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Welcome to the Rotary Club of Marana in Marana, AZ

Service Above Self      
A Peacebuilder Club

We meet In Person
Tuesdays at 7:00 AM
Northwest Fire Department
5125 W Camino De Fuego
P O Box 91502 Zip Code 85752
Tucson, AZ 85743
United States of America
Current Events
Marana Rotary Club has gone to Hybrid meetings
Visitors are always welcome to the Marana Rotary Club
Please text to 520-909-9162  with  your name by 5:00 PM Monday
A text will be returned explaining How to join our virtual meeting
Marana Rotary Club is using ZOOM and it very easy
Marana Rotary Club
Meeting minutes September 7, 2021
Next Tuesday, September 14th, the meeting (hybrid) will be held at Mary’s house at 7AM and will include a guest speaker and the induction of Kathy Lowling into our club.  The guest speaker will be Amanda, the CEO of the Marana Chamber of Commerce.  Amanda was scheduled to speak today; however, technical problems precluded the ability to have an effective presentation.
The meeting began with numerous glitches and frustration.  Peter, Harold, Mary and others did their level best to overcome audio and video connection issues.  The meeting was indeed hybrid with some using their phones and Mary refereeing communications using various devices.  We discussed ideas going forward including going purely hybrid and/or purchasing a laptop which would be set up for and dedicated to our meetings.  Harold will attend the Dove Mountain hybrid meeting this Thursday to observe how they deal with the venue.  Randy suggested calling a special board meeting within one week to weigh different solutions for presentation to the club. 
Happy Bucks (abbreviated)
Randy was elated to have encountered an albino wild turkey (proof unknown) during his travels in northeastern Washington state this morning on his way to an internet connection. 
Laura shared her happiness after just having four of her siblings visiting after a long absence
Others present were certainly happy; however, reports were skipped due to the late start this morning.
  • Mary reported that the District grant for Felicia’s Farm was approved in the amount of $1666.  She relayed a note from the District commending our club on our ongoing efforts towards improving our local community.
  • At the recent Board meeting, Harold and John raised the less-than-ideal conditions at the site where Felicia’s Farms produce were being delivered.  Sulee has identified a domestic violence shelter site as an alternative delivery point.  Mary asked for thoughts on other possible beneficiaries for the produce.
  • Harold advised that efforts were underway to have our next Social meeting (fifth week in November) at the 309 Air Museum
Committee Reports
Mary gave an update on special projects, time having run short at our last meeting: 
  • Cameroon Project- Bouba has reached out to the leader of the Women’s training association to resolve administrative challenges.  The group is expected to be back up and running soon.
  • Shelter Box- We expect to again participate in the program for the third year
  • Peace Garden (aka Peace Pole)- further arrangement is ongoing.  Final arrangement awaits Randy’s return next week
  • Holiday family support- we need to determine candidate families
  • MCAT- Kathy Lowling’s daughter, Amanda, has been approved as a student for RILA.  We could support another candidate; however, it is likely too late to submit application
Mary asked the club to consider additional projects.  Randy suggested club members volunteer to visit assisted living, especially memory-assisted living facilities as a club support project.  The idea was enthusiastically embraced.  Also consider Veteran homes
Andy Swarthout, Secretary
Service Projects
2018 to Present
Food Distribution for Community Food Bank of Marana
Annually Host the Best El Tour de Tucson Aid Station
Purchased Shelter Boxes
Recognition of Students at a High School that Serves High Risk Students
Contribution to the End Polio Now Campaign
Memory Screening for Underserved: Nogales, Sonora
Holidays Family Support
Built a Play and Exploratory Area at a MUSD Elementary School for Children with Special Needs
No Cost Tax Preparation, partnering with the United Way
Painted Elementary School Bathrooms
Built a School and Playground in Natabayengwe, Zimbabwe
Home Renovation for Veterans in Marana
Literacy Project – Provided Books for Low Income Families Partnering with WIC Programs
Rebuilt a Home and Hot Dog Cart for a Family in Lima, Peru, following a devastating earthquake
Host Many Exchange Students
Economic Development in Cameroon:  Lifting a Village from Poverty and Malnutrition to Prosperity through Development of Expertise in Cottage Industries and Business Practices, Development of a Garden, and Purchasing a Starting Herd of Cattle to Feed School Children
Provided Air Filtration Systems for Special Needs Classrooms in MUSD during Covid
With other Rotary Clubs, Planted over 100 Trees at Veteran’s Memorial Cemetery
Peace Garden with Peace Poles
Renovation of Assisted Living Facility in Mexico Devastated by an Earthquake
Distribute Fresh Organic Produce to the Picture Rocks Community Center
Handbags of Hope for Victims of Domestic Violence.
