District Governor Anita McDonald inspired us with her personal story and a call to be people of action.

Marana Rotary Club

August 13, 2022 weekly meeting

Laura called the meeting to order at 7 a.m.. Laura introduced our special guests, District Governor Anita McDonald and Assistant District Governor Barbara Barr. Before turning over the meeting to our guests, Laura asked for a brief Happy Bucks.

Happy Bucks:

  • Harold was happy to have his guest, Phil, a fellow pilot from Oro Valley.
  • Randy was happy to have his guest from Spokane who recalled pictures of Randy and Mary from 3 years ago.
  • Anita and Barbara were happy to be with us at this early hour with such a full house.
  • Bob was enjoying an air show and was happy that we can now pay dues and happy bucks online.
  • Adam was happy to be healthy and present at this early hour.
  • Denise was happy with her dialogue with the Sahuarita Rotary Club regarding the El Tour de Tucson Aid Station.
  • Don was happy to have spent 3 weeks in Europe.
  • Dan was happy to have participated in a school district gold fund raising tournament yesterday, which raised $45,000 for the Marana school district.
  • Carol happily finished a trip to Florida for family which involved 7 flights, all on time and no lost luggage.
  • Stephen, our guest from Spokane, remarked about how green Tucson was, greener than Spokane.
  • Randy was happy to see Mary back and such a large group today.
  • Mary was happy to be back and to have her treatments behind her.
  • Beckie was grateful for Harold help on the online payments.
  • John was happily babysitting grand kids while his son was in NYC for a wedding anniversary. Cindy was getting the kids ready for school, hence absent today.
  • Laura was happy for such a great club and Board.

District Governor Anita McDonald

Barbara introduced District Governor Anita McDonald citing her incredible credentials in the educational field and multiple degrees and accomplishments.

Anita began by mentioning that a club member asked her to formally ask Randy to be inducted into the Arizona Veteran’s Hall of Fame for his copious contributions to veteran causes.

District Governor Anita McDonald gave an excellent presentation on the visions for Rotary under the current leadership. Emphasis is given to empowerment for girls, inclusion and diversity. Anita provided several examples of opportunities provided to her during her career path and challenged us to be difference makers in the lives of others.

Adjournment Laura adjourned the meeting promptly at 8:01 with the Four Way Test.