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Submitted by Randy Brooks, Secretary
Meeting opened by President Mary Straus with the pledge and a thoughtful moment by President Elect Jo Holt. I am adding more titles today for new members that may be trying to figure out who is who in the club. 
We had 76% of our members attend today.  Guests included Amber Mathewson, Director of the Pima County Libraries, our potential new member Bob Bishop s and Fred Fox of the Presidio Club of Tucson.
Reminder President Elect Jo will be having her installation 27 June 2017 at our regular club meeting. Please invite your family, friends and business friends to this important event.
The 20th of June, President Mary Straus, will be conducting her last meeting and plans to find ways to thank the club for service to our community and for supporting her this past year.  Congratulations to both of these fine leaders.
This past weekend, President Mary, Secretary Elect John Dooling, Don Jorgensen President Nominee Designate Eric Miller  and PDG Randy Brooks attended the district assembly.  We encourage all of you to attend these district level training opportunities whenever possible.  It makes us a more effective club and we find ourselves engaged at new levels. 
Bob Bishop informed the club that he is marrying his fiancé, July 22, in Sedona, AZ.  Congratulations Bob.
President Mary inducted the following new members:
            Richie Benner, (John is his mentor) and promptly assigned him to the task of social media for the club. Richie is a lifelong Tucsonan, graduated from Marana High School and is Director of the Boy Scouts in this region.  Welcome Richie.
            Lori  Malagone (Mentor is Tony Hunter), M.Ed., is Executive Director of Arizona Youth Partnership.  This organization works statewide. Lori is also a lifelong resident of Tucson and graduated from Mountain View High School. She is a wonderful young lady that will benefit our club for years to come. I said young because both of these new members are millennials. She will be assigned to community service.
Bob Bishop will be voted on today for membership by the board of directors. He is  CEO and President of Aerial Productions, Inc. He is a former Rotarian from Oregon. Bob will be voted on today by the board and members will have a week to respond with any concerns.  He has attended three meetings and based on approval is eligible to join.  Don’t forget we will have our meeting June 6 at his place of business at 7 AM. The address is 3865 N Business Center Drive., Suite 101, Tucson, AZ. Phone number is 520-682-1281.  He has promised to allow Mary and Jo fly the aircraft that he designs and builds at his facility.
We are dark because of the social next week but a few of us are meeting at 8 AM at the site of last year’s El Tour de Tucson aide station to discuss with Perimeter Cycling where we might be placed next year.
The raffle was promptly won and lost by Denise.  We all felt terrible for her lack of luck.
Tonight is the MCAT High School graduation. Several of us are attending and having dinner first at Nana’s Kitchen.  It will be fun and is always moving. The ceremony is at 7 PM and dinner at 5:30.
We learned today that our club is eligible for the presidential citation after two members and the two new members made a donation to the annual programs fund of Rotary International Foundation.  Congratulations to the club and thank you Mary for your leadership this past year.
OK….. Finally to our guest speaker:
Amber Matheewson, Director, Pima County Libraries can be reached at 520-594-5650 or write her at   Amber raised from being a customer service clerk to being the director of 26 libraries.  She fell in love with books when she was 8 years old and foraging through the books at the bookmobile in her community. Libraries are “America’s great equalizer.” Any ethnicity, age, sex culture can enter and obtain a free library card and obtain educational and entertainment material. She has an “Impact Plan” that included Education, connected learning, and community outreach.
Education: Improve early literacy, career study HS diploma as opposed to GED.  She expressed concern that graduation rates are diminishing in Arizona.  Connected learning: learn about business, and economic development. Connect to compete: Computer education.  25% of households do not have a computer but they can use one at the library and the library donated 50 computers last year to needy families.
Community: you can check out plan and vegetable seeds (you don’t have to return them).  They hold arts and cultural events.  You may rent a space for your community meeting for no charge.  There is a library nurse program.  The nurse give educational presentations and refers people to treatment providers.  They hold ESL classes, summer reading program and give books to kids that work throughout the summer.
