Rotary Meeting July 16, 2024

Week one of the “signing” challenge is in the books as club members sang (sort of) “Make Marana Rotary Proud of You” — a catchy, and admittedly a bit hokey, jingle to promote club spirit.
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Rotary Meeting June 18, 2024

Sheron Jones is a Gold Star Mother who lost her son, Army Staff Sgt. Darrel Kasson, in Iraq in 2007. Sharon Jones shared her son's story and how the Rotary Club of Marana can support honoring our veterans at Evergreen Cemetery. 
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Rotary Meeting Oct. 24, 2023 2023-11-05 07:00:00Z 0
Rotary Meeting Oct. 3, 2023 2023-10-22 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting Oct 17, 2023

Rick Chimblo, from Rotary Club of Oro Valley, presented the many ways that local clubs can partner with international clubs to support meaningful projects abroad.
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Rotary Meeting Sept 26, 2023 2023-09-26 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting Sept 19, 2023

The club recognized its first MCAT Star Student, Ysabella Gonzalez, of the 2023-24 academic year. Plus, the expanded services of Gospel Rescue Mission were outlined in presentation by GRM's Bruce Beikman, director of public relations and development.
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Rotary Meeting Aug 15, 2023 2023-08-15 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting Aug 8, 2023

Steve Huffman of the Pima County Regional Transportation Authority explained to member that the RTA is in the process of developing projects for the renewal of half-cent sales tax to fund road, pedestrian, multiuse, transportation project throughout the county for the next 20 years.
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Rotary Meeting Aug 1, 2023

Outbound Rotary Youth Exchange student Avery Aveneti shared her research of Spain, where she will be spending the school year starting in September.
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Rotary Meeting July 25, 2023 2023-07-25 07:00:00Z 0
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Rotary Meeting June 27, 2023

The club celebrated its District 5500 awards for best fundraising project and best community service project at the final meeting of its "Rotary" year for 2022-23.
Rotary Meeting June 27, 2023 2023-06-27 07:00:00Z 0
Don Jorgensen installed as District 5500 Governor for 2023-24 2023-06-27 07:00:00Z 0
Rotary Meeting June 13, 2023 2023-06-13 07:00:00Z 0
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Rotary Meeting April 18, 2023

The job market is "hot" in the greater Tucson area, according to Evelyn Wright, workforce development director for Interfaith Community Services. The younger generations of workers desire a reasonable work-life balance after witnessing what happened to their parents, and Baby Boomers remain in high demand.
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Rotary Meeting Mar 14, 2023

Marana schools superintendent Dan Streeter updated the club on the innovative ways MUSD is meeting the challenges of a diverse, fast-growing district of more than 12,000 students.
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Rotary Meeting Dec 27, 2022

Plans are taking shape for the club's Tour de Cookie fund-raising event on March 11, 2023, and a symposium on stopping human trafficking set for April 15, 2023.
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Rotary Meeting Dec 20, 2022 2022-12-20 07:00:00Z 0
Marana Rotary among volunteers who laid wreaths at veterans’ graves 2022-12-19 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting Dec. 13, 2022

Club member Peter Mack gave an impromptu presentation via Zoom from Chile, where he was installing new equipment on a telescope that he’s maintained for years.
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Rotary Meeting Oct. 11, 2022

Rescue Me Tucson seeks to facilitate adoptions of dogs and cats from local and rural animal shelters with the "purrfect" individuals and families hoping to add four-legged friends to the family.
Rotary Meeting Oct. 11, 2022 2022-10-11 07:00:00Z 0


Rotary Meeting Oct. 4, 2022

Edward Jones Financial Advisor and club member Adam Pina recommended speaking to a financial professional before making dramatic portfolio changes in response to a fickle stock market.
 Rotary Meeting Oct. 4, 2022 2022-10-04 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting Sept. 20, 2022

Club members learned about Tucson's Ronald McDonald House, which has grown into a 27-room facility with numerous outreach programs serving rural folks in Cochise County.
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Rotary Meeting Sept. 27, 2022 2022-09-27 07:00:00Z 0
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Rotary Meeting August 23, 2022 2022-08-23 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting Aug 16, 2022

Rotary Peace Fellow Jaclyn McAlester’s presentation about her experience and what she learned during the two-year program was inspirational and hopeful.
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Rotary Meeting Aug. 9, 2022

Dove Mountain Rotarian Aleta Wiener shared her wisdom about planning for and navigating Medicare choices and the potential impacts of those choices on longterm healthcare options.
Rotary Meeting Aug. 9, 2022 2022-08-09 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting Aug 2, 2022

Special Olympics Arizona's Lisa Bell and participant Amber Nielsen share the breadth of opportunity available to special needs children and young adults who participate in the organization's competitions and community programs.
Rotary Meeting Aug 2, 2022 2022-08-02 07:00:00Z 0
Tour de Cookie featured in Arizona Daily Star 2022-08-01 07:00:00Z 0
Jorgensen recognized for ShelterBox volunteer work 2022-08-01 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting July 26, 2022

At our club's business meeting via Zoom, we discussed the highlights of our planning retreat. We also voted in support of contributing $2,000 to the Kilimanjaro Rotary Club's efforts to rebuild school restrooms wiped out by torrential rains.
Rotary Meeting July 26, 2022 2022-07-26 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting July 19, 2022

Speaker and longtime Marana Rotary Club member Harold Burtzloff gave a ClubRunner tutorial for members so they can update their profiles and post information about our club's activities.
Rotary Meeting July 19, 2022 2022-07-19 07:00:00Z 0
Rotary Meeting July 12, 2022 2022-07-12 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting June 28, 2022

Marana Rotary Club
June 28, 2022 weekly meeting
Randy returned to lead us in his final meeting, held virtually.
There being none, Randy proceeded to make comments his year as our President.  Randy described a very challenging year where everyone in our club stepped up to make our projects a success and our challenging meeting environments successful.  Notably, we reached our Foundation goals, brought in new members (Don), achieved our Foundation funding (John), brought the Youth Exchange back into focus (Cindy), executed international projects (Mary), kept the website and public relations crisply up to date (Harold), executed the Tour de Cookie and shredding events (Dan and Don), made families happy for Thanksgiving and Christmas (Denise), kept the Food Bank supplied (Cathy); to name but a few of our accomplishments during a tough year.
Randy felt we could have done better organizing our weekly meetings, despite the heroic efforts made especially by Peter, Harold and Bob.  Randy apologized for being, at times, sketchy in leading the meetings; but Don pointed out that it took exceptional leadership to have held the club to such high standards during a  most unusual and challenging year.  All joined in deeply thanking Randy for his leadership.
Harold reported on the Foundation year.  The year ended with $14,000 after twelve funding requests were considered and approved.  11 monthly meetings were held.  Also, Harold proudly reports this is his second year in a row where he had perfect attendance in weekly meetings!
Mary reported that Anita will be visiting our club in September and thanked the Doolings for their help at her installation
Randy said there will be n o monthly Board meeting tomorrow night
July 5, our speaker will be Richard Allen, topic- projects in Cambodia
Happy Bucks
Harold enjoyed his visit with his brother-in-law and was enjoying summer
Dan was happy to be back after one month’s absence due to work and family commitments.  Dan described feeling “not connected” as a result of the meeting environments over the past year.  A weird year and missed the comradery, socializing and the meals together.  A topic discussed more at the end of the meeting.  He was also happy that the State education budget was approved.
Bob was happy, apparently, but unable to connect his audio.
John agreed with Dan’s comments and it was suggested that Laura should consider the club’s feelings on meetings for the next year
Don reported that medical tests prior to his upcoming surgery were positive.  Don shared that recently his nephew passed at 44 years old from a heart attack.   Therefore, there have been TWO losses in Don’s immediate family as his sister’s husband also passed this year.  A tough period for Don.
Mary is not looking forward to a treatment this week; however, there are only two treatments remaining.  HOORAY Mary!   You look awesome, by the way!
Andy was happily rid of COVID and trying to organize his Africa photos
Adam was happy to see the markets up so he could catch up on sleep and the phone isn’t ringing off the hook
John has the NW Fire all to himself this morning
Cindy recounted the big swim meet this past Saturday and happy to see so many kids getting back to normal, social
Cathy was looking forward to making ollas with her campers
Denisse had an amazing trip to Hawaii snorkeling with the Manta rays
Randy was happy to have dodged COVID so far
Other topics
Randy asked members to share their experiences over the past year with regards to our club.
Much discussion centered around the effect of COVID on the ambience.  Many shared Dan’s view of lacking connectedness.  However, Bob pointed out that he felt more connected and if it were not for the hybrid environment, he likely would not still be a member.  Don suggested that we bring the topic up before Laura.
Adam noted the great comradery and suggested a dinner night out occasionally, with spouses, to connect better.
All agreed that, despite the restrictions placed by CIVID, our club has performed stellar!
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Rotary Meeting June 7, 2022

Rotary Meeting
June 7, 2022
Adam was inducted into the club by Randy and co assisted by Laura
Randy Said he is the newest member of Rotary worldwide, you’re not just joining an organization  with 1.2 mil members around the world, you will be able to access 531 countries in other areas.   You will be able to make a huge impact Internationally and locally you will become a huge hub in our club. 
Adam is a Financial Rep with Edwards Jones he was born in NY but lived here most of his life, most of his family is here, he lives in Marana.  He wasn’t to get more involved in the club whether its local or international.
We had a visitor from Seattle Steven who is moving here he will be living in Sunflower.
Happy bucks
Peter – He is working in a great place.
Don – More good days then bad he has surgery scheduled for July.
Cindy – The house passed the Senate Bill 1361 that deals with Youth Exchange. *this means we should be able to have a youth exchange program and not pay $6500 for them.
John – Conference has been wonderful and has learned a lot.
Mary- She is doing ok her brother and sister-in-law arriving tomorrow.
Lynn – Story for the day – The cat died and goes to heaven God greets the cat and says you have been a good cat is there anything we can do for you? The Cat says I was raised on a farm and all I have known is sleeping on a hard floor I would love a pillow and God said done.  About  a week later a dozen mice died and he give them the same option and the mice said all we have done our whole life is run from dogs, cats, brooms etc, what we would really like is roller skates, done.    A few days later he goes over and wakes up the cat and says how is everything going the cat said wonderful this pillow is awesome and I love these little meals on wheels they keep sending me.
Randy – doing well its cool and chilly.
Adam – thankful he was inducted, the past week they went to Disneyland with nieces and nephews.
Denise – happy for Adams inducted and she is going to Hawaii.
Becky –Thanked everyone who came to Felicias Farm they saw the chickens and showed them the herbs and the well water area down the road (she has big vision).  Her daughter will be getting married in the Elvis Chapel.
Sulee – Happy.
Stephen – 2 years ago he met Randy – he has been a member or Rotary Spoken for 40 years.
Harold – Welcome the new member and how impressed he was with Felicias Farm.
Bob – Spent 10 days with his brother and sister-in-law and toured AZ.
Laura- Is attending the conference in Houston virtually, she is very impressed with how it has been organized.
Laura wanted to spend a little time thinking about our calendar and the things we have coming up after July 1, 2022.  She would like to think about a Rotary Club retreat.   On June 18th, Laura will be inducted in as President of The Marana Rotary Club it will be at her house from 5-7pm.
She would like the retreat the 2nd weekend of July the 16th,  at her house. 
Calendar coming up – let’s think about what we want to keep, delete, or add.  She would like to reenergize our relationship with the Marana Chamber and the Town of Marana. 
Events the Town of Marana host are the Founder day in March,  4th of July, fall festival and Christmas lighting.  Also Marana Parks and Recs have volunteer opportunities, Laura emailed them to see how we might help with that.  We could also set up an ice cream or icee truck at one of the splash pads. 
Were only 10 years younger than the town, so why don’t we do something for the founder’s day.  We could turn this into a fundraiser.
Were a member of the Chamber and all it says is a mailing address and phone # and our name and it says nothing about us.   If we want to have anything on the Chamber, web site we need to get some  updated info on their sight.  They have the 4th Tuesday mixer from 5-7 and their morning meeting the  1st Wednesday of each month.  Becky always attends she had passed out flyers on our events.  Adam is also a member of the Chamber and he said that the last Tuesday mixer there was about 50-60 people there.
The next thing she wants us to think about is the four 5th Tuesdays we have this year we need to think do we want to use them as a social or service project.
El Tour is November 19th, it will start downtown this time, we have sponsored a station for 26 years, but we may not be in Marana, we will have to plan for a station still.
And El  Tour de Cookie – it will either be March 4 or March 11, 2023, Becky and Dan will be co-chairs.  We need to focus on advanced media a month or two ahead.   Laura said the Tour de Tucson puts all their bike races and fun runs on a website bike  we should see if we want to use that.  It’s a one stop site for bike runs not just races.   We need to all be willing to work one time a month the bike path to spread the word. 
Mary also said we need to think about a district grant we are coming up to the deadline July 15, 2022.  Mary suggested Felicias Farm again.  
Meeting was closed with the four way test.
Rotary Meeting June 7, 2022 2022-06-26 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting June 21, 2022

Rotary Meeting
June 21, 2022
We will had a guest Speaker Sandra from
Happy Bucks
John – happy that he had a wonderful meal at Laura’s and a wonderful installation of Laura and  congratulated Randy on a job well done.
Cindy – great progress with the outbound foreign exchange students, one of the inbound students decided to go to school instead we will have one from Spain and one from Demark.
Harold – first day of summer
Adam – went to a conference for his job what a great way to be inspired.
Sulee – Survived baby setting a five-year-old and a 2-year-old.
Randy –
Lynne-  happy with the rain and  seconded what John had to say about the evening.
  • Speaking of conversations   I was listening to the radio the other day and the announcer was talking to a woman who had been married four times. And he said can you tell me about your four husbands.   When I was young, I married a banker and then  when I was in my 40’s I married a circus ring master,  then in my 60’s I married a preacher and then most recently a  funeral director and the announcer said that’s an interesting variety of four husbands and she said yes, I married one for the money, two for the show three to get ready and four to go.
Kathy- Said the party was lovely and fun and happy for a little rain
Mary – Happy to be setting outside and grateful for family, who has been out to help.  Laura sent a shout out to Mary for all the arrangements she made for the installation.
Becky- Said she was babysitting Saturday.  Happy to have grandbabies.
Bob-Not happy with his audio.
Don –He also said Saturday night was wonderful and thanked Randy for all his work and appreciated the review of what the club reviewed.   Happy it’s his wife’s birthday- Happy Birthday Kathy.
Laura – Said the summary of the accomplishments last year  it was Randy’s leadership we were able to accomplish so much, and we have a high bar to meet this year.
Sandra – Happy that she gets to spend a lot of time with her granddaughter.
Announcements:   Mary – Randy will be back in Tucson on July 13th.    Kathy if anyone want to help this Saturday to move gravel this weekend let her know.
Laura will drop off Don’s banner today.
Next week is zoom only 4th Tuesday, what about July 5th, we can continue to meet if everyone wants to.   Most everyone thought let’s meet.
Dennis & Andy are sick, Peter is off traveling
Sandra from Bag it Cancer
What is self-advocacy at Bagit – the ability to communicate ones needs.
Here are the ways:
  • Tips on How to Be Your Own Advocate.
  • Use your Bag It My Companion Guidebook to stay organized, track your own information, and as a handy source for reliable resources.
  • Assemble and work closely with all the members of your healthcare team who have your best interests in mind.
  • Educate yourself about your specific cancer so you can make informed decisions about your treatment and care.
  • Visit only reliable websites for cancer information. (see Resources section of My Companion Guidebook)
  • Thoroughly understand your health insurance policy.
  • Request copies of all of your medical records and test results to store in My Companion Guidebook. You can refer back to them and provide as a back-up copy in case they get lost
  •  Ask lots of questions – about your cancer diagnosis, treatment options, possible side effects, and available resources for yourself and your loved ones.
  • Bring someone with you to every appointment and let them know how they can help you.
  • Use the My Appointments Summary Log found in My Companion Guidebook to write down your questions in advance of appointments. Make sure you fully understand the answers provided and take notes.
  • Take an active role in managing your care. Consider getting a second opinion. • Express fully and honestly what you need and want—to your healthcare team, caregivers, family members, and friends.
  •  Keep your healthcare team updated on any changes in your health. Fully and promptly report symptoms and side effects during and after treatment. • When challenges arise, problem solve and negotiate to achieve your goals and ensure you have the best care and support you need.
  • Ask others for help. Having a loved one or friend advocate on your behalf is a form of self-advocacy.
Laura – Do you find that people are hesitant to talk frankly about their medical needs.  Patients know it’s ok to speak up because the health care team really want that.
Write your question down and be prepared with them.
Becky – Having communication with the caregivers for the doctors’ appointments
Kathy- what about doctors that don’t listen to you -  Sandra said be assertive and if need be change doctors.
Rotary Meeting June 21, 2022 2022-06-26 07:00:00Z 0

Home from Convention

Two of our members John and Cindy Dooling return from the Rotary International Convention in Houston
Home from Convention 2022-06-20 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting June 14, 2022

Marana Rotary Club
June 14, 2022 weekly meeting
Randy returned to lead us in this hybrid meeting.
Installation of new officers for 2022/23 will be held at Laura’s this Saturday from 5-7PM
Happy Bucks
Andy was happy to be back home after one month traveling in Africa
Don was happy to have had his wife back from New York
Adam was busy being a “financial therapist” during chaotic markets
Randy was suffering a horrible internet connection but managed to have backed his car into a boat in northern Washington!   Was the boat in the water?   He didn’t say.
Timothy, our guest speaker from Tanzania, was happy to be joining us from afar
Bob was happy and sad; leaving for VA right after our meeting; contributed 40 happy bucks!
Beckie’s daughter became married in the Elvis Chapel in Las Vegas in front of a full congregation
Harold was happy, but my notes are illegible, sorry Harold!   You’re always happy though.
John happily reported that he had “end Polio” pins for everyone and thanked us for the support
Cindy attended the Melbourne preconference and was able to make connections with Youth Exchange  committee members
Laura also attended Melbourne ad reported inspiring speakers.  Laura also attempted to get cash back at the grocery store for happy bucks, but learned it costs 50 cents to get your own money from Fry’s!
Guest Speaker
Today’s speaker is Timothy Massawa, aka “Michael” as repeatedly professed by Bob Bishop.  Timothy, a rotary member since 2011 and past Assistant Governor of his region, co-founded an NGO dedicated to empowering children of Tanzania through education.  Timothy, a member of the Massai indigenous culture of Tanzania described a fascinating program focused on children of the Ngorongoro region where, ironically, Andy had visited the week before.   Timothy’s presentation raised several ideas for our club to consider in future project support.
Rotary Meeting June 14, 2022 2022-06-14 07:00:00Z 0

District Awards

Diana Ventura - Goodyear  from District 5500 presented the Marana Rotary Club several awards. John Dooling our Past President is accepting the awards 
District Awards 2022-06-05 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting May 24, 2022

May 24, 2022
Marana Rotary Club
Meeting called to order Bob lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance.
Check in with everyone/Happy Bucks’
Kathy-full house with visitors and the last of the students from TUSD graduating.
Adam-Crazy month – going to CA next week 1st time at Disneyland.
Bob- not happy bucks- there dog is going to be put down today.
Don-feeling good today.  Brother-in-law died a week before, Don had prostate cancer surgery they got it all.  Because of that they nicked his colon he had some additional complications.
Mary-on the mend from her latest treatment.
Denise-going to Hawaii next month.  
Peter-Maui trip postponed tell September, he gave a talk to the Dove Mountain Rotary Club next Thursday.
Laura-Thankful and happy that we are close enough that we can share our issues with each other
Harold: Carpal Tunnel surgery this week, we will be thinking about you.
Cindy-They had a fabulous graduation for their grandson.  John is in Florida fishing.
Sulee-Good to go and info that Marvin Swank passed away.
Reminder next week’s meeting with be at Felicias Farms: 3761 E River Rd, Tucson, AZ 85718
Randy arrived last night at the cabin he drove down to a friend’s house to use his internet he is on his telephone – its 37 at his cabin in WA.
Laura – Lynn will remain as treasurer, Sulee will be the Secretary and she will talk to others about positions.
Mary – She sent out an invitation for Laura’s induction, please RSVP.  June 18, 2022, Saturday at 5pm @ Laura’s place.   Guests are welcome. 
Randy went over the Code of Conduct
  1. Act with integrity and high ethical standards in my personal and professional life
Discussion – after much discussion – the conclusion is that other than criminals we should respect all positions – any and all positions bring something to the club.  ie Kathy said like fast food workers – we don’t know how to run the fry machine, they work hard and should have our utmost respect.   Laura one thing we need to do is keep up with the ethics and integrity in our own positions.   Like Mary sometimes we must make discissions based on how well we can do a job.
  1. Deal fairly with others and treat them and their occupations with respect
We rely on every person that joins our club.  Laura said there is dignity in all work, and we need to approach people with open minds and hearts about their profession.
  1. Use my professional skills through Rotary to mentor young people, help those with special needs, and improve people’s quality of life in my community and in the world
Randy said do we all have occupations where we help young people.   Randy has helped people with diagnostic work to see if they have Alzheimer.  Yes, we do by being involved with the foreign exchange students.  Don said this is a lot of what we do with our service projects. 
  1. Avoid behavior that reflects adversely on Rotary or other Rotarians
We are in a tricky time for this one, we should not go to a gathering and get drunk, or we could behave in a way that is challenging.  The new mantra in Rotary is Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.   We should go to our fellow Rotarians one-on-one and talk to them about how we feel we were offended.  As Mary added she tried it and it didn’t go well and that may happen.  Cindy said there is an incident in baseball right now where there is a racist comment. So things change and we need to keep up with things and people that are affected need to work it out.  Laura said maybe we could get someone to present re how we can learn to discuss issues.   Becky added a positive opinion the Tour De Cookie is a great reflection of our club.
  1. Help maintain a harassment – free environment in Rotary meetings, events and activates; report any suspected harassment; and help ensure non-retaliation to those individuals that report harassment.   We didn’t get to five.
Rotary Meeting May 24, 2022 2022-05-24 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting May 17, 2022

May17, 2022
From Maria Altamirano    Boy am I so excited, the last few weeks have been pretty intense and demanding. Finished all my patients and clinical requirements last Wednesday and just finished my last two finals today. :) On top of the clinical and exams we just wrapped up our class community service event for May with a donation drive for Emerge here in Tucson. It was such an amazing thing to be able to help. Myself and faculty leaders, Ms Richards and Ms Smedley, really pushed for the month long drive with student and other faculty and we were able to donate everything from toothbrushes to suitcases.  I attached a picture of our class holding just a few items we were able to donate. Heading into June I'm getting ready for my student delegate meeting and catching up on some recorded townhall meetings and reading up on some bylaws we'll be voting on in June. I'm so excited to learn this process. I'll start studying for boards this summer and finishing a computer class requirement (not to mention watching my two boys). Hopefully I'll get to see you guys virtually soon.
DON – his wife is not feeling well.
DENISE- happy bucks – her cousin starting to talk after a horrific accident.
CAROL– going to Denver to visit niece on Monday to visit family.
RANDY– is in Pismo beach in CA, with Shirley and Dick Grace.
SULEE -had a good weekend in bullhead city.
BECKY– Internet was down .this morning – she is happy to have two beautiful granddaughters
JOHN- Happy they have a grandson graduating from Ironwood HS  - Carter Dooling and he was a grand champion swimmer.
CINDY-8year old grandson  Levi Dooling hit a grand slam in  baseball and she is happy to be able to get to watch her grandson helping to kids who were having some kind of disagreement and he told them they need to respect one another.
HAROLD– That the computer got hooked up.
Dan  - Just happy
ADAM-a lot going on in the financial world, he considers himself a financial therapist at this time.
KATHY – happy her kids are doing well; son graduated and had a visit with her mom.
LAURA- Happy
Randy this might be a good time to introduce the past District Governor PDG Diane Goodyear and her husband Gordon.   She said the district started out with 50 clubs and ended with 50 clubs.   She had some special awards for John Dooling #1 the Rotary  Citation (at the first of the year you must state your goals and you must end with those goals).  Polio plus award, 100% foundation giving (every Rotarian every year).     #1 Club in the district. Congratulations John for year well done.
Cindy, we have had an outreach from student from Marana  high school who would like to be an outbounds student next year 23-24 school year.   We need to be ready for the inbounds students who will be coming next year coming from Denmark, Spain, Belgium, and Holland.
Bob introduced the speaker
          Don Zavis National Sales Trainer at the Catalyst, Sales Trainer.
The need is greater than it has been in volunteer group and less people stepping up to the need.
Beneficial for the people – one or two things we might be struggling with what would they be?
Kathy one of the problems she sees is there are different areas to give need clarity where to give $, do we give to the club etc.   This is complicated for new members. 
He said he developed a program called the member code.  How do I help, how do I do it. The three things we have an opportunity to do is  Time, Talent & Treasures. 
Clubs are always talking about get new members – for every  we should all have a Rotary Pamphlet and every day and have a meaningful conversation with someone in our world.  If we do this every day, it will become a  habit it’s the easiest way to  be prepared.  If every day all 17 of us have a meaningful conversation we could increase our club size.  
Polio being its own group can you donate to it, can you get host homes for your exchanges students yes, but we like to reach out to our group.    What  I would like to expect
Member Code Road Map
#1-We need to  commit to remain engaged in the club.
#2-All member need to have an opportunity to be creative; expect that every month every member comes up with an Idea. Do we give people the ability to be creative?  
#3-Commit to using my fiscal resources
#4-Commit to brining one new person monthly, to become a member,  the member is a guideline.
#5-Commit to attend every event we have .
#6-Commit to involving yourself – do we have jpeg item we use to promote out weekly session
*it’s about what a wonderful organization, awards people have won... post on social media!
#7-Creat a leadership group everyone needs a leadership role, where they gravitate to.  We need to put the members in rolls that fit them.
Team 100 concept = $100 each month, 100 minutes of time and 100 minutes of our talent each month.
If you want a better club, be a better member, better spouse, if you want a better boss be a better father, child etc..   We need to look at the time/challenge/treasure
Also remember clubs are a  way to cure loneliness  for some people.
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Rotary Meeting May 10, 2022

May 10, 2022
Rotary Marana
Cindy led in the Pledge of Allegiance
Raffel Tickets were sold
Cindy Dolling is the Youth Coordinator for the district.
There is a District Administrative position available with the passing of Liz Cohn.  Kathy stepped up said she is interested the position.
Happy Bucks
Mary-doing good and the weather is still nice.
Kathy-she is happy her mom and husband are in visiting and going to her son’s graduation who is graduating with honors at ASU.
Lynn said she Himalayan rabbit stew because she found him lying in the road
Bobs happy he is here because he keeps waking up with heart issues.
Becky – happy she has two healthy grandbabies
Harold happy that they got the computer going
John is happy
Kathy Dooling said she is happy with the bicycle race
Dan said one of the things he misses is the fact we used to get in a small group when we all used to sit and talk.
Dan happy about mother’s day, he will be inducted soon.
Denise is happy her cousin is in the hospital after a freaky situation
Lynn – she got to go on a retreat
Randy happy he is getting to visit family and go to Washington
Peace builder club meeting.
Kathy said there are two district programs – District trainer and district grant chair.
RYLA new chair out of Sierra Vista Club
Bob introduced our speaker – she is a financial planner –
Fund raiser and develop
Presentation on everyone wants to know you to give more to Rotary.
There is a lot of ways to give money to donate to Rotary happy bucks, donations etc.  Today she is going to talk about major gifts, bequest etc.
She is here to stimulate some ideas on how to give money to rotary that might help taxes.  There are a lot of ways to give money, planned gift, bequest, structured gift.
Some numbers
70.5 ( this is an age #)  - QCD – Qualified Charitable Distribution from IRA or retirement plan.  I.e. you can tell you investment person you can say I want to make the contribution and you are not taxed for it.  This goes directly from IRA to Rotary. 
$1000 – Benefactor, you can gift $1000. Gift to Rotary Endowment Fund via estate plan.
10,000  Major Donor level
  • (cumulative financial gifts)
  • Bequest Society  -Beneficiary of IRA or Life Insurance
  • Donor advised fund (irrevocable contribution, Tax Deduction in gift year.  Harold wanted to know if the funds can be designated to the local club only.  She doesn’t know for sure.
  • Gift Annuity Minimum
100,000 Charitable reminder trust( this could be cash securities, real estate, or possible liquid assets).  This is lifetime funds.
25,000 Is astonishing
  • Minimum amount for Rotary Endowment
  • Great for Legacy planning
These # above reflect different gifts.
What should you do to give more?
  • What do you want to accomplish?
  • What do you want your legacy?
  • What are your resources?
  • What do you want you legacy to accomplish?
One simple way to leave money through your estate can me by adding it to your will
We concluded the meeting by Harold lead us in the four way test
Rotary Meeting May 10, 2022 2022-05-10 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting May 3, 2022

May 3, 2022
Marana Rotary Club
Hybrid meeting
Meeting was called to order by Randy Brooks, John Dooling lead us in the Flag Salute.
Randy stated that he would like to cancel the Board Meeting.
Adam  Potential member was introduced in person.
Mary said that Felicia’s Farm came in under budget both the District Funds and funds donated by the Rotary Club of Marana.  From our club it was $123.00 Peter Mack motioned to donate the funds back to Felicias Farm vs taking the money back and Harold Butzloff  second the vote was made, and it was will in favor.  The district funds will have to be returned to the Charitable Funds for 5500.
Randy announced the sad news about the passing of Liz Cohn on 5/2/22.    The District is going to give her a Rotarian for life.  Also her club wants to create a Scholarship Fund in her name for the UofA.
Lynne said we grossed $1535.00 from the shred event.  Randy said Don offer to pay the Shred Truck.
50/50 tickets were sold  Denise was the lucky one and pulled the Joker the pot was $180.00, and she donated it back to the club.
Happy Bucks
Bob the Computer is working we have Biffy from all the way in Africa
Lynne did not have a good day yesterday, but the Startbucks server had a wonderful smile.
Kathy said she is just happy.
Adam happy to be in person
Dan just happy
Sulee Just Happy
Harold Happy Computer worked for zoom
John Shredding event was a great event
Becky Happy she gets to babysit grand baby.
Pete Happy that someone else has learned the computer
Lynne told one of her great jokes “Did you hear about the hen who laid orange instead if egg and all the little chicks were running around, saying look at the orange mama laid”. Hahaha
Kathy Dooling said they had a great outbound exchange student orientation
Denise is happy
Laura said she didn’t have a good week and didn’t elaborate
Mary happy her brother is visiting
Carol happy her 95-year-old mother few across the country to come and visit (I hope we can all do that someday)
Randy he is happy that Biffy is with us today – he also gave a statue to John and Cindy Dooling for the daughter because she said she just bought a bicycle built for two.
Speaker was Elizabeth (aka BiffY) Danckwerts from the Eastern Cape of Cape Town.  Biffy was brought up in Eastern Cape and did a short stint in Johannesburg for 4 years in the 80’s.  She joined Rotary in May of 2005 and was awarded a PH in 2009 and again 2019.   Biffy serves in her club.
Biffy is currently starting new Satellite Club called the MAD Rotary Club, she said this should be a fully-fledged club within a year.
What an interesting lady – wish the vocals would have been better.
She is the happiest working in Khayelitsha, it means new home) and her second language is Xhosa.     She showed us pictures of the houses they are nothing more that shacks.  Some of the small houses have 3-8 children in the tiny little house.  
She showed us a great PowerPoint about the school she is working to improve.   The kids there are so excited to go to school.  She has done so much to help the kids have a great education.  She showed of the school, library, courtyard, lunch area.    She showed us the original computer room and now they have an updated computer room the kids have 90 minutes per child to work on the computer there are 96 computers in the room. 
There are 1205 children in the school each day and it’s a very sandy play area.  She had tried to grow trees, but they won’t grow.
The kids must be feed breakfast and lunch each day.    And they all sit in the cafeteria on the floor in the lunch area.  Most of these kids come from homes with illiterate parents most of them don’t know how to read or write. 
Most of the children had never heard any kind of classical music, the now have a conductor and the children are playing instruments. 
There were 46 children per classroom before now they have hired more teachers.
This was a great presentation from her.  
Randy said when he was visiting Biffy in Africa there was a house that had the Rotary seal on it.   Randy said she has a hug heart and how she has worked with the children.
Rotary Meeting May 3, 2022 2022-05-03 07:00:00Z 0
Marana Rotary Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 2022-04-28 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting April 26, 2022

Marana Rotary Club
Randy called the meeting to order
Mary led us in the flag Salute.  
Randy said – sad news - Liz Cohen is very ill and was placed in hospice yesterday.
Adam Pina a prospective member joined us via zoom (welcome).   He is a financial advisor with Edwards Jones.  He grew up in Tucson and Live in Marana with his wife, he was a private banker for Wells Fargo.  He is a Yankees fan, Mary put on her NY hat, Kathy put on Cubs, Don put on his Boston hat, Laura put on her team hat.   Ya we have baseball fans. (let’s go to a game)
Lynne told a joke   The Yankees were playing the Red Sox at Fenway Park a kid goes to the game he meets his priest there they get to talking and after the game the priest says  can I get a ride home the kid says  father, I would be happy to.  So they are driving down the street and here is this Yankee fan all decked out in his garb, hat, shirt the whole 9 yards the kids swerves, and almost hits him.   At the last minute he veers off and looks at the priest and said Father I am so sorry I shouldn’t have done that, and the priest said no worries  my son I got him with the door.
Happy Buck Time:
Harold said he and Bob spent a couple of hours working on getting the computers going at the fire department, so at the next meeting we can be hybrid.
Bob also happy about getting the computer going.
Kathy – 450 new chicks at the farm we will be at her place to visit on  5/31.
Becky – new grandma Elenore, and her other granddaughter June had her 4th birthday Saturday. 
Mary – another treatment  - good news brother arriving today to help Mary.
John – question for Kathy – with all the chicken can you use the chicken dropping to make her own compost and she explained how she does that.   Don and Cindy hosted the District Governor and District Governor Elect at their house along with the outgoing foreign exchange students.  Rotary 5500  has students going to Belgium, Thailand & Denmark and we will bring in four incoming students
Laura – happy and relieved she is done with the AZ Supreme Court; she won’t know for four or five months if she wins or not.  She said this was called a hot bench. it’s what the call a hot bench:* here is the meaning The Supreme Court justices are talking. And they are talking more than ever during oral argument. The term “hot bench” implies that appellate judges engage in vibrant verbal exchanges with the parties during oral hearings.
Don, good news he watched the live streaming of Laura at the Supreme Court he said she was fantastic. Their daughter is an FBI  agent in New York she was just selected to train for the  Hostage Negotiation Team. Shelter Box update sense the beginning of the rotary year district 5500 has raised over $46,000 for shelter box.   That ranks us 9th out of 150 some districts in the US and second in our zone and were one of the smallest districts in the zone.
Sulee – Also watched Laura and we went to Bullhead with 18 family member and had a great time.
Lynne happy tax season is off and happy she is semi-retired.
We netted $7400.00 at the Tour de Cookie.
Shredding event this Saturday
  • Event will be from 9:00 – 1200
  • We need to be set up and ready to go by 8:30, if you can help, please be there by 8:00 a.m.  All hands-on deck if possible.
  • John will bring two pop ups, tables and chairs,  signs for the road.
  • Have some masks on hand for elderly people.
  • John will bring a cooler with water.
  • Laura brining bagels and crem cheese.
  • Becky to make sure we have the credit card.
  • John has some trifold to hand out.
  • Randy has a paper that we handed out last year.
Student of the month:
Denise Coronado, Student of the Month Brisel Rivera
She went to school at Road runner and Marana Middle School and then to the High School. She wanted to graduate earlier and be with a smaller community.   What she likes best about MCAT: is the schedule and that she has  6th period to use as independent time so she can catch up on her work.    Denise said that Brisel is the one that really gets her work done!  She will graduate in December she was supposed to be a May 2024 graduate, can you imagine graduating two years early?  She is going to go to the Pima and then the UofA and get her teaching degree.   Info her brother is also a graduate of MCAT
Laura asked her what teaching area she is  interested in and she said History.  Mr Bohen is the person she picked to be there with her today he is her History Teacher.  He said  Brisel is supper self-directed she had a lot of questions and always want to know more.  She is willing to help other students that are struggling a little bit.  Because of that other student are also engaging more.  She is a great role model.   Rotary provided her with a certificate and a gift card to the movies. 
Brisel said it was an honor to be at MCAT.
Denise said that MCAT,  graduation is May 19th, 2022.  She has four seats for us to join, let Randy know ASAP who is going.
Mary – Past District governor Eli sent a card thanking for the video sent in for the peace pole. 
Laura and Mary have been planning Laura’s installation. She has picked June 18th  for the date and to be held at Laura’s house and it will be catered.   John recommends that Laura and Lynne put their heads together to discuss the budget for her year.    
John said the Annual Programs fund raising is , total contributions are at $8540. That includes polo plus and foundation. Randy’s goal was $10,000.  Lynne has another $1600.00 to go in this will put him over his goal at $10,140.   Membership goal was two and we have three new members, Cindy, Kathy and Carol.
John will receive honors for his year as president.  Club also submitted the paperwork we will be honored as a Prestige Club.
John kind of related My Rotary, My Rotary in the district people registered 54%.  The only two people in our club who are not registered Kathy and Carol are the only two members not registered. 
Next week’s  hybrid meeting the  speaker is Elizabeth "Biffie" Danckwert  from South Africa. 
Mary asked on behalf of Jen our Youth Exchange Daughter if anyone would be willing to host her 24-year-old friend for three months.
Don led us in the Four Way Test.
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390th Tour

Rotary Club of Marana Visits the 390th Air Museum
On March 26th, 10 members of our Rotary Club visited the 390th Museum at the Pima Air and Space Museum off of Valencia Road in Tucson. The 390th Air Museum is the Home of the B-17 “Super Fortress” bomber and tells the story of this World War II bomber group as they fought in the war in Europe.
Harold Burtzloff and Beckie Penman had coordinated with Glenn Rosati of the museum to have meeting facilities available for members to gather and share coffee and doughnuts. There we met our tour guide, Col. Don Cassidy. Col. Don gave us an introductory briefing and then proceeded to show us the through all of the various exhibits within the building.  The centerpiece was the last B-17 flown by any service. Members were allowed to look inside the aircraft and asked many questions.
Of particular interest to most was the gallery of photos of every B-17 and their crews in the 390th. Along the walls were various examples of airplanes with their mission count and what happened to them.  Many were lost over Germany. Nose Art (crew produced aircraft names and symbols (usually females) painted on the noses of each B-17, various flight jackets and uniforms, parachutes and other items used by the crews were displayed and explained.
Of particular interest was the section on the Norden Bombsight, a top-secret device used by bombardiers, that allowed them to essentially take over the controls of the aircraft to guide it to a very precise drop point, insuring a target hit. According to Col. Don, a lady with some very long hair had donated her locks for the production of these sights – literally being used as “cross hairs” of the scope that were overlaid on the target.
Our club was so impressed with the museum and their personnel that we voted to make a special donation of $200.00 to the museum.
390th Tour 2022-04-21 07:00:00Z 0

Shelter Box HERO

A ShelterBox HERO Club Congratulations

President Randy and members of the Rotary Club of Marana,
Congratulations on receiving your latest ShelterBox HERO recognition!
Your support is very much appreciated during this very challenging year of natural and manmade disasters. Your contributions have helped save lives and families in places like Haiti, and for the refugees in and near Ukraine.
As you know, ShelterBox has provided aid to over 2 million people since 2000, we could not have reached them without clubs like yours. If you would like to have your certificate also presented in person at a club meeting, and/or you would like a 2022 ShelterBox update for your club please, just let us know!
Thank you for being a ShelterBox HERO!
Shelter Box HERO 2022-04-17 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting  April 12, 2022

Marana Rotary Club
April 12, 2022 weekly meeting
Randy returned to lead us in this hybrid meeting.
Bob informed that speakers were set until June and that he would appreciate help as he will be leaving for Virginia in June.
Randy told the group that he would be leaving in May for 4 months and that Laura will help run the meetings if he isn’t able to join remotely.
Carol says she will be in Wales and Scotland in June/July as we consider timing for her formal induction
Peter announced he will be out of pocket the next two weeks, Bob volunteered to set up the meeting room computer
Cathy reminded the group that the next social, the fifth Tuesday of the month, will be held at Felicia’s Farms.
Randy informed that Lynn has not gotten to the final accounting for the Tour de Cookie due to her heavy tax season load, but will do so after the 18th
Randy and Don had lunch with Jeremy, the past speaker on the Marana detention facility, who is considering membership in our club.
Randy will deliver to Lynn $190 from the Tour de C plus $27 in Happy Bucks.
Happy Bucks
Harold was happy that his 50th wedding anniversary celebration went so well and thanked everybody.
Carol is happily preparing or retirement (again!  Practice makes perfect) on June 30th
Mary, joining incognito, explained that chemo had started and was rougher than expected.  She will participate to the extent possible; we all wish her the very best and will support her in her treatment and full recovery.
John reported that he was just happy, as usual and that two grandsons were winning at sports
Sulee was happy and volunteered to take notes while Andy was in Africa the month of May.  Thank you Sulee!
Andy was happy that the howling winds had stopped in southern Utah.
Guest Speaker
Today’s speaker is Jake Snyder, head of Corporate Partnerships for the Roadrunners hockey team.  Jake has only been in the position since last June, but seems to have energized the community partnerships with his team in a very short time.  Jake came from positions at the Philadelphia 76er’s and New Jersey Devils.  He made the decision to come to the Roadrunners where he felt he could accomplish more in a not-so-large corporate environment.  Jake’s talk certainly relayed that passion for the local team.  Jake described some of the 73 cooperate and community partnerships, some of which have linked to causes such as autism and Hispanic inclusion in the team’s sphere of influence. 
Very interesting presentation……thank you Bob for finding this one.
Report on Recent Board Meeting
Randy gave a brief report on the past Board meeting held April 6.  The Board approved a $500 donation for a request brought forward by Elizabeth (last nameunclear) for the drilling of a water bore hole in S Africa in order for the local community to change their source of water from a distant pond shared by animals.   Elizabeth will be presenting to the club in the near future
Harold motioned that $200 be donated to the 390th Air Museum, the club approved the motion unanimously.
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Rotary Meeting April 5, 2022

Marana Rotary Club
April 5, 2022 weekly meeting
Laura led the hybrid meeting in Randy’s absence
Harold announced that TODAY is his and Ellen’s 50th wedding anniversary and contributed 50 bucks to Happy Bucks.  Congratulations Harold!
.Bob announced that there were two more applications for grants under the Rotary Vocational Fund of AZ and that volunteers were needed to interview applicants. 
Don reminded that the shredding event will be held Saturday, April 30th.
Happy Bucks
Beckie is a new grandmother!
Don shared that a past member of our club (Lightfoot) had a grandson who he bragged about his basketball skills.  Turns out it was Mitch Lightfoot who played for the Kansas Jayhawks in their NCAA Championship game last evening.
Laura thanked Denise for the yummy treats
Induction of Carol Buucks
 Laura invited Don and Carol to the podium for the induction of Carol Buucks into the Marana Rotary Club.  Carol, who is soon to retire, moved to Tucson over 40 years ago from Tennessee to complete her Masters at the U of A.  Carol has already completed two of the three RLI on-line webinars.  Laura, and the club, warmly welcomed Carol as she joins us in making Rotary ideals become reality.
Guest Speaker
Today’s speaker is our own Sulee, hence not a “guest”.  Sulee made an amazing presentation of her passion project, the Missing in America Project (“MIAP”).  Her talk was thought-provoking as well as informative.  The statistics are mind-boggling; over 21, 000 veterans remains are being held in various locations, only some 5,000 have been identified, and 4,653 have been laid to rest.  Veterans date back to as far as the Civil War.  Sulee mentioned that the next internment event will be held in Marana on April 23 and encouraged anyone interested to attend; it is an emotional experience.
Sulee is a veteran herself, having served in the U.S. Navy as well as retired from law enforcement, along with her husband.   We deeply thank them both for their service and thank Sulee for a provocative talk today.
In closing
Bob reminded that our next week’s speaker will be Jake Snyder who will speak on the Roadrunners Hockey Team
Mary announced that week after next is our “week of service”.  Mary added that, much to her surprise, the bench will arrive in mid-April for the Peace Garden.
Rotary Meeting April 5, 2022 2022-04-05 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting March 22, 2022

Marana Rotary Club
March 22, 2022 weekly meeting
Mary reminded the group that this evening was the annual Peace Builders Clubs meeting.
Mary also announced that the installation of Anita McDonald as District Governor would occur on June 26 and that volunteers were being sought for the registration table and sergeant of arms..   Volunteers would serve from the evening of the 25th until about noon on the 26th.
Happy Bucks
Randy lamented the lose of women’s UA basketball team in the NCAA Tournament.
Bob reported a happy experience at the Sunlakes AZ aero-club where pilots gathered to share experiences
Cindy related some RI news: the Youth Exchange Committee was formed in 1999 and disbanded in 2019.  It is now being reinstated, giving the YE a seat at the RI table once again.
John mentioned that Hank Marshall, a long-ago member of the Marana Club, has passed away.  John was involved in the first Mars Rover where his name is included as a team member.  John would like to place a memorial plaque for Hank on our equipment locker.
Beckie has been checking on the Peace Garden as part of her commitment for March.  Randy also pays occasional visits and both report that Garden is clean.
Peter asked about the status of the bench; Mary responded that the order is still pending and likely won’t be received for a few more months.
Denise will monitor the Garden in April
Randy will be leaving on a journey starting in mid-May, returning mid-Sept; Mary will fill in for him if he is not able to lead any meetings.
Harold made a motion that $500 be donated to the Rotary Vocational Fund of AZ.  District 5500 has had the highest contribution record of the three AZ districts.  Mary recommended that the amount be increased to $1,000.  After discussion, Laura made the motion that the original motion be increased to $1,000 and the motion was carried unanimously.
Don mentioned that the RLI leadership training coursewas held last Saturday and that Carol, yet to be inducted, had attended!  Don also reminded the group of the shredding event on April 30th.  John said that he will supply an insurance certification for our use of the Harkins facility.
Beckie reminded the meeting that the social event will occur at the 390th museum and the group discussed logistics and meeting time.
Peter apologized for the problems during his presentation last week and said he was working on the AV issues for the fire district meeting room.
Bob asked for help in assembling future speakers.  Sulee volunteered to present her Missing in America topic the first week in April.  Several other ideas were discussed and Bob asked that contacts/suggestions be emailed to him.
Randy had wanted to take up a discussion today about the RI code of ethics and behavior; however, we had run out of time and would table the topic until a future meeting.
Peter remined that next week was dark.
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Rotary Meeting March 15, 2022

