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Rotary Club of Marana
                  Those arriving early were entertained by yours truly standing on a chair then a stool for the entertainment of president Holt.
Speaking of our President she went out of her way to touch Peter Mack following The Pledge. Denise West then gave us food for thought quoting the self deceased Kurt Cobain "Wanting to be someone else is a waste of who you are."
President Jo then explained the revised District grant and advised we had the "green Light" for the changes from the district. 
 Lynne Himmer presented a check to Executive Director  of the Marana Food Bank, Linda Hampton. The check of $723 added to $150 already donated earlier this year comes to  a total of $873. This money will provide over 3,000 meals.
Tomorrow volunteers at the Marana/Picture Rocks Food bank will be Randy, Jo, Denise and Richie.
District Conference starts Friday and we will be giving out Rotary cookies made by Copper Creek.
Cotton Festival 10/21/2017 and we will be working the beer tent from 5 to 9. Maybe we could use a few more volunteers. Working with Dove Mtn club.
Mole Day-Moles are small mammals adapted to a subterranean lifestyle. They have cylindrical bodies, velvety fur, very small, inconspicuous ears and eyes, reduced hindlimbs and short, powerful forelimbs with large paws adapted for digging. Wikipedia
Apparently when ground up you may express the number of atoms, ions or any other elementary entities in the sample by Avogardo's number 6.0225 X 10 to the 23rd. Ergo 10/23 is Mole Day. Thanks, Jo.
Speaking of harming our animal friends Tony Hunter was one dollar happy to have split up a fawn from it's mother over the weekend. Among many happy people in attendance were John, Joe, Don, Lori, Peter (created a feintspectrophotomasstrigoncosineometer for the Egyptians), Denise, Randy(crossed off the movie Fitzcarraldo from his bucket list), and Richie. 
Randy won and lost. Lynne was so exhausted tired weekend she could not climb stairs or
 Lori Malangone, club member, was our speaker. As Executive Director of Arizona Youth Partnership she was well versed on the subject matter, AZYP. Lori began with AZYP program following a short stint as a teacher and working for a title company. She has spent 12 years with them, the last four as Executive Director. They have offices in eight Arizona cities. AZYP was founded in 1990 to ensure the more rural areas of the state had resources similar to those available in the City of Tucson. Their mission is to cultivate healthy foundations for youth and promote strong families. They support numerous programs for youth including Healthy Relationship Education for 6th to 12th graders, Drug and Alcohol education including a tour of Banner University Medical Center to see first hand the ravages of drugs and alcohol, Stronger Families for parents and care givers with children in the 10 to 14 age range, Homeless Youth Shelters in Kingman and Bullhead City offer 30 days of temporary shelter to homeless and runaway boys and girls.
Lori shared with us an exercise in which  we all learned how uncoordinated Mary is and how difficult it is for all teens to keep educational goals, alcohol/drug/parties and dawning of sexual urges in relative perspective as they prepare for adulthood. Goals from our grade school days such as becoming a journalist, a physical therapist, an algebra teacher or even Paul McCartney's wife can be adversely affected by influences unrelated to the goal.
Nice job Lori, I concur with Jo, you would have made a fine teacher.   
Rotary Club of Marana
We began the meeting with a big "Welcome Back" for John Zwick who then led us in The Pledge. Quickly following the pledge was a mediocre rendition of Happy Birthday for President Jo Holt led by Lynne. It is apparent that singing only every other month is taking its toll IMHO. Jo waited until Javier was out of the room to announce she is now receiving Medicare and saving $400 a month. Hopefully Javier reads these minutes. Quoting Play Dough, or is it Plato, President Jo reminded us to be kind to everyone as all are fighting battles with which we are not aware.
Mirabel our Exchange Student once again attended our meeting.
By the way, 80% attendance this morning. Congratulations!
Our one day a month Picture Rocks Food Bank assistance program is a week from tomorrow. Denise West has volunteered with possible attendees John, Mary,and Jo.
We will have a hospitality room co-sponsored with Dove Mountain at the District 5500 Conference 10/13/2017. Still time to sign up. Come see the Big Picture. You can pick and choose what to attend during the three day event.
