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Welcome to the Rotary Club of Marana in Marana, AZ


Service Above Self

We meet Tuesdays at 7:00 AM
Nana's Kitchen
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Submitted by Randy Brooks, Secretary
Meeting opened with the pledge, President Mary offered a moment of reflection regarding stick figures (people) on the back of vehicles and how we can be cognizant of being kind to one another.  87% of our members attended today. 
The song selected by John Dooling. This tune has a cool history dating back, I think he said to the Civil War and has been recorded by almost every musician since (just joking).  This song was performed at Churchill’s funeral, recorded by numerous people, such as Judy Garland, Johnny Cash and many others.  It was rewritten by Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens). The song is called, in the USA, Battle Hymn of the Republic.  Great history lesson, John.  We actually sang it in key. 
Guests included past district Governor Tom from Pasco, Washington.  Next week he will leave and return to the Northwest.  It is somewhat cooler in the Tri-Cities of Washington, but not a lot.  Many people do not know that the Center and southern part of Washington State is a desert environment (chaparral). We will miss Governor Tom.
Breakout your calendars: Jo Holt will become president of the Rotary Club of Marana, July 1, 2017.  Her installation will be June 27, 2017, 7:00 AM, at Nana’s Kitchen and will be a breakfast affair.  Please put this meeting and event in your calendar now.
Mary discussed articles from the most recent Rotarian magazine regarding activities in Guatemala and polio eradication in Nigeria. In Nigeria polio detection was discussed and the expense of hunting down the virus around the globe. 
Maeve told the story about how Lyle, her spouse, purchased a pair of tennis shoes from a local drug dealer and now he is tripping. 
We were all happy to see Peter back at the meeting ….. He has been traveling the world.
Harold announced that Club Runner has an app for our phones that is very effective.  Go to your app store and type in Club Runner.  Have Fun.
Jo announced she is attending a rally on Saturday ….. A rally for Science.  She finds it odd that we must rally for science in order to reaffirm we believe in it. 
Jo introduced our speakers from the Marana Unified School District; Cynthia Ruich, Director of Student Services and Christina Noriega, Family Resource Coordinator.  Jo added that it may be possible to work with these educators on a District Grant in the future.
Cynthia discussed “Food Packs,” and how these packs provide nutrition for students in need throughout the school year. She also discussed how the school district has two buses that distribute meals (breakfast and lunch) throughout the district during holidays to students that are low income and are not likely to receive needed meals at home. These buses also have the ability to provide basic immunizations and dental care for students. She discussed homeless students (purchasing supplies) and the provision of counselors that assist when students or family members pass away.
Christina described herself as an occasional “social worker,” and enjoys the part of her job that allows her to visit students’ homes and learn about what the student needs to be more successful.  She also coordinates a “clothing bank” for students as well as the Holiday Share program.  As you know we have been active in this program for many years.  They do their best to provide food and gifts to over 600 families per year. She complimented the Rotary Club of Marana in that we follow through with our commitments.
We then entered into a discussion of generational poverty and how many students learn a poverty culture which makes it more difficult to recognize the problem in their own lives. She stated that impoverished families rarely move further than 5 miles from the place they have lived as adults.  They accept the altered norms of the community.  They indicated there are many myths regarding poverty.  They did state that programs like MCAT can break that cycle.
Meeting adjourned with the 4-Way Test. 
Submitted by Randy Brooks, Secretary
Called to order by President Mary Straus.  Pledge led by Eric Miller and invocation by Guest PDG Tom Halazon, RC of Pasco, WA. 87% of the club attended today.  Good work.
Guests: Tom as mentioned above and his spouse, Sharon.
Song:  Let by John Dooling and Jo Holt.  It made our imaginations soar with what it might be like to hear the actual tune.  Thank you John and Jo for the glorious attempt of leading this group with limited musical attributes. Whew.
I caught a few, but not all of the announcements: We missed John D’s birthday.  Denise West celebrates one year of membership in our club …… time passes so quickly. Xavier had a birthday and Joe Farr is not far behind in celebrating hers.  Harold is celebrating his 45th wedding anniversary and Maeve Johnson is celebrating her 26th. She had a birthday as well.
Eric donated a computer to the club today.  It did not work completely because of a conflict between Apple and Microsoft.  Someone smarter than this writer will figure it out.
Standing ovation for Dan Contorno for his leadership with the Tour de Cookie.  Great job Dan to you, Tony (I heard he was your backbone.  I think they meant he had your back).  Over 70% of the club actively engaged and volunteered in this project.  Two visiting Rotarians, PDG Tom and his spouse volunteered as well.
The rest of the meeting was centered on a review of the Tour de Cookie:
Happy bucks: Randy won and then quickly lost ……..
Four Way Test and meeting adjourned.
MINUTES 4-4-17
Submitted by Randy Brooks
Meeting called to Order by President Mary Straus.  Pledge completed and a heartfelt song selected by John Dooling was sung.  “Itsy Bitsy Spider” was the song. It brought tears to some of our eyes.  Thank you John for the song … it was fun and David thanks for a nice impromptu job with the meditative moment.
Set up of the electronics was attempted by Randy who whined endlessly (nothing new here) about the computer and projector not working.  A few people indicated they would work on getting a different computer to see if it works.  Eric volunteered to donate a computer to the club that may work.  Harold indicated that he will research connectorsMaeve suggested we bring in a consultant to tell us what we need.  The majority indicated we should try the new computer and then evaluate what to do.  Someone volunteered to see if they can learn to use Xavier’s projector as well.
Guests: Past District Governor Tom Halazon, of, Pasco, Washington and Ricard Benner who is with the Boy Scouts of America. Richard is considering membership in our club.
Other visitors included Shyla Grave, MCAT student of the month, her mother Tara. One teacher joined us and of course Denise Coronado.
Dan reviewed how we are doing with the Tour de Cookie.  We have over 100 + registered and more coming.  It looks like we may hit over two hundred riders.  Thank you Dan, Tony and your team for making this an event to remember.  If you would like to volunteer (and please do) contact Dan at or call him at 520-404-8275.
Eric brought us a banner from the Rotary Club of Port Moody, British Columbia, Canada. 
Aleta of the Dove Mountain Club sent along a verbal invitation for us to join her club at a special meeting with a great speaker, April 20, 2017 at 6 PM.
Jo Holt stated she judged at a high school science fair this past week.  She loved judging ….. Too much.  Many of us fanaticized about what it was once like to judge. 
Maeve told a joke about a “labracadabra”. It again was too confusing for Randy to wrap his head around. 
Randy, Rotary Foundation Chair for the club, completed a presentation regarding the Rotary Foundation and all the good works we do in the world. Because of the foundation we have experienced its impact in our community, and the world.  Our club is an Every Rotarian Every Year Club and Randy encouraged us to do better.  We have five Paul Harris Society Members in the club.  Those are folks that donate $1,000 or more per year to the foundation.  We have three bequest society members and Randy encourages more folks to donate to this painless effort.  He asked that when you make your contribution that you make it to The Rotary Foundation and designated the Annual Programs funds on your donation.  The money comes back to the district to assist with local, district and global grants. 
Former Rotarian Denise Coronado again introduced the Student of the Month from MCAT of the Marana Unified School District.  Shyla Graves has been a student in the district since preschool.  She is described as “compassionate, a driven person with thee jobs outside of school. She is described as a positive role model and volunteers at her church with immigrants from other countries.  She has a passion for travel and hope to join the US Army and be trained as a “chef.”
