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Welcome to the Rotary Club of Marana in Marana, AZ

Service Above Self
A Peacebuilder Club

We meet In Person
Tuesdays at 7:00 AM
Northwest Fire Department
5125 W Camino De Fuego
P O Box 91502 Zip Code 85752
Tucson, AZ 85743
United States of America
Current Events
Marana Rotary Club
January 11, 2022 weekly meeting
This week’s meeting was held completely virtual given the ongoing Omicron situation.
Randy asked for assistance in arranging our speakers.  Bob Bishop, who is slated to handle speakers the next quarter, agreed to move up his assignment to help out.
The Tour de Cookie event needs support during the coming weekends to put out signs promoting the event.  Dan and Peter volunteered their able hands to help out.
Beckie asked for assistance seeking sponsors for the Tour de Cookie booths.
Don announced that we have approval from Harkins Theatres to hold the next shredding event on Saturday, April 16.
Happy Bucks
  • Harold was “just happy”.  Was having breakfast with John Z. following our meeting.  All passed on their wishes and condolences to John for his recent loss.
  • John D. was happy, the family is well and life is good.
  • Cindy reported that she was also happy, and very busy in her new rotary roles.
  • Carol (guest, and soon to be member?!) has had the cast removed on her hand and reported that surgery went well.
  • Don was happy to be going to southern California to visit friends and family?
  • Bob was in Virginia doing some babysitting while his stepson continued to recover from a tough bout with COVID
  • Cathy had a great weekend with family from Chicago.
  • Sulee reported Jim was status quo having gone four days with no visits to the hospital.
  • Denise said her son was isolating in home with COVID.  She was happy to have found stuffed bears for the “More Than a Bed” campaign.
  • Randy was likely happy, but his computer keeps freezing, so we didn’t get to hear exactly why.
  • Dan was happy that Green Bay had a week off during the playoffs, confirming who he is rooting for!
  • Beckie was missing her grand daughter after visiting during the holidays.
  • Mary reported that she was being extremely careful with the month leading up to her surgery.  Hence her usual enthusiastic volunteering persona will be put on pause for the month.  We all wish her the very best outcome.
  • Peter was excited for the successful launch of the JWST  Telescope.  He shared some fascinating facts about the countries and number of people involved in the project.  Thousands of steps must go perfectly in order for the mirrors to focus.  Said this would be equivalent to Galileo’s invention of the telescope for the understanding of the universe.
Guest Speaker
Tom Elf, from the Rincon Rotary Club, spoke on his experiences during his 30 years with Rotary.  First, he shared that our very own Randy Brooks is being nominated for induction into the Veterans Hall of Fame, Arizona.   Tom relayed stories around what it meant to him to be a Rotarian and why he joined Rotary in the first place.  His experiences included Boston, Connecticut and New York before landing permanently in Tucson.  Tom stated that a sense of humor was an important life-dealing characteristic for him, personally.  Interestingly, Tom shared some history regarding the challenges when women were allowed to join Rotary, and the resistance during the early years. Tom noted the high percentage of women in our club and said we were the best club outside of the city limits of Tucson.  That qualification was included because the Rincon club lies within the city limits. 
The Rotary Club of Marana Hosts Hybrid Meetings
Visitors Are Always Welcome
We Request that In-Person Guests be Vaccinated
 To Receive a Link to Join our Meeting via Zoom, Text to 520-909-9162 with Your Name 
Marana Rotary Club
January 4, 2022 weekly meeting
This week’s meeting was held hybrid.  Given the situation with rapidly spreading Omicron, it was agreed by members to hold our weekly meetings virtually through January, then re-evaluate going forward.
The January 15 visit to El Cohibo in San Carlos is being postponed until later in the year.
Happy Bucks
  • Bob was celebrating grandkids’ various birthdays
  • Cathy was happy to have purchased a new car at a great deal.
  • Lynn happily told a funny joke involving camping and tents which was hard to understand remotely.  But from the groans it must have been a good one!
  • Harold was happy to have BOTH eyes functioning after cataract procedures.  “I can see forever”.
  • Don had a great visit with his 3 year-old grandson and was happy to watch the cold weather in New York from afar.
  • John (and Cindy) was enjoying the grandkids, and relayed an interesting spelling of Mississippi by his eldest 6 year old
  • Beckie was celebrating the strong showing by the University of Utah in the Rose Bowl and the Arizona Cardinals win record against the Cowboys
  • Mary celebrates her daughter’s visit; a much-needed respite given the fight she is undergoing.  Everyone offered their strong support
  • Peter returned from Hamburg safely the night before after a 10-day jaunt to Egypt and the Canary Islands.  The volcanic eruption has subsided in the Canaries; however, damage is extensive and funds are woefully inadequate.
  • Laura said that this year she “would be relentlessly optimistic”.  And thanked Peter again for his  instructions for meeting set up
  • Andy was also optimistic, hoping that the data was right indicating that we are on the path to survive the pandemic
  • Randy was happy for so many good things; the generosity of our club, the providing for three families over Xmas, Laura for setting up, Mary for donuts, Harold for everything he does.
John (as Chairman of the Foundation) and Cindy Dooling came forward to recognize Cindy’s joining of the club and recipient of the Paul Harris Society.  The giving of $1,000 resulted in a total donation of $3,000 after matching donations.
Youth Services – a meeting with Denise will be arranged to determine the date for the MCAT student presentation.
Guest Speaker
 Randy introduced Captain Roberto Jimenez of the Marana Police Dept.  Captain Jimenez spoke of his experiences during 23 years on the force in Marana, preceded by 5 years on the police force up in Eloy, AZ.    Capt. Jimenez described several examples of how the Marana Police Dept. has strived to create a healthy relationship between the department and the community after suffering a reputation issue 8 years ago.  He explained the recruitment and training process instituted by the Police Chief to engage officers with the community.  Captain Jimenez also touched upon the challenges presented to law enforcement under stress and strain of the COVID pandemic.
Following the talk, several members expressed strong interest in Captain Jimenez, and members of his department, to consider becoming a member of our club.  Members also asked that he be invited back to speak about topics raised that time did not permit addressing.

