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                     Marana Rotary Meeting
Richie lead us in the pledge and it was announced there would be no song today. Everyone was devastated 
Thought of the day: Jim Henson- life is like a movie, write your own movie, keep believing and keep pretending (imagination and creativity)
Announcements: Dan feels better about the Tour de Cookie two weeks post event. We are sticking with 175-ish riders
Breaking News: the month of May starts next week! May is busy with the district assembly in Green Valley, food bank distribution, book fair at roadrunner, MCAT graduation and our 5th Tuesday social at Mr. An’s 
The MCAT graduation is at 7pm at Gladden Farms Elementary per the CFO of MUSD. Plans are in place to possible have dinner prior
Rotary Vocational Fund update: we had a young lady interview for a dental hygienist school. They awarded her $3000 for her education. 
Happy bucks:
Richie learned the Boy Scouts are working on growing new coral for the reefs in the Florida Keys 
Randy-won the basketball pool
Don- spent two weeks in France (admittedly missing the tour de cookie)
Mary- met a man who will be making Mirabel a dress for her 18th Birthday
Jo- spent a few days with her son in New York
Joke off..... something about a surgeon and god and attorney and chaos.... debating which profession was created first….or Some of was about a catholic priest and a jackass(donkey).... needless to say, Lynn was voted as the winner 
A lot of people are just happy in general for no apparent reason 
Raffle was won by Randy, Bob was saddened by his loss but happy Randy pulled a 5 of Diamonds.
 Susan Friese was our guest speaker from Literacy Connects. Literacy Connects is a Tucson nonprofit connecting people of all ages to a world of opportunities through literacy and creative expression.
Literacy Connects was hatched from an idea from a town hall meeting. Volunteers came together to discuss issues plaguing the community. Literacy was at the core of it all. 
The literacy community came together and started the organization. The ones that came together were:
Literacy volunteers of Tucson
Reading seed
Stories that soar
Literacy for life coalition 
Reach out and read southern Arizona 
They helped over 45,000 learners in 2017. The ages now range between newborn to 86. They have over 1,000 volunteers who help their organization. All their classes are free to anyone who needs them. They do not take any state education funding because of two issues: they must include standardized testing and they must provide immigration status. 
Their approach to working with students is student focused, individualized learning based on trust and personal relationships. They focus on the student’s abilities versus what they are lacking. 
Their reading seed program goes into elementary schools and identify those who are reading below their grade level. From there they are assigned a reading coach. Their goal is to connect to the students and find out what they are interested in to get them reading something. 
Here is an excerpt from their website:
Envision a community where every child graduates from high school, crime and poverty rates are low, a skilled workforce is fostering a thriving economy, and the arts and culture environment is second to none. We do!
From birth throughout adulthood, Literacy Connects’ programs offer opportunities for learners of all ages to realize their potential — at school and in the workplace, as parents, as consumers and as participants in the life of our community. Last year, our staff and more than 1,500 dedicated volunteers helped more than 50,000 individuals in Southern Arizona. The programs of Literacy Connects coach children in reading so they catch up with their peers and help adults with reading, writing, math and English. The programs teach parents the importance of reading to their children, help young people experience the power of words and ideas through the arts, and put books in the hands of people who need them.
Rotary Club of Marana
President Jo started the meeting by asking Dan C to lead the pledge. He did such a fine job that Maeve suggested we sing "For He Is a Jolly Good Fellow" to Dan. Sounded pretty good too!
Lots of good advice this morning:
Lynne- To paraphrase "If you are on the road to perdition go fast so you can get in and out before the devil knows you're there."
Jo- Per Will Rogers "Good judgement comes from experience and experience comes from bad judgement!"
Picture Rocks Food Bank recipients ran a little low last time for reasons unknown. 
