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Marana Rotary Club has gone to virtual meeting to be safe from the Virus
Visitors are always welcome to the Marana Rotary Club
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Marana Rotary Club is using ZOOM and it very easy
MEETING MINUTES 02/24/21 7:00 AM – 8:00 AM via Zoom
Submitted by Randy Brooks
The club participated in a robust, yet fragmented pledge. 
Attending Today: John D., President; Joyce Zwick (guest from Canada); Randy, Laura, Sulee (Guest and potential member); Lynne, Don, Denise, Mary, Dan, Richie, David, Andy and Karl. We have another guest Dan Streeter, Superintendent of the Marana Unified School District attending – welcome Dr. Dan Streeter.
The Rotary Convention has been cancelled for in person attendance.  It will again this year be a virtual event.  Perhaps a few of us can attend the event next year in Houston. 
There will be a Rotary District 5500 Conference in June in Tubac, Arizona.  Hope it actually happens …. Our governor and her team deserve a break in having an in person event.
President John is quite proud of our club, we are the only or one of a very few that have 100% registration with My Rotary.  Way to go everyone.
We have written several former Rotary Youth Exchange students asking that they send a photo from their youth exchange and only a few have responded so far. Jeanne from France and Eleana from Peru are two that have responded.  We hope we receive more and that Richie is able to post their photos and comments on our Facebook page.
Denise won a contest for her jewelry store in the amount of $500.00 which she in turn donated to the Rotary Club of Marana.  Thank you so much Denise.
Discussion but no resolution to the issue of used electronics. 
The shredding day is in our future in April, 17, 9 AM to noon.  Don Jorgensen sent out a request for volunteers and asking to help with specific tasks.  Anyone with graphic and marketing ability please help.  Those able to shred please volunteer.  Those that can register people and collect funds please help.  We lost the ability to hold the Tour de Cookie this year and these small fundraising projects are extremely important. I know the event is in my calendar and I will help, I heard Mary volunteer and several others nodded your heads.  Please e-mail Don and tell him what you can do: Thanks.
Happy Bucks
Joyce Zwick: John, her father and our club member (95 years old), had his second COVID shot.
Laura: has visitors (sister and family) and is enjoying the socially distant time with them.  Sounds like a weird statement. “Come on over but don’t touch me and stay outside.” LOL
Randy told a bad joke about COVID and its side effects.  You would have had to been there. Let everyone know that Deb is doing well with the new knee. Two Hips, two knees, spinal cord and wrist.  What could be next?
Harold has his second COVID vaccine and visited with George Rigney, a former member whom lost his spouse recently.
Sulee: Our newest potential member (in waiting period).  Her husband has serious health issues and was having procedures on Tuesday AM.  However the schedule has changed and so Sulee now can join our club.  Great news for us.  Those of you that don’t know, Sulee was a member several years ago and in my opinion welcome back.
Don – happy that he participated in RYLA. 40 youth attended that seemed engaged.  Thanks Don.
Beckie – happy that she was able to go to a park with her extended family.  Feels sort of normal again (not quite yet Beckie – but better).
Dan C. – His latest binge watch on TB is “Songs that Changed Music.” He commented that playing guitar is complicated.  Randy agreed and then confessed that he doesn’t know how to play either.
Mary: received second COVID vaccine and had a slight sore arm, in spite of the joke, this writer, made about her. She misses Laura and cocktails in the evening (because of Laura’s guests).  She was reassured they will begin again.
Denise is very happy that her employees agreed to donate to the club and that Dr. Streeter is here to visit today.
Lynne: Not happy, software issues that will be fixed soon.  She told a joke about tomatoes not being a sweet fruit, and how most of us do not have tomato smoothies.  Yea, you sure? Tomato, Lemon, spices, celery, and vodka that some have in the AM.  That’s really close.
Andy: Apologized for being late, he is in Portland, Oregon where up to 350,0K00 have been without power.  He has had internment power.  Stay warm Andy.
Karl: Happy family visited
Richie: received his second injection had some symptoms but is doing better now.
David: Has enjoyed his children doing the study at home and is a little sad they will be going back in person.  You’re a great dad, David.
Introduction of Dr. Dan Streeter by Laura:
Dan (we use first names in Rotary, Dan) Superintendent of Marana Unified School District – MUSD). As CEO he is in charge of day to day operations and tons of employees. Previously was Superintendent at Humboldt and the HR director. He has a PhD in Education Leadership and strongly feels personalized learning is the key to success for our children. He is happy he gets his second vaccine next week. Married for 21 years, two sons from the union, enjoys biking.  One son is a senior at Mountain View High School. The other son is younger and in class. 