Rotary Club of Marana
Dec 21, 2021
This being our Christmas meeting it was held at Mary’s house
Laura our VP took over for Randy who was visiting family
Meeting started with Pledge
Laura bought the club up to date on club business
Laura ask each member to tell something special about Christmas that they remember
After a fun time we all enjoyed a special breakfast by Mary
Before we left John Dooling had a gift for each of members
Laura informed us that there will not be a meeting on Dec 28th
See you all next year
Marana Rotary Club
Weekly Meeting December 14, 2021, Minutes
Next week, Dec 21, the meeting will be a social gathering at Mary’s house.  Ten people indicated that they will attend.  Laura will run the meeting in Randy’s absence
Tour de Cookie timing was discussed.  Tentative new date is March 5 to capture snowbirds before their migration.
Randy announced that $1,000 had been donated to the Zimbabwe, Africa project and that the $400 destined to the Oro Valley club for the Veterans Auxiliary Association may be too late for this year’s event.  It was decided to give anyway as the money can be used for next year’s event if indeed too late for this year.
Happy Bucks:
  • Dan was happy for the holiday season and some time off from school. 
  • Don is happily preparing to leave tomorrow for Maryland where weather is supposed to be better than his last foray back east.
  • Mary loves the weather and looking forward to family arriving
  • Laura is enjoying the cool, rainy, fireplace weather.   Looking forward to church book club and good food.
  • Cathy was happy to have the Farm featured in newspaper article.  Relishing in the arrival of the woodchipper and rock crusher.  Such excitement over a new wheelbarrow!
  • Denise was happy over lottery tickets; virtual connection was noisy, but hope she wins!
  • Anita McDonald, our guest speaker, was delighted to be with us today
  • Harold was happy to be receiving his left eye lens
  • Beckie was happy that she at least brought one wool sweater from Utah and looking forward to her daughter’s wedding in June in Las Vegas
  • John was happy t be a guy so he can get ready quicker in the morning.  And happy to have recruited his wife to Rotary
  • Cindy happily reported that their grandson was getting his driver license; freeing her from shuttle duty
  • Sulee was happy to have done X-mas shopping with Cindy.  And asked if the club would like to bring unwrapped gifts to the social next week for the “More Than a Bed” cause serving foster kids.  The members agreed.
  • Andy survived his unscheduled stress test, cutting down dead trees on his Utah property
  • Randy was happy to be heading to Las Vegas to spend time with his son and his friend Burt with whom he will be playing lots of music.
  • Randy thanked Laura for setting up the virtual meeting computer gear; a complicated assignment!
Guest Speaker
 Randy introduced Dr. Anita McDonald, District Governor- elect, as our guest speaker.  Dr. McDonald’s resume is impressive, which is an understatement.  Anita became a Rotarian in 1998 in Indiana.  Anita has an educational background that includes graduate level work in education and management from Harvard, Penn State and the University of Indiana.  She has held high-level positions as Dean of Education and heads the Arizona Chapter of the ALS Foundation.  Anita is a level 2, major donor to the Rotary Foundation.
Dr. McDonald candidly described her challenges in attaining recognition and tenure as a colored woman in the academic world.  She shared experiences along her path to success which illustrated that a black woman faced subtle obstacles in a path to leadership and academic success.  Her message centered on the importance, and difficulty, of minority women in achieving diversity.  The changes are happening, but much too slowly as she reflected on decades of experience.  Anita’s talk was both-eye opening and hopeful.  The club discussed the challenges of Rotary Club’s such as ours in changing the largely white, mid to upper class dominance of our membership. 
Marana Rotary Club
Weekly Meeting December 7, 2021, Minutes
December meetings
  • Next week, in person; Dec 21, x-mas social affair at Mary’s; Dec 28, dark
  • Randy advised that Dave Hindman has resigned from the club to spend more time with his family.
  • Randy contacted Kathleen at Tortolita High; there is no Interact Club this year, maybe next year.  Kathleen’s replacement and Randy will meet over coffee to explore the possibilities for next year.  Suggestions were made to also reach out to Mountain View (partner with the Dove Mtn. Club?) and Marana High (partner with Oro Valley Club?) for possible new Interact Clubs to sponsor.
  •  Randy presented Don Jorgensen with a Level 7 Paul Harris pin, signifying that Don had donated $8,000 to Rotary.  Randy then presented Don with a Level 8 Paul Harris pin, arriving in the mail shortly thereafter, recognizing that Don has donated $9,000 to Rotary!  Don is approaching the level of “Major Donor” which, as Randy points out, is an amazing accomplishment in the short 14 years in which Don has been a member of Rotary.  Randy thanked Don for his generous service over the years.
  •  Cindy Dooling was inducted into the Marana Rotary Club.  Cindy has been involved behind the scenes with John for many years.  Together they have sponsored 7 exchange students and are Major Donors to Rotary.  Cindy is immersed in the Youth Services program for which she is becoming Director for the entire District.  John and Cindy recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, and John performed the honors of pinning Cindy with the Rotary Club pin. 
  • Dan introduced his guest, Carol, who is currently with the Food Bank of Marana.  Upon her full retirement in June, she said she is considering joining our club.
  • Mary reminded the club that Christmas shopping needs to be done for the two (soon to be three?) families we are supporting for the holidays.  Sulee, Dan and Cindy enthusiastically volunteered to help Dan in the efforts.
  • The MCAT student of the month MAY attend the Dec 14th meeting, depending on availability of family
Guest Speaker
 Mary introduced our guest speaker, Zoe Fullen, from the Sky Island Alliance.  Zoe’s background covers a myriad of talents; Masters Degree in Environmental Sciences, micro-finance education, Peace Corp., to name but a few.  Zoe described the work of the Alliance in partnership with numerous governmental, other conservation groups, and private entities which focuses on the megafauna and flora diversity of the mountain ranges comprising the Sky Island province of the SW U.S. and Sonora Mexico.  Interesting and timely topics included the impact of the Border Wall project on wildlife migration and the effect of climate change on biodiversity.  The Alliance is a nonprofit depending largely on donations and grants.  Zoe described how individuals can volunteer for Alliance projects.