I am very impressed with our library and of Amber.  Thank you so much for this presentation. 
Meeting adjourned.
Submitted by Randy Brooks, Secretary
Meeting called to order by President Mary Straus. She also led the pledge.
President Elect Jo Holt gave a thought for the day ….. From Mr. Rogers
Attendance dipped below 80% attendance today for the first time in several months.  Must be summer. Harold our resident greeter was not in attendance today ….. We were all concerned but we learned he is OK ….. A minor medical problem so Harold know we were thinking about you.
Visitors:  Richie Benner, Boy Scouts of America, will be inducted next week.
                Lori Malagone, Executive Director Arizona Youth Partnership, will be inducted next Tuesday.
                Bob Bishop, CEO, Aerial Productions Intl., Inc., guest today and officially submitted his application for membership.
                Carolyn Gorst, Education Manager, Junior Achievement of Arizona.
The club expressed sadness regarding our guest and soon to be new member, Richie Benner, in regards to the loss of his niece in a swimming accident.  Our thoughts are with you and your family Richie.
Mary discussed that Rotarian Ray Naylor is advocating for the Civil Discourse initiative and it’s National Institute. This was founded after the terrible shooting in Tucson of politicians’, civilians and, children, January 8, 2011Two of the members are past presidents George Bush and Bill ClintonCivility can exist between all of us.  Rotary proves that daily.
We had not one but two jokes today from Maeve and Lynne.  Sadly I did not write them down …. One was about a duck bill and the other referenced pasta.  Sorry.  Xavier provided levity during Happy Bucks John Dooling won and then lost the drawing.  We then acknowledged Xavier’s Mother for her abilities as chef for our club meetings.
Carolyn Gorst, Manager Education for Junior Achievement of Arizona presented at the invitation of Joseph Farr, Bank of the West. Here’s the news: Founded in 1919 as a response to the industrial revolution to help young men and women learn about financial literacy. Students working in that era were able to make money but made poor financial decisions (remind you of any other youth). Here are the stats: 30% of students do not graduate from high school, Arizona ranks near the bottom of graduation rates. Of the students in school and attending Junior Achievement 56% qualify for HUD housing assistance.  Young adults from 21-15 years of age have the dubious recognition of filing bankruptcy at the highest rate of all persons. Traditionally children receive one semester of training about money in Economics.  Now the fun started: we did an experiential exercise geared for third graders.  It was fun and the team of Mary, Lori, Tony and Randy were the clear winners. Each work group was asked to form a business, decide location and pay rent, utilities, taxes, advertising, purchase goods and services, supplies, learn about credit.  Again this is geared for 3rd graders so most of us were severely challenged.  It was fun.  Carolyn asked if members would be interested in volunteering for this organization.  Deferred to President Elect Joe Holt.  One day in the spring or for a week at the high school each year.  Not a huge commitment and perhaps possible.  Joseph Farr and Jo Holt may pursue. Carolyn: 520-792-2319
Do not miss the meeting next week where we will be inducting two new members to our Rotary family. Lori and Richie.
MINUTES 5-9-17
Submitted by Randy Brooks
Pledge and Reflection completed.
Guests: Rob Bishop whom is submitted his application for membership in the next few days.
                Brenda Soto …. Math Teacher, MCAT and Denise Coronado Principal.  The student of the month did not show for his award.
Food Bank tomorrow: Mary, Randy, Don, Denise.  Next month because several of us will be at the international convention the following have agreed to help: Denise, Tony and if he is in town, Peter Mack.
MCAT Graduation is planned for Tuesday 5/23/17, 7:00 PM and all club members are encouraged to attend.  Maeve suggested that those attending consider meeting at Nana’s Kitchen at 5:30 for dinner before proceeding to the Marana Middle School where the event is held.