MUSD has 12,000 students, covers 500 square miles, 1,800 employees and 700 teachers. He believes in collaborative partnerships. MUSD is rated high in US News and World Report, Blue Ribbon Schools, considered electronically advanced and engages in “code to the future.” A coding process for counselors in all schools. He discussed Advanced Placement Program only 1,000 in the world. The school has been hybrid, open, closed, open closed …. Sounds a little crazy making. The staff have been cleaning, cleaning and cleaning, tedious but important. 
Literacy needs are being met, learning critical thinking and graduates are ready to contribute to society. “Identify what is right with children and engage their strengths … not weaknesses.”
Great presentation Dr. Dan.  Come back again.
Meeting adjourned.
A reminder: mistakes made, and I know there are many …. Disregard.  Thanks have a good week.
Rotary Club of Marana Meeting; February 9, 2021
Today began with a hurrah to our own Valentine: Peter Mack was born on Valentine’s Day and married on Valentine’s Day.   Many happy wishes to him and his wife, Josie. 
Club Business:
  • Richie graduated from Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI), a 3-level training.  The training was held via zoom for the first time.  Richie missed the exchange of information and ideas that happens in-person.  However, he enjoyed the sessions and the facilitators and recommends the institute highly. 
  • A year-end summary of the Rotary Vocational Fund highlights its success.  86 students were served and 86 graduates joined the work force in their chosen fields.  The fields included phlebotomy, nursing, respiratory technician, aviation, collision and repair.
  • The Annual Joint Meeting between Mexico, D5500, and D4595 will be held the 19th – 21st;  Friday and Saturday 8:00am to 12:00pm and Sunday 9:00 to 10:00 via zoom.  The meeting intention is to identify projects in Mexico on which there can be collaboration.  Randy and Andy will represent us.  Next year the meeting is scheduled for here in Tucson.
  • Jigsaw Puzzle Fundraiser update:  Bob is having difficulty getting the Oro Valley-based company, MasterPieces to respond.  He will look into other options.
  • Don looked into information on a shredding for a fundraiser; Vail club has done it and he is coordinating with them.   There was conversation of many aspects; Don will follow up.    
  • As members are getting vaccinated, it is time to consider in-person and hybrid meetings.  Andy is looking into with Tohono Chul, Laura is looking into the YMCA, and Beckie is looking into whether the Marana Chamber of Commerce might have a space for us in their new office in the Town Complex.
Happy Bucks
  • Harold is impressed that, when all said and done, 29 boxes of stuff came out of his RV.  29 boxes are headed to donation at Goodwill.
  • Don had a great visit with granddaughter and great granddaughter.
  • Lynne is happy in her new digs.
  • Bob is hiding in-doors from his 19 degree weather.  He’ll be burrowing in further tomorrow which expects a high of 9.
  • Andy was peaceful and grateful looking at a beautiful sunrise on the Utah red rocks.
  • Randy had a wonderful time with Eleana and Pedro senior, visiting from Peru.
  • Laura is delighted that her Policeman PTSD case is being considered by the court of appeals.  If successful there will be a change in the Arizona Constitution broadening the scope of qualifications for disability to include PTSD for the Police and First Responders. 
  • Mary noticed spring arriving; doves building precarious nests in her front yard and mail quail patrolling on her fence in the back.
  • Beckie had a wonderful birthday with her family, going to the zoo and picnicking.  Her best birthday present was getting appointments for vaccines.
  • Peter was in Flagstaff through the weekend at the naval observatory and going back up this weekend.  He also described the battle-field his wife has created by feeding the birds; upwards of 500 dove and quail scurrying for their morsels.
  • Carl appreciated the beautiful days, his great family, having a beautiful pace to live and great job.
  • Joyce rejoiced that her mom got her first vaccine on Sunday.
  • Richie’s had a quiet week, got laundry done and relaxed. 
  • Dave’s 2 boys joined a lacrosse team and had their first game this past weekend.  We all enjoyed the presence of one of his sons this meeting,  jumping around and making faces in the background. 
  • John endured many tedious attempts and, at length, was miraculously able to schedule a same day vaccine.  
Submitted by Mary Straus,
Rotary Club of Marana
Minutes – 1/19/21
Submitted by Randy Brooks
Attending: John, Harold, Randy, Bob, Don, Peter, Andy, Richie, Carl, Joyce (visitor), Beckie
I apologize for the tardiness of these minutes …. I was so excited about my birthday I completely forgot the minutes as well as my name and location. 
This was a general meeting without a presenter:
Question if Denise is returning to the club ….. John will follow up with her.
Dan C., and John held a meeting with the Old Pueblo club and discussed the possibility of a poker tournament.
John announced a Neil Diamond concert with the Dove Mountain hosting.  It will be held this Friday, 1/29/2021.  Check the website for additional information.
Randy mentioned his birthday and his total excitement in becoming 75.
RYLA: We have two children registered and can take one more if you know a high school aged student. Dan will check with MCAT to see if they have someone.