We were all asked to attend the MCAT graduation at the Marana Middle School May 23, 7:00 PM
Mary asked me to add to the minutes the job and work assignments for April:
Greeter: Harold Burtzloff
Pledge: Eric Miller
Invocation: Mark Murray
Program: Jo Holt
Sgt at Arms: Xavier Teran
Set Up: Don Jorgensen
Tear Down: David Hindman
Submitted by Randy Brooks
Meeting called to order by President Mary at 7:00 AM.  Denise led us in the pledge, meditation completed by Don J. and David H., an almost beautiful rendition of “Clementine” led by Lynne. Xavier collected happy bucks … thanks Xavier for the new screen.. You know Harold never gets a thanks for welcoming all of us to the meeting, thanks Harold.
Guest today: Mindy Blake of the Pima Association of Governments and Laurie from the Marana Youth Outreach.  Sorry I missed her last name.
Randy, John and Don were asked to discuss the newest on the Peru project.  Randy spoke for the group, describing the woman in need of help and her family.  The board had offered to donate up to $1000 for this project. The Rotary Club Foundation did write a check for that amount.  However donations by Mary (discretionary fund), John Dooling and Randy covered the expense. The foundation did not experience a loss on this transaction.
Foundation review by Mary ….. It appears that we have $8,918.47 in funds.  Remember we are keeping an amount of $2,500.00 for a rainy day fund.
Discussion about the Food Bank work this past weekend.  Several members attended and supported the effort.  Tony was there and had a walkie talkie.  He indicated it made him feel quite powerful.
Randy gave an update on the youth exchange student from Nigeria.  Marana High School was visited today by Randy and arrangements made for her to register for classes.  I few hoops still to go through and hopefully she will be awarded a student visa.
Dan C. continues to work hard on the Tour de Cookie and is looking for volunteers this weekend.  
Jo Holt said we have 12 cookie stations and all but two are filled.  Two life insurance companies decided to not participate.  If you can’t rely on a life insurance group … who can you?  I tell you it is a sad day.
Guest Speaker:
 Mindy Blake, Outreach Coordinator, Pima Association of Governments.  Mindy was an anchor on Channel 13, CBS and sat involved with  the board of directors of the Amphi School District with Joe Holt. Mindy discussed the Regional Transportation Authority which is in its 11th year.  Maintenance of roads, sidewalks are usually complete by the township, city or county in which the roads or sidewalks need help. PAG is mainly concerned about roadways, safety, intersections, train crossings, green belts and pathways.  They have contributed to the bike paths in Pima County. Lots of discussion about public transportation and the lack of it in the Picture Rocks area. Mindy stated that 54% of people that ride buses have not vehicle of their own. Mindy discussed how the recession affected tax revenue for building and maintaining roads but that we seem to be coming back from the deficit and the future looks much brighter.  If you want to reach out to Mindy Blake her e-mail is, and 520-495-1427 Thank you Mindy for an interesting discussion.
Submitted by Randy Brooks, Secretary
We had an amazing 90% attendance today.  Only two members were not in attendance.  Great job Rotary Club of Marana.
Introduction of guests: Carol McGorray, Town of Marana Council Member and proud mother of the speaker today …. Maureen Dykinga. More on Maureen later.
The pledge was completed, a song was sung and a great meditation completed by David Hindman.
We had a guest from the Rincon Club …. I did not catch his name.  He was asking for support of his club annual Taste of Chocolate.  I have been to this event.  The chocolate is amazing.  It will be held, April 23, 2-4 PM, at the Double Tree Hotel.  Only $15.00 per ticket... 
Report on the Peru Trip:  Well, we are back.  The trip was meaningful in several different ways.  Don Jorgensen Discussed the trip, Machu Picchu, and our Amazon adventures.  Did he mention the heat! Whew.  John Dooling discussed a marathon Rotary meeting he and I attended (5 hours) during which possible support via of the foundation may makes lives better for others.  He also discussed a beautiful school we visited that is supported by the Club Rotario “Las Vinas de Surco in Lima.  There is one project John and Randy are interested in moving on sooner rather than later but that will be discussed at the board meeting later this week. It has to do with a woman living in a shack about the size of your walk in closet.  Randy discussed our former Rotary Exchange Student Eleana Acosta wedding the pageantry and happiness shared by her family, friends and host families.  She graduated from medical school, married in her church with families and friends attending all in two weeks.  Jeff Brownson her husband is a US citizen and IT guy.  They have a home in Marana.  Eleana promises to join our club as soon as she has adequate salary.
Harold brought up the Jim Click raffle and the club voted to not participate this year.  Harold will be gone much of the time for ticket sales and we had a pronounced lack of interest last year.  There are so many ways that we give to Rotary …… Club decided to focus fundraising energy in other areas.
President Mary mentioned that the Rotary International Foundation gives us the “The chance to excel in the world community.” She is right.  Remember ….. Our club is a 100% Every Rotarian Every Year Club and at this point not all members have contributed.  Please consider making your donation now to support the work of the RI Foundation.
At a previous board meeting PDG Randy (you have to be a PDG to be eligible) was voted by our club to put his hat in the ring for the Rotary International Council on Legislation. This is a three year term with annual telephone calls about Rotary procedures and policy ending with an in person meeting for the full council (all districts in the world) in 2019.  Randy thanked the club and the board for support of his various ways to work almost full time for Rotary.
Maeve said a funny joke during Happy Bucks ….. Xavier seemed pleased at the level of participation and smiled brightly as donations were made.
Saturday, March 25th Mark, Randy and Deb Hume will be at a bike swap in Oro Valley distributing information about the Tour de Cookie.  As you know this is the largest fundraising event for our club and appreciate the support you all give.  Dan Contorno and his team has done a great job of marketing this important and fun event.  While we were gone I heard that Mary, Eric, Dan, Tony, Joseph and I’m sure others worked the bike path.  Thanks to everyone that is working to keep our club one of the best in the district.
We had issues with the projector and PowerPoint today.  The speaker was unable to use the machine.  Seems it is becoming an antique.
 Maureen Dykinga of the Spoon Foundation gave a presentation regarding the feeding of severely handicapped and challenged children with disabilities.  Many are orphans and in foster care.  The Spoon Foundation facilitates training, education of workers and volunteers caring for these children. A few tips are to use larger than normal spoons, “spoon scraping” (this is scraping the food on the roof of the mouth so the child does not gag). Positioning of the child is important.  Some have never actually sat up to eat because of the inability to have necessary motor coordination.  Another focus of this organization is to increase buy- in regarding the needs of these children and increase awareness in the community.  They have completed before and after studies regarding the general health and anemic levels of these children and see significant improvement after families are trained.  Thank you Maureen for the work you and your colleagues do to improve the lives of these unfortunate children. President Mary is planning to follow up with Maureen. 
Minutes of Marana Rotary meeting Tues 3/14/2017
One of our favorite meetings today – we honored our MCAT Student of the Month! Principal Denise Coronado presented Cheyenne Willingham. Cheyenne brought along her science teacher, Ms. Soto, along with her friend Xavier and her Dad, Adam. As she was happy to talk with us about herself (not always the case with our Students of the Month, especially at 7am), we peppered her with questions. She has a very focused interest in horses, including breeding and training, and she has chosen to attend college in New York. Cheyenne says of her teacher Ms. Soto, “she’s awesome”.  We all applaud Cheyenne and wish her the very best.
Our Club President, Mary Straus, informed the Club about a new part of the Rotary gun policy. The policy states that no Club should engage in or sponsor any activity that involves the transfer of ownership of a weapon. This policy is somewhat controversial, and we discussed it. Thank you, Mary, for making us all aware of this update.
Denise West and Dan Contorno assisted President Mary with the Food Bank food delivery in Picture Rocks last week, and Denise said that she enjoyed it and that we need more volunteers! The Food Bank is asking for assistance every second Wednesday of the month (in the morning), and a very large crowd showed up last week, so the need is definitely there. Mary will bring the sign-up sheet again next week.