There will be a board meeting this Thursday at 6pm. Consider attending. There will be a board meeting 10/23/2017 when we meet with District Governor Joe Hentges. DG Joe will attend our 10/24/2017 meeting.
October 31st i the 5th Tuesday of the month as well as All Hallows Eve. Sounds like a theme possibly?
Honorary Member Kathleen Nabors, Tortolita Middle School Teacher and leader of our Club's Interact program, will soon be holding an induction ceremony. Please try to attend. 
Tony Hunter gave brief update on Corn Hole Tournament. Still appears to be a small signup.
Randy shared some of the winners names on the weekly football pool.
Happiness shared from Richie, Lynne ( much groaning following All Nighter bathroom joke), Mary ( happy to the point of tears but I have no idea why),   Denise told a Dolly Parton joke that did not involve bosoms,   Maeve took it to a new level of groaning with a less than polished delivery of an algebra joke. That Eskimo Pi joke from last week sure was good.
President Jo drew the Queen of Hearts.
 Guest Speaker was our own Silver Bullet owner and pilot, Bob Bishop. Bob gave us an overview of how his smallest human piloted jet in the world has been used since 2005 by the US military. The radar profile of his jet simulates one of a Cruise missile. Bob saved the military millions of dollars when he replaced the $200,000 per flight target vehicles that cost 3/4 of a million if they crashed. Mr. Bishop does not charge if his jet crashes.
We were provided a little background of the use of cruise missiles. They were fired 5 times during the Iraq War and none were detected. Cruise Missiles can be launched from cargo ships. The Russian STYX missile was improved upon by the Chinese and its' range was doubled. Bob's jets have the only Type One ranking for the simulation of a cruise missile. All branches of the military use his product as well as a very big customer NORAD. 
Data obtained from the use of the SMART small jet enabled the development of JLENS a high altitude tethered blimp for reconnaissance purposes. This massive blimp, many times larger than the Goodyear blimp that Bob has piloted, is tethered with an 86,000 pound tensile strength cable. The electronics aboard can detect cruise missiles and forward the what, where and when information to the nearest ship to the missile.
Bob shared with us his great disappointment, if not anger, over the Congressional action to kill the 2 billion dollar funding of this missile defense system.
We finished with the El Tour de Tucson Burma Shave winners.
Need to pee?
Need to poo?
Stop here next
And use our loo. 
What a great meeting. Hope to see the missing 20%   of our members next week.
Rotary Club of Marana
President Holt has returned from Ireland's Matchmaking Festival. Few of us knew the reason for her trip to the Ol' Sod. She was impressed with the friendliness of their culture. She recited a lovely prayer thanking God for those who love us, asking God to turn the heart of those who do not and finally, to turn the ankle of those who still resist. I think I got that right. Anyway, she and her friends spent a lovely day at an Irish beach where they enjoyed the typical weather of the Emerald Isle, i.e. getting rained on and sand blasted by gale force winds. It's good to be back home.
In her absence it is reported that Tony Hunter did a good job, but was mean to Maeve. (probably had it coming)
 Today we honored Emily, a student at MCAT. Accompanying Emily were her mother, sister, Principal Denise Coronado and English teacher Melissa. Emily was a bit shy but did state her intent to attend PCC and study nursing. She will graduate ahead of schedule in early October! By the way, she is a gifted artist. 
Randy Brooks participated in the Old Pueblo poker tournament and, by our club standards, did quite well. 
Maeve Johnson gave a lengthy update on El Tour de Tucson bike race. She has attended multiple planning meetings. She will or has been in touch with our Interact Club.
Maeve also made a last request for Burma Shave slogan submissions. Two prizes available to those among us with the gift of the bards.
Denise West greeted everyone and guest Michael Drake drew the deuce of Clubs.
Happy people included Don, Lori, Dan, David, John and Jo. Richie specifically mentioned that the diamondbacks are in the playoffs. Randy shared with us the fact that his name has a double entendre that could get you more attention than desired in Ireland. This is especially true I suppose if you happen to go to  Eire during the Matchmaking Festival.
Maeve shared with us "The Dali LLama isn't." and that the ratio of an igloo circumference to it's diameter is .............. wait for it...................Eskimo Pi!  Nice to hear people laugh instead of groan.