Renovated old folks home in Mexico.
Backpacks for MUSD students
Oxygen generators for COVID patients in India
Oxygen tanks for COVID patients in Mexico
Marana Rotary weekly meeting
August 24, 2021
The meeting was held all virtual, again attended by folks from all sorts of locals including Tucson.  Welcomed was our guest, Cathy Lowling from Felicia’s Farm
Randy asked if everyone was in favor of Happy Bucks, having heard that there may be thoughts to the contrary.  Members supported the continuation as a form of comradery and personalizing our meetings.  So…
Happy Bucks
Harold loves the nice weather, for a change, and was happy to have had a good look at the space station circling the heavens
Dan was not happy.  His past weeks have been filled with house remodeling nightmares punctuated by mask conflicts within the school district
Andy was happy that all of the fire smoke had dissipated over Utah….for now.
Richie was happy for the follow-through and commitment to the Peace Poles Project, having been initiated 18 months ago under his watch
John D was happy for he and Harold having delivered the first round of produce from Felita’s Farm.  On a profoundly sad note, he lost an obviously close and important friend.  Members reached out with strong emotional support.   Maybe a good reminder as to why we share during Happy Bucks
Don was happy for the completion of the Peace Pole project and noted that in his travels to Seattle and Rhode Island, he has not seen a drop of rain; ironic as Tucson is flooding.
Laura was happy to see the start of teaching at the U of A
Beckie was happy to have harvested several good speaker candidates at an Oro Valley event for nonprofits.
Mary was happy that Cathy will soon be applying to our club for membership.  She was also grateful for Peter pulling her stuck car out of her front yard (must be much more to this story?)
Sulee was happy to have things going smoothly
Bob was happy to have his 5 ½ year old grandson starting school
Denise enjoyed a fun interview with a vocational fund applicant
Peter enjoyed the process of hydraulically lifting his house, twice, so that he could video the event
Cathy was happy to be joining the Marana club and that Felicia’s Farm produce was used in a Thai themed banquet
Randy was happy to be soon welcoming Cathy and for our relationship with Felicia’s Farm
Harold advised that the Peace Pole Project pictures were posted on the website.  Everyone was grateful for the very hard work performed by Mary, Peter, and Laura over the past weekend.
Next week the meeting will be “social” with a tour of the Marana Health Center; breakfast to follow.  Meet up will be at 7AM; six people indicated their intention to join.  Sulee will send specifics for the location.
Lynne not being present, Randy briefly presented the Budget report.  All-in-all, the club’s fund is robust with a balance of approximately $11,000 after taking into consideration monies owed or committed for Shelter Box, Felicia’s Farm, the San Carlos old folks project and, perhaps, the Uganda Project (to be confirmed).  Randy noted that several club members are behind in dues and urged all to verify.  Apparently, some communications from Lynne to members may have been lost as Lynne is using a new email address.  (Look for possible emails from
Denise has been kind enough to volunteer to bring goodies to in-person meetings for the month of September.
Randy remined that the time is coming for adopting a family for Thanksgiving and X-mas; so, please start thinking.
The topic was raised that clubs can reserve a table at the upcoming District Convention to showcase their club’s accomplishments.  Mary recommended that we reserve the table now and decide later how and what to prepare.  Peter offered the use of his display stands for a nice presentation.  After discussion, it was generally felt that participating would inform the attendees of our club’s track-record and potentially attract new members.
Committee Reports
Membership- Don is compiling the questionnaires sent to club members and will report in more detail when time permits.  Meanwhile, he made several general comments:
  • Community projects brought many members to join; however, the fellowships are what tend to keep people in Marana Rotary
  • Meetings and speaker topics show continued improvement
  • Strong sense that everyone feels that this club creates a welcoming atmosphere
  • Suggested that a standard mentorship be created for new members.