Marana Rotary Club
March 15, 2022 weekly meeting
Randy started saying it felt good to be back in person.
Randy presented Harold with a Paul Harris Fellowship +3 Award, meaning that Harold had contributed $4,000 to Rotary.  When matches are considered, this amounts to $16,000 in total donations!    Harold has been in our club since 1990 doing good deeds.  Everyone joined in a hearty round of applause.  Way to go, Harold!
Mary introduced our guest, Carol Buuck, who will be our newest member shortly.  Mary also announced that a new grant opportunity will soon be appearing for a South Africa water project.  Randy wants to bring this up at the next board meeting, and that it will fall under Laura’s presidency.
Denise presented a $500 donation to the club from her business.  The check is the result of her meeting special goals (“super-goals”) set by the company who chose to make the donation to our club
Don reminded the club that RLI was beginning its on-line course this coming Saturday
Happy Bucks
Randy was happy to have seen his great granddaughter, 3 yrs old, in Las Vegas while visiting with his son
Harold was happy to have had breakfast last week with John Z who is leaving for Canada for a few months.  Harold was also fighting with over 10,000 slides from his world-wide travels in the 60’s and 70’s; the slides got spilled and were all mixed up!
John happily reported that he turned 73 yesterday
Carol attended the recent book fair on campus and reported delight in hearing authors’ lectures
Mary and Cathy said that Felicia’s Farms was advancing well.  Cathy will be in Rocky Point for a long weekend
Don will be heading again to New York this Thursday where he will visit family
Laura was delighted that the UA women’s (and men’s) basketball teams were so highly ranked ahead of the infamous March Madness tournament
Peter regretted that he had to miss the past several meetings due to travel schedules
Cindy was happy to have had a fantastic time with kids at the UA Festival of Books
Randy was looking forward to attending his first women’s basketball game
Beckie reminded all of the Poker Night fund raising event for the Dove Mtn club.  She also reminded all of the upcoming social meeting at the 390th Air Museum on March 26.
Don mentioned that the District has donated a total of $12,000 to Shelter Box and that ours and Dove Mtn were the first two clubs to raise the awareness.
Guest Speaker
 Needing no introduction, Peter Mack spoke of his fascinating career trajectory in astronomy and telescope  construction, repair and restoration; beginning at a young age with a pair of binoculars and evolving into involvement with some the most sophisticated telescope projects world-wide.   His education in England was followed by a stint teaching at Oklahoma, of all places, followed by a several year period at Kitt Peak.  Peter broke from academia and research to form his own, independent telescope restoration and maintenance company which he remains very involved in to this very day.   
Peter’s story is truly unique and the club is most fortunate to have his support and membership.  Everyone hopes to soon hear about his involvement in the JWST space telescope project!
Rotary Meeting March 15, 2022 2022-03-15 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting March 8, 2022

Marana Rotary Club
March 8, 2022 weekly meeting
Randy glowed over the success of the Tour de Cookie and thanked everyone for the unprecedented effort making this Tour the most successful yet. 
Happy Bucks
A quick check in quickly turned into a recap of the Tour. 
Harold has over 70 photos that he can share to the website.
Cathy heard a few comments that there was not enough signage: couple of folks asking directions.
Dan thanked everyone for making this Tour the least stressful of all.  Numbers not yet firm, but looks like we took in approx. $12,500. 
Beckie and Mary commented that a few voiced environmental concerns over the use of so many baggies for individual cookies. 
Laura suggested that we take all of the feedback into a small committee to evaluate for future Tours.
Discussions turned to the tragic events unfolding in Ukraine.  Don commented that Shelter Box has an assessment team on the ground in Poland, Romania and Hungary to determine what is needed besides tents or temporary shelter, such as building materials  and tools.  The supplies will be purchased locally to also help the effected economies.  A donation of $1,000 will buy a shelter box with up to seven kits.  Six rotary clubs are already raising funds for Shelter Box. 
Harold said the Foundation would contribute $1,000 to Shelter Box, Bob said he will match that donation amount.  It was suggested that the Marana Rotary Foundation should contribute $2,000 to SB.   A vote taken was unanimous.  Also, it was noted that today being International Women’s Day, RI will match any gifts up to $10,000.  Don Jorgensen said that he will make sure that any gifts made today will qualify for the match.
Other announcements
The Air Museum social event is slated for Saturday, March 26.  Ten members said they planned to attend. 
Mary shared a video made by Sulee regarding the world peace essay contest.  Sulee has done a fabulous job on this effort.  Mary and Sulee commented that kids really put their hearts into the effort.   Bob seconded the feeling and said that the event was quite emotional.
The next meeting will be hybrid at the fire station.   Peter Mack will present on the space telescope program.
Rotary Meeting March 8, 2022 2022-03-15 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting March 1, 2022

Marana Rotary Club
March 1, 2022 weekly meeting
Happy Bucks
Randy was delighted with the number of events the club was involved in and the support of our members
Harold had mixed feelings after selling his Bonanza airplane after 45 years of flying.  Goodbye to a family member
Cathy was happy about a memorial after 6 months
Sulee was happy about the collaborative effort with Mary producing the Peace video
Bob was breaking up with bad connection, so simply reported that he was happy!
Cindy was happy to have a track event coming up involving her grandson.  Randy suggested that she and John be given assigned reserved seats for all of the sporting events they attend
John was just very happy today
Beckie was happy to have the Tour de Cookies flyers ready to hand out and has been VERY busy with the event
Laura was happy to have had a great experience at PETS last weekend in Los Angeles
Mary was happy to have closed off the Cameroon Project with RI and to have shared an amazing time with the kids in the Four-Way essay contest
Don also attended PETS where he met the incoming RI president, Jennifer Jones.  He shared that Laura was really stepping up to the plate and taking on a lot of work as incoming Pres
Andy was reporting in from Colorado Springs, more about that later!
Denise was still happily working very hard on the Tour de C.
Dan was also working hard on the Tour, which has grown immensely.  Dan feels less nervous than previous years, despite there being over 300 riders expected.  He is lining up the troops for this Saturday’s event.
Miscellaneous Announcements
Randy and Deb will work backwards at the Tour, thanking the booth sponsors as they ride to the starting point.
Cindy mentioned that District Governor, “Hank”, will stop by our booth at the Tour
Laura mentioned that there are over 80 Rotary Clubs in Ukraine with 1100 members.  And that RI has expressed their concern and support for the crisis they are facing
Guest Speaker
Bob introduced today’s speakers, Mike and Joan of Primeamerica, a financial advisory firm providing counseling and guidance for money management.  Mike explained their approach towards responsible money management and retirement planning.  They guide their clients through debt strategies and retirement planning.  Mike described their approach through a series of concepts that were thoughtfully presented.  Most of us older folks could have used their visions during our earlier years!
Thank you, Bob, for arranging this interesting talk!
Rotary Meeting March 1, 2022 2022-03-02 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting Feb 22, 2022

Marana Rotary Club
February 22, 2022 weekly meeting
March 19, Packing of Boxes
March 16, Veterans one-stop-shop event, sponsored by the Dove Mtn. Club
The first two meetings in March will be virtual before returning to hybrid
Happy Bucks
Mary- thanks to Bob, Linda, and Peter for attending the Four-way essay contest.
John- “life is good”.  John was especially happy for the article printed in this morning’s newspaper, “best news about our club ever published”
Cindy- was happily working with the outbound orientation for exchange students
Bob was entertaining guests from Oklahoma and thankful for the perfect rodeo weather
Beckie was working hard on the Tour de Cookies event and shared her thoughts about format.  Beckie’s also working on the air museum social event
Laura was also happy about the news article and suggested it be shared on social media
Cathy also shared some ideas including putting the article on Facebook
Dan shared that we have over 200 riders at this point and that using Facebook has been very successful.  Dan needs all the help he can get, the Tour is growing
Denise raised the question of how many cookies
Don reported that the April 30 shredding event was firm.  He also reminded that Carol’s application had been circulated and her induction into the club is set to go.
Bob informed that next week’s speaker will address “How Money Works”, and that Peter will present on March 15
Peter shared that the first images from the space telescope have been received and lamented the fact that a polio outbreak has een reported from Malawi
Laura was happy to have her sister and husband visiting and they journeyed to Gardner Canyon,  A real day off!
Andy was looking forward to a special visit to see rarely seen petroglyphs
MCAT student of the Month
Denise Coronado presented Lillian, the student of the month, surrounded by teachers and family members.  Lilliana just turned 16 and was selected for her leadership.  She was described by her peers as a “student ambassador” .  Lilliana always participates in volunteer events such as sending Valentines to poor families and supporting them during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.  Lilliana wants to go into real estate in Texas someday.
Rotary Meeting Feb 22, 2022 2022-03-02 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting Feb 15, 2022

Thanks to Laura, following are the minutes for our Feb 15 meeting.
Marana Rotary Club
February 15, 2022 weekly meeting
Attendance: Denise West, John and Cindy Dooling, Bob Bishop, Dan Contorno, Sulee Edwards, Harold Burtzloff, Don Jorgensen, Mary Straus, Bouba, Beckie Penman, Cathy Lolwing, Laura Clymer. Guest: Norbert Stede from Porto Maroua, Cameroon.
Continue virtual meetings only through March 8 – Plan to return to hybrid March 15.
Busy times in the District. There are several other events going on the same day of our Tour de Cookie, including a Rotary river clean-up.
Four-Way Test speech contest
Mary met with the students on Wednesday and spoke with them, but unfortunately they were not prepared. Mary is doubtful that they will be able to pull it together.
Food bank box packaging
Volunteers regularly on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Next possible packing day week March 19: John and Cindy D., Mary, Denise, Bob, Randy, 7:45 a.m.
Peace Garden update
This past weekend, Peter, Mary and Randy installed the plaque Rotary Club of Marana
Tour de Cookie update
Dan C: Shirts ordered 220; 146 riders have registered. Thanks for all the behind-the-scenes work. One thing we can all do: we need sponsors $500 and logo. Need a few more sponsors.
Cameroon Project update
Bouba and Norbert Stede. Electricity is not reliable. Embroidery. May need a generator. Tailoring is operational and 9 students in training to make uniforms for school. Women’s group assessed the needs of women. Reading and writing skills are needed – book entries, income and expenses, etc. Second session of training occurred several weeks ago. Bouba has appointed a manager for Grain Mill who collect the money and manage, purchase and replace parts, and report to the women. Bouba and Norbert are visiting the grain mill to see how that management of the grain mill is going. Grain Bank has 50 bags of millet, which was handed out during last dry season. It’s turning out to be a good and useful investment for the poor people in the area. Intend to increase to 100 bags of millet in the bank. Water system: a pump kept failing so a more robust and new one was purchased in July 2021 and seems to be working better. Garden – termites keep eating the mango trees but the citrus trees are doing better. Goats managed to pass through the fencing, so the fencing had to reinforced with chicken wire to keep the goats out.
Current project focuses on villages with about 2,000 residents.
Rotary Meeting Feb 15, 2022 2022-02-25 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting Feb 8, 2022

Marana Rotary Club
February 8, 2022 weekly meeting
This week’s meeting was held virtually, as will the remaining meetings through the end of February.
Don reported that Harkin’s Theatre and the shredding company have confirmed the shredding event date for Saturday, April 30th.
Mary has 173 of the cookie medallions for the upcoming Tour de Cookie event, and suggests providing 100 of the Ben’s Belt coins to augment memorabilia tokens for the Tour participants
Mary also reports that, following up on the recent Board meeting’s discussion regarding the need for more local service projects, the Southern AZ Food Bank is seeking support.  There are two options which Mary will research and report back upon for club members to volunteer.
Randy mentioned that thank you letters have been received for our support to families over the holidays, our support for the Police Foundation, and a thank you was received from John Zwick for the flowers he received.
Randy reported that at our latest Board meeting,  John Z. would be given Emeritus status, wherein John would be invited to attend our meetings/events and club dues would be covered from club funds.  Randy asked if any members had concerns to please contact him directly.
Randy again asked for help promoting the Tour de Cookie promotions at Rillito Park, Sundays, from 9-11AM.  After awkward silence, Mary volunteered, again.   Randy noted that Don, Mary, and Cathy have been the sole volunteers and reminded that this was our biggest fund-raising event and asked for more support.
Happy Bucks
  • Harold was happy to be meeting John Z for breakfast at Grumpy’s following the meeting.  All are welcome to join.
  • Cathy was happy to be planting this week at Felicias Farms
  • Don visited the Sand Hill Cranes near Wilcox before departing to Seattle.  And, that he was promoted to District Governor Nominee, moving his assuming the Governor’s position up by one year.  Not official, stay tuned.
  • Beckie was “just happy” and shared that she had a recent birthday lunch followed by a neighborhood walk with her new dog, “Joy” to introduce her to her new surroundings
  • Laura’s oldest sister was in town and showed us an amazing birthday cake from the Village Bakery.
  • Cindy was delighted to have her 6 year old grand daughter for a Sunday visit
  • John was happy that the U of A men’s and women’s basketball teams were in very strong shape
  • Denise was happy to have the Gem Show back in town
  • Mary was looking forward to meeting with the Owl and Panther refugees tomorrow to talk about the Peace Pole essay project.
  • Lynne is beginning tax season, and shared a funny story about Facebook and the experiences of us dinosaurs with the social media
  • Andy was happy that one of the companies he’s involved with approved an innovative investment into Cameroon to support a reforestation and carbon emission reduction program
  • Dan was celebrating a seven day fishing expedition in a remote village south of Cancun, Mexico where he actually caught fish!
  • Adrian (guest speaker) was happy to be sharing zoom time with sunny Arizona from her home in Kansas City
  • Randy shared an interesting experience involving an obviously off-kilter, right winger’s interactions with Mary at Rillito Park last Sunday where Mary put herself out there in a meaningful way.
Adriane Parry and Brad Lundell spoke on behalf of the Operation Mainstreet Project, the objective of which is to educate as to the sources of food production from the agricultural industry.  Brad’s family runs a large family pig farming operation in Iowa.  Brad described the many aspects of the pork industry that the general population is not aware of and dispelled many of the myths and misconceptions surrounding the pork industry.  Especially enlightening were the evolution of the pig-farming business, misconceptions about the supposed “big-corporation” involvement in pig-farming, the environmental impacts (now greatly reduced) and the humane lifestyle the majority of pigs-in-waiting enjoy.  Brad and Adrianne also explained many of the underlying food chain supply problems we’ve seen over the past two years.  Interestingly, they also clarified what “organic” and “no antibiotic” terms mean and their usage on packaging.  The pig farming business has evolved differently than my impressions led me to believe, and the talk was timely and enlightening.

Rotary Meeting Feb 8, 2022 2022-02-09 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting Feb 1, 2022

Marana Rotary Club
February 1, 2022 weekly meeting
This week’s meeting was held virtually, as will the remaining meetings through the end of February.
Randy reminded that the monthly Board meeting will be held the following day at 12 noon.
Laura is celebrating her birthday today (Hooray and perfectly sung Happy Birthday by the club choir).
It was also noted that Dan’s birthday was yesterday, and that there seems an abundance of Aquarians in our club.
Randy noted that we received a very nice letter thanking us for the X-mas and Thanksgiving support given to our sponsored families.
Randy shared that his Sunday morning promotional efforts for the Tour de Cookie event have been productive; however, he would appreciate more help from club members to relieve him and Deb.  Rillito Park, Sundays, 9-12 noon.  There was brief discussion as to whether chocolate chip versus pumpkin cookies were more popular.
Randy reminded all that the club dues notices were sent out by Lynn and would appreciate prompt attention.
Mary met with Bouba last Wednesday.  He is preparing a final report on the Cameroon Project to present to the club soon.
Flyers are being prepared for distribution regarding the Peace Pole essay contest involving the Owl and Panther group.  Winners will be invited to attend the Peace Garden event on Feb. 19.  All are encouraged to attend to make these refugees feel welcome and comfortable.
John, Don, and Laura created a presentation illustrating how donations to RI are treated and distributed.  They explained, using a $100 donation example, that $47.50 goes to District Designated Funds, with $47.50 going to RI.  The DDF monies are returned to the respective districts and used to match funds committed to qualified club service projects.  Using the Cameroon Project as an example, DDF’s supplied $16,250 while matches brought the project total to $38,736.
Other interesting facts: the cost to vaccinate one kid from Polio is 60 cents.  And, approximately 7% of Rotarians are Paul Harris Society members.
Rotary Meeting Feb 1, 2022 2022-02-01 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting Jan 25, 2022

Marana Rotary Club
January 25, 2022 weekly meeting
This week’s meeting constituted the monthly business meeting, held virtually.  The next two weeks will be virtual, followed by a poll to determine if there is comfort for meetings in person.
Happy Bucks
  • Harold reported that he had breakfast with John Z. last week and will again this morning.  John very much appreciates the connection to the club.
  • Bob was happy to get his boat out of the water in Oklahoma and remains busy babysitting grandkids
  • Cindy is doing fine and enjoying close family events
  • John is engaging family for the upcoming shredding and other events.  Appreciates where we live and the rosy glow over the Rincon Mtns.  John also reported that they had used an old gift certificate for Nanna’s Kitchen and that Javier’s business seemed good
  • Don is looking forward to a drive with Cathy up to Scottsdale to visit family members and friends from Chicago
  • Cathy reports that things are good.  And that she has replacement glasses for the pair Randy broke last Sunday at Rillito Park
  • Mary is happily baking cookies, non-stop
  • Peter shred an experience where he put a houseboat on a lake in Oklahoma, only to return the following year to find that the reservoir had been drained
  • Beckie reports that Carl has a “man-cold”, but has tested negative for COVID
  • Sulee is “hanging in there”
  • Laura lamented the fact that her computer was not cooperating this morning and will share her coffee with the incalcitrant machine
  • Andy reported peace and quiet in S. Utah, should be traveling to Tucson in the coming two weeks and will hook up with Randy
  • Dan was doing fine, driving down Speedway as he spoke.  Suggested special ingredients in Mary’s cookies
Randy announced that Cathy Lowling has agreed to accept the nomination as Club President following Laura’s term.  Randy formally made the motion to nominate Cathy, Bob seconded the motion, and the members approved unanimously.
Randy spoke to the need for everyone to pitch in to help Dan with the March 5, Tour de Cookie.  Needs include finding booth sponsors ($500 per booth), signage, on site direction-givers, advertising, etc.  Dan reports that there are perhaps 45-50 riders confirmed this far.  Dan informed that sponsors need to be finalized within two weeks in order for them to be included in the tee short designs.  Beckie reported that there were 14 sponsors confirmed, so far, with roughly half being new sponsors and half repeats.   Cookie needs are estimated to be 300-350 cookies provided per booth.
Committee Reports
Foundation matching donations- John reported that one person, Harold, met the two-month window ending Dec 31 for matching gifts up to $500 to Rotary International
Randy announced that he had two Paul Harris pins; one for Harold and the other for Bob Bishop
Mary reported on the status of the 2021-22 club service projects.  Notably:
  • The Cameroon Project is being wrapped up and all monies have been spent., and
  • D5500 Peace Pole Tour:
    • Since the Interact Club no longer exists, Mary suggested that those monies approved for the Interact Club essay contest be transferred to an essay contest with participation from the Owl and Panther; an organization of refugees who have a history of torture and abuse.  After discussion, Randy made the motion that an essay contest themed “what is your vision for peace, incorporating the concepts of the four-way test”.  Cash prizes will be $100 for first place, $75 for second place and $50 for third place.  Sulee seconded and the motion passed unanimously.  It was further decided that the judging committee be comprised of
    • Randy
    • Mary
    • Sulee
    • Peter and
    • Cindy
Mary also recommended that we adopt a quarterly club service workday at Felicias Farms.  Wednesday was the suggested day and club members agreed with the suggestion.
Don reported on the membership drive informing that Carol of the Food Bank had submitted her application for club membership.
Harold reported that the Foundation held approximately $9,500 in cash, less the obligation to pay Shelter Box $1,000, and that the Foundation had spent $5,810 last year which is more than was taken in.
MCAT student of the Month
Jake Weller of Marana was presented to the club by his mentor/teacher, Denise de Coronado, accompanied by Jake’s mother and grandmother, and various colleagues and teachers.  Jake described his journey beginning at Ironwood Elementary and Mountain View where COVI challenged his education and he discovered MCAT.  Denise explained that Jake was chosen for his qualities not only in academics, but his attitude and level of engagement plus drive.  Jake is a guitar player who will soon be appearing at the new Whiskey Road club at the Foothills Mall.  The club commended Jake and Randy presented to him a $35 movie gift certificate.
Randy ended the meeting sharing a recent experience where his neighbors house was demolished by an explosion rapidly followed by sweeping fire. 
Rotary Meeting Jan 25, 2022 2022-01-26 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary club business meeting 1/25/22

Marana Rotary Club
January 25, 2022 weekly meeting
This week’s meeting constituted the monthly business meeting, held virtually.  The next two weeks will be virtual, followed by a poll to determine if there is comfort for meetings in person.
Happy Bucks
  • Harold reported that he had breakfast with John Z. last week and will again this morning.  John very much appreciates the connection to the club.
  • Bob was happy to get his boat out of the water in Oklahoma and remains busy babysitting grandkids
  • Cindy is doing fine and enjoying close family events
  • John is engaging family for the upcoming shredding and other events.  Appreciates where we live and the rosy glow over the Rincon Mtns.  John also reported that they had used an old gift certificate for Nanna’s Kitchen and that Javier’s business seemed good
  • Don is looking forward to a drive with Cathy up to Scottsdale to visit family members and friends from Chicago
  • Cathy reports that things are good.  And that she has replacement glasses for the pair Randy broke last Sunday at Rillito Park
  • Mary is happily baking cookies, non-stop
  • Peter shred an experience where he put a houseboat on a lake in Oklahoma, only to return the following year to find that the reservoir had been drained
  • Beckie reports that Carl has a “man-cold”, but has tested negative for COVID
  • Sulee is “hanging in there”
  • Laura lamented the fact that her computer was not cooperating this morning and will share her coffee with the incalcitrant machine
  • Andy reported peace and quiet in S. Utah, should be traveling to Tucson in the coming two weeks and will hook up with Randy
  • Dan was doing fine, driving down Speedway as he spoke.  Suggested special ingredients in Mary’s cookies
Randy announced that Cathy Lowling has agreed to accept the nomination as Club President following Laura’s term.  Randy formally made the motion to nominate Cathy, Bob seconded the motion, and the members approved unanimously.
Randy spoke to the need for everyone to pitch in to help Dan with the March 5, Tour de Cookie.  Needs include finding booth sponsors ($500 per booth), signage, on site direction-givers, advertising, etc.  Dan reports that there are perhaps 45-50 riders confirmed this far.  Dan informed that sponsors need to be finalized within two weeks in order for them to be included in the tee short designs.  Beckie reported that there were 14 sponsors confirmed, so far, with roughly half being new sponsors and half repeats.   Cookie needs are estimated to be 300-350 cookies provided per booth.
Committee Reports
Foundation matching donations- John reported that one person, Harold, met the two-month window ending Dec 31 for matching gifts up to $500 to Rotary International
Randy announced that he had two Paul Harris pins; one for Harold and the other for Bob Bishop
Mary reported on the status of the 2021-22 club service projects.  Notably:
  • The Cameroon Project is being wrapped up and all monies have been spent., and
  • D5500 Peace Pole Tour:
    • Since the Interact Club no longer exists, Mary suggested that those monies approved for the Interact Club essay contest be transferred to an essay contest with participation from the Owl and Panther; an organization of refugees who have a history of torture and abuse.  After discussion, Randy made the motion that an essay contest themed “what is your vision for peace, incorporating the concepts of the four-way test”.  Cash prizes will be $100 for first place, $75 for second place and $50 for third place.  Sulee seconded and the motion passed unanimously.  It was further decided that the judging committee be comprised of
    • Randy
    • Mary
    • Sulee
    • Peter and
    • Cindy
Mary also recommended that we adopt a quarterly club service workday at Felicias Farms.  Wednesday was the suggested day and club members agreed with the suggestion.
Don reported on the membership drive informing that Carol of the Food Bank had submitted her application for club membership.
Harold reported that the Foundation held approximately $9,500 in cash, less the obligation to pay Shelter Box $1,000, and that the Foundation had spent $5,810 last year which is more than was taken in.
MCAT student of the Month
Jake Weller of Marana was presented to the club by his mentor/teacher, Denise de Coronado, accompanied by Jake’s mother and grandmother, and various colleagues and teachers.  Jake described his journey beginning at Ironwood Elementary and Mountain View where COVI challenged his education and he discovered MCAT.  Denise explained that Jake was chosen for his qualities not only in academics, but his attitude and level of engagement plus drive.  Jake is a guitar player who will soon be appearing at the new Whiskey Road club at the Foothills Mall.  The club commended Jake and Randy presented to him a $35 movie gift certificate.
Randy ended the meeting sharing a recent experience where his neighbors house was demolished by an explosion rapidly followed by sweeping fire.  
Rotary club business meeting 1/25/22 2022-01-26 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting Jan 18, 2022

Marana Rotary Club
January 18, 2022 weekly meeting
This week’s meeting was again held completely virtual given the ongoing Omicron situation.  A poll was taken, and the majority wished that meetings remain virtual for the time being.
Randy introduced our guests, Purdy Albien and Aleto Wiener, from the Dove Mtn. Rotary Club.
Mary reported that the RI totals for the Ride to End Polio campaign has reached $56.3M over the past seven years with $2.96M raised this year alone.
Dan presented three mock up tees for the Tour de Cookie event; colors included green, orang and red.   After a vote, the “cardinal red” color was chosen.  Despite, I might add, the dismal showing of the AZ Cardinals team last night in the wild card playoffs.
Purdy announced that the Dove Mtn Club will be holding a casino night, Friday, March 18 at the Highlands. This is their major fund raising event. Entry will be $65 which includes food, one drink and “fun currency” for play.  There will also be a “wine pull” where, for $20, you can pull one bottle of wine from a batch of 100 bottles valuing between $15 and 100 bucks. 
Randy suggested we help out Dove Mtn. and asked that Dove Mtn help our=t in the Tour de Cookie fund raising event.  Flyers will be delivered to DM in hopes that they will agree to sponsor a booth.
Speaking of the Tour de Cookie, Randy mentioned that he and Deb “worked” the bike path near the Rillito track between 9 and noon this past Sunday.  Five candidates were for sure to participate with five more pretty good “maybe’s”.  Dan suggested that bike shops be contacted and given flyers.
Happy Bucks
  • Harold was happy to be again working on his airplane
  • Peter was happy to see so many people and to report that his son has completely recovered from COVID
  • Aleta was happy that her yard guy was coming to perform maintenance.
  • Beckie was happy that her grandbaby, June, had started preschool
  • Jeremy was happy to be here to talk to us today
  • Denise was excited for the upcoming rotary club events
  • John D. was happy for the ziplining event held this past Sunday in Oracle for his grandkids.  When asked how HE did, he responded that he had learned his lesson from mountain biking that did not end well
  • Cindy was happy for the gorgeous weather
  • Mary pointed out that Randy’s birthday was coming this Sunday.  She reported that her surgery was now scheduled for March 3, extending the time period for her to be extra careful with exposure.  Frustrating for sure and we wish her expediency and success so she can participate the way she loves to.
  • Andy was happy to have extracted he and Christie from the Portland OR experiment.
  • Don was happy to have experienced the jazz festival yesterday
  • Cathy was happily looking forward to the Feb. 5th distribution of vegetables to the Baptist Church providing food for those in need in the Marana area
  • Bob was happily looking forward to returning to Tucson from VA after three more days of snow in the East.  Earlier in the meeting, Bob shared that 12 of his extended family had suffered COVID.  Six passed away.  A sobering piece of information illustrating how dangerous this virus can be and how unfairly it can affect us.
  • Purdy was happy to have two sisters visiting from Minnesota this coming Sunday.
  • Sulee was happy to be looking forward to Jim’s 79th birthday.  (Did I hear this right, 79th?!  Way to go Jim and keep ‘em coming)
  • Dan was happily anticipating ice fishing.  Seems like a desperate way to go fishing.
Guest Speaker
Randy introduced Jeremy Casey, Warden of the Marana Treatment Center for the past 9 years.  Jeremy described the functions and operations of the treatment center, located west of the Avra Valley Airfield.  The facility is designed to handle 513 males who have been convicted of non-violent crimes such as substance abuse/possession, DUI’s, theft, etc.  Due primarily to COVID, the population is only 260 at present.  The facility was established in 1994 and supplies activities both in-house and on community projects such as roadside cleanup.  There is substantial community involvement including local business support.  The Center provides educational support in the forms of GED and trade training and certification.  Support also includes a volunteer mentor program, AA meetings, and creative writing courses.  Since Jeremy’s company only runs the facility on behalf of the state government, he did not have data regarding recidivism (in response to Peter’s question).

Rotary Meeting Jan 18, 2022 2022-01-22 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary meeting Jan 18, 2022

Marana Rotary Club
January 18, 2022 weekly meeting
This week’s meeting was again held completely virtual given the ongoing Omicron situation.  A poll was taken, and the majority wished that meetings remain virtual for the time being.
Randy introduced our guests, Purdy Albien and Aleto Wiener, from the Dove Mtn. Rotary Club.
Mary reported that the RI totals for the Ride to End Polio campaign has reached $56.3M over the past seven years with $2.96M raised this year alone.
Dan presented three mock up tees for the Tour de Cookie event; colors included green, orang and red.   After a vote, the “cardinal red” color was chosen.  Despite, I might add, the dismal showing of the AZ Cardinals team last night in the wild card playoffs.
Purdy announced that the Dove Mtn Club will be holding a casino night, Friday, March 18 at the Highlands. This is their major fund raising event. Entry will be $65 which includes food, one drink and “fun currency” for play.  There will also be a “wine pull” where, for $20, you can pull one bottle of wine from a batch of 100 bottles valuing between $15 and 100 bucks. 
Randy suggested we help out Dove Mtn. and asked that Dove Mtn help our=t in the Tour de Cookie fund raising event.  Flyers will be delivered to DM in hopes that they will agree to sponsor a booth.
Speaking of the Tour de Cookie, Randy mentioned that he and Deb “worked” the bike path near the Rillito track between 9 and noon this past Sunday.  Five candidates were for sure to participate with five more pretty good “maybe’s”.  Dan suggested that bike shops be contacted and given flyers.
Happy Bucks
  • Harold was happy to be again working on his airplane
  • Peter was happy to see so many people and to report that his son has completely recovered from COVID
  • Aleta was happy that her yard guy was coming to perform maintenance.
  • Beckie was happy that her grandbaby, June, had started preschool
  • Jeremy was happy to be here to talk to us today
  • Denise was excited for the upcoming rotary club events
  • John D. was happy for the ziplining event held this past Sunday in Oracle for his grandkids.  When asked how HE did, he responded that he had learned his lesson from mountain biking that did not end well
  • Cindy was happy for the gorgeous weather
  • Mary pointed out that Randy’s birthday was coming this Sunday.  She reported that her surgery was now scheduled for March 3, extending the time period for her to be extra careful with exposure.  Frustrating for sure and we wish her expediency and success so she can participate the way she loves to.
  • Andy was happy to have extracted he and Christie from the Portland OR experiment.
  • Don was happy to have experienced the jazz festival yesterday
  • Cathy was happily looking forward to the Feb. 5th distribution of vegetables to the Baptist Church providing food for those in need in the Marana area
  • Bob was happily looking forward to returning to Tucson from VA after three more days of snow in the East.  Earlier in the meeting, Bob shared that 12 of his extended family had suffered COVID.  Six passed away.  A sobering piece of information illustrating how dangerous this virus can be and how unfairly it can affect us.
  • Purdy was happy to have two sisters visiting from Minnesota this coming Sunday.
  • Sulee was happy to be looking forward to Jim’s 79th birthday.  (Did I hear this right, 79th?!  Way to go Jim and keep ‘em coming)
  • Dan was happily anticipating ice fishing.  Seems like a desperate way to go fishing.
Guest Speaker
Randy introduced Jeremy Casey, Warden of the Marana Treatment Center for the past 9 years.  Jeremy described the functions and operations of the treatment center, located west of the Avra Valley Airfield.  The facility is designed to handle 513 males who have been convicted of non-violent crimes such as substance abuse/possession, DUI’s, theft, etc.  Due primarily to COVID, the population is only 260 at present.  The facility was established in 1994 and supplies activities both in-house and on community projects such as roadside cleanup.  There is substantial community involvement including local business support.  The Center provides educational support in the forms of GED and trade training and certification.  Support also includes a volunteer mentor program, AA meetings, and creative writing courses.  Since Jeremy’s company only runs the facility on behalf of the state government, he did not have data regarding recidivism (in response to Peter’s question).
Rotary meeting Jan 18, 2022 Andrew Swarthout 2022-01-22 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary meeting Jan 11 202

Marana Rotary Club
January 11, 2022 weekly meeting
This week’s meeting was held completely virtual given the ongoing Omicron situation.
Randy asked for assistance in arranging our speakers.  Bob Bishop, who is slated to handle speakers the next quarter, agreed to move up his assignment to help out.
The Tour de Cookie event needs support during the coming weekends to put out signs promoting the event.  Dan and Peter volunteered their able hands to help out.
Beckie asked for assistance seeking sponsors for the Tour de Cookie booths.
Don announced that we have approval from Harkins Theatres to hold the next shredding event on Saturday, April 16.
Happy Bucks
  • Harold was “just happy”.  Was having breakfast with John Z. following our meeting.  All passed on their wishes and condolences to John for his recent loss.
  • John D. was happy, the family is well and life is good.
  • Cindy reported that she was also happy, and very busy in her new rotary roles.
  • Carol (guest, and soon to be member?!) has had the cast removed on her hand and reported that surgery went well.
  • Don was happy to be going to southern California to visit friends and family?
  • Bob was in Virginia doing some babysitting while his stepson continued to recover from a tough bout with COVID
  • Cathy had a great weekend with family from Chicago.
  • Sulee reported Jim was status quo having gone four days with no visits to the hospital.
  • Denise said her son was isolating in home with COVID.  She was happy to have found stuffed bears for the “More Than a Bed” campaign.
  • Randy was likely happy, but his computer keeps freezing, so we didn’t get to hear exactly why.
  • Dan was happy that Green Bay had a week off during the playoffs, confirming who he is rooting for!
  • Beckie was missing her grand daughter after visiting during the holidays.
  • Mary reported that she was being extremely careful with the month leading up to her surgery.  Hence her usual enthusiastic volunteering persona will be put on pause for the month.  We all wish her the very best outcome.
  • Peter was excited for the successful launch of the JWST  Telescope.  He shared some fascinating facts about the countries and number of people involved in the project.  Thousands of steps must go perfectly in order for the mirrors to focus.  Said this would be equivalent to Galileo’s invention of the telescope for the understanding of the universe.
Guest Speaker
Tom Elf, from the Rincon Rotary Club, spoke on his experiences during his 30 years with Rotary.  First, he shared that our very own Randy Brooks is being nominated for induction into the Veterans Hall of Fame, Arizona.   Tom relayed stories around what it meant to him to be a Rotarian and why he joined Rotary in the first place.  His experiences included Boston, Connecticut and New York before landing permanently in Tucson.  Tom stated that a sense of humor was an important life-dealing characteristic for him, personally.  Interestingly, Tom shared some history regarding the challenges when women were allowed to join Rotary, and the resistance during the early years. Tom noted the high percentage of women in our club and said we were the best club outside of the city limits of Tucson.  That qualification was included because the Rincon club lies within the city limits. 
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Rotary Meeting Dec 21, 2021

Rotary Club of Marana
Dec 21, 2021
This being our Christmas meeting it was held at Mary’s house
Laura our VP took over for Randy who was visiting family
Meeting started with Pledge
Laura bought the club up to date on club business
Laura ask each member to tell something special about Christmas that they remember
After a fun time we all enjoyed a special breakfast by Mary
Before we left John Dooling had a gift for each of members
Laura informed us that there will not be a meeting on Dec 28th
See you all next year
Rotary Meeting Dec 21, 2021 2022-01-05 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting Jan 4, 2022

Marana Rotary Club
January 4, 2022 weekly meeting
This week’s meeting was held hybrid.  Given the situation with rapidly spreading Omicron, it was agreed by members to hold our weekly meetings virtually through January, then re-evaluate going forward.
The January 15 visit to El Cohibo in San Carlos is being postponed until later in the year.
Happy Bucks
  • Bob was celebrating grandkids’ various birthdays
  • Cathy was happy to have purchased a new car at a great deal.
  • Lynn happily told a funny joke involving camping and tents which was hard to understand remotely.  But from the groans it must have been a good one!
  • Harold was happy to have BOTH eyes functioning after cataract procedures.  “I can see forever”.
  • Don had a great visit with his 3 year-old grandson and was happy to watch the cold weather in New York from afar.
  • John (and Cindy) was enjoying the grandkids, and relayed an interesting spelling of Mississippi by his eldest 6 year old
  • Beckie was celebrating the strong showing by the University of Utah in the Rose Bowl and the Arizona Cardinals win record against the Cowboys
  • Mary celebrates her daughter’s visit; a much-needed respite given the fight she is undergoing.  Everyone offered their strong support
  • Peter returned from Hamburg safely the night before after a 10-day jaunt to Egypt and the Canary Islands.  The volcanic eruption has subsided in the Canaries; however, damage is extensive and funds are woefully inadequate.
  • Laura said that this year she “would be relentlessly optimistic”.  And thanked Peter again for his  instructions for meeting set up
  • Andy was also optimistic, hoping that the data was right indicating that we are on the path to survive the pandemic
  • Randy was happy for so many good things; the generosity of our club, the providing for three families over Xmas, Laura for setting up, Mary for donuts, Harold for everything he does.
John (as Chairman of the Foundation) and Cindy Dooling came forward to recognize Cindy’s joining of the club and recipient of the Paul Harris Society.  The giving of $1,000 resulted in a total donation of $3,000 after matching donations.
Youth Services – a meeting with Denise will be arranged to determine the date for the MCAT student presentation.
Guest Speaker
 Randy introduced Captain Roberto Jimenez of the Marana Police Dept.  Captain Jimenez spoke of his experiences during 23 years on the force in Marana, preceded by 5 years on the police force up in Eloy, AZ.    Capt. Jimenez described several examples of how the Marana Police Dept. has strived to create a healthy relationship between the department and the community after suffering a reputation issue 8 years ago.  He explained the recruitment and training process instituted by the Police Chief to engage officers with the community.  Captain Jimenez also touched upon the challenges presented to law enforcement under stress and strain of the COVID pandemic.
Following the talk, several members expressed strong interest in Captain Jimenez, and members of his department, to consider becoming a member of our club.  Members also asked that he be invited back to speak about topics raised that time did not permit addressing.

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El Cobijo Grand Opening 2021-12-29 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting Dec 14, 2021

Marana Rotary Club
Weekly Meeting December 14, 2021, Minutes
Next week, Dec 21, the meeting will be a social gathering at Mary’s house.  Ten people indicated that they will attend.  Laura will run the meeting in Randy’s absence
Tour de Cookie timing was discussed.  Tentative new date is March 5 to capture snowbirds before their migration.
Randy announced that $1,000 had been donated to the Zimbabwe, Africa project and that the $400 destined to the Oro Valley club for the Veterans Auxiliary Association may be too late for this year’s event.  It was decided to give anyway as the money can be used for next year’s event if indeed too late for this year.
Happy Bucks:
  • Dan was happy for the holiday season and some time off from school. 
  • Don is happily preparing to leave tomorrow for Maryland where weather is supposed to be better than his last foray back east.
  • Mary loves the weather and looking forward to family arriving
  • Laura is enjoying the cool, rainy, fireplace weather.   Looking forward to church book club and good food.
  • Cathy was happy to have the Farm featured in newspaper article.  Relishing in the arrival of the woodchipper and rock crusher.  Such excitement over a new wheelbarrow!
  • Denise was happy over lottery tickets; virtual connection was noisy, but hope she wins!
  • Anita McDonald, our guest speaker, was delighted to be with us today
  • Harold was happy to be receiving his left eye lens
  • Beckie was happy that she at least brought one wool sweater from Utah and looking forward to her daughter’s wedding in June in Las Vegas
  • John was happy t be a guy so he can get ready quicker in the morning.  And happy to have recruited his wife to Rotary
  • Cindy happily reported that their grandson was getting his driver license; freeing her from shuttle duty
  • Sulee was happy to have done X-mas shopping with Cindy.  And asked if the club would like to bring unwrapped gifts to the social next week for the “More Than a Bed” cause serving foster kids.  The members agreed.
  • Andy survived his unscheduled stress test, cutting down dead trees on his Utah property
  • Randy was happy to be heading to Las Vegas to spend time with his son and his friend Burt with whom he will be playing lots of music.
  • Randy thanked Laura for setting up the virtual meeting computer gear; a complicated assignment!
Guest Speaker
 Randy introduced Dr. Anita McDonald, District Governor- elect, as our guest speaker.  Dr. McDonald’s resume is impressive, which is an understatement.  Anita became a Rotarian in 1998 in Indiana.  Anita has an educational background that includes graduate level work in education and management from Harvard, Penn State and the University of Indiana.  She has held high-level positions as Dean of Education and heads the Arizona Chapter of the ALS Foundation.  Anita is a level 2, major donor to the Rotary Foundation.
Dr. McDonald candidly described her challenges in attaining recognition and tenure as a colored woman in the academic world.  She shared experiences along her path to success which illustrated that a black woman faced subtle obstacles in a path to leadership and academic success.  Her message centered on the importance, and difficulty, of minority women in achieving diversity.  The changes are happening, but much too slowly as she reflected on decades of experience.  Anita’s talk was both-eye opening and hopeful.  The club discussed the challenges of Rotary Club’s such as ours in changing the largely white, mid to upper class dominance of our membership. 
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Rotary Meeting Dec 7, 2021

Marana Rotary Club
Weekly Meeting December 7, 2021, Minutes
December meetings
  • Next week, in person; Dec 21, x-mas social affair at Mary’s; Dec 28, dark
  • Randy advised that Dave Hindman has resigned from the club to spend more time with his family.
  • Randy contacted Kathleen at Tortolita High; there is no Interact Club this year, maybe next year.  Kathleen’s replacement and Randy will meet over coffee to explore the possibilities for next year.  Suggestions were made to also reach out to Mountain View (partner with the Dove Mtn. Club?) and Marana High (partner with Oro Valley Club?) for possible new Interact Clubs to sponsor.
  •  Randy presented Don Jorgensen with a Level 7 Paul Harris pin, signifying that Don had donated $8,000 to Rotary.  Randy then presented Don with a Level 8 Paul Harris pin, arriving in the mail shortly thereafter, recognizing that Don has donated $9,000 to Rotary!  Don is approaching the level of “Major Donor” which, as Randy points out, is an amazing accomplishment in the short 14 years in which Don has been a member of Rotary.  Randy thanked Don for his generous service over the years.
  •  Cindy Dooling was inducted into the Marana Rotary Club.  Cindy has been involved behind the scenes with John for many years.  Together they have sponsored 7 exchange students and are Major Donors to Rotary.  Cindy is immersed in the Youth Services program for which she is becoming Director for the entire District.  John and Cindy recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, and John performed the honors of pinning Cindy with the Rotary Club pin. 
  • Dan introduced his guest, Carol, who is currently with the Food Bank of Marana.  Upon her full retirement in June, she said she is considering joining our club.
  • Mary reminded the club that Christmas shopping needs to be done for the two (soon to be three?) families we are supporting for the holidays.  Sulee, Dan and Cindy enthusiastically volunteered to help Dan in the efforts.
  • The MCAT student of the month MAY attend the Dec 14th meeting, depending on availability of family
Guest Speaker
 Mary introduced our guest speaker, Zoe Fullen, from the Sky Island Alliance.  Zoe’s background covers a myriad of talents; Masters Degree in Environmental Sciences, micro-finance education, Peace Corp., to name but a few.  Zoe described the work of the Alliance in partnership with numerous governmental, other conservation groups, and private entities which focuses on the megafauna and flora diversity of the mountain ranges comprising the Sky Island province of the SW U.S. and Sonora Mexico.  Interesting and timely topics included the impact of the Border Wall project on wildlife migration and the effect of climate change on biodiversity.  The Alliance is a nonprofit depending largely on donations and grants.  Zoe described how individuals can volunteer for Alliance projects.

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Rotary Meeting Nov 23, 2021

Marana Rotary Club
Weekly Meeting November 23, 2021, Minutes
This weeks meeting was held entirely virtual.
 El Tour de Tucson, Aide Station review- excellent participation was acknowledged from the Dove Mountain club, maybe 8 members helping out.  Need more people in the future, being the first station for both the long ride and short rides, masses stopped at the same time.  Need more tables and definitely, more porta-potties.  None were delivered so the church porta-potties had to be used.  Long lines resulted.  Laura and Adisa were enormous help.  It was noted that the Dove Mountain tee shirts were awesome, and Sulee offered to provide mock-ups for our club’s consideration.  Everyone commented on our awesome signage.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Randy reported that he completed his ride in 3 hrs 50’ and 30”; thirty seconds before the imposed deadline.  Ibuprofen is working well.  Deb left him in the dust.
Randy asked if his incessant bullying style intimidated anyone.  Nobody could respond.  Seriously, all who dared respond reported no issues.  The meeting moved on.
Dark days- a discussion ensued on dark days in December.  It was decided to accept Mary’s generous offer to have a more festive meeting at her house on Dec. 21st.  Lynne will bring her famous pumpkin cheesecake.   Dec 28th will be our normal Zoom meeting.
Thanksgiving families- Dan shopped for and delivered meals to two very appreciative families.  One was an out-of-work gentleman and the other a single Mom.  Since only slightly over $300 of the budgeted $600 was spent, the idea of adding another family for the X-mas effort was floated.  The club unanimously agreed to add one family for this year’s X-mas effort. 
Randy met with Michael Drake regarding the AZ-Mexico friendship group’s meeting coming up the first weekend in February to consider global grant projects.  Bob Bishop is looking into some environmental grant program opportunities.  The grant process is slow; therefore, it may be too late for grant approvals under Randy’s presidency and the grants may fall under Laura’s leadership.  Randy asked that willing Marana members participate in the February AZ-MX meeting. 
Randy reminded the club that at least two club members take and pass the grant writing test each year in order for the club to be eligible for grant requests.  To date, only Randy and Mary qualify.
Discussions were held regarding the agendas for the December meetings.  Randy would like to induct Cindy Dooling at the December 7th meeting and have the MCAT Student presentation at the Dec 14th meeting.  Randy will confirm through Richie that Dec 14th works for MCAT and, if not, the dates will be reversed.
Beckie reminded all that the social meeting next week will be held at the winery on Monday, Nov 29th from 4-5:30 PM.  A poll was taken, and eleven attendees are expected.  Wine and cheese will be provided.  Anyone not drinking wine should bring their own beverage choice.
Mary reminded everyone of the December commitment to the maintenance of the Peace Garden.   Harold referred everyone to the Sept 28 minutes for the list of folks who volunteered.
Randy and John D reminded everyone of the club’s commitment to match Foundation donations, up to $500 total (i.e. $250 donation plus $250 club contribution) for the months of November and December. 
Thanksgiving Plans
Harold will join his daughter for Thanksgiving dinner.  Randy recalled Harold’s daughter’s involvement in Boxing Gifts for soldiers deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan
Mary leaves tonight for Sonoma County with her daughter and plan to follow Thanksgiving with a bakery tour in San Francisco.
Bob is heading to Tempe to join Linda’s family for T-day.
John and Cindy plan for a great week with nephew and family in Scottsdale.  Today he buys Cindy the gift of hearing aides (for John!) and they look forward to their 50th wedding anniversary this Saturday
Don is staying in NY for the holiday with his daughter and grandsons; both of whom are high-energy and under 6 years old.  The grandsons, that is.
Laura is hosting siblings
Beckie plans for a PJ football day with her daughter
Sulee is having a quiet Thanksgiving this year; we wish them peace and solitude for her holiday
Denise is having T-day at her mother’s house
Lynne will start baking pumpkin cheesecake to bring to her brother’s house in Scottsdale
Andy plans to sit by a fire and watch football
Dan is hosting family this year for a big gathering
Randy will enjoy T-day with nine humans and four dogs. 
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Rotary Meeting Nov 16, 2021

Marana Rotary Club
Weekly meeting minutes, November 16, 2021
The meeting was held hybrid today, with two attending virtually.   Next week’s meeting will be all virtual.
The Board held a brief special meeting to approve a motion as follows:
Motion:  to provide $400 in club funds to support the laying of wreaths at Veterans’ gravesites.  The event will occur in mid-November of 2021.
The motion was approved and presented to the club for approval.  Mary made the motion, Andy seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.
Mary introduced to the club our guest speaker, Dr. Kiomi Marino of the University of Arizona Tree Ring Research Laboratory.
Happy Bucks:
Bob- was happy to be back in Tucson and gave fifty happy bucks to make up for his absence while in Virginia.
Andy- commented that this was the first meeting where he couldn’t wear PJ’s, having attended virtually since his induction, and was inspired to match Bob’s $50
Harold- was happy to have survived a 6 hour “outpatient procedure” to remove his thyroid.  All normal, thank goodness.
Denise- was happy with the weather and sunshine
Laura- was just happy- favorite time of the year, sun and cool temperatures.   Apparently house chores are done.
Mary- was happy after playing in the mud at Felicias Farms
Kiomi- was happy to be meeting new people
Cathy- just seemed happy!
Peter-was happily traveling like crazy again.  And enjoyed his stint greeting Rotary dignitaries at the airport last week
Randy was happily training for the big ride; 28 and 20 mile practice rides.  Thanked and reminded those who pledged to support his ride with donations for the end polio drive.
Cindy Dooley was happy to have just gotten into the virtual meeting after being given the correct links by Sulee
Sulee was happy to be meeting the daily challenges.  Awaiting Jim’s biopsy results.  We again pray for all to be good.
Mary and Denise reminded all of the aide station and its location for this Saturday’s El Tour.  Set up will be at 9:30 and our station should be finished receiving riders by 1PM.  Any additional volunteers are welcome.
A tradition of after the meeting breakfast at the Bisbee Club has begun.  Bouba will attend this morning and maybe update those on the status of the women’s business endeavor in Cameroon.
Randy reminded all that Cindy’s application for membership has been approved by the Board and that everyone has one week to respond before Cindy is inducted into our club.
MCAT wanted to have their student of the month attend and speak at the Dec 30 meeting; however, we will be “dark”.  Richie will arrange another date.
Guest Speaker
Mary introduced our speaker again, Kiomi.  Dr. Marino is a research scientist at the U of A Tree Ring Lab having arrived at the U of A from Canada in the mid-1980’s and discovering her passion at the lab.  Kiomi’s provocative presentation described how tree ring data contributes to the understanding of climate change.  The talk sparked interesting questions and certainly brought new perspectives towards the usefulness of tree ring research. 