AND FINALLY --- Today’s date is March 14, and we all know what that means – it’s Pi Day! The value for Pi is 3.14…, so, well, you get it. Pi Day is celebrated all over the world, and Jo Holt gave a brief description of the parameter, including that Pi is both irrational and transcendental. Like many of our members. Oops! And Jo read a fascinating account of the relationship of something to something else squared. Or something. You had to be there. Maeve Johnson re-awakened the group with a delicious cherry pie! Pie for Pi Day, you just can’t beat it.
Mar 7, 2017
Today we were honored to have Fire Chief Cheryl Horvath speak to us about the Mountain Vista Fire District. Chief Horvath has served her fire district since January 2016, and has been in the fire service since 1992. She previously worked in Illinois. Chief Horvath is the past President of the Board of Trustees for the International Association of Women in Fire & Emergency Services. The Chief was accompanied today by Shawn Benjamin, her Community Relations officer, who maintains an active Facebook page at Mountain Vista Fire District. Chief Horvath spoke to us about the District’s size (small, about 19 square miles) and the fact that the District is largely residential, with a population of 31,000. The District serves parts of Oro Valley, Marana, and unincorporated Pima County. They respond to calls for fires, emergency medical service, smoke alarm issues, invalid assists, and, of course, snake relocation. The Mountain Vista Fire District recently signed an auto aid agreement with neighboring Northwest Fire and Golder Ranch Fire. This ensures that all three Districts work together to respond to emergencies. We’re proud to have one of the very few female Fire Chiefs right here in southern Arizona. Thank you for visiting with us, Chief Horvath!
And don’t forget --- the 2nd Annual Tour de Cookie approaches! April 8 2017! Register at
It was an action-packed meeting of the Rotary Club of Marana this morning! We’re always excited to have guests, and today we were joined by Aleta Weiner, Pres of the Dove Mountain Rotary Club, David Romero, Associate Principal of Tortolita Middle School, and our speaker, Dr. Aminata Kilungo. We were also joined by honorary member Kathleen Neighbors, director of the Tortolita Interact Club. Club President Mary Straus thanked John Dooling for arranging a grant from the Allstate Insurance Foundation to the Marana Rotary Club Foundation for $1000, and noted that Allstate makes a 15% match to John’s donations to the Club Foundation as well.
A very special event this morning was the induction of a new member, Mr. Joseph Farr from Bank of the West. Joseph has been in the banking industry for 13 years and has always enjoyed being engaged in community service activities. He is currently involved in the Bank of the West’s financial literacy program for first through sixth grades. His next program is coming up this May. Welcome to the Club, Joseph!
Our speaker, Dr. Aminata Kilungo, is a lecturer in the College of Public Health at the University of Arizona. She also works with SERI, the Sonora Environmental Research Institute. She spoke to us about the desperate need for latrine installations in Tanzania due to continuous outbreaks of cholera. Although construction of toilets is fundamentally important, the villages must have safe water! In addition to training communities in water filtration methods, an emphasis has been placed on digging wells and particularly on harvesting rainwater. Dr. Kilungo pointed out that similar situations exist along the US/Mexico border. We thank her for an excellent presentation and for her hard work!
  Tour de Cookie at Pets Feb 25, 2017
We inducted our wonderful Interactors from Tortolita Middle School in a special ceremony on President’s Day, Feb. 20, 2017. Rotary Interact clubs bring together students ages 12-18 to become acquainted with Rotary through projects at their school and in their community and through developing leadership skills. Our Interactors are all 8th graders, which means that they will be at Mountain View High School next year as freshmen. Each of them told us a little something about themselves and introduced their families. President Mary Straus showed videos and talked about being a Rotarian. We are very pleased that each Interactor had family members show up, in spite of the busy lives we all lead. In addition to President Mary, Rotarians John Dooling, Randy Brooks, Denise West, and Jo Holt represented the Club. Interactors were presented with their Interact pin as well as a Friendship pin, and a certificate of membership. Congratulations to all!
Submitted by Randy Brooks, Secretary
Pledge completed, Invocation by President Mary ….. Essentially let there be peace in our hearts and mind.
Song let by John Dooling: Oh, My Darling Clementine.  Actually we did reasonably well. Hooray.
Guests: Tom Hannagan, President, Friends of Ironwood Forest National Park.  More later
Announcements: Randy, John, Don will be in Peru for a few weeks.  Jo Holt has offered to take minutes for the meetings …… spelling, grammar and content should improve markedly.  We are all attending the wedding of Eleana Acosta our former exchange student.  We will also visit the Amazon.  Don and Kathy Jorgensen are visiting Machu Picchu. For those of you that don’t know Eleana.  She lived in the USA for 5 years while attending the U of A.  She then returned to Peru for medical school and is graduating next week the top of her class.  Two weeks later she is marrying her US citizen fiancé: Jeff Brownson.  They will be returning to the USA later in March.  We are all very proud of Eleana.
Mary discussed her interest in international projects.  John and Randy will be evaluating a project or two in Lima and reporting back to the club.  Mary is evaluating projects related to human trafficking and slavery. Our club will stand tall regardless of which direction we go with local and international projects.
 JO H. discussed the Interact installation last evening at Tortillita Middle School.  100% of the parents of Interactors attended.  The students were honored and we discussed Rotary International the Marana Club and our projects. Rotarians attending were Mary S, John D., Jo H., Denise W. and Randy B.
Tour de Cookie discussed by Dan C.  Apparently we have to change our route slightly.  Dan is handing out fliers this weekend and could use your help.  Please consider giving him a hand.  The Tour de Cookie is a club project ….. Our major fundraising event for the year.  Every member should be actively involved: 520-404-8275, Susan Komen organization has expressed interest in our ride as well as a group of Roller Derby folks.  We are shooting for 300 riders and may well exceed this number.
Denise West was happy that several of us and 125 other people attended her Ben Bridge grand opening this past week.  It was fun and ladies received a bag of gifts.  Rotarians attending included, Don J., Mary S., Denise W., Harold (and his spouse) and Randy.
Joe Farr, Bank of the West, will be inducted this next week at the meeting.  Unfortunately, Joe, I will be in Peru and will miss the event.  We are all very happy you will be joining us.
John Dooling “almost” won the weekly drawing.  Sadly it was almost.
Speaking of John Dooling …. He shared with us: What has caused power outages in Kalamazoo, Tampa, Austin, California and many other places. What happens to cause power outages to 32-317 million people a year? Squirrels.  Sometime ask about when Randy was attacked by a fierce, wild and gigantic squirrel in deepest, darkest Africa.  These guys are scary!
Mercifully our speaker, Tom Hannagan, approached the podium.  Then the speaker said he would be telling us lots of details and there would be a test.  The winner of the competition (only one) would be given an all-expense paid evening experience in Eloy.  There was no test and no winner.  Most were despondent.
Ironwood Forest: Includes Picacho Peak, Saw Tooth, Ragged Top, and Waterman Mountains.  This was an active volcano range about 50 million years ago and has very unique geology and botany.  Some of the plants include Organ Pipe Cactus, Elephant Tree, Turkhead Cactus (similar to barrel but very rare). Ironwood trees can live up to 800 years.  There are over 700 big horn sheep in the area.  The Friends of Ironwood Forest Park help by cleaning up, killing buffel grass, and making hiking trails.  They raise money for reforestation and help with supporting biodiversity. There are several volunteer workdays each month.  Some of the work is picking up trash from immigrants, ranchers, target shooters and others visiting that may not appreciate keeping the park clean and pristine. The park has a good relationship with the ASARCO mine nearby. On March 18 there will be speakers on botany, ragged top area at 7:30 AM and the event will last all day.  Small and large hikes will be offered.  In November there will be organized hikes as well. Visit the website at, join them on Facebook or call 520-628-2092 if you would like to learn more.