Mary discussed the presidential citation from Rotary and noted that we appear to be short on the Every Rotarian Every Year category.  Lynne states that she does not make contributions until May so that observation may not be accurate.  Our foundation giving is very good … we are third in the district at giving (per capita) at this time.  Thank you to our club members.
She also noted that at one time (a few years ago) our club was 50% female.  That figure has dropped to 29% at this time.
Mary requested that everyone go to the and sign on as a member if you have not
Denise won the drawing and then promptly lost.  Sorry.
Visit our club website and have a look.  Harold has done a great job on updating the site and Mary has downloaded photographs to compliment his work.  Go to
President Jo Holt will be installed as president June 27, 2017 7 AM during our regular meeting time.  It is asked that your contact Maeve’s assistant to RSVP for the event. President Mary asks that we all attend not only Jo’s installation but attend the meeting on the 20th of June for a special appreciation by Mary of club members and those that have helped her this past year.
Presenter: Bob Bishop …. Bob is a potential member (sponsor Don Jorgensen) whom built the world’s smallest Jet ….. Known by many as the Coors Silver Bullet.  It travels at 320 miles an hour and was a prototype of plane that he has built to see if our national defense systems are adequate to intervene in a missile attack.  He stated we are good at shooting cruise missiles and he works on making sure the USA is not vulnerable to attack by similar missiles.  His team routinely flies (with permission) only a few thousand feet from the White House and Pentagon to test our defense systems. He is an honorary squadron leader at Davis Monthan Air Force Base.  He has been a pilot in air shows and builds very interesting machines.
June 6, 2017 at 7 AM we will meet at his place of business and have a tour.  His address is
Bob Bishop
President CEO
Aerial Productions Intl., Inc.
3865 N Business Center Drive – Suite 101
Tucson, AZ 85705
We will not have a regular meeting that week. The meeting will be held at Bob’s place of business.  What an interesting presentation.
Submitted by Randy Brooks, Secretary
Meeting Called to Order by President Mary Straus.  Pledge completed and invocation by Jo Holt.  No song today.  A sigh of relief by some, sadness expressed by others.
 Bob Bishop, President and CEO of Aerial Productions Intl, Inc. He was brought to the club by Don Jorgensen as a potential member. Application Pending
Lori Malagone, M.Ed., Executive Director of Arizona Youth Partnership.  This is the second week of visitation by Lori and hopefully she will be voted on by the board next Wednesday at the board meeting. Her sponsor is Tony Hunter.
Javier Avalos, Owner of Ina Road Auto Collision visited as well.  He is interested in membership and his sponsor is Eric Miller. Application Pending
Mary Franco, Principal, Open Doors Community School, presented today and also indicated to Randy that she would like to join our club. (I suggested that she go to the website and download an application).  Sponsor Mary Straus (I think).
Richard Benner, Jr., Field Director of the Boy Scouts of America has now had his application in for two weeks.  I called his today and asked him to attend next week so the board can vote on his application. Sponsor is John Dooling.
I think this is the first time, in my knowledge, that we have had five potential members in the chute for admission to the club. 
To make up for it we sang Happy Birthday to Joe Farr who celebrated his 27th  birthday.
A reminder: Dues are not being collected … don’t make us send an enforcer to collect from you.  Some of you also received an invoice for Every Rotarian Every Year (EREY). It is only $100.00 per year make your donation as soon as possible to the “Annual Programs Fund.” So we can get some of that money back for projects in three years.
District Conference attended by President Mary, Don Jorgensen, Jo Holt and Randy Brooks.  Jo attended sessions related to Youth Services. Don and Randy attended the Grants Management Seminar (this qualifies us to pursue a District or Global Grant in 2017-18.  Don encouraged the club to look into a district grant. “It’s sad to leave money on the table.”  The decision (in rough form) must be submitted to the district by July 15 or we will be ineligible to apply.
Mary, Don and Randy gave out cookies at the district conference. Both were warmly received.  Thank you to Mary and Deb Hume (Randy’s spouse) for baking cookies and to Dan Contorno for suggesting we hand out the 40 Tour de Cookie T-shirts. It was really fun.