 Lots of good discussion regards the Tour de Cookie fund raiser last Saturday. (The real reason we sang to Dan). Randy received a Canadian check that is not as easy to pass as a Loonie. Numerous comments about the Janice Meyer cookie booth and her families baking history. John sold some cookies and commented on the Cookie Monster shirts of several riders. Talk of moving event to earlier in the year. Dan will call a meeting soon to discuss possible changes and what we have learned from this years event. Dan ballparked the net profit at almost $6,000. Thank you EVERYONE that assisted. Due to travel etc several members could not help the day of the event but I know you were with us in spirit.
John-Daughter and granddaughter attended the meeting and granddaughter spoke of her RYLA experience
John-Will be out of country next two weeks and thank you to everyone for volunteering RICHIE BENNER to take minutes the next two meetings.(Richie, it doesn't pay to miss meetings)
Dan-Sorry he is such a grouch
David-He and his kids enjoyed the ride. Oldest daughter thinks they could enjoy it more if they ditched the younger ones and hit more cookie booths!
Bob-Grateful for table companions
Maeve-Had one of the longest lead ins in the history of jokedom to get to the punch line that Randy was not blessed by the pope but was actually kicked out of St Peter's Square. 
Randy-Sorry he missed T de C but learned new ways to get into our knickers for the Rotary Foundation
Lynne-Pete and Repeat, etc.
Harold and John-Happy although Harold was going to donate two dollars then changed his mind.
Mary-Her little cousin, who she thinks of as an 8 year old, but actually closer to 50 is one of the worlds experts on the Rwandan genocide. Scott Strauss, a former free lance reporter in Kenya and now a professor at University of Wisconsin has written several books on the topics of genocide, war and the making and unmaking of nations. He was named a winner of the Grawemeyer Award for Ideas Improving World Order. Along with the prestige he received $100,000.
Randy WON then lost the raffle. Perennial winner Bob couldn't believe it.
 Tyler McMurrich expressed her appreciation in being selected to attend RYLA. She enjoyed the interaction of being with a large group of strangers as this is fairly new to her. Tyler, a junior at BASIS Oro Valley has had the same 50 classmates for several years. She kind of enjoyed the "no tech" environment where cell phones were abandoned for personal interaction. She found it a challenge to get people to decide/agree in what direction to go for some of the activities. Being the oldest child and fairly opinionated she is used to others following her orders! She is still in contact with a few of the other participants. She liked the rock climbing, but did not participate in the telephone pole/zip line event. She plans on a career as a Forensic Pathologist and has visited schools in New York and also considering Washington University in St Louis, President Holt's alma mater.
With no word to the contrary we believe Tony Hunter is now a married man. If we learn otherwise the crystal stemware shall be returned. 
See you all in May!
Rotary Club of Marana
After President Jo started the meeting with The Pledge the club gave one of its best efforts in singing Happy Birthday to Javier Teran. Denise then gave us a List to Live By from Benny Bear Wellness. Jo added a comment about an unnamed local office holder and political candidate  who recently spoke of growing up poor and now being in a position to help others. Guests included Mirabel, our exchange student and  Brianna Olivas, an applicant for a Rotary Vocational Fund Scholarship. Also a contingent from MUSD MCAT who shall be named later. 
Picture Rocks/Ortiz Clinic Food Bank work detail tomorrow for those who can assist from 9am to noon.
Tour de Cookie this Saturday with potential 200 riders? Dan will be setting up at 7:30 am and could use assistance . Meet him at the Rillito Race Track on first south of River. The Farmers Market location. Mary read a list of booth sponsors. Thank you to Dan and his committee for another excellent job of planning this event.
 Mary mentioned the Leadership seminar 5/5/2018 to be held at Quail Canyon Country Club in Green Valley. All are encouraged to attend this meeting. Cost is $15 and includes breakfast. Go to District 5500 to register. 
Javier started the Happy Bucks giving with a dollar for every year that he has been on the earth.
Dan, John and John all happy. 
David young son Tim was the last to lose his baby teeth in his entire class. David, being squeamish sort did not want to yank it out. Finally natural causes brought about its demise and made for one very happy young man. (Tim)
Randy borrowed a dollar and thanked former Marana High School Principal Jim Doty for assistance with our club's Exchange Student program over the years.