Michael Drake visited to accept our $1,000 donation towards Rotary's Global Grant benefiting disabled children in Palestine. The East Jerusalem Rotary Club, Clubs and individuals from District 5500 plus money from Rotary International will total $70,000 when the project commences. Michael is the Foundation Chair for District 5500 and he publicly thanked our own Lynne Himmer for her assistance.
The meeting finished with a brief discussion regards the District Grant towards the Diaper Bank/Book Distribution. Of the $8,800 not all will go for book purchase. No money will be spent on tracking software but 45% is now planned for construction costs (separate bins required) with 55% for actual book purchase. This is this writer's understanding and I urge anyone to correct me if this is not accurate.
There has been no intent to impugn anyone needlessly only where it was necessary.
Have a good week.  
Rotary Club of Marana
In the absence of President Holt, President elect Tony Hunter gaveled in the meeting. Tony shared with us the thought to "Go as far as you can see then you can see farther (or is it further). Whichever, it is a profound thought.
Guests included Mirabel and Tucson Mayor Bob Walkup, a member of the Presidio Rotary Club.
Richie Benner led us in Take Me Out To The Ballgame.
Denise donated a diamond pendant to the raffle/auction the town is organizing and in which our club will benefit.
Food Bank workers in Picture Rocks needed for tomorrow. Contact Randy at if
you can help.
Happy buck comments from:
Peter- Victim of identity theft and the associated problems are a pain in the.....I did not catch the last word
Tony-Happy for the heat??????????
Richie- Upcoming camping opportunity
Jason-Grateful for copy of Eric Miller's new book
Lynne- Squash a bug. Ever notice how soft spoken Lynne is?
Mary-Was happy about Netflix then changed her mind and asked for her dollar back.
Mayor Walkup asked us to spread the word about a trap shooting fundraiser the day after Tour de Tucson. If you want to learn how to fire a shotgun and shoot trap the Mayor is available every Saturday at 9am at the Pima County shooting range near the fairgrounds. Open to all ages and experience.
 Speaker was our own author, Eric Miller. His book The Owners Compass is about Bio Communications and how personal  vs business goals often collide. Eric himself used the Galvanic Response machine and found it to be amazingly accurate in assessing his strengths and areas in need of improvement. Tonal quality and emotion are as or more important than words in communication.
Much of Eric's presentation deal with the process of book publishing including graphic designers, publishers and ghost writers and editors. Even with all of that a misspelling of a word on the cover!
Eric provided each member a free copy of his book. By the way, the book was a #1 on Amazon before release and a #1  again in paperback sales. He also says Amazon is the best way to get published and in marketing a book.
See everyone next Tuesday.
Rotary Club of Marana
Our meeting began, as always, with The Pledge. Denise West then addressed the club with thoughts regarding time management and showing respect for the time we have available to us.
Mark Murray led us in an emotional if not rousing rendition of God Bless America.
Don Jorgensen has returned with a West Seattle Rotary Club banner.
Guests included four of Bob Bishops friends plus his new bride.
In case you were checking your cell phone at the time President Holt explained this:
Pythagorean Theorem Day or Pythagoras Theorem Day is celebrated when the sum of the squares of the first two digits in a date equals the square of the last digit in the date and it was 8/15/2017..
Not to worry, another one is due 12/16/2020. In any case, statues of Mr. Pythagoras might have to be torn down before then as recent discovery of Babylonian Trigonometry tables predate Pythagoras by a 1,000 years. Apparently "sharing" of mathematical knowledge was wide spread back then.
ERRATA: Sunlight travels from sun to earth in 8 minutes, not months or seconds. This will be on the test.
If I get fired from this job it is with good reason.
Jo is from a small town near Houston that was evacuated due to flooding following Hurricane Harvey. Donations via Rotary District 5500 website are being accepted. By the way, Dan Contorno is the Treasurer for the District 5500 Foundation.
Odds and Ends
Lynne Himmer's birth on 9/28 is the only significant date this month. Randy asked for donations to assist Mirabel in her trip to Havasuppie Falls. Tony Hunter to be running the show the next two weeks since our leader will be out of state.
Mary Straus is offering a bounty for the return of our Marana Rotary Banner.