Marana Rotary Club
Weekly Meeting November 23, 2021, Minutes
This weeks meeting was held entirely virtual.
 El Tour de Tucson, Aide Station review- excellent participation was acknowledged from the Dove Mountain club, maybe 8 members helping out.  Need more people in the future, being the first station for both the long ride and short rides, masses stopped at the same time.  Need more tables and definitely, more porta-potties.  None were delivered so the church porta-potties had to be used.  Long lines resulted.  Laura and Adisa were enormous help.  It was noted that the Dove Mountain tee shirts were awesome, and Sulee offered to provide mock-ups for our club’s consideration.  Everyone commented on our awesome signage.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Randy reported that he completed his ride in 3 hrs 50’ and 30”; thirty seconds before the imposed deadline.  Ibuprofen is working well.  Deb left him in the dust.
Randy asked if his incessant bullying style intimidated anyone.  Nobody could respond.  Seriously, all who dared respond reported no issues.  The meeting moved on.
Dark days- a discussion ensued on dark days in December.  It was decided to accept Mary’s generous offer to have a more festive meeting at her house on Dec. 21st.  Lynne will bring her famous pumpkin cheesecake.   Dec 28th will be our normal Zoom meeting.
Thanksgiving families- Dan shopped for and delivered meals to two very appreciative families.  One was an out-of-work gentleman and the other a single Mom.  Since only slightly over $300 of the budgeted $600 was spent, the idea of adding another family for the X-mas effort was floated.  The club unanimously agreed to add one family for this year’s X-mas effort. 
Randy met with Michael Drake regarding the AZ-Mexico friendship group’s meeting coming up the first weekend in February to consider global grant projects.  Bob Bishop is looking into some environmental grant program opportunities.  The grant process is slow; therefore, it may be too late for grant approvals under Randy’s presidency and the grants may fall under Laura’s leadership.  Randy asked that willing Marana members participate in the February AZ-MX meeting. 
Randy reminded the club that at least two club members take and pass the grant writing test each year in order for the club to be eligible for grant requests.  To date, only Randy and Mary qualify.
Discussions were held regarding the agendas for the December meetings.  Randy would like to induct Cindy Dooling at the December 7th meeting and have the MCAT Student presentation at the Dec 14th meeting.  Randy will confirm through Richie that Dec 14th works for MCAT and, if not, the dates will be reversed.
Beckie reminded all that the social meeting next week will be held at the winery on Monday, Nov 29th from 4-5:30 PM.  A poll was taken, and eleven attendees are expected.  Wine and cheese will be provided.  Anyone not drinking wine should bring their own beverage choice.
Mary reminded everyone of the December commitment to the maintenance of the Peace Garden.   Harold referred everyone to the Sept 28 minutes for the list of folks who volunteered.
Randy and John D reminded everyone of the club’s commitment to match Foundation donations, up to $500 total (i.e. $250 donation plus $250 club contribution) for the months of November and December. 
Thanksgiving Plans
Harold will join his daughter for Thanksgiving dinner.  Randy recalled Harold’s daughter’s involvement in Boxing Gifts for soldiers deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan
Mary leaves tonight for Sonoma County with her daughter and plan to follow Thanksgiving with a bakery tour in San Francisco.
Bob is heading to Tempe to join Linda’s family for T-day.