Tony mumbled something about being broke and a pleasant if dry bachelors party last weekend.
Richie commented he was a "good kid" in Principal Doty's era while Jim rolled his eyes. Richie also shared information that if we can grow four members by 6/30/2018 our club will receive a Paul Harris award.
Harold is happy that everyone talks so much, or not.
Finally heard Mary speak, but she said nothing of importance!
We learned Lynne knows a lot of tax accountant and alcohol jokes.
Maeve, last heard the Texas swimming pool/Toilet joke when I was ten.
You will never guess who won the raffle ticket draw AGAIN and proceeded to draw two cards neither of which was the one he wanted. Yep, Bob Bishop.
 Our MCAT student of the month is Xavier Balderrama. He was accompanied by Dani Anich his MCAT attendance coach, his mother and the aforementioned Jim Doty. Xavier has found the smaller classes at MCAT to his liking. He has a knack for anything automotive and plans to study automotive and diesel mechanics after graduation.
 I believe he said the school of interest is UTI where auto body is also taught. He comes from a family with a lot of girls and appeared to enjoy a chance to speak. (Humor intended.) With his automotive knowledge he has been useful to fellow students, recently taking a look at a car leaking gas which he diagnosed as safe (probably not going to explode just sitting there) but not driveable. I personally had a 1951 Kaiser/Fraizure that fell into that same category of leaking gas, safe but not driveable without flame retardant clothing. Wish I had known Xavier back in the 60's. Xavier's long term plans would include owning his own shop.
Following the meeting Randy, John, Jo, Mary and Richie met with Brianna Olivas and voted to award her with a Rotary Vocational Fund grant/scholarship for dental assistant training that starts his Monday.     
Rotary Club of Marana
The first meeting of April 2018 began with a "Welcome back Don" shout out to Mr Jorgensen. Bet you thought I was going to say it started with the Pledge.
Maeve asked for a song but alas, being a no song month she was denied. She "threatened" the club with a Johnson/Dooling duet next week. The fear was palpable in the room.
GREAT ATTENDANCE at 90%! Even Jason showed up. If we can get Clint, Mark and Jason at the same meeting I am donating an extra $20! Although Jorgensen and Mack both indicated they will be on the road again in the coming weeks it was good to see both. Javier was out on a father/daugher event, but Nana capably filled his shoes.
Thought for the day came from Mr Richard Benner. Basically it was "Don't worry. Be Happy". Space limitations on the internet prohibit the full recitation of the thought.  
Odds and Ends
The winner of one hundred dollar early bird Tour de Cookie sign upper is Roger somebody. Randy said he probably knows him and took the money.
Club members all participated in the culling of poorly made ceramic cookies from the hundreds dumped on each table. Made for our club by Quail Run School as part of the Tour de Cookie fund raiser, we learned that not all ceramists ages 7 to 11 are created equal. Truth be told a some at our table were damaged by the CFO who tested a few for possible school lunch inclusions. Anything to save a dime at MUSD, right Dan? Thanks Quail Run.
Board Meeting Thursday 5:30P start. John's office. All welcome.
Thanks to Randy, Deb, Bob and Jo for working The Loop and getting out the word about Tour de Cookie.
More Tour de Cookie-This Sunday 9A at the Farmers Market Rillito Park one last get the word out  before the big event 4/14/2018.
DID I MENTION TOUR DE COOKIE? OUR MAJOR FUND RAISER OF THE YEAR REQUIRES ALL HANDS ON DECK. To paraphrase  Uncle Sam "WE NEED YOU!" With Don and Peter out of town and Tony getting married all those remaining in town need to make a concerted effort to be available. Friends, family and kids welcome to help.Thank you, the management.
