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Todays meeting brought us the following guests: District Governor Joe Hentges, Kathy Carlisile (friend/co-worker of  Maeve), new member inductee Robert Bishop and his fiance Linda Redman.
Words of wisdom from President Holt came from Rotary in the year 1927. Rotary can and should be used as a source of friendship as the basis for enterprise. The "average" Rotarian was mentioned but not defined.
President Holt discussed the District 5500 challenge to come up with a grant proposal by Saturday that targets youth literacy. The tentative plan is a children's book delivery tied to the existing Marana Diaper Bank program. This would be an ideal way to put books into the hands of young mothers ergo young potential readers at the earliest age possible.  More on this topic to follow.
Maeve mention a Burma Shave advertising program related to our Tour de Tucson aid station. She asked for slogan entries, but sounds like she already has a winner.
Our Food Bank packing and distribution assistance at the Ortiz Clinic in Picture Rocks is tomorrow. As a reminder this takes place on the 2nd Wednesday of each month from about 9:30 til noon. Numerous club members have participated. Contact Randy or Mary to assist.
We have confirmation of the scheduled arrival of our exchange student from Nigeria. Please consider welcoming Maribel July 21st at 6:30 pm at the Tucson Airport. All members are encouraged to be part of the welcoming committee.
Next President Holt swore in Rotary's newest member, Bob Bishop. His sponsor and mentor Don Jorgensen did the pinning. Bob's classification is Aircraft Research and Development. Bob recently returned from Russia, a trip he almost did not make as a result of a head-on collision on the way to the airport. Bob is a former Rotarian, but not to be confused with Bob Bishop, The Rotary Club of Marana's first president.
Mike and Vickie Suba representing Rotary's District 5500 Paul Harris Society took center stage to award both Don Jorgensen and Jo Holt as our clubs newest Paul Harris Society members. Our club now has six members who have pledged a $1,000 each year to the Rotary Foundation. Midway in giving ourselves a pat on the back for having over 25% of membership in the Paul Harris Society our District Governor reminded us we can do better!
Richie Benner, club member and District Field Director of our local BSA council was guest speaker. We learned there are 7,000 scouts in the local Council that covers Pima, Pinal, Santa Cruz and Cochise counties. Programs are available from K through 12. The Lions are comprised mostly of kindergarten kids, Cubs are anywhere from k through 5th grade. Boy Scouts ages 11 to 18. Co-ed programs are Venturing (kayaking, canoeing, mountain climbing etc.), Explorer (vocational exploration with numerous police and fire departments as well as Customs, Border Patrol and US Army)and the newest STEM. The Tucson Council was founded in 1911 just one year after BSA was established in 1910.
We ran out of time before Richie could discuss the newest Facebook enhancements, but he promised to return in three weeks.
Numerous happy bucks were given for such varied causes as Foster Child adoption (Clint), rain (John), definition of "borrow"(Dan), Attendance of the DG Hentges and new member admission Bishop(Randy and others).
This was an action packed meeting with Bob Bishop drawing the losing Jack of Clubs and President Holt still tingling from the nearby lightning strike she experienced last night. Its going to be a wild year if this meeting is any indication. If I have left off something or someone, please jot me a note on the back of a twenty dollar bill and give to me at our next meeting.
Humbly and hopefully accurately submitted, John Dooling-Club Secretary. 
Submitted by John Dooling, Secretary
  • This morning, 6/27/2017, The Rotary Club of Marana once again, as it has for the past thirty 30 years, experienced a peaceful transition of power. As members solemnly filed into Nana’s Kitchen they beheld fabulously decorated tables for four, complete with blue and gold napkins, blue Lilliputian cowbells and even a center floral arrangement. (Thank you to the member elf or elves who decorated the room last night) and to Maeve Johnson. Maeve not only provided the flowers but also the iced miniature cakes available for dessert.
Outgoing President Mary Straus began the meeting by greeting guest Jim Hazzard of New York, son of incoming President Jo Holt and Donna Mabry of Thornydale, BFF of incoming President Holt. In addition we had guests Jim Nook of the Dove Mountain club and Lyle Johnson, husband of Maeve, who probably answered a last minute call to arms to carry flowers and miniature iced cakes.
President Straus thanked all in attendance for making her almost two year tour of duty possible and palatable. President Straus led us through some very turbulent times. We will be grateful for as long as there is a Rotary Club of Marana. Special thanks was given to the outgoing board. Member Randy Brooks was singled out as especially helpful in guiding her fledgling steps in the early months. By the way, we also learned that Randy has a new position with the District that requires he step in to lead should new District 5500 Governor Joe Hentges be unable to serve. Flowers were also given to Nana of Nana Kitchen fame for appreciation of her work and the outstanding quiche centerpiece of today’s breakfast.