  • More
Foundation- John Dooling reported on his and Bob’s activities during a very successful year.  The Marana Club may not be the biggest or wealthiest; however, the dollar amounts donated per member are the highest of any club in the District.  Members are reminded that donations to the Annual Programs Fund are encouraged and that matching funds from the club will boost the donations.  Matching funds, along with our donations, will count towards each individual’s Paul Harris designation.  The Foundation meeting will be held on November 2.
Youth Services- Richie announced that upcoming dates for the Student of the Month Program are Sept 14 and Oct. 26.
Due to our limited time, Randy asked that Committee reports be continued at a later meeting.
Andy Swarthout, Secretary
                               Rotary Club of Marana Peace Poles
                             Crossroads at Silverbell District Park
Marana Rotary Club
Meeting minutes Aug. 17, 2021
This was a hybrid meeting with attendees currently chiming in from such romantic locals such as Virginia, Washington, and Utah.  The club welcomed our guest speaker, Abby Rosen, Executive Director of the Marana Community Food Bank.
Happy Bucks (we seemed to have had to dig deep today!)
  • Sulee started by saying she had lots of things to be happy about
  • John D. followed by reporting that he had nothing to be happy about.  Nobody believed him.  It was suggested that his mountain bike spill has lingering effects
  • Harold was happy that he didn’t have to walk to the meeting in the rain
  • Richie was happily sinking into 4” of water in his backyard.
  • Laura was happy for the majestic green mountains
  • Peter was having his house lifted preventing it from sliding into the wash, but not happy about the cost
  • Beckie took her first trip to Sierra Vista and happy for the green mountains
  • Bob was happy about lots of things, including his visitors with whom he was having a great time.
  • Andy was looking forward to the monsoons which will dissipate the fire smoke
  • Don was also looking out over the water.  Not the standing flood waters of Tucson, but the Puget Sound
  • Randy was enjoying his and Deb’s extended stay in Virginia with Bob before heading to Nashville, presumably to audition
Shelter Box- Harold will determine if the $1,000 donation has been submitted by the Foundation.  Don reported that Shelter Box assessment teams were already on the ground in Haiti.  As soon as it is determined to be safe, more teams will be deployed to aid in the disaster.
Randy announced that a young lady will be interviewing the following day for support from the Rotary Vocational Fund of AZ
John D. and Harold reported that we need to start thinking about the next contribution for the Cobijo Project in San Carlos, Mexico.
Randy pointed out that only 17 people have registered for the upcoming Conference and asked for more to consider attending.
RILA- Randy reminded that he would like to see two candidates put forth for support from our club for RILA.  He asked that any candidates be brought forth by the end of this week so that interviews can be scheduled for the following Monday.  Nominees will not be considered beyond the end of the week.  Sulee made the motion that the club fund up to $900 ($450/student), Laura seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.
Abby Rosen gave an outstanding presentation on the Marana Community Food Bank’s vision and functions.  The scope and reach of this organization were likely under-appreciated by most of us.  Besides over 2,200 meals prepared daily, the organization provides support for acquiring GED’s, has a learning garden, manages a five-acre farm and provides a drive-through service supplying 3-5 days’ worth of food in the form of emergency meals.  Its partnerships serve 5 counties in S Arizona.  The Food Bank is also involved in broader policy issues such as advocating the increase of minimum wages to $15/hour in Arizona.  The main purpose of the Food Bank is to provide food assistance in a way that allows for community members to participate with dignity.  The Bank has 160 employees and thousands of volunteers.
Randy noted that the Marana Rotary Club had supported the Marana Food Bank for as long as 30 years through meeting collections up until the Pandemic.  He suggested that continued support should be discussed at the Club’s next Board meeting.
Andy Swarthout, Secretary
Meeting minutes, August 10, 2021
Mary welcomed our guest (and future club member?) from Felicia's Farms, Kathy Lowling.
Randy announced:
  • The District is seeking a new chair for the Right to End Polio by year-end
  • The District Conference (Oct. 29-30) has only 17 registrants; please consider registration
  • The District is also seeking Youth Exchange Officer
  • RILA- members please consider bringing forth candidates.  The funding ($450/attendee) needs to be established by end of August.  Mary indicated that Kathy’s daughter may be interested.
  • Ernie is soon to leave ICU, is speaking (a big step!) and aims to do the Kids Ride in the Tour de Tucson.  Richie corrected to read “The Fun Ride”.
Mary had two announcements:
  • A sign-up sheet has been prepared for the 2 X/month produce delivery from FF to the Picture Rocks Community Center.
