Rotary Club of Marana
Meeting Minutes – September 6, 2016
Submitted by Randy Brooks
President Mary Opened the Meeting at 7:00 AM and proceeded to have the meditation by Jo Holt and the pledge was completed without anyone getting hurt.  Then we sang, kind. The last I remember someone said, “Does anyone know the words to 9 to 5?”  ….. It went downhill from there.
Dan Contorno made an announcement about the slow sales for the Poker Tournament, September 23, 2016 at the Vision Church 7511 SN Benet Drive, Tucson.  Please attend and bring your friends.  Only a $40.00 buy-in, I have invited my brother.  Why don’t you bring a friend or relative? You are randomly assigned tables so if you don’t like them you may not have to sit with them anyway. This is an amazingly fun event. It raises funds for our Marana Rotary Club Foundation. Join us.
President Mary announced that we are all invited to celebrate our project … the Therapeutic and Exploratory Playground at Coyote Trail Elementary School, 8000 N Silverbell Road, Marana, 5:00 PM, September 30, 2016.  We helped pay for it, worked on the project and we get to share the excitement of the dedication of the Playground for those that are physically challenged. 
Potential new member, Eric Miller, has been working on an Interact Club at Legacy Charter School. He reports he has an educator and they are working on getting students involved.  Our other potential member, Michael Hindman was at the meeting and he will be installed during the District Governor Sheryl Christian official visit. We hope you bring your family to this installation. It will be special.
Tony Hunter gave a great overview of the Community Service Projects for the year … thank you Tony.
Maeve Johnson discussed the club’s commitment to the Walk to End Hunger scheduled for 9-17. I am so sorry I cannot make the walk but I hope you can.  Maeve is going to send out an invitation in the next couple of days.  Thanks for heading this up, Maeve.  The club is still considering helping out the Food Bank in various ways and Maeve it taking the lead on those potential projects.
Randy, Tony, Mary and several other discuss the restoration of a home project scheduled for October 15, 2016.  Jo Holt offered tools (sanders and the like).  Randy, Dan Contorno and others are trying to schedule a visit to the home for evaluation of need.  Thanks everyone for helping.
Someone, I can’t remember who, discussed the Loop to Loop pre El Tour de Tucson Ride to End Polio.  Whomever it was that brought than up, please take pity on me and write a note to the club inviting them to participate with details.  Thank you.
Randy announced that the Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation donated $100.00 to the Marana Rotary Club Foundation for Poker Tournament advertising.  How about a few of our members stepping up and donating $50.00 to advertise your business?   If you pay $100.00 you could be a sponsor, get advertising during the event, purchase your buy-in and have a great time.  Contact Dan Contorno.
We know the fall season is here, Don Jorgensen and Thomas Mangold visited the meeting.  Welcome back guys.  Actually Tom has been back a few weeks but seeing both of them at the same meeting was overwhelming.  We are so happy.
PDG Randy Brooks was the speaker today and he discussed the Rotary Foundation and asked for individuals to consider joining the Bequest Society ….. A promise that $10,000 of your estate will to the Rotary Foundation after you and your spouse pass wont’ be missed by you.  But it will be appreciated by those that live in hunger and poverty.  Randy handed out applications for this program and announced that PDG and attorney Michael Drake will provide no cost codicils for your wills to those that are interested.  Let Randy know if you need help.
Randy also presented on the Rotary Vocation Fund of Arizona and requested that members donate to this fund that helps the working poor become training in technical jobs and gives them a future.  This is a tax deduction as well as an Arizona Tax Credit.  It actually turns out that you make a few dollars making this donation.  The limits are $400 per person or $800 per couple.  If you are already giving to another non-profit group how about splitting the difference and giving funds to both?  Again you actually make money doing this.  Questions? Contact Randy or the Rotary Vocational Fund of Arizona at
Very active meeting today ……. Thanks everyone for your support and participation in our Rotary Club of Marana.