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Rotary Meeting Nov 9, 2021

Rotary Club of Marana
Thanks to Laura for taking these excellent minutes!  Andy
Minutes from November 9 Rotary Club of Marana Meeting

Club social planned for a wine tasting at Old Pueblo Cellars at the end of the month.

Request has been made for the club to donate to a group that puts wreaths on veterans’ graves. It was suggested that we donate $400, a similar amount that we gave to the police foundation for officer equipment.

Happy Buck highlights:
Bob was happy about his wife’s upcoming birthday which they will celebrate in Sedona.
Dan was happy to announce that we have two families from MCAT identified to be “adopted” for our Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas dinner and presents gifts.
Lynner, Harold, and Cathy all reported “just happy”.
John was happy to watch grandsons compete in state championships in swimming and mountain bike racing.
Don was beyond happy to convince his grandson to wear pants to daycare.
Denise was happy to have our guests in attendance.
Mary and Peter, as well, were happy to see everyone at the meeting.
Laura was happy the UA football won a game and broke the 20-game losing streak.
Randy was happy and thankful for those who helped him greet District Conference attendees at the airport and thankful to those supporting his ride in the El Tour de Tucson.

Guest Speaker Shirley Grace

Twenty-year Rotarian Shirley Grace, who is in town prepping for the El Tour de Tucson, was our guest speaker and shared “What I’ve Learned” from two decades of service through Rotary.

First, you have to stop and take stake before you can move forward. Shirley had just finished a major project for Rotary and wanted to spend some time on herself. She went on an African safari through a Rotary club and then biked and boated across eight countries in Europe. She was then recharged and ready to go in January 2020 to participate in Operate Smile, which provides surgeries to correct cleft palates and cleft lips in infants and toddlers. Shirley went to Vietnam for Operation Smile where followed 9-month-old Nei through the process and eventual surgery.

Second, be flexible. When the opportunity knocks, take it. Shirley did this and went to India where she not only got to see Rotary grants in action – the installation of libraries and restrooms for elementary children – but also to participate in a wedding celebration – all because of her Rotary connections.

Third, be creative. Shirley and her husband decided to downsize and that meant finding new homes for an extensive cookie jar collection. They did so, in large part be donating the cookie jars to schools and other organizations who filled the jar with cookies and either sold them or gave them away.

Finally, love thy neighbor. Just months after selling their home nestled in the California forest, the Creek fire ravaged the area and burned dozens of structures and homes, including their former house. It was a reminder that we must take care of one another.
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Rotary Meeting Nov 2, 2021

NOVEMBER 2, 2021
Opened the meeting at 7:00 am with the pledge of allegiance
Randy started by telling us that Don and Randy went to the District conference and one of the sessions was on diversity, they talked about the struggle that Rotary in general with diversity, inclusion, and equity among the membership.
Randy said he got a letter from Ri yesterday that said somebody donated a large sum of money from the club to the foundation.  The check probably came from Lynne (remember we said a $2000 check was to be sent to the foundation).

We received a certificate regarding the miles walked in the walk contest-Randy gave Don the certificate, As it turns out several members contributed to this walk.  Including Sulee who walked hundreds of miles and Don J. who ran long distances.  Randy contributed by walking as well.  Great job team.
Denise updated us about the El Tour, November 20, 2021, she gave us info on the Aid Station which will be at Redeemer Lutheran  8845 N Silverbell Rd, Tucson, AZ 85743 ( see picture below).  She gave us all the info on aid station – must be ready to go by 10am.    There will be an aid station contest (what can we do?).   John will meet Dan and give him the canopy, table  etc.  Things we need:
  • Canopy & Sandbags
  • Scissors
  • cut-up fruit as needed and placed in trays provided, paper cups
  • good snacks
    • peanut butter and Jelly sandwiches
    • salty chips
    • watermelon
    • electrolyte mix
    • gummy bears
    • pickles
  • water
  • trash bags
  • pickles
  • bicycle pump
  • Allen wrench
  • First aid kit
  • Tongs for picking up food
  • Plastic gloves
  • Rotary Banners
Randy congratulated Mary for the Peace Garden and how good it looks (Mary thank you and your team for all the hard work).
For a club social, in the future,  Becky said Harold recommended a wine tasting from 4pm to 5:30pm it was presented and voted on and passed, they will provide additional information.
Bob Bishop and John Dooling spoke on the Rotary Foundation
Bob went first,  regarding the Rotary Foundation. He described how the Rotary Foundation is funded in part by E.R.E.Y.  (do you know what that means?   another way is other doners who donate directly to the foundation.  The last way is the endowment fund and bequests.  There is a board of trustees who review and make the decision of how the funds are invested.  The Rotary Foundation has very low overhead and comes in at #1 on Charity Navigator for keeping our overhead down. 
The money is divided up into two groups (World Fund and District Designated Fund).
They get broken up into four funds (Polio Plus/Global Grants/District Grants/Peace Centers and other Districts). Randy recommends if you donate give to the Annual Fund, and/or Polio. Each contributions go toward your Paul Harris recognition. The annual fund is the only way District Designated Funds are returned to our district in 3 years to pay for grants. 
John talked about the Marana Rotary Club, and he did it in a way of asking questions and gave $20 out to everyone who answered  (the idea was to give the money John gave for the answers to Randy for his ride) He got a total of $321.00) John you’re the best.
One of the questions that surprised me was are there any people still in an Iron Lung in USA?  the answer was 2.
Rotary’s goal is to 50 million in the polio fund in order to benefit from the Gates foundation match of 2-1 for polio eradication.
Our club has several  Paul Harris fellows and benefactors, and two bequest society members (annuities) and for the last 5 years our club per-capita we have been 2-4 times the average district donations. John described the three types of donation members:
Sustaining Member (This is a Rotarian who donates at least $100 US to the Foundation in a Rotary year)
Paul Harris Fellowship (When a Rotarian or a Club has donated $1,000US to the Foundation the Rotarian may elect to nominate another individual as a Paul Harris Fellow. Self-nomination by the Rotarian is completely acceptable. Cumulative donations by a Rotarian or a Club over multiple years count towards Paul Harris Fellowship recognition.)
Paul Harris Society (When a Rotarian pledges to donate $1,000US per year to the Foundation that Rotarian becomes a member of the Paul Harris Society.) They must apply and commit to giving a minimum of $1000.00 per year to The Rotary Foundation.
Major Donor Once a Rotarian has donated a total of $10,000 US cumulative over time, that Rotarian becomes a Major Donor Level 1. There are subsequent levels for further donations in varying increments. We have two major donors in the club.
Arch Klumph Society (A Rotarian who donates $250,000US in a one-time donation of cash or equivalent become a member of the Arch Klumph Society.)
Benefactor (Individuals who include The Rotary Foundation for any amount in their estate plans are recognized as Rotary Foundation Benefactors.)
Bequest Society (Individuals who include The Rotary Foundation as a beneficiary of at least $10,000US in their estate plans are recognized as members of the Rotary Bequest Society Member Level 1. There are subsequent levels for further donations in varying increments.)
Meeting was adjourned at 8:05 am
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Rotary Meeting Oct 26, 2021

Marana Rotary Notes 10/26/2021
Business meeting via zoom, called to order # 701 am
We will have an MCAT student @745 am via zoom, Richie and Dan will be there in person
Randy said several people said the MCAT Student presentation just doesn’t seem the  same.  Before the students and family were joining us in person for the whole meeting and it felt more intimate to see the kids in person.   Dan said he talked to Denise from MCAT, and like the way the last one went.   Dan said the zoom meetings work better for the kids and their family, not having to get transportation to the venue.  Mary said there is a lot of value in the kids seeing our meeting we are supposed to be introducing our youth into leadership and there is a lost opportunity where they are not attending.  Peter said it was nice when they came but the fact that we only get a donut, he felt the zoom one we had the last time wasn’t bad.  Don feels the zoom works ok also, and hearing from Dan the transportation is such an issue, it’s working out ok.  Richie said it falls back on us to connect with student as well, be prepared with questions.
Sad news Randy and Don where is a meeting for crises response in Rotary and learned that the President of the Rotary Club of Casa Grande, drowned in a rip tide in Hawaii.  So keep them in your thoughts.
Randy said there was a special committee meeting regarding the additional funds the club has  club regular account.  Lynne spoke on behalf of the committee; Lynne had prepared a report of things we have to pay each quarter it was broken down by things we should pay, things we should pay and those that discretionary and the total is $148.00 a quarter so we will leave the dues at $150.00.  She said they voted to waive the dues this quarter.   And that donations will be $2000 to the Marana Rotary Foundation and $2000 to the Rotary International Annual fund.    John, Peter & Harold will donate their quarterly dues  to the Rotary annual Programs fund.  Sulee will donate her fees to the Marana Rotary Foundation to be used for Thanksgiving or Christmas for the family selected.  – Randy said taxes have been paid per Lynne.
Volunteers need to be at the airport on Thursday November 11th  from 8am to 8pm, to welcome Rotarians from around the world coming in for the District conference.  Mary has volunteered and possibly Denise, coupon need to be hand them for $5.00 off for their taxi ride to their hotel.  There is approximately 500 Rotarians coming to the conference.
Shirley Grace will be our speaker on Nov 9th, she has a global grant for Zimbabwe boys and girls club in Harare, she has donated to us she is asking for $.
The District Conference this week -  Mary and Don will be attending.
Harold said that Denise has a meeting October 30 from 11:30-1 re the El Tour De Tucson aid station
Dan will be working to get a name of a family who is in need from Denise @ MCAT, for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Sulee will be working with Dan to get the food together and gifts for the family.
Randy and Mary said the Peace Pole Dedication was great, speakers were good and there was a great representation of the community (Law Enforcement- Fire Department).  It was very unifying for our community and really felt like we were ONE.    
We didn’t do happy bucks today – but happy to see Becky joining us – recovery has been a bit harder than she thought it was going to be.
 MCAT student: Paris Fisher her mom Nicole and Aunt with two cousins attended us via zoom.
Denise started by saying she is changing up the format a little bit by asking some interviewing Paris.   Denise said she is a triple threat student they grade on academics, attitude & attendance and she is exceeding all three of them.
D - What schools did you go to in elementary.  P- said she went to about 6 schools in elementary school, went to Tortilla Middles School and then went to Mountain View and they started online and then found she wanted to go to school in person and came to MCAT when she was behind in credits and now, she is going to graduate ahead of time.
D- she is such a communicator  P- Yes, I like to interact with people and be positive with them.
D- What are going to do when you graduate  P- I am thinking about moving to Oregon to be with my mom or to Phoenix where I have other relatives.

D- What are going to do after graduation P- I am thinking about Bio-medical Engineering  or Wildlife Research
Richie gave her movie tickets and a certificate on behalf of the Rotary Club of Marana.
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Marana Peace Garden Dedication

Marana Peace Garden Dedication
October 22, 2021
Members of the Town of Marana community gathered to dedicate its new Peace Garden, built by the Rotary Club of Marana in a peaceful enclave of the Marana Crossroads District Park.  Participants of the event included the Marana Chief of Police and Officers, the Northwest Fire Chief, a Pima County Supervisor representative, past and future District 5500 Governors, the Pastor of a nearby church, a member of a local Orthodox Jewish community, and Rotary Club of Marana members and friends.    
With each speaker, a felt sense of community and responsibility to peace grew.  Each spoke uniquely about peace, but there was also a common core addressed.  Peace is an attitude of interest, compassion, and understanding toward ourselves and others, even in the face of internal or external conflict.  Conflict is a symptom that occurs when parts of ourselves, a person, or group are not welcomed with understanding. 
As Rotarians, we know that conflict, hunger, poverty, disease, repression all underlie interruptions in peace.  It is why our intent is to do good works in the Rotary Areas of Focus throughout the world.  It is not enough, however, to do good deeds alone.  The most important component of our work and the one with the most lasting value comes when we incorporate attitudes of peace; interest, compassion and understanding with those we serve; when we elevate voices.
May Peace Prevail on Earth

Marana Peace Garden Dedication Mary Straus 2021-10-26 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting Oct 19, 2021

Marana Rotary Club
Weekly Meeting Minutes, Oct. 19, 2021
The hybrid meeting dove straight into Happy Bucks:
John D. reports his wife was in San Francisco and N California for a week.
Lynne was happy that tax season was over and shared a funny frog joke
David was happy to have spent time in Pinetop and had a great time seeing the first snows of the season
Andy was looking forward to his trip to Canada and S. America
Sulee reported that her husband’s medical challenges had increased, ☹; all offered their support and prayers
Harold was happy to see new members showing interest in our club
John Z. happily reported on his great grand daughter’s marriage and that he was enjoying two great, great grandchildren, ages 2 and 4
Denise was happily preparing for a vacation to Sedona
Don was happy to have the Tucson Car Show, and coveting the Bat Mobile
Peter lost his bags for 5 days in Washington D.C., but managed to visit his wife in Minneapolis before she returns to Tucson following a prolonged absence, leaving Peter to his own resources
Cathy’s best friend is visiting the next day AND she is celebrating her 25th wedding anniversary.   Congratulations!
Mary reports that she is getting though life and her daughter was a “handful”
Richie was happy that our IT is running so well, and thanked Peter for his clear instructions and generous help throughout the meeting debugging.  And, Richie was happy for the passing of the summer solstice and changing weather
Laura was not happy with the U of A football team and offered anyone tickets if they wanted.  (I’m sorry, Laura; the minutes are late and their record is now even worse)
Randy was happy to be standing erect in front of us
Drawing- Harold offered the deck and Sulee drew the four of clubs.
  • Randy reminded the meeting of the Ceremony commemorating the Peace Garden, this Friday at 3PM.  Attendees will include Marana Chief of Police and other Town officials and members of the Pima County Board of Supervisors.  The keynote speaker will be Anita McDonald, district governor-elect and the topic will be “Peace”.  Cathy will also speak on the role of food and hunger resolution as role-players in peace.  Mary will provide brochures inviting attendees to attend our meetings.
  • A decision needs to be made regarding a $400 donation to the Southern AZ Law Enforcement Assoc. towards their upcoming raffle.  Randy will table this at the budget meeting to immediately follow this meeting
  • Randy asked Lynne, Harold, John D. Laura, Don and Andy (if the zoom link will hold, which it did not) to join a brief budget meeting immediately following our meeting
  • Randy is asking for authorization from the club’s Board for a $100 kick-starter donation to the newly formed Tucson Verde Rotary Club founded by Michael Drake.  The new club’s mission is environmentally focused.
  • Mary reported that she has not seen the $500 check from the District Foundation for the Peace Garden plaque.  It was indicated that it may be too late as the donation was under the past governor, and that the Marana Rotary Club may bear this cost.
  • Lynne reported that the check Cathy’s daughter’s RYLA support will be issued today.
  • Today’s Speaker
Mary Straus agreed to speak on Vocation as it relates to Ethics.  As a part of her presentation, she asked each club member to describe their vocation and how they felt it related to ethical and sel-fulfilling values.
  • Sulee- as an on-line media trainer she is motivated by reducing bullying.  In law enforcement for 30 years, helping families in times of crisis.
  • Dave a business attorney who helps people solve complex problems
  • Randy, as a psychotherapist helping people keep their jobs and overcome alcohol addition
  • Laura as an attorney who advocates for those injured on the job and vulnerable
  • John D. in the insurance business 36 years, helping people and achieving highest rates of client retention through successful feedback
  • Lynne, as a CPA helping to reduce peoples’ taxes
  • Harold in 57 years selling manufactured houses which helped younger people acquire their first homes.
  • Denise as a jeweler who takes pride in repairing family heirloom jewelry
  • Don has dedicated his career towards consulting for addiction treatment programs assisting in recovery
  • Peter takes joy out of his IT wizardry
  • Cathy through Felicia’s Farms helps people overcome food challenges
Mary wrapped up her presentation by touching on the backgrounds of three founders; Paul Harris, Arch Klumpf, and Herbert Taylor and the history of Rotary International under their guiding principles.  She described each’s motivations in founding RI with regards to ethics and their specific vocations.
The talk provided interesting perspective on the history of Rotary.   Sulee commented that she thoroughly enjoyed each member sharing their story and that we all learned more about each other.
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Rotary Meeting Oct 12, 2021

Marana Rotary Club
Weekly meeting minutes
October 12, 2021
Randy – said he would like to have $500.00 donated SALF (Southern Arizona Law Foundation)
John Dooling made a motion to give up to $500.00 to he SALF organization.   Don Second it, we voted majority vote was passed.
Randy said at the board meeting, a new committee was formed, and John Dooling is the head of it.  It is to decide what we will do with the excess funds the club has $18k in GF, and the foundations has $11k.
The Peace Garden dedication will be Friday the 22nd from 3:00 – 4:00 pm.  The poles have the phrase “May peace prevail on earth” in 16 languages.
Randy said we still need some minister, rabbi, Muslim leader to speak the will speak about 2minutes.  Laura will try and get on from the Lutheran Church and Kathy has a relationship with the Jewish Center she will contact them.  Don will attempt to contact one of the Indian tribes to see if someone would be willing to talk.
Sulee will take the banners next Tuesday and bring them on Friday to the dedication.   The Marana Police Chief and some dignitaries from Rotary are already scheduled.
Kathy has written a press release regarding the dedication.
Happy Bucks:
Harold – told Randy we had not received the $500 from RI for the bench at the peace pole, Randy said he would investigate it and that’s what Harold is happy about.   Kathy things are going well.  Sulee is just happy.  John Dooling told us about his 50 years (college reunion and having some great conversations with some of his old friends.  Deznise will not be in town next week (I guess she is happy to get out of dodge for a week).   John Z, just happy.  Richie  is very excited he got a promotion at work to the HR Director this is a virtual pat on the back Richie.  Don 2000 families received shelter boxes in Haiti, and he is a Red Sox fan and there still in it.   Laura happy her brother came to town, and he fixed her screen door.   Randy, Happy he went to Kathy (who was a foreign exchange student) wedding in TX.
Our speaker was Ross Freezer, talked about Rotary Peace Corp Fellowship and where  he was at,(I didn’t get the name of the location)  and he said there are a 160 members of the Peace Corp that have returned and are here in the Tucson area.   We should be cultivating them to become members.
We can go online and see projects that peace club are posting online.   He showed us a video of where he served and donated close to 20,000 books.  The teacher and coordinator in the video said it how much the videos helped the kids.  One of the teachers said she had grown up in the US in such  book rich environment and these kiddos don’t have books they can usually read.  The books have been a chance to help the feel successful and when the finish a book they feel so excited.  The group have also been doing some training for teacher.   COVID had truly affected how this group can function right now.
  I was truly touched by the video.
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Rotary Meeting Oct 5, 2021

Marana Rotary Club
Weekly meeting minutes October 5, 2021
The meeting was hybrid with Peter working out the last of the virtual bugs.   Peter will not be here next week; Harold agreed to stick-handle the virtual setup.  Peter will distribute setup -for -dummie -instructions to members for future use.
Happy Bucks
  • Peter updated us on the volcanic activities in La Palma.  Sadly, activity increases with new vents opening all the time.  Ash and lava have destroyed almost all the banana crops, effecting the entire population of 85,000.
  • Mary was searching for words, we will come back to her.
  • Dan was happy for the MLB playoffs, especially the iconic match up between the Red Sox and Yankees.  Twenty bucks worth of happiness.
  • Beckie was prepping for surgery, running the gauntlet of lab tests and pre-op checklist.  Why can’t this be done in one place?
  • Don was happy for the great relationships brought to us by Cathy and Felicia’s Farms.  Five bucks worth of happy.
  • Mary was till searching for words…..
  • John Z. was not happy with the performance of his hearing aids this morning.
  • Harold was happy to have his cataract surgery lined up for November.
  • John D. informed as to his turkey hunting adventure with his grandson in Young AZ where the one-pump town was out of gas, but a generous resident provided 5 gallons of the precious liquid.  No turkeys seen.
  • Denise was happy today for not having to wear a mask today.  Twenty bucks worth of happiness.
  • Andy was enjoying the Fall colors in the canyonlands and mountains of S Utah
  • Cathy was grateful for the technology afforded by Zoom to her mobile phone in these challenging times.
  • Laura was once again happily completing home improvement projects.
  • Randy was reporting from a questionable motel room in Richardsburg TX en route to a wedding for one of his former foreign exchange student.  Twenty bucks worth of happiness.
  • Randy will ride the 25-mile portion of the El Tour de Tucson (which Andy will someday figure out is different from El Tour de Cookie).  Randy asked for sponsors for which he will donate to Polio Plus.  Peter made the first offer of $2/mile, with a bonus of $50 if Randy finishes the 25-mile loop.
  • Beckie explained why her contact, the Medicaid advisor, cannot speak before clubs; but, said they were available if someone needs their contact.
  • Randy asked for members to become involved, if possible, with the Marana Chamber of Commerce.  Our club should have representation at the Chamber, plus we are seeking new members from the Chamber.
  • The Dove Mountain club will be holding a peace building meeting this coming Thursday (now last Thursday because these minutes are late) on Zoom.
  • The Southern AZ Law Enforcement Assoc will be holding a motorcycle rally on Oct. 30.  Various levels of sponsorship are available, and the club should discuss possible interest in supporting
Mary presented one of two powerful presentations from the Rotary Peace Conference, District 5495.  Unfortunately, the three of us on Zoom had no audio and , apparently, there were also sound issues in the NWFD meeting room.   Mary subsequently circulated the presentations to members.
Andy Swarthout, Secretary

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Rotary Meeting Sept 28, 2021

Marana Rotary Club
Weekly meeting minutes, Sept. 28, 2021
General Announcements
Cojibo- Randy clarified that the approval for another year of funding ($2,000 this year in addition to $2,000 this past year) was OK with John D. as this was started under his presidency.  John agreed.  Randy asked that we consider how and when to visit the project so we have skin in the game.
Mary spoke about the Peace Garden.  It seems that we are now the stewards of the Garden in perpetuity.  Mary would like to orient club members as to how the maintenance should be carried out and asked for monthly commitments from each member.  Members committed as follows:
Denise, October                                                       Beckie, March
Cathy, November                                                     Laura, April
Dan, December                                                         Randy, May
Sulee, January                                                          Harold, June
Bob, February                                                           Mary, July
Dan and Andy deferred for now, not knowing their schedules.  Maintenance should be straight-forward; rearranging the decorative rocks, etc.  Tools required, gloves and a rake.
A dedication for the Peace Gardens was set for Oct. 22 at 3PM.  This should allow for notice to be given to Marana Town officials and other invitees to hopefully attend.  Mary suggested that spiritual leaders, such as local indigenous representatives, be included.  Invitations are being prepared.
Happy Bucks (was to be abbreviated due to time constraints, but thanks in part to John D., was not)
  • Sulee reached out to Harold for offering a portable oxygen system for her husband to take to frequent doctor’s appointments.  Sulee mentioned that this was a great example of our club’s internal support.
  • Randy was happy that it felt like Fall in the Old Pueblo.
  • Harold was happy that his physical therapy was helping his knees.
  • Laura was feeling a sense of accomplishment having had time for some home projects.
  • Beckie was preparing for hip surgery.  Many offers were made to bring meals; however, Beckie says that Carl is a good cook.
  • Peter celebrated his first grandchild!  His wife is with his daughter in Minnesota until January.  Peter described the devastation from the volcanic eruptions on the island of La Palma where he had been just a few months back working at the observatory, now closed.
  • Don reported a “strange week” and it will only get stranger as his Rotary functions ramp up.  His wife leaves for one month so he and Peter may hook up to commiserate.  Don was also looking forward to several doctor’s appointments (nothing serious, gracias a dios) and signing up for Medicare, a byzantine gauntlet.
  • Mary was simply outdoors and happy.
  • Andy was enjoying the Fall colors in the mountains of southern Utah.
  • Denise was meeting with vendors as her high season approaches.  Sadly, she reported the passing of an uncle from COVID at 83 years of age, leaving two orphaned cousins.
  • Bob was enjoying his remaining time in Virginia before taking the long drive out west to Tucson.  Yesterday he logged 16,000 steps doing yardwork.
  • John was his usual happy self.  His computer issues were fixed (for now), one grandson participated in a muddy mountain bike event in Flagstaff and another grandson is in the top 10 competitive swimmers in AZ.
  • Cathy is happily ordering 325 chickens and celebrated a birthday last week.  Happy Birthday, Cathy!
  • Dave has had a busy week with work and increasingly active kids.  Almost stepped on a rattlesnake while watering and hopes a rattlesnake plague isn’t coming.
  • Dan is lamenting the past 1 and ½ years of Zooming and wishes for more face-to-face experiences soon.  Dan asked the club to consider whether our meeting venue at Northwest Fire is the best solution.  Or the hybrid/virtual venues.  Beckie suggested that we give it more time as Peter has heroically resolved the hiccups.
Speaker, Don Jorgensen, Chair of the Membership Committee
Don shared a presentation summarizing the results of the recent members survey focusing on the  strengths and weaknesses of our club’s meetings, how to improve membership attraction and retention, and, generally, how to enhance the Marana Rotary Club experience.  Don’s presentation was an excellent and motivating synthesis of the members’ responses.  Don summarized:
  • Improving communications
  • Messaging to attract and retain new members
  • Suggestions for attracting dynamic speakers
  • Ideas for improving our weekly meeting experience.
  • Improvement ideas for an already awesome website (note: Randy reminded us how Marc Snow complimented Harold last week on our excellent website).
Don also shared the Membership Committee’s action plan for the coming year.  I believe it is safe to say that our club is excited to have Don in the running for District Governor.  Don’s presentation, rich in details, will be available on our website.

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Rotary Meeting Sept 21, 2021

Marana Rotary Club Meeting Information
September 21, 2021
Guests of Honor:
Governor “Hank” Huisking
Assistant to the Governor Marc Snow
El Tour de Cookie is set for March 12th
At last evening’s board meeting, the Governor mentioned that a foreign exchange student is available for school year 2022/2023, is anyone interested?  Please consider and respond, if so.  This is for an inbound candidate.
Southern Arizona Law Enforcement Foundation is soliciting several levels of sponsorship.  Is our club interested?  For consideration and future discussion.
Due to time constraints, there is no Happy Bucks today.
Don won the drawing!
Marc Snow, Governor-elect for 2024/25, introduced himself.  Now living in Oro Valley, Marc is a native Montanan involved in Rotary for 15 years.  He has attended two international conventions in person and two on-line.  Marc has hosted several foreign exchange students.
“Hank” Huisking spoke to her focus as Governor.  Staying connected in these pandemic times is her driver.  Her membership credo is “each one of us Rotarians bring one and keep one member”.
Governor Huisking spoke about Rotary International’s president, Shekhar Mehta, and his philosophies leading Rotary.  The guiding messages the Governor shared were:
  • Two young girls in India who lived 17 miles apart led entirely different lives due to economic and social backgrounds.  These inequities must be overcome.
  • Empowerment of women, particularly young women, must be a priority.
  • Focus on days of service.  After the past two years of isolation, clubs must work together to accomplish something bigger.
Announcements from the Governor
  • The Governor noted that the upcoming conference at Casino del Sol is in person October 29-30 and encouraged everyone to attend.   Representative Julia Phelps and Alan Mallory will be keynote speakers.  Alan will speak on agile leadership and dealing with obstacles, timely topics.
  • RYLA will be held January 14th-17th, in person.
  • The RI Leadership course is being held virtually, Jan. 22nd, 29th, and Feb 5.
  • The Mexican-American Friendship Conference is being held Feb. 3-6.
  • Peace Day is tentatively set for Apr. 2nd, honoring 15 District 5500 Peace Clubs
  • The Four-Way Test Speech Contest will be Apr. 9.  The Governor’s goal is to have 15 students participate.
  • Finally, the Veteran Memorial Park foundation picnic will be held on May 22nd in Sierra Vista.
MCAT student of the month
Richie Benner presented Noah, our MCAT student, and his mom, Leandra.  Noah graduates in March from Coronado High with all A’s and B’s.  Noah checked all the boxes, Academics, Attendance and Attitude, in being selected for this honor.  His current goal is to be a shoe designer (athletic, not fashion) and Noah is very business directed.

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Rotary Meeting Sept 14, 2021

Marana Rotary Club
Meeting minutes Sept. 14, 2021
The hybrid meeting was held at Mary Straus’s home featuring Cathy Lowling’s induction into the Marana Club.  Kudos to the numerous individuals who made this meeting a “virtual” success with respect to audio and visual components.  Randy thanked all for their patience not only for the struggle getting our hybrid meetings up to snuff, but for support during his 2 and ½ month travels away from Tucson.
Randy briefly described highlights of his Quixotic journey across the USA.  His time with Bob Bishop in Virginia certainly fortified an already strong friendship.  However, his serenading of folks along the shores of the lake in a paddle boat may have cost Bob some friendships.  Seriously, it sounded wonderful.  Randy also described an incident in the Midwest where a buffalo grabbed an errant tourist, removing her pants.  “The Midwest was a pleasant surprise.”
Randy asked Andy to order Rotary badges and pins for Sulee and Cathy.
There will be a virtual only board meeting Monday evening with the District Governor, “Hank” Husking.  Randy asked that Marana Club Board members attend, and all were welcomed and encouraged to attend. Goals and objectives of our club will be discussed; therefore, it is important that our club’s committee chairs attend as well.   I will distribute the time and links once confirmed.
Dianne will also attend our club meeting this coming Tuesday.  Randy asked that everyone attend, if possible.  The Governor personally attends over 50 club meetings per year; therefore, our efforts to attend are important.
Harold summarized last week’s social event where 7 club members toured the Marana Health Center.  Harold reported that there may be two great candidates there that may be interested in joining our club.
Harold also reported on efforts to have the 5th Tuesday in November social gathering at the 390 Air Museum. Several suggestions were made as to day and time.  Sulee offered to circulate a poll with options and set the meeting according to the majority preference.
 Induction of Cathy Lolwing into the Marana Rotary Club (note that yours truly finally spelled her name correctly, my apologies)
Mary Straus introduced Cathy, and her husband, Mark, to the club.  Cathy is the Executive Director of Felicia’s Farms, who we have come to know well as one of our club’s newest community projects.  Mark holds the position of Director of Circulation and Consumer Innovation of the Arizona Daily Star.  Randy provided background color prior to the formal induction.  Their daughter, Amanda, will be participating in RILA and they have a son, Sam, 21 years old studying to be an air traffic controller.  Both Cathy and Mark are musicians.  Cathy plays guitar and Mark has written over 1,000 songs.  Between Randy and the new inductees, our entertainment needs will be met for the foreseeable future.  Randy emphasized that Mark will also be considered a member and is invited to participate in the club’s activities.  Lynne presented a check from our club to Felicia’s Farms in the amount of $3250, representing ½ of the donation to Felicia’s Farms pending the remaining balance from the District.
Randy presented the pin to Cathy and the club warmly welcomed Cathy and mark to Rotary.  One of Cathy’s first involvements will be to assist in the Tour de Cookie event.
 Speaker, Don Jorgensen
Don provided more information regarding how Shelter Box functions.  We are all familiar with Shelter Box having participated for almost three years in supporting the effort.  The Marana Club has been named a “Hero Club” being one of the most successful clubs in raising funds; $1,000 per year for three years running. 
Don used the recent Haiti disaster in describing the behind-the-scenes activities of Shelter Box.  Shelter Box is aiding Haiti for the third time.
                2010- 20,000 families displaced by a major hurricane were provided shelter (tents)
                2015- Haiti was once again hit by a major hurricane and Shelter Box supplied rebuilding supplies designed for the youth to be actively involved.
                Today- Haiti encountered both earthquake and hurricane wherein 137,000 families were wiped out.
Don described just some of the methods that Shelter Box utilized before entering a country such as Haiti.  SB liaises with organizations such as the Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, and the UN in designing logistical support.  Disaster aid is a straight-forward concept.  What is less understood are the steps taken before a decision is taken to provide assistance.  Don described the following:
An assessment team was sent, in this case, to the Dominican Republic because of uncertainty and political instability in adjoining Haiti.  Questions asked included:
  • Are there at least 200 families effected?
  • Will the required aid be needed for longer than one month?
  • Will Haiti even accept assistance?
  • Can the government perform duties such as facilitating customs on incoming aid?
  • Are there translators/facilitators?
  • Is there adequate security?  Protection under COVID conditions?
Needs in this case were determined to be quick, temporary shelter gear, mosquito netting, tarps, grommets, wire.  The assistance is underway and ongoing.  Thanks to Don for his commitment and eloquent presentation. 
Andy Swarthout, Secretary
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Rotary Meeting Sept 7, 2021

Marana Rotary Club
Meeting minutes September 7, 2021
Next Tuesday, September 14th, the meeting (hybrid) will be held at Mary’s house at 7AM and will include a guest speaker and the induction of Kathy Lowling into our club.  The guest speaker will be Amanda, the CEO of the Marana Chamber of Commerce.  Amanda was scheduled to speak today; however, technical problems precluded the ability to have an effective presentation.
The meeting began with numerous glitches and frustration.  Peter, Harold, Mary and others did their level best to overcome audio and video connection issues.  The meeting was indeed hybrid with some using their phones and Mary refereeing communications using various devices.  We discussed ideas going forward including going purely hybrid and/or purchasing a laptop which would be set up for and dedicated to our meetings.  Harold will attend the Dove Mountain hybrid meeting this Thursday to observe how they deal with the venue.  Randy suggested calling a special board meeting within one week to weigh different solutions for presentation to the club. 
Happy Bucks (abbreviated)
Randy was elated to have encountered an albino wild turkey (proof unknown) during his travels in northeastern Washington state this morning on his way to an internet connection. 
Laura shared her happiness after just having four of her siblings visiting after a long absence
Others present were certainly happy; however, reports were skipped due to the late start this morning.
  • Mary reported that the District grant for Felicia’s Farm was approved in the amount of $1666.  She relayed a note from the District commending our club on our ongoing efforts towards improving our local community.
  • At the recent Board meeting, Harold and John raised the less-than-ideal conditions at the site where Felicia’s Farms produce were being delivered.  Sulee has identified a domestic violence shelter site as an alternative delivery point.  Mary asked for thoughts on other possible beneficiaries for the produce.
  • Harold advised that efforts were underway to have our next Social meeting (fifth week in November) at the 309 Air Museum
Committee Reports
Mary gave an update on special projects, time having run short at our last meeting: 
  • Cameroon Project- Bouba has reached out to the leader of the Women’s training association to resolve administrative challenges.  The group is expected to be back up and running soon.
  • Shelter Box- We expect to again participate in the program for the third year
  • Peace Garden (aka Peace Pole)- further arrangement is ongoing.  Final arrangement awaits Randy’s return next week
  • Holiday family support- we need to determine candidate families
  • MCAT- Kathy Lowling’s daughter, Amanda, has been approved as a student for RILA.  We could support another candidate; however, it is likely too late to submit application
Mary asked the club to consider additional projects.  Randy suggested club members volunteer to visit assisted living, especially memory-assisted living facilities as a club support project.  The idea was enthusiastically embraced.  Also consider Veteran homes
Andy Swarthout, Secretary
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Marana Service Projects

Service Projects
2018 to Present
Food Distribution for Community Food Bank of Marana
Annually Host the Best El Tour de Tucson Aid Station
Purchased Shelter Boxes
Recognition of Students at a High School that Serves High Risk Students
Contribution to the End Polio Now Campaign
Memory Screening for Underserved: Nogales, Sonora
Holidays Family Support
Built a Play and Exploratory Area at a MUSD Elementary School for Children with Special Needs
No Cost Tax Preparation, partnering with the United Way
Painted Elementary School Bathrooms
Built a School and Playground in Natabayengwe, Zimbabwe
Home Renovation for Veterans in Marana
Literacy Project – Provided Books for Low Income Families Partnering with WIC Programs
Rebuilt a Home and Hot Dog Cart for a Family in Lima, Peru, following a devastating earthquake
Host Many Exchange Students
Economic Development in Cameroon:  Lifting a Village from Poverty and Malnutrition to Prosperity through Development of Expertise in Cottage Industries and Business Practices, Development of a Garden, and Purchasing a Starting Herd of Cattle to Feed School Children
Provided Air Filtration Systems for Special Needs Classrooms in MUSD during Covid
With other Rotary Clubs, Planted over 100 Trees at Veteran’s Memorial Cemetery
Peace Garden with Peace Poles
Renovation of Assisted Living Facility in Mexico Devastated by an Earthquake
Distribute Fresh Organic Produce to the Picture Rocks Community Center
Handbags of Hope for Victims of Domestic Violence.
Renovated old folks home in Mexico.
Backpacks for MUSD students
Oxygen generators for COVID patients in India
Oxygen tanks for COVID patients in Mexico
Marana Service Projects 2021-08-25 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting Aug 24, 2021

Marana Rotary weekly meeting
August 24, 2021
The meeting was held all virtual, again attended by folks from all sorts of locals including Tucson.  Welcomed was our guest, Cathy Lowling from Felicia’s Farm
Randy asked if everyone was in favor of Happy Bucks, having heard that there may be thoughts to the contrary.  Members supported the continuation as a form of comradery and personalizing our meetings.  So…
Happy Bucks
Harold loves the nice weather, for a change, and was happy to have had a good look at the space station circling the heavens
Dan was not happy.  His past weeks have been filled with house remodeling nightmares punctuated by mask conflicts within the school district
Andy was happy that all of the fire smoke had dissipated over Utah….for now.
Richie was happy for the follow-through and commitment to the Peace Poles Project, having been initiated 18 months ago under his watch
John D was happy for he and Harold having delivered the first round of produce from Felita’s Farm.  On a profoundly sad note, he lost an obviously close and important friend.  Members reached out with strong emotional support.   Maybe a good reminder as to why we share during Happy Bucks
Don was happy for the completion of the Peace Pole project and noted that in his travels to Seattle and Rhode Island, he has not seen a drop of rain; ironic as Tucson is flooding.
Laura was happy to see the start of teaching at the U of A
Beckie was happy to have harvested several good speaker candidates at an Oro Valley event for nonprofits.
Mary was happy that Cathy will soon be applying to our club for membership.  She was also grateful for Peter pulling her stuck car out of her front yard (must be much more to this story?)
Sulee was happy to have things going smoothly
Bob was happy to have his 5 ½ year old grandson starting school
Denise enjoyed a fun interview with a vocational fund applicant
Peter enjoyed the process of hydraulically lifting his house, twice, so that he could video the event
Cathy was happy to be joining the Marana club and that Felicia’s Farm produce was used in a Thai themed banquet
Randy was happy to be soon welcoming Cathy and for our relationship with Felicia’s Farm
Harold advised that the Peace Pole Project pictures were posted on the website.  Everyone was grateful for the very hard work performed by Mary, Peter, and Laura over the past weekend.
Next week the meeting will be “social” with a tour of the Marana Health Center; breakfast to follow.  Meet up will be at 7AM; six people indicated their intention to join.  Sulee will send specifics for the location.
Lynne not being present, Randy briefly presented the Budget report.  All-in-all, the club’s fund is robust with a balance of approximately $11,000 after taking into consideration monies owed or committed for Shelter Box, Felicia’s Farm, the San Carlos old folks project and, perhaps, the Uganda Project (to be confirmed).  Randy noted that several club members are behind in dues and urged all to verify.  Apparently, some communications from Lynne to members may have been lost as Lynne is using a new email address.  (Look for possible emails from
Denise has been kind enough to volunteer to bring goodies to in-person meetings for the month of September.
Randy remined that the time is coming for adopting a family for Thanksgiving and X-mas; so, please start thinking.
The topic was raised that clubs can reserve a table at the upcoming District Convention to showcase their club’s accomplishments.  Mary recommended that we reserve the table now and decide later how and what to prepare.  Peter offered the use of his display stands for a nice presentation.  After discussion, it was generally felt that participating would inform the attendees of our club’s track-record and potentially attract new members.
Committee Reports
Membership- Don is compiling the questionnaires sent to club members and will report in more detail when time permits.  Meanwhile, he made several general comments:
  • Community projects brought many members to join; however, the fellowships are what tend to keep people in Marana Rotary
  • Meetings and speaker topics show continued improvement
  • Strong sense that everyone feels that this club creates a welcoming atmosphere
  • Suggested that a standard mentorship be created for new members.
  • More
Foundation- John Dooling reported on his and Bob’s activities during a very successful year.  The Marana Club may not be the biggest or wealthiest; however, the dollar amounts donated per member are the highest of any club in the District.  Members are reminded that donations to the Annual Programs Fund are encouraged and that matching funds from the club will boost the donations.  Matching funds, along with our donations, will count towards each individual’s Paul Harris designation.  The Foundation meeting will be held on November 2.
Youth Services- Richie announced that upcoming dates for the Student of the Month Program are Sept 14 and Oct. 26.
Due to our limited time, Randy asked that Committee reports be continued at a later meeting.
Andy Swarthout, Secretary
Rotary Meeting Aug 24, 2021 2021-08-24 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Club of Marana Peace Poles

                               Rotary Club of Marana Peace Poles
                             Crossroads at Silverbell District Park
Rotary Club of Marana Peace Poles 2021-08-21 07:00:00Z 0
2020-21 Rotary Annual Awards 2021-08-19 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting Aug 17, 2021

Marana Rotary Club
Meeting minutes Aug. 17, 2021
This was a hybrid meeting with attendees currently chiming in from such romantic locals such as Virginia, Washington, and Utah.  The club welcomed our guest speaker, Abby Rosen, Executive Director of the Marana Community Food Bank.
Happy Bucks (we seemed to have had to dig deep today!)
  • Sulee started by saying she had lots of things to be happy about
  • John D. followed by reporting that he had nothing to be happy about.  Nobody believed him.  It was suggested that his mountain bike spill has lingering effects
  • Harold was happy that he didn’t have to walk to the meeting in the rain
  • Richie was happily sinking into 4” of water in his backyard.
  • Laura was happy for the majestic green mountains
  • Peter was having his house lifted preventing it from sliding into the wash, but not happy about the cost
  • Beckie took her first trip to Sierra Vista and happy for the green mountains
  • Bob was happy about lots of things, including his visitors with whom he was having a great time.
  • Andy was looking forward to the monsoons which will dissipate the fire smoke
  • Don was also looking out over the water.  Not the standing flood waters of Tucson, but the Puget Sound
  • Randy was enjoying his and Deb’s extended stay in Virginia with Bob before heading to Nashville, presumably to audition
Shelter Box- Harold will determine if the $1,000 donation has been submitted by the Foundation.  Don reported that Shelter Box assessment teams were already on the ground in Haiti.  As soon as it is determined to be safe, more teams will be deployed to aid in the disaster.
Randy announced that a young lady will be interviewing the following day for support from the Rotary Vocational Fund of AZ
John D. and Harold reported that we need to start thinking about the next contribution for the Cobijo Project in San Carlos, Mexico.
Randy pointed out that only 17 people have registered for the upcoming Conference and asked for more to consider attending.
RILA- Randy reminded that he would like to see two candidates put forth for support from our club for RILA.  He asked that any candidates be brought forth by the end of this week so that interviews can be scheduled for the following Monday.  Nominees will not be considered beyond the end of the week.  Sulee made the motion that the club fund up to $900 ($450/student), Laura seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.
Abby Rosen gave an outstanding presentation on the Marana Community Food Bank’s vision and functions.  The scope and reach of this organization were likely under-appreciated by most of us.  Besides over 2,200 meals prepared daily, the organization provides support for acquiring GED’s, has a learning garden, manages a five-acre farm and provides a drive-through service supplying 3-5 days’ worth of food in the form of emergency meals.  Its partnerships serve 5 counties in S Arizona.  The Food Bank is also involved in broader policy issues such as advocating the increase of minimum wages to $15/hour in Arizona.  The main purpose of the Food Bank is to provide food assistance in a way that allows for community members to participate with dignity.  The Bank has 160 employees and thousands of volunteers.
Randy noted that the Marana Rotary Club had supported the Marana Food Bank for as long as 30 years through meeting collections up until the Pandemic.  He suggested that continued support should be discussed at the Club’s next Board meeting.
Andy Swarthout, Secretary
Rotary Meeting Aug 17, 2021 2021-08-17 07:00:00Z 0
SHELTERBOX HERO CLUB” club-specific certificate for MARANA ROTARY CLUB     2021-08-12 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting Aug 10, 2021

Meeting minutes, August 10, 2021
Mary welcomed our guest (and future club member?) from Felicia's Farms, Kathy Lowling.
Randy announced:
  • The District is seeking a new chair for the Right to End Polio by year-end
  • The District Conference (Oct. 29-30) has only 17 registrants; please consider registration
  • The District is also seeking Youth Exchange Officer
  • RILA- members please consider bringing forth candidates.  The funding ($450/attendee) needs to be established by end of August.  Mary indicated that Kathy’s daughter may be interested.
  • Ernie is soon to leave ICU, is speaking (a big step!) and aims to do the Kids Ride in the Tour de Tucson.  Richie corrected to read “The Fun Ride”.
Mary had two announcements:
  • A sign-up sheet has been prepared for the 2 X/month produce delivery from FF to the Picture Rocks Community Center.
  • On August 21st the Town of Marana will deliver the rocks for the Peace Pole Garden.  Volunteers needed!!!
Harold announced that for the 5th Tuesday social event this month (August 30th) there will be a tour of the Marana Health facility beginning at 7AM; breakfast possibilities to follow the tour.
A discussion ensued regarding in-person versus hybrid versus virtual meetings in the face of rising concerns over the Delta Variant.  Consensus was to continue status quo; however, Randy asked that anyone uncomfortable not attend in person and that everyone attending in person PLEASE wear a mask.
Since we did not have a speaker, Randy asked for members to think about and share why we were Rotary members.  The themes centered around fellowship and projects for the betterment of our communities, local and abroad.  Many expressed the relatively small size of our club and, therefore the efficiency and passion behind our projects.   Many referred to the ability to effect youth and pointed to their many positive and life-changing experiences with their involvement through exchange programs.  Most agreed that the comradery of such a small but generous club was the motivator for being in Rotary.  John compared the club to a secular church where he has made close friends in six countries.  Sulee joined for business reasons; however, three youth exchange students changed their lives.  Bob described a similar story after having taken in the first five Russian students after Glasnov and introducing them to capitalism.
Happy Bucks
Harold was happy to have found his raincoat
John D. was just happy.  He reported that his mountain biking injuries were improving.
Peter related the emotional encounter with a procession of 200 emergency vehicles commemorating the recent death of a Tucson paramedic.
Denise loves the rain but not the abundance of resulting flies.  Her car is now safe as Carl has purchased a new car
Laura happily scored 4 season tickets to the UA Women’s Basketball games.  Everyone instantly became her best friend.
Mary was happy to have ridden to the meeting with Kathy of FF
Richie was happy that his new digs did not flood and that his roof was undamaged….unlike so many of his new neighbors
Denise was happy to have had Laura drop by the store.  She was also proud of the generosity of our club
Don was happy to have seen family and friends back east and was trying to find his way home during the airline chaos
Sulee was happy to have cleaned up after flooding
Bob was looking forward to Randy’s (brief) visit to Virginian
Randy was happy to advise Bob that he wouldn’t stay more than 90 days and was looking forward to the prolonged visit
Andy was happy that the horrendous wildfire smoke was clearing in southern Utah in time to watch the meteor showers
Andy Swarthout, Secretary
Rotary Meeting Aug 10, 2021 2021-08-10 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting  Aug 3, 2021