  • On August 21st the Town of Marana will deliver the rocks for the Peace Pole Garden.  Volunteers needed!!!
Harold announced that for the 5th Tuesday social event this month (August 30th) there will be a tour of the Marana Health facility beginning at 7AM; breakfast possibilities to follow the tour.
A discussion ensued regarding in-person versus hybrid versus virtual meetings in the face of rising concerns over the Delta Variant.  Consensus was to continue status quo; however, Randy asked that anyone uncomfortable not attend in person and that everyone attending in person PLEASE wear a mask.
Since we did not have a speaker, Randy asked for members to think about and share why we were Rotary members.  The themes centered around fellowship and projects for the betterment of our communities, local and abroad.  Many expressed the relatively small size of our club and, therefore the efficiency and passion behind our projects.   Many referred to the ability to effect youth and pointed to their many positive and life-changing experiences with their involvement through exchange programs.  Most agreed that the comradery of such a small but generous club was the motivator for being in Rotary.  John compared the club to a secular church where he has made close friends in six countries.  Sulee joined for business reasons; however, three youth exchange students changed their lives.  Bob described a similar story after having taken in the first five Russian students after Glasnov and introducing them to capitalism.
Happy Bucks
Harold was happy to have found his raincoat
John D. was just happy.  He reported that his mountain biking injuries were improving.
Peter related the emotional encounter with a procession of 200 emergency vehicles commemorating the recent death of a Tucson paramedic.
Denise loves the rain but not the abundance of resulting flies.  Her car is now safe as Carl has purchased a new car
Laura happily scored 4 season tickets to the UA Women’s Basketball games.  Everyone instantly became her best friend.
Mary was happy to have ridden to the meeting with Kathy of FF
Richie was happy that his new digs did not flood and that his roof was undamaged….unlike so many of his new neighbors
Denise was happy to have had Laura drop by the store.  She was also proud of the generosity of our club
Don was happy to have seen family and friends back east and was trying to find his way home during the airline chaos
Sulee was happy to have cleaned up after flooding
Bob was looking forward to Randy’s (brief) visit to Virginian
Randy was happy to advise Bob that he wouldn’t stay more than 90 days and was looking forward to the prolonged visit
Andy was happy that the horrendous wildfire smoke was clearing in southern Utah in time to watch the meteor showers
Andy Swarthout, Secretary
                                                                                                                                                                Marana Rotary Club
Meeting Minutes August 3, 2021
The meeting was held hybrid with a smoother start thanks in large part to Richie and John D.
Randy informed the club of Sally Montagne’s birthday party which sadly coincided with her husband, Ernie’s, bout with Stage 4 brain cancer.  Randy asked members who knew them to reach out with messages of support.
Don reported that 50% of the membership questionnaires had been received.
The club has an opportunity to provide volunteers for the upcoming Balloon Festival, mid-November (exact date to be confirmed).  The event will begin the afternoon and extend into the evening with tethered balloon rides.  Randy was supportive; however, reminded all that it will occur close to the Zone Institute (November 11) where dignitaries from Rotary will be arriving at TIA for which volunteers are also needed.
Mary reminded the club of the Peace Builder Network occurring August 17 at 6PM(date and time to be confirmed).  As a member of a Peace Club, all are welcome to attend.  Marana has informed us that the club will be responsible for the landscaping at the installation.  Mary suggested a rock garden with few plants instead of a full blown garden.  More peaceful, Zen-like. Volunteers are being sought for the project.
Felicia’s Farm- Cathy has already made a produce run and is excited to have our support. Volunteers for deliveries, maybe twice per month, will be required.  Harold noted that the woodchipper they have is inadequate for their purposes.  Therefore, the grant amount will need to increase above the approved $3,000 budget. 
Happy Bucks
Laura is happy for the flowers produced after the recent rains
Mary is happy that she was able to mow her lawn after an apparent long period of growth.
Denise was happy that her husband was feeling much better
John Zwitzer was happy to be back amongst friends.
John Dooley went fishing at Big Bear Lake where he attempted mountain biking.  This is apparently not his sport as he fell no less than 5 times and suffered a concussion.  Being a potentially serious matter, the club wished him a speedy recovery.
Richie was happy that, unlike his neighbors, he didn’t lose his roof in the monsoon storms.  And he was able to watch kayakers and fisherpersons plying the swollen washes. 