John and Cindy plan for a great week with nephew and family in Scottsdale.  Today he buys Cindy the gift of hearing aides (for John!) and they look forward to their 50th wedding anniversary this Saturday
Don is staying in NY for the holiday with his daughter and grandsons; both of whom are high-energy and under 6 years old.  The grandsons, that is.
Laura is hosting siblings
Beckie plans for a PJ football day with her daughter
Sulee is having a quiet Thanksgiving this year; we wish them peace and solitude for her holiday
Denise is having T-day at her mother’s house
Lynne will start baking pumpkin cheesecake to bring to her brother’s house in Scottsdale
Andy plans to sit by a fire and watch football
Dan is hosting family this year for a big gathering
Randy will enjoy T-day with nine humans and four dogs. 
Marana Rotary Club
Weekly meeting minutes, November 16, 2021
The meeting was held hybrid today, with two attending virtually.   Next week’s meeting will be all virtual.
The Board held a brief special meeting to approve a motion as follows:
Motion:  to provide $400 in club funds to support the laying of wreaths at Veterans’ gravesites.  The event will occur in mid-November of 2021.
The motion was approved and presented to the club for approval.  Mary made the motion, Andy seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.
Mary introduced to the club our guest speaker, Dr. Kiomi Marino of the University of Arizona Tree Ring Research Laboratory.
Happy Bucks:
Bob- was happy to be back in Tucson and gave fifty happy bucks to make up for his absence while in Virginia.
Andy- commented that this was the first meeting where he couldn’t wear PJ’s, having attended virtually since his induction, and was inspired to match Bob’s $50
Harold- was happy to have survived a 6 hour “outpatient procedure” to remove his thyroid.  All normal, thank goodness.
Denise- was happy with the weather and sunshine
Laura- was just happy- favorite time of the year, sun and cool temperatures.   Apparently house chores are done.
Mary- was happy after playing in the mud at Felicias Farms
Kiomi- was happy to be meeting new people
Cathy- just seemed happy!
Peter-was happily traveling like crazy again.  And enjoyed his stint greeting Rotary dignitaries at the airport last week
Randy was happily training for the big ride; 28 and 20 mile practice rides.  Thanked and reminded those who pledged to support his ride with donations for the end polio drive.
Cindy Dooley was happy to have just gotten into the virtual meeting after being given the correct links by Sulee
Sulee was happy to be meeting the daily challenges.  Awaiting Jim’s biopsy results.  We again pray for all to be good.
Mary and Denise reminded all of the aide station and its location for this Saturday’s El Tour.  Set up will be at 9:30 and our station should be finished receiving riders by 1PM.  Any additional volunteers are welcome.
A tradition of after the meeting breakfast at the Bisbee Club has begun.  Bouba will attend this morning and maybe update those on the status of the women’s business endeavor in Cameroon.
Randy reminded all that Cindy’s application for membership has been approved by the Board and that everyone has one week to respond before Cindy is inducted into our club.
MCAT wanted to have their student of the month attend and speak at the Dec 30 meeting; however, we will be “dark”.  Richie will arrange another date.
Guest Speaker
Mary introduced our speaker again, Kiomi.  Dr. Marino is a research scientist at the U of A Tree Ring Lab having arrived at the U of A from Canada in the mid-1980’s and discovering her passion at the lab.  Kiomi’s provocative presentation described how tree ring data contributes to the understanding of climate change.  The talk sparked interesting questions and certainly brought new perspectives towards the usefulness of tree ring research. 