Don announced that the Rotary Club of Marana and the Rotary Club of Dove Mountain Marana are two of the top three giving clubs to the foundation so far this year.  Our club gained a tremendous amount of notoriety and respect at the District Conference.  We are truly one of the absolutely best clubs in the district.
Maeve suggested we collaborate with Marana Health Center and have Clint help us.  Mary suggested we consider TROT … an organization that provides equine therapy to children with autism and adults struggling with emotional issues.  I have seen these efforts help dramatically with veterans with PTSD from combat.
If you have not visited our website.  Please do so.  Harold Burtzloff did the work and he did a great job.  Thanks Harold.
I am sure I missed some of the announcements today but here are a few: Don is celebrating his 38th Wedding anniversary this week.  Xavier is celebrating an anniversary as well (did not get the number), Dan and Heather are celebrating 15 years of wedding bliss.
Harold has been a Rotarian for 48 years, Tony and Clint have been members for one year.  Don is celebrating 9 years in Rotary.
May 4, 1987 is the anniversary of women in Rotary.  Mary read the Council on Legislation history of “shame” (my word)  in rejecting for scores of years the entry of women into Rotary.  The Supreme Court made the final decision for those in the USA.  Sylvia Whitlock, a Governor classmate of Randy was the first woman to enter Rotary.  She is and was a psychotherapist and to this day is an example for all of us.
Mary, Maeve, and Randy told stories of the struggle to introduce women into Rotary.
Don suggested we watch TNT on Thursday nights to see how the FBI operates in New York City.  The film is just one year old and in interesting in that Don and Kathy’s daughter is a FBI agent in New York.
Maeve announced that her daughter and granddaughter are doing great now…. Hooray!
She then told a joke about a pirate that was being driven nuts. Sigh.
Guest speaker: Mary Franco from Open Doors Community School. She holds a master’s degree from the University of Phoenix and is a current doctoral student.  Raised on a farm in Bisbee she was encouraged by both of her parents to become an educator in their footsteps.  She has three children and was principal of the middle school she attended as a child.
At the Open Doors School they have 26 students and will cap admissions at 70. They accept children with risk factors including teen pregnancy, drug issues and learned disabilities. The partner with community resources to meet the need of children and integrate those services into the learning experience. All teachers are certified.  Students can arrive at 7:30 and stay till 5:30 PM to assist working parent
Meeting closed with the 4-Way Test.
Submitted by Randy Brooks
Pledge and invocation were completed. The song this week, as selected and led by John Dooling was “Old McDonald” he received the support and encouragement of many club members. 
Visitors today: Lori Malagone, Executive Director of Arizona Youth Partnership (AZYP).  She submitted her application for membership today and the board will ask for a vote soon from members. Also there for his last visit was PDG Tom from the Tri-Cities of Washington and a proud member of the Rotary Club of Kennewick.
Also, not at the meeting but mailing an application in for membership today is Richard Benner, Jr. Richard is with the Boy Scouts of America and works as a field director.  Need to introduce him to Don Jorgensen, our own Eagle Scout.  We hope Richard will be invited to a meeting so we can all meet him before voting.
Four of our members are going to the district 5500 conference this weekend: President Mary, Don Jorgensen, President Elect Joe Holt and PDG Randy Brooks.  Don will attend as well as work at the Shelter Box booth.  We will also have a booth for “Tour de Cookie, “and at the booth giving out a limited number of T-shirts and cookies. 
President Mary discussed how the club is running at a deficit at this time.  Our dues, happy bucks and raffle tickets just keep us afloat. This will need to be addressed in Jo Holt’s term as president.
Mary discussed a program the probable next new member may propose.  It consists of mentoring middle school aged children at a local school.  The mentoring may be done individually or in groups.  This notion was just floated as an idea.  Four members said they would be interested.  We will surly need more participation and the issue was tabled until more information is learned about the mentoring, when, where and expectations.