Andy was happy to have his internet back after lightening fried his electronics
Denise was grateful for the rains but not the weeds
Don was happy to be in the countryside north of NYC and looking forward to attending a 50 year wedding anniversary in Rhode Island
Beckie echoed the happy sentiments regarding all of the refreshing rains
Randy happily reported that the earth was indeed round as evidenced by the curvature observed in the Nebraska flatlands where he is visiting his cousin on his Jack Kerouac journey across the USA
Alex Wright, Executive Director of the 390th Memorial Museum, gave a fascinating talk about this museum located on the grounds of the Pima Air Museum.  Alex is a former Air Force fighter pilot who joined the museum in the summer of 2019. The 390th was one of three principal fighter wings based in England in WWII responsible for bombing campaigns over Germany and Nazi occupied Europe.  The aircraft used was the B-17, of which one of 40 remaining is on display at the museum.  This B-17 has a fascinating history.  While it was produced in 1945 near the end of the war and never saw battle, it was deployed by the US Coast Guard in cartography projects followed by use as a slurry bomber in fire fighting until its retirement in 1979.  It was installed in the museum in 1986.
The purpose of the museum is to memorialize and commemorate the role of the 390th bomber wing in WWII.  Alex described the many stories and ways in which the stories are preserved.  The sacrifices and losses over the wing’s 20 months of bombing campaigns initiated from English soil.  The museum has the largest collection of flight jackets in addition to exhibits on aircraft nose art, POW stories, a soon to be added turret exhibit, and an exhibit for the Chow Hound campaign at the end of the war where the 390th B-17’s were used for food drops into the winter-hardened Netherlands.  
Alex was an engaging speaker with a myriad of interesting facts about the 390th.  The museum’s stories and objectives are described in their excellent website,
Randy indicated that the Museum would be ideal for one of the Club’s social meetings that occur monthly.   Alex said he would welcome us and provide for a private experience for our club.  An opportunity we will surely act upon.
Marana Rotary Club
Meeting minutes July 27, 2021
Yours truly is grateful to Mary for clarifying errors regarding the Cameroon Project in last week’s minutes. 
Happy Bucks
  • Harold was visibly happy to have his new flight simulator and was anticipating a smooth take-off with practice this week
  • John was happy to be living in this part of the world as his charter fishing trip in Mexico was cancelled due to a complete shut down of activities (COVID) at his destination.
  • Denise was enjoying out of town guests and the rainy weather.
  • Don was happy watching videos of the flowing Rillito River and ready to head to Rhode Island for a friend’s 50th wedding anniversary.  Randy had to remind us of a bad joke referring to 20 of those years being happy ones.
  • Laura loving the rain, 2 and ½” over the past three days, and gardening and fence building.
  • Peter, now audible with new headset and working microphone, prepares for trip to Virginia.   His last travels for a while as he will be dog sitting for a spell.  On a sad note, Peter lost a close companion Saturday, one of his many dogs of similar age.  Tough loss, Peter.
  • Mary noted just how important dogs have become during the pandemic.  Although, disturbingly, hers has taken to jumping the fence to go visit Laura’s place.  Randy noted that the food must be better there.
  • Bob is happy that grandkids are arriving today.
  • Beckie is happy for the rain, a common happy theme today.  And happy for June coming home.
  • Sulee is happy that Jim now has an oxygen generator.
  • Richie is happy about life in general.  He is disappointed that a scouting event in Ireland next year was cancelled out of concern for the virus.
  • Dave Hinmann is happy that the school session opens Monday and that the kids got all of the courses and electives they wanted.
  • Randy heads (slowly) towards Virginia tomorrow where he will meet up with Bob.  First stop, White Fish, Montana with perhaps some fishing on a private stream running through a friend’s property.  No fishing license required (he thinks).
Mary introduced the speaker, our very own Richie Benner, to talk about the Watermark kids’ program.
Richie described his journey from scouting to becoming involved with Watermark Retirement Communities, a nation-wide assisted living program.  The scouting financial crisis led to Richie’s departure from scouting (at least in a salaried role) in June of last year; however, he landed quickly with Waymark one month later where he oversees move-ins, transfers, and about everything else where he can lend support.  No surprises here!  He has facilitated 28 move-ins/move-outs over the past 26 weeks.