Tony attended the Rotary Membership Assembly and served on the Generational Panel discussing the recruitment of younger folk. He also mentioned a club opportunity to plant trees along with the Town.
Our Club will be sending two representatives to RYLA. John Dooling's granddaughter, Tyler McMurrich and our Nigerian Exchange Student Mirabel.
Maeve mentioned a 9/15/2017 meeting at the Marana Food bank where diaper and book distribution will be discussed. All welcomed to attend and learn more about our major project for this year. If anyone is wondering "Where's The Poop?" please call Maeve at home. More pearls from Maeve: Sunblock exceeding SPF 1 is not good for eyeballs, Chuckee Cheese tokens are not acceptable in the payment of fines at US libraries and Humpty Dumpty, after a mediocre summer is expected to have a great fall. Hey, I do not write em I just record em.
Mary has dead rodents and Mark says Albuquerkians stare into space with their mouths agape. Denise West won and lost at our lottery.
*****************DISTRICT CONFERENCE IN OCTOBER***********************************
Bob Bishop was our speaker and his subject was Water. Bob attended a seminar with about 30 people from all over.This morning the discussion revolved around cross boundary water claims and the problems especially with "limited" aquifers that are not being replenished. This cross border problem is with state to state, country to country and exists all over the globe. Desalinization and the harvest of brackish water may be the answer. The complex issues are compounded by 19th century laws, 20th century infrastructure and 21st century growth.
There will be a board meting tomorrow starting at 6pm to be held at John Dooling's Allstate office located at 2005 W Ruthrauff Rd suite 157. Next to barber shop at SE corner of Ruthrauff and La Cholla. All are welcomed.
Th, th, thats all folks.
Ypour Scribe,
John Dooling
President Holt brought the meeting to order and after the pledge she shared the writings of Maya Angelou regarding a rich tapestry ,made up of thousands of threads of varying colors. Each is valuable to the overall effect regardless of color.
Guests/ speakers included Bouba and Nancy Hamadou as well as Mirabel, our Nigerian Exchange student.
Denise West and her son, along with Bob Bishop and President Holt were acknowledged for their assistance with the Food Bank distribution.
President Holt advised of upcoming absences in September (a trip to the Old Sod with Donna of Thornydale) and October (son's anticipated adult onset epilepsy surgery at Mt Saini in NY.)
Secretary Dooling advised of his absence next week (Eclipse viewing in Missouri(pronounced missura)) Need somew one to step up to take notes and attendance.
August 26th Doubletree Hotel hosts annual Rotary Membership Seminar.
Mirabel reports having met exchange students from Germany, France, Denmark and other countries. She has learned to swim, but also consumed copious amounts of water in the process.
Maeve requests Burma Shave/Tour de Tucson slogan entries be submitted.
Happy bucks came from:
Maeve -Nuclear Bikini contest- Hey, I just report em folks. See Maeve for details.
Bob Bishop- Back from Scottsdale Rotary water project meeting and bride to soon return. Javier questioned why he was only $2 happy, but then quickly moved on before Bob could respond.
Lynne- While totally messing up the punchline Lynne made it clear to all why she gave up her first career choice as a stand up comic in favor of the less humorless CPA gig.
Mary- I think was happy, but she is very soft spoken.
Denise West won again!!!!!Drew several cards but peer pressure forced her to return all but one to the deck. jack of clubs is no longer available.
Bouba Hamadou presented a project for our consideration to adopt a village in Cameroon. Bouba, a former Marana Rotarian, lives in Tucson about 7 months a year and Cameroon the rest of the year. He is a member of the Rotary club of Maroua, Cameroon. His project vision is a multi-level endeavor including Clean Water/Sanitation, Education for adults and children, Health and Income Generation. Bouba provided all in attendance with a two page synopsis that included anticipated expenditures. There were many thought provoking episodes during his presentation, but the fact that teachers earn $40 a MONTH stood out to me as I took notes on his presentation. Copies of his presentation are available. Let me know if you need/want one.
Next week-Open club discussion regarding anticipated projects this year and fiscal 2017/2018 budget.
See you in two weeks.
Our meeting began with the pledge followed by words of wisdom from David Hindman regarding the power of a positive attitude. There were no "guests" this morning, but we did welcome Mirabel and soon to be new member Jason Halper.