Rotary Club of Marana
Thanks to Laura for taking these excellent minutes!  Andy
Minutes from November 9 Rotary Club of Marana Meeting

Club social planned for a wine tasting at Old Pueblo Cellars at the end of the month.

Request has been made for the club to donate to a group that puts wreaths on veterans’ graves. It was suggested that we donate $400, a similar amount that we gave to the police foundation for officer equipment.

Happy Buck highlights:
Bob was happy about his wife’s upcoming birthday which they will celebrate in Sedona.
Dan was happy to announce that we have two families from MCAT identified to be “adopted” for our Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas dinner and presents gifts.
Lynner, Harold, and Cathy all reported “just happy”.
John was happy to watch grandsons compete in state championships in swimming and mountain bike racing.
Don was beyond happy to convince his grandson to wear pants to daycare.
Denise was happy to have our guests in attendance.
Mary and Peter, as well, were happy to see everyone at the meeting.
Laura was happy the UA football won a game and broke the 20-game losing streak.
Randy was happy and thankful for those who helped him greet District Conference attendees at the airport and thankful to those supporting his ride in the El Tour de Tucson.

Guest Speaker Shirley Grace

Twenty-year Rotarian Shirley Grace, who is in town prepping for the El Tour de Tucson, was our guest speaker and shared “What I’ve Learned” from two decades of service through Rotary.

First, you have to stop and take stake before you can move forward. Shirley had just finished a major project for Rotary and wanted to spend some time on herself. She went on an African safari through a Rotary club and then biked and boated across eight countries in Europe. She was then recharged and ready to go in January 2020 to participate in Operate Smile, which provides surgeries to correct cleft palates and cleft lips in infants and toddlers. Shirley went to Vietnam for Operation Smile where followed 9-month-old Nei through the process and eventual surgery.

Second, be flexible. When the opportunity knocks, take it. Shirley did this and went to India where she not only got to see Rotary grants in action – the installation of libraries and restrooms for elementary children – but also to participate in a wedding celebration – all because of her Rotary connections.

Third, be creative. Shirley and her husband decided to downsize and that meant finding new homes for an extensive cookie jar collection. They did so, in large part be donating the cookie jars to schools and other organizations who filled the jar with cookies and either sold them or gave them away.

Finally, love thy neighbor. Just months after selling their home nestled in the California forest, the Creek fire ravaged the area and burned dozens of structures and homes, including their former house. It was a reminder that we must take care of one another.
NOVEMBER 2, 2021
Opened the meeting at 7:00 am with the pledge of allegiance
Randy started by telling us that Don and Randy went to the District conference and one of the sessions was on diversity, they talked about the struggle that Rotary in general with diversity, inclusion, and equity among the membership.
Randy said he got a letter from Ri yesterday that said somebody donated a large sum of money from the club to the foundation.  The check probably came from Lynne (remember we said a $2000 check was to be sent to the foundation).