Richie’s talk focused on Watermark for Kids, a non-profit foundation aimed at providing opportunities for kids to thrive and to be empowered.   The Foundation operates similarly to Rotary in its overall objectives, reaching out to make positive impacts in our communities.  It differs mostly in its ability to be a bit more agile in decision-making; not surprising given its very streamlined structure.  Watermark (a private company) provides one foundation administrator in Tucson whose salary and overhead are covered by Watermark.   Donations go 100% towards funding kids’ programs.  The only criteria, other than need, is that kids be between the ages of 6 to 22 years old under the premise that all kids deserve support. The role of the Foundation is to provide mentors with the objective of creating future leaders for our communities.
Richie went on to describe six great examples of specific cases which illustrated the diverse array of backgrounds and projects being pursued by the kids.  The examples included kids who were physically or financially challenged with dreams of becoming a softball star, a sled-hockey player, a culinary chef, and a supreme court justice.   The examples represent only six of over 300 similar stories. 
Questions asked included “how are candidates selected, how big is the foundation, and what, exactly, do you do, Richie?”  The year 2020 was only the second year after the establishment of the Foundation so the platform is still being built.  Richie would like to see more kids being presented for consideration and a more effective spreading-of-the-word to find candidates beyond the Watermark group.  Candidates are selected and matched with coaches who can be mentors and monitor the funding.  Residents can be mentors. 
Safe to say that many members learned a different dimension of Richie’s character.  Further illustrates why Richie is so involved in Rotary.
Andy Swarthout
Rotary Club of Marana
Marana Rotary Club
Meeting minutes, July 20, 2021
The meeting was held virtually instead of hybrid due to the NW Fire District’s need for both meeting rooms for a memorial in honor of the sudden death of the Fire Chief in a small aircraft crash while assisting firefighting in northwestern Arizona.  Sulee, the scheduled presenter, was not able to attend as she was transporting her husband to the hospital for blood transfusions.  The Club expressed their deepest wishes and support for his recovery.  Absent a speaker, Randy framed the meeting as an informal club business meeting.  Notable was the day’s attendance by members from all over N. America.  Maybe further….who knows where Peter was logging in from.
Happy Bucks-  a rather light Happy Bucks session ensued.
Don happily completed a ½ marathon in the Cascade Mtns. foothills while enjoying his time in Seattle.
Harold was happy to have dined recently with John Zwick who will hopefully be attending our hybrid meetings.
John Dooling said he “was just happy”.  He attended a little league baseball game where his nephew played.  John lamented that parents have changed little, expecting that their offspring be sports prodigies. 
Richie is happily filling holes with spackle in his new digs.  He echoed the little league sentiment saying parents, just let your kids play and have fun.  And that he was twice as happy being backup for Randy while Randy galivants across the country.
Mary was happy to be back at work after two weeks off.
Bob Bishop reported that he was enjoying 79-degree temps and overnight rains; Vail received over 1” of rain and he was excited to have guests soon to visit.
Peter was very quiet with a broken microphone but texted that he was quite happy.
Andy was in Belize scuba diving and promised to contribute $1 for every meter of decent under water.  (Calculations are in process)
John and Bob expressed delight over the successful launch of the Blue Horizon space vehicle and Bob revealed that he had the chance to sit in the space vehicle while visiting Seattle a while back.
Laura was recharged after a vacation in Kauai, Hawaii.
Jen was happy for the rain and excited to be a new member.
Randy misses his moose and deer who apparently have distanced themselves from his Deer Lake cabin because of nearby timber cutting. 
Dan Contorno; we reported for Dan that he must be happy- he was fishing in Idaho.
Denise was happy that June was potty trained.  And she thanked Mary for her thoroughness and care towards the Cameroon Project.
Other Discussions
Beckie expressed thanks to Denise for her work on the Tour de Tucson aid station to be sponsored by Marana Club on November 20th.  Denise described the Tour sponsorships.  The Tour expects 6,000 to 9,000 riders.  Sponsorships BEGIN at the Bronze level for $3,500 and that there were over 40 corporate sponsors.  Randy suggested that the Club restrict our support to the Aid Station only and the members agreed.  Volunteers for the aid station to be determined later.
Mary mentioned that the Peace Poles have arrived.  Marana would like to handle the installation: however, Mary said that the design would be directed by the Club.  She suggested that a garden be designed and asked for input and volunteers on the design and construction.