Meeting adjourned with the reciting of the 4-Way Test.
Mary Randy Harold with Denise West at Ben Bridge Open House
Submitted by Secretary Randy Brooks
Attendance of 84.21% today.  Great job everyone.
 Completed the Pledge of Allegiance, Meditative Moment and a song provided by John Dooling.  Thanks, John.
Guests included: Joyce Zwick from British Columbia, RYLA student Johnathon Grove and his mother Tina Grove.
Peter Mack is celebrating his birthday, and John Zwick is celebrating 52 years as a Rotarian … WOW!
Eric reported that he was in a bike ride this weekend and that five people signed up for the Tour de Cookie.  Great job Eric and we are all sorry about the bee sting.
This next Sunday at 8:00 AM, Dan Contorno, is giving out fliers at Rillito Raceway advertising the Tour de Cookie.  If we have enough volunteers perhaps we could have two stations …. Maybe at the Loop Bike Store as well?
Maeve discussed how she and Denise have been shopping for the shut in’s that are provided food by the food bank.  The theory is that we will provide a birthday bag for these folks whenever possible to uplift spirits a little.  Thanks Maeve and Denise...
Maeve also asked for volunteers for the food bank on March 25 to help cook, I think, for donors to the organization. Maeve made it clear that this event is not a club project but she did ask for our help and indicated she would be using out shade tent at the event.
RYLA participant, Johnathan Grove, Marana High School Student reported he had a wonderful time at RYLA in January.  He discussed the speakers, and how one speaker jogged from San Francisco to New York ignoring his several physical limitations.  Another person gave a presentation on leadership … this was a woman from Russia and she spoke of leadership and commerce. He also discussed the fun and challenge of the zip line, rock climbing wall and a service project. At the service project they packed bags for children in need of a lift up.
Maeve told her usual joke: “This is a really dirty joke…. Three pigs rolled in the mud.” That’s it.  Sorry everyone.
Our second speaker was Jamie deZubeldia of Sun Apiaries and ReZonation Farm.  He discussed the science of having bee hives to produce honey and other products.  His company raises bees and also trains those interested in doing the same.  He has a deep respect for bees and is slightly fearful of them.
The business started in 1986 in Avra Valley.  They have trained over 300+ beekeepers since 2009. The goal of his work is to increase honey production to 25,000 pounds of product. He indicated that people whom do this for a hobby have less than 25 hives and those that do it for a business have greater than 100 hives. Pollination accounts for 33-50% of our food supply.  One hive can produce about 45# of honey.  This is very interesting:  They breed queen bees to insure they have a good “temperament” … who would think? He stated after the meeting that Africanized bees are very aggressive and native honey bees are not.  If you would like to reach Jamie: 520-603-1804, or
Thank you Jamie.  Interesting discussion.
Last Wed (Feb 8) several of our members assisted at the Marana Food Bank's monthly distribution of food in Picture Rocks. This took place at the Ortiz Community Health Center. Randy Brooks drove the food bank truck over to Center to deliver boxes of food, and helped Mary Straus organize the food into bags. Jo Holt helped Marana Food Bank's Denise Burns distribute the right combination of food boxes and bags to clients. What a nice group of people, both helpers and clients! It was fun and enjoyable, and Mary really got a workout.
Submitted by PDG Randy Brooks, Secretary
Lots of guests today: Aleta Wiener, RC of Dove Mountain, Joyce Zwick, Pincher Creek Rotary Club, Alberta, Canada, Student of the Month: Audrye Zomar her mother Becky, Educator “Mr. Chuck” and MCAT principal Denise Coronado. We had another guest Dr. Leigh Readdy, Disaster Network of Assistance Rotary Action Group.  He is with a Rotary Club in Kirkland, WA and exchanged banners with President Mary.
President Mary started running around giving people coupons for knowing the job assignments they had.  Special recognition went to John Dooling.  I think he set up although he was not assigned that task. 
Aleata Wiener picked up her winnings from the Football Pool … she took second place and Tonja Greenfield, a former member,  won the jackpot.  Aleta also asked our club to participate in the RC of Dove Mountain Annual Dinner, March 11, 2017.  This year they will honor former Rotarian Howard Tatum whom passed away this year.  He was a much beloved member of the Dove Mountain Club and retired as a weatherman in Hawaii.  Fliers were passed around the room.
Dan Contorno gave an update on the Tour de Cookie.  The Facebook page is up and running, please go to it and “friend” the page.  Also please send out a notice to all your friends, far and wide, encouraging them to participate in the ride.  We have set a goal of 300 riders this year. Tony, Jo and Eric are working hard with Dan and Jo to make this year’s event a success.
Please set aside the date of February 20 at 5 PM to honor the Rotaract Club of Tortillita Middle School.  All of the 9 members are National Honor Society Club members and parents will be attending this event. It will be held at the Cougar Café at the school.
Tomorrow is the Food Bank Distribution dayRandy will pick up the truck at 9 AM. Mary and Jo are working to help distribute the food. This is a once a month project and we hope the club will assist by showing up once every six months to work for a period of two hours.  Our club keeps saying they would like a “hands on” project.  Here you go!
Tony Hunter discussed an opportunity for the club to host a “beer garden” at a Corn Hole Tournament.  Last year there were 400 participants.  It could cost up to $700.00 for the license and insurance.  Tony is checking with Rotary International about insurance...  This event will be held March 18 at Cross Roads Park area.  There will be further discussion.
 Leigh Readdy discussed world disasters that his Rotary Action Group has responded.  He stated that over 100,000 people are living under cardboard as a result of disasters, quoting the earthquakes in Italy, ice storms in Scandinavian countries, and the like.  He discussed how his group partners with many other organizations within and outside of Rotary to provide help for others.  He handed out fliers which pointed out that they have been building homes for $4,500 in India. Contact Leigh at
 Presentation of the Student of the Month. Audrye Zomari is a student at MCAT.  She is a lovely young lady that had fallen on rough times and was found with a knife and drugs at school.  She was expelled and worked very hard to come back to school. She is from New Mexico and lives with her mother.  She was described by her principal and teacher as, “great at academics, has a wonderful attitude and good attendance.”  She asked that the principal tell her story so that people could learn what she was like and what she is now. She hopes to enter the nursing program at Pima Community College upon graduation.  Audrye is well liked and discussed how her mother has a wonderful positive influence on her.  She likes MCAT because of the support of peers, educators and that the environment is “like home.”
Happy bucks: everyone participated but of note was Lynne signing “We are the Champions” because her team …. The Patriots won the super bowlMaeve told another joke, a play on words and it is not to be repeated by this writer. Actually it was a joke that Randy finally got. 
Meeting adjourned with the recital of the Four-Way Test.
Submitted by Randy Brooks
Guests: Lou Touchette and Jim from ALOHA ….. Adult Loss of Hearing Association … more about them later.
Birthdays for the month were discussed: Dan, Tony and Randy were all born in January.  Interesting that it is all males celebrating.
Reminder: Second Wednesday of February we will be distributing food at the Marana Health Care site in Picture Rocks from 9:30 – noon.  The address is 12635 W. Rudasill Road, Marana (Picture Rocks), AZ. We will be supporting this effort into the future.  If everyone volunteers besides the core group of volunteers most will only need to help once or twice a year.
We are Dark Next Tuesday ….. Don’t forget! We are having a multi club social at Shlomo and Vito’s New York Delicatessen and Pizza, 2870 E Skyline Dr, #120, Tucson from 5:30 to 7:30. Five clubs are participating in this fun evening and we hope to see you all there.