We discussed the food bank schedule and four people have agreed to help.  New to the task is Don Jorgensen, Thank you Don and thanks to John Dooling for helping last time.
Drawing: Randy won and lost again. It’s become a weekly ritual.  “You can’t win if you don’t play.”
The speaker today is LuAnn Gerker, Ph.D., University of Arizona, Psychology Department.  Her specialty is in childhood early language.  You may reach her at
LuAnn spoke of the need for children to read to children during the last three months of pregnancy. She states children can distinguish the tone and vibration of sound waves from the mother and others that are speaking.  She spoke of how children are most pliable and able to comprehend different languages in the after first six month of life.  
She indicated it is hard to recruit mothers to allow studies to be done on babies.  She reminded us of the days when expectant mothers were in the paper and new babies are not announced like they once were.   Some of the tips offered by Dr Gerker were:  Talk to your baby, be a storyteller and repeat the stories often, even if the child is not learning quickly treat them “as if”, they are learning.
She told Don that the children can be taught to “speak” using sign language but they do not develop the nuance of vocabulary as other children might.  She mentioned that baby listen for sound and music.  However they do not appreciate hip-hop.  I made that up so don’t go telling her playing hip-hop for your in utero children has done wonders for the baby.  After 7 years of age it becomes much more difficult to learn language. So start early with those kids.
Thank you Dr. Gerken for a very interesting presentation.
Meeting adjourned.  Thanks to all of you for helping our community.
Submitted by Randy Brooks, Secretary
Meeting opened with the pledge, President Mary offered a moment of reflection regarding stick figures (people) on the back of vehicles and how we can be cognizant of being kind to one another.  87% of our members attended today. 
The song selected by John Dooling. This tune has a cool history dating back, I think he said to the Civil War and has been recorded by almost every musician since (just joking).  This song was performed at Churchill’s funeral, recorded by numerous people, such as Judy Garland, Johnny Cash and many others.  It was rewritten by Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens). The song is called, in the USA, Battle Hymn of the Republic.  Great history lesson, John.  We actually sang it in key. 
Guests included past district Governor Tom from Pasco, Washington.  Next week he will leave and return to the Northwest.  It is somewhat cooler in the Tri-Cities of Washington, but not a lot.  Many people do not know that the Center and southern part of Washington State is a desert environment (chaparral). We will miss Governor Tom.
Breakout your calendars: Jo Holt will become president of the Rotary Club of Marana, July 1, 2017.  Her installation will be June 27, 2017, 7:00 AM, at Nana’s Kitchen and will be a breakfast affair.  Please put this meeting and event in your calendar now.
Mary discussed articles from the most recent Rotarian magazine regarding activities in Guatemala and polio eradication in Nigeria. In Nigeria polio detection was discussed and the expense of hunting down the virus around the globe. 
Maeve told the story about how Lyle, her spouse, purchased a pair of tennis shoes from a local drug dealer and now he is tripping. 
We were all happy to see Peter back at the meeting ….. He has been traveling the world.
Harold announced that Club Runner has an app for our phones that is very effective.  Go to your app store and type in Club Runner.  Have Fun.
Jo announced she is attending a rally on Saturday ….. A rally for Science.  She finds it odd that we must rally for science in order to reaffirm we believe in it. 
Jo introduced our speakers from the Marana Unified School District; Cynthia Ruich, Director of Student Services and Christina Noriega, Family Resource Coordinator.  Jo added that it may be possible to work with these educators on a District Grant in the future.
Cynthia discussed “Food Packs,” and how these packs provide nutrition for students in need throughout the school year. She also discussed how the school district has two buses that distribute meals (breakfast and lunch) throughout the district during holidays to students that are low income and are not likely to receive needed meals at home. These buses also have the ability to provide basic immunizations and dental care for students. She discussed homeless students (purchasing supplies) and the provision of counselors that assist when students or family members pass away.