Mary also reported that the grant proposal for Felicia’s Farm had been accepted by the District for funding in August.  She discussed the concept of supporting food insecure people in conjunction with the Picture Rocks Community Center Inc.  Logistics were discussed for transporting the estimated 300 pounds of food per month.  Excess could be donated to the Picture Rocks women’s shelter.  Since Picture Rocks has little infrastructure (coolers, etc.) the distributions could be broken into 2-3 deliveries per month.  Vehicles will be needed on a volunteer basis.  Mary gave a brief presentation on the materials acquired for Felicia’s Farms and suggested that two volunteers could participate on a rotation basis for distribution of food 2-3 X/month.
Mary also provided an update on the Cameroon Project.  Certain administrative glitches have been resolved with the arrival onsite of Poobah (sp?).  Classrooms are outfitted very well now, and attendance is increasing.  The gardens are producing so kids don’t have to walk great distances home for lunch.  Additionally, there are seven cows providing milk.   Mary also reported that the grain bank was functioning well with over 100 sacks of millet providing for grains to be borrowed during the spring to summer season when crops are not available.  Unfortunately, the women’s businesses are not going great due to administrative challenges.  However, the local Rotary club is providing support for the Association of Women until things can be sorted out.
Don advised that a rather thorough questionnaire will soon be sent to members.  The survey will assist in seeking new members.  Randy thanked Don for his hard work on the New Members task.
Randy reached out to Jen, asking if there was anything further the Club could do to welcome her and assist as a new member.  Jen said she felt at home and part of the family.
Randy noted that on Nov 11 Rotarian dignitaries will be visiting Tucson and asked for volunteers to welcome them at TIA.  If volunteers can provide their time on a two-hour basis that would be greatly appreciated.  Volunteers can answer questions and make suggestions to welcome our visitors.
Finally, Randy asked club members to think about local projects for the coming year.  He also encouraged members to visit the “old folks” home in San Carlos as one of our local efforts.  John Dooling said he will seek Board support for continued involvement in the San Carlos project for the coming year.
Andy Swarthout
Rotary Club of Marana Meeting July 13, 2021
Club Business:
  • Peace Poles are on their way.
  • Application for Grant Due Tomorrow 
  • The owner of Her and Him donated two Prom Dresses to our club.  The Services Projects Committee will generate ideas about how to use the dresses to bring to the club later.
Happy Bucks
  • Harold is happy for the rain, lightning, and thunder
  • Don is relishing the weather in Washington with the fog over the Puget Sound – a strip of fog with mountains towering behind and the water below.
  • Sulee is happy that husband is still with her.  He has contracted pneumonia while battling his cancer.
  • Jen is happy for the storm and is very pleased we recite the Pledge of Allegiance.
  • Becky is very happy that we got a good rainstorm last night.  Also, happy to busy and healthy.
  • John is happy about the 1 ¼ inch rainfall he got last night.  H reminiscing about dinner he and his wife once had with Sulee and Jim.  The group was talking about becoming more sentimental with age, when Jim said “I cry now when I hear rain in the forecast.”
  • Randy is excited that directly after the meeting he’s headed to pick up his great grandchildren in Spokane to bring the back to the nearby lake for a day of fun.
Our very own Sulee Edwards spoke with us about the Missing in America Project with which she’s been involved for over 6 years. 
The Missing in America Project began in 2007.  MIAP locates, identifies, and inters the unclaimed remains of American Veterans.  Its mission is to provide honor and respect for those who have served our country but had been lost.   Individuals become ‘lost’ for a variety of reasons, from unknown whereabouts of family members to issues of PTSD and addiction that lead to alienation from family. 
To date, the project has located 21,499 unclaimed ashes of veterans across the United States.  Of those, 2438 have been given a proper military burial.  Veterans from the Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korean War, Vietnam, and the Gulf Wars have been interred. Ashes are brought to the burial service by a member of the branch in which the individual served.  Each veteran receives a gun salute, a fly over, and a flag presented to family members.  MIAP has no staff; volunteers provide what’s need for everything from locating and identifying to coordinating burial services to providing whatever is needed for the service.   Marana Veteran’s Memorial donates space in its columbarium for the veteran’s urn and Adair Funeral Home donates urns. 
The next Missing in Action burial service will be in October at the Marana Veteran’s Memorial.  President Randy suggested that we all consider attending. 