                                                                                                                                                                Marana Rotary Club
Meeting Minutes August 3, 2021
The meeting was held hybrid with a smoother start thanks in large part to Richie and John D.
Randy informed the club of Sally Montagne’s birthday party which sadly coincided with her husband, Ernie’s, bout with Stage 4 brain cancer.  Randy asked members who knew them to reach out with messages of support.
Don reported that 50% of the membership questionnaires had been received.
The club has an opportunity to provide volunteers for the upcoming Balloon Festival, mid-November (exact date to be confirmed).  The event will begin the afternoon and extend into the evening with tethered balloon rides.  Randy was supportive; however, reminded all that it will occur close to the Zone Institute (November 11) where dignitaries from Rotary will be arriving at TIA for which volunteers are also needed.
Mary reminded the club of the Peace Builder Network occurring August 17 at 6PM(date and time to be confirmed).  As a member of a Peace Club, all are welcome to attend.  Marana has informed us that the club will be responsible for the landscaping at the installation.  Mary suggested a rock garden with few plants instead of a full blown garden.  More peaceful, Zen-like. Volunteers are being sought for the project.
Felicia’s Farm- Cathy has already made a produce run and is excited to have our support. Volunteers for deliveries, maybe twice per month, will be required.  Harold noted that the woodchipper they have is inadequate for their purposes.  Therefore, the grant amount will need to increase above the approved $3,000 budget. 
Happy Bucks
Laura is happy for the flowers produced after the recent rains
Mary is happy that she was able to mow her lawn after an apparent long period of growth.
Denise was happy that her husband was feeling much better
John Zwitzer was happy to be back amongst friends.
John Dooley went fishing at Big Bear Lake where he attempted mountain biking.  This is apparently not his sport as he fell no less than 5 times and suffered a concussion.  Being a potentially serious matter, the club wished him a speedy recovery.
Richie was happy that, unlike his neighbors, he didn’t lose his roof in the monsoon storms.  And he was able to watch kayakers and fisherpersons plying the swollen washes. 
Andy was happy to have his internet back after lightening fried his electronics
Denise was grateful for the rains but not the weeds
Don was happy to be in the countryside north of NYC and looking forward to attending a 50 year wedding anniversary in Rhode Island
Beckie echoed the happy sentiments regarding all of the refreshing rains
Randy happily reported that the earth was indeed round as evidenced by the curvature observed in the Nebraska flatlands where he is visiting his cousin on his Jack Kerouac journey across the USA
Alex Wright, Executive Director of the 390th Memorial Museum, gave a fascinating talk about this museum located on the grounds of the Pima Air Museum.  Alex is a former Air Force fighter pilot who joined the museum in the summer of 2019. The 390th was one of three principal fighter wings based in England in WWII responsible for bombing campaigns over Germany and Nazi occupied Europe.  The aircraft used was the B-17, of which one of 40 remaining is on display at the museum.  This B-17 has a fascinating history.  While it was produced in 1945 near the end of the war and never saw battle, it was deployed by the US Coast Guard in cartography projects followed by use as a slurry bomber in fire fighting until its retirement in 1979.  It was installed in the museum in 1986.
The purpose of the museum is to memorialize and commemorate the role of the 390th bomber wing in WWII.  Alex described the many stories and ways in which the stories are preserved.  The sacrifices and losses over the wing’s 20 months of bombing campaigns initiated from English soil.  The museum has the largest collection of flight jackets in addition to exhibits on aircraft nose art, POW stories, a soon to be added turret exhibit, and an exhibit for the Chow Hound campaign at the end of the war where the 390th B-17’s were used for food drops into the winter-hardened Netherlands.  
Alex was an engaging speaker with a myriad of interesting facts about the 390th.  The museum’s stories and objectives are described in their excellent website,
Randy indicated that the Museum would be ideal for one of the Club’s social meetings that occur monthly.   Alex said he would welcome us and provide for a private experience for our club.  An opportunity we will surely act upon.
Rotary Meeting Aug 3, 2021 2021-08-03 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting July 27, 2021

Marana Rotary Club
Meeting minutes July 27, 2021
Yours truly is grateful to Mary for clarifying errors regarding the Cameroon Project in last week’s minutes. 
Happy Bucks
  • Harold was visibly happy to have his new flight simulator and was anticipating a smooth take-off with practice this week
  • John was happy to be living in this part of the world as his charter fishing trip in Mexico was cancelled due to a complete shut down of activities (COVID) at his destination.
  • Denise was enjoying out of town guests and the rainy weather.
  • Don was happy watching videos of the flowing Rillito River and ready to head to Rhode Island for a friend’s 50th wedding anniversary.  Randy had to remind us of a bad joke referring to 20 of those years being happy ones.
  • Laura loving the rain, 2 and ½” over the past three days, and gardening and fence building.
  • Peter, now audible with new headset and working microphone, prepares for trip to Virginia.   His last travels for a while as he will be dog sitting for a spell.  On a sad note, Peter lost a close companion Saturday, one of his many dogs of similar age.  Tough loss, Peter.
  • Mary noted just how important dogs have become during the pandemic.  Although, disturbingly, hers has taken to jumping the fence to go visit Laura’s place.  Randy noted that the food must be better there.
  • Bob is happy that grandkids are arriving today.
  • Beckie is happy for the rain, a common happy theme today.  And happy for June coming home.
  • Sulee is happy that Jim now has an oxygen generator.
  • Richie is happy about life in general.  He is disappointed that a scouting event in Ireland next year was cancelled out of concern for the virus.
  • Dave Hinmann is happy that the school session opens Monday and that the kids got all of the courses and electives they wanted.
  • Randy heads (slowly) towards Virginia tomorrow where he will meet up with Bob.  First stop, White Fish, Montana with perhaps some fishing on a private stream running through a friend’s property.  No fishing license required (he thinks).
Mary introduced the speaker, our very own Richie Benner, to talk about the Watermark kids’ program.
Richie described his journey from scouting to becoming involved with Watermark Retirement Communities, a nation-wide assisted living program.  The scouting financial crisis led to Richie’s departure from scouting (at least in a salaried role) in June of last year; however, he landed quickly with Waymark one month later where he oversees move-ins, transfers, and about everything else where he can lend support.  No surprises here!  He has facilitated 28 move-ins/move-outs over the past 26 weeks.
Richie’s talk focused on Watermark for Kids, a non-profit foundation aimed at providing opportunities for kids to thrive and to be empowered.   The Foundation operates similarly to Rotary in its overall objectives, reaching out to make positive impacts in our communities.  It differs mostly in its ability to be a bit more agile in decision-making; not surprising given its very streamlined structure.  Watermark (a private company) provides one foundation administrator in Tucson whose salary and overhead are covered by Watermark.   Donations go 100% towards funding kids’ programs.  The only criteria, other than need, is that kids be between the ages of 6 to 22 years old under the premise that all kids deserve support. The role of the Foundation is to provide mentors with the objective of creating future leaders for our communities.
Richie went on to describe six great examples of specific cases which illustrated the diverse array of backgrounds and projects being pursued by the kids.  The examples included kids who were physically or financially challenged with dreams of becoming a softball star, a sled-hockey player, a culinary chef, and a supreme court justice.   The examples represent only six of over 300 similar stories. 
Questions asked included “how are candidates selected, how big is the foundation, and what, exactly, do you do, Richie?”  The year 2020 was only the second year after the establishment of the Foundation so the platform is still being built.  Richie would like to see more kids being presented for consideration and a more effective spreading-of-the-word to find candidates beyond the Watermark group.  Candidates are selected and matched with coaches who can be mentors and monitor the funding.  Residents can be mentors. 
Safe to say that many members learned a different dimension of Richie’s character.  Further illustrates why Richie is so involved in Rotary.
Andy Swarthout
Rotary Meeting July 27, 2021 2021-07-27 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting July 20, 2021

Rotary Club of Marana
Marana Rotary Club
Meeting minutes, July 20, 2021
The meeting was held virtually instead of hybrid due to the NW Fire District’s need for both meeting rooms for a memorial in honor of the sudden death of the Fire Chief in a small aircraft crash while assisting firefighting in northwestern Arizona.  Sulee, the scheduled presenter, was not able to attend as she was transporting her husband to the hospital for blood transfusions.  The Club expressed their deepest wishes and support for his recovery.  Absent a speaker, Randy framed the meeting as an informal club business meeting.  Notable was the day’s attendance by members from all over N. America.  Maybe further….who knows where Peter was logging in from.
Happy Bucks-  a rather light Happy Bucks session ensued.
Don happily completed a ½ marathon in the Cascade Mtns. foothills while enjoying his time in Seattle.
Harold was happy to have dined recently with John Zwick who will hopefully be attending our hybrid meetings.
John Dooling said he “was just happy”.  He attended a little league baseball game where his nephew played.  John lamented that parents have changed little, expecting that their offspring be sports prodigies. 
Richie is happily filling holes with spackle in his new digs.  He echoed the little league sentiment saying parents, just let your kids play and have fun.  And that he was twice as happy being backup for Randy while Randy galivants across the country.
Mary was happy to be back at work after two weeks off.
Bob Bishop reported that he was enjoying 79-degree temps and overnight rains; Vail received over 1” of rain and he was excited to have guests soon to visit.
Peter was very quiet with a broken microphone but texted that he was quite happy.
Andy was in Belize scuba diving and promised to contribute $1 for every meter of decent under water.  (Calculations are in process)
John and Bob expressed delight over the successful launch of the Blue Horizon space vehicle and Bob revealed that he had the chance to sit in the space vehicle while visiting Seattle a while back.
Laura was recharged after a vacation in Kauai, Hawaii.
Jen was happy for the rain and excited to be a new member.
Randy misses his moose and deer who apparently have distanced themselves from his Deer Lake cabin because of nearby timber cutting. 
Dan Contorno; we reported for Dan that he must be happy- he was fishing in Idaho.
Denise was happy that June was potty trained.  And she thanked Mary for her thoroughness and care towards the Cameroon Project.
Other Discussions
Beckie expressed thanks to Denise for her work on the Tour de Tucson aid station to be sponsored by Marana Club on November 20th.  Denise described the Tour sponsorships.  The Tour expects 6,000 to 9,000 riders.  Sponsorships BEGIN at the Bronze level for $3,500 and that there were over 40 corporate sponsors.  Randy suggested that the Club restrict our support to the Aid Station only and the members agreed.  Volunteers for the aid station to be determined later.
Mary mentioned that the Peace Poles have arrived.  Marana would like to handle the installation: however, Mary said that the design would be directed by the Club.  She suggested that a garden be designed and asked for input and volunteers on the design and construction.
Mary also reported that the grant proposal for Felicia’s Farm had been accepted by the District for funding in August.  She discussed the concept of supporting food insecure people in conjunction with the Picture Rocks Community Center Inc.  Logistics were discussed for transporting the estimated 300 pounds of food per month.  Excess could be donated to the Picture Rocks women’s shelter.  Since Picture Rocks has little infrastructure (coolers, etc.) the distributions could be broken into 2-3 deliveries per month.  Vehicles will be needed on a volunteer basis.  Mary gave a brief presentation on the materials acquired for Felicia’s Farms and suggested that two volunteers could participate on a rotation basis for distribution of food 2-3 X/month.
Mary also provided an update on the Cameroon Project.  Certain administrative glitches have been resolved with the arrival onsite of Poobah (sp?).  Classrooms are outfitted very well now, and attendance is increasing.  The gardens are producing so kids don’t have to walk great distances home for lunch.  Additionally, there are seven cows providing milk.   Mary also reported that the grain bank was functioning well with over 100 sacks of millet providing for grains to be borrowed during the spring to summer season when crops are not available.  Unfortunately, the women’s businesses are not going great due to administrative challenges.  However, the local Rotary club is providing support for the Association of Women until things can be sorted out.
Don advised that a rather thorough questionnaire will soon be sent to members.  The survey will assist in seeking new members.  Randy thanked Don for his hard work on the New Members task.
Randy reached out to Jen, asking if there was anything further the Club could do to welcome her and assist as a new member.  Jen said she felt at home and part of the family.
Randy noted that on Nov 11 Rotarian dignitaries will be visiting Tucson and asked for volunteers to welcome them at TIA.  If volunteers can provide their time on a two-hour basis that would be greatly appreciated.  Volunteers can answer questions and make suggestions to welcome our visitors.
Finally, Randy asked club members to think about local projects for the coming year.  He also encouraged members to visit the “old folks” home in San Carlos as one of our local efforts.  John Dooling said he will seek Board support for continued involvement in the San Carlos project for the coming year.
Andy Swarthout
Rotary Meeting July 20, 2021 2021-07-20 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting July 13, 2021

Rotary Club of Marana Meeting July 13, 2021
Club Business:
  • Peace Poles are on their way.
  • Application for Grant Due Tomorrow 
  • The owner of Her and Him donated two Prom Dresses to our club.  The Services Projects Committee will generate ideas about how to use the dresses to bring to the club later.
Happy Bucks
  • Harold is happy for the rain, lightning, and thunder
  • Don is relishing the weather in Washington with the fog over the Puget Sound – a strip of fog with mountains towering behind and the water below.
  • Sulee is happy that husband is still with her.  He has contracted pneumonia while battling his cancer.
  • Jen is happy for the storm and is very pleased we recite the Pledge of Allegiance.
  • Becky is very happy that we got a good rainstorm last night.  Also, happy to busy and healthy.
  • John is happy about the 1 ¼ inch rainfall he got last night.  H reminiscing about dinner he and his wife once had with Sulee and Jim.  The group was talking about becoming more sentimental with age, when Jim said “I cry now when I hear rain in the forecast.”
  • Randy is excited that directly after the meeting he’s headed to pick up his great grandchildren in Spokane to bring the back to the nearby lake for a day of fun.
Our very own Sulee Edwards spoke with us about the Missing in America Project with which she’s been involved for over 6 years. 
The Missing in America Project began in 2007.  MIAP locates, identifies, and inters the unclaimed remains of American Veterans.  Its mission is to provide honor and respect for those who have served our country but had been lost.   Individuals become ‘lost’ for a variety of reasons, from unknown whereabouts of family members to issues of PTSD and addiction that lead to alienation from family. 
To date, the project has located 21,499 unclaimed ashes of veterans across the United States.  Of those, 2438 have been given a proper military burial.  Veterans from the Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korean War, Vietnam, and the Gulf Wars have been interred. Ashes are brought to the burial service by a member of the branch in which the individual served.  Each veteran receives a gun salute, a fly over, and a flag presented to family members.  MIAP has no staff; volunteers provide what’s need for everything from locating and identifying to coordinating burial services to providing whatever is needed for the service.   Marana Veteran’s Memorial donates space in its columbarium for the veteran’s urn and Adair Funeral Home donates urns. 
The next Missing in Action burial service will be in October at the Marana Veteran’s Memorial.  President Randy suggested that we all consider attending. 
We are grateful to Sulee for bringing our attention to the honor our veterans deserve and to this non-profit dedicated to ensuring they receive it. 
Rotary Meeting July 13, 2021 2021-07-13 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting July 6, 2021


Rotary Club of Marana Meeting Minutes
July 6, 2021 
Club Business
Denise has secured an Aide Station at the intersection of Coachline and Silver Bell Roads for the Tour de Tucson in late November.  Seven club members indicated their availability to assist.  Further details to follow which will address health and safety protocols.
Randy announced that Don Jorgensen is seeking the District 5500 Governorship for 2024/2025 and introduced a resolution for the Club’s endorsement.  The club enthusiastically passed the resolution and will endeavor to complete the required paperwork by July 31.  Congratulations Don!
There will be a Board meeting Wednesday, July 7 to be held virtually.
Randy welcomed Jen Shaw as the newest member of Marana Rotary.  Jen gave a brief intro having recently arrived in Marana by way of southeast Tucson and Colorado.  She is a single Mom of two, active in the Chamber of Commerce and a sales associate of Allstate. Randy warmly welcomed Jen and gently reminded her of her responsibilities as a Rotarian.  The meeting warmly welcomed Jen to the Marana Club.
Happy Bucks (abbreviated session due to technical issues and time constraints)
  • Harold was happy because this is the first year he has achieved perfect meeting attendance.  John D chided Harold for taking 53 years to achieve this.
  • Randy was kind enough to point out that the temperature was 54 degrees where he was in Washington state
  • John was happy that nobody complained about the absence of donuts as the Donut Wheel was closed. Maybe tip them next time, John?
  • Lynne shared a joke involving a bicyclist and a corvette. Due to audio problems, the punch line was lost on most.  At least the writer heard no laughter or groans.
Raffle drawing, Lynne drew the 2 of diamonds.   The pot continues to grow.
Audio issues continue to plague us in our hybrid meetings despite heroic efforts made by Peter, Harold, Richie, John and others.  Confidence is high that improvement will continue and victory is to be achieved.
Presenters - Amy and Victoria of the Northwest Fire District spoke to the meeting on the dangers of monsoon flooding and heat-related health issues in the Tucson basin.  Amy has been with NWFD for four years, the last two of which were dedicated to her passion, public education and awareness.  Veronica came to the NWFD from Bisbee where she experienced first-hand the power and destruction of flash flooding in Miner’s Gulch running through a major part of town.  
Amy described the intensive training given to first responders for swift water rescue.  She reminded us that flash flooding is an inherent risk of living in Pima County and that, despite the common sense rules, many long-time residents as well as new arrivals become complacent about entering flooded roadways.  Interestingly, in 2017, we ranked number 8 in the nation for deaths due to flooding.  And over half of fatalities were vehicle related.  Quite the statistic for an arid, desert environment.  We hear it every year; rescues and fatalities result from drivers ignoring barricades to enter flowing roadways under the belief that the water isn’t that deep, swift, or dangerous.  Amy made the important point that only one foot of water will make a vehicle buoyant.  Despite decreasing monsoon activity since 2014, rescues and fatalities remain some of the highest in the nation.
Veronica presented the dangers of heat-related illness.  The stages begin with Heat Cramps and progress through Heat Exhaustion and, finally, Heat Stroke.  How to recognize each of these progressively worse conditions were explained and the “do’s and don’t do’s” described for each case.  Again, despite common sense, we see the horrific results of ignorance every summer.  Particularly alarming are the cases of infants or pets left in cars.  Veronica showed graphics of temperatures rising within vehicles (even with windows partially open) for outside temperatures ranging from 80 to 120 degrees.  Even at 80 degrees, the results were rapidly catastrophic.
Amy’s and Veronica’s presentations focused on two themes.  1) NWFD places a great deal of emphasis on rescue and 2) there is constant public education in order to avoid having to utilize that expertise.
Final thought- as this is my first set of meeting minutes produced, I welcome any feedback.  Too dry?  More/less detail?  Warning- I tend to become more sardonic and editorial as comfort level grows!
submitted by: Andy Swarthout, Secretary
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Randy Brooks Installation 6/26/2021-2022

Randy Brooks Installation
June 26 2021
The installation party was held at the home of John Dooling
The meeting was called to order by John Doolinig (president 2020/2021 year)
The first order of business was to install Randy Brooks our 30th President of the Rotary Club of Marana
After business was taken care of the Members and Guest partied on
Randy Brooks Installation 6/26/2021-2022 2021-06-26 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting June 15, 2021

Marana Rotary Meeting Notes. 
June 15 Meeting
Attendance: Lynne, John D, John Z, Dan, David, Mary, Laura, Sulee, Andy, Richie, Peter, Harold B. and Randy.
Few announcements: Banner year (3rd in district % of members who donated to Rotary Foundation Fund, #1 in per capita for district)
June 26 installation at 6 p.m. for Randy Brooks as president for 2021-22. 
Sugar Skulls game this Friday — those attending will need to arrange to meet John before the game.
Email from Joyce Zwick about the need for oxygen concentrators in India. Mary moves to donate $2,000 to the oxygen concentrator bank in India; Laura seconds. Passes unanimously. 
Lynne reported that the wire to San Carlos project for the renovation of the senior living home was completed.
Happy Bucks
Richie — UA men’s baseball team to Omaha and Suns doing well, Richie’s mom in town from Michigan to celebrate Charlie’s 3rd birthday.
Sulee — happy to have husband back home after a trying hospital stay.
Andy — family visiting from Illinois and sun out in the Northwest
Lynne — “If you’re happy and you know it ...” 
Harold — Skin cancer removed and it went well 
John Z — I like the warm weather but this is ridiculous. Hoping for a good monsoon.
Dan — Hoping for a good monsoon, too.
David — After months of testing, pool no longer leaking.
Mary — Headed up to Pacific NW for vacation. Just finished a seven-week course on Trauma and Wisdom which was really good.
Laura — Happy that it is Pride Month and Juneteenth, a month of celebrating freedom and liberation in this great country of ours. 
John — Dan is a member of this organization.
Dan’s journey —
Born in Chicago. Moved to Marana when he was 5 because of “allergies”. Dan’s father was a lineman, who said there weren’t enough clothes for that job in Chicago. Dan’s mom was speaker for Weight Watchers and traveled nationally as a motivational speaker. Went to UA and got a degree in finance and accounting, and thought he was going to settle in Denver but tried to put in gas in his truck but there was ice caked on his truck. Opening in the MUSD business office, about 30 years ago and returned to Marana to take it. He is now going on 20 years as being the CFO for Marana Unified School District.
Dan married to Heather — they met in an Eagles concert line for the Eagles farewell concert tour. Played lots of softball a while back. He loves to golf, and passionate about fishing (about the experience, about that one single moment like seeing a brown trout jumping out the water). He ties his own fishing flies. 
He and Heather have two children — Kelsey is 20 and working as a special education aide and Kaitlyn, who is married and has two children. 
Overall, he’s had a wonderful life. “It’s about relationships,” Dan said.
Rotary Meeting June 15, 2021 2021-06-15 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting June 1, 2021

Marana Rotary Meeting Notes
June 1 Meeting
A few technical difficulties that we are ironing out. 
Attendance: Robert Bishop, John Dooling, Andrew S, Peter M, Beckie P, Richie B, Harold B.guest Jen Shaw who wants to join our club. 
Celebrations today
— Beckie Penman’s anniversary 51st
— Harold Burtzloff’s 84th birthday
Dan Contaro returning from White Mtns today and can’t be here. 
Happy Bucks
Randy — had a great visit to Las Vegas, Son and daughter-in-law pregnant and buying a townhouse, donate $100 for Happy Bucks. 
Mary — brother and sister-in-law in town, put in drip system and planted roses and ate first home-grown tomato
Andrew — will match Randy’s happy bucks, the sun is out in the NW. 
John Dooling — happy to see John Zwick. 
Bob Bishop — sending a check for $300 for happy bucks. 
Richie — watching UA women’s softball team advanced women’s college World Series and UA baseball team hosting Regionals. Complimented on eyebrows.
Laura — Enjoyed family over Memorial Day. 
Denise — got together with siblings, seeing John Z, good business month in May
Harold — spent time w/ granddaughter and go to do some flying. Paid $100 for Happy Bucks. 
John — nice to “get out of jail”, see the country and really happy that we are back together again. Thanks for the calls. 
Peter — great to be back in person again. $100 happy. 
Don — got back from NYC and New England Sunday night. Carlton Bradford — direct descendant of William Bradford who founded Plymouth Colony. $100 for Happy Bucks. 
June 26th — installation ceremony of new officers at John Dooling’s house. 
Rotary Intl — asked clubs to reach out to contacts in India and Brazil to find ways to help. India is no-go from a reliable source Randy knows. 
In Brazil, Randy heard from Emanuelle and he’s having a further conversation with her today. Natal, Brazil. 
Peace Poles update: ordered. Mary will follow up. And will follow up on the bench. 
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Rotary Meeting May 25, 2021

Rotary Club of Marana Meeting; May 25, 2021
Club Business
  • Peter and Randy moved our cabinet to new meeting space
  • District Conference is Friday and Saturday, June 4th and 5th.
  • Next week will be our first in-person, hybrid meeting!
  • Sugar Skulls, an arena football team will be playing on June 19th.  John will purchase tickets for those interested in attending as a club. 
  • Poker Tournament June 11th.  Dan will be sending out invites shortly.
Happy Bucks:
  • Don is in New York visiting with his 19 mo-old grandson who is hysterical.  Don’s stunned by how fast 19 mo-olds can run.
  • Denise is super happy has 2 days off in a row.
  • Dan reported that his high school graduations were really wonderful.  MCAT, in particular, was very touching and impressive.
  • Lynne is happy she’s semi-retired for the tax season. 
  • Bob’s has appreciation for the government agencies that have rallied around his friend with cancer.  The quickly facilitated getting the young man insurance and medical care.
  • Beckie is loving having June over 4 days a week and is sad when she’s not there.
  • Joyce’s lilacs and tulips are covered with snow in Alberta.
  • Randy is happy will be scooting off after the meeting to a mainly manly weekend with friends in Reno and visiting his son in Las Vegas
  • Sulee was super happy she went to CA for granddaughter’s wedding shower and was able to see her little grandchildren, too.
  • Laura I’m happy for beautiful mornings.
  • John is thrilled with hip replacement.  Outpatient and walking in 3 days without much restriction.
          Submitted by Mary Straus,
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Rotary Meeting May 18, 2021

Rotary Club of Marana Meeting; May 18, 2021
Club Business:
  • Speaker next week Director of Alzheimer Research at Banner
  • District Conference will be held June 4th and 5th remotely.  All encouraged to attend.  Registration on the D5500 website.
  • Virtual Poker Tournament upcoming on June 11.
  • Installation of Incoming Officers will be held at 6:00 pm on Saturday, June 26th, at John’s home.  PDG Ellie Patterson will be Installing PE Randy.
  • Denise has been in contact with the Tour de Tucson organizers regarding aide stations. They are yet to be determined; Denise will be notified as soon as they are set. 
  • First Hybrid Meeting on the 1st of June will be held at the Northwest Fire Department Training Facility.  Randy has sent us directions.
Happy Bucks:
  • Bob joined us from outside a hospital in Virginia where he is waiting for his young friend to finish a chemo treatment.  He is grateful that he was in position to open his heart to this young man in a dire situation.
  • Lynne is happy tax season is over and is taking week off. 
  • Andy grateful for his beautiful view from his office window, looking directly Bryce Canyon.
  • Dan is in graduation season; all is going well.  Dan’s pleased that different parts of his his kitchen remodel are starting to come together.    
  • Becky, “50 years ago husband bought me a new car.  Last week he bought me my second.”  Becky loves her new car and is in awe of new safety technologies.
  • Mary’s daughter had Sweet 16th Birthday.  Both she and he tomatoes are thriving.
  • Peter had a nice time while working in Georgia.  He’s very much enjoying the opening that is unfolding.
  • Laura has had favorable outcome  for two clients regarding Covid-related death benefits. 
  • Randy in a peaceful, happy space
  • Joyce happy looking down from her office window at tree in full bloom with tiny white petals like snow. 
Randy attended the monthly Peacebuilder Meeting for us, being a dedicated Peacebuilder Club.  He was so touched by the meeting that he shared with us some of the lessons he took from the speaker, Jerry Leggit.
  • We are all part of whole.  We can be greater the more we can be curious and embrace each other. 
  • We must take ownership of our own institutional and personal racism.  What is our own racism?  Our own bigotry?
  • Empathy is the beginning of peace
  • Service Above Self is Service to our Selves
  • You can’t be peaceful if you’re hungry.
  • Most racism and bigotry is based in fear.
  • What does a peaceful world look like?  It is not something you will see externally until you find peace in your heart in you.
  • If you’re truly interested in peace, you have to be willing to take a chance. 
  • Be as proficient at peace as soldiers are at war. 
Randy recalled a personal experience that resonated while he listened to Jerry speak about peace.  As a corpsman in the Vietnam war, he, along with another corpsman and two soldiers, would provide Medcaps.  Medcaps were medical clinics set up in remote villages to treat local villagers.  Randy recalled a feeling of complete peace, fulfillment, and love when working in the villages, fully aware that some of those he was treating were viet-cong.  His heart was more open than it had ever been up to that point in his life.  In retrospect, Randy identifies these moments as the moments he “became a Rotarian.”
Many thanks to Randy for sharing Jerry’s inspiring lessons and his own inspiring experience. 
Submitted by Mary Straus,
Rotary Meeting May 18, 2021 2021-05-18 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting May 11, 2021

 Rotary Club of Marana
Minutes of Meeting
Submitted by Randy Brooks
Attending: John D., Harold, Joyce (Guest), Sulee, Lynne, Andy, Denise, Don, Richie, Laura, Dan C and Beckie.  Special guest and speaker Dot Santy
John let us know he will be receiving a new hip on the 19th of May.  Good luck, John. 
The club voted to move our meeting effective, June 1, 2021, to the Northwest Fire Department off of Ina.  The actual street address is: 5125 W Camino De Fuego, Tucson, AZ 85743.  Exit I-10 West at Ina Road.  Turn South over the Freeway and get in the Right lane.  Immediately after the Q Store turn right  …. It is at the light.  Just after the turn in the road and just before the trailer sales turn Left onto Camino De Fuego.  Go about a block and you will see a large building and tower.  Walk past the burned, railroad car to the main lobby. Say hi to Angellina and go down the hallway to your right to the second to last room on the right.  We will be there.  The club will provide coffee and pastries. As we go along we will refine the menu.  You’re going to like this site.  Call me if you get lost 520-403-4763.
Masks will be suggested but not mandatory …. Those with immunizations for Covid are suggested to attend.  We will make every attempt to have a hybrid meeting but it may be a challenge the first meeting. 
Fundraising – the 2nd Friday of June we will have an online poker tournament …. Dan C is arranging for this event the 11th of June.  Details coming – when the flier is sent please distribute to everyone and everyone on your various mailing lists. They can be anywhere and join in on the fun. Sulee is helping with the tournament.
John announced that in the next few weeks we will have a visitor from the La Jolla Club whom is traveling to Tucson on occasion and is interested in discussing with us Alzheimer’s disease.  She is asking for volunteers for a study. Details to come.
RI has asked that clubs in concert with one another or alone and attempt to find to help with the Covid situation in Brazil and India.  Randy and John have contacted people in Brazil to determine need and Randy via of Shirley Grace (a friend of the club) has reached out to India.  We may have up to 4 clubs and Jefferies Foundation willing to contribute to a few clubs and/or communities.  Research in process.
Happy Bucks:
Harold: Sad actually, wife’s hard drive crashed.  Joyce Z our Canadian friend is happy “spring is coming”, we skip that and go directly to summer.
Randy – neither happy nor; sad.  Skip him; Sulee, Jim is receiving massive amounts of chemo to attempt to strangle his cancer.  This will go on for 6 weeks.  Keep him in your thoughts.
Andy – Not good or bad.  Much like his friend Randy, Don J: Happy to be going back East tomorrow to see daughter, Grandson and old buddies, I mean really old buddy (96 years old).
Lynne entertained us with a joke and Denise said it was happy Tuesday.  She did not explain herself.
Richie did a cool ‘Staycation’ that had an indoor water park.  Dan had to leave because of a school bus accident.  The child struck by the bus was later found to be OK and the incident will be investigated.
John awoke to six deer at his water through this morning.  Now that is cool. Laura visit her mother’s grave at the VA cemetery in Phoenix.  Her mother is buried with her husband …. Whom by the way was a “Pharmacist mate” … that is what Hospital Corpsmen are called today? The change was made in 1948.  
Speaker: Dot Santy moved to Tucson many years ago to avoid cold winters, she bounced around and found her passion in helping children with few means to provide food, clothing and basic necessities for themselves. She started seeing homeless children and these events were an AWAKENING for her. Cindy Roust (Marana Community Services) and she started SOS – Success of Students – noticed that kids were hungry, could not afford to go on outings, they had no funds but Dot began asking for help.  She raised $12,000 on her first fundraising activity. 40% of children need free or reduced meals in the Marana Unified School District.  Her first year she raised 24,000.  In 2019 her group was able to provide holiday meals to 700 families.
SOS goal: is to establish a sustaining committee that wants to support these children by fundraising and donations to these children in need. Here are the groups working to support her wanting to raise enough for 700 backpacks:  Del Webb, Silverbell Mines, Cal Portland and Watermark as well as the Marana Police Department.
She stressed that children are innocent. The parents have found themselves in situation where they cannot help the children, Covid, economy, addiction, bad luck, lack of training …. Whatever.  The children face the consequences of these issues.
John discussed how many years ago our club supported immunizations for children via of the Marana Health Center … Sulee remains on the board  of MHC and will speak to the board to see if the need exists anymore for help.
If you would like to speak to Dot Santy she can be reached at
Dot left the meeting and Lynne suggested we pool funds and buy 30 backpacks stuffed with school supplies. The club at John’s direction voted to supply 30 bags at a cost of $900.00. –
We quickly did the 4 way test and hung up our cleats for the week.
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Rotary Meeting May 4, 2021

Rotary Club of Marana Meeting; May 4, 2021
Club Business:
  • Board meeting this evening, everyone welcome
  • District Conference will be held remotely June 4th and 5th.  A $10 fee will go directly to annual fund.
  • District 5500 currently has three Centennial Clubs.  Congratulations to the those Clubs!
  • Randy volunteered to be our representative at the Council on Legislation held during the District Conference.
  • Randy asked for volunteers on Nov 18th to welcome Rotarians coming to Tucson for the Zone Institute.  Both Becky and Bob volunteered.
  • The district is now open for nominations for Governor Nominees Designate.  The search is on for a person who will serve as governor in 2024-25
  • Richie posted the Az Daily Star article on our Shredding Event to our Facebook Account. 
Happy Bucks
  • Richie Is grateful that we haven’t hit 100 degrees yet.
  • Don had a nice anniversary with his wife.
  • Bob is enduring a difficult time.  His brother is very ill but was able to attend his daughter’s wedding.  Additionally, he has taken a young man under his wing who has advanced cancer, worsened because he has no insurance and, therefore, didn’t get medical care sooner.
  • Dan’s grandson was born Friday and gets to meet him tonight!! He is very excited.
  • Joyce enjoyed her District Conference on Saturday.  District 5360 includes the southern half of Alberta.
  • Sulee is happy she was able to spend some time with daughter and grandchildren.  One of her grandchildren has Primary Immune Deficiency, leaving her very vulnerable to infections.  Her exposure to people and places is very restricted, and she’s been wearing a mask since age 1. 
  • Randy happy his homestead has been refreshed with new paint.  He also reported that his, who has had advanced Alzheimer’s  sister on hospice.
  • Harold enjoyed a 5-day visit from his brother and wife who came from Kingman.
  • John’s looking forward to a hip replacement regarding which he was promised a quick and easy recovery.  John was delighted with a conversation he had with his granddaughter…  Granddaughter asked John if the road runner he saw was a girl or boy?  When he responded that, well, he didn’t know, she asked,  “Did it have eyelashes?” 
Submitted by Mary Straus,
Rotary Meeting May 4, 2021 2021-05-04 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting April 27, 2021

Rotary Club of Marana Meeting April 27, 2021
This morning we took stock of our 2020-2021 Rotary Service Projects and are grateful to have had so many opportunities to touch lives.
  • Handbags of Hope
  • Oxygen Tanks for recipients in Nogales, Mex.
  • Adopt a Family for the Holidays
  • Air Purifiers for Special Needs Classrooms where kids have difficulty wearing masks
  • Uganda Women Empowerment; IT Training
  • Document Shredding and Electronics Recycling
  • Peace Garden
  • Rehabilitation of Assisted Living Home in Mexico devastated by the latest hurricane
  • Economic Development in Malam-Petel, Cameroon
Happy Bucks:
  • Harold had a lovely lunch with John and Sylvia Zwick and was very pleased with Sylvia’s rehabilitation progress. 
  • Joyce Zwick joined us from Canada and will be returning to AZ in June.  The region is enduring a drought, impacting farming.
  • Peter is happy.
  • Denise is looking forward to the upcoming chance of rain.
  • Andy is happy he received his 2nd vaccine, but lamenting Oregon is going into shut down with a surge in Covid numbers.  He commented that Oregon recorded its driest Spring on record since 1963.
  • Don is enjoying cool whether in Seattle.  He ran a successful ½ marathon over the weekend.
  • Laura was flummoxed that, while teaching a class remotely in the office next door, an office-mate had a health emergency, called an ambulance, paramedics entered, and paramedics left without Laura noticing a hint of something amiss.  Geez.  Happily, the health emergency resolved quickly.
  • Mary was taking pleasure in the saguaro blossoms and her latest tomato count.
  • Randy’s pleased his house is being painted and a closet built. 
  • Beckie delighted in granddaughter June’s 3rd birthday with a delightful birthday party by the zoo. 
  • Dan is doing a kitchen remodel and is very busy with developing a budget for the district. 
  • Lynne told us a joke she had to explain. 
  • Richie found new areas of his body that are susceptible to sunburn. 
  • John had a wonderful weekend with his son and grandsons camping and turkey hunting in Alpine.  A grandson proudly bagged his first Tom. 
Laura introduced us to Cathy Lolwing, executive director of Felicia’s Farm.  Cathy moved to Tucson in 2010 with her husband who works with the Arizona Daily Star.  They have a 15 year old daughter and a rescue husky.  Cathy has been with Felicia’s Farm since responding to their ad 10 years ago, “work in sunshine… help feed people.”
Felicia’s Farm was created by David Cutler to honor the memory of his wife, Felicia Ann Cutler,  who died in 2009.  She was a compassionate woman whose vision was to “feed people and teach them to feed themselves”.  
A fitting legacy, David turned his backyard into Felicia’s Farm, and it has grown steadily since its humble beginnings.  Currently the farm produces 700 pounds of organically grown produce and, with 700 hundred chickens, up to 2000 eggs per week, all of which is distributed at no cost.
The Mission of Felicia’s Farm is “to lift lives in Tucson.”
In 2019 one in five people in Tucson lived with food insecurity. The highest poverty rate was found in individuals below age 18.   In South Tucson one out of two people had insufficient food.  Since then, with the pandemic, poverty and food insecurity has only worsened.
Felicia’s Farms distributes their produce and eggs to community groups who serve, for example, the homeless, fleeing battered women, families, and seniors. These groups include
  • Casa Maria that serves homeless
  • Casa San Juan that serves families
  • Lend a Hand that serves seniors
  • Estes Park senior housing
  • Pasqua Yaqui Services
Felicia’s Farm is also dedicated to environmental sustainability.  They grow flowers to ensure bees for pollination.  Cut flowers are then given to Senior Homes.  The farm is currently on a well but will be implementing technology that draws humidity from the air.
Felicia’s Farm administrative costs are only 5% of their budget.  The farm depends on the work of approximately 50 volunteers a week.  Volunteering is flexible and doesn’t require scheduling.  Show up and you will be put to work in the compost, making berms, painting, weeding, harvesting…  All the things. 
We thank Cathy for such an uplifting presentation and Felicia’s Farm for the heartfelt work it does in our communities. 
Submitted by Mary Straus
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Rotary Meeting April 20, 2021

MINUTES – 4.20.2021
Submitted by Randy Brooks
Attending Zoom Meeting:
President John, Harold, Randy, Sulee, Joyce (Alberta visitor), Andy (Portland), Peter, Robert (Virginia), Denise, Laura, Richie, David, Beckie, Lynne, Dan C. (what a great turn out today)
The meeting started with the Pledge of Allegiance by Denise.
We went immediately into discussion about Venue for the future meetings.  President John and others have been negotiating in good faith with a business called TOPS.  There has been a struggle with this company, first being encouraged to meet on Tuesdays and then stating their staff did not want us to come on Tuesday.  The Club considered moving to Thursday to accommodate TOPS.  Peter and Don discussed with the owner the pricing structure and some of the things we may need going down the road.  The owner countered with a letter to John indicating that she would authorize a three week trial period and complained the club kept trying to lower the price and were being unfair.  Although there were several reasons this venue was attractive, there were issues that made a few of us uncomfortable about a long term relationship. 
Part of the problem is that Mary would not be able to attend Thursday morning meetings and David H may have to leave the club.
Randy proposed that we withdraw our offer to meet at TOPS and after discussion the club voted to withdraw our offer and work to find another venue.
Shredding Project went perfectly, the people coming through were happy and seem grateful to be able to rid themselves of confidential papers.  Don J. did a great job of coordinating this event and with the help of John, Peter, Don, Harold, Beckie, the Dooling Family (5), Randy and Deb, Denise, Mary and anyone I missed (sorry) it went without a hitch and initial counting it appears we have a net of about $2.165.00
Don J. went by Nana’s and received a check for $200.00 for the screen we purchased to use at Nana’s Kitchen.
Dan C., is suggesting we meet at Coyote Trails School beginning July 1, where we can bring our own food, use their internet and hold face to face and virtual meetings for the future. Dan will return with more concrete information soon.
President John did a presentation about a project for seniors in San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico in cooperation with rotary D 4100.  This is or an “Old Peoples Home,” that was devastated in a hurricane many years ago. John also lost a boat he had stored in San Carlos during the storm.  The structure of the buildings were left intact but the inside was severely damaged.  This project at the “El Cobijo Old People Home,” will repair rooms, provide heat for the winter and provide air conditioning in the summer months.  Phase one of the project is nearly complete, Phase II will cost about 32,596.00 and Phase III will pay for additional rehabilitation and will cost $97,803.57.
The consumers of this home is homeless, elderly people.  The club voted to donate from our Club Foundation $2,000.00 for this project and Randy agreed with John that he will request our club supporting this next year as well.  Great presentation John, let’s move forward.
Another advantage of this project we can, once we are safe from the virus, travel to San Carlos and see the project and maybe pitch in as well with muscles.
This next week we will have a guest from Felicia’s Farm …. You do not want to miss this, another potential local project.
John and Dan are reaching out to the Town of Marana, Northwest Fire, and Marana Unified School district for membership and meeting location.  We hope good news arrives soon about a great meeting space.
Meeting adjourned.
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Shredding Event 04172021

Contact: Donald G. Jorgensen
Marana Rotary Club Shredding Event Raises $2800 for Local Projects
Tucson, AZ, March 22, 2021 – The Rotary Club of Marana recently held a drive-through community shredding and electronics recycling fundraiser that raised over $2800 for humanitarian projects.  Over 70 donors participated in the three-hour COVID-safe event at the Harkins Theater in Marana.  
All proceeds from the community fundraiser will support the Marana Rotary Club’s local and global humanitarian projects.  Recent projects included the purchase of special air filters for Marana High School special needs classrooms, an adaptive playground for a local elementary school, health and education projects in Mexico and Cameroon. 
The Rotary Club of Marana is an open, non-partisan, non-political organization that believes in “service above self.” Membership provides community connection and participation in projects with men and women who act for a better world. The Rotary Club of Marana is proud to be designated a global “peacebuilder club.”
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Shelter Box Congratulations

Congratulations to The Rotary Club of Marana, recognized as a District 5500 ShelterBox HERO club with the donation of $1,000 and three year pledge.
ShelterBox, the leading international disaster relief charity, delivers humanitarian relief in the form of equipment and materials that bring shelter, warmth and dignity to people made homeless by natural or other disasters worldwide.  ShelterBox is respected for its integrity and impartiality, twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize and often looked to by the United Nations Human Refugee Counsel to provide aid in the most difficult countries around the world. In 2012 ShelterBox became Rotary International's first Project Partner and only disaster relief charity. This agreement enables both organizations to collaborate more closely to bring relief and temporary shelter to survivors of disasters worldwide. The fundraising efforts by Rotarians make up a significant proportion of donations received by ShelterBox
Shelter Box Congratulations 2021-04-14 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting April 13, 2021

Rotary Club of Marana
Rotary Club of Marana Meeting; April 13, 2021
Club Business:
  • John directed us all to our website, commending our webmaster extroardaire, Harold Burtzloff.  Everything you could ever want to know about the Rotary Club of Marana can be found there. 
  • Continued discussion about our meeting structure and venue.  We are aiming to begin a hybrid model the first week of May.  The first 3 Tuesdays of a month will be hybrid, the 4th Tuesday will be remote, and any 5th Tuesday will be a social. 
  • Proposal/Request to participate in a Global Grant program for women in Uganda.  The grant project will include IT training for the women to increase their literacy, their hire-ability, and their linkage with the outside world.   Our Club voted to participate.    
  • There is another proposal to participate with a club in San Carlos to rehabilitate an assisted living home.  The home was devastated by the most recent hurricane and requires significant rehabilitation.  Additionally, the Rotary Club of San Carlos would like to expand the center’s capacity, possibly turning into a multi-year project.  The Club is enthusiastic about participating and the proposal will be taken to the board.
  • Shredding Fundraiser this Saturday!!  Arrive 7:30/7:45am.  Event between 9:00am and noon. 
  • Walk for Polio miles should be sent weekly to Sulee. 
  • Many expressed appreciation and commented on the success of the retreat our PE Randy facilitated on Saturday. 
Happy Bucks:
  • Don was happy to have seen friends in Scottsdale he hasn’t seen in over a year in Scottsdale
  • Mary is similarly happy she will be driving to Palm Springs to meet a dear friend. 
  • Peter is working hard.
  • Sulee has be awarded a training contract for 800 employees.  Congratulations!
  • Dan was lamenting that MUSD lost all internet access for 2 days and was just getting re-established.
  • Randy was pleased with the work accomplished at the Saturday Meeting.  He is also pleased to hear that Sulee’s husband is responding very well to chemotherapy.  
  • Harold also enjoyed the Saturday Meeting.  Additionally, he is looking forward to having a nice meal with former employees. 
  • John enjoyed one of his favorite pass-times; watching one of his many grandchildren compete in sports.  This weekend took him to a Lacrosse game regarding which he was surprised at the apparent aggression between teems.   
Our meeting closed reciting the 4-Way Test
Submitted by Mary Straus
Rotary Meeting April 13, 2021 2021-04-13 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting April 06, 2021