Party Time! May 29th is a 5th Tuesday and Mr An's will be where we gather for a fun filled evening. Maeve and Lynne are promising to have a rice flinging contest if Harold and John Z promise to be their open mouthed targets. This promises to be more hilarious than their "Battle of the Jokesters" skit we have come to loathe. (that is sarcasm)
Speaking of this lovable duo Maeve spoke of poop maps and Lynne of IRS audits. Knee slapping hilarity. Oh my. Tears are running down my cheeks as I relive the moment. Ahem, moving on.
Jo congratulated Maeve on her anniversary...........................six months early or late, we're not sure.
Happy Bucks
Dan-Pocketed a cool $202.25 at his garage sale and gave the club one half of one percent of the profit
Peter-Visiting his father soon and then off to Chile for months
Don-Here and gone
Randy-Sold a tee shirt for $3 and made the buyer feel like a  cheapskate. Seriously, Randy was happy about this, I kid you not.
Mary-Only Denise and Tony who were sitting at her table know the reason for her happiness
Bob-Wife returning to Tucson after short absence
Denise-Sorry, I missed it. My ears exploded while trying to amplify Mary's reason for happiness 
Thanks to all who donated.
Tony-Got five bucks out of him after last week's "zero". Headed to Flagstaff for a wild and crazy kind of time. Kind of like Vegas only NOT.
Bob "Lucky" Bishop pulled the 4 of hearts. The sadness displayed by his fellow Rotarians at his misfortune tugged at this writer's heartstrings. Sniff.
 Kimberly Ward, mother of two Eagle Scout's, friend of Richie Benner and Scholastic Book rep was our speaker. A few of the numerous points she made about reading are:
1. 85% of your brain growth is over at age 3
2. Reading to young'uns three times a week improves their ????????by 25%.
3. The wealthier the family the more words/vocabulary a child is exposed to
4. 61% of low income families have no books in the home
5. If you enter school two years behind your peers in learning you may never catch up
Kim read Malcome Mitchells "The Magic Hat" to us. My interpretation of the story is the magic hat is like a library. So many wondrous books on so many wondrous topics await you once you are inside. Open the cover and let your imagination loose.
Rotary Club of Marana
President Holt rang in the meeting at the designated hour. We all rose in unison and recited the pledge. In light of our speaker being US Congressman O'Halleran, President Jo quoted the Happy Warrior Hubert H Humphrey when he observed " I have seen more (enter a lengthy list of platitudes here) in the halls of Congress than anywhere else in the world."
No song today and the die hard singers did not complain. It seems they have lost the battle. (There goes my sunshine, my only sunshine, it makes me happy when skies are gray).
 Moving on, The Congressman did bring along two or three staffers, but I did not catch their names except for Max Oliver at the Constituent Office at Ina and Shannon.
Javier has recovered nicely and there are no plans by the club to revisit The Village Inn anytime soon.
*******************TOUR DE COOKIE NEWS**********************
61 registered riders(180) last year. 13 Cookie Booths
Thirty families served by Jo and Denise at the Ortiz Clinic/Food Bank distribution center Tuesday. Thank you ladies. 
Sad news-Lori Malagone is leaving Rotary.
Happy Bucks
John-Daughter's Birthday
Tony-Has no money. Ha, wait until he is married and kids. He'll look back on these days as rolling in the dough.
David-Enjoyed telling a falsehood to his kids. For several hours they thought the car was traveling to the Grand Canyon. At some point they figured out Lego Land was the destination.
Harold-Happy he figured out how to change Mary's email address on our website.NOTE-He was happy for less than a day. Down again.
Denise-Last weeks vacation
Benner-Putting a crib together not as hard as he had been told. Richie, you will not find that to be true in raising kids.
Randy-Marched for ending the gun madness. His first march since vets against Viet Nam war.
Denise raffle ticket drawn and there was much, dare I say giddiness in the room when she drew the Q of  Clubs!
 The Congressman took the stage and spoke of his 58,000 square miles of district. Twelve Indian tribes, Kingman, Sedona, Pinetop/Lakeside, Oro Valley, you name it he's got it.