Christina described herself as an occasional “social worker,” and enjoys the part of her job that allows her to visit students’ homes and learn about what the student needs to be more successful.  She also coordinates a “clothing bank” for students as well as the Holiday Share program.  As you know we have been active in this program for many years.  They do their best to provide food and gifts to over 600 families per year. She complimented the Rotary Club of Marana in that we follow through with our commitments.
We then entered into a discussion of generational poverty and how many students learn a poverty culture which makes it more difficult to recognize the problem in their own lives. She stated that impoverished families rarely move further than 5 miles from the place they have lived as adults.  They accept the altered norms of the community.  They indicated there are many myths regarding poverty.  They did state that programs like MCAT can break that cycle.
Meeting adjourned with the 4-Way Test. 
Submitted by Randy Brooks, Secretary
Called to order by President Mary Straus.  Pledge led by Eric Miller and invocation by Guest PDG Tom Halazon, RC of Pasco, WA. 87% of the club attended today.  Good work.
Guests: Tom as mentioned above and his spouse, Sharon.
Song:  Let by John Dooling and Jo Holt.  It made our imaginations soar with what it might be like to hear the actual tune.  Thank you John and Jo for the glorious attempt of leading this group with limited musical attributes. Whew.
I caught a few, but not all of the announcements: We missed John D’s birthday.  Denise West celebrates one year of membership in our club …… time passes so quickly. Xavier had a birthday and Joe Farr is not far behind in celebrating hers.  Harold is celebrating his 45th wedding anniversary and Maeve Johnson is celebrating her 26th. She had a birthday as well.
Eric donated a computer to the club today.  It did not work completely because of a conflict between Apple and Microsoft.  Someone smarter than this writer will figure it out.
Standing ovation for Dan Contorno for his leadership with the Tour de Cookie.  Great job Dan to you, Tony (I heard he was your backbone.  I think they meant he had your back).  Over 70% of the club actively engaged and volunteered in this project.  Two visiting Rotarians, PDG Tom and his spouse volunteered as well.
The rest of the meeting was centered on a review of the Tour de Cookie:
Happy bucks: Randy won and then quickly lost ……..
Four Way Test and meeting adjourned.
MINUTES 4-4-17
Submitted by Randy Brooks
Meeting called to Order by President Mary Straus.  Pledge completed and a heartfelt song selected by John Dooling was sung.  “Itsy Bitsy Spider” was the song. It brought tears to some of our eyes.  Thank you John for the song … it was fun and David thanks for a nice impromptu job with the meditative moment.
Set up of the electronics was attempted by Randy who whined endlessly (nothing new here) about the computer and projector not working.  A few people indicated they would work on getting a different computer to see if it works.  Eric volunteered to donate a computer to the club that may work.  Harold indicated that he will research connectorsMaeve suggested we bring in a consultant to tell us what we need.  The majority indicated we should try the new computer and then evaluate what to do.  Someone volunteered to see if they can learn to use Xavier’s projector as well.
Guests: Past District Governor Tom Halazon, of, Pasco, Washington and Ricard Benner who is with the Boy Scouts of America. Richard is considering membership in our club.
Other visitors included Shyla Grave, MCAT student of the month, her mother Tara. One teacher joined us and of course Denise Coronado.
Dan reviewed how we are doing with the Tour de Cookie.  We have over 100 + registered and more coming.  It looks like we may hit over two hundred riders.  Thank you Dan, Tony and your team for making this an event to remember.  If you would like to volunteer (and please do) contact Dan at or call him at 520-404-8275.
Eric brought us a banner from the Rotary Club of Port Moody, British Columbia, Canada. 
Aleta of the Dove Mountain Club sent along a verbal invitation for us to join her club at a special meeting with a great speaker, April 20, 2017 at 6 PM.
Jo Holt stated she judged at a high school science fair this past week.  She loved judging ….. Too much.  Many of us fanaticized about what it was once like to judge. 
Maeve told a joke about a “labracadabra”. It again was too confusing for Randy to wrap his head around. 