Three of our members attended the Rotary Leadership Institute this past weekend.  Mary completed level III, Joe Holt completed level II and Tony completed level I. All said it was very enlightening and helpful.  Randy was there as well as a facilitator.  Tony summed it up by saying, “I found it very helpful” and Mary stated “It gave me a greater sense of being a Rotarian.”
Don Jorgensen announced that Maeve’s Church donated $1000 to Shelter Box.  What a grand gift.  Thanks Maeve and your church for being such great folks.
Dan Contorno discussed briefly the Tour de CookieWe need sponsor’s folksHMS Bikes has signed on as a major donor.  Dan says those that become sponsors will be able to have their name on the rider’s T-shirts.
Maeve told yet another joke having to do with pretzels.  There was a collective groan.
Lynne mentioned she has sent out dues statements and has yet to collect from many people.  Come on people, you can do it.
Several of us expressed ongoing frustration that the website is still not accessible. (I did get a note today …. Thursday that the site is finally up and running.)
Guests and back to ALOHA.  This group is responsible for placing wires in business and homes that allow those are hearing impaired to hear better.  The wire (loop) enables sound to process through the wire and process through an amplifier.  There is also a portable looping station one can carry around with them to assist in hearing.  Arizona and Michigan are the country leaders in having these wires looped.  About 100 businesses in Tucson have looping and our presenter Lou has personally installed the device in 300 homes in Tucson. We learned there is also a hearing impaired support group in town.  Suggestions to you that are not hearing impaired to communicate with those of us that are: Don’t Yell, speak slowly and plainly.  Give us a chance to see your face so we can read (roughly) your lips.  If you are interested in the product for your business or home, or would like to see about the support group call Lou at 520-795-9887.
Submitted by Randy Brooks, Secretary
We all participated in the Pledge of Allegiance, had a meditative moment and sang a song, “Working on the Railroad.”
Announcements:  Several members’ computers are unable to access the Club website and/or Club Runner.  Peter states he has authorized Club Runner to take over the hosting of our website.  Some members are not having any problems and can’t fathom that others are stymied by this problem. Hopefully the situation will be resolved soon.
President Mary and Randy visited the Food Bank last Wednesday and helped deliver food to those less fortunate in the Picture Rocks area.  It was really, really fun. We will be providing this service every second Wednesday of the month and NEED club members to step up and help.  We keep hearing that the members want a hands on project and so here you go.  We only need about three people each third Wednesday and the attendees can be rotated.  Please sign up. 
Discussion about the Forum last week with representatives from MUSD, Marana Police Department, The Town of Marana and Marana Health Center. A few of the comments follow:
Maeve “We were building stronger ties to the community.  It was a success.” She added that it was a plus for Rotary’s perception in the community.
Others stated: “The Chief should be asked to join the club.”  Randy is on top of this invite.  Another suggested a School Vocational Day ……. It will be discussed at the board meeting.  Mary mentioned how we can provide expertise and insight into substance abuse. More to follow.
We received a card from the Coyote Trails Grade School thanking us for our participation the in building of the playground for disadvantaged children.
Maeve told us a joke … sadly, once again, Randy did not get it.
Our guest today and presenter is Monica Schmidt, Ph.D., Assistant Professor at the U of A.  The topic was “Food – Breeding to Genetic Modification.  The challenge is how we feed more people without damaging the planet.” Genetic engineering increases productivity and is endorsed by most scientists as an important tool. Monica has been researching soy beans, cotton, maize and Canadian canola.  These GMO plants are more resistant to insects and herbicides. The goal is to reduce toxins in food.  10,000 children per year in the USA are affected by Necrotizing Enterocolitis and if breast fed and/or epidermal growth factor is added to the milk it reduces the death rate of this disease by 50%.  Monica also discussed Vitamin A deficiency. The Gates Foundation and the U of A are working to reduce the incidence of blindness in Africa …. This deficiency affects 250,000 to 500, 000 children a year.  Half of whom die within a year of going blind.  Thank goodness we have people like Monica working to save the children and increase food productivity.  Thank you for a great presentation.
Our meeting on Jan 10, 2017, was a special Club Assembly which focused on making an assessment of community needs. What does the greater Marana community need the most, and how can our Rotary club take action to address these needs? President Mary Straus assembled a panel of local leaders:  Clint Kuntz with MHC Healthcare, Dan Contorno with Marana Unified School District, Lisa Shafer, Community Development Director with the Town of Marana, and Marana Police Chief Terry Rozema. Also present in the audience were guests Aleta Wiener, President of the Dove Mountain Rotary Club; Joe Hentges, District 5500 Governor-Elect; Joseph Farr with Bank of the West, and former Club member Tom Mangold.
Facilitating the panel discussion was PDG and newly-elected Vice Governor for 2017-2018 Randy Brooks, who began the discussion by outlining types of community services that our Club could consider, such as assistance with conflict management, advocacy for those seeking medical treatment, and education and community development efforts through the Rotary Vocational Fund. Randy also discussed needed help with youth, such as through the MCAT program at MUSD, as well as assistance needed, in general, with basic education and literacy. He then raised a series of questions for the panel to address.
1. What are the top two needs in our community?
2. What proper and/or realistic role can we play to help with these issues?
3. Is there a specific role or benefit that can be gained from working with Rotary?
4. Which assistance program have you found to be most effective?
There was general agreement that Rotary could be very helpful within the Marana community, and that many programs could be even more effective with additional assistance from volunteers. In the course of our discussion, two ideas emerged that were of particular interest. Holding a career or vocational fair at a local school was discussed as a means of inspiring students. Developing a resource guide for the Marana area which would list all organizations that provide assistance, and the specific type of assistance provided as well as location and contact information would be very useful both for those in need and those helping them. The Club will be discussing these and other ideas in the near future.
Submitted by PDG Randy Brooks, Secretary
Pledge, Thought for The Day and song completed. 
Only one guest today.  B.J. Cordova, member of the E-Club of D-5500 and Communication Director of Tucson Clean and Beautiful.  More later about B.J.  He was our speaker today.
Peter gave an update on the outing to Kitt Peak, January 14, 2017, at 3:30 PM.  The group will meet on the Northwest corner of the Walmart parking lot.  Folks will carpool to the facility.  Darn, I just realized that I will not be able to attend because I will be at the Southern California/Nevada PETS meeting in Los Angles that day.  Deb will take my place.  Bummer, dudes.  16 people have signed up so far for the outing.
President Mary gave a report on the Mike Harris Ride to End Polio.  The final statistics are we raised $11,336,014.00 during the one day event.  What an amazing feat.  Our club played important roles in the event ….. Again, thanks everyone. 
Next week we will have a forum.  The following have been invited: Representatives of the Town of Marana, Marana Unified School District, Marana Healthcare, and The Marana Chamber of Commerce. The purpose of the forum seems to be two-fold.  One is for the club to obtain a better understanding of the needs in our community and the other is to be a PR event to increase awareness of our Rotary Club of Marana. 
Randy reported the New Year’s Eve open house at his house was successful and fun in spite of the rain.  It was discovered the Maeve, Jo and Mary are very tough women.  They sat in the rain and listened to Randy’s friends play music.  You (I) gotta love those ladies. Eventually they did find a few umbrellas.
Maeve: What did the father buffalo say to his son as he left the herd?  Bison.  Collective groan.
B.J. Cordova as noted above was our speaker today.  Before he presented Randy discussed how they were both part of a GSE Team to Africa.  B.J.  represents Tucson Clean and Beautiful.  He gave thoughts regarding sustainable community work which includes Social need, Environment and economic considerations.  The mission statement of his organization includes “Improving the Environment and quality of life in the Tucson and Pima County area.”  They do this by education, sponsorship and work of the 330 volunteers.  They need more volunteers if you are interested ….. Soon the organization will be approaching Rotary D-5500 and its clubs to have a commemorative tree park celebrating Rotarians, friends and family.   