Rotary Club of Marana Meeting; April 6, 2021
Club Business
  • A Board Meeting is this evening at 5:30.  All welcome.
  • The Shredder Fundraising committee will be meeting this Thursday from 6:00pm to 8:00pm.  Don will invite us through Zoom.
  • President Elect Randy is holding a retreat at Mary’s house this Saturday, from 9:00am – 1:00pm.  He urges all to attend, as we will be establishing goals for next year.
  • Rotary Leadership Institute is being held remotely April 10, 24th, and May 8th.
  • We are invited to join other clubs to Clean Up at Camp Lauden on Mt Lemmon.  Event occurs  March 24th.
  • Dove Mountain is holding a training on hybrid meetings on April 15th.
  • The Rotary Club of Marana is one of 5 clubs that are Hero Clubs supporting Shelter Box.
  • The District-wide Walk for Polio has begun and will continue through May.  For every accumulative 100 miles walked, leadership will donate $100 to Polio Plus.  We are encouraged make donations as well.   Sulee will be coordinating our miles, so please send your records to her.  
  • Thanks to Beckie for setting us up with a payment system for our fundraisers. 
  • Harold celebrated his 49th Wedding Anniversary.
  • Becky is holding Tour de Cookie T-shirt bins and would like to get rid of them.  John will contact Dan for direction.
Happy Bucks
  • Harold is pleased with the warmer weather.  He also enjoyed a breakfast with John Zwick and reported he is well. 
  • Randy is happy friends from Washington are visiting with their Airstream.
  • Peter is very pleased he was awarded a contract to build cameras that will go to Mars’ Weather Station.  Congratulations, Peter.
  • Sulee is happy and looking forward to the first of the Missing In America Project Ceremony, since having to shelter at home .  The MIAP provides a full military burial for vets whose remains  were never claimed.  All are encouraged to attend one. 
  • Mary was super pleased with her Easter, emerging from sheltering-at-home gathering. 
  • Don enjoyed his Easter, gathered with loved ones.  Additionally, he woke this morning to a favorable review in The Daily Star of his book, ‘Three Worlds, One Voyage.  Congratulations, Don.
  • Beckie is proud of our women, Basketball Wildcats, who made it to the finals.  She is also relieved that her husband is better.  So much so that they went to lunch at Nana’s.
  • Andy shared that a close friend and colleague  died very unexpectedly.  He is staying in Portland currently for his 2nd vaccine shot.  While waiting, he bought himself a house there. 
  • Laura is sorely disappointed  in the Men Wildcats Basketball team.  However, she’s absolutely delighted our neighborhood’s infrastructure is being attended to.  Terribly ruined roads are being paved anew.
  • Denise felt blessed to have spent Easter with siblings.  She also is happy she was invited to a staff member’s wedding, as it’s being held in Acapulco,
  • Bob marveled at the identicalness of his 2 year-old twin granddaughters.  Even the parents are having difficulty differentiating between the two.  Bob is eagerly readying to put his boat in the water.
  • John had lovely Easter where all the grandchildren went upstairs to watch a Godzilla movie.  He is ecstatic that the NCAA tournament has begun (or is about to begin?.) The tournament is the highlight of John’s year.  
Submitted by Mary Straus
Rotary Meeting April 06, 2021 2021-04-06 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting Mar 30, 2021

Rotary Club of Marana Meeting; March 30, 2021
Club Business
  • Youth Exchange Programs have been put on hold for another year.
  • Discussion about policy regarding youth.
  • RLI coming up again April 10,
  • Randy is holding a retreat on April 10.  Details to come.
  • It is the Centennial Anniversary for a few District5500 Clubs. Congratulations to Tucson Club, Globe Club, and one other!
  • Dove Mountain putting on a program on April 15th on how to run a hybrid meeting.  
  • District awards upcoming.  Board will discuss at board meeting a week from today.
  • Shredding Fundraising event update by Don.  He has a press release ready to go out.  Denise put together a hand out for the day that educates people about our club.  Task Force Committee meeting upcoming.  I will be held remotely.  The board will be considering a marketing budget.  Advertising avenues were discussed. 
Happy Bucks
  • David is grateful the arbitration that lasted 5 days, instead of the anticipated 2, is finally completed.
  • Richie is thrilled to be broadcasting from his new home.  Also enjoyed golfing with his father and brother for his father’s birthday.
  • Dan is excited anticipating this evening because it is Tuesday with Eva night!  Also happy all students are back in school.  Yesterday was the first day at 0 employees at MUSD were in quarantine.  In it’s heyday 70-80 were non-operational because of Covid
  • Laura is doing a happy dance for the women’s U of A basketball team; Final Four!  She waxed poetic.
  • Peter is at an observatory in Coconino National Forest, enjoying himself.  He receives his 2nd vaccine next Tuesday
  • Joyce’s is attending her last meeting in Arizona, leaving for Canada tomorrow.  We are all so happy Joyce has become part of our family.
  • Becky is happy their planned Alaska cruise is still.  Her husband, Karl, is out of hospital with a health seal of approval. 
  • Denise happy they made goal this month. She’s also looking forward to April’s Diamond Event, always enjoying it.    
  • Harold is pleased his 1076 Bonanza passed its annual airplane inspection. 
  • Don is kindda happy doing something he hasn’t done in over a year; doing a face-to-face presentation.  Mixed emotions. 
  • Randy watched the Women Cats play last night and is also awed by them.  He has just returned from a vacation in Hawaii, which he thoroughly enjoyed; it was a “hoot.”
  • John is also a huge fan of the women’s U of A basketball team.  Additionally he is proud of one of his grandsons who competed in swimming sectionals and got 4th place.  Quite an achievement when competing against 40 teams.  Congratulation Carter Dooling.
Submitted by Mary Straus
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Rotary Meeting Mar 23, 2021

Rotary Club of Marana Meeting;  March 23, 2021
Recognition of the Mountain View Interact Club, sponsored by Dove Mountain Rotary. Mountain View Interact donated 200 pairs of socks to Youth On their Own and has a nice write-up in today’s newspaper.  Congratulations, Interactors!
Club Business
  • Don has been in communication with Kathleen Schnell, honorary member and faculty sponsor of our Interact Club at Tortolita middle school.  The club has been meeting periodically via zoom but resumes in class instruction and meetings this week. 
  • A report from the Rotary Club of Nogales includes pictures of some of the oxygen tanks and supplies purchased with our donation.  John reflected that we touch the lives of people we will never meet.  We are honored to have the opportunity.
  • Dan and John are aiming for a Poker Tournament Fundraiser in April.
Happy Bucks
  • Harold is just plain happy and considering getting his first haircut since the start of the pandemic. 
  • Dan warned those eager to get their first post-Covid haircut that he likely contracted Covid at his barber’s.  Dan, also, lamented that on his first excursion in his brand new truck, he broke down in the Salt River Valley.  No cheer here. 
  • Joyce and the Zwick family celebrated the completion of her mother’s and father’s  vaccinations with an outing that ended up in the emergency room.  Her mother fell and required stitches in her forehead.  Typical of Sylvia, “I don’t know what all the fuss is.”  Joyce will return home a week tomorrow.  She has mixed feelings about leaving.  She is sad to leave her mother and father, but eager to see her husband and dogs.
  • Denise received her first covid vaccine and is grateful she suffered only a slight headache for 2 days and a sore arm.
  • Don brought attention to the pain of the Boulder shootings.
  • Becky got her hair cut!!!!  Instead of celebrating with an outing with her husband as intended, she, like Joyce, ended up in the emergency room with her husband.  She has been worried about her husband since Thanksgiving and is relieved that he is finally getting the medical attention he’s been resisting.   
  • Laura’s delighting in the fragrance of her citrus trees that are in full bloom.
  • Sulee sat with her 15 year old puppy on her lap and reported life is good.
  • Andy was able to score his first vaccine in Oregon and will need to return there for his 2nd after 28 days. 
  • Peter had an allergic reaction to an antibiotic prescribed for an eye infection.  He is feeling a bit better today, for which he is grateful.  He is also in awe at the success of the 15 year old Miracle Glo he in found in his shed.  His trees have never looked happier. 
In Celebration of Women’s History Month, Laura invited Jan Cleere to speak with us today.  Jan is an author and historian who writes about experiences of first settlers in the southwest territories.  She is particularly “fascinated with the hardships women faced in early settlements and forts in the western territories.”  Her newest book is titled Military Wives in Arizona Territory: A History of Women Who Shaped the Frontier.  In addition to books and magazine articles, the Arizona Daily Star publishes monthly articles by Jan that each introduce us to one of the women she has
Jan introduced us to a couple of remarkable women who were in Arizona in the 1600s; Julia Davis and Elizabeth Hutchin Smith.  Elizabeth was a black woman who at one time owned ½ of Wickenberg. Each story was a treat. 
We also, however, got a good taste of what it is like to research; to play hide and seek with sources, chasing rabbits into holes.  The journeys generally begin in one of the following:   
  • Primary Sources
  • Obituaries
  • Public records
  • Geneology Societies
  • Photographs
  • Archivists
  • Local historical museums
  • Local libraries
  • National Museum
  • Military Bases
One of Jan’s closing remarks was sharing that the more a historian finds primary sources, the more one realizes that what is told and taught in history is not accurate.
We are so pleased that Jan Cleere joined us today, inspiring each of us to connect to past times.
Submitted by Mary Straus,
Rotary Meeting Mar 23, 2021 2021-03-23 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting March 16, 2021

Rotary Club of Marana Meeting; March 16, 2021
Today was a special day.  John had the honor of performing “the greatest pleasure of a presidency,”  installing Sulee Edwards into the family of the Rotary Club of Marana.  We all are so pleased Sulee has rejoined us, as we know her to be an outstanding Rotarian and humanitarian.  Sulee was appointed to serve on the Service Committee and to the Foundation Board. 
Today was also a special day because tomorrow is President John’s birthday.  A pitiful but heartfelt song was sung, and best wishes from all of us are with him. 
Club Business:
  • Lynne has sent our donation to the Rotary Club of Nogales.  Our donation will be combined with their District Grant and a donation from a Rotary Club in Canada to purchase oxygen tanks and equipment.  All will be donated to a hospital in Sonora that doesn’t have enough supplies to serve their Covid patients. 
  • All oars in the water and moving toward our Shredding Fundraiser, which we be held April 17th from 9:00am to 12:00pm at Harkins Theater.  Thank you to Sulee for designing a flier for the event.  Thanks to John who signed final contracts with Harkins.  Gratitude to RI for their timely support regarding insurance.  Much gratitude to Don for spearheading and coordinating the event.
  • March 22nd is World Water Day.  Rotary has spent over 51 million on water projects.   Our Club’s Global Grant projects in Cameroon have a water accessibility component to it.  A well and solar powered pump is allowing for irrigation and farming that wasn’t possible before.
  • Virtual tours of Rotary International in Evanston, Ill are  available on
  • Lynne reminds us to pay dues.  Almost uniformly our attention to these details have wavered in the pandemic fog. 
Happy Bucks
  • Harold is happy for the rain.
  • Bob is pleased to be in Tucson for 2 weeks before he heads back East to Virginia.
  • Richie closed on his new house yesterday.  Congratulations!  He’s relieved life will take more orderly shape again.
  • Joyce was confused about where she was; the weather in Canada was 61 degrees in the last couple days, while it was only 59 here.   
  • Randy won’t be with us next week.  He will be in Hawaii!
  • Don is enjoying weather.  He had great hike in Saguaro West.
  • Mary is happy about Sulee’s membership. 
  • Beckie is grateful for the rain and the restoration of desert.
  • Denise is happy Sulee has joined us.  She also thanked our speaker for joining us.
  • Sulee is pleased to rejoin our club.  Also, she, like Don, went on a lovely hike this weekend that was restorative.
  • Andy is enjoying being back in the west and is patiently waiting for sun.
  • John basked in the glow of his birthday song.  He is also grateful Sulee has become a member. 
  • Lynne somehow angered a driver.  When the driver drove alongside her and promised to make her life miserable, she thanked him but let him know she wasn’t interested in a relationship.
Today we welcomed Karen Rorke from Watermark Retirement Communities, who spoke with us about aging and elder care.  Karen became an employee with Watermark after experiencing her mother’s aging with Alzheimer’s.  Her mother’s fear, anger, and anxiety were often not listened to or given proper attention.  Because of these experiences, Karen was inspired to become involved with elder care.
20 years ago, elder care was revolutionized away from skilled nursing facilities toward a continuum of community care.  Watermark is exemplary of another shift that is occurring in community-based elder care.  What can typically occur is a placement when an individual isn’t able to meet their needs independently.  The placement is, generally, a reaction to the client’s dysfunction.  The care is focused on management of the clients symptoms.  The emerging perspective in care is proactive, anticipatory and collaborative with the individual.  In this perspective, choices regarding living are centered around the resident’s and family’s interests, needs, and choices.  It supports the resident to “thrive, not just survive.” 
Ideally, there is a continuum of living options in one community.  For example, Watermark offers short-term care living, independent living, enhanced assisted living, and memory care all in one campus.  In such a community, residents can access more support as the need arises, disrupting their quality of life as little as possible.  Communities that offer adjunct activities and create community with the residents also support the vitality in the individual. 
We thank Karen for inspiring us to be proactive advocates in our own aging and in the aging of our family members. 
Submitted by Mary Straus,
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Community Shredding Event 2021-03-20 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting March 9, 2021

Rotary Club of Marana Meeting Minutes
We were saddened to hear of the passing of a long-time, vital Rotary Club of Marana club member, David Lightfoot.  David left our club approximately 6 years ago after he retired and moved to Phoenix.  He is remembered affectionately and with respect.  Our hearts are with his family.
Today we were honored with the presence of our District Governor.  Thank you DG Diane for visiting and keeping us connected to the District.
Club Business:
  • Randy brought forward a tri-club, tri-country service project to consider.  A subsequent motion was made and passed.  We are joining a club in Sonora, Mex. and one in Canada in the purchase of much needed oxygen tanks and tubes that will be donated to a hospital in Sonora. 
  • DG Diane recommended observing the Youth 4-Way Test Speech Contest which will be virtual.
  • Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) will be held virtually April 10th and 24th and May 8th.  Diane encouraged new and old to attend; even graduates of old will be refreshed and learn of changes.
  • DG Diane’s District Conference will be held virtually on June 4th and 5th.
  • Michael Drake is starting a new District 5500, Eco Club.  Environment has become Rotary International’s 7th Avenue of Service.
  • A/V needs discussed in anticipation of hybrid meetings.  DG Diane and Joe Hentges are meeting to research and will make recommendations to the District.  Diane did recommend Microphone and Headset for people having difficulty hearing. 
  • Don has successfully organized our Paper Shredding and Electronics Recycling Fundraiser.  It will be held Saturday April 17th from 9am to noon at Harkins Theater.   A Shreddit truck and Urban Miners will be there.  We will charge $20/car with up to 3 boxes plus $10 additional per box and for electronics.  Becky will process fees.  Suelee will design marketing material.  Don has reached out to interact club for support.  Many thanks to Don for initiating and organizing this event. 
Happy Bucks
  • Harold is happily post-vaccine and is staying safe following all rules.
  • Randy’s two-week, post-vaccine period has passed, and he can now party hardy.  He thanked club for being brutally honest about his performance last week, when technology failed him.  We are hoping he will come back for an encore.
  • Suelee is happy to be with us. 
  • Joyce has had her 1st covid shot and will be returning home on March 31st.  While we’re sorry for her to leave, she can’t wait to be with her husband and animals. 
  • Laura had an oral argument on her police PTSD case and was pleased with how it went despite being unsure of the outcome.
  • Don is one week outside his first covid shot.  He is  also very relieved his good friend had a successful triple bypass during the week. 
  • Richie’s obsessive tendencies are being tested while his house is in disarray getting ready for the big move.
  • Beckie and Karl had their 2nd shot.  Becky can hardly wait to run to the salon and chop off her locks.
  • Denise had an unnerving experience yesterday.  What she thought might be a stroke; sudden sight loss and nausea, turned out to be an optical migraine.  Thank goodness.
  • Mary’s very happy Suelee has rejoined our club. 
  • Peter  has had a scare with his mother who tripped while carrying her groceries in her home town of Mancester.  He is hearing good news of her recovery but is not liking being so far across the pond from her.   
  • Andrew meandered southward from Oregon to Utah and is now back in AZ.  He scoring first vaccine in Utah and will be looking for a place to score his second here.
  • Dan shared that a friend died tragically after he hit a pole while on a bicycle ride.  He asked us to keep the man’s family in our thoughts and hearts.
  • Dave is excited that his daughter joined the school tennis team and has her first match this Saturday.
  • Diane was pleased to report on a successful first virtual RYLA.  The kids loved it and didn’t want to leave at its conclusion. 
  • As we have discussion of our A/V needs, John remembers being in awe of overhead projectors.  He is also in awe that he is turning 72 on the 13th, in just a few days.
Laura introduced us to the community outreach team from Northwest Fire Department.  Laura sang their praises in her interactions with them as her mother aged.
Joining us were Veronica, who has been with District for 20 years, Tom, who has been with the District for 18 years, and Amy, a newcomer from Oregon since 2017.
Tom Krike for 18 years
The Team spoke with us about home safety…
Safety for Older Adults; Fire and Fall Prevention. 
Smoke Alarm Safety
  • There should be at least one alarm installed in a main hallway, and, ideally, one in each bedroom.
  • Alarms should be tested one time per month.
  • Alarms should be replaced every 10 years.
  • Individuals with hearing impairment might consider a Strobe Alarm.
  • Carbon Monoxide alarms should also be installed;  one outside each sleeping area.  There are some alarms that have dual, smoke and carbon dioxide, detection.
  • There is new technology with alarms that will differentiate between cooking burn smoke and fire smoke.
  • There are ADA compliant alarms that have strobes and a vibrating pad that goes under your pillow.
Electrical Safety
  • Space heaters need to be placed at least 3 feet away from anything that can burn.  Don’t run heaters for more than 2 hours.  The heat can conduct to the outlet and become a fire hazard.  .
  • Extension Cords should only be used on a temporary basis and not with big appliances.
  • Surge Protectors protect from surges from electrical storms.  Arc Protectors protect against electrical surges that occur from arcs in home. 
  • Never Run extension cords under rugs or mats.  They are a tripping hazard, and insulation breaks down when repeatedly stomped on creating fire hazard.
Fall Prevention
Falling is not a normal part of aging.  What’s causing them?
  • Improve lighting inside and outside our homes
  • Get yearly eye exams.
  • Exercise regularly to build strength and maintain coordination.  Do it with friends.
  • Use non-slip mats in the bathtub and on shower floors.  Install grab bars.
  • Clean spilled liquids immediately.
  • Know our physical limits!
  • Know your medications and side effects.  Talk with your doctor and pharmacist.
Home Escape Plan
  • Plan 2 home escape plans and practice them.
  • Make sure windows and doors open easily.
  • Have necessary items near your bed; glasses, medications, ambulatory devices, flashlight and whistle.  These items can make a sudden escape successful. 
Many thanks to the Northwest Fire Department for the important information and for its concern and advocacy in our community.
Submitted by Mary Straus,
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Rotary Meeting Mar 2, 2021

Rotary Club of Marana Meeting
The Meeting began with some wonderful news.  Suelee Edwards submitted her application for membership to our club.  Suelee has been a valued member in years past, and are very pleased she will be joining us again. 
Laura refused to sing the Star Spangled Banner for us, but she did produce a beautiful photo of our American flag to which we pledged our allegiance. 
With no members’ birthdays or anniversaries to celebrate, we dug a little deeper into the community and wished John Michael Straus, Mary’s brother, a happy birthday.
Club Business:
  • As we begin to ready for in-person meetings, there was discussion of our audio-visual system.  We will sell our current screen at Nana’s to Nana’s. Bob has a projector and screen that we can use. 
  • Venue follow-up:  Laura is following-up with YMCA and John is following up on Copper Kettle.
  • The District Conference, on June 4 and 5, will be virtual. 
  • Another Rotary Leadership Institute will take place in April and May.
  • Denise is our latest Paul Harris recipient.  This is her 2nd Paul Harris, and we are grateful for her dedication to TRF.
  • Shout out to Richie for keeping our Facebook account relevant. 
  • Thanks to Randy Brooks for reaching out to former Youth Exchange Students for testimonials.  They will be posted on our website.
  • Fundraiser Paper Shredding and Electronics Recycle date is set for April 17.  The location is almost determined.  Thanks to Don for his diligent work on this event.  Beckie has offered to market the event.
  • We were awarded the District Share the Love Grant for $500.  This grant will contribute to a bench that will be placed in our Peace Garden at Marana Crossroads. 
Happy Bucks:
  • Harold is happy and enjoying life.  He’s had his second vaccine and suffered no side-effects.   
  • Randy is pleased the side-effects from his 2nd vaccine have cleared.
  • Richie also experienced symptoms from his 2nd vaccine.  He was very please, despite the symptoms, that his family closed on a new home.  Congratulations!  John offered his truck but not his muscles.
  • Mary’s starting to see clients in person again and visited with friends for first time in months.
  • Joyce is happily taking care of her parents.
  • Suelee’s husband has been diagnosed and is treating his cancer.  Suelee is pleased that he appears to be a poster child for chemo, with very few side-effects.  Our hearts are with Suelee and her husband.
  • Andrew is happy the sun has visited Oregon, where he’s visiting, for the last 3 days. 
  • Bob is still in Oklahoma, getting his 2nd vaccine this week.  He will be back in Arizona for 2 weeks before he returns again to Virginia.
  • Becky is looking forward to coming out of her cocoon toward the end of the month, after she and her husband have been fully vaccinated.  Becky also remarked on the sad state of the saguaros.  Many of us have never seen them so thirsty. 
  • John is expanding a water catchment area that serves the local wildlife.  He has a camera that has caught quite an impressive parade visiting his watering hole: javelina, bobcats, racoons, coyotes, and, most recently, a fox.
  • Denise is excited that she finally was called to sign up for the vaccine.
  • Laura is excited that her sister and brother-in-law decided to stay an extra week.
  • Dan was a bit he wasn’t able to go to his cabin due to snowfall.  He is very please, however, that he has started a weekly BBQ tradition in the family.  His first BBQ was a hit with only himself and his granddaughter attending.  He shall persevere. 
  • Peter’s eight day project in Flagstaff has extended to 2 weeks and counting.  He’s been getting exercise running up and down scaffolding.  He took a side trip to the Grand Canyon which he really enjoyed.
  • John is pleased he’s getting his second vaccine today.
We had a special treat to close our meeting.  Randy performed for us, as he gets ready for the District Conference.  We are eager to hear more of his beautiful singing and his strumming.  Thank you, Randy.
Submitted by Mary Straus,
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Rotarm Meetinf Feb 23, 2021

MEETING MINUTES 02/24/21 7:00 AM – 8:00 AM via Zoom
Submitted by Randy Brooks
The club participated in a robust, yet fragmented pledge. 
Attending Today: John D., President; Joyce Zwick (guest from Canada); Randy, Laura, Sulee (Guest and potential member); Lynne, Don, Denise, Mary, Dan, Richie, David, Andy and Karl. We have another guest Dan Streeter, Superintendent of the Marana Unified School District attending – welcome Dr. Dan Streeter.
The Rotary Convention has been cancelled for in person attendance.  It will again this year be a virtual event.  Perhaps a few of us can attend the event next year in Houston. 
There will be a Rotary District 5500 Conference in June in Tubac, Arizona.  Hope it actually happens …. Our governor and her team deserve a break in having an in person event.
President John is quite proud of our club, we are the only or one of a very few that have 100% registration with My Rotary.  Way to go everyone.
We have written several former Rotary Youth Exchange students asking that they send a photo from their youth exchange and only a few have responded so far. Jeanne from France and Eleana from Peru are two that have responded.  We hope we receive more and that Richie is able to post their photos and comments on our Facebook page.
Denise won a contest for her jewelry store in the amount of $500.00 which she in turn donated to the Rotary Club of Marana.  Thank you so much Denise.
Discussion but no resolution to the issue of used electronics. 
The shredding day is in our future in April, 17, 9 AM to noon.  Don Jorgensen sent out a request for volunteers and asking to help with specific tasks.  Anyone with graphic and marketing ability please help.  Those able to shred please volunteer.  Those that can register people and collect funds please help.  We lost the ability to hold the Tour de Cookie this year and these small fundraising projects are extremely important. I know the event is in my calendar and I will help, I heard Mary volunteer and several others nodded your heads.  Please e-mail Don and tell him what you can do: Thanks.
Happy Bucks
Joyce Zwick: John, her father and our club member (95 years old), had his second COVID shot.
Laura: has visitors (sister and family) and is enjoying the socially distant time with them.  Sounds like a weird statement. “Come on over but don’t touch me and stay outside.” LOL
Randy told a bad joke about COVID and its side effects.  You would have had to been there. Let everyone know that Deb is doing well with the new knee. Two Hips, two knees, spinal cord and wrist.  What could be next?
Harold has his second COVID vaccine and visited with George Rigney, a former member whom lost his spouse recently.
Sulee: Our newest potential member (in waiting period).  Her husband has serious health issues and was having procedures on Tuesday AM.  However the schedule has changed and so Sulee now can join our club.  Great news for us.  Those of you that don’t know, Sulee was a member several years ago and in my opinion welcome back.
Don – happy that he participated in RYLA. 40 youth attended that seemed engaged.  Thanks Don.
Beckie – happy that she was able to go to a park with her extended family.  Feels sort of normal again (not quite yet Beckie – but better).
Dan C. – His latest binge watch on TB is “Songs that Changed Music.” He commented that playing guitar is complicated.  Randy agreed and then confessed that he doesn’t know how to play either.
Mary: received second COVID vaccine and had a slight sore arm, in spite of the joke, this writer, made about her. She misses Laura and cocktails in the evening (because of Laura’s guests).  She was reassured they will begin again.
Denise is very happy that her employees agreed to donate to the club and that Dr. Streeter is here to visit today.
Lynne: Not happy, software issues that will be fixed soon.  She told a joke about tomatoes not being a sweet fruit, and how most of us do not have tomato smoothies.  Yea, you sure? Tomato, Lemon, spices, celery, and vodka that some have in the AM.  That’s really close.
Andy: Apologized for being late, he is in Portland, Oregon where up to 350,0K00 have been without power.  He has had internment power.  Stay warm Andy.
Karl: Happy family visited
Richie: received his second injection had some symptoms but is doing better now.
David: Has enjoyed his children doing the study at home and is a little sad they will be going back in person.  You’re a great dad, David.
Introduction of Dr. Dan Streeter by Laura:
Dan (we use first names in Rotary, Dan) Superintendent of Marana Unified School District – MUSD). As CEO he is in charge of day to day operations and tons of employees. Previously was Superintendent at Humboldt and the HR director. He has a PhD in Education Leadership and strongly feels personalized learning is the key to success for our children. He is happy he gets his second vaccine next week. Married for 21 years, two sons from the union, enjoys biking.  One son is a senior at Mountain View High School. The other son is younger and in class. 
MUSD has 12,000 students, covers 500 square miles, 1,800 employees and 700 teachers. He believes in collaborative partnerships. MUSD is rated high in US News and World Report, Blue Ribbon Schools, considered electronically advanced and engages in “code to the future.” A coding process for counselors in all schools. He discussed Advanced Placement Program only 1,000 in the world. The school has been hybrid, open, closed, open closed …. Sounds a little crazy making. The staff have been cleaning, cleaning and cleaning, tedious but important. 
Literacy needs are being met, learning critical thinking and graduates are ready to contribute to society. “Identify what is right with children and engage their strengths … not weaknesses.”
Great presentation Dr. Dan.  Come back again.
Meeting adjourned.
A reminder: mistakes made, and I know there are many …. Disregard.  Thanks have a good week.
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Rotary Meeting Feb 9, 2021

Rotary Club of Marana Meeting; February 9, 2021
Today began with a hurrah to our own Valentine: Peter Mack was born on Valentine’s Day and married on Valentine’s Day.   Many happy wishes to him and his wife, Josie. 
Club Business:
  • Richie graduated from Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI), a 3-level training.  The training was held via zoom for the first time.  Richie missed the exchange of information and ideas that happens in-person.  However, he enjoyed the sessions and the facilitators and recommends the institute highly. 
  • A year-end summary of the Rotary Vocational Fund highlights its success.  86 students were served and 86 graduates joined the work force in their chosen fields.  The fields included phlebotomy, nursing, respiratory technician, aviation, collision and repair.
  • The Annual Joint Meeting between Mexico, D5500, and D4595 will be held the 19th – 21st;  Friday and Saturday 8:00am to 12:00pm and Sunday 9:00 to 10:00 via zoom.  The meeting intention is to identify projects in Mexico on which there can be collaboration.  Randy and Andy will represent us.  Next year the meeting is scheduled for here in Tucson.
  • Jigsaw Puzzle Fundraiser update:  Bob is having difficulty getting the Oro Valley-based company, MasterPieces to respond.  He will look into other options.
  • Don looked into information on a shredding for a fundraiser; Vail club has done it and he is coordinating with them.   There was conversation of many aspects; Don will follow up.    
  • As members are getting vaccinated, it is time to consider in-person and hybrid meetings.  Andy is looking into with Tohono Chul, Laura is looking into the YMCA, and Beckie is looking into whether the Marana Chamber of Commerce might have a space for us in their new office in the Town Complex.
Happy Bucks
  • Harold is impressed that, when all said and done, 29 boxes of stuff came out of his RV.  29 boxes are headed to donation at Goodwill.
  • Don had a great visit with granddaughter and great granddaughter.
  • Lynne is happy in her new digs.
  • Bob is hiding in-doors from his 19 degree weather.  He’ll be burrowing in further tomorrow which expects a high of 9.
  • Andy was peaceful and grateful looking at a beautiful sunrise on the Utah red rocks.
  • Randy had a wonderful time with Eleana and Pedro senior, visiting from Peru.
  • Laura is delighted that her Policeman PTSD case is being considered by the court of appeals.  If successful there will be a change in the Arizona Constitution broadening the scope of qualifications for disability to include PTSD for the Police and First Responders. 
  • Mary noticed spring arriving; doves building precarious nests in her front yard and mail quail patrolling on her fence in the back.
  • Beckie had a wonderful birthday with her family, going to the zoo and picnicking.  Her best birthday present was getting appointments for vaccines.
  • Peter was in Flagstaff through the weekend at the naval observatory and going back up this weekend.  He also described the battle-field his wife has created by feeding the birds; upwards of 500 dove and quail scurrying for their morsels.
  • Carl appreciated the beautiful days, his great family, having a beautiful pace to live and great job.
  • Joyce rejoiced that her mom got her first vaccine on Sunday.
  • Richie’s had a quiet week, got laundry done and relaxed. 
  • Dave’s 2 boys joined a lacrosse team and had their first game this past weekend.  We all enjoyed the presence of one of his sons this meeting,  jumping around and making faces in the background. 
  • John endured many tedious attempts and, at length, was miraculously able to schedule a same day vaccine.  
Submitted by Mary Straus,
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Rotary Meeting Jan 19, 2021

Rotary Club of Marana
Minutes – 1/19/21
Submitted by Randy Brooks
Attending: John, Harold, Randy, Bob, Don, Peter, Andy, Richie, Carl, Joyce (visitor), Beckie
I apologize for the tardiness of these minutes …. I was so excited about my birthday I completely forgot the minutes as well as my name and location. 
This was a general meeting without a presenter:
Question if Denise is returning to the club ….. John will follow up with her.
Dan C., and John held a meeting with the Old Pueblo club and discussed the possibility of a poker tournament.
John announced a Neil Diamond concert with the Dove Mountain hosting.  It will be held this Friday, 1/29/2021.  Check the website for additional information.
Randy mentioned his birthday and his total excitement in becoming 75.
RYLA: We have two children registered and can take one more if you know a high school aged student. Dan will check with MCAT to see if they have someone.
We have an opening for a student to participate in the 4-Way Speech contest.  Needs to be registered by the 1st of February, 1st place is $1000.00.  Please check out the website if you’re interested in referring a student.
Peter visited a meeting in the UK for fun...  Challenged everyone to join a meeting somewhere in the world this next week. 
Discussion of posting our connection information for our meetings and it was decided not to do it because we could be hacked and could experience naked people showing up at our meetings. LOL
Don’s friend Carol is still interested in joining our club, but has some medical issues to resolve first.
On Martin Luther King Day there is a meeting of all Peace Builder Clubs.  Several members are hoping to attend.
Actually, Don, Harold and Randy attended 38 attended from our district. They have a Rotary Action Group (RAG) that is a fundraising group and also acting on ways to foster peace around the world, including Peace Poles. They hold peace events and support scholars. 
Beckie discovered 5 guys’ burgers and sounds like she will return.
Joyce went out to dinner.
Richie will tomorrow receive his first COVID injection … yea.
Carl wishes the new administration in DC and is hoping for peace.
Andy: Hard to find happy right now (I get it), Rain is nice and is hoping the country will work together to be a “more perfect” union.
Bob: completed a 1000 word jigsaw puzzle. His spouse has symptoms of COVID but actually it was a dental problem. Anyway that is what I heard.
Peter: Renovating his bathroom and discovered the slab is broken under the tile.
Mary: Apprehensive and hopeful for the new administration. Visited the Sandhill Cranes and enjoyed the moment.
Don: Returning from NY and sad to leave his grandson behind. He has been helping Jana and her husband paint.
Randy: Worried about COVID and his wife’s surgery tomorrow (she did fine by the way)
Harold: Gets his COVID shot on the 28th and is happy.
John: Played golf for the first time in forever.  Scored an impressive 90 on the front 9 hole. Lost 9 balls but found 12.  On Saturday he sat on a Prickly Pear Cactus. 
That’s it folks.  As usual please keep needed corrections to yourself.  As you know I have to write these from a few weeks ago and my retentive memory is strange. 
Randy B.
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Rotary Meeting Jan 12, 2021

Rotary Club of Marana Meeting; Jaunary 12, 2021
After the slow-motion rendition of the Pledge of Allegiance…
Club Business::
  • Board Meeting:          
    • Tour de Cookie has been canceled for year 2021.
    • Dan and John will be meeting with Kevin from Old Pueblo t.  Kevin has experience in organizing on line poker tournaments which we will
  • RLI on 23rd and 30th of this month; first Saturday next month
  • RYLA has been postponed until February 19 and 20.  Still openings. 
  • There’s a push to use Rotary Direct for contributions to Rotary for automatic drafts.
  • Brand new D55000Rotary Club;  Rotary of Tucson Club, Verde; Environmental Focus
  • Peace Conference USA/Mexico, February 13th and 14th, Virtual; Linking Mexico
  • Four-Way Speech Contest; $25 Entrance Fee; deadline is February 1st. Event April 10.
Happy Bucks:
  • David has recovered from Covid and is looking forward to the warmer temperatures that are joining us in the coming ddays.
  • Richie has regained his taste and intermittent smell.  He started puppy training, with his puppy.
  • Lynne enjoyed and recommended Don’s book.  She also entertained us with a clever joke.
  • Andy is grateful none his family has contracted Covid.  He believes this due to the streak of Meanness that runs through his very being.  This writer has a hard time imagining that.
  • Peter is having fun knocking out walls in his home.  He‘s taken on a remodeling project.
  • Randy is tickled pink he’s receiving his 1st vaccine on January 29th.   He also delighted in telling us of a video Kathy Jorgensen sent of their grandson walking.  He particularly enjoyed that just as the grandson was walking toward Don, he veered and blew by  him.   
  • Laura is happy that she received a negative Covid test, which means she didn’t bring home a nasty souvenier from New Orleans.
  • Becky was happy to say Goodbye to all her Christmas decorations and to reintroduce herself to a clean house.  She lamented not getting the vaccine yet; Arizona lags behind Utah and Wyoming.
  • Carl thankful all in family are healthy.
  • Dan was surprised that when he went to his doc for a sinus infection, he tested positive for Covid.  Luckily extremely mild symptoms. 
  • Bob’s been doing all the important things; puzzles and binge watching 24, in 29 degree weather in Oklahoma.
  • Don travel to New York, negative tests on both sides of trip. 
  • Joyce is in Tucson with her parents.  From isolation in Canada to isolation in Arizona.  Grateful to be with family.
  • Harold continues to see select friends while waiting for shot.
  • John shared with the club that he has met and really enjoyed Rotarians Kathy and Jay McCaul.  Jay published letter in letter to the editor that John recommended. 
Submitted by Mary Straus, January 19, 2021
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Rotary Meeting Jan 5. 2021

Submitted by Randy Brooks
Attending: Harold, John, Randy, Andy, Richie, Peter, Mary, Dan C, Laura, Carl, Beckie and Don was excused, traveling.
Richie was asked about his recovery from COVID 19.  He is feeling better, was very ill. Lost the sense of smell, 14 pounds and was in isolation for about 10 days.  Does not recommend COVID as a weight loss program. States breathing is a big deal (probably for all of us) and indicated that lying on your side or stomach and not your back is not suggested.  If I were on my stomach it would resemble a child’s teeter totter but I digress. Little bits of exercise to keep the lungs working is important and unfortunately painful… He appreciated all the e-mail, texts and calls from the club during the illness. Glad you are back Richie.
We learned of the unfortunate passing of Alice Rigney of a probable combination of heart disease and COVID. Not additional information is available. We all hope George is holding up OK.
The annual USA/Mexico Peace Conference – to learn about global grants will be hosted by Mexico this year ….. Plans are to hold a virtual meeting lasting two days, February 13 – February 15, 2021.  More information will follow and when President John receives it will pass it on to you.  All are welcome to attend.
Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) is around the corner.  As most of you know it is a three part experience, Level 1, 2 and 3.  I encourage all that have not complete attend and participate in this important learning experience. You can find registration information on the District Website.  Google Rotary District 5500 webpage or go to To totally complete the program you must complete all three levels.  This year you can attend three consecutive Saturdays and graduate.  Trust me, if you can do three Satrudays it will save having to complete three sessions over a year. 
We are all hoping to have a place to meet face to face in the future, not sure when.  Laura promised to check again with the YMCA and see if they have room for our locker with banners, flags and other items stored within. Andy had mention he may speak with the folks at Tohono Chul again.
Dan and Mary delivered Christmas dinner and gifts to our adopted family. They seemed very appreciative of the effort by our club.
Dan, Randy, Laura and John discussed the Tour de Cookie and the Covid virus.  Early March seems to close with the numbers of those ill increasing and shoving it into April may be too late and quite a bit warmer.  We also discussed that the winter visitors are usually departed by April.  The board will discuss this evening about whether to have the event this year.
We discussed a virtual poker tournament.  Dan is going to look into it for us and as a dry run we will have one session just for members of the club and then hopefully a full-fledged event as a fundraising event after.
Beckie suggested a raffle ….. If we do that it will be important to have a large ticket item to give away.  We also discussed having a 50-50 raffle virtually as well.  More to discuss.
Harold …. Spending quiet time with family. However virtually attended a birthday party for his granddaughters first birthday. She did not eat her cake, just crunched it up with her hand and presumably smeared it around.  Remind you of anyone?
Randy- Has the Covid blues, wants the simple pleasure of going out to a movie and maybe dinner.  Oh, yes, and Hawaii as well.  Working around his place.
Andy – Like Randy is tired of the isolation ….. As he sits in his newly built home in Utah, with beautiful snow around the property.  Sounds like a winter wonderland. Must be tough, Andy.
Peter- bought a smoker BBQ and made hamburgers for his crew.  Went shopping on Christmas Eve at Costco, a family tradition for years.  Very wise Peter, whatever you buy will last until next year at the same time, because everything is in bulk. Good job.
Mary- 2020 is gone, says she with a small tear in her eye. Feels like the chaos is still with us, politics, virus …. But we still have Mary’s positive attitude. Actually, she is very hopeful for the New Year, the possible passing of the virus and for the potential growth of our club.
Dan C. - Now here is a story, each year he and friends from Heather’s bicycle club climb Picacho Peak.  Dan and another fellow hiked to the saddle on the mountain.  The rest hiked to the peak.  Dan’s new BFF (he was a talker) decided to fall off the mountain bouncing around on rocks and yelling and such.  They had to call for an extraction by a helicopter for the fellow who suffered a loss of dignity, broken clavicle and ribs. Happy New Year to this fellow.
Laura – returned yesterday from New Orleans where she attending a wedding for her nephew.  Had a wonderful time and is now in quarantine for a week to make sure she is not contaminated with the virus.  She thanked Mary for watching her horse sized puppy, Masie. 
Beckie – she says that she is enjoying the quarantine….. What? She did leave the house (busted) for one client and to purchase a ham. Says she has enough ham for the New Year.
Richie- is grateful that his family is healthy is worried about elderly family members and for those that are pregnant.
Carl- Great to be with his family and mentioned that several of his clients have had Covid but to his knowledge none have passed away.  Our fingers are crossed for you and your clients, Carl.
John D., he is missing his weekly trips to Costco however that does not deter him from doctors where he received an injection in his heal (ouch) and he is now painless from tendon and muscle pain in the foot. Maybe next year you can go to Costco with Peter.
We have several pending new members, one a possible transfer from the Tucson Club, another a returning member and a third that is a friend of Don Jorgensen.
HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE and remember …. If you find that any of my ramblings are incorrect, it’s OK, Mary will be taking notes next week. Be well and be happy.
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Rotary Meeting Dec 22, 2020

Rotary Club of Marana Meeting; December 22, 2020
  • Richie had his birthday while battling Covid.  We all wish him speedy recovery.
  • Our club is dedicated to supporting 2 RYLA students this year. Deadline December 28th         
  • Christmas Family Update:  Mary’s bought gifts, Dan’s buying food tomorrow.  Club voted to use full amount of budget, unused money to go directly to the family.
  • Arizona Rotary Vocational Fund.  Harold spoke with us of the clubs successful relationship with the fund and recipients and encouraged us to contribute.  Contributions are deductible dollar for dollar by Arizona Dept of Revenue.
Happy Bucks:
  • Peter did a happy dance because he went to Kit Peak to witness the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn
  • Carl enjoyed the sunset and planets at gates pass.  He was also emitting Christmas Cheer.
  • Beckie set up kitchen with table and chairs for little June.  She continues to be awed and delight in her granddaughter.
  • Lynne didn’t disappoint, telling us a clever joke.  Lynne was exposed to Covid in her office but gratefully has tested negative.  She also informed us of some exciting news; on January  1st her firm is merging with another, Goodman and Goodman.
  • Randy was relieved to discover that the stalker peering in his window last night was John.  Randy was feeling Christmas Cheer and grateful that his household is Covid-free.
  • Laura was delighted by a Holiday visit with her sister on  Sunday.  Despite living only as far as Phoenix, the two hadn’t spent time together since March.  They picnicked and visited in Casa Grande in a Culver’s parking lot.  Laura was also thrilled about Jupiter and Saturn and the Moon and pleased that many seemed to be full of wonder about our skies. 
  • Don was relieved to learn that a close cousin who is a nurse has been vaccinated. 
  • Mary was full Christmas Cheer and enchanted with the skies.
  • Bob’s family is recovering from Covid, with only the tiredness holding on.  He also admitted to succumbing to the Netflix fever; he recommended the series 24 with Keifer Sutherland.
  • Harold was pleased that his son and his wife are recovering from Covid and beginning to return to work. 
  • John was, like Don,  grateful that a family member, his daughter-in-law, a TMC nurse, received the vaccine.  He also posed a question to Carl, our optometric physicist; why do stars dances around while planets appear still?  I couldn’t follow the answer, but believe it has something to do with the density and spread of the matter.  Planets have a wider spread that averages something out that affects our vision and the apparent stability of the planet.  (apologies) 
  • Andy noticed on his drive to southern Utah that roadside Navajo stores are reopening.  He was pleased that their economy might be getting back on track.  Before leaving for Utah, Andy had a ton of fun celebrating Christmas with his grandkids.
Laura Introduced us to our very newest member, Andy Swarthout.  Andy carries a degree in Economic Geology from the U of A;  a degree in “prospecting”, as he puts it.  He has participated in an/or led Minerals Exploration from the tip of South America to northern points of Alaska and across the world.  In 1990 Andy accepted a 3 year assignment in Lima, Peru and ended up working and living there for 15 years.  In the Andes Highlands he discovered the largest undeveloped silver deposit in the world.  In 2000, Andy founded his company, Bear Creek Mining Corporation, from which he retired in 2017 but continues on the board.
Andy has had many adventures and discovered quite a number of mineral and metal deposits in his tenure.  He describes his business as high risk; with intrepid scientists, engineers, and field workers hazarding into very remote places.  His means of transportation have spanned from planes to helicopter to cars to busses to burros.  He has even survived a helicopter crash. 
Andy delighted in talking with us, however, not about his mining adventures, but about  the culture of his company.  Mining has a horrible legacy of indifference toward the people and environment where surface rights have been purchased.  Mining regulations have begun to move toward more responsible approaches to mining.  However, Andy’s company has led the charge with a model that stresses the company’s relationship with the public and the environment.  This model has at times put him at odds with other mining companies.  Andy illustrated this for us with, Bear Creek Mining’s relationship with the indigenous, Quechua people who live in the Andes Highlands where the company’s silver deposit is.   
There are approximately 25,000 Quechaus living in a 30 mile area at 18,000 feet in the Andes Highlands.  Their language predates the Incans.  They are a communal oriented, agrarian  people whose livestock mainly consists of llamas.  Their economy is based on their crops, their livestock, and wool of the llamas.  They suffer poverty, malnutrition, poor education, and high mortality rates.
Bear Creek Mining, Andy in particular, forged a trusting relationship with the Quechua community, listening to and coming to understand theer culture.  Over time, he had conversations with all communities members and leaders about their ways, their strengths, their wishes and  their needs.  Together the Quechuas and Andy developed a plan to bring the community out of poverty through improved health, education, and commerce.  
With Bear Creek Mining support, the Quechuas transformed themselves into a healthy, economically autonomous community. Bear Creek put effort and money into its success; it built green houses, schools, and bathrooms for the community at large. It also supported the development and implementation of a nutrition program in the schools and offers college scholarships.  Bear Creek even brought in a geneticist to evaluate and implement a plan for improved fiber from the Alpaca.  Subsequently, it provided business micro loans, mostly to women who have the creativity and know how to produce textiles, weavings, and clothing for sale. 
Quechua fiber went from bringing in $7/kilogram to $25/kilogram.  With their improved wool, business practices education provided by the Bear Creek, and microloans, Quechua women have become completely autonomous selling textiles known for being of the best quality in the region.  They even have Italian importers in their customer base. 
With their greenhouses and bathrooms and education about nutrition and sanitation, health has greatly improved in the Quechua community.    The mortality rate has decreased by 50%, respiratory infections by 25%, and acute infections in digestive tracts by 50%.
There has also been a 6-fold increase in school attendance with corresponding improved literacy rates.  There are even student who have been able to take advantage of college scholarships.
Andy shared beautiful pictures with us of the Quechua people and their lives.  In them it was apparent that the delight Andy exhibited in talking with us about the Quechuas was a mutual experience for them regarding Andy.  Andy, a relatively new Rotarian, is someone who built a business based on the principles of the Rotary 4-Way Test.  We are appreciative of the work he has done and proud to have him as a member. 
Submitted by Mary Straus, January 4, 2021
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Rotaary Meeting Dec 15, 2020