We received a certificate regarding the miles walked in the walk contest-Randy gave Don the certificate, As it turns out several members contributed to this walk.  Including Sulee who walked hundreds of miles and Don J. who ran long distances.  Randy contributed by walking as well.  Great job team.
Denise updated us about the El Tour, November 20, 2021, she gave us info on the Aid Station which will be at Redeemer Lutheran  8845 N Silverbell Rd, Tucson, AZ 85743 ( see picture below).  She gave us all the info on aid station – must be ready to go by 10am.    There will be an aid station contest (what can we do?).   John will meet Dan and give him the canopy, table  etc.  Things we need:
  • Canopy & Sandbags
  • Scissors
  • cut-up fruit as needed and placed in trays provided, paper cups
  • good snacks
    • peanut butter and Jelly sandwiches
    • salty chips
    • watermelon
    • electrolyte mix
    • gummy bears
    • pickles
  • water
  • trash bags
  • pickles
  • bicycle pump
  • Allen wrench
  • First aid kit
  • Tongs for picking up food
  • Plastic gloves
  • Rotary Banners
Randy congratulated Mary for the Peace Garden and how good it looks (Mary thank you and your team for all the hard work).
For a club social, in the future,  Becky said Harold recommended a wine tasting from 4pm to 5:30pm it was presented and voted on and passed, they will provide additional information.
Bob Bishop and John Dooling spoke on the Rotary Foundation
Bob went first,  regarding the Rotary Foundation. He described how the Rotary Foundation is funded in part by E.R.E.Y.  (do you know what that means?   another way is other doners who donate directly to the foundation.  The last way is the endowment fund and bequests.  There is a board of trustees who review and make the decision of how the funds are invested.  The Rotary Foundation has very low overhead and comes in at #1 on Charity Navigator for keeping our overhead down. 
The money is divided up into two groups (World Fund and District Designated Fund).
They get broken up into four funds (Polio Plus/Global Grants/District Grants/Peace Centers and other Districts). Randy recommends if you donate give to the Annual Fund, and/or Polio. Each contributions go toward your Paul Harris recognition. The annual fund is the only way District Designated Funds are returned to our district in 3 years to pay for grants. 
John talked about the Marana Rotary Club, and he did it in a way of asking questions and gave $20 out to everyone who answered  (the idea was to give the money John gave for the answers to Randy for his ride) He got a total of $321.00) John you’re the best.
One of the questions that surprised me was are there any people still in an Iron Lung in USA?  the answer was 2.
Rotary’s goal is to 50 million in the polio fund in order to benefit from the Gates foundation match of 2-1 for polio eradication.
Our club has several  Paul Harris fellows and benefactors, and two bequest society members (annuities) and for the last 5 years our club per-capita we have been 2-4 times the average district donations. John described the three types of donation members:
Sustaining Member (This is a Rotarian who donates at least $100 US to the Foundation in a Rotary year)
Paul Harris Fellowship (When a Rotarian or a Club has donated $1,000US to the Foundation the Rotarian may elect to nominate another individual as a Paul Harris Fellow. Self-nomination by the Rotarian is completely acceptable. Cumulative donations by a Rotarian or a Club over multiple years count towards Paul Harris Fellowship recognition.)
Paul Harris Society (When a Rotarian pledges to donate $1,000US per year to the Foundation that Rotarian becomes a member of the Paul Harris Society.) They must apply and commit to giving a minimum of $1000.00 per year to The Rotary Foundation.
Major Donor Once a Rotarian has donated a total of $10,000 US cumulative over time, that Rotarian becomes a Major Donor Level 1. There are subsequent levels for further donations in varying increments. We have two major donors in the club.
Arch Klumph Society (A Rotarian who donates $250,000US in a one-time donation of cash or equivalent become a member of the Arch Klumph Society.)
Benefactor (Individuals who include The Rotary Foundation for any amount in their estate plans are recognized as Rotary Foundation Benefactors.)