We are grateful to Sulee for bringing our attention to the honor our veterans deserve and to this non-profit dedicated to ensuring they receive it. 

Rotary Club of Marana Meeting Minutes
July 6, 2021 
Club Business
Denise has secured an Aide Station at the intersection of Coachline and Silver Bell Roads for the Tour de Tucson in late November.  Seven club members indicated their availability to assist.  Further details to follow which will address health and safety protocols.
Randy announced that Don Jorgensen is seeking the District 5500 Governorship for 2024/2025 and introduced a resolution for the Club’s endorsement.  The club enthusiastically passed the resolution and will endeavor to complete the required paperwork by July 31.  Congratulations Don!
There will be a Board meeting Wednesday, July 7 to be held virtually.
Randy welcomed Jen Shaw as the newest member of Marana Rotary.  Jen gave a brief intro having recently arrived in Marana by way of southeast Tucson and Colorado.  She is a single Mom of two, active in the Chamber of Commerce and a sales associate of Allstate. Randy warmly welcomed Jen and gently reminded her of her responsibilities as a Rotarian.  The meeting warmly welcomed Jen to the Marana Club.
Happy Bucks (abbreviated session due to technical issues and time constraints)
  • Harold was happy because this is the first year he has achieved perfect meeting attendance.  John D chided Harold for taking 53 years to achieve this.
  • Randy was kind enough to point out that the temperature was 54 degrees where he was in Washington state
  • John was happy that nobody complained about the absence of donuts as the Donut Wheel was closed. Maybe tip them next time, John?
  • Lynne shared a joke involving a bicyclist and a corvette. Due to audio problems, the punch line was lost on most.  At least the writer heard no laughter or groans.
Raffle drawing, Lynne drew the 2 of diamonds.   The pot continues to grow.
Audio issues continue to plague us in our hybrid meetings despite heroic efforts made by Peter, Harold, Richie, John and others.  Confidence is high that improvement will continue and victory is to be achieved.
Presenters - Amy and Victoria of the Northwest Fire District spoke to the meeting on the dangers of monsoon flooding and heat-related health issues in the Tucson basin.  Amy has been with NWFD for four years, the last two of which were dedicated to her passion, public education and awareness.  Veronica came to the NWFD from Bisbee where she experienced first-hand the power and destruction of flash flooding in Miner’s Gulch running through a major part of town.  
Amy described the intensive training given to first responders for swift water rescue.  She reminded us that flash flooding is an inherent risk of living in Pima County and that, despite the common sense rules, many long-time residents as well as new arrivals become complacent about entering flooded roadways.  Interestingly, in 2017, we ranked number 8 in the nation for deaths due to flooding.  And over half of fatalities were vehicle related.  Quite the statistic for an arid, desert environment.  We hear it every year; rescues and fatalities result from drivers ignoring barricades to enter flowing roadways under the belief that the water isn’t that deep, swift, or dangerous.  Amy made the important point that only one foot of water will make a vehicle buoyant.  Despite decreasing monsoon activity since 2014, rescues and fatalities remain some of the highest in the nation.
Veronica presented the dangers of heat-related illness.  The stages begin with Heat Cramps and progress through Heat Exhaustion and, finally, Heat Stroke.  How to recognize each of these progressively worse conditions were explained and the “do’s and don’t do’s” described for each case.  Again, despite common sense, we see the horrific results of ignorance every summer.  Particularly alarming are the cases of infants or pets left in cars.  Veronica showed graphics of temperatures rising within vehicles (even with windows partially open) for outside temperatures ranging from 80 to 120 degrees.  Even at 80 degrees, the results were rapidly catastrophic.
Amy’s and Veronica’s presentations focused on two themes.  1) NWFD places a great deal of emphasis on rescue and 2) there is constant public education in order to avoid having to utilize that expertise.
Final thought- as this is my first set of meeting minutes produced, I welcome any feedback.  Too dry?  More/less detail?  Warning- I tend to become more sardonic and editorial as comfort level grows!
submitted by: Andy Swarthout, Secretary
Randy Brooks Installation
June 26 2021
The installation party was held at the home of John Dooling
The meeting was called to order by John Doolinig (president 2020/2021 year)
The first order of business was to install Randy Brooks our 30th President of the Rotary Club of Marana
After business was taken care of the Members and Guest partied on
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