MINUTES 12.15.2020
Submitted by Randy Brooks
Harold B., Randy, Joyce Z (visitor), John D. (president), Beckie P., Bob B., Don J., Andrew S., Peter M., Mary S., Lynne H., Laura C., Dan C., Mindy Blake (Guest and speaker RTA)
Pledge of Allegiance: Harold
President John stated the following will receive PHF awards in the mail.  Congratulations to Andrew, Beckie, Peter and Mary.  Mary, Chair of the Club Foundation went on to congratulate all the awardees and the entire club is appreciative of the effort.
John asked if everyone has signed up on My Rotary yet? If not please do and help the club be the first 100% compliant club.  If you are having trouble contact Harold and he will help.
Slate of Officers for the Board of Directors for the RC of Marana and RC of Marana Foundations voted on and the results are: 
Rotary Club of Marana Board of Directors
President: Randy Brooks
Secretary – Andy Swarthout
Treasurer – Lynne Himmer
President Elect – Laura Clymer
Member at Large – Mary Straus
Member at Large – Don Jorgensen
Immediate Past President – John Dooling
Rotary Club of Marana Foundation Board
President – Harold Burtzloff
Secretary – Bob Bishop
Treasurer – Lynne Himmer
Member at Large – Beckie Penman
Member at Large – Carl Maes
Thank you all for offering and accepting to serve.  The vote was unanimous.
John is sending out information to members regarding a fundraising event for the Coolidge Rotary Club.
Kingman Rotary Club requested our clubs help on a project in the Middle East. After discussion it was decided to table the request for a later date.
Harold – Enjoying the weather and happy that his children are recovering nicely from Covid 19
Randy – Happy that so many stepped up to be board members and remarked his Diabetics is doing very well.
Bob – Still in Oklahoma staying with family whom are recovering from Covid 19.
Andy – Happy to be elected to the board and that he was awarded a PHF.
Don – Excited that Seattle Magazine did an article on his book, “Three Worlds – One Voyage” You can purchase this book on Amazon or Kindle…. Just sayin.
Peter – was excited to go to Chile and sad he unable to fly. Remember that Jupiter and Saturn will dazzle us now and into the solstice December 21.
Mary – announced her niece is still Covid positive but, Mary and another niece are negative.  She mentioned she is happy that the board was elected for next year.
Laura – is happy that she has shopped and today is mailing gifts to her family and that they should arrive on time.
Carl - Harold dropped by his office this week and picked up donated food for the needy.
Lynne- Once again entertained with a funny joke about football.
Dan – Crazy times at the school district... MUSD still meeting in person.
Joyce – Pass
John – Three of his family, first responders and pharmacist are receiving Covid immunizations this week.
This has been a big year for the RTA and plans are being prepared for the future of the agency.  She pointed out that RTA and the Pima Association of Government, PAG, are administratively the same.  In order to make road improvements, build better bridges, bike paths and other efforts the voters voted for a ½ of a cent sales tax increase several years ago.
For all you acronym lovers she showed us how funding works for various projects and agencies, involved in all of this ….. Here we go are: RTA, PAG, FPA HURF, FNWA and ADOT.
The process: The advisory committee develops the recommendations for improvements, then they establish priorities, RTA approves or discusses, Public input is requested, Plan is reviewed, then a call for election is made (your vote).
If you would like to get involved text 22828 or go to the web at
Wendy answered several questions regarding jurisdictions …… Pima County is responsible for unincorporated areas. RTA works mostly on arterial roads and projects within all the cities, municipalities, and tribal lands in our area.
I can’t even imagine how many errors I have made on this document …… Have a great week everyone.
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Rotary Meeting Dec 1, 2020

Rotary Club of Marana Meeting, December 1, 2020
Everyone was in a cheerful mood on this chilly morning.  We were honored to welcome District Governor, Diane Ventura Goodyear, to our club. 
Announcements/Club Business:
  • Thanks from our president to club members for responding to request to sign on to
  • More thanks and recognition for the many who responded to the board’s Matching Points Programs.  John believes 10 members have achieved a Paul Harris in this year with contributions to TRF, Annual and Polio Eradication Funds.  Congratulations to our club!  These contributions allow us and Rotary Clubs around the world to do good works.  We have yet to meet John’s $10000 Rotary Foundation giving goal, but I believe we will get there. 
  • December 29th  we will be dark.
  • Slate of Officers for the year 21 – 22 will be presented to club soon.  A vote will be called later in the month. 
Assistant Governor Marc Snow introduced us to Diane Ventura-Goodyear
DG Diane’s Rotary highlights include: presiding of the merger of two clubs; being part of a Global Team in Uganda, where she taught technology skills to women; transforming District 5500 to more sustainable technologies, involving moving trainings to online and setting up cloud-based infrastructures.  These have benefited the district, clubs, and individual Rotarians alike. 
Diane was a computer professor and is a long-time owner of her business, The Computer Nanny.  In addition to her career, Diane enjoys embroidery, yoga, and her family.  She has been married to Gordon for 35 years and raised 2 children, both now  young adults
District Governor Diane Ventura Goodyear began with acknowledging the radical changes that were thrust onto all of us by the pandemic.  She lamented that she was unable to follow through with her plans to spend significant time with “our brothers and sisters” outside the Tucson area.  Diane encouraged us to continue to be cautious with in-person meetings, but also highlighted some of the benefits that have come from these challenges.
  • The District was forced to move more quickly to put various trainings online.  This has proven beneficial, as there are more training attendees than ever before.
  • Zoom has given us a huge opportunity to expand our reach, even when we return to in-person meetings.
  • Zoom has opened us to unlimited Speakers.  Diane encouraged us to reach out to RI leadership for programs.
  • In the RI Learning Center, Toastmasters has designed 8 classes that are available to us at no cost.
  • We can outreach to Roteractors for membership, as they can now be official Rotary members. 
  • The District is learning how to provide virtual interactive trainings.  Both Rotary Learning Institute (RLI) and Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) will be held remotely.  Currently 102 students have been awarded RYLA.
DG Diane shared with us RI President Holger Knaack’s Goals for Districts worldwide:
  1. Do not focus on head count.  Create different types of clubs;  fellowship, e-clubs, satellite club (only need 8 members that become a subset of our club), common interest clubs.
  2. Select members carefully and Engage your Members. 
  3. Continue to Support Polio Eradication 
  4. Create Visioning and create Strategic Plans.  Have a long view.  ADG Marc is creating a visioning team that will be available to clubs. 
DG Diane further stressed with us the following:
  • Public Image.  Where Rotary pins and attire at any time, not only meeting times.
  • Contribute to the Rotary Foundation.  She recommended the use of Rotary Direct, a very easy way to donate online.
  • The formation of a Peace Builder Committee, in which our club is a member.  Peace and  Peace Pole will premiere at the district conference, which will be held June 4th and 5th in Tubac.
DG Diane left us with the following:
“Life is about using the whole box of crayons.”
Submitted by Mary Straus,
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Rotary Meeting Nov 24, 2020

Rotary Club of Marana
Meeting Minutes, 11-24-2020, 7:00 AM
Submitted by Randy Brooks
Attending: President John, Harold, Randy, Andy, Bob B., Mary, Suelee, Dan, David, Don G., Peter, Laura, and Joyce Zwick
Pledge was led by John. 
Discussion of handbags and it appears we donated over 115 bags to Gospel Rescue Mission and Sister Jose Center for Women.  Both agencies appreciated our efforts.  Thank you to all the Rotarians, family members and friends that donated purses, those that packed them, Carl for letting us use his office and those that delivered the purses. 
Dan Contorno, not to be out done, went shopping with Heather (his spouse) and shopped for Thanksgiving dinner for a family of 10 people.  It was wonderful to see the photos of the food, as we all prepare to overdose on food, dessert and drinks ourselves in a few days.  Thank you Dan and Heather.  Christmas is around the corner and the Club (Dan, Mary and others) will shop for this same family for Christmas dinner and gifts for the family. 
John announces four members are not on “My Rotary” at the Rotary International site.  Please update your records and visit our Rotary Club of Marana website as well.
Next Monday, Nov 30, the Board of the RC of Marana will have a meeting with Governor Diane Ventura-Goodrich. The following day she will visit our club meeting so please attend.
RYLA program: It will be virtual this year and the cost is only 50.00.  Please encourage your friends and family to send their high school kids.
There will be an In Door Ride to End Polio soon ….. Did not catch the date and planning is underway for the high school 4-Way Speech Contest as well.
Happy Bucks:
Harold had breakfast with John Zwick and John is hoping we get back to face to face meeting you he can join us and actually hear the conversation.  Has no one shown him to hit the volume button on his computer? Harold also discussed distribution of 600 turkeys a year in Kansas and that it is hard to find a freezer that large.
Randy: Happy about club projects and proud of our efforts.
Andy: Happy to be back in Tucson – sad about accident on Interstate 10 and looking forward to a simple Thanksgiving.
Bob B., is in Oklahoma staying with his mother in law … happy holidays Bob.
Mary: congratulated Richie on the project of special air filters for disadvantaged children in the MUSD for students. 
Laura gave a website for a podcast that would give those of us that are challenged instructions on how to split a turkey in two, pound on it and then cook it.  Ask Laura if you need help finding the website. She is also happy her brother Sister is visiting as well.  They all were evaluated and practicing safe distancing.
Suelee, application for membership has been sent to John D., welcome Suelee it is wonderful to have you back.
Don J., Happy about the uplifting meeting and projects.  Sad about the loss of a friend’s spouse.
Peter: Discussed that he is happy about the holiday, will have a quiet day, glad the political season is coming to a close and glad a vaccine will soon become available for Covid.
Joyce: Wishes us in the US a happy Thanksgiving (hers was in October, of course).
Dan: Loved helping with the needy family and the club 300 budget was perfect.
David: is happy with his family.  His daughter joined the Marana High School Cross Country Team.  But became ill …. However after running with his daughter he’s now in good enough shape to run in a race (Turkey Trot) himself.  Go David.
Richie: has a brand new puppy and reminded us to remind those that surround us. Nice
John was driving to the airport with his granddaughter early in the morning and she saw her first sunrise. She was astonished and John was as well.  Great story.
Speaker Today: Club Foundation Chair Mary Straus
Mary provided a great presentation on The Rotary Foundation and The Rotary Club of Marana:
President John established a goal of $10,000 giving for club members this year. Whew, that is up from $7,000.00 last year.  Let’s all help him reach that goal.
She discussed how our club has participated in numerous District Grants, Global Grants and have been generous to the Rotary Foundation and our own Club Foundation.
Brief discussion on the Areas of Focus: Disease Prevention, Peace and Conflict, Maternal and Child Health, Water sanitation, Basic Literacy and Community Development, Environment
Our donations to the Annual Program Funds are sent to the Rotary Foundation where they sit for 3 year and the interest helps pay the overhead of the foundation.  50% of the money is returned to the district and allocated for District grants (under 8,000) or allocated to Global Grants (minimum of 30,000).  The remainder of the fund donated are allocated to assist in the global grands requested by clubs.  We are rated at the highest level …. 5 by Charity Navigator. 
A few of the things our club has done are;
Coyote Trail School by building a park for handicapped children …. You should have seen the expression of sheer joy when a little girl was able to swing for the first time.  Her mother and Mary beamed.
We purchased a bus in India for blind children to be able to go to and from school and not be marginalized any more.
We provided a school and a playground for a Primary school near Victoria Fall, Zimbabwe.  Several club members traveled to Zimbabwe to assist on this project.  Interestingly $16,000, was stolen via computer fraud.  Randy told the club and many stepped forward to insure the project continued.  $19,000 was raised in a week.  And you ask why you are in Rotary?
Also outside of Zimbabwe, we helped build a huge garden, watering system in a village where Randy had met a man starving …. Don J., Randy and our spouses started a program with the Rotary Club of Marana that is credited with saving 8,000 lives. 
We purchased thousands of dollars for books to be distributed by the Marana Healthcare system to low income pregnant women.
This is just a few of the things we have done …. I think you’re getting the picture at this point.  We are a generous and kind club...
Nearly all of the members of our club are Paul Harris Fellows (one who has donated 1000 to the Foundation), 7 club members are Paul Harris Society Members (donate 1000 per year to the Foundation.)
This month (Ending 30 November) we are matching up to 500 points for a 500 or less cash contribution.  Several club members have taken advantage of this (this is off the top of my head so I apologize for any one I missed – John D., Randy, Don, Andy, Bob, Mary and Peter. Thank you and remember you have a few days to contribute before the 30th.
Thank you Mary, for a wonderful presentation. 
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving
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Thanksgiving Family Nov 2020

Posted on Nov 20, 2020
Marana Rotary Club adopted a Marana Family with 8 kids as our Thanksgiving Family
Dan Cortorna, long time member of Marana Rotary Club and his wife Heather went shopping
and delivered Thanksgiving to the family.  They were so appreciative. 
Nice family with 8 kids, Have a great Thanksgiving.  
Thanksgiving Family Nov 2020 2020-11-20 07:00:00Z 0
Gospel Rescue Mission  Nov 18, 2020 2020-11-18 07:00:00Z 0
Delivering Handbags of Hope 2020-11-14 07:00:00Z 0
Handbags of Hope Nov 12, 2020 2020-11-13 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting Nov 10,2020

Rotary Club of Marana Meeting, November 10, 2020
On this day before Veteran’s Day, our meeting began as meaningfully as it ended.  Peter Mack honored us with a video he recently took of the Raising of the Flag over the U.S. Naval Observatory, accompanying it with National Anthem.  A quick detour to announcements and then we returned to honoring our veterans. 
In John’s absence, President Elect Randy facilitated our meeting today. 
Club Business
  • Discussed adopting a family for the Thanksgiving and Winter holidays.  Dan will speak with the MCAT principal for a referral.  Dan and Mary will help the parent(s) develop food and gift lists.  They’ll encourage the family to reach for the stars.
  • Handbag assembly today.  To purchase stuffing items meet at 1:00.  To assemble meet at Carl’s at 1:30.
  • Time for IRS 990 to be submitted – Harold following up with Lynne.
Laura led us in a wonderful exercise today.  Each of us remembered a service member in our family.
  • Mary’s brother served as a Naval Lieutenant where he was an air traffic controller on an aircraft carrier during the Bay of Pigs.
  • Randy recognized two uncles who each shipped out to Europe in WWII.  Both were wounded, both were POWs, and both returned home.   Randy saluted his grandparents’ era when Americans were whole-hearted in defending our country. 
  • Both of Dan’s Grandfathers served in WWII, and both able to experience V-Day while abroad.
  • Andy has a nephew who currently serves in the National Guard.  He is based in Anchorage and Spain, but flies refuelers for aircraft in Afghanistan, one time having the opportunity to refuel his own brother’s plane.  Not only does Andy have huge respect for his nephew, but also for FedEx, his nephew’s employer, which has supported his military missions whenever he is deployed.
  • Carl’s Great Grandfather, Juan Batiste, served in WWI from 1917-19.  He was injured there by mustard gas, which affected him for the remainder of his life.  Despite this he was and Carl is proud of his contribution to the success of the war effort.  Carl himself served in the Air Force.
  • Richie heralds from an extensive military family, most currently including his brother and father.  Richie has traced his family’s military service back to the Civil War and to The Revolution.  Richie feels grateful to be able to honor his family.
  • Don’s son was in the Army, a black hawk pilot and paratrooper.  Don’s father was trained at Pendleton and became a career corpsman in the coast guard.  Don Sr. founded the first alcohol treatment program to serve the military nation-wide.
  • Beckie’s parents are a WWII love-story.  Her mother had joined the effort as a WAVE (Women Accepted for Voluntary Emergency Service) and her father as a merchant marine.  Both met at a bowling alley while stationed back East.  Beckie’s father was sent over-seas and served as cook on a ship that was blown up.  He was adrift in the ocean for 4 days, holding onto a floating fragment of the ship, before he was rescued.  After his returned, he was sent to Seattle where he fatefully re-met Beckie’s mother.  They were married and on to Salt Lake to raise a family of 7 children.  Beckie’s father never spoke of his war experience. 
  • Peter’s Uncle George on his mother’s side was a submariner in the Royal Navy in WWII.  While off the coast of France, Uncle George was 1 0f 20 that survived when their boat was torpedoed by the French.  He was sent back out and became the sole survivor of another torpedoed submarine.  Peter also recognized his son who served in Afghanistan in the British Armed Forces until he was discharged after being met by an IUD. 
  • Bob passionately recognized his father who was a B-29 commander at age 21, the oldest in his crew.  With only 250 flight hours under his belt, he was ordered to locate the Island of Guam.  With no GPS to guide them, he and his 17 year old copilot where able to complete the mission.  Bob credits his father for his own illustrious career in aviation and defense, to put it simply.
  • Harold’s father volunteered in the Navy in WWI.  Because of his expertise, his orders mainly involved building airways and other structures to support the armed forces.  Harold also recognized his 101 year old  friend who flew 34 missions in a B-17 in WWII.
  • Laura’s grandfather was stationed in occupied Germany in WWII.  Having owned stores in his home-town of Des Moines and being a semi-professional baseball pitcher, he was charged with the running of a commissary and with developing baseball leagues for the troops.
Our Program today was provided to us by our very dear Randy Brooks, who served in the Navy and Marines in the Vietnam War.
Randy joined the military immediately after graduating high school.  He arrived to sign up with the Navy and was asked if he wanted to be a Naval corpsman.  After it was explained to him that he could be treating wounded soldiers in a hospital in Japan or Spain, surrounded by nurses, Randy eagerly signed up.  I believe the words were, “Heck, yah.”  After Randy completed boot camp, he was transferred from the Navy to Camp Pendleton to serve with the Marines.  Randy experienced his first, short-lived, singing career while at Pendleton.  His commanding officer recognized his voice from his many times passing Randy singing Motown outside of the barracks.  Randy was “invited” (commanded) to sing in the Marine Corp choir, where he performed a solo in the Christmas program.  As quickly as it came, his career ended, until decades later.
Randy was sent from Camp Pendleton back to the Navy for hospital corpsman training where he received additional specialized training in neuropsychiatry.  Following he was sent back to the Marines for Field Medical School.  After serving  3 of his 4 year commitment without deployment, Randy received his orders to Vietnam and departed with the 1st Marine Division in November of 1967. 
Once in country, Randy stood in a line for his assignment.  Randy had proven to be a soldier who tended to follow his own set of rules.  Young men/boys, 19 years and younger, were sent to the front because of their eagerness and recklessness.  To his commanding officer’s disappointment, Randy, at 21, fell outside the age cutoff, and was instead assigned to the 1st Medical Battalion in Danang. 
Danang was a bustling military city.  Randy was sent to serve outside of Danang in a full service hospital where he worked in Trauma.  This was Randy’s first experience with the sheer overwhelm of the endless quantity of wounded, types of wounds, severity of wounds, and the body parts and fluids involved.
From Danang the 1st Medical Battalion was sent to Phu Bai to work in a smaller, satellite unit.  From Phu Bai, Randy was sent with an infantry unit to Hue City. 
800 American soldiers were sent to ‘clear out’ 800 North Vietnamese soldiers (NVAs) at Hue City.  As the soldiers engaged in battle outside the city gates, the NVAs eased up their fire, allowing our soldiers to enter the citadel.  Immediately our soldiers were surrounded not by 800 but by 8000 VMAs.  The Battle for Hue City was a horrific battle that lasted 28 days.  70% to 80% of American soldiers were wounded or killed.  The USS New Jersey wouldn’t initially intervene because of cultural treasures housed in the citadel.  However, at length, it had to intervene as there was no other hope of our troops survival much less success.  Randy reported, “We won (the battle) but no one wins.”  As Randy shared this story, he revealed that he’s not done so before.  
After Hue, Randy spent 8 more months in the bush, finally returning home in November 1968.
Randy’s War Heroes were the helicopter pilots who came to evacuate and transport the injured and dead.  Easy targets, a pilot would come, get shot down, and another would replace him again and again, until the task was completed. One of Randy’s biggest thrills was, when being transported by helicopter, jumping out of the hovering craft and running into bush.
Randy “came home a mess.”  He drank a lot and was violent when provoked.  Randy was a middle weight boxing champ and engaged those skills.  He was spit on, called a ‘baby killer’ and ‘scum’, and was beaten up in a bar for being military.  He, and other Vietnam soldiers, suffered two traumas: “the war itself and coming home to hatred.”  Randy treated his Post Traumatic Stress Disorder unorthodoxly but successfully.  He has a love for veterans, knowing they have pledged a commitment to pay any price, including their lives, to protect us and our country. 
We are grateful to Randy for allowing us to even slightly comprehend his war experience.  We also thank Laura for such a thoughtful exercise.  Both brought us closer to comprehending the sacrifices demanded by democracy and freedom. We are indebted to all who have served and to the families of those who have and are serving.
Submitted by Mary Straus,
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Rotary Meeting Nov 3, 2020

Posted on Nov 03, 2020
Rotary Club of Marana Meeting Minutes
7:00 AM – 7:45 AM
Submitted by Randy Brooks
Attending: Harold, Randy, President John, Joyce (Guest), Peter, Bob, Lynne, Beckie and Richie
Pledge by John D.
Mark Snow our Assistant Governor for our region and the District Governor Nominee Designate reported to John that the Governors Visit with the Board will be November 30 and the club visit will be December 1. Please plan to attend these events.
John invited all members to attend the Virtual Zone Institute for the Big West Region of Rotary that includes Zones 26 and 27 (one third of the geographic US). It will be held November 26 and 27 online.
John briefly discussed various Rotary Fellowships. A few include, BREW (guess what they do) of which Peter is a member, Caravanning (former member Debbie Conover has been active with this group), Flying (Harold has been a member but dropped out cause he was not interested in some of the locations the members were flying to), Computer, PDGs (Randy is a member), Photography, Quilting, Wine (Lynne is interested in this group) Yachting (John asked if we thought his canoe would qualify) and Slavery and Trafficking is another (Mary and Randy) are members of this Fellowship).
Committed to attend the Morning of Peace include Mary and Randy this coming weekend.
Applications for membership:  We have two people interested in joining our ranks but neither, Andy nor Sulee have completed the applications.  John is following up with them.
Handbags of Hope, it turns out that any local nonprofit group could be given out to those in need. Mainly abused women’s shelters but others as well.  Randy is going to call: Emerge, Interfaith services, and other shelters in town.  John and Bob have agreed to meet Randy to go shopping sometime next week (John may be out of town so Bob and Randy will go it alone if necessary). Beckie has 4 bags that are stuffed, Sulee has over 20 bags, and others said they have several.  Please deliver to Carl Maes at Edward Jones, 3005 W Ina Rd, #101 during business work hours.
Happy bucks:
John entertained us with a story of having to use a feminine hygiene product when in college after a football incident during a kick off. 
Harold has been flying and enjoying the weather.
Randy is working on a deck at home where termites have been discovered. Ugh.
Peter Mack …  this is good …. Brushed his teeth with hydrocortisone yesterday. He wanted to make sure we all voted and that we use the 4 Way Test when doing so.  He did mention that it is unlikely that any candidate would pass all 4 items on the test.
Bob … Celebrating that a company he was a consultant for just sold for $1.5 Billion dollars.  Bob, will you be my consultant to?
Joyce: likes the weather, has met her sales for the month, and had a terrific time with her granddaughter on Halloween.
Joyce is going through a warm spell in Canada, no one asked how warm it is knowing that her warm spell would be very cool for us in Arizona.
Lynne, Tax season is over “what’s an alligator wearing a vest? … An Alligator” We have missed you Lynne.
John discussed his termites at him home and it sounds like an annual struggle. 
Randy has been asked to facilitate the meeting next week.  Richie, if you would prefer to provide this service you are welcome to. 
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Rotary Meeting Oct 27, 2020

Submitted by Randy Brooks
Attending: President John, Harold, Bob, Peter, Carl, Mary, Sulee (potential new member), Joyce (guest), Randy, Don, and Richie.
Pledge by Randy, who I might add did a brilliant job.
John informed us he will be unavailable to lead our meeting November 7-14th.
Randy and John attended the Polio Seminar and both learned more about the disease.
Zone Institute: John states that any Rotarian is invited to the Big West Rotary Institute November 12, 13, and 14 of November.
The student that requested to be an exchange student aged out and is not eligible.
Handbags for Hope is a project we decided to support this year.  It is a project that will benefit women that have been abused and have abandoned their homes for safety.  They leave quickly, often with no resources.  This project is to assist them by giving them hand bags that, with your help, will be stuffed with toiletries (refer to the e-mail sent by John regarding needed supplies).  DGE Hank Huisking is the contact for the efforts.  Handbags can be dropped off at Carl’s office during work hours.  Please complete this delivery by mid-November.
We are seeking a new meeting place …. John states we have a few leads and is following up.
The club has opted to sell the screen and projector to Xavier at Nana’s Kitchen rather than to remove the items.
Happy Bucks
Harold is very happy that his daughter gave him the opportunity to have the status of being a Grandfather.
Bob B. has been here in Tucson, sleeping in front of the fireplace waiting for his ballot to arrive so he can vote and get back to his spouse.
Peter M, is happy to be back home from Oklahoma and Texas where few took COVID 19 precautions. 
Mary S is grumpy today. Discussed an app she has on her cell that is teaching her phrases she never knew.
Joyce discussed Provincial Elections in Canada. 
Sulee: our former member is willing to help with Handbags of Hope project. Thank you Sulee.
Carl: Is going to New Mexico this weekend, I think Albuquerque …. Have a safe and fun trip, Carl.
Don: States he is in NY with has daughter and grandchild.  Returning in time to be a poll observer. Laura is not here today (deposition) but is a poll watcher as well.  Randy was going to be one but they moved him out to the airport (from Marana).
We learned that Andy was busy today and unable to attend.  He will be with us next week.
Richie is a poll observer next Tuesday and was encouraging Sulee. He either liked or disliked the cold weather … I can’t remember which.
It is very impressive to me that Don, Laura, Richie all from our club, are engaged in poll observation. Not to mention Cindy Dooling and Deb Hume whom are working the polls as well.
Meeting adjourned with the 4 way test.
Because of the election we are like to have a small group next week.  Please attend if you can.
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World Polio Day Oct 24, 2020 2020-10-22 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting Oct 13,2020

Rotary Club of Marana
Rotary Club of Marana Meeting; October 13, 2020
After morning greetings and pledging our allegiance, President John began with Announcements:
  • Don’t forget to check out our Facebook page.  Like it and share it! 
  • From Deb Haddock;  a 4-Way-Test Speech Contest is scheduled to be held in person April 10, 2021 at Christ Church United Methodist, subject to change secondary to Covid restrictions.  A $25 non-refundable fee for entry.  John will get more specifics.
  • Board Meeting approved doing a peace forum, aimed for April, but dependent on covid status.
  • International peace day Sept 1st worldwide 
  • The Board is offering a Matching Program.  Members who donate to either Polio Plus or the Annual fund will receive matching Paul Harris points up to 500.  This is a generous and wonderful opportunity for those working toward their first or any Paul Harris.
  • Board Meeting this evening at 5:00 at John’s office.  Welcome to all.
Happy Bucks
  • Harold breakfasted with John Zwick
  • Randy had another wonderful weekend with son and buddy Bert.  He played on a boat in Lake Mead and attending a socially responsible wedding of Bert’s daughter.  He’s putting petal to the medal  directly following our meeting, in his Prius Muscle Car Wearing his pedal, to make it home in time for the board meeting this evening. 
  • Joyce was wishing for 100 weather as she begins the long winter in Canada.
  • Mary’s been busy getting out the vote.
  • Andy made us jealous with tails of a long hike along a stream amongst fall colors in Utah.  While strolling he identified multiple trout species which are awaiting his return following this meeting. 
  • Laura is thankful for her church book club.  It’s heartening and critical to  her mental health to be responsibly distanced with people sharing thoughtful conversation.  She highly recommended her current read; The Disaster of Chernobyl.  Bob recommended The Great Influenza. 
  • Don has been getting back in shape.  He will be running a ½ marathon on Sunday to raise money for Shelter Box. 
  • Peter is delighted he filled out a ballot for first time!  He’s also excited he’ll be returning to Oklahoma next week for the 1st time in 31 years.  Peter originally came to the states to attend University in Oklahoma.   
  • Becky’s granddaughter June is healthy and her husband tired.  Becky spoke with Denise who is working excessively and eager to get back to the club, hopefully after the new year. Her family members are healthy and happy. 
  • Bob remains in Tucson while his Virginia home has collected 48 inches of rain. 
  • Carl is having fun playing with the market right now.  He’s also grateful his family is all healthy
Randy introduced us Amy Graves, who he knows from Rotary related travels to Yuma.   He describes Amy as a Rotarian who is intelligent, thoughtful, and committed.  Amy is currently the Chair of Rotary Youth Exchange (RYE), which is a 3 year commitment.  She provided us with an overview of the administration of RYE. 
After the departure of Cindy Harrison who almost single-handedly ran the program for over a decade, PDG Kirk put a pause on RYE for the District be able to thoughtfully re-organize.  The District has developed a sustainable Committee model for continued success with RYE.  Under Amy are a Systems Administrator, Youth Protection Officer, Outbound Placement Officer, Compliance Officer, and a ROTEX Coordinator.
A new website, with all information and forms, and a new data-base system are making participation in RYE much easier for clubs.  All RYE related youth activities are centralized through the district.  Clubs are responsible for finding, vetting, and training host families, providing a counselor for the youth, engaging youth in Rotary activities, and reporting as required.  If a club would like to participate but isn’t able to host a student, it can support another club who is able to host.  The cost is $3000 per student. 
Inbound and outbound Rotary Youth spend 10 to 11 months with 3 different families in their host towns.  They attend the local high school for one academic year.  The RYE Committee has a 3-year framework for each student.  Year 1 is the application process.  Year 2 is the exchange experience.  Year 3 is a re-entry process.  In years 1 and 3, the RYE committee engages the youth in meaningful activities, preparing them for being ambassadors and, following, for being leaders in peace and service.
We are grateful to Amy for her commitment to the RYE program, a fundamental means through which Rotary promotes peace worldwide. 
Submitted by Mary Straus, October 25, 2020
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Rotary Meeting Oct 6, 2020

Rotary Club of Marana
Meeting Minutes 0700-0800 10/06/2020
Submitted by Randy Brooks
Attending:  John Dooling, Randy B., Harold, Richie, Mary, Dan, Peter, Bob B., Beckie, Dave H, Don, Laura, Carl and our guest Andy Swarthout.
Meeting Opened by John Dooling asking Richie Benner to lead us in the Pledge. 
The club, especially Harold and John thanked Mary in her efforts of taking and submitting minutes for the club.
We have not found the young person requesting to be an exchange student and so that will be on hold for a while.
Air purifiers discussed by Richie. He has purchased the machines and is in the process of creating stickers to place on the machines.  Not really any opportunity for the club to attend a ceremony for the giving of the gift.  These air purifiers are for the disabled class rooms at MUSD and we are all proud of the decision to make them a reality in order to assist these young people.
A general discussion ensued regarding the need for us, as a club, to do better with advertising ourselves and letting our community know the good works we provide.
Peace Poles: Dove Mountain has also decided to provide Peace Poles for the Marana Area.  They will have one or more at a park near Dove Mountain area and ours will be at the library on Silverbell and Cortaro and hopefully at the Veteran’s Cemetery in Marana.  Mary suggested we have a half day seminar when the pole are erected.  Peter will be checking with the VA regarding the pole at the cemetery.
Happy Bucks: Beckie, hoping to cool off this week, Dan Contorno was happy he found cool weather and a serene environment at Reservation Lake.  Observed Elk, brown trout (he missed catching them), cows and bulls.  Richie has been golfing and had a good front 9 and refused to discuss the back 9. Laura, has been bingeing on ”Schitt’s Creek” episodes.  David H. had a family weekend, Andrew is loving his home Utah, Don said his grandson registered to vote yesterday he also mentioned he is going to New York for his grandson’s first birthday. Don’t worry Don, none of us will rat you out. Peter was traveling for three weeks in Washington, DC, missed the heat and had difficulty obtaining food.  He has not been feeling well and is sleeping 13 hours a day.  Get better soon, Peter. Not sure what my notes are saying for Bob. I had written “annual checkup.  Battery dead.” Go back and get it charged, Bob, Geez. Harold had a medical review as well.  Mary had a little break from her daughter while Lilly visited her father.  Mary also enjoyed a robust game of “Cards against Humanity.” Randy is heading up to Las Vegas to visit with his son and friend Bert.   Carl is hoping the weather improves.  Our fearless leader, John, “went up north” for Turkey hunting and was skunked. He slept on the ground, and it felt great, that is until he realized it took several hours to stand in the morning.
She gave us an update on the global grant we are providing to Malam Petel, Cameroon, Africa. Mary and Randy traveled to Cameroon to provide a community assessment for the project.  Our project, again, located in Malam Petel is in the extreme north of the country.   The project is to provide Economic Development, Women’s empowerment as well as food, latrines, school supplies, millet bank (like a food bank), tailoring and embroidering, and cattle for nutrition (milk and eventually meat). Also a large portion of this project is a grinding mill, water well and a garden.  We hope these efforts will provide income for several of the villagers’, food for children, better hygiene. Those engaged in the project include the Women ’s council, village government of the village, Bouba (Chief), The Rotary Club of Malam Petel and the Rotary Club of Marana. Don’t forget clubs in Tucson that signed on to help.
In spite of Covid in the village, the cattle have been purchased, two latrines completed, nut and millet grinders purchased, solar well and irrigation completed for the garden, fruit trees planted and gardening tools purchased. Fencing has been put in place. 
Mary wanted to thank the Rotary Club of Marana for the support, and Randy for his help. We  want to thank Mary, Randy, Don, Bob and the club for all the assistance of money and time.  Phil Silvers, PRID helped with measuring success monitors and we all discussed pride in the club and made a few jokes about the assessment trip and Boko Haram. 
Thank you, Mary.  Great presentation.
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Rotary Meeting Sept 29, 2020

Rotary Club of Marana
Rotary Club of Marana Meeting; September 29th
We welcomed two guests to our meeting today.  Andy Swarthout, a Rotarian with the Presidio Rotary Club, was Randy’s guest.  Andy is checking out different club cultures, and we hope to see him again.  Mary invited Dr. Daniel Twelker to join us.  Dan is an Optometrist and has a PhD in Vision Science.  He has come to talk with us about his work with Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity International.
  • PDG Ellie is facilitating a district focus on Peace.  We have accepted the invitation to participate.  Randy will chair the Peace Committee and Mary will serve with him.
  • John thanks Richie for his excellent work maintaining our Facebook page.  He will be  investing some money to upgrade our presence in the community.
  • John also expressed gratitude to Harold from himself and from the district.  Harold has painstakingly managed our ClubRunner for years and has been volunteering his services to other clubs and the district.  Thanks for your service, Harold!
  • World Polio Day October 28th.
  • A youth has contacted our club with interest in Rotary Youth Exchange.  John will follow up.
  • The board has voted to become a Shelter Box Bronze Sponsor.  We have earmarked $1000 donation to Shelter Box for each of the next 3 years.
  • Reminder to members to follow-up with guests regarding Membership.
  • Richie has been partnering with the Special Education Program at Marana High School to assess needs.  As the school is nearing in-class reintegration, safety risk poses unique challenges for kids with special needs.  Because some of these kids can’t and/or can’t reliably wear masks, additional safety methods have been considered.  Air purifiers are known to decrease risk, and the Special Education Program raised enough money to buy two.  Our club will purchase 2 more machines and 4 replacement filters that will be needed for each of the machines in 6 months’ time.  Thanks to Richie for keeping a pulse on our educators’ and kids’ needs in this time of COVID.
Dr. Daniel Twelker is a practitioner, a professor, and a researcher in Optometry and Optical Sciences at the University of Arizona.  In addition to his career he is an avid bicyclist, traveler, and advocate for local musicians.  Dan also is a humanitarian and devotes significant time ensuring that underserved people worldwide are afforded the same optical care others receive.  In this capacity, he is currently the President of Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity International (VOSH International). 
1 billion persons world-wide develop unnecessary blindness due to lack of eye care.  Things that lead to blindness include unaddressed glasses correction, cataracts, corneal opacities, diabetic retinopathy, and trachoma.  VOSH began in 1972 as a group of volunteers who believed that all people deserve the level of eye care normally afforded only to people of means.  VOSH members traveled for a week at a time to various communities to provide cost-free clinics and eye-glasses, serving approximately 500 people each day.  Over time and with VOSH membership growth, the places and numbers of people served expanded.  Dan’s first clinic participation was in the Philippines in 1989.  Other places VOSH has served include; Oakland and Alameda Counties in Ca, Honduras, Mexico, South Africa, Vietnam, Kenya, Haiti, Nicaragua. 
VOSH consists of local VOSH Chapters and VOSH International.  The Rotary Club of Saddlebrook and Rotario Pitic, for example, coordinate with our local chapter of VOSH to provide clinics in Hermosillo.  Aside from being Optometrists and Ophthalmologists  with a shared vision of volunteering their time and skills to serve, however, local chapters and international are separate entities.   
VOSH International has divested energy from running to clinics.  Instead, it has invested itself in the development of self-sustaining eye care in underserved communities worldwide and in instilling the value of service in young optometrist and Ophthalmologists   Toward this end, VOSH have developed unique programs.   
One is dedicated to Student Involvement.  VOSH encourages students to join or start VOSH Chapters in their schools.  VI offers mentorships and internships and have a Chapter of the Month program.
The VOSH Fellowship Program develops leaders.  Graduates of the fellowship will be able to  advise on the global challenge of preventable blindness.  This includes the ability to foster the development of future leaders to meet the challenges of vision needs worldwide and to be able to consult with governmental agencies, educational, private, or public institutions, and the media on issues related to the mission and vision of VOSH/International.
VOSH Corp, Ambassador and Mentorship programs provide short and long-term teaching and training of educators in vision care programs around the world.  They also provide mentorship to VOSH groups abroad.
VOSH International also has a disaster relief program.  It sends volunteers to sites of devastation from natural disasters to meet immediate vision needs.
We thank Dan for providing us a thoughtful and inspiring presentation on VOSH.  As fellow pursuers in service-above-self, VOSH lightens our hearts. 
Submitted by Mary Straus, October 5, 2020
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Rotary Meeting Sept 22, 2020

Rotary Club of Marana Meeting Minutes
President John Dooling
Scribe: Randy Brooks
Attending: Joyce Zwick (Canada), Harold, Randy Beckie, John, Don, Peter, Mary, Laura, Dave, Richie, Carl and special guest Melanie Larson.
We were informed the Xavier has resigned from the club.  President John is speaking with Xavier about whether we will return to Nana’s Kitchen or find a new place to meet after the virus allows us to congregate.
Joyce reports she has been in quarantine since returning to Canada and let us know the fines and sanctions are very still for those not complying with COVID 19 mandates from the government.
Happy Bucks: Beckie is sad, missing her granddaughter. Don J., happy that an old friend Melanie is visiting and that his book about his trip to Antarctica is nearly complete. Mary is happy about how the project is going in Cameroon and very sad about the loss to America Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Peter is in Washington, DC working on a telescope, he is happy that the Chinese government finally paid his invoice, attend a vigil for RBG in Washington, and purchased a hungry man a dinner.  You are awesome, Peter. Laura is happy that Jennifer Tersigni, Fundraising Executive and member of the board for Mobile Meals is attending and very sad about RBG. “You can disagree without being disagreeable.” RBG.  David claims he saw a drop of rain at his house this morning, the group seems to think it was a neighbor’s sprinkler.  He has been going out early in the day riding bikes.  Go David. Our guest Melanie said she appreciates all that Rotary does and thank Peter for his efforts at the Supreme Court and for feeding a hungry man.  She encourages to remain optimistic in this time of upheaval. Richie “my toe is healing up” and feels Christmas in the air.  He thanked Laura for her work on obtaining quality speakers. Carl says the stock market is a roll coaster at this time and is excited he is going to Albuquerque to visit his mother.
Mary gave a very brief review of Malam Patel, project and will provide a more through update next week.
Randy reports he will be gone much of June next year, as well as all of July, August and half of September. He wanted to let the club know he discussed this with the board and reported to them that several club presidents have offered to step up and facilitate the meetings in his absence.  The board approved of the plan.
At this weekly meeting Randy brought up the issue to the general membership, telling them if any were uncomfortable with his trip (he will be joining the meetings via of Zoom if possible) he would resign as President elect. He will attend meeting on Zoom as well as board meetings.  The club voted and approved and his leading the club from a distance next summer and support past presidents’ in assisting next summer.
Laura introduce Jennifer Tersigni, Board member of Mobile Meals of S. Arizona and a Fundraising Consultant. Off the bat she thanked Rotary for a scholarship to college and the fact she was on a Group Study Exchange (GSE) to Thailand (arranged by Randy and the District).  As a result of her GSE experience she became a lover of travel.  She sees beauty in life and she lives to serve others. Encourages us all to remain positive.
Mobile Meals was started in 1970.  It was started to be an assist to “shut ins” and has grown and grown. She states that COVID has strained operations with older vulnerable volunteers leaving for safety reasons and yet she has recruited replacements for those leaving. The cost of meals is $1.00 to $10.00 per meal.  They are prepared mostly at local health facilities and taken, still warm to the beneficiaries.  They do not provide meals in NW Tucson, but all of the rest of Tucson is covered, as well as Sahurita and Green Valley.  Parts of Marana are now being served. The Mobile Meals are looking for a CEO. Their budget is about $850,000 per year. 5 FTE staff and one part time dietician. They have 280 Volunteers and 33 routes in Tucson and need 35 volunteers each day.
They provide services to elderly, infirmed, and anyone that need their services they are always seeking volunteers in interested call 520.622.1600 or visit  You can reach Jennifer at
Thank you Jennifer for a very interesting presentation
Respectfully submitted: Randy
Rotary Meeting Sept 22, 2020 2020-09-26 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting Sept 15, 2020

Rotary Club of Marana
Rotary Club of Marana Meeting; September 15, 2020
We were very happy Joyce Zwick joined us from her home in Canada.  Joyce traveled back home after spending significant time here supporting her parents.  We miss her father, John, and look forward to his rejoining us. We were also pleased that Carol Buuck joined us again.  We’ve enjoyed her thoughtful contributions to our meetings and hope to continue to see her.  We also welcomed Mike Lange, a retired Tucson native, U of A Law School grad, former Pima County prosecutor, and Laura’s bleacher-mate at the U of A basketball games.  For 6 years Mike has Chaired the Board of Interfaith Community Services.
  • The Bylaws have been accepted and changes made.  Thanks again to Don and Harold.
  • World polio day October 24th.
  • The continent of Africa was declared polio free in the last 1 ½ weeks.  A remarkable achievement.  Countries have to have three consecutive years with no new polio cases to be declared Polio Free.
  • John urged membership to take advantage of the Rotary Magazine we all receive.  It offers a wide range of relevant topics that are integral in Rotary.
Happy Bucks
  • Harold  is marveling at his new computer
  • Randy’s leg is healing, though slllowwwly , from an epic fall.  He will be welcoming his wife home soon and is pleased that the quality of meals in his home will increase.
  • Carol says she is happy to be with us again, and we’re happy for that. 
  • Don and his wife made the trek back to Tucson from Seattle.  They drove through smoke and haze and didn’t see sun until they reached Quartzite.   Our hearts are with those in Washington, Oregon, and California devasted by fires. 
  • Laura was pleased as punch that she is now a great aunt.  Her niece and husband welcome Brigit Eloise, named in part after Eloise, Laura’s mother. 
  • Richie is scratching his head that he was somehow able to break his toe simply getting into his fridge.  He muses that old-age onset is to blame.  Richie is by far the youngest member of our club. 
  • Lynne was gleeful the  Patriots won and Tom Brady lost.  Lynne also sees the light at the end of the tunnel, as the last tax deadline approaches.
  • Joyce is back home in Canada, quarantining for 2 weeks.  While the fires seem to dutifully halt at the border, smoke has been responsible for the closure of schools on the Vancouver Islands due to poor air quality and lack of ventilation. 
  • Bob was self-congratulatory that he has met his weight goal having lost 20 lbs.  I can’t imagine where Bob had 20 lbs. to lose, but congratulations!  He and his wife a starting a new garage project.  Always busy. 
  • Becky was counting her lucky starts that she sold her home in Utah.  The home is in an area that is preparing for evacuation.  Becky was also happy to watch football again; cheering for the Packers, Saints, and Arizona
  • Carl has been busy with a trip to Texas to fetch his daughter’s belongings for her move home to Tucson.   He has the sense that things are zooming by at the speed of light time but is taking solace in the fact of everyone’s health and in his life stabilizing. 
  • John beamed proudly that he took two of his grandsons out dove hunting for the first time, passing on this generational tradition.
Mike Lange was invited by Laura to provide a program for us today on Interfaith Community Services (ICS), their services, and how things have or have not changed in the pandemic. 
Interfaith Community Services is a multi-faith agency.  Temples, Mosques, and Christian Churches form an extensive network dedicated to serving their own members in need and the Tucson area community at large.  Additionally, ICS partners with other agencies, such as Catholic Charities and Mobile Meals, so the needs of the individual or family are met holistically.  The general mission of ICS is to help individuals and families stabilize and improve their lives.
ICS has a staff of 22 and over 1000 volunteers serving 30,000 to 40,000 people a year.  From its humble beginnings with a $3000 budget, 40 years later ICS runs approximately an $8,000,000 dollar budget.  As its budget increases ICS is afforded the ability to provide more and more robust services in the areas that it addresses.  It has chosen this strategic ‘deepening of services’ over expanding the types of programs it provides.
The pandemic has created unique conditions to ICS, some of them assets and some requiring creative problem solving.  A majority of the 1000 volunteers who were serving people in the community were traditionally elderly.  With the elderly being particularly vulnerable to Covid, much of this work force was forced to relinquish their service.  As the needs of the community have increased in the Covid and economic environments, ICS initially had concerns about being able to provide services uninterrupted to all who needed them.  As happens in communities, however, the need was filled.  Young people came out of the woodwork to step in and services didn’t skip a beat.  The ICS Food Bank is a service that required reworking with the pandemic.  For the safety of the volunteers and those they serve and to increase its ability to serve more, ICS shifted to a drive in and pick up service.  Previously folks were able to shop for their grocery selections, which may be more ideal, but will have to wait till safer times.  Other evidence of a community stepping up in times of need is in that ICS has received an increase in donations and grant monies.  Federal, state and city governments have contributed more monies to community serving agencies during the pandemic; grants and foundations have been generous; and private donations have increased.  Our club donated money to ICS in July, knowing it to be a good steward of the community and the monies it receives. 
The Core Services ICS provides are:
  • Financial assistance for housing and utilities to bridge during crisis periods
  • Food Bank
  • Workforce Development
    • Resume Development
    • Interview Coaching
  • Women/mother economic development
    • Self-sufficiency program for women with children who had to leave college because for financial reasons
    • Single mom scholarships 
  • Senior Care
    • compassionate calling
    • transportation
    • mobile meals facilitation
We are grateful that ICS is creating such meaningful opportunity and change in our community and thank Mike Lange for coming to talk with us. 
Submitted by Mary Straus,
Rotary Meeting Sept 15, 2020 2020-09-15 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting Sept 8, 2020