Next came the swearing in of 2017/2018 President Jo M Holt. Being of humble spirit the first thing Jo did was to put us all at ease by advising that she can be addressed as either Dr. President Holt or President Dr.  Holt. She is comfortable with either. Jo went on to tell us of having been recruited by Randy Brooks with tales of the potentially significant lottery winnings she could partake of and tasty breakfasts fifty weeks a year. She was struck immediately and remains in awe of our naiveté in allowing one such as herself into our club. Actually, her awe truly comes from the simple wording of the Four Way Test and by our recitation of same at conclusion of each meeting. The stark contrast of its honest clear message versus the cynicism that too often comprises a big chunk of our daily lives is refreshing. One could say the theme of her address is that we are “all connected”.
In turn the incoming board of Straus, Hunter, Dooling, Miller and Burtzloff received their pins. Outgoing/Incoming Treasurer, Lynn Himmer, could not attend todays meeting.
The whole meeting makes one proud to say they are a Rotarian.
Humbly and hopefully accurately submitted this day in the year of our Lord 2017.
Submitted by Randy Brooks, Secretary
Great meeting today: 85% of the members attended and seemed engaged.  Thank you one and all.
Guests: Potential Member Bob Bishop (he will be inducted as a member July 11, 2017).  With Bob was his finance Linda Raman. It was a pleasure meeting her and seeing Bob.
Pledge completed by Tony, Mediation or Thought of the Day provided by Jo Holt.  Song was unique. Maeve played a recording of a song “Hey Good Looking,” and the goal was to guess who in the club was born that year. (Answer: Jo Holt – she is born in 1968) I thought Hank Williams passed by then ….. Strange. She played another song done by Fred Astaire and it coincided with the birth date of Harold.  (How is that possible? Harold is only 48)
Although we have one more Tuesday left in the month this is Mary Straus’ last meeting as president.  The reason? Mary gave President Elect Jo Holt the opportunity to use the meeting next week for Jo and her team to hold her installation during our regular meeting.
Mary asked that we discuss the international conference.  Mary, Jo and Randy provided insight to the event.  Also attending the conference were Don Jorgensen and two of our spouses, Kathy Jorgensen and Deb Hume. Mary and Randy attended the pre-conference regarding Sex and Human Trafficking and found the experience to be amazing.  Jo reported the attendance of about 43,000 Rotarians and friends at the conference. She particularly enjoyed the food court in the House of Friendship where she met people from around the world.  She became aware that we have a “damn good club” compared to many around the world.  She’s right.
The Rotary Club of Marana received tremendous recognition among the participants (80 + countries) for partnering with the Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation to provide mental health examinations.  We provided 180 assessments and noted, in Randy’s case, about 8% had some degree of cognitive impairment and those individuals were referred to physicians in those their communities for follow-up.
Some of the most helpful sessions were related to peace, sex trafficking, conflict between individuals and clubs and great plenary sessions with Dr. King presenting, Bill Gates, and many others. Basically it was awesome.
Jo raised the question of whether Polio can really ever be eradicated.  Randy as the Assistant Zone Rotary Regional Coordinator for the Rotary Foundation, is researching these observation to find out the most recent scientific studies and beliefs among the stakeholders.  Randy will submit a report upon conclusion of conversations with physicians, scientists, CDC, WHO and others. 
This Sunday is Joe Hentges installation as Governor of D-5500.  It appears that we have enough members attending but not sure about obtaining a table for just us at this late date.
Happy Bucks: Most gave acknowledgement to Mary Straus for her creative and solid leadership; this past year.
Denise thanked those that helped at the Food Bank this past week …. Delivering food for those with less.
Eric stated that his book “Owner’s Compass” was the best seller for several days on Amazon in three categories.  A Huge congratulations to Eric …. Proud of you.
Richie just completed a two week summer camp with the Boy Scouts.
Mary drew and quickly lost in the drawing. 
Mary recognized Peter Mack who received his Paul Harris recognition for both levels 2 and three.  Thank you, Peter. He responded “this money comes back to us for projects.  I tell other charities that my choice for donations is the annual program fund of the Rotary Foundation.” That quote is paraphrased …. But the message was clear.
Mary Farewell Speech:
Mary discussed her year as president and how much it means to her to be involved in our club and district.  On the District 5500 level she discussed, many projects that distinguish us. Further she stated that Dr King suggested that we are all connected as people and how we treat one another is as important as how we treat ourselves. Further she stated that as Dr King suggested we should be ashamed when we die if we have not lived a life of service.