His background is unique in that he has been a bond trader, a cop, an elected Republican state official and an elected Demoratic US Congressman.
He spoke of:
Helicopters-we are losing some
Infrastructure Bill-Not happening
111 in session working days in Congress-Not enough to do the work
Loves Congress
Trade/Tariff Wars-Dan still not sure of what to do about steel contractor bids on the new school
Water-Twenty Lake Mead's worth of water in District 1 subsurface that could be brought to the surface with solar. We still got a problem and maybe a desalinization plant in the Sea of Cortez where the Colorado enters may be a good idea. No time to discuss subsidence or cotton subsidy/water consumption. 
Cyber Security-ASU has a Cyber school and the Government and private industry must work together as Private industry cannot protect us alone
Medical- Violence in America, Opioid epidemic and 3-6 billions of dollars for mental health.
Rotary Club of Marana
President Jo was back in full health to lead our meeting. She asked a lady from Nigeria to lead us in the Pledge and Mirabel did a fine job. Thoughts for the day revolved around the circumference of a circle divided by its diameter. This calculation gives us Pi and its many uses especially in Rotarian Humor. (see further down)
Picture Rocks/Ortiz Center Food Bank volunteers for tomorrow include Denise West and Jo Holt. Begins at 9:30 ends around noon. If you are interested and available they could use you.
Speaking of being needed, this Saturday at Brandi Fenton Park we will have a booth marketing our Tour de Cookie. We need people from 8:30 setup until noon. Please let Dan or Mary know if you can assist. 
Roadrunner school will be hosting a Scholastic Book Fair on a Tuesday, possibly in April, and we will participate. It appears we may be able to purchase a 1,000 books plus RoadRunner will receive 10% of our purchase in Scholastic Bucks.
We sang happy birthday to John, and I must say it, that would not be polite...........It shouldn't say that either..................thanks to all who tried. Okay, the word dirge came to mind. There, I said it. I am an ungrateful.......
Happy Bucks: John-UA BookFair & he made the "50 years ago today" column in a central IL newspaper for walking 65 miles in 23 hours, Denise West will have a forensic gemologist available 3/26/2018(see her for details), Harold-fixed Mary's email, Richie-Great day at UA BookFair representing Scouting at the Rock Climbing Wall, Randy-Successful foot surgery, David-Book Fair and attended daughter's performance at Centennial Hall on the UA Campus. Dan, Tony, John, Harold and others-I know you gave happy bucks but I have no idea why. Give more and I'll try to listen better. JUST KIDDING!
Lynne led off with the old standby of NASA sending an astronaut on a one way trip to Mars. Not to give anything away, but the evil lawyer figures out a way to send the engineer and make a profit fo himself of a cool million. I saw David Hindman taking notes.
***********************************JOKE OFF**************************************
Okay, you have read this far only because you need some Pi humor, right?
Did you know that 3.14% of all sailors are PIrates?
If you divide the circumference of a pumpkin by its diameter you get Pumpkin Pi?
The roundest Knight at King Arthur's Court was Sir Cumference because he ate so much Pi?
Maeve wins! Maeve wins! Maeve wins!
Denise did doesn't.
Our guest and speaker was Diane Ventura Goodyear, DGND. She spoke on District 5500 Strategic Plan and specifically sought input in its development. Of particular interest seemed to be the Indicators of Success and Target Dates section. It has been a while since neither he District nor Clubs strategic plan has been addressed in recent years.
All appeared to agree that a major indicator of success is membership numbers and  unfortunately they are dropping significantly. Money for recruitment and Rotary name recognition was available for a couple of recent years. It was spent with no appreciable change in membership. Do not look for money in this regard any time soon.
As it often does the bottom line falls on individual members to ask contacts to join you for a breakfast meeting. No commitment to join, just come check us out.
Hey Maeve, thanks for the cherry and apple pie girl. Nice touch. Yummy. Too bad for you non attendees.