Rotary Club of Marana Meeting; September 8, 2020
Guests:  We welcomed two distinguished guests today.  Rick Chimblo, a Rotarian for over 20 years, is currently a member of the Oro Valley Club.  He is a Major Donor to The Rotary Foundation and an honorary member of the Rotary Club of Dima, Spain. Carol Buuck was Don’s guest.  They met through Don’s wife who worked alongside Carol serving folks with visual and hearing impairment, Carol as a special education teacher.  Currently, Carol is the Program Coordinator for the Marana Food Bank.  We look forward to joining with her and her team in future service projects. 
  • A required periodic review of the club by-laws is completed.  Thanks to Don and Harold for handling this task and proposing changes.  Members have 2 weeks to comment on their suggestions after which the changes will be implemented.
  • Tour de Cookie March 6; All Hands on Deck
  • The Board approved full funding of the Peace Poles
  • Interact Liaison – we will have a team of liaisons to the Tortalita Interact Club.  John, Randy, and Don have volunteered.  Many thanks to each of you
Happy Buck Highlights:
  • Bob smiled ear to ear waxing romantic about the boat ride he and his wife took on their lake over the weekend.
  • Don, not to be out done, spoke of his kayaking adventures on the Puget Sound.
  • Peter is hard at work in Flagstaff playing with telescopes. 
  • Harold took on the task of updating his wife’s recipe collection, only to find that the word processing program in which it was originally written is no longer compatible with any of today’s programs.  How old are you guys? ; )
  • Carol has been grateful for the use of the Jorgensen’s swimming pool while they’re away kayaking on the Puget Sound. 
  • Becky surprised us with a first; she’s happy to be in the Tucson heat.  She explained it is preferable to the wind and snow she is used to in Utah at this time.  Becky was also happy that her daughter had errands that lasted long enough for her to be able to spend a whole day with her granddaughter.     
  • Richie was doing a happy dance for the cooking and cleaning he did over the 3-day weekend.  ?  Whatever gets you goin…  actually, it was in  preparation for a visit from the in-laws, which he’s looking forward to. 
  • John and Mary are both experiencing what it takes to help their children/grandchildren be successful with online learning.  It requires technology, is mentally demanding, and time consuming.   A great many families don’t have the resources needed nor the luxury of time or added support to help educate their children; employment and basic needs taking precedence.   There will be ripples felt in education and economic equality for years to come, as the pandemic continues to rain havoc.  Maybe we can put our heads together to figure out a way to help.  
In addition to his distinguished career as a Rotarian, Rick is a retired geophysicist and has been married for over 35 years to a woman who is his match in passion for adventure and service.  They have 3 children together and 5 grandchildren.  Rick was invited to talk with us about the El Jute service project he and his club are implementing with support from our club and many others
The Oro Valley Rotary Club and the Rotary Club of Gualan, Guatemala partnered together in a successful application for a Global Grant in Rotary’s International Avenues of Service.  The grant is for a project focusing on RI's Hygiene and Sanitation Area of Focus in El Jute, Guatemala.
The seeds for this project were planted in April 2017  when Rick and his wife visited the town of El Jute, Guatemala where indigenous peoples live.  The town consists of 1900 residents, approximately 325 families.  80% of indigenous populations in Guatemala live in poverty, 40% of those in extreme poverty.  El Jute is correspondingly representative.   Rick began talking with families and town leadership, getting a feel for their strengths and needs and wants.  Evident in this community assessment were competing needs; malnutrition, illiteracy, sanitation, disease, poverty.  A committee of townspeople and Rotarians was formed.  With all factors considered, the committee prioritized sanitation and hygiene above the others.  In El Jute water is harvested from mountain streams, but it is not filtered.  There are a few toilets and septic tanks exist.  However, in the existing toilets, flushing isn’t thorough because there isn’t adequate water pressure.  There is high frequency of disease, such as viral meningitis and typhoid, in the community, as well as high rates of infant mortality.  Poor water sanitation and hygiene also impact student retention. In the school, there are no wash basins and too few toilets.  100% attendance in kindergarten drops to 13% attendance by the 6th grade.  The Water Sanitation and Hygiene Committee got to work  and will continue to provide oversight throughout the project.
There are 3 parts to the El Jute Water Sanitation and Hygiene project:
  • Separate male and female bathrooms will be built.  Each will have multiple toilets and wash basins.  Each are wheel-chair accessible.  All will be capable of thorough flushing and hand washing with the installation of a water tank above the plumbing system. 
  • 520 portable filter systems, 500 of them purchased with grant monies, will be given to the community.  The systems are made by a local company whose goal is for all Guatemalans to have water by end of 2020.  Teachers and families with students will receive a filter first, after which they will be distributed to other community members.  
  • Teachers will receive training on a Hygiene Program for kids.  The program will become part of their basic curricula. 
Rick made El Jute, the people, and the project come alive for us, and we felt proud to have contributed to such a consequential endeavor.  Congratulations to the Oro Valley Rotary Club!
Submitted by Mary Straus September 9, 2020
Rotary Meeting Sept 8, 2020 2020-09-09 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting Sept 1, 2020

Rotary Club of Marana
Rotary Club of Marana Meeting; September 1, 2020
President John opened the meeting by asking the two newest citizens of the United States to lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance.  He then, on this September day, evoked the poignancy of the song September in the context of the climate of today:
say, do you remember?
dancin’ in September
never was a cloudy day
Guest:  We were all heartened to welcome Eleana Acosta Zavala to our meeting today.  Eleana is a Marana Club sponsored Youth Exchange Graduate of 2005-2006 and beloved  daughter of John and Cindy Doolinig and Randy Brooks and Deb Hume. 
  • PDG Ellie sent congratulations to all of D5500 for hitting a record of giving to The Rotary Foundation in the 2019-20 year.   She expressed particular gratitude to Randy Brooks who Chaired the District Rotary Foundation Committee.
  • Board Meeting this evening at 5:00 pm at John’s office.
  • El Tour de Tucson us been postponed until April
  • Tour de Cookie will be on March 6, 2021.  The date was chosen after Dan’s work researching the dates of other community events.
  • Dove Mountain has welcomed 4 new members to its club in the first two months of the year.  Congratulations!!
  • Update on service projects:  Neither Habitat for Humanity nor Youth on Their Own have responded to Randy’s efforts to reach them.  Don spoke with the Marana Food Bank and received an update on recent restructuring.  The Food Bank of Southern Arizona has eliminated the ED position from smaller sights, centralizing the administration.  Marana Food Bank is now a satellite site.  MFB is not currently in need of any support with services.  However, they plan to broaden their community impact in the future by partnering with MHC and Marana Unified to open a GED teaching site.  There might be need for computers at that time, and they will stay in touch.
Happy Bucks Highlights:
  • Many of us were grateful for the hints of cooler weather of late, though disheartened by the lack of rain this year.
  • Richie has been enjoying his morning bike ride.  He also enjoyed a family trip to Apple Annie’s and was hoping to pawn off, errr share, the bounty of apples he acquired while picking.   
  • Lynne returned picking up where she left off, gracing us with a joke. 
  • Becky was glowing in having met her work objective for the month on the 1st day of the month.  She also rightfully bragged about her daughter’s move to the Pima County Community College where she is Director of their certification program for Veterinary Practice Assistance.
  • While doing yard work, Peter followed a trail of cholla that led under his car.  He opened the hood of the car to find  a family of pack rats homesteading in his engine.  Industrious and destructive little creatures.
  • Bob is getting a workout doing  a lot of babysitting of granddaughters, 19-month old twins.  Complicating his grandparenting, one of his family members is experiencing a mental health crisis.  We are grateful to Bob for sharing this with us.  One in twenty-five Americans suffer Serious Mental Illness.  In addition to the individual, families are greatly impacted.  Are hearts are with Bob and his family. 
  • Don has been blackberry picking in and around Seattle.  While having the privilege of enjoying delicious blackberry pie, he objected to the blood-letting demanded by the thorns of the blackberry bushes. 
  • Harold gleamed telling us of getting to play in the airplane of a friend who installed the newest GPS technology. 
  • Dan is busy navigating parent urgency to get kids back to school.  The district is caught between a rock and a hard place weighing the needs of family against health risk.  Currently, Pima County has not cleared Gov. Ducey’s benchmarks, based on case numbers, testing positivity, and hospital use that are needed to reopen schools to in-person learning.
  • Randy joined us from Las Vegas, where he has spent a wonderful weekend with son, boating on Lake Mead, and visiting best friend, Bert.  He’ll be on the move, hopping in his car directly after the meeting to make it on time for this eveining’s board meeting.
President John introduced us to Eleana Acosta Zavala and to the power of Youth Exchange:
Eleana, from Lima, Peru, is a beloved Youth Exchange daughter to John and his wife and to Randy and his wife. The close bonds with Eleana have extended into all of her family members; her parents and her brother and sister.  The Doolings, Brooks, and Acostas have traveled back and forth between Peru and the States and have shared significant family events and travels together. 
Eleana, herself, is a remarkable young woman.  Following her exchange, she graduated from the U of A.  While there, she was an officer in the Rotaract Club, competed in synchronized swimming, and read all of Harry Potter in English and Spanish.  She returned to Lima for medical school and graduated first in her class of 200.  Eleana did internships in Texas and at Harvard,  where she continues to be involved in research with the Harvard School of Public Health.  Additionally Eleana is working with the Pima County Covid Response Development team.  She is waiting to sit for the Medical Board of Examiners exam, after which she will practice medicine here in Tucson.  Eleana married a Tucson man, with ceremonies both here and in Peru.  She  plans to reside here for the foreseeable future.  
Eleana gave us a flavor for the activities she engaged in while on her exchange.  Most impressive of all were the relationships she developed from these activites with the other Exchange Students who came to D5500 from other countries that same year…
  • Tanguy from France is now a teacher and has 2 kids, 
  • Ani from Argentina has a degree in Agricultural sciences and now runs 3 dairy farms in Argentina
  • Camila from Brazil currently lives in LA but works remotely in a Brazilian startup
  • Daniel from the US currently lives in California and works for Google/Amazon
  • Zoe from New Zealand has a young girl and works in interior design. 
  • Eli from Italy has a young boy and works in the hospitality industry as hotel manager. 
  • Ela from Germany has 3 kids, is a homemaker and is currently travelling EU with her fam in an RV
  • Matt from New Zealand is an Air Force pilot, he decided to paint the exterior of his home during COVID quarantine because he was bored. 
  • Fabi from Italy is a lawyer, just had a baby boy a couple of months ago. 
  • Daniel from Ecuador works in IT in Ecuador
  • Shona from South Africa works as an elite sports trainer with high performance athletes in SA. 
Eleana continues relationships with each of her Exchange brothers and sisters.  A very impressive group.  These youth and their relationships speak to the core value of Rotary Youth Exchange: PEACE.  Understanding and Goodwill between peoples in the world contribute greatly to a world of Peace, and these young people spread these values exponentially when they return to their countries of origin. 
Host families of Youth Exchange students benefit equally.  Many families have become extended in far-away countries bourgeoning mutual respect, care, and joy.    
Submitted by Mary Straus, September 8, 2020
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Rotary Meeting Aug 25, 2020

Rotary Club of Marana Minutes
Submitted by Randy Brooks
Attending: President John, Dave H., Richie B., Don J., Bob B., Peter M., Mary Straus, Beckie P., Randy B., Harold B., Joyce (Guest from Canada and daughter to John Zwick), Laura C., Carl M.
Again today we discussed and did updates on projects, but first we say a resounding rendition of Happy Birthday for Carl. Whom seemed to be quite relived when it was over. 
So in the order they were discussed:
  • Guatemala project approved, John found in the notes of a January meeting that the funds ($1,000) was approved during a club meeting.Way to go John that took some detective work.
  • Someone recommended we have a representative from the post office attend and tell us what’s cooking with the ballot issue.
  • Active discussion of RYLA (Mary volunteered to coordinate this)
  • Discussion of Rotary Youth Exchange program.We asked for someone to be the Youth Exchange Officer for the Club.Randy agreed to be the counselor.No takers yet for YEO. Please consider this position.Several members, John, Mary and Randy all touted the wonder of exchange. David, whom has been a host parent, did not share his opinion.
  • We need a coordinator for the ROTARACT program in Kathleen’s class. This is an easy joy, simply attending a class once a month and arranging for one club member to present once a month about Rotary and their occupation (or former occupation).
  • Randy Called and left a message with Linda Hampton at the Marana Food Bank about the clubs desire to provide food delivery for shut-ins.There has been no response from Linda.Don Jorgensen has a friend that works at the food bank and will call her about our inquiry.
  • We discussed the El Tour de Tucson being postponed until April 10 and how that may or may not affect our Tour de Cookie.Carl is looking into the date and expectations and the club requests that Dan discuss the best date for the club ride (April kept coming up). She also stated a “hold the date” mailer may be prudent. It was suggested that Dan also ask his wife to check into her bike club to help determine the best date for them to cooperate. We are hoping riders might use a date for a “warm up” to the El Tour.
  • Mary S., brought up how the guy that sells Peace Poles indicated that they do not do sign language.Someone else said they are sure they did so at the Oro Valley Club.Mary will look into it.Also she is requesting two poles for the Marana Site and Peter said that would be nice for the Veteran’s Cemetery as well.Marana is a sure thing, with the Veteran’s Cemetery indicated “interest”.Peter is going out to visit them to get clarification.
Whew, that seemed like a lot, but wait, wait there is more.  Happy Bucks:
Peter discussed the smoke off Table Mountain where he was working this week.  We then started talking about fires generally and then Peter congratulated Don J. on his recognition by the US President for his volunteer work with Shelter Box.  Yeah Don.
Randy is happy he is going to see his son, and his friend, Bert later in the week in Las Vegas. Randy will be calling into the Board meeting next Tuesday as well as the for the Morning meeting.
Harold had visit from his granddaughter.
Don discussed the surprise that he received an award from the White House. He has also begun attending Rotary Leadership Academy.  Congratulations.
Bob from Virginia: Want to come back to Tucson to see all of us…. Come on Bob.
Beckie: June Visited (I assume this is a grandchild and not dementia visiting) She discussed her work, and that the pressure is not like it was once when she was younger.  
Laura says, “I’m fine.”  Then she went on to discuss work and COVID 19 precautions at the U of A. Concern that the students may act out over the Labor Day weekend.
Richie, He is adjusting to his new job and seemed happy.  Sister had a gender reveal and it’s a  ………………………GIRL.  He bought a bike and has been riding to the store without incidents. He found a Ben’s Bell and now has three.
Carl took last Friday off for his birthday.  He discussed his daughter moving to Tucson from Texas and seemed quite pleased.
Joyce (remember, John Zwicks daughter) arrived July 6 and expressed interest on how Canadians and USA handle the pandemic differently.  She did not elaborate. States the heat here is a little over the top. Her father is doing well and mother is vising from the rehab center five times a week.
John D, shared childhood memories.  Unfortunately with my own memory issues I can’t remember what he said.  Sorry John.
Mary S., Thanked Joyce for visiting and looking after her family.
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Rotary Meeting Aug 11, 2020

Rotary Club of Marana
Attending: John, Harold, Beckie, Peter, Laura, Don, Bob, Lynne, Dan, Dave, Carl, guest speaker Wayne Wheeler of the Pima County Library.
Absent: Mary, Randy, Dave, Richie
Still looking for a youth-liaison officer – working with Interact Club, getting word out and finding a RYLA nomination.
Randy is still in Washington; his wedding anniversary on August 8.
Carl has a birthday and anniversary coming up later this month.
John said there is no progress on where we will be meeting in person and when we will be meeting in person again.
Former Marana Rotary member Maeve Johnson says “hello”.
Peace Pole Project – Peter reported that he spoke with Nicole at Az Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Marana, she is interested. Peter hopes to meet with her soon.
Happy Bucks
Harold – staying close to home, lunch with friends at airport a couple of times a week.
Peter – Spectrograph left for China yesterday, big deal.
Lynne – “I got nothing.”
Bob – Seeing the grandkids watching them take their first step and hear first word, “Oreo”.
Carl – Thankful for family and health and good to be here with you.
Beckie – Pretty normal here. Daughter’s roof getting repaired.
Don – Up in Seattle, fun playing with 9-month-old grandchild, daughter and son-in-law visiting for the week.
Dan – MUSD policy requires admin to wear masks. Great vacation in Idaho, west Yellowstone.
Dave – School is going well for the first week. No complaints.
Wayne Wheeler, guest speaker
Wayne is a native Tucsonan who has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from NAU, received his MLS (Master of Library Science) degree from the UA, and a second Master's degree in International Relations from Salve Regina University in Newport, RI.  He has worked in public and college libraries in Arizona and Pennsylvania carrying out a wide-range of responsibilities including grant-writing and grant-reviewing, and has lobbied local and federal elected officials for increased library funding. He has been with the Pima County Public Library System since April 2012, and has been the Grants and Nonprofits Librarian at the Joel D Valdez Main Library in downtown Tucson since March of 2018. In his spare time, Wayne enjoys singing, traveling, rodeo, and baseball.
Wayne said he used to be at the Wheeler Taft Abbott Branch Library out here. His first job was at the Nogales Library. He then spent time in Pennsylvania working at various libraries.
At the Pima County Library, Wayne is the non-profits and grants librarian. He assists non-profits to find grants. The non-profits database used to be available via on-site access only, but with COVID-19 the library has extended off-site access. Pima County has 26 libraries and uses a shared book system among the branches.
Libraries have changed a lot from what they used to be, Wayne said. Libraries now offer electronic downloading music, streaming videos, and books. People are accessing content online using more than ever. Online licensing fees from publishers are more expensive than purchasing physical books, which is why “electronic” formats of books are limited to being checked out “one” at a time.
Pima County Library’s values are: Education – we learn and teach every day; Service – we make an effort to serve everyone; Passion – we love what we do.
Library Services are M-F, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Open for computer access, too. Returned items are set aside for 3 days before being put back in publication.
Services available in the open buildings include:
  • Pick up items on hold
  • Copy/fax/print/scan
  • Return items – use the book drop
  • WiFi access – use in the parking lot (7 a.m. to 10 p.m.)
  • Computer use
  • Restrooms and drinking fountains
  • Payphone
Phone and Online Services include:
  • Online content (databases, eMaterials, news, blogs, etc.)
  • Foundation database – a place to find foundations who fund various grants, etc.
  • Services such as, the Infoline (520-791-4010) and the “Ask a Librarian” email
    • Will research questions from patrons
  • Get a library card
Despite the challenging times, it was great learning about all the ways the libraries are continuing to serve its county patrons. Wayne can be reached at: (520-594-5655).
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Rotary Meeting Aug 4, 2020

Rotary Club of Marana
Rotary Club of Marana Meeting; 8/4/2020
This morning we were pleased to welcome Jamsheed Mehta, Manager of the Town of Marana, our town.  Jamsheed earned a degree in Civil Engineering before moving with his wife and mother from Karachi to Kansas where he earned his master’s degree in Urban Planning.  He began his career in transportation and infrastructure and has expanded into city leadership.  We’re appreciative that he joined us today.
  • District 5500 is hosting a Happy Hour on Friday, August 7 from 5:00 to 6:30pm.  Register on the District website,
  • The Catalina Rotary Club is hosting a program called Racial Justice: It’s Personal.  The program will be held during their club meeting on Friday, August 7, from 12:00 to 1:30pm.  Contact information is on their website  
  • A reminder to consider Paul Harris Fellowship and general contributions to The Rotary Foundation (TRF), so that we can continue to do good works in our local and international communities. 
Happy Bucks Highlights:
  • Richie is beginning a new career today, as his 2-year old son begins his career in the world of words and colors and numbers. 
  • Becky, Don, and Bob are all delighting in their grandchildren.  Bob and Don are looking forward to visits from their respective grandsons. 
  • John reminds everyone to Vote in the Primaries today, if you haven’t already done so by mail.  We are grateful to his wife, Cindy, who woke at the early hour of 4:00am  to (wo)man a polling station. 
  • Laura has a BFF visiting during her staycation.  Not only is she enjoying his company, but also his talents with house repair projects. 
Our program today was provided by Jamsheed Mehta who has been with the Town of Marana for 6 years, 3 as the Town Manager.  He approaches his position with a vision for Marana that is people and culture-centered, growth-oriented, sustainable, and accessible. 
    Marana is a town of approximately 42,000 residents, a 43% growth rate since 2010.  Population growth is expected to continue here for the foreseeable future.  Marana began developing its budget for the coming fiscal year in October of last year.  Marana revenue is derived from sales tax and, with anticipated growth, forecast was rosy and a corresponding optimistic budget created.  COVID-19, however, brought an abrupt halt to the anticipated revenue.  As people’s discretionary monies became much more restricted and cultural events had to be cancelled, Marana was obliged to refigure the budget with a more somber forecast of revenue.  It has made difficult decisions.  All vacant positions are currently frozen.  There is no equipment replacement or repairs in the municipal’s departments; e.g., parks and rec, police.   Capital projects, such as road improvement, have been put on hold. 
   Despite the current environment, there has been modest tax revenue growth continuing.   Low interest rates have supported home sales, and two to three thousand  homes have been constructed in this year.  Development in Marana is not speculative, so the construction represents a 2000 to 3000  growth in population.  Retail sales are also stabilizing; hotel occupancy has returned to 75%, and restaurants are recovering.  Future economic growth is very encouraging, as 3 significant industries will be setting up shop in Marana.  PVB Fabrication, which produces metals, will create at least 50 jobs.  Luke Automotive Dealership, with anticipated sales beginning in 1 year, will be the first dealership in Marana.  JD Russell, a landscape supply and accessory company, will be Headquartering in Marana.  The future looks bright.
    Marana is a unique jurisdiction in that it has three distinct growth regions that are geographically isolated from each other by expansive swaths of desert, and/or freeway, and/or building.  Despite the spread, Marana would like to create a city center that is pedestrian-oriented with dining, shopping, and culture/art.  An area has been identified for development of the center.  However, the identified land is already entitled to developers.   As such, Marana is working to encourage the entitled developers’ interest in its vision.  Marana is incentivizing developers by offering lighting and broadened sidewalks, amongst other things. 
    Residential development and population growth, while currently slowed, is anticipated to boom.  In the northwest of Marana 26,000 single-family resident homes (SFRs) are planned for development.  3,100 of those have been built to date.  Cascada is a planned community across from the premium outlet mall that is also planned.  Residents will begin moving into Cascada once Gladden Farms and Dove Mountain are saturated.  Currently there is no water to the Cascada area.  Marana is partnering with Oro Valley and Metro Water in a water pipe project that is taking CAP water from recharge basins just north of the airport to Cascada.  The water pipe project should complete in 2023-24.  Marana additionally has a 40-year vision of development along the Twin Peaks Corridor.  Our little town will be not so little before long.
    Freeway development and interchanges are of particular concern as Marana continues to flourish.  Because Marana is divided by the freeway, day to day driving very frequently involves freeway use or crossing.  Marana will work closely with the RTA to make it aware of the unique challenges and needs of the Marana Community as it grows. 
    We thank Jamsheed for painting a picture for us of Marana’s landscape, its population growth, economic growth, and development.  We look forward to bumping into one another one evening while strolling  in the city center.
Submitted my Mary Straus

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Rotary Meeting July 28, 2020

Rotary Club of Marana
Rotary Club of Marana Meeting; July 28, 2020
Today’s meeting opened with a beautiful, bucolic photograph of our American flag taken by our own Laura in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  We welcomed two guests today.  It was nice to re-welcome Janet Pipes.  Janet is a friend of Bob and previous speaker on fiduciary elder abuse.  We were also pleased to welcome Jill Jorden Spitz who joined us at Laura’s invitation.  Of the 14 members and guests present at today’s meeting, and their represented children and grandchildren, three were CDO high school alumni, three current CDO attendees (children and grandchildren) and one a bitter Marana High School alum.  Despite rivalry, a well-represented home-grown group. 
  • Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) applications are now being accepted.  Mary will put forward a student from… CDO, who has demonstrated exemplary leadership and kindness in her community. 
  • The District Governor visit has been moved.  Diane Ventura Goodyear will be visiting the board on the eve of Nov. 30th and the club the following morning, Dec. 1st
  • President John made a pitch for contributions to the Arizona Vocational Fund.  We have put forward quite a number of vocational students for this scholarship program, contributing to significant changes in the lives of individuals and families.  Please consider donating to this 100% tax deductible charitable foundation.
  • Rotary International insurance has announced that it is excluding disease and copywrite infringement from its coverage.  The endless reaches of COVID. 
  • Mary will obtain a photo of the bank account holding our Global Grant monies, while all is put on hold due to COVID
Happy Bucks Highlights
  • Dan has returned from an ‘amazing’ trip to Henry Lake, Idaho, where he was struck by the beauty of this part of the U.S.  As evidence, he shared with us an awesome photo of a visiting moose who peacefully walked into the lake and swam away after Dan’s friend came a bit too close for its comfort. 
  • Don and Richie will both be attending Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) this year.  I believe Richie will become a graduate.  Don also shared that he is putting in an application for the Arizona Redistricting Commission.  We need thoughtful people to contribute to that conversation and process, so thanks to Don.
  • Dave and Mary’s children are all enrolled to begin the new school year online.  A new era in education.
Our Program today was provided by Jill Jorden Spitz, Chief Editor of the Arizona Daily Star newspaper.  Laura, a former journalist herself, introduced Jill, speaking to her ‘perfect temperament’ for such a position, being both grounded and impeccably ethical.  Jill is also a native Tucsonan and cares deeply for her community. 
        The Arizona Daily Star is an award-winning newspaper dedicated to investigative reporting, not simply news coverage.  COVID-19 has had far-reaching impact on the Daily Star’s functioning; from how staff are working, to morale, to revenue.  COVID has not, however, impacted the quantity or quality of reporting done by journalists and editors.
    One hundred percent of the Arizona Daily Star tasks are being done remotely.  Business meetings have moved to Microsoft teams, journalist interviews, when can’t be done electronically, are done with distancing and masks, and photographers are using longer lenses to achieve greater distancing.  There are advantages and disadvantages to the remote model.  Jill’s office open-door policy allowed for spontaneous and meaningful conversations between her and all staff.  Neither these conversations nor organic exchanges of ideas between journalists are able to take place currently.   Without those mechanisms, both reporting and staff morale have been negatively impacted to some degree.  However, most journalists have enjoyed the efficient use of time and productivity afforded by the remote work.  When circumstances allow for a return to brick and mortar, the Star will likely implement a combined workplace model, with a shared work-space environment used in combination with remote work. 
    Just prior to COVID, The Star had put their massive, 220,000 sqft, building, up for sale.  Its home had once housed itself, the Tucson Citizen, and a printing press. The Citizen has been defunct since 1990 when it vacated.  Additionally, a reluctant, budgetary imposed decision was made to stop operation of the printing press in 2018 and move printing to Phoenix.   Sixty people lost their jobs with the close of the press, which had been particularly welcoming to people with hearing impairment where other employment opportunities aren’t.  The Star’s felt loss was represented in Jill’s deportment. 
    Needless to say, COVID has had substantial impact on The Star’s revenue.  When stay-at-home orders first went into place, there was an 80% loss of revenue from advertisers.  Revenue loss has become less dire since then but continues to be off by 20%.  All staff were furloughed or took salary cuts.  Additionally, The Star has been forced to consider creative means of generating income.  75% of revenue is from the newspaper’s printed product.  While circulation is strong, printed circulation continues to decrease while digital increases.  To compensate for income loss, the newspaper has implemented some programs.  It is beginning to apply for grants, and it is offering Sponsored Content.  All sponsored content must meet strong standards to ensure that it presents journalism in-line with the views of the sponsor by that does not support the sponsor.  Other income generators that are being considered are events and marketing skills.  Skills that might be offered include research writing and photography.  Investigative reporting, with its research, documents, and lawyer vetting, is by far the biggest cost in reporting.  The Star is dedicated to maintaining enough revenue to continue to produce this important work.
    Another development in the COVID environment is increased negativity toward media.  In the past few years resentment toward the press has ramped up, but since COVID, the negativity has gotten much uglier.  Not only are there the more typical cries of ‘fake news’, but additionally measures like trolling of commentators and reprehensible memes about reporters have taken a toll on journalists’ mental health.  We are grateful the Arizona Daily Star journalists continue to persevere and serve us under these conditions. 
    Many thanks to Jill Jorden Spitz for allowing us insight into the life of the Arizona Daily Star and of the staff and journalists who provide us with a basic and necessary ingredient to Democracy; free press. 
Submitted by Mary Straus
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Rotary Meeting July 21, 2020

Rotary Club of Marana
 Meeting; July 21, 2020
Today was a pleasant meeting of fellowship.  We missed some members but kept them present by telling stories behind their backs (see what happens…).
  • Jill Jorden-Spitz, Senior Editor of the Daily Star, will be our speaker next week, the 28th.
  • Jamsheed Mehta, Town Manager for the Town of Marana, will be our speaker on Aug. 4th
Service Project Update:
Marana’s Town Manager and Mayor would like us to place a Peace Pole prominently in the area of the municipal building complex.  We will wait until a time when gatherings are safe so the pole can be dedicated with a ceremony.  Landscaping around the Peace Pole will be discussed at a later date.  Suggestion was made to include a Rotary Peace Scholar as a speaker at the ceremony, and a suggestion was made to invite the Marana Chamber.  Speakers and invitations for the ceremony will be confirmed at a later date. 
A wide range of topics emerged from our Happy Bucks:
  • Don is in Seattle and had a beautiful view of the comet over the Puget Sound.  Many of us expressed envy because of our prohibitive cloud cover.  Peter dashed any hopes that may’ve been for seeing the comet in the coming days; heavy rains are in the direct forecast.  Bad comet timing, but bring on the rains!
  • Despite contending with Phoenix rush hour, Peter spend a lovely few hours in Flagstaff, scoping the site where he will be installing a new telescope for the Navy.
  • With his normal cheer, Bob lamented 97 degree weather at his home in Virginia.  He also told us the story of his step-daughter’s family suffering COVID after attending a social event.  After treating COVID prevention as if it were prevention of Anthrax exposure, Bob and his wife are trying to make wise decisions about caring for their grandchildren, who may or may not be carriers, while their parents endure and recover.  Our hearts go out to all.
  • Harold has taken advantage of sheltering at home to sort through 31 years’ worth of collected papers and things.  Things included boxes never opened.  He also took his first venture outside of home to one of his local restaurants.  Beside enjoying getting out and eating, he was heartened by seeing and saying hello to familiar people.   A good reminder to all of us that connection to others is important. 
  • Becky beamed telling us that she is busy daily with work until the afternoon when June knocks on the door for Grandma time.  I don’t think Becky could be a prouder grandmother.  She and her husband have been doing driving tours of new housing developments to stave off the weariness of sheltering at home.
  • Laura shared with as a video of black sludge and debris running down a local wash; by-products of the fires that devastated over 95,000 acres.  She also weaved together moments from others’ stories to wander down her own memory lane:  Laura spent 15 years in Flagstaff where Peter had just been.  There, as a reporter, she was privy to unrevealed information about a scientist there tasked to trace Anthrax (Bob mentioned Anthrax).  One of Laura’s pastimes while living in Flagstaff was, like Becky, driving to see new houses being built.  When, after 15 years, Laura left Flagstaff, she, like Harold, found unopened boxes that she had to contend with. 
  • Dave took some time off to go to Pinetop, lakeside, with his kids.  There they all hiked and frolicked and, generally, had a wonderful time.  Now, he’s back at work. 
  • John took his three 14-yr old grandsons, none of which are siblings, to Mt. Graham to camp and fish.  The fishing was horrible and John suffered the night cold after he  sacrificed  his sleeping bag to one of his grandsons.  However, a great adventure and a nice reprieve. 
With time left before adjourning, we digressed into pet stories, some too tragic to tell.  Upshot, don’t ever entrust your pets to John or Randy. 
Submitted by Mary Straus

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Rotary Meeting July 14, 2020

Submitted by Randy B, who is filling in for Mary Straus …… please don’t be to judgmental or you will be the next scribe.
Attending: John D., Don, Mary Bob Laura, Dan, Peter, Harold, Beckie, Richie, Carl and our special guest Brian Clymer (brother of Laura and presenter today). Welcome Brian.
Randy gave an overview of our club member’s suggestions for being engaged in our community. He and John will speak soon because Randy is leaving for a three week trip to his cabin in the northwestern US where it is so remote very little phone connection is available.  Sorry my friends.
Happy bucks …. I am sure I missed a few of you but gave it a college try:
Dan, going to Idaho for a week fishing; for some reason Harold celebrating the quarantine (this might have been misunderstood by me). Randy going to Washington, will socially distance but attending a funeral and wedding. Bob is happy he is now $65.00 in the hole for happy bucks and is bobbing on the lake.  Makes me wonder how deep the rest of us are.  I will match Bob. Don is happy that he is leaving Thursday for Seattle, and overjoyed that he has completed the first draft of his book.  It is about his last vacation a few weeks ago to Antarctica, Wondering if it is possible for him to relax.  Mary was on the meeting as she was driving to San Diego to have a few days with friends … cool you can Zoom while zooming down the road.  Laura is happy she is busy at work, please note her brother (whom she works with) was in attendance today. Lynne is excited that taxes are to be completed tomorrow.  Said she was happy but while smiling was simultaneously sobbing in her granola. Peter was happy that he was on Mount Lemmon checking out the telescopes. Gave us a peek at how is looks up there.  Most of the damage noticed was on the far side of the mountain. Beckie, happy her daughter is selling to her partner Jackpot Veterinary Clinic.  They seem to be exploring different specialties. Richie, working on projects around the house and sees “too happy” that he has a new mattress. Carl only person wearing a tie, says his family is good. John took his teenage grandchildren fishing and seemed quite excited.  He is the only one allowed to bait his hook.
Guest Speaker: Brian Clymer, Esq., Attorney at Law.  Brian is received his undergraduate degree from the University of Virginia and later came to his senses and attended the U of A law school He is a wildcat through and through. He is noted for writing for the handbook of workman’s disability for the AZ Bar Association …… I know this wording is probably wrong ….. However, let’s us celebrate my attempt to be nearly accurate. He is on the Board of Directors of Legal Aid as well as a mentor to others and again, our own Lynne’s brother. 
Brain started by indicating the Social Security was developed to provide economic security to all of us in our golden years (I for one am not seeing the gold). Social Security Disability developed in 1950 for those whom have paid into the system could be paid in part by the contributions made by the employee while they were working. It is not SSI …. Which is for economically challenged folks.
To be eligible for Social Security Disability they must; prove the inability to work for 12 months or, I assume be terminal, they must show medical records showing demonstrating the disability 3-4 months before the agency makes a decision. 75% of the claims will be denied. They may include the necessity of the claimant to see an Agency physician. The claimant with then wait another three or so months for a determination.  Again the denial rate is about 90%. They are able to ask for a hearing that will take about a year.  Average monthly payout is $1,237.74, a surviving spouse will receive $1194.01 and dependent children about $886.49.
The process over the years has appeared to become more adversarial.  Remember this is not an entitlement program.  Those filing must have exhaustive documentation, letters from family are often ignored.
Brian offer to see a friend of a member for no fee for an assessment.
Thank you Brian, great presentation.  Now about your sister ………..
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Rotary Meeting July 7, 2020

Rotary Club of Marana
John Dooling presided over his first of 52 meetings, professing his lack of technological know-how.  Not to be outdone by technology, however, he opened our meeting holding a traditional, albeit tiny, American flag to which we pledged our allegiance.
Liz Cohn was a cheerful and welcomed guest at our meeting.  As one of the District’s Zoom administrators, she introduced herself during our club’s first use of our District’s Zoom account. 
  • Board Meeting this evening at 5:00 pm
  • Governor Diane Goodyear visit will be with the Board on the eve of the 24th and with our Club on the 25th. of August
  • Denise is on a leave of absence until further notice, having to work additional hours to compensate for an employee who has Covid.  We will miss her and wish her well.  Laura has agreed to perform the Program duties in her absence.  Thank you, Laura.
  • John has asked Randy to reach out to two organizations, Youth on their Own (YOTO) and Habitat for Humanity, to see if we can partner with them on a District Grant.  Randy will update Board tonight. 
Not having a formal program today, Happy Bucks was extended with enjoyable conversations. 
Harold celebrated the 6-mo. birthday of his granddaughter while sheltering at home, and Liz welcomed the birth of her first great-grandson.  Congratulations to you both!
Carl has his whole family home together for the first time in a long time, and he is grateful. 
The 4th was celebrated in a wide range of ways by members.  From not leaving the house or eating hotdogs, to grand fireworks on a lake, to quiet time with friends, to safeguarding the house from neighborhood celebratory gunfire.  I believe all would agree that this 4th was the oddest in all of our lifetimes.
Many members were invigorated this 4th  weekend by the musical Hamilton, praising its extraordinary artistic power and its historical breadth and accuracy.  Members were inspired to read biographies on Grant, A. Burr (the villain), Hamilton, and more after watching the musical.
Peter was gracious enough to provide an impromptu program, as many members have voiced an interest in what he does and in his current project with Chinese astronomers:
    Peter is the founder and owner of Astronomical Consultants and Equipment, Inc.  Amongst many other contracts, Peter is currently building a Spectrograph for a telescope in China.  What I understood, which may be completely wrong, is that Peter has built a spectrograph that takes light from an object in space through a lens, which runs the light to a mirror, which runs the light through a cable to a lens with a prism, which refracts the light, which is bounced to a camera that takes its pictures.  The refracted light contains markers of particular elements in each of its colors that will shift in time so that serial images can be compared.  Things like heat and speed of objects in space can be measured using this mechanism.  If I’ve represented even one element  of Peter’s Spectrograph correctly, I shall feel accomplished. 
    Peter is currently in process of developing very detailed assembly instructions in lieu of traveling to China to assemble it himself.  Because communication between China and the U.S. requires permission from the central government and is granted in restrictive ways, Peter’s manual has to be verrrrry well written.
    Peter has other contracts that include a Korean telescope on Mt. Lemmon, a Naval Observatory in Flagstaff, and Kitt Peak.  He has contracts with observatories and telescopes all around the world and, normally, travels more days than not.  An extraordinary mind with extraordinary stamina.  Thank you, Peter.
Submitted on July 7, 2020 by Mary Straus

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Rotary Meeting June 30, 2020 2020-06-30 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting June 23, 2020

Marana Rotary Zoom Round-Up for 6/23/20
Attendance: Richie, Laura, John, Harold, Don, Peter, Randy, Mary, Bob, Denise, Lynne, Carl. Guest: Jim Nook, Oro Valley Rotary Club.
Announcements: Check the District newsletter.
Happy Bucks: For Lynne, who is on vacation from work is this week.
Lynne's Joke: Did you hear the rumor about the peanut butter? I’d tell you but I don’t want to spread it.
  • Randy mentioned that he will be happy when we get to go to a restaurant or movie.
  • Richie reminded us to keep supporting the firefighters fighting the Bighorn fire with our thoughts and well wishes.
Richie expressed his appreciation to all for the hard work everyone put in this year. He was distraught about the service projects that we didn’t get to, however noted that we donated about $7,000 to various organizations: such as MCAP, adopted two families for Thanksgiving and Christmas, GAP Ministries, Peace Pole project, Interfaith Community Services, and supported Nana’s Kitchen during the pandemic. This doesn’t include the many contributions our individual members made to various annual fund and programs such as Tour de Cookie, Rotary International, and Ride to End Polio.
  • Richie offered a special thanks to the board; to Denise and speaker program she puts together; Randy as membership chair; Mary as Foundation Chair; Carl taking on Tour de Tucson aid station; Dan for his work on the Tour de Cookie event, raised about $6,000, and the Poker Tournaments.
  • Thanks to Don, John and Randy who made Richie’s attendance at the International Convention in Germany really special.
Mary said Richie’s district grant proposal was a really good idea and that she hoped we could re-start it. Richie said that we returned the district grant money, but the board hopes to apply a portion to executing the grant with the high school.
Installation of 2020-21 Marana Rotary President
In first-ever Zoom installation, Richie installed John Dooling as club president for 2020-21.
John noted that we have very experienced group for the board, which includes: President-elect Randy B.; Treasurer Lynne H.; Secretary Harold B., with Randy and Mary will take the minutes; Members-at-Large are Bob B. and Don J.
John then discussed ideas for membership growth and services projects, such as “CHRPA”, which stands for Community Home Repair Projects of Arizona. John also mentioned that there is a position open for a Youth Services Director. John said he plans to get and personally introduce himself to business and professional leaders, and is looking forward to this year and leading the club.
Final expressions of gratitude from club members to Richie for his time as president came from Randy, who said, “Thanks to Richie for your efforts.” Mary added, “Thank you for keeping the club together during the pandemic.” Don and Denise expressed their thanks as well. And then we all gave Richie a very “Zoomy” and virtual round applause.
Meeting was then adjourned.
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Rotary Meeting June 16, 2020

Marana Rotary Zoom Round-Up for 6/16/20
Attendance: Richie, Laura, John, Harold, Don, Peter, Randy, Mary, Denise, Beckie, Lynne, Dave, Carl.
  • Virtual Social with District 5500. Hawaiian-theme. On last day of RI Intl. Convention.
  • June 28 – Installation for District President. Rotary facemasks available!
  • Handbags of Hope – toiletries-filled handbags needed for victims of domestic violence.
  • Mary: Reminds you to donate to Annual Fund help (Paul Harris credit)
  • Not billing for fourth quarter – five members has paid annually and were given the option to donate, which it seems they all have. Thank you!
  • Five or Six Paul Harris Society members, now is a good time to donate.
  • District Grant – can put in a broad description by July 15 as a placeholder. Actual grant proposal due August 31.
  • Discussion about the Rotary International Conference. It is important to send our president to RI Conference. The budget indicated that our club’s contribution was down to $1,000. Don agrees. John said the board was trying to think of ways to drive our costs down and maybe a fund-raiser to supplement the travel/cost of sending to the international conference.
  • John and Lynne are putting together a proposed budget, and they will bring it back to the club in a couple of weeks.
  • John will be sending out a survey to find out when people want to resume in-person meeting. Thoughts are a hybrid meeting? Maybe re-start in-person meetings in August, suggested Denise.
Happy Bucks for: Carl had a nice week with family in California.; Randy went to a granddaughter’s wedding in Nevada; Happy Father’s Day to all our dads; and Beckie and her husband celebrated 50 years of marriage.
Next week: Year-end wrap and installation of new Board for 2020-21.
Guest Speaker: Randy Young, who spent 3 ½ years as manager of a jaguar reserve 55,000 acres in northern Mexico, Sonora, has started “La Tierra del Jaguar” (Land of the Jaguar).
La Tierra Del Jaguar is 25 acres used as a demonstration site/conservation site to teach collectives about permaculture gardening because individual gardening helps reduce our carbon footprint. The goal is to create an opportunity to teach collectives to spread how create sustainable gardening. Plans include building a classroom and solar irrigation to teach classes and demonstrate how to it’s done.
The long-term benefit is to decrease depredation and create a healthy ecosystem so the jaguars don’t hunt cattle. Extreme over-grazing of ranchlands has stressed the habitat, creating predator conflicts. Straggler male jaguars come up from northern Mexico because of this. Jaguars have a wide territory. The way we grow food impacts the environment in a multiple ways, and results in scarcity.
Read more about La Tierra Del Jaguar here:
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Rotary Meeting June 9, 2020

Marana Rotary Zoom Round-Up for 6/9/20
Attendance: Richie, Laura, John, Harold, Bob, Don, Peter, Randy, Mary, Denise, Beckie, Dan.
Our meeting was called to order by Richie, supplemented by a “JibJab” video of “singing and dancing” club members, courtesy of Mary.
Among the announcements:
  • The Rotary Leadership Academy is worthwhile. The program can be completed at home on your own pace. It’s really good training. All virtual. Very beneficial.
  • “Handbags for Hope” is asking for donated handbags, along with toiletries for victims of domestic violence. Collection will be at the September District meeting.
  • Lynne updated our Tour de Cookie “numbers” which were: net $6,265 + $400 resulting a total $6,700 from Tour de Cookie. Richie thanked Dan C. for organizing the Tour again and its success.
  • John D. announced a $2,500 AllState donation to the Marana Rotary Foundation.
Happy Bucks
  • Harold – we’re getting back to some kind of new normal
  • John – had a nice time in Greer, can back the “old way” from 666 Clifton/Morenci
  • Randy – son and his wife went to Morenci to job interviews, declined the job offers because too much like a “Stephen King” book
  • Peter – 14 “guests” javelinas. Things getting back to normal.
  • Denise – We made goal for the month. Business has been good. Son graduates from boot camp in two weeks. Virtual graduation on June 25.
  • Don – my daughter and son-in-law doing well in NYC.
  • Beckie – just a joy and blessing to have time to spend with granddaughter and drove through Saguaro National Park East. Only diners at the Olive Garden for our 50th wedding anniversary meal.
  • Bob – 4-year-old grandson visiting and enjoying boat rides on the lake. Nice swimming in the lake.
  • Mary – I’m overwhelmed by everything that’s going on and sad about the state of things.
  • Dan – “I don’t know, I don’t know.” about the school year. We were in Pinetop, and it was a zoo up there.
  • Richie – Charley’s birthday turned 2.
Richie then handed the meeting over to incoming President John Dooling, who noted that it was unlikely that we be gathering for installation of the new officers.
Among the decisions that have to be made are whether we should do away with or keep breakfast? John said we do make a little bit of money off it, however eliminating breakfast would reduce dues by about $300. One thought is to offer Danish rolls and coffee and still meet at Nana’s Kitchen. Harold would step and be Secretary but doesn’t want to take minutes. Mary offered to help taking minutes. Denise can help with bringing breakfast rolls. Peter suggested that we adopt John’s suggestion for a bring-in breakfast to Nana’s Kitchen.
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Rotary Meeting June 2, 2020

Marana Rotary Zoom Round-Up for 6/2/20
Attendance: Richie, Laura, Harold, Bob, Don, Peter, Randy, Mary, Dave, Carl, Denise, and guest Ethan Orr.
  • Applications being accepted for being District Governor 2023-24. Next week we’re going to discuss future for meetings going forward in COVID-19. Virtual Rotary International Convention, June 26, sessions start at 6 a.m. our time. June 28 – Virtual installation of Diane
  • Mary: Harold’s birthday yesterday (6/1). Talked with Bouba this morning, using a hotel as a hospital. Things are a bit dire. Peter and I spoke to Veterans Memorial and the town manager office, both are interested in the Peace Pole. Peter said the cemetery is essentially closed to normal business.
  • Denise: We had four stores looted in Scottsdale, Austin, Portland. We’re in good hands, locally.
Guest speaker was Ethan Orr, Assistant Vice President of UA Government Affairs and Community Partnerships, to discuss the UA Land Grant projects and other ways the Government Affairs and Community Partnerships Department and the University of Arizona applies science to help address issues that face our state, from eating properly to living longer.
Ethan Orr told us about the land grant system because no one really understands the land grant concept, which is a distinctly American concept. The idea is that knowledge should be accessible to everyone but practical and applicable. The land grant system sets aside land and money to build universities.
Orr said we often overlook that investment in education spurred both the Industrial Revolution and Technological Boom by making education accessible to people. Multiplier effect of manufacturing creates more jobs. 2.5 jobs created by every manufacturing job. 6.2 jobs created by tech job.
One problem though is job concentration for a particular industry (ie, automotive). But as industries “mature”, a diffusion of jobs takes place. For example, “precision health” which uses what we know about a person's genetic code could bring about a "democratization of health".
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Rotary Meeting May 26, 2020 2020-05-26 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting May 19, 2020

Marana Rotary Zoom Round-Up for 5/19/20
Attendance: Richie, Laura, Harold, Denise, Carl, Beckie, Bob, Don, Peter, Randy, John, Charles. Guest: Charles Heberle.
  • Sat. June 20, first general session of Rotary Intl. Virtual Convention.
  • District Conference set for Sept. 11 and 12 at Tubac Golf Course.
  • Received a check for the gift cards, and Richie will pick them up from Javier
Happy “bucks”
  • Randy wants to remind everyone to make contributions to the annual programs, such as the Paul Harris Society members ($1,000 per year). Call Randy or Mary for more information.
  • Bob – staying on the lake, boat-to-boat. “Fine” myself for going over time for my presentation last week.
  • Denise – going back to work today. Deep cleaning for most of the day. Very interesting. Clients by appointment for now. Happy to be back to work. Corporate has provided the cleaning supplies. Went up to the White Mountains to go kayaking – saw some eagles.
  • John – Passed that Rotary Grant test!
  • Don – Got to “dine out” last Friday with Randy. Tucson Festival of Books is providing a platform where you can watch interview with authors.
  • Richie – Boy Scouts reopened office – using a staggered staffing.
  • Peter – Got permission from UA to go to Mt. Lemmon to repair. Every car park was full over the weekend. Go during the week.
  • John – Will be in Greer in the first week of June.
Guest speaker Col. Charles Heberle, who served in Vietnam as a helicopter pilot, talked about his efforts to build bridges between the US and Russia. He is third-generation Rotarian and a member of Lakewood, WA Rotary. He is also a member of the District Peace Conference. His dad was a flight instructor at the Marana Army Air Field during WW2.
Col. Heberle retired from the Army, and the Russians approached him to establish democratic principles in Russia. He spent five years there and worked to establish a Rotary club. In 2006, a Russian district was formed and insisted on district dues and that was too much for members to pay. Efforts are being made re-establish the club. In all there are about 78 Rotary clubs in Russia and all of Russia is in one district.
Rotary’s Intra-country Committee’s mission is to knit together former enemies through Rotary.
Peter asked if the Rotary club is allowed to operate freely or is it monitored and what can we do to help? Charles’s take on Russia is that it is very much like a dictatorship, as Putin has deliberately patterned himself after the czars. The Four-Way Test, however, is attractive to Russian Rotarians.
Meeting closed.
Rotary Meeting May 19, 2020 2020-05-19 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting May 12, 2020