We have an opening for a student to participate in the 4-Way Speech contest.  Needs to be registered by the 1st of February, 1st place is $1000.00.  Please check out the website if you’re interested in referring a student.
Peter visited a meeting in the UK for fun...  Challenged everyone to join a meeting somewhere in the world this next week. 
Discussion of posting our connection information for our meetings and it was decided not to do it because we could be hacked and could experience naked people showing up at our meetings. LOL
Don’s friend Carol is still interested in joining our club, but has some medical issues to resolve first.
On Martin Luther King Day there is a meeting of all Peace Builder Clubs.  Several members are hoping to attend.
Actually, Don, Harold and Randy attended 38 attended from our district. They have a Rotary Action Group (RAG) that is a fundraising group and also acting on ways to foster peace around the world, including Peace Poles. They hold peace events and support scholars. 
Beckie discovered 5 guys’ burgers and sounds like she will return.
Joyce went out to dinner.
Richie will tomorrow receive his first COVID injection … yea.
Carl wishes the new administration in DC and is hoping for peace.
Andy: Hard to find happy right now (I get it), Rain is nice and is hoping the country will work together to be a “more perfect” union.
Bob: completed a 1000 word jigsaw puzzle. His spouse has symptoms of COVID but actually it was a dental problem. Anyway that is what I heard.
Peter: Renovating his bathroom and discovered the slab is broken under the tile.
Mary: Apprehensive and hopeful for the new administration. Visited the Sandhill Cranes and enjoyed the moment.
Don: Returning from NY and sad to leave his grandson behind. He has been helping Jana and her husband paint.
Randy: Worried about COVID and his wife’s surgery tomorrow (she did fine by the way)
Harold: Gets his COVID shot on the 28th and is happy.
John: Played golf for the first time in forever.  Scored an impressive 90 on the front 9 hole. Lost 9 balls but found 12.  On Saturday he sat on a Prickly Pear Cactus. 
That’s it folks.  As usual please keep needed corrections to yourself.  As you know I have to write these from a few weeks ago and my retentive memory is strange. 
Randy B.
Rotary Club of Marana Meeting; Jaunary 12, 2021
After the slow-motion rendition of the Pledge of Allegiance…
Club Business::
  • Board Meeting:          
    • Tour de Cookie has been canceled for year 2021.
    • Dan and John will be meeting with Kevin from Old Pueblo t.  Kevin has experience in organizing on line poker tournaments which we will
  • RLI on 23rd and 30th of this month; first Saturday next month
  • RYLA has been postponed until February 19 and 20.  Still openings. 
  • There’s a push to use Rotary Direct for contributions to Rotary for automatic drafts.
  • Brand new D55000Rotary Club;  Rotary of Tucson Club, Verde; Environmental Focus
  • Peace Conference USA/Mexico, February 13th and 14th, Virtual; Linking Mexico
  • Four-Way Speech Contest; $25 Entrance Fee; deadline is February 1st. Event April 10.
Happy Bucks:
  • David has recovered from Covid and is looking forward to the warmer temperatures that are joining us in the coming ddays.
  • Richie has regained his taste and intermittent smell.  He started puppy training, with his puppy.
  • Lynne enjoyed and recommended Don’s book.  She also entertained us with a clever joke.
  • Andy is grateful none his family has contracted Covid.  He believes this due to the streak of Meanness that runs through his very being.  This writer has a hard time imagining that.
  • Peter is having fun knocking out walls in his home.  He‘s taken on a remodeling project.
  • Randy is tickled pink he’s receiving his 1st vaccine on January 29th.   He also delighted in telling us of a video Kathy Jorgensen sent of their grandson walking.  He particularly enjoyed that just as the grandson was walking toward Don, he veered and blew by  him.   
  • Laura is happy that she received a negative Covid test, which means she didn’t bring home a nasty souvenier from New Orleans.
  • Becky was happy to say Goodbye to all her Christmas decorations and to reintroduce herself to a clean house.  She lamented not getting the vaccine yet; Arizona lags behind Utah and Wyoming.
  • Carl thankful all in family are healthy.
  • Dan was surprised that when he went to his doc for a sinus infection, he tested positive for Covid.  Luckily extremely mild symptoms. 
  • Bob’s been doing all the important things; puzzles and binge watching 24, in 29 degree weather in Oklahoma.
  • Don travel to New York, negative tests on both sides of trip. 
  • Joyce is in Tucson with her parents.  From isolation in Canada to isolation in Arizona.  Grateful to be with family.
  • Harold continues to see select friends while waiting for shot.
  • John shared with the club that he has met and really enjoyed Rotarians Kathy and Jay McCaul.  Jay published letter in letter to the editor that John recommended. 
Submitted by Mary Straus, January 19, 2021
Submitted by Randy Brooks
Attending: Harold, John, Randy, Andy, Richie, Peter, Mary, Dan C, Laura, Carl, Beckie and Don was excused, traveling.
Richie