Attendance at 72% today.
Rotary Club of Marana

Fellow Rotarian's, our President has fallen ill. Our thoughts and prayers are with her along with the hope she is fully recovered from her cold by 3/13/2018 also known as Pie Day Eve.
Showing he has the "crust" needed by "filling" in for President Jo our President-elect Tony Hunter deftly led today's meeting showing us all it is as easy as ............can be. Peter led us in the pledge. If there was a  significant thought following the pledge I missed it. I meant to say "immediately" following the pledge. I am sure there were numerous significant thoughts as the meeting progressed. Had to be,....... right?
Guests included Mirabel-our exchange student from Nigeria, Stephanie Rojas- of Tucson Sunrise Rotary.
  Denise Coronado-MCAT Principal, Mr Bowen-Social Studies Teacher and Hamish Pottenger-MCAT Student of the Month.
By the way, Mr Bowen is familiar with the Scholastic Book Program, looked up prices for under age 5 books while at our meeting ($3-5) and gave us the website
That lovable duo Maeve and Lynne were at it again. While not up to their usual hilarity I distinctly heard Dan giggle over the "snake hadn't a leg to stand on" punchline delivered by Maeve. Denise Coronado groaned over "Nacho Cheese". Lynne, uyou can do better. Hey, Maeve, did you know snakes have no use for "Toe" trucks? Moving on......
Lucky Bob Bishop won but lost with the 9 of hearts. Crocodile tears were shed by many
MEA CULPA, MEA CULPA, MEA CULPA: Left Denise West and son Chase off of last week Tree Planting attendee list. Thank you Denise, you are a terrific club member and active volunteer in most all club projects.
Dan Contorno requested volunteers to work a Tour de Cookie rider recruitment booth this Saturday 3/10/2018 at 9:00 am located at the Rillito Race Track Farmers Market. Please assist Dan if you have a couple of hours to enjoy the outdoor weather and the Farmers Market.
Guest Speaker Stephanie Rojas comes from a Rotarian family that sponsored four exchange students when she was a youth. (Many in our club believe Stephanie is still in her youth). Night of a Thousand Stars is the Tucson Sunrise fund raiser and she encouraged us to check it out. Date is 5/4/2018.
 Our student of the month was unavoidably quite late in his arrival, but never the less made a powerful impact on our club. Without going into details, the adversity this young man has faced in his first eighteen years has been significant. The emotion felt by the club after hearing his life story moved Mary Straus to stand and applaud quickly followed by the entire club. Hamish works at The Ritz while attending MCAT full time. His immediate goal is to graduate and attend Pima Communiy College. His long term goal is to "make my mother proud". 
I love this club. Oh, missing only three members today. Way to go!
Rotary Club of Marana
Following the Pledge President Jo asked if anyone had a thought. We were saved by Maeve who mentioned the beautiful tree planting event this past Saturday at the VA Memorial Cemetery in Marana. This moved President Jo to have a thought. Actually it Carl Sagan's thought  about the greatest gift is to read to children.
*******WEATHER ALERT**************WEATHER ALERT****************WEATHER ALERT****
Harold says we have a winter arriving at 11:00 pm this (last)evening. He says nobody will know if we have snow because we will not be able to see it.
 Richie Benner made a presentation that President Jo said only he could make because of the intricacies of the topic, giving books to kids. After the presentation we all agreed Richie was still the only one who understood. Therefore the following meager attempt should be taken with a grain of salt. We put up $5,600. Going through "Scholastic" we get the biggest bang for our bucks. Of two options my favorite was naming Road Runner Grade School ( a low income school) as beneficiary they would receive 40% of that amount on top of our $5,600 purchase for books at their school in Scholastic books that could/would be used for book purchases. The $5,600 worth of books will be distributed through Woman, Infants and Children Program (WIC) at the Marana Health Center (MHC Healthcare) and placed in the "Up With Books" book stand we saw and learned about last week. I have no idea what Option 2 was. See Richie if you gotta know. It was something about buy one get one free and 10% to the schools. The club brain trust made up of the board (with exception of the Secretary) will determine our final plan of attack.