Happy Bucks came from:
Lori-Great Pyrenees accepted into Obedience School 
Dan-Sixteen year old daughter Chelsi lasted 30 days before a minor fender bender
Tony-Parents visiting
Richie-Football Season
Lynne-Bad Jobs(I have no idea what I mean by that or what she said)
Bob- On the road to recovery after a rough patch with the flu.
Denise-Disneyland! Denise was also our lottery winner and loser.
WARNING: Do not ask Maeve what you call a seagull by the bay.
We next celebrated Rotary Membership month with the swearing in of Jason Halper as our newest member.(see I told you above it would be soon.) Jason has a background in scouting, he is an Eagle Scout, and various forms of law enforcement. Presently employed by Truly Nolen, Jason made a presentation that rodents everywhere would take exception to. We learned of the packrat breeding cycle, nesting habits, dietary preferences, use of whiskers and that peanut flavored wire harnesses are not a good thing in the Sonoran Desert. A final bit of advice-If you pour predator urine, mothballs, Irish Spring soap and hot peppers into a bucket then stir it up and pour onto your auto engine it is a waste of time.
Thank you to Bob Bishop, Denise West and family and Jo Holt for stepping up to assist with the Picture Rocks Food Bank Distribution tomorrow.
Next week our speaker is Bouba Hamadou. In two weeks we will discuss club projects, budgets and Rotary calendars.
The first meeting of August was brought to order by President Holt. Following the Pledge of Allegiance President Holt quoted Desmond Tutu regarding hope is when you see light where there is darkness. Our Exchange Student from Nigeria, Mirabel attended the meeting and graciously offered to help set up and take down.
It was brought to members attention that:
There will be a board meeting this Thursday beginning at 6 pm.  Board meetings are held at John Dooling's office located at 2005 W Ruthrauff and are always open to non board members.
This month has five Tuesday's and therefore the 5th Tuesday will be a club social. Location TBD.
Wednesday the 8th is a Food Bank volunteer day. With both Randy and Mary, our stalwarts in this arena, will both be out of town. Two, preferably three volunteers will be needed. This entails assisting with the distribution of food at the Ortiz Center in Picture Rocks from 9:30 to noon.
 DG Joe will visit our club 10/24/2017 and there will be a board meeting the evening of the 23rd. Non-board members welcomed.
Draft Budget to be finalized at Thursday Board meeting.
Secret Greeter process has been installed an possibly helped with what was a lively meeting. As a reminder, prior to the opening gavel try to greet every other member with a handshake, fist bump, hug pat on the back (NOT HEAD). Once the Secret Greeter is made known by our president anyone who did not greet them must pony up $1 fine.  This is NOT intended to be a fund raiser, but rather an encouragement for interaction.
Many happy members offered cash just to share their reasons for joy:
Richie Benner-A wonderful Boy Scout Jamboree
Tony Hunter-A fine vacation in San Diego
Lori Malangone-Backpacking aand tent camping at 14,400+ feet.
Mark Murray-Bi-cycling across Iowa (Mark left wallet at home and Javier has promised to extract a major "donation" at our next meeting.
Peter Mack-They have observatories in Ohio
Bob Bishop -Got married in Sedona, AZ but it rained the second day there. Not that the newly weds noticed.
Bob proved the old adage "Lucky in love-not in cards" as he drew the wrong card after having the right raffle ticket.
Randy shared with us some of the events and speakers scheduled for the District 5500 Conference October 13-15. This is an event we will be hearing much more about. Mark your calendars now and plan to attend. Be there or be square.
Richie Benner presented on our club Facebook Page and the difference between a "group" page (more internal for chosen members) and a "Page" page that connects to the outside world. Please go to the Rotary Club of Marana website and "Like" and "share" with all your friends encouraging them to do the same. To add a story or photo at this time text Richie at 520-591-0381 or email Richard.Benner@Scouting.Org
 Randy presented on a mentoring opportunity at Open Doors, an alternative school in Marana. If this goes forward each of us will have an opportunity to address the students and speak of our chosen career. Also, Randy discussed a project with the Marana Prevention Alliance regards kids and drugs. Randy is still trying to get a handle on exactly what we could do and plans on attending additional meetings with this group.