Bequest Society (Individuals who include The Rotary Foundation as a beneficiary of at least $10,000US in their estate plans are recognized as members of the Rotary Bequest Society Member Level 1. There are subsequent levels for further donations in varying increments.)
Meeting was adjourned at 8:05 am
Marana Rotary Notes 10/26/2021
Business meeting via zoom, called to order # 701 am
We will have an MCAT student @745 am via zoom, Richie and Dan will be there in person
Randy said several people said the MCAT Student presentation just doesn’t seem the  same.  Before the students and family were joining us in person for the whole meeting and it felt more intimate to see the kids in person.   Dan said he talked to Denise from MCAT, and like the way the last one went.   Dan said the zoom meetings work better for the kids and their family, not having to get transportation to the venue.  Mary said there is a lot of value in the kids seeing our meeting we are supposed to be introducing our youth into leadership and there is a lost opportunity where they are not attending.  Peter said it was nice when they came but the fact that we only get a donut, he felt the zoom one we had the last time wasn’t bad.  Don feels the zoom works ok also, and hearing from Dan the transportation is such an issue, it’s working out ok.  Richie said it falls back on us to connect with student as well, be prepared with questions.
Sad news Randy and Don where is a meeting for crises response in Rotary and learned that the President of the Rotary Club of Casa Grande, drowned in a rip tide in Hawaii.  So keep them in your thoughts.
Randy said there was a special committee meeting regarding the additional funds the club has  club regular account.  Lynne spoke on behalf of the committee; Lynne had prepared a report of things we have to pay each quarter it was broken down by things we should pay, things we should pay and those that discretionary and the total is $148.00 a quarter so we will leave the dues at $150.00.  She said they voted to waive the dues this quarter.   And that donations will be $2000 to the Marana Rotary Foundation and $2000 to the Rotary International Annual fund.    John, Peter & Harold will donate their quarterly dues  to the Rotary annual Programs fund.  Sulee will donate her fees to the Marana Rotary Foundation to be used for Thanksgiving or Christmas for the family selected.  – Randy said taxes have been paid per Lynne.
Volunteers need to be at the airport on Thursday November 11th  from 8am to 8pm, to welcome Rotarians from around the world coming in for the District conference.  Mary has volunteered and possibly Denise, coupon need to be hand them for $5.00 off for their taxi ride to their hotel.  There is approximately 500 Rotarians coming to the conference.
Shirley Grace will be our speaker on Nov 9th, she has a global grant for Zimbabwe boys and girls club in Harare, she has donated to us she is asking for $.
The District Conference this week -  Mary and Don will be attending.
Harold said that Denise has a meeting October 30 from 11:30-1 re the El Tour De Tucson aid station
Dan will be working to get a name of a family who is in need from Denise @ MCAT, for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Sulee will be working with Dan to get the food together and gifts for the family.
Randy and Mary said the Peace Pole Dedication was great, speakers were good and there was a great representation of the community (Law Enforcement- Fire Department).  It was very unifying for our community and really felt like we were ONE.    
We didn’t do happy bucks today – but happy to see Becky joining us – recovery has been a bit harder than she thought it was going to be.
 MCAT student: Paris Fisher her mom Nicole and Aunt with two cousins attended us via zoom.
Denise started by saying she is changing up the format a little bit by asking some interviewing Paris.   Denise said she is a triple threat student they grade on academics, attitude & attendance and she is exceeding all three of them.
D - What schools did you go to in elementary.  P- said she went to about 6 schools in elementary school, went to Tortilla Middles School and then went to Mountain View and they started online and then found she wanted to go to school in person and came to MCAT when she was behind in credits and now, she is going to graduate ahead of time.
D- she is such a communicator  P- Yes, I like to interact with people and be positive with them.
D- What are going to do when you graduate  P- I am thinking about moving to Oregon to be with my mom or to Phoenix where I have other relatives.