Speaking of Board Meetings, our next one will be tomorrow March first. It will begin at 5:30 pm and is held at 2005 W Ruthrauff Rd, suite 157. Ya'll are welcome.
PIE DAY just around the corner! We will also have a 5th Tuesday months from now.
Dan reports 13 Cookie booth sponsors.
John donated UA/Stanford BB tickets. Maeve won the bidding war. $50!
Randy chastised the club for failure to recruit new members. He's right, you know.
Mary happy tree planting plus seeing Javier and his daughter at the event.
Bob Bishop thanked this writer for the clever and humorous meeting minutes. He could have left it at that, but went on to say "even if they are not accurate nor representative of what took place." I resemble that remark.
Maeve mentioned new shoes she bought off a drug peddler. She does not know what thy were laced with, but she has been tripping all day.
Not to be outdone, Lynne gave us a dumb blonde joke, typical of what may have been heard at a Rotary club meeting in the 50's. Too long to relate, but it was also funny. Good job ladies.
Arlene Nehls grew up in Morenci, AZ. She has a 30 year old child and another younger child. Why do we care? Because Arlene runs the WIC program in Marana. She has about 30 years with the WIC program in Pinal County, Sierra Vista and Marana.
The WIC program is concerned with nutrition for ........nursing mothers, infants and children. It began primarily as a breast feeding support program and has expanded. Eligibility is based on family income. The program pays for itself by reducing nutrition related problems in the target population. In Pima County MHC Healthcare serves 5,300, El Rio Healthcare serves 2,400 and Elizabeth of Hungary serves 600 WIC recipients.
 In addition to the 26 years experience Arlene has, 15 of 20 staff members have a nutrition degree. In addition to providing food and occasionally formula, they can test for iron and vitamin levels in the blood. Since they are housed at MHC referrals are quite easy. WIC now has an electronic benefit capability when shopping for food.
Experienced tree planters in the club include Richie, Tony, Harold, Mary & Lilly, Javier & Jasmine, Randy & Deb, Jason, Bob, Maeve & Lyle, Jo. They also helped the bottom line of The Cattlemen's Restaurant. Thank you to you and the many other Rotarians for giving up a Saturday morning for this very worthwhile cause.
Oh, Randy drew the 3 of diamonds. NA NA Na Na Na Na. I mean, oh, too bad.
Hope next week we have a better turn out. Are my notes keeping people away? It is really more than than I can describe.
Rotary Club of Marana
Mark Murray led us in the Pledge. My notes are a little hazy here, but according to President Jo some guy named Lyons said something profound regarding if we fail to take notice we cannot take action because we failed to notice. This was followed by applause. (You had to be there). Not able to contain herself President Jo quoted Mia Hamm regards building fires. No applause. (You did not have to be there) We then learned  that Richie Benner just had a wedding anniversary and that he is an expectant father. Bob Bishop proceeded to educate us explaining that having a baby is a process, but provided no further elucidation.
Today we also learned that:
1) Tree planting ceremony is this Saturday,
2) Jo's relatives are leaving town soon (whew)
3) Our book program will be through WIC at MHC Healthcare and partnering with Make Way for Books
4) Over 30 families served at Ortiz Center via Food Bank last week. Thank you to our volunteers,
5) Don mentored at Open Doors and did not just recite his health problems as did the last presenter from our club.Randy?
6) At PETS Mary met other clubs possibly interested in our Cameroon project consideration
Happy Bucks:
1) John suggested we partner up at our breakfast tables with at least one person with good hearing at each table. This suggestion was tabled as we may need to recruit more (younger) members in order to have a person with good hearing at EACH table.
2)Mary and Randy/Deb-Good time at Dove MTN fund raising event.
