from our very own longtime Rotarian John Zwick, who left us on the edge of our seats with an unfinished story. So today Mary asked him to tell us the rest of his story, which spans several decades and two or three countries. After many years in Canada, and a few in Australia, John finally came to Tucson (after first thinking about Phoenix), and opened a storefront at Oracle & Orange Grove selling fireplaces, woodburning stoves, and spas. There was a nearby patio furniture store run by an elderly couple who were ready to sell, and John jumped at the chance. It was after that that they decided to build a new store on Costco Drive. His granddaughter Erica now runs the store. What a great story! Thanks, John.

Our Student of the Month from MCAT was Tiffani Helsel, shown here with President Mary Straus.   
Our Guest Speaker was Carrie Moran with the Blake Foundation, part of the Easter Seals that serves 19,000 individuals in southern AZ. Sadly, 80% are only five years old or younger, many of whom were born addicted to drugs. Programs conducted through the Foundation help make a connection to a child who's hurting, helping to restore normalcy back into their lives.

At today's meeting we honored MCAT student Desirae Skalsky!   Here's Desirae with MCAT Principal Denise Coronado and Chuck Erskin, MCAT student support coach.
Congrats Desirae, we're so proud of you!
     And our special guest speaker was with the Northwest Fire Department.  

When she's in town, John Zwick's daughter visits our Club. Earlier this year she spoke to us about the Rotary group that makes an annual pilgrimage, driving from Alberta to Mexico to deliver some combination of ambulance, fire truck, or other emergency vehicles.  The group, Los Amigos Project Convoy, has 16 members, and passed through Tucson on April 24th. We met them at El Charro for dinner and heard some amazing stories of present and past adventures. A great group of Rotarians, thanks for all you do! 

As yet another beautiful southern Arizona morning greeted residents of the pastoral town of Marana, stalwart Rotarians were assembling at Nana’s Kitchen. At this time of the year, it’s not possible to claim that they had arisen at the crack of dawn, because the sun rises so early now. Let’s just say they got up really, really early. President Mary Straus opened the meeting and introduced two guests, Carla and Tom. Carla drove today’s speaker to the meeting, and Tom Halazon is a long-time Rotarian who has been visiting us from the Tri-Cities somewhere in the Northwest (just kidding, it’s Washington. Or Oregon). Tom and Mary exchanged banners – a nice touch!
A group of Rotarians in Alberta is driving to Mexico to deliver a donated emergency vehicle. The Los Amigos Project Convoy consists of 16 members, and will be in Tucson on April 24 where we’ll meet them for dinner at El Charro downtown, one of their favorite places. No doubt we’ll hear some interesting stories…
Further work was done on the tortoise habitat at Coyote Trail Elementary School, as the playground for special-needs students progresses. Mary was joined by Sulee and Jim Edwards and Peter Mack. And the wheelchair swing has been ordered! There were several times in the development of this project that we thought the swing would not be possible, due to cost and safety concerns, but here we are!
Calendar Update
Sat Apr 23
Memory screening project in Nogales.
Sun Apr 24
Dinner with the Los Amigos Project Convoy at El Charro downtown at 6:30pm.
Wed May 4
Exchange students Matus Bogar and Tori Johnson speak to our Interact Club at Tortolita Middle School, 4:15 pm.
Fri May 13
Randy, Bert & Cheri will play music at Nana’s Kitchen, 6-8 pm. Tips will be donated to the Marana Rotary Foundation.
Mon May 16
Marana Rotary Board meeting at 5:30pm at Mary’s house. All are welcome to attend.
Sat May 28 – June 1
Rotary International Convention in Seoul, Korea
Breaking News
Mary reported receiving fan mail from a rider in the Tour de Cookie who praised the event and is looking forward to next year! We signed thank-you cards to all of our hosts of the Cookie Stations, including Maeve Johnson, who had a really special booth (with circus music). It was such a fun, delicious event!
Strange but True: Happy Bucks
Tax season is over, the bedlam has subsided, and CPA Lynne Himmer did a little dance and sang a little song to celebrate! Yes, I said that was Lynne. Saw it with my own eyes.
Guest Speaker
Monalisa Teves, a Global Grant Scholar of Rotary International, spoke to us today about her work in her country, The Philippines, and her experience as a Global Grant Scholar this year. She gave us a look into life in her country with a beautiful slide show, then told us that there was another side to the Philippines – a poverty rate of almost 35%. Her scholarship centers around the question “What are you going to do with your project from the U.S.?” Her answer is to work in the village of Miagao to understand the complexity of problems brought on by a destructive typhoon and a separate fire disaster. When typhoons hit, the “fisher folks” can’t fish. This is critical, because the people of Miagao live day-to-day. It’s for reasons like this that Monalee chose commercial and economic development out of Rotary’s six areas of focus. We want to thank her for sharing her experiences with us, and wish Monalee the very best when she returns to work in her native land.