Tucson Clean and Beautiful does its best to attack bufflegrass and attempts to eradicate the weeds. B.J. discussed Urban Heat Island caused by building of concrete buildings and pavementTrees for Tucson are an example of how the heat can be diminished if contractors and builders pay attention.
Need information about where to recycle those old computers, phones, printers, cooking oil, paint etc.?  Contact Tucson Clean and Beautiful and they will help you find the correct resources.
This organization is also training young offenders to become landscape specialists.  They have a 9 week course that meets every Saturday to serve young men and women.
See you all next week.  Thanks for attending the meeting today.  We had 84% of you here today.  Please attend the forum next week. 
MINUTES 12/27/16
Submitted by Randy Brooks, Secretary
Don Jorgensen led us in the Pledge, Denise gave us a thought for the day and Mary followed with a video of photos of Chimps’ in Africa opening a gift package of drink and food.  It was very funny.  The chimps were orphaned and needed a little levity. We did as well. Now that I think about it  the goings on reminds me of my family at Christmas.
No song today …… I did not see a dry eye in the house. 
Only one guest today, Don Winfield owner of Up and Running Computer Services,
Jo, Peter, Denise, and John Dooling all personally contributed (in addition to the funds donated by the club) to our holiday cheer for a family.  They were all pleased and the family very grateful for the kindness shown by our Rotary Club. Thanks to all of you for your generosity of time and money to help this needy family.
Dan Contorno has finished the course outline for the Tour de Cookie bike ride.  It will actually be 29 miles this year.  Anyway he thinks it his.  His GPS broke during the ride …..However, the positioning of the sun and burning of his legs provided valuable information about distance. The shorter distance is to insure those of us with physical challenges will be able to finish the course – like me.  Remember, we will need help on the day of the event, riders, and we will ask you all market the event.  Don’t forget this is a club project and we ALL need to participate in order for this fundraising event to be successful.  The money raised in this insures we can help others throughout the year.  Dan, your committee is doing a wonderful job on planning this event.  Thank you so much.
Randy reminded everyone of the New Year’s Eve party at his home this coming weekend …. Several have indicated they will be attending.  It should be fun.  We will have beverages, music, visiting, and goodwill for the New Year.  It starts at 7 PM and will shut down when everyone goes home.
President Mary thanked the club for the $300.00 donation to the Bisbee Club to help in the purchasing of food staples for people in Naco, Mexico.  Each family was given 30# of food. Once again, our club stands talk in our commitment to help those with less.
Presidents Report: Mary has been compiling a report for the Assistant Governor regarding our club activities for the past quarter.  More goes on than meets the eye:
  • We completed the $23,000 project in cooperation with the Marana School District and private contractors and sweat equity (as well as outright donations of money) toward the playground for physically challenged children. (Chair Mary)
  • We completed an air conditioning project for a military veteran in Picture Rocks. He has been without cooling for five years. (Chair Randy)
  • Again we donated and shopped for the family in Marana that needed assistance for the holiday season. (Chair Denise)
  • We are geared up and prepared to build a wheel chair ramp for a disabled woman in Marana. Partnering with the Community Food Bank and the Town of Marana on this project. (Chair Tony)
  • We partnered with the Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation and the Rotary Club of Nogales, Sonora, Mexico which provided memory screenings in Nogales. (Chair Randy)
  • We celebrated several “Students of the Month” from MCAT, MUSD …. This is always fun. (Chair – Mary and Club)
  • We organized and supported the aid station for El Tour de Tucson and 8,000 bike riders.  In addition to members riding in the event we were able to enlist the support of the Rotary Clubs of Dove Mountain, Tucson Rotary Club, Interact Club, and the Rotary Club of Old Pueblo. (Chair Maeve)
  • We were able to support Shelter Box by a donation to buy a box. (Chair Don Jorgensen)
All of the above was just in the last quarter.  What an amazing Rotary Club.  I’m proud of all of you.
Selected statement during our traditional Happy Bucks ceremony:
Peter ratted out Randy saying he was wrong on the statistics of attendees at last week’s meeting.  Forgiveness was offered, as well as accepted. Your esteemed secretary promised to do it again.
Xavier was late, he gave $5.00 for “Happy Bucks’” He had a weird grin on his face …. Kinda creepy.
Eric states he went to a movie this weekend and indicated that a movie called, “Collateral Beauty” with Will Smith was great.
Peter reminded everyone of the outing to Kitt Peak, January 14, 2017, we will meet at a place to be determined at 3:30 PM. We will get back to Tucson at some point ….. I’m forgetting at what time.  Carpooling is necessary and sign up is important as well.  He can only accommodate 30 people to insure everyone gets to the look through the telescope. 
Finally we introduced our speaker:
 Don Winfield is a US Navy veteran and was prior to owning his own computer repair business he was into tuxedo sales and management person.  He became interested in computer work and virus detection and formed his own company, Up and Running Computer Services, with his spouse. He discussed those annoying “pop up” banner ads and especially those that say your computer is malfunctioning and it’s important to send your money and children to them to fix the problem.  He say’s just turn your computer off (reboot) and they will go away. These companies are frauds and do not respond to them.  He is recommended by Eric for maintenance and care of your computer as well as a good man to fix problems.  Don can be reached at 520-271-8684 and  Website
Meeting adjourned.  See you all next week in the New Year.
Submitted by Randy Brooks, Secretary
Another fun meeting today.  We had 68.4% of our members attend which is not horrible attendance  considering we a only a few days away from the Christmas and Hanukkah Holiday.  Have a wonderful holiday everyone.
Guests: Kirk Reed, Governor Nominee, R-5500 and Susan Reed, an expert on Epilepsy.
Announcements: Jo states that she and Denise went shopping with the family we are supporting this year, learned that they enjoy music and are very interesting and talented people.
Randy: Discussed the Paul Harris Society.  This group of Rotarians, including, I think: John Dooling, Peter Mack, Mary Straus, Don Jorgensen and Randy from our club donate $1,000.00 per year to the Rotary Foundation.  If you would like to join this group please contact Randy and he will help you.
Randy also mentioned the Bequest Society and that President Mary Straus obtained level II recognition this past week and that we have openings for additional bequest activity.  John Dooling asked for a form to make a bequest.  Thank you, John.  You are a wonderful Rotarian and a great role model for other Rotarians.
President Mary asked if we would be interested in assisting the Bisbee Club in purchasing garbanzo beans to hand over the border in Naco, AZ – Mexico on Christmas morning.  According to Mary the club foundation has the budget and therefore we voted to fund this project in the amount of $300.00. It was not determined who would take the lead on this so I am assuming Mary will make arrangements.
Mary also mentioned a “Million Dollar’ fundraising event to fight hunger.  Mary will send details to us in the club.  The date of this event is January 19-21 and will be held at the Church of the Nazarene.  Specifics and sign-up sheet to follow.
Dan Contorno states he has applied for the permits and insurance for the Tour de Cookie.  I can’t wait for this ride …. It will be, as always, a lot of fun.
Don’t forget, January 14, 2014, Dr. Peter Mack taking all interested members of the club and family to Kitt Peak for the evening.  We will leave Tucson at 3:30 and return about 9 PM. We will need to carpool. Again, details to follow.
Seven Tucson Clubs are having a social ironically on the same night as our quarterly 5th Tuesday social. Mary suggested that we join those clubs in the event.  It will be held at Shlomo and Vito’s, Catalina Foothills, 2870 E Skyline at Campbell from 5:30 – 7:30 PM.  The club voted to support this activity.  It will be a great chance for those of us that do not get to meet many other local Rotarians to do so.