Randy, Rotary Foundation Chair for the club, completed a presentation regarding the Rotary Foundation and all the good works we do in the world. Because of the foundation we have experienced its impact in our community, and the world.  Our club is an Every Rotarian Every Year Club and Randy encouraged us to do better.  We have five Paul Harris Society Members in the club.  Those are folks that donate $1,000 or more per year to the foundation.  We have three bequest society members and Randy encourages more folks to donate to this painless effort.  He asked that when you make your contribution that you make it to The Rotary Foundation and designated the Annual Programs funds on your donation.  The money comes back to the district to assist with local, district and global grants. 
Former Rotarian Denise Coronado again introduced the Student of the Month from MCAT of the Marana Unified School District.  Shyla Graves has been a student in the district since preschool.  She is described as “compassionate, a driven person with thee jobs outside of school. She is described as a positive role model and volunteers at her church with immigrants from other countries.  She has a passion for travel and hope to join the US Army and be trained as a “chef.”
We were all asked to attend the MCAT graduation at the Marana Middle School May 23, 7:00 PM
Mary asked me to add to the minutes the job and work assignments for April:
Greeter: Harold Burtzloff
Pledge: Eric Miller
Invocation: Mark Murray
Program: Jo Holt
Sgt at Arms: Xavier Teran
Set Up: Don Jorgensen
Tear Down: David Hindman
Submitted by Randy Brooks
Meeting called to order by President Mary at 7:00 AM.  Denise led us in the pledge, meditation completed by Don J. and David H., an almost beautiful rendition of “Clementine” led by Lynne. Xavier collected happy bucks … thanks Xavier for the new screen.. You know Harold never gets a thanks for welcoming all of us to the meeting, thanks Harold.
Guest today: Mindy Blake of the Pima Association of Governments and Laurie from the Marana Youth Outreach.  Sorry I missed her last name.
Randy, John and Don were asked to discuss the newest on the Peru project.  Randy spoke for the group, describing the woman in need of help and her family.  The board had offered to donate up to $1000 for this project. The Rotary Club Foundation did write a check for that amount.  However donations by Mary (discretionary fund), John Dooling and Randy covered the expense. The foundation did not experience a loss on this transaction.
Foundation review by Mary ….. It appears that we have $8,918.47 in funds.  Remember we are keeping an amount of $2,500.00 for a rainy day fund.
Discussion about the Food Bank work this past weekend.  Several members attended and supported the effort.  Tony was there and had a walkie talkie.  He indicated it made him feel quite powerful.
Randy gave an update on the youth exchange student from Nigeria.  Marana High School was visited today by Randy and arrangements made for her to register for classes.  I few hoops still to go through and hopefully she will be awarded a student visa.
Dan C. continues to work hard on the Tour de Cookie and is looking for volunteers this weekend.  
Jo Holt said we have 12 cookie stations and all but two are filled.  Two life insurance companies decided to not participate.  If you can’t rely on a life insurance group … who can you?  I tell you it is a sad day.
Guest Speaker:
 Mindy Blake, Outreach Coordinator, Pima Association of Governments.  Mindy was an anchor on Channel 13, CBS and sat involved with  the board of directors of the Amphi School District with Joe Holt. Mindy discussed the Regional Transportation Authority which is in its 11th year.  Maintenance of roads, sidewalks are usually complete by the township, city or county in which the roads or sidewalks need help. PAG is mainly concerned about roadways, safety, intersections, train crossings, green belts and pathways.  They have contributed to the bike paths in Pima County. Lots of discussion about public transportation and the lack of it in the Picture Rocks area. Mindy stated that 54% of people that ride buses have not vehicle of their own. Mindy discussed how the recession affected tax revenue for building and maintaining roads but that we seem to be coming back from the deficit and the future looks much brighter.  If you want to reach out to Mindy Blake her e-mail is, and 520-495-1427 Thank you Mindy for an interesting discussion.