We also discussed a project in Cameroon spearheaded by Bubba Hamadou a former member of this club, a Cameroonian and current member of the Old Pueblo Club. Bubba will be one of our club speakers soon.
Next week our speaker will be Jason Halper. His topic will be bugs. We also hope to install Jason as our newest member. 
John Dooling, Secretary
Marana Rotarian’s make Up at Cranbrook Rotary Club  Cranbrook,  BC. Canada
Harold Burtzloff , John Zwick and his daughter Joyce Made Up at John’s old Club
Our meeting was brought to order by President Jo Holt. After Denise West led us in the Pledge President Holt gave us something to think about by quoting Martin Luther King, jr regarding being all you can be is only possible by letting others be all they can be. WE are all connected.
The song Stand By Me was played by Maeve Johnson with her smart phone. This song and Tony Hunter came to us from 1961, or maybe not. Speaking of Maeve, one loud groan and one low mournful whimper were heard after she entertained us (?)  with two jokes this morning.
Be sure to get your Burma Shave/Tour de Tucson entries to Maeve. There will be a reading and a vote to select the best.
We welcomed Jason Halper, who submitted his membership application this morning, Mirabel (YES THAT IS THE CORRECT SPELLING and NO, IT IS NOT PRONOUNCED MARYBELL), our new Exchange Student from Nigeria and Diane Ventura Goodyear, our speaker.
President Holt made a commitment that we all will learn the correct pronunciation of Mirabel's first and last name sometime before she returns to Nigeria next June.
 Mary Straus, newly appointed President of our very own Marana Rotary Foundation advised us of her board consisting of Lynne Himmer, Eric Miller, Randy Brooks and Lori Malangone. Mary also mentioned a District Membership Assembly scheduled for Saturday August 26th Cost of $30 covers a continental breakfast and lunch. The program runs from 9 am to 1 pm with location undetermined at this time. Many of us attended the membership assembly last year and found it to be very informative.
SECRET GREETER- Starting next week we will have a secret greeter. Any member may be selected as the secret greeter. President Holt will announce the name of secret greeter just before Javier comes for our money. If any member did not shake the secret greeter's hand a fine will be meted out by Javier. This  hopefully will encourage interaction with all members prior to the start of our meetings (and maybe lead to a decrease in late arrivals). The program will require a fair memory and the honor system. For these reasons the Secret Greeter program will be on a trial basis as those two attributes are in rare supply among our membership.
The Loop the Loop bike ride, precursor to the Tour de Tucson, is September the 16th. Mary Straus may have a team and our club will assist with an aid station. In regards to Tour de Tucson donations to eradicate polio, The Secretary of Rotary International Foundation already has $100,000 in pledges. By the way our connection with the Bill gates Foundation came via a Rotarian who sits on the board of the Gates Foundation.
There is a mixer TONIGHT of Rotarians at the Viscount Hotel on Broadway East of Swan. Starts at 5:30pm. You are all welcomed.
Lots of happy bucks/members: John-grand kid swimming success in the Pima Co Swim Program (cost is only $20 per kid per season); David Hindman- Seven year old son broke arm while family vacationed in Idaho (I think he is happy because of the cool camoflage cast, but I could be wrong about that); Denise recited the connection between thoughts, words and actions in a way far superior to what I just wrote; many who donated were grateful for our soon to be new member Jason and Exchange Student Mirabel's presence.
Randy was the lucky winner in the raffle and while I did not see his card the sound of many "Oh, too bad." comments leads me to believe the joker is still in the pack!
Diane Ventura Goodyear (DVT), an Assistant District Governor for District 5500, spoke of her involvement with the Vocational Training Team and its travel to Uganda. This partnership lead by Phil Silvers of Green Valley Club, was began five years ago. A big part of the project deals with empowerment for women via education. Smart phones and computers were provided by Rotary. Internet was slow, but cell phone coverage was good. Areas of education are not only technical and vocational but also deal with Domestic Violence, women health issues, family planning etc. Three districts involved are Ghana, Uganda and District 5500. The film shown to us of the project was produced by DVG.  
John Dooling, Secretary
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