Marana Rotary Zoom Round-Up for 5/12/20
Attendance: Richie, Laura, Peter, Harold, Denise, Bob, Don, Mary, Beckie, Randy, Dave. Guests: Rob Tommasone, DG Ellie Patterson, DG 1130 Tony Sharma (London).
  • MCAT has 85 students on track to graduate this May, according to Denise Coronado.
  • Move Zoom meetings to 7 a.m. John Dooling’s brother-in-law passed awary.
  • June 28 – Governor installation at Desert Museum.
  • June 20-26 – Rotary Intl Virtual Convention.
  • Next week – guest speaker Charles from Rotary who works on improving relations between Russia and U.S.
  • Should we send graduation cards to MCAT graduates. Randy, Denise, Mary, Laura. Richie will reach out to Denise for list.
  • Harold talked to John Zwick and he’s doing well, and his wife is still in a nursing home but gets to come home three times a week. Need to send a card to him.
  • Javier is trying reopen today; Denise reopening by appointment only.
Our very own Bob Bishop presented about his amazing achievements as a pilot and past president and owner of “Missile Defense” Aerial Productions Intl.
Bob’s connection to Arizona goes back to his father who flew B-52s in World War II at just 21 (the navigator was 17!). After the war, Bob’s dad landed a job with Frontier Airlines and flew out of Phoenix Sky Harbor starting in 1951. Eventually, Bob’s dad started Marsh Aviation, the world’s largest agricultural crop dusting operation, which was Bob’s “playground”. He worked with his dad, who was a major influence on his life, until Bob’s father died in a crop dusting flying accident when Bob was 16.
When Bob turned 20 he competed in flying races with airshow pilots. This led to a career in flying and building BD-5 jets, which are the smallest manned jets, in airshows. The BD-5 jet was plane flown by James Bond in “Octopussy”. Bob had a Coors Light Silver Bullet sponsorship, too.
At one point, his company helped the Joint Cruise Missile Defense group. Our armed forces were really good at shooting cruise missiles but not sure how good we were at shooting them down, Bob said. BD jet reminiscent of a cruise missile. The Joint Cruise Missile Defense Joint Test & Evaluation was a five-year program. The inability to detect low-altitude missiles was a major threat.
The BD-5 is the world’s smallest manned jet with the following capabilities:
  • Speed: 270 knots
  • Maximum endurance: 2.1 hours.
  • “Quick turn” capabilities
  • Low observability.
  • Unrestricted low-level operations.
  • Low-level night missions – modified aircraft
  • Can assemble in a matter of minutes.
  • Used for military exercises and gaming.
  • NORAD missions.
It was an amazing presentation from our amazing Bob Bishop!
Rotary Meeting May 12, 2020 2020-05-12 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting May 5, 2020

Marana Rotary Zoom Round-Up for 5/5/20
Attendance: Richie, Laura, Peter, Harold, Dan, Bob, Don, Mary, Beckie, John, Carl, Randy.
  • Denise is sending off her son to boot camp for the Air Force. Randy’s brother passed away recently.
  • Rotary Intl’ Virtual Convention June 20-26, 2020. “If they are doing a Peace Conference prior to, it’s worth it,” said Mary.
  • District News: Fund-raisers coming up: Vail Rotary Chili Cookoff and Casino on June 6. Most have been moved to the fall.
Updates from club members in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic:
  • Dan – MUSD bought billboards for our seniors, yard signs for the seniors. It’s been tough on the graduating seniors, Dan said.
  • Carl – Most of what we’re doing is going on OK. There are opportunities in corporate bonds for investments. Web-based seminars for clients. “Good to see all of you,” Carl.
  • Randy – “My practice dropped pretty dramatically. Seeing people person-to-person is really important.” Mixture of face-to-face and zoom.
  • Mary – “I’ll probably do tela-help in the future.”More depression and anxiety. Re-entry to work is on people’s minds.
  • John – I had a grandson who had to pitch a tent in his backyard. “I’ve lost a few customers. Last week I’ve had people apologize to me that they are shopping their insurance and having to leave.” Claims are down which is why most insurance companies are giving rebates.
  • Bob – Under stay-at-home orders until at least June 10. Getting some stuff done around the house, a little consulting on the side. He’s found a cause to take on: the percentages credit card companies are charging, which is as high as 29.9%. One bill in Congress can change it. Going to cause major discord in our society if we don’t. He’s also realized an underlying sadness to having to cancel travel and other plans.
  • Peter – observatories still closed. International travel is difficult to impossible. Applied for a Payment Protection loan and received $65,000. Otherwise just working here, making the components here, but can’t get paid until we install.
Happy Bucks:
  • John – Went fishing at Riggs Lake, near Safford. Caught 10 trout each day. Last weekend.
  • Richie – BSA providing content, neat activities moving online, Dutch oven recipes, brought in people to connect.
Speaker next week will be our own Bob Bishop   this will be interesting
Rotary Meeting May 5, 2020 2020-05-05 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting April 28, 2020

Marana Rotary Zoom Round-Up for 4/28/20
Attendance: Richie, Laura, Peter, Harold, Don, Denise, Mary, Bob, Beckie, Dan, John, Randy, Dave.
  • Need two members to take the Grant Workshop (John, Mary, Randy), it’s online.
  • Harold: Daughter and Son-in-Law adopted a child.
  • John: Attended Zoom meeting with incoming DG President. Folks talked about what they are doing with their grant money, etc. Fairly well-attended.
  • Dan: School District is not good. “We have the budget set and we’re paying people.” He still goes into office. Schools are opening up in Germany by staggering kids, but it’s a mess here. We’re scared of the what budget could bring because of the loss of sales revenue. The district has mobile “wi-fi hot spots” on just eight buses. Avra Valley where it is the most challenge for Marana school kids.
  • Mary: Zoom fatigue is an issue.
  • Don: Some clubs still doing ‘happy bucks’.
Our special presentation came from Don J. with “Antarctica: 3 Worlds. 1 Voyage.”
Don and his wife embarked on an expedition cruise to Antarctica. A total of 162 passengers and crew were on board. They landed first in Ushuaia, S. America and traveled across the Drake Passage, which took 2 ½ days. South Shetland Islands were first sighting of land. They went out twice a day, sometimes on Zodiac cruises to look at glaciers and wildlife. Kayaking to see penguins, humpback whales, through ice flows, and landings. Penguins everywhere and never got tired looking at them. Leopard seals everywhere. Expedition guides gave mini-lectures about the geography, the ice, wildlife, etc. they explored Neptune’s Bellows, an extinct volcano and saw former whaling structures. They moved from day to day -- anchor and go on shore to different islands and then landed on the continent. Also landed at Port Lockroy, old observation and experimental station for the British from 1944-62. It was amazing to nature in action. They had a choice of mountaineering, camping, and kayaking but those were weather dependent activities.
On the return trip, they were supposed to dock at Ushuasia on March 18th, but Argentina government said they were not allowed to dock because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The crew then steered toward Buenos Aires, and it noticeably got warmer as they sailed north. They were not allowed to dock at Buenos Aires, so they then headed to Uruguay. Docked on the 25th in Uruguay, but had to have had proof of travel, masks, gloves, and were taken directly to airport. Five days of anxiety to trying get flights home while traveling up the coast to find a place to dock. Fortunately, they made it home from an Incredibly memorable trip
Rotary Meeting April 28, 2020 2020-05-02 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary April 26, 2020

Rotary Club of Marana
Clubs in District 5500 reaching out and offering help to their communities in need at a rapid pace with COVID-19 Emergency funds and at the same time rediscovering who we are.
In PDG’s Kirk Reed’s words, “In times of crisis we discover –or rediscover—who we are. Do we gripe and moan? Or do we dig deep to find inner strength? Do we feel sorry for ourselves? Or do we say, I can’t do everything, but I can do something for my community and my world.”
On April 3, 2020 Rotary District 5500 issued a challenge to local Rotary clubs in Southern Arizona. “You can receive a gift of $500 today from District if you want to help your communities and neighbors in times of crisis.”
Well, the clubs immediately responded AND at a rapid pace. The Rotary Clubs of District 5500 are truly PEOPLE OF ACTION and demonstrated compassion, caring and kindness as they moved quickly to extend help in their communities. Look what they did.
Ten Rotary clubs decided to invest in their local food banks and pantries coming from Benson, Coolidge, Globe, Green Valley, Oro Valley, SaddleBrooke Sunrise, Sierra Vista, Superior and Valle Verde. Each of these food banks, when adequately supplied, provides daily life support for families. Rotarians said, “We can help.”
Eleven Rotary clubs remembered their most vulnerable neighbors and donated to local missions, foundations, community centers,  schools and youth programs coming from the Rotary clubs of Bisbee, Casas Adobes,  Dove Mountain, Fort Yuma, Marana, Mountain Empire (Sonoita-Patagonia), Pantano, Rincon, SaddleBrooke, Sierra Vista Sunrise, and Yuma.  These investments by local Rotary clubs will impact thousands of lives.
Ten Rotary clubs filled a need of providing urgently needed supplies by making or purchasing supplies: face masks, latex gloves, sanitizer, wipes, toilet paper, disposable surgical robes and more. These supplies came from Casa Grande Daybreak, Douglas, Rio Rico, San Luis Frontera, Sierra Vista West, Somerton, Tucson, Tucson Presidio, Vail, Yuma Crossing.
The Kino Rotary club said thank you to first responders and emergency room staff by delivering lunches and dinners to hospitals, police and firefighters.
Two Rotary clubs connected kids and families to online learning by purchasing hot spots and data plans. These actions came from Tubac and Old Pueblo clubs.
Willcox Rotary made sure cultural activities continue by empowering the Wilcox Historic Theatre to offer art lessons, concerts and STEM program online.
Two Rotary clubs helped keep shelters open by responding to a sewer system crisis at a local shelter that caused 99 women and children to be evacuated and by providing support for overstressed staff at a domestic violence shelter for women and children. These clubs were Sierra Vista South and Yuma Foothills.  
Two clubs recognized the need to care for homeless and unaccompanied youth making it possible for them to graduate. These clubs were Catalina (Tucson) and Tucson Sunrise.
From Yuma to Douglas, from Globe to Rio Rico, Rotary funds are making a huge difference in local communities. We keep rediscovering who we are as members of Rotary clubs in Southern Arizona.
Rotary April 26, 2020 2020-04-26 07:00:00Z 0
Rotary Meeting 04-21-2020 2020-04-21 07:00:00Z 0

Marana Rotary Club hybrid meeting information

The Rotary Club of Marana Hosts Hybrid Meetings
Visitors are always welcome.
We request in-person guests be vaccinated.
 To receive a link to join our meeting via Zoom, text to 520-909-9162 with your name.
Marana Rotary Club hybrid meeting information 2020-04-18 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting April 14, 2020

Marana Rotary Zoom Round-Up for 4/14/20
Attendance: Richie, Laura, Don, John, Harold, Peter, Dave, Bob, Mary, Beckie, Carl, Randy. Denise.
Richie submitted $500 check from District 5500 and we received it. Lynne sent the money to Interfaith Community Services already. Randy says we need to ask IFC for documentation of how it will use the money.
Randy reported that the district has already exhausted the $12,000 that was set aside for the DG. There is unused $7,000 from the DDF – and hopefully the clubs who didn’t get their $500. Tucson Sunrise Rotary is putting together a PenPal project to send a card or note to folks in senior care facilities. District Grant online seminar available. Grant process. Mary has taken it. We need it another person to take the class.
  • John’s granddaughter had a virtual birthday party via Zoom.
  • Dave’s kids are doing ok in the homeschool environment; and Mary’s daughter is doing ok, too.
  • Our new banners have arrived – just no chance to handout.
  • Beckie said sponsors were thankful that we didn’t cancel Tour de Cookie.
  • Peter – most of the observatories around the world are closed even though the telescopes can be operated remotely. Peter’s machine shop is still open but just operating with two employees. He’s applied for one of the SBA loans but he’s heard that SBA is swamped. The application was easy. Used to have 13 employees, down to 6. Four are active; the others are furloughed.
  • John – home sales and car sales down. Life insurance likely to cover COVID-19 deaths.
  • Carl – said people aren’t panicking,
  • Denise – Joe is going to be a guest speaker to speak Peace Pole next.
  • Harold – says John Zwick is doing ok; he’s not joining via Zoom because he can’t hear well.
  • Don – Three worlds, one voyage. Putting together his notes from his trip. Program date? April 28.
  • Denise’s son heads off to basic training for the Air Force on May 5.
  • Beckie says business owners are being creative in order to continue to serve their customers and stay afloat.
  • Several members have already received their stimulus deposits.
Our Second Virtual Meeting using ZOOM
Rotary Meeting April 14, 2020 2020-04-14 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting 03/03/2020

Rotary Club of Marana
     Announcements: The Marana Chamber of Commerce’s 20 for ’20 Guide to Marana is out. We encourage you to give a good look. Our Marana Rotary Board Meeting is moved to Wednesday, March 11, at John Dooling’s office.
     Happy bucks given for: Grateful for family (Carl); a Science Fair-winning daughter (David); attending Peter’s Citizenship Ceremony and trip to Antarctica (Don); feeling like “I really belong here” at our Rotary meetings (Peter) and passing his pilot’s flight physical (Harold, 54 years and counting).
     Javier Avalos of Spectrum Ina Road Auto Collision was our guest speaker and spoke to us about the demand for auto and collision repair technicians. Dramatic changes in the automobile industry, such as electric cars and hi-tech bells and whistles, present challenges to the automotive and collision repair shops. Newer cars have from 32 to 40 computerized components that require technicians to test, not guess, what repairs need addressing, Javier said.
     To keep up with the technological advances, the county needs a robust J-Ted and J-Tech programs to train prospective high school graduates in auto and collision repair. Starting salaries range from $35,000 to $40,000, and five years’ experience could lead to salaries exceeding $75,000. New technology – self-parking cars, self-driving cars – is here and someone needs to be able to fix the technology, Javier explained. The good news is that Pima Community College broke ground in November 2019 on a new J-Tech facility for its Automotive Technology and Innovation Center.
     Thank you, Javier, not only for your longtime support of the Marana Rotary, but also for your 30-plus years of business leadership.
Laura Clymer, Secretary
Rotary Meeting 03/03/2020 2020-03-03 07:00:00Z 0

FEb 2020

Rotary Club of Marana
Marana Rotary Round-Up for 2/4/20
   Announcements: Our very own John Zwick celebrated his 55th (Yes, 55th!) year in Rotary this month. Congratulations, John. Peter and Beckie observed birthdays this week. Happy Birthday! With only 29 days in February this month, it should be easy to wear your Rotary pin every day. Consider yourself challenged. Ever clever John Dooling noted that Peter, our resident stargazer, stabilized the precariously perched projector with tape and commented: “It still doesn’t work but we can see the farthest points of the universe.” Indeed!
   Happy bucks given for: our visitor Martin, Bob Bishop’s return, MCAT’s success (on track to have 100 grads in May), bicycle riding, shooting stars and the night sky.
    MCAT Principal Denise Coronado introduced Student of the Month Bright Cox, who attended breakfast with her mom Summer Cox. After struggling academically at MHS, Bright found her place at MCAT where she’s consistently been on the on Honor Roll. Bright thanked her mom for always being her ally. Bright has been a model of persistence and perseverance at MCAT. She hopes to  become a dental assistant after graduating from MCAT.
   Our final presentation about a microloan program in Hermosillo, Mexico came from our own Randy Brooks and fellow Rotarian Gary Friedman. Randy and Gary traveled to Mexico to learn more about the Sonora Mexico Rotary Microcredit program. They visited 10 businesses whose owners have used the microloan program to start-up various businesses, such as selling cheese, tortillas, cosmetics, and clothing.
   In existence for about 12 years, the program is the No. 1 microcredit source in Sonora, Mexico. FinReg, a for-profit financial institution services the microloans (up to $500). FinReg looks for potential borrowers in the rural parts of the northern Mexican state. A group of borrowers consists of five to seven aspiring entrepreneurs. The program teaches participants how to run a business, the cost of credit, product pricing, and how to calculate income, expenses and losses. Ninety percent of the borrowers are women; 70 percent live in rural areas, and 70 percent renew their loans.
Marana Rotary Round-Up for 2/11/20
   Announcements: John Dooling reported the PETS (President-elect Training Seminar) held in Los Angeles was a compelling program that was very well done. “A lot of effort went into the program,” John added. Of note, coming up: Rotary Day of Peace on April 4 (register here: ) and Rotarians at Work Day on April 25.
   Happy bucks given for: Gem Show (traffic) almost over, visits from extended family, desert rains (and subsequent desert blooms), Mary’s cookies, playing music with The Defenders, and swinging golf clubs on your birthday.
   We welcomed Rotarian visitor Tom from Burton, MI., who shared a bit about his club. Tom, a Rotarian since 1983, retired after 34 years as an educator. His club raises about $5,000 each year through a “feast” where tickets are sold for $125.
   Our own Bob Bishop was honored for becoming a Paul Harris Fellow, which signifies that he’s given a total of $1,000 to the Rotary Foundation. “I’m very happy to give to a group that actually helps people,” Bob said.
   Club president Richie Benner, field director for the Catalina Council of Scouts, BSA, shared the latest developments of the Boy Scouts organization, including the launch of new programs for girls, the exit of the LDS church youth, and the likely filing of Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Richie also described the variety of programs offered, including Sea Scouts, Venturing, Exploring, and STEM Scouts, and noted that local Eagle Scouts contributed 30,000 hours of community service projects last year alone.
Marana Rotary Round-Up for 2/18/20
   Announcements: Peter Mack’s Citizenship Ceremony is set for 1:30 p.m. on February 21.
   Happy bucks given for: Wine festivals, sold-out cookie booths (way to go, Beckie), beautiful mornings, the U.S. Naval Observatories in Chile and Flagstaff, Shelter Box, our Navy visitors, and the glorious weather.
   U.S. Navy Commander Douglas Pratt, commanding officer of the USS Tucson, told us about the primary missions of the fast-tact submarine and its crew. The USS Tucson is home-ported at Pearl Harbor. At sea 70 percent of the time, the USS Tucson conducts reconnaissance, surveillance, and special forces operations for the Navy.
   The enduring mission of the U.S. Navy is to promote and protect peace, CDR Pratt said. One of the primary missions is to keep sea lanes open for trade. CDR Pratt noted that 26 percent of U.S. jobs are tied to global trade, 26 percent of U.S. manufacturing depends on exports, and 20 percent of U.S. agricultural products are sold overseas. Currently, the Navy has 290 ships in its battle force, with hopes of adding another 65 ships. Primary areas of concern include the South China Sea and the Black Sea.
   Joining CDR Pratt were LTJG Alan Schaefer and LT Jacqui Maxwell.
Marana Rotary Round-Up for 2/25/20
   Announcements: Registrations for Tour de Cookie are behind last year at this time. Please do what you can to promote the race. Upcoming dates of importance: April 4, Rotary Day of Peace; April 18, Four-Way Test speech contest; and April 25, Rotarians at Work Day. President Richie Benner handed out a list of possible community service projects for us to consider.
   Happy bucks given for: Poker night winnings; watching the Rodeo Parade with grandchildren; remembering “Show Tuesday” and the famous Pancake Race in Liberal, KS; applying for an American passport; and glorious weather.
   Former engineers Phil and Nancy Rink shared with us their “novel” approach to writing books that target fifth- to eighth-graders who have difficulty reading. Phil has written and self-published nine “Jimi & Isaac” books, which boast “big ideas using little words” and promote the importance of problem solving. Big publishing houses focus mostly on literary books and books that can be “marketed”, Phil said. Phil wants the books to be similar to the “Tom Swift” book series from 1910 to 1941. The “Jimi & Isaac” books are about 125 pages and use short words and sentences to encourage young readers.
Submitted by Laura Clymer, secretary
FEb 2020 2020-02-29 07:00:00Z 0

The Ride to End Polio  2019

RTEP Final Results
The Ride to End Polio (RTEP) results are in!  We raised $4,930,956 in the Ride To End Polio 2019.  Here’s the breakdown...
$822,805 in cash contributions (, Rotary Ideas, Facebook and checks mailed in)
$410,423.13 in District Designated Funds
$410,423.13 in World Fund Match
Total - $1,643,652.00 (No Gates match)
$4,930,956.00 with the Gates match
That puts our cumulative total at $58,233,506! Truly Amazing!  Great job District 5500 for putting on such an amazing, International event!
We had a total of 120 riders riding on behalf of Rotary in the road ride.  Much thanks goes out to those 120 riders.  And, we cannot forget our wonderful Indoor riders.  The 357 Indoor riders raised $101,142(not including any matches).  Even though El Tour did not host an Indoor ride, Charlotte Harris did.  Thank you Charlotte for orchestrating and organizing such a successful Indoor ride this year!
So, what’s new for 2020? Well, change is in the air.  We have already booked the new Pre-Ride Dinner location in the Atrium at the Viscount Suites on Broadway.  Plus, we will have a block of rooms there for any out-of-towners who want to stay close to the action.  We are working on a new fundraising platform, there will be a new route for the Ride, and many more improvements.  So, stay tuned and keep an eye on the Ride To End Polio webpage for updates.
Thank you to everyone who helped make the RTEP 2019 such an amazing District-wide event and success.
Natasha Wrae
District RTEP Chair
The Ride to End Polio  2019 2020-02-19 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting Jan 28, 2020

Rotary Club of Marana
Announcements: With four members celebrating birthdays, we opened the meeting with a robust singing of “Happy Birthday.” President Richie Benner noted that he, Denise West and Laura Clymer participated the Rotary Leadership Institute training on January 25, and Mary Straus served on the faculty. Richie and Denise have completed two of three sessions. Rotary Community Service Day will be April 25, so save the date and mark your calendar.
Happy bucks for: Our our guests, personalized “Happy Birthday” serenades from Carl Maes, beautiful weather (compared to Alaska this time of year), the approaching Gem Show, and an upcoming citizenship ceremony (2/21/20) for our own Peter Mack who somehow duped us ;) into letting him become a citizen. I will vouch that our country is getting the better end of this deal. Let’s just hope we can keep up our end in these precarious times.
Guest speakers: We welcomed back U.S. Border Patrol officers Jesus Vasavilbaso and Sergio Leones Jr. Both are assigned to the Tucson Sector, which runs for 262 linear miles along our border with Mexico from the Pima County line to the New Mexico state line. A total of 3,900 agents with the federal government patrol the sector.
Vasavilbaso and Leones noted some of the arrests and drug seizures that have been made recently and made public through news releases. Additionally, as of December 25, 2019, the Border Patrol had rescued 243 crossers for the year. The Tucson Sector has 34 rescue beacons, which can be activated by desperate or abandoned crossers.
Vasavilbaso also explained that drug cartels often control how, when, and where undocumented immigrants are going to cross the border. The cartels target vulnerable people who want to immigrate to the States for a better life, Vasavilbaso said. The population of crossers has changed as well with more people from destabilized and violent Central American countries. The officers also noted that they are seeing an uptick in dubious claims from the crossers seeking asylum with children, prompting immigration officials to conduct DNA-swab tests to verify whether the minors crossing with adults have familial ties.
Finally, the officers noted the decrease over the last 10 years in marijuana seizures as compared to the dramatic increase in narcotic seizures as drug cartels increase their efforts to push heroin and fentanyl into the U.S. Presumably this is to capitalize on the opioid crisis, fueled in part by the over-prescribing of pain medication that was marketed aggressively by pharmaceutical giants, as pain med-addicts turned to heroin and fentanyl.
Submitted by Laura Clymer, secretary
Rotary Meeting Jan 28, 2020 2020-01-28 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting Jan 21, 2020

Rotary Club of Marana
We had the pleasure of welcoming a visiting Rotarian all the way from London, Tony Sharma, DG for Rotary District 1130. Tony felt right at home as Mother Nature delivered a steady, driving rain during our breakfast meeting.
Tony told us about two service projects that his Rotary club has sponsored: 1) a global grant which set up a fire station in Ethiopia using a refurbished fire truck; and 2) a double-decker “Shelter Bus” which travels around London and makes various stops to provide food, clothing and counseling to the homeless. The “upstairs” of the bus has clothes that the clients can pick out for themselves. Impressive projects, no doubt.
Announcements included:
  • Our members authorized to contribute $1,000 to the Oro Valley Club’s global grant once it gets approved.
  • President Richie Benner, Program Director Denise West, and your humble secretary are signed up to attend the Rotary Leadership Institute. Mary Straus is on the faculty.
  • Randy Brooks is traveling to Mexico to check out the microloans program.
  • Tour de Cookie is set for March 14. Dan Contorno, our tour de force of tour de cookie, asked for folks to help out on Sundays prior to the race. Dan is setting up a table at 9 a.m. along the Loop at Rillito Racetrack to hand out information to riders.
Happy Bucks flowed for the rain, the rain, and the rain. And more bucks showered down for our visitor from the U.K., our own Carl Maes for speaking about the “Secure Act”, for visits from children and grandchildren, for hikes, and jazz concerts.
Lynne’s joke was lighthearted and garnered laughs and a few groans: “I went to see my financial planner and asked him to check my balance. He tried to push me over.”
Carl Maes, our resident financial planner, presented information about the “Secure Act”, which went into effect January 1, 2020. While the long-term implications are still being determined, Carl said one of the main take-aways is the increase in age for the required minimum distribution from 70 ½ to 72. Additionally, you can keep contributing pre-tax dollars into a traditional IRA or Roth until age 72.
The Secure Act also increased the incentive (from a $500 to a $5,000 tax credit) for small businesses to start-up retirement plans for employees. If you have questions or need more detail about how the Secure Act impacts your small business, check in with Carl.
Carl also reminded us that it is important that you update your beneficiaries because many of the changes could end up affecting them.
Submitted by Laura Clymer, secretary.
Rotary Meeting Jan 21, 2020 2020-01-21 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting Jan 14, 2020

Rotary Club of Marana
At our breakfast meeting we joyously welcomed back Bouba Hamadon, who was in town visiting and to express his appreciation for the successful securing of the global grant for the Malam Center in Cameroon.
“I’m here to acknowledge the hard work of the club for the global grant, and in particular Mary (Straus) and Randy (Brooks),” Bouba said. “Now the burden is on us. Thank you on behalf of the village the Rotary Club in Maroua. We appreciate the help and the commitment.”
An additional $4,000 from us will go Malam School Center project, and Marana Rotary President Richie Benner presented that check to Bouba as well.
Announcements from our merry morning included:
  • Rotary Leadership Institute will be January 25. There’s still time to sign up.
  • Tour de Cookie sponsorships are available. Dan handed out fliers to post.
  • The Rotary Day of Peace will be April 4, 2020, so be on the lookout for more information about how to participate.
  • In a special announcement, club member Don Jorgensen was “pinned” for becoming a Paul Harris Society member.
We doled out “Happy Bucks” for seeing grandchildren, for completing the first international trip of the year (Peter Mack, of course), for Bouba’s visit, for the Rotary Foundation, and for feeling like “it’s home here” at the Marana Rotary club meetings (Bouba).
Deputy Pima County Attorney Jonathan Mosher returned for another presentation in his series, “How Not to Get Away with Murder.” This time, the featured case was “State v. Joshua Lelevier”. Lelevier of Vail was convicted of first-degree murder of his 13-year-old stepdaughter. Mosher, who is running in the Democratic primary to replace retiring County Prosecutor Barbara LaWall, emphasized how the county attorney’s office is using technology to create a visual story of what happened for jurors.
Submitted by Laura Clymer, secretary. This version corrects three mistakes in the first version sent out. My apologies.
Rotary Meeting Jan 14, 2020 2020-01-14 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting Jan 7 2020

Rotary Club of Marana
   After two “dark” weeks to celebrate the holidays, we rang in 2020 with a joyful breakfast meeting featuring lots of warm greetings and guest speaker Jana Jorgensen, FBI special agent for the New York Field Office.
    John Dooling subbed for President Richie Benner to run the show. We also welcomed Alaska Rotarian Martin who has recently moved to the Silver Bell and Ina area, and is looking at local clubs.
   Announcements included the following:
• Dan reported that he’s likely finalized the Tour de Cookie route. We need more sponsors, but the ride is coming together. It was suggested that we order Marana Rotary t-shirts to wear so that riders know who we are.
• Mary reported that our Global Grant totaling $33,000 for the Cameroon project got fully funded! John thanked Mary and Randy for their “tremendous efforts in shepherding it through.” Great work, Mary and Randy!
• The Rotary Leadership Institute will be January 25th. Sign up to register here:
“Happy Bucks” were offered for the New Year, for holidays spent with family, for winning at “high stakes” poker (John), for her daughter’s recovery from being kicked by a horse (Beckie), for everyone who made the holiday season special, and for our guests Jana and Martin.
   We were thrilled that member Don Jorgensen used his special connections to score a very special guest, FBI Special Agent Jana Jorgensen. Jana delighted us with her story about how she decided to join FBI after serving as a prosecuting attorney in Seattle. The two-year FBI application process required three interviews, three physical fitness tests, and a lie detector test. Her training at the FBI Academy at the facility in Quantico, Virginia ( included being pepper-sprayed, tactical training, and classroom training.
   Special Agent Jorgensen explained that the FBI has 56 field offices, plus satellite offices. After graduating, the new agents rank the field offices by preference. Jana was assigned to New York City, the biggest field office. Specifically, Jana has worked the Metro Safe Streets Task Force, and her team conducted the search of Jeffrey Epstein’s mansion after his arrest. We won’t mention the super-creepy stuff the team found, but I think we all can agree it was super creepy, and the world’s a better place without that person being in it.
   Special Agent Jorgensen also kindly disabused us of the notions that FBI trainees at Quantico wear stylish training outfits (as seen on tv), that the FBI barges in and takes cases away from local law enforcement (story arc as seen on tv), and that FBI field offices have state-of-the-art technology with touch-screens and fancy graphics (as seen on tv). It was a gentle reminder that separating fact from fiction simply requires talking with a first-person source!
   All in all, it was a grand start to the new year and the new decade. Happy 2020!
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Rotary Meeting 12/17/2019

Rotary Club of Marana
Hi Again,
With no notes and with a head cold that blocks out 50% of all sound (added to my 25% hearing loss)  I shall try to reconstruct what happened at today's meeting.
Attendance was less than robust, but those who attended seemed to know the Pledge of Allegiance well enough, if not the lyrics to We Wish You A Merry Christmas.
There were few announcements, Randy had one, believe it or not, but dang if I can recall what it was. I had one, urging someone to step up and be our President Elect for 2020/2021. Hey, it is a do nothing job, plus for being president the following year we will send you to Taipei, the capitol city of Taiwan for the 2021 RI Conference. You know, Formosa, as it was called when John Zwick was a little boy. David? Denise? Beckie? Randy? Buehler? Buehler?
There were three jokes thanks to Lynne's two and Richie's solo contribution. All were one liners and I remember thinking they were funny, but unfortunately that is all I can recall.
 The Club presented a check to GAP Ministries, the largest Foster Care program in Pima County. Jason Ayers represented GAP and received the check of $1,100, which constituted 100% of our net proceeds from our poker night a couple of months ago. By the way, the big winner that night was an 80 plus year young lady who gave a lot of her winnings to adopt a family through GAP Ministries. Again, a big thank you to Dan Contorno for leading this fund raiser. By the way, GAP qualifies for the Foster Care State Tax Credit should you be so inclined.
 Next up was the Executive Director of the Marana Chamber of Commerce who was representing the Marana Food Bank on whose Board she sits. President Benner presented Audra Winters a check from our club in the amount of $800. Audra replaced Ed Stolmaker, a former member of this Rotary Club, last February.
Happy Bucks did occur, but my mind is a blank. I know, tell you something you did not already know. I can't even recall what I was happy about, so do not feel slighted if you had a really good Happy Buck thought and it did not get recorded.
 Our own Don Jorgensen was the presenter today and spoke on an organization he has supported with time and money for several years, ShelterBox, USA. Begun as a Rotary project by a Club out of the UK, ShelterBox has grown by leaps and bounds over the past ten years. Stepping in wherever there has been catastrophic natural or man made destruction ShelterBox has made a name for itself rivaling organizations such as Red Cross and Red Crescent. Necessities such as tents, tools, blankets, solar lights and even personal water purification systems have been given to over a million people in need. Don noted our club has generously donated the $1,000 needed to sponsor na ShelterBox several times in the past, but not last year. He is hopeful we can again this year.
Don would have had more time for his presentation had not Richie opted to read Dr Jorgensen's lengthy and impressive resume. This cut about half an hour from the presentation.
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NO MEETING NEXT TWO WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
First meeting in January 2020 will be an agent of The Federal Bureau of Investigation. You felons have been warned.
Wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Your's Truly,
John the Scribe
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25th year aid station

                                             Our 25th Year
           Aid Station for El Tour De Tucson
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Rotary Meeting Nov 19, 2019

Rotary Club of Marana
Geared up for the El Tour and cranked up for Rotary “Quizmania”, our club demonstrated that we are a competitive lot, even at 7 o’clock in the morning. Our El Tour aid station is ready for action and located at Moore Road and Camino de Oeste. We had a spirited “Quizmania” that had club members matching wits for accolades and chocolates.
But first, Assistant District Governor Marc Snow visited and presented information about the Rotary Vocational Fund, which qualifies for a state of Arizona tax credit. The Vocational Fund pays for vocational training, which goes directly to the institution on behalf of the student. Marc noted that in 2018-19, the Vocational Fund served more students than ever before (nearly 100), but had to defer funding about 25 students. Demand continues to rise, Marc said.
Marc also talked about how rewarding it is to watch the impact of the Vocational Fund grants. Locally, the Pima County program “Job Path” is a pipeline of qualified students. Marc added that another $30,000 to $40,000 would go a long way toward meeting the demand.
The Rotary Vocational Fund of Arizona is 501 (c)(3) non-profit, organization and a Qualified Charitable Organization, which means a taxpayer may claim a donation as a tax credit up to the allowable amount on her  or his Arizona personal income tax return. To learn more The Rotary Vocational Fund of Arizona and its local impact, check out this story from the Arizona Daily Star.
Mary Straus finished up “Foundation Month” with “Quizmania” of Foundation facts. We split up into three teams and battled for glory. Team #1 emerged the winner, beating out Team #3 in overtime. But in reality we were all winners in the end for having learned about this important way to make the world a better place.
Team 3 (from left): Beckie, David, Denise and Lynne.
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Rotry Meeting Nov 12, 2019

“Housekeeping” was in order for the meeting as we mapped out plans for our El Tour aid station, learned more about the Rotary Foundation from Mary Straus, and shared the many reasons for our happy bucks.
Carl Maes discussed what is needed for the El Tour aid station. Typically, folks meet up at 7:30 a.m. at the McDonald’s near Thornydale and Tangerine. Six to seven people are needed initially for set-up. Denise West will purchase the snacks for the riders. The city provides bananas, oranges, and water. The Rotary’s semi-trailer will arrive Friday afternoon. The busiest time for riders is from noon to 1:30 p.m.
In other announcements, President Richie Benner said there’s some district grant money left and we can apply for one, which could qualify for a matching amount up to $2,000.
“Happy bucks” for grandchildren performing at state championships (John); for having spouse’s home after long trips (Carl); for fishing 10 days (yes, 10 days!!) in a row (Dan); for a forever home (Beckie); for successful business trips (Denise); and for strong club attendance (Harold).
Mary Straus, our club’s Rotary Foundation Director, continued her three-part informational series about The Rotary Foundation because it’s Foundation Month. In review, Rotary consists of 1) Rotary clubs, 2) Rotary Foundation, and 3) Rotary International. The Rotary Foundation funds District Grants, Global Grants, Peace Scholars, and polio eradication efforts. Global grants have six areas of focus: 1) maternal and child health; 2) peace conflict and resolution; 3) basic education and literacy; 4) disease prevention and treatment; 5) economic and community development; and 6) water and sanitation.
In 1917 Arch Klumph started the Rotary Foundation with an initial contribution of $26.50. The Foundation has received the highest 4-star rating from Charity Navigator, which grades non-profits on transparency and accountability, and 92 percent of funds spent on program awards and operations. Our $25 quarterly dues go to annual fund, and in three years, half of what we give comes back to us in grant funding.
As President Benner explained, “What we do today will help fund what we do tomorrow.”
Our club housekeeping done, we adjourned.
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Rotary Meeting Nov 5, 2019

Rotary Club of Marana
What a start to November it was. We had our MCAT Student of the Month in attendance. Rotarian Marie Andree Zachrisson visited us from Nueva Guatemala Rotary Club. Plus, guest speaker Susan Friese shared with us the amazing work Literacy Connects.
The MCAT Student of the Month was Alexis Falcon, who was joined by her mother Irasema Teran and family guest Cody Hudson. Student Support Coach Laura Garcia attended as well as Principal Denise Coronado. Ms. Coronado explained that Alexis had a really hard time in middle school and got distracted socially. It was Mr. Todd, her math teacher who realized that Alexis needed specialized support in math. Once that was in place, Alexis began to thrive. “I also saw that I couldn’t do anything without my diploma,” Alexis said. She’s on track to graduate in December. She’s “deeply grateful” for her mother’s tough love and thanked the Club for selecting her Student of the Month. Alexis plans to pursue the culinary arts after graduation.
From Literacy Connects, community outreach coordinator Susan Friese explained some of the life-changing programs of the Tucson non-profit, which works for social justice through reading literary and creative expression.
The “Reading Seed” Program, in its 25th year, focuses on creating lifelong learners. Over 1,600 students have been served. Sessions allow for one-on-one work with a reading tutor and a free book after each session. Why is early childhood reading so important? “Because it from kindergarten to third grade that children learn to read, and from fourth grade, they are reading to learn,” Friese explained.
Literary Connects outreach includes:
  • Training pediatricians to share with parents the importance of reading,
  • Training volunteers to be reading tutors who help children learn to read by making it fun,
  • Helping youngsters turn their stories into mini-plays performed by a troupe of artists, and
  • Teaching English to immigrants and refugees and adult literacy.
Literary Connects has an annual budget of $1.9 million, and relies on about $1.2 million worth of volunteer time. More than 110,000 books have been donated through Literacy Connects. Literacy Connects is a qualifying charitable organization for the Arizona tax credit.
We offered up Happy Bucks for our guests Alexis, Susan and Marie, near perfect attendance, and sunrises.
Lynne’s joke struck a familiar chord for many of us: “I would do my math homework but I’ve got my own problems.”
The club's Rotary Foundation Director Mary Strauss also presented the first of a three-part informational series about The Rotary Foundation. The Rotary Foundation, with a $1.2 billion endowment, funds district grants, global grants, Rotary peace scholars, and polio eradication efforts.
Guest Marie Andree Zachrisson from Nueva Guatemala Rotary Club.
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Rotary Meeting Oct 29, 2019

Rotary Club of Marana
The best and the brightest the The Rotary club of Marana has to offer gathered for a Trivia contest last Tuesday at Native Grill and Wings two doors down from Nana's Kitchen. Randy and John D were also able to attend.
We knew it was going to be a fun evening right from the start when, after a half hour, we still could not figure out how to operate the gizmos. Eventually we divided into two groups, Peter Mack (a surprise attendee because riots in Chile have shut down the country) vs the rest of us. Just kidding. Actually, Richie dominated the entire evening. Even when he quit playing out of boredom I lost to him the next three games. Maybe he had the "master" gizmo? You know, like the teachers workbook with ll the answers? 
The 10 dozen wings were great of course and, although thoroughly stuffed, we managed to wolf down two magnificent pizzas. Did not know they had such tasty pizza. It was a good thing we had a private room as Harold, Deb Hume and Cindy Dooling tended to be quite boisterous. Not to mention the Benner family. Yes,  Einstein, er, Richie brought his whole family!   New member applicant and Rotary raffle aficionado, Vince, joined us as well.
The Jorgensen's bowed out at the last minute in order to listen to a play by play call of the birth of a grandchild. Deb and Geary Conover reported they would attend, but alas were no shows.
Next time I get Hindman or Clymer on my team because I think I could have challenged the machine's answers given the right attorney.
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Rotary Meeting Sept 22, 2019

Rotary Club of Marana
With all members in attendance*, our guest District Governor Ellie Patterson delivered a message worth remembering: Never lose sight of Rotary’s local and worldwide reach, and our ability to change our community and therefore, change the world because “Rotary connects the world.”
Joining Ellie was assistant governor Marc Snow. Also in attendance was Vince Reilly, who recently moved to Tucson from Texas. Vince is a Realtor with Tierra Antigua Realty. He’s also a lucky fellow because he won the raffle and then pulled a “Joker” for half the pot!
“Happy Bucks” were doled out for “being in the club”, for Ellie and Marc attending, for “installing a telescope in Connecticut (Peter, of course), for good fall breaks, and for “what dreams may come.” We settled on a new date for Tour de Cookie, which will be March 14, 2020. Mark your calendar.
District Governor Ellie then spoke to the club about Rotary, our district, and our club, and the ways we can continue to make an impact and how we can grow our membership. At the district level, Ellie said she sees “1-50-1” – 1 district, 50 clubs, 1 team. A collective leadership team at the district level combined with individual team members will continue to propel Rotary forward. Folks join Rotary because they are people of action who enjoy connecting through fellowship and purpose, she said.
The question becomes: How can we grow more and thus accomplish more? While visiting every club in the district, Ellie said each club is unique, especially with its acts of kindness. It’s important, though, to ask ourselves, how do we attract and retain members? What would we stop doing? What would we change? What is the one thing I would do?
One way to attract and retain members is to remind folks of what we do to change our community and the world. For example, Rotary’s efforts to eradicate polio globally have been largely successful but the costs have risen because vaccines have to be delivered to remote and politically sensitive locations. Local, district, and global grants allow us to target specific needs within the local community and across the globe.
In closing, Ellie reminded us that Rotarians like to “break things” – from breaking the seal of a polio vaccine, to breaking the cycle of poverty with local grants and community service, to breaking the record for consecutive years providing an aid station for El Tour de Tucson, to the MCAT student who breaks into a smile for being named “student of the month” by our club. With that inspirational closing from Ellie, we adjourned full of pep and purpose!
* David, John, Beckie, Carl, Peter, Mary, Rachel, Randy, Dan, Don, Denise, Lynne, Harold, John, Javier, Laura, and Bob (virtually)!
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Rotary Meeting Oct 15, 2019

Rotary Club of Marana Meeting Minutes
Guests: Candace Greenberg, artist and educator, was introduced to us by Randy.  We all enjoyed her kindness and enthusiasm.
  • Last day to file taxes.
  • November 9th Foundation Training Day ($5) and Foundation Country and Western Dinner
    • Two RI, Zone Reps will be joining our District for this event
    • Should be fun, educational, and inspiring!
  • Tour de Cookie Date Changed to March 14th
    •  Time to Seek Sponsorships
  • Tour de Tucson; November 23
    • All hands on deck from 8:00am to 3:00pm
    • Richie coordinating with Perimeter, Denise organizing food, Laura coordinating volunteers
  • Emerge Center Against Domestic Violence service project Saturday, October 26th from 8am to noon.  We will help to beautify and restore their patio and play area.  Hope to see many of you there.
Happy Bucks:
  • Many happinesses, but this writer forgot she was responsible for notes during the time period and remembers only one:  Dan has taken and run with the club’s call to membership recruitment and engagement.  Many thanks to him from all of us.   
  • Also, Lynn’s joke was hilarious today, but to avoid offence, it won’t be repeated.     
 Today’s Program was presented by Yanick Hicks who spoke with us about Leadership Development
    Yanick  Hicks is a delightful young man and pharmacist who spoke with us about the development of leadership and its importance.  He began with a quote from his mentor and friend John Maxwell:  To be influential, smile, share, give, and turn the other cheek.
    Following this opening, Yanick shared his story of emigrating from Cameroon with family to the United States at age 16.  His transition to high school was difficult; he wanted very much to fit in but was picked on because of his accent and difference.  This period changed when  he was introduced to alcohol, night clubs, and marijuana.  He quickly became socially engaged and had a group of friends.  While he felt happy, his grades plummeted.  This young man, who had sites on becoming a pharmacist and who had been taught to work hard and to care for his community by his grandfather, no longer cared about his goals, his future, or service to his community. 
    Having little hope of being accepted to any university pharmacy program after high school, Yannick nonetheless applied to 5 schools.  While waiting for responses, a friend recommended and sent him a link to a video.  It was a life changing experience for him.  A talk by John Maxwell on leadership, growth, and development.
    Yannick immediately started reinvesting in himself.  He stopped drinking and smoking, and committed himself to making a difference in his own and others’ lives.  Yannick was accepted by one pharmacy school.  While completing his program, he found his true passion was in leadership.  In addition to being a pharmacist, Yannick sought out John Maxwell and eventually joined his organization training on leadership, personal and organizational growth, and development.   
Yannick shared with us gems of his trainings:
  1. The Law of the Lid
The Lid refers to the maximum capacity or robustness of one’s leadership skills.This Lid limits the degree to which an organization under your leadership can be creative, effective, and grow.
  1. To further develop leadership skills
    1. Observe the experiences you have and take time to reflect
    2. Write:  What went right, what went wrong, what can we/I do differently.
  2. Experience new things.  99% of our thoughts are the same as yesterdays.  We tend to fill our days with the familiar and routines, which results in automatic thinking.  To interrupt this, we must dare to experience new things where we can’t rely on our triggered automatic thinking.  In these new spaces is where new development can occur.
Yannick closed his talk by emphasizing the importance of striving to make a difference in the lives of others.  Without this perspective, one’s leadership will be very limited and self-serving. 
The Rotary Club of Marana expresses our appreciation to Yanick Hicks for an inspiring presentation. 
Submitted by Rotarian Mary Straus, 10/15/19
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Rotary Meeting Oct 8, 2019

Rotary Club of Marana
We received good news from the El Tour de Tucson folks – our aid station remains on the route and in the same location. Folks should plan on helping the entire day, Saturday, Nov. 23, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Our service project coming up at the end of month will be Saturday, October 26 at Emerge! Center Against Domestic Abuse. Save the date, and plan on helping from 8 a.m. to noon.
The Poker Tournament to benefit the Foundation and GAP Ministries drew about 30 players, including a half-dozen or so from GAP. We’re still crunching the numbers but bottom line is: Everyone had fun.
We had “happy bucks” for finding a forever home (Beckie) to feeling young because it only takes 10 minutes to get ready for Rotary (John) to our “crisp” mornings and lovely fall-feeling weather.
Our MCAT Student of the Month was Jayden, who unfortunately was unable to attend. MCAT Principal Denise Coronado and social studies/history teacher Mr. Bowen joined us on Jayden’s behalf. Ms. Coronado explained that Jayden attended six different elementary schools growing up and four different high schools before settling in at MCAT. Jayden works 30 hours a week as well. Congratulations, Jayden!
Randy Brooks led our “Growing Membership”, Part 2 discussion. Membership depends on recruitment and then retention. The consensus is that our club has a strong and active core, however we’ve lost numbers because members have typically moved away for job promotions (ie, Tony Hunter).
On the survey, everyone said they are willing to invite a friend or colleague. Many of us are attracted to Rotary's emphasis on giving back to our community. Randy suggested it is important to tell people what Rotary means to you, such as listing our local service projects and emphasizing that we are professionals who develop friendships and connections.
“Why we join may be different than why we stay,” Randy noted.
Various members then responded to what persuaded them to join Rotary and stay in Rotary:
  • The ability to touch people’s lives both locally across the world
  • Opportunity to meet other professionals
  • Networking with other professionals
  • Service projects
  • Creating friendships and community
  • “This club welcomed me”
Randy then handed out some “homework”, the “Identifying Prospective Members Worksheet” that we are to complete. The worksheet prompts us to think about our professional and service contacts. Please complete the worksheet.
Our next “Growing Membership” discussion will be November 12, when Mary Strauss leads the workshop.
Submitted by Laura Clymer, secretary
Rotary Meeting Oct 8, 2019 2019-10-08 07:00:00Z