Mary discussed our success with projects and activities this year: Helping disadvantaged youth for MUSD, MCAT, Food Bank, Christmas and Thanksgiving food and gifts for family, Interact, RYLA, Peace Camp in Africa, Shelter box, funds for 3,000 polio vaccines, Alzheimer Prevention screenings, air conditioning for Vietnam Veteran, donated $7,000 + to The Rotary Foundation and  $1,000 + to Polio Plus.
Mary gave a hear felt thank you to board members, Joe Holt, Tony Hunter Maeve, Harold, Lynne and Randy
Mary thanked the club for this experience made her a better speaker, leader and Rotarian.
We sang “For she’s a jolly Good Fellow.” And gave a standing ovation.
Well, here it goes. This bulletin is brought to you (maybe) by your Secretary Elect filling in for Sec Randy brooks. He plus fellow members Mary Straus, Jo Holt and Don Jorgensen are among the 40,000 plus attendees at the International conference in Atlanta, Georgia.
President Elect Elect Tony Hunter gaveled (is that a word?) in the meeting promptly at 8am sharp and punctually ended it at 8am. In between were sporadic moments of laughter, enlightenment and coffee.
Tony began with the reading of notes from President Elect Holt sent from Atlanta. Apparently in addition to our own Marana dignitaries others from around the world also attended including someone named Bill Gates.
Javier collected Happy Bucks from Tony, Dan, Bob (soon to be a member) Bishop, Richie and others. A secretary with better hearing  would have been able to report the source of their happiness. Lynn told a joke and since it included the name of a former presidential candidate perhaps her timing was perfect with so many of the Democratic persuasion being out of state. In any case this writer found it to be pretty funny.
Our speaker, Sheila Foraker, was introduced by Maeve. Sheila is the Route Director for the Tour de Tucson and works for Perimeter Bicycling Association of America, a 501c3 organization. This non profit has raised about 78 million for 60 different charities in its first 34 years of existence. They operate four Bike Rides (not races) in Arizona 1) Tour de Phoenix/Mesa, 2)Tour de Tucson, 3) Pima Co Loop? and 4)?????. Their events are open to all ages and abilities. With ten staff and 1,000 plus volunteers they coordinate rides that require the involvement of numerous city, county, university and tribal governments. Eighteen aid stations with 180 portable toilets, 7,000 ponds of bananas, 7,230 gallons of water, 6,000 ponds of oranges,  manned by church, club and civic organizations like our own Rotary Club of Marana makes the whole thing work. 
Sheila may be contacted at or 520-745-2033.
MINUTES  2-6-17
Submitted by Randy Brooks, Club Secretary
Meeting held offsite at the business of Bob Bishop whom will be joining our club in the very near future. Bob owns a company called Ariel Productions. 
No pledge, or invocation or song. Bob simply gave those in attendance a tour of his business and described how his one person airplane is made and the various uses of this amazing machine. Bob has been a pilot at Air Shows, his plane was in James Bond movies, TV shows.  On the tail of each plane (he had about 4 present) is the logo for the Freedom Team.  This plane could fit in your living room or garage.  It is very small and only weighs about 500 pounds.    It could take off on the deck of a cargo ship, almost vertical and travels very fast.  As Bob says it is like flying a missile.
Bob gave us some of the applications of this airplane (it only fits one person) and flies at low altitudes (as low as 17 feet off the surface of the earth) and has many military uses.  For example he has flown as close as a few hundred feet from the Pentagon and the White House to test our US defenses from missile attacks.  His plane was used for the “Coor’s Silver Bullet” ad campaign.  Bob has bailed out of his planes twice and he claims that is why he could be seen as vertically challenged.
Many of the applications of the airplane he could not discuss because they are secret.  He did discuss the various radar uses and the sophistication of the electronics on his airplane. 
One of his employees was in the Marine Corps …… hooorah and was the pilot of the helicopter for the Reagan and Bush administrations.  Bob was very gracious in feeding us, giving us coffee to drink and made all of us comfortable. 
Thanks for a very interesting morning, Bob.
Next week a few of us: President Mary, President Elect Jo, Don Jorgensen and I will be at the Rotary International Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.  We will be helping with the Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention booth (a club project) and at the Ride to End Polio booth (a district project), attending classes, receptions and generally having a good time  John Dooling will be taking attendance and notes so treat him nice.  I will see you all. Tuesday, June 20, 2017. With four of us gone it is important that as many of you as possible attend the meeting next week and for the rest of the year.
Rotary Club of Marana social Tuesday evening. John and Harold preparing to go away for the summer. We will miss you.
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