D- What are going to do after graduation P- I am thinking about Bio-medical Engineering  or Wildlife Research
Richie gave her movie tickets and a certificate on behalf of the Rotary Club of Marana.
Marana Peace Garden Dedication
October 22, 2021
Members of the Town of Marana community gathered to dedicate its new Peace Garden, built by the Rotary Club of Marana in a peaceful enclave of the Marana Crossroads District Park.  Participants of the event included the Marana Chief of Police and Officers, the Northwest Fire Chief, a Pima County Supervisor representative, past and future District 5500 Governors, the Pastor of a nearby church, a member of a local Orthodox Jewish community, and Rotary Club of Marana members and friends.    
With each speaker, a felt sense of community and responsibility to peace grew.  Each spoke uniquely about peace, but there was also a common core addressed.  Peace is an attitude of interest, compassion, and understanding toward ourselves and others, even in the face of internal or external conflict.  Conflict is a symptom that occurs when parts of ourselves, a person, or group are not welcomed with understanding. 
As Rotarians, we know that conflict, hunger, poverty, disease, repression all underlie interruptions in peace.  It is why our intent is to do good works in the Rotary Areas of Focus throughout the world.  It is not enough, however, to do good deeds alone.  The most important component of our work and the one with the most lasting value comes when we incorporate attitudes of peace; interest, compassion and understanding with those we serve; when we elevate voices.
May Peace Prevail on Earth

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MCAT Student Of The Month 

MCAT - Marana Career & Technical High School is an optional opportunity for Marana High School and Mountain View High School students to learn and earn academic credit in a non-traditional educational setting. 

The Marana Rotary Club has been honoring students from MCAT for over 22 years. 

Below are Students for Rotary Year July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022

Noah  Romero           Sept
Paris Fisher                Oct
Rotary International
Owori will become first Ugandan to head Rotary International

Business leader Samuel Owori will become first Ugandan to head Rotary

PolioPlus is engaging reluctant communities by addressing basic needs

PolioPlus is engaging reluctant communities by addressing basic

Rotary Projects Around the Globe January 2022

Rotary Projects Around the GlobeJanuary