Submitted by Randy Brooks, Secretary
We had an amazing 90% attendance today.  Only two members were not in attendance.  Great job Rotary Club of Marana.
Introduction of guests: Carol McGorray, Town of Marana Council Member and proud mother of the speaker today …. Maureen Dykinga. More on Maureen later.
The pledge was completed, a song was sung and a great meditation completed by David Hindman.
We had a guest from the Rincon Club …. I did not catch his name.  He was asking for support of his club annual Taste of Chocolate.  I have been to this event.  The chocolate is amazing.  It will be held, April 23, 2-4 PM, at the Double Tree Hotel.  Only $15.00 per ticket... 
Report on the Peru Trip:  Well, we are back.  The trip was meaningful in several different ways.  Don Jorgensen Discussed the trip, Machu Picchu, and our Amazon adventures.  Did he mention the heat! Whew.  John Dooling discussed a marathon Rotary meeting he and I attended (5 hours) during which possible support via of the foundation may makes lives better for others.  He also discussed a beautiful school we visited that is supported by the Club Rotario “Las Vinas de Surco in Lima.  There is one project John and Randy are interested in moving on sooner rather than later but that will be discussed at the board meeting later this week. It has to do with a woman living in a shack about the size of your walk in closet.  Randy discussed our former Rotary Exchange Student Eleana Acosta wedding the pageantry and happiness shared by her family, friends and host families.  She graduated from medical school, married in her church with families and friends attending all in two weeks.  Jeff Brownson her husband is a US citizen and IT guy.  They have a home in Marana.  Eleana promises to join our club as soon as she has adequate salary.
Harold brought up the Jim Click raffle and the club voted to not participate this year.  Harold will be gone much of the time for ticket sales and we had a pronounced lack of interest last year.  There are so many ways that we give to Rotary …… Club decided to focus fundraising energy in other areas.
President Mary mentioned that the Rotary International Foundation gives us the “The chance to excel in the world community.” She is right.  Remember ….. Our club is a 100% Every Rotarian Every Year Club and at this point not all members have contributed.  Please consider making your donation now to support the work of the RI Foundation.
At a previous board meeting PDG Randy (you have to be a PDG to be eligible) was voted by our club to put his hat in the ring for the Rotary International Council on Legislation. This is a three year term with annual telephone calls about Rotary procedures and policy ending with an in person meeting for the full council (all districts in the world) in 2019.  Randy thanked the club and the board for support of his various ways to work almost full time for Rotary.
Maeve said a funny joke during Happy Bucks ….. Xavier seemed pleased at the level of participation and smiled brightly as donations were made.
Saturday, March 25th Mark, Randy and Deb Hume will be at a bike swap in Oro Valley distributing information about the Tour de Cookie.  As you know this is the largest fundraising event for our club and appreciate the support you all give.  Dan Contorno and his team has done a great job of marketing this important and fun event.  While we were gone I heard that Mary, Eric, Dan, Tony, Joseph and I’m sure others worked the bike path.  Thanks to everyone that is working to keep our club one of the best in the district.
We had issues with the projector and PowerPoint today.  The speaker was unable to use the machine.  Seems it is becoming an antique.
 Maureen Dykinga of the Spoon Foundation gave a presentation regarding the feeding of severely handicapped and challenged children with disabilities.  Many are orphans and in foster care.  The Spoon Foundation facilitates training, education of workers and volunteers caring for these children. A few tips are to use larger than normal spoons, “spoon scraping” (this is scraping the food on the roof of the mouth so the child does not gag). Positioning of the child is important.  Some have never actually sat up to eat because of the inability to have necessary motor coordination.  Another focus of this organization is to increase buy- in regarding the needs of these children and increase awareness in the community.  They have completed before and after studies regarding the general health and anemic levels of these children and see significant improvement after families are trained.  Thank you Maureen for the work you and your colleagues do to improve the lives of these unfortunate children. President Mary is planning to follow up with Maureen. 
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