It was announced by Mary that the Rotary Leadership Institute will be held, January 21, 2017.  She indicated she is attending level III.  Because we have new members, Randy specifically asked that David Hindman and Tony Hunter attend this all day seminar.  We hope that Denise attends and others as well.  Let’s get involved in this wonderful organization.  It is designed to fill two purposes: one is to orient new Rotarians to Rotary and the other is to help develop leaders for our clubs.  Please, let’s have a good showing and as many of us as possible attend this event.
Susan Reed, representing the Epilepsy Foundation of Arizona (, Bent Wanderings and Carpe Diem Rides ( was our presenter today.  Susan has presented before at our club and the club invited her back to further discuss Epilepsy. She recounted the signs and symptoms of epilepsy, care of someone experiencing a seizure, and triggers.  She also stated that one of 26 people have epilepsy.  Susan has been working to develop a bike riding support group to ride with people with epilepsy but sometimes it is difficult to find those with epilepsy to engage in the sport.  Getting the word out is difficult, and obtaining those with the disease to want to ride is a struggle as well.
A few don’t in dealing with someone having a seizure:  Do not put anything in their mouth ….. They may bite their tongue, cheek or break a tooth and bleed.  It’s OK.  The will not suffocate. Do not do what I did …. I stuck my fingers in my mother’s mouth during a seizure and as a result she bit to the bone on a couple of them.  This almost makes me a candidate for the Darwin Awards.  Do not restrain the person, but make sure everything is out of the way so they do not bump into furniture of other objects. Do not feel that you must call 911 unless they are truly hurt.  They will come out of the seizure and be spacy but find after a short period of time.  Do not make negative judgements about those that have this disease. To learn more about this disorder contact Susan Reed at
Have a wonderful holiday my friends and thanks to each of you for making this club great.
Respectfully submitted,
Submitted by Randy Brooks, Secretary
EIGHTEEN of 19 members attended today …… great job.  THAT IS 97.4% OF OUR MEMBERS …. WOW.  GOOD WORK.
John Dooling led us in a rousing songfest we all seemed to know the words: Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer.  Denise gave us a thought for the day which included the importance she feels being a part of our club.  “I’ve never been in an organization that cares so much … it is wonderful.” Them comment gave us pause to reflect on why we joined Rotary and our reasons for staying.  Or a moment to dose off … not sure which. Thanks John and Denise.
Dan states we have approval from Pima to start the Tour de Cookie at Rillito Park this year.  This means plenty of parking and interesting routes to take depending on the length of a ride the biker’s prefer.  Thank you Dan for your efforts and your committee for working so diligently on this project.
On behalf of The Rotary Foundation, Randy (chair of the club Rotary Foundation) presented,
President Mary Straus with a crystal trophy and a pin with two stones as a thank you from The Rotary Foundation. Randy described this as a selfless act of kindness by Mary who will never see the benefits of this contribution but nonetheless she will leave a legacy of generosity.  She directed her funds to the Annual Programs Fund at The Rotary Foundation.  Mary reluctantly accepted the recognition.  The club gave her a standing ovation for this act of kindness.
OK, its official, the club voted on a slate of officers going into the future: President 2017-18; Jo Holt, President Elect 2018-19; Tony Hunter; President Elect Nominee 2019-20; Eric Miller. Lynne Himmer will continue to be the club Treasurer, and Denise West will be Secretary effective July 1, 2017.
Immediate Past President on the Board will be Mary Straus. At large members of the Board will be Harold Burtzloff, and Eric (President Nominee is not actually board position so Eric will serve as the second at large member).
This is actually our Christmas/Holiday Meeting and Annual Meeting.  So business is done let’s PARTY.
Mary directed each of us to mention some event of action we were involved in that brought us joy this year.  Each person shared a personal story or reflection. She added that we should all mention something that people in the group would likely not know about us.  If I missed anyone please accept my apologies in advance.  Here we go:
Denise: She is happy to be a member of this club.  She was a gifted swimmer at the YMCA or YWCA, not sure which, where was able to beat her nemesis in a meet even though she bonked her head at the turn around.  She smiled brightly when recounting this memory.  No one mentioned she repeated the story several times.  There may have been minimal traumatic brain injury but no one mentioned her redundancy because, after all, it is the holiday season.
Dan C.: He is happy that the school district has wonderful student athletes. At the AZ State football finals one of the boys from Marana High School was knocked unconscious and both teams, though tearful and afraid for this boy lined up and kneeled together and prayed for him.  What a grand gesture by everyone, including the opposing team. Dan discussed how he began college with the hopes of being a nuclear scientist.  He lasted two semesters before dropping out (he went back later). Those troublesome science classes got to me as well, Dan.  I hate the expectation that you memorize stuff.  It’s easier to be a CFO or a therapist. 
John Z.: John is happy that he has a great family, his health is good.  He also shared him has had surgery on his finger ….. After he tried to cut it off last month.  The surgery was a success so he may try again. He did share that he is hard of hearing and that annoys him.  He wondered what people are really saying about him (just kidding).
Jo H.: Jo discussed how she was grateful for this past year being head of her political party in Pima County…… many of us were confused about this.  But Jo graciously accepted her party’s loss. As a child Jo rode a horse in a swamp and bough.  Her parents did not see this as clever.  She did not report any injuries. Dan …… she became a scientist. What happened to us?
Mary S: She treasures her nieces. One is very logical and the other a creative free spirit.  She loves them both. Her memory is that when her father died she and her mother were carrying his ashes to a spot for internment. Mom tripped and his ashes were spilled into a rock pond.  They bother laughed hysterically at this sobering event.  Any you didn’t think Mary has a sense of humor.
Xavier: Adores his children and is amazed how quickly they are growing. According to my notes. Xavier, is not much into open disclosure.
Maeve: She was happy and tickled that Randy twisted her arm to join the RC of Marana.  She feels that she found a second home filled with “dysfunctional” and loveable people.  Just like most families. Maeve’s family had a cat named Rama ……. Rama became lost once and luckily a neighbor found it. 
Eric: 2016 was a good year for him, in business and personal life and he is grateful.  Did you know that Eric was a two pack a day cigarette smoker up until several years ago?  He quit cold turkey.  Where does that saying come from…..? Cold turkey? He constantly wheezes but we pretend not to notice. Now he rides bikes and is a genuine athlete
John D.: John is always happy with his family and the support he finds among them. He shared that he found an old report card from his childhood.  His teachers in elementary school (a bunch of them) marked him consistently through the years as having “does not meet standards” attitude.  Come on, John joke around.  Who would think that?
David: He is very happy for his family.  They love him very much ….. Even though he suffered some brain damage from being struck by lightning on top of a mountain in Idaho during a storm.  He has not returned to Idaho …. Actually he does not remember what or where Idaho is and the facial twitch has improved markedly.
Jane: She’s very happy that she has a grandchild and who enjoys spending time with her.  She said the club did not know that she reads a book a week.  There was no embarrassment that she points at the words and mouths them as she reads.
Lynne: Had a great time teaching her niece to cook a turkey.  It was a nice moment for her family.  She went on to tell a story about how two young girls were pulling the dressing out of a cooked turkey and a Cornish game hen was in the cavity of the bird.  They were quite upset that the turkey was pregnant.  These girls would have fit nicely in the peer group of Dan C and me. Lynne went on to tell us that she loves to play craps. She is our club treasurer and my personal accountant. OMG
Mark: Mark was proud that he has been able to be a father figure to a 14 year old girl and was in need of an adult to help her this past year.  Then, oddly, he went on to say that he was at Mount Rushmore walking around on George Washington’s head. No, Mark, none of us would have thought you did that.  Actually he was not sure which president’s head was walking around on, he did not look over the edge to see. OK … so you don’t think he is a crook he was actually doing his duty as a police officer.