Many others also gave but were too polite to say it was because Maeve had no joke today. Javier did have a joke. Maeve, your job is NOT in jeopardy.
Don won and lost the drawing. This made Randy sad.
Speaker today, as just so happened, was Ally Baehr, the Director of Community Events for Make Way For Books. Ally, who will soon be joining the Tucson Sunrise Rotary Club, gave a wonderful presentation of the twenty year history of Make Way for Books. Numerous facts were shared such as:
1. At age 5 one can successfully predict if college is in the students future
2. Half of education gap is BEFORE child starts Kindergarten.
3. Poor readers are 4X more likely to drop out before high school graduation
4. 82% of neural connections complete by age three
5. The Pokey Little Puppy is the number one best seller of all time
 Make Way for Books has kiosks where books are free and where they can be loaned like a library
They focus on 13 grade schools in Tucson where 95% of the students are on free or reduced lunch program
Attendance at only 70% today. If you are reading this and did not attend today please try and make it next Tuesday.     
Rotary Club of Marana
The rabble were easily brought to order today, compared to a week ago, by President Holt, possibly because we dropped from 90% attendance to only 70% of our members in attendance this morning. John Zwick got us started with the Pledge of Allegiance and the singing of Happy Birthday to Denise damn near ended the meeting. While I still support a "Singing Club" I am beginning to rethink my stand. I blame Maeve for a weak start, although she did try to pick up tempo by waving her arms like a clipped banty rooster but it was too late. The Titanic had sailed. Her math joke about drinking and deriving was a step up but still this act would not play in Peoria.
Words of wisdom from Denise and Mary but you will have to see them as their comments did not make it past my eardrums. We either need to use the microphone or the club needs to buy me an ear horn.
The Club welcomed Peggy Holt from Parker, AZ who now resides in Tucson. A Rotarian, Peggy is seeking a local club to join. If in need you can visit her at Sabino Canyon Recovery. Hopefully our singing did not scare her off. In spite of comments to the contrary I do not believe she is related to our Club's President. Also vacationing Rotarian Bill Woodard joined us from the northeast and gave an excellent presentation on Shelter Box.
**********************Tree Planting 9 to noon at Veterans Memorial Cemetery 2/24/2018***************************
Tony-Happy for surviving PETS and loves his new flea collar
Dave H-Nice visit with parents
Randy-Successful PETS with 700 people attending
Mary-After several attempts to communicate with this writer tossed her hands skyward in complete frustration. I requested she consider texting her happiness and/or deep thoughts.
Harold won and lost the raffle. We once again gave Harold a round of applause for his Right Brother's Award of 50 years of error free flying. Less than 1% of all aviators have ever qualified for this award.
 This writer was quite happy as I won the diamond pendant donated By Denise and Ben Bridge Jewelers. The fund raiser brought in $400. WOW! Thanks, Denise. Also, thanks for the box of chocolates given to all in attendance.
 Don-Happy about recent conversation with friend Bryce of  Zimbabwe and the peaceful removal of Mugabe. During Mugabe's rule the country went from the breadbasket of Africa to a food importer. Don also sponsored today's speaker.
Bill Woodard gave a presentation that made us all proud to be Rotarians. The number of homeless in the world has doubled in the past five years to 85 million. Climate disasters on a scale never seen before and man made turmoil have brought us to the crisis we see today.  Shelter Box is making a dent in the need having served 160,000 families in 2017. Rotary provides 40% of their funding and a very large percentage of their staff. Shelter Box, Red Cross and the UN are the only three organizations that can take the lead in countries in need of humanitarian aid. With Rotary membership being made up of local leaders and business owners it is a natural to organize relief efforts plus it has instant credibility. Shelter Box has been allowed in North Korea and in to Myanmar where government or religious affiliated organizations were not allowed.
Bill shared with us photos of places he has been as Shelter Box/Rotarian volunteer and told us the final two miles are often the most difficult in getting aid to those in need.
If I was too harsh on Maeve let me know and I will pay a fine next week. 
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