Every time there are 5 Tuesdays in a month we take the 5th Tuesday off! Instead of a morning meeting, we have an evening social, and March 29 provided just such an opportunity. Harold Burtzloff organized a great social at Taste of Texas, and we had a nice turnout.

Wow, and here we begin another month! How on earth could it possibly be April already? Are you sure?
Our esteemed President Mary Straus is certainly sure, and opened today’s meeting by greeting for our guests, Tom Halazon from the Rotary Club of Columbia Center, and Mike Alderson, a guest of Maeve Johnson who came to witness our wonderful Club in action.
Guest Speaker:
Our very own Harold Burtzloff introduced our very own John Zwick as our speaker today. John gave us a rundown of his US/Canadian life with wonderful stories about gowing up in a LARGE family and the many occupations he held over the years. There is more to hear about, and we look forward to that! Thank you, John, for being a special part of our Rotary Club.


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MCAT Student Of The Month 

MCAT - Marana Career & Technical High School is an optional opportunity for Marana High School and Mountain View High School students to learn and earn academic credit in a non-traditional educational setting. 

The Marana Rotary Club has been honoring students from MCAT for over 18 years. 

Below are Students for Rotary Year July 1,2016 to June 30,2017

Nick Knippel       Sept
Meeting Responsibilities
Johnson, Maeve
Howell, Jane
Ruiz, Vanessa
Edwards, Sulee
Teran, Javier
Holt Ph.D., Jo
Edwards, Sulee
Set up
Hindman, David
Tear Down
Edwards, Sulee
Tear Down
Contorno, Dan
Rotary International
Virtual reality films bring new dimension to polio fight
At this year’s World Polio Day celebration in Atlanta, Rotary is harnessing the power of virtual reality technology to build empathy and inspire action in our fight to eradicate polio. Rotary, with support from the U.S. Fund for UNICEF, produced a virtual reality film that tells the story of Alokita, a young adult who suffered paralysis from polio as a child growing up in India, which has been polio-free since 2011. “When you open your eyes and see a different environment around you, you relate to the subject on a visceral, personal level,” says Vincent Vernet, direct of digital and...
Rotary Day at UN highlights role of business in building a better world
From the United Nations’ earliest days in the aftermath of World War II, the organization’s humanitarian mission has always dovetailed with Rotary’s efforts to administer aid and build peace. This year’s Rotary Day at the United Nations, 12 November, will highlight the role businesses can play in that collaboration as we work toward a more just and equitable world. The theme of this year’s gathering at UN headquarters in New York City, “Responsible Business, Resilient Societies,” recognizes Rotary’s role at the intersection of commerce and cause. As leaders in their professions and...
ShelterBox prepares for Mosul refugees
Today marked the start of the battle to take control of Mosul back from the Islamic State group, also known as ISIS. The city is the group's last major stronghold in Iraq. But humanitarian aid agencies have known about the military offensive, giving them an unusual opportunity to prepare for the crisis. "It is rare for the world to get early warning of a vast human catastrophe," says Chris Warham, chief executive of ShelterBox. "The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees issued a paper in July saying this would likely be the biggest humanitarian crisis of the year — and we better get...
Skydivers raise thousands for polio eradication
The first time Noel Jackson jumped out of a plane at 14,000 feet, it had nothing to do with raising money for polio eradication. The Michigan dentist had received a gift certificate to go skydiving from his staff because they knew he was into adventure. “It is definitely a defining moment,” says Jackson, a member of the Rotary Club of Trenton, Michigan, USA, of that first jump, done in tandem strapped to a professional skydiver. “The rush of the free fall is beyond anything I have ever experienced before. Just the speed and acceleration is unbelievable. You don’t even have time to figure out...
Rotary and ShelterBox on the ground in Haiti
Even as parts of Haiti were still recovering from a catastrophic 2010 earthquake, Hurricane Matthew tore through the impoverished island country 4 October, leaving hundreds dead and many more homeless. The Category 4 storm affected an estimated 330,000 people in Haiti, including 6,400 who were moved to temporary shelters. Extensive damage to main bridges and other transportation networks have left some areas cut off and vulnerable. Torrential rains have resulted in flooding and landslides. And contaminated water supplies threaten to lead to a surge in cholera cases and other waterborne...