Randy: Discussed how he is happy being a member of such an awesome club and that his health is improved this year enough to ride in the El Tour Ride to End Polio.  He then went on to say he was recruited to sing in the Marine Corps Choir at Camp Pendleton, California back in the day.  He sang a solo and the piano player seemed to develop a crush on him.  Randy hid out at the barracks for several days to avoid this guy. Awkward!
Harold: Harold stated he is grateful that he now has 50 years of being an aircraft pilot. Rare among those that fly.  Harold is known to fly around Marana asking to no one in particular “where’s the Red Baron, where’s the Red Baron.” He also bets you did not know that he won the Tractor Driving contest four times at the State Fair in High School.  Those folks from the Midwest are just party animals.
Peter: He is happy to be home and conversely to travel.  Loves spending time with his seven dogs.  Someone asked the breeds and he simply looked confused for a moment and said …. “I don’t know.” Peter spoke of his uncle that had tremors in his hands all the time and drank large quantities of rum.   He went on to say how he learned that his uncle was aboard two different naval vessels that were sunk in WWII and few survived.  Thank would make me shake and drink rum as well. We should thank him for his service.  
Don J.: Don is happy for his family and the opportunity recently to visit his daughter whom is in a training in Virginia over the Thanksgiving holiday.  He was able to tour historical sites on the East Coast and enjoyed every second.  Many of us know Don was the party chair of the Pima County Democrats a few years ago.  He shared that he has voted not for one, but two republicans in his life.  It’s OK, Don. Breath into the bag the anxiety and shame will lessen. He also stated that Ronald Regan sighed his HS diploma. My principal signed mine. 
Tony H.: Tony is happy that his fiancé say “yes.” None of us seem to understand why but were happy for you Mr. President Elect (in July). He also said that he actually scored, wrote and submitted an opera when he was in college.  He was a language (English) major and the music department did not support his opera.  We could TP their houses if you like Tony. 
If I missed any of you sorry the stories were coming fast and furious.   If I misrepresented any comments made …. Perfect. Hope you had fun reading them.
The club voted to not go dark this year during the holidays ….. See you all next week. 
Meeting adjourned with the Four Way Test.
7:00 AM - Nana’s Kitchen – 8225 N Courtney Page Way
Submitted by PDG Randy Brooks, Secretary
This may come as a surprise …. We opened with the pledge and an invocation.  Denise asked that as we pray or reflect to keep in our thoughts how animals are being tortured in our own community.
Guests today included Peter Rede, MCAT student of the month, Denise Coronado, Principle, Educator Mr. Chuck, Peter’s mother Belinda and his brother/
Diane Ventura-Goodyear, The Computer Nanny, is visiting today and will be our presenter.
Announcements: Rotary Leadership Institute is scheduled for January 21, 2017.  We encourage new members and potential leaders attend these sessions.  Please go to the district website and register.  The club may help with tuition if necessary.  This is a very important orientation to Rotary and prepares one for leadership.  Randy will be one of the facilitators but please attend anyway.
The Christmas party will be at Nana’s next week instead of John Zwick’s business.  Please make notice of this and remind one another of the change.
We received a letter from the Rotary Vocational Fund of Arizona that the student interviewed by our club last week has received the $3,000 scholarship
For the meeting next week please bring a toy or diapers, clothing for a child in need. The gifts will be donated to “More Than a Bed.” Suelee, our former member, will be given the articles that are donated.
Denise West is working to purchase gifts for the family we adopted for the holidays.
Introduction of
 Peter Rede, MCAT Student of the Month.  He is described by his teacher, Mr. Chuck and Ms. Coronado as “Good kid, quiet, and  bright” l- he hopes to attend NAU and eventually go into law enforcement.  Peter received his certificate and a gift certificate to the movies.  His mother, Belinda was visibly moved and stated she is proud of her son.  The brother on the other hand seemed, as most brothers are, unimpressed.
Happy Bucks: people were happy about last week’s highly successful social, uneventful surgeries, student of the month.  Randy drew the joker and was given $240.00.  He donated $120.00 of the winnings to The Rotary Foundation Annual Programs Fund.  Lots of people gave him advice about how to spend and/or donate the remaining $120.00. He wishes to thank each of you for your constant support and ideas.
Mary Straus, President, not to be out done stated she had a birthday this past week and is donating dollars for each year of her life to the Annual Programs Fund.  She will be giving $154.00.  Thank you Mary for your kindness and appreciation for helping those with less.
Our guest speaker,
 Diane Goodyear of the Old Pueblo Rotary Club was introduced.  She is the owner of “The Computer Nanny” …. And is an accomplished expert on computers.  She discussed the website, both our own clubs and Rotary as a recruitment tool … encourage people to visit the site.  Further you can learn about the Rotary programs, go to and find videos to show at the meeting and exchange ideas online.  We learned that Harold needs to learn how to flip his switch ….. To find meetings on his telephone. Diane discussed Rotary Brand Central where you can get accurate logos.  She asked how many people were reading her newsletter.  Nearly everyone raised their hand and then guiltily look at the 4-Way Test.
That’s all I have for you today.  Remember next week the meeting will be at Nana’s Kitchen.  Bring a gift for “More Than a Bed.”  
Our last social of the year was at Thunder Canyom Brewery in the Foot Hills Mall every one in attendance was havfeing a good time. Special guest  this evening Diane Ventura-Goodyear Asst. Governor District 5500 and her husband

MCAT Student Of The Month 

MCAT - Marana Career & Technical High School is an optional opportunity for Marana High School and Mountain View High School students to learn and earn academic credit in a non-traditional educational setting. 

The Marana Rotary Club has been honoring students from MCAT for over 18 years. 

Below are Students for Rotary Year July 1,2016 to June 30,2017

Nick Knippel       Sept
Jillian Wolford    Nov
Peter Rede          Dec
Audrey Zomar     Jan
Cheyenne Willingham   Mar
Shyle Graves       April
Meeting Responsibilities
Burtzloff, Harold
Miller, Eric
Murray, Mark
Holt, Jo
Teran, Javier
Hunter, Tony
Kuntz, Clint
Set up
Jorgensen Ph.D., Don
Tear Down
Hindman, Dave
Tear Down
Dooling, John
Rotary International
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Member spotlight: The power of the press
When Teguest Yilma helped found the Rotary Club of Addis Ababa Entoto in 2002, she thought polio had already been eradicated from most of the world. But while Ethiopia had been free of the disease, Yilma was shocked to learn that new cases had started cropping up in surrounding countries such as Somalia. “I was thinking, it’s not possible, we can’t be free if the countries around us are not free,” she says. Yilma, the managing editor of Capital, Ethiopia’s largest English weekly newspaper, has brought a journalist’s skills to the fight against polio. She became vice chair of the Ethiopia...
Member interview: Writer sheds light on FDR’s right-hand woman
Battling breast cancer in 2000, Kathryn Smith found comfort pursuing her lifelong interest in Franklin D. Roosevelt. The more she read, the more intrigued she became with the 32nd U.S. president’s private secretary, Marguerite Alice “Missy” LeHand. “I thought, what a fascinating life she had because she was by his side through the polio crisis, establishing the polio rehabilitation center in Warm Springs and then after his return to politics,” she says. Smith, a past president of the Rotary Club of Greater Anderson, S.C., and a longtime newspaper journalist, turned that curiosity into a book...
The Rotarian Conversation with Ban Ki-moon
One of United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s earliest memories is of fleeing with his family into the mountains during the Korean War, his village burning behind him. His father and grandfather had to forage for food in the woods; his mother gave birth to his siblings away from anything remotely resembling a health facility. “I have known hunger,” he says. “I have known war, and I have known what it means to be forced to flee conflict.” The soldiers who came to their rescue were flying the blue flag of the United Nations. The UN provided them with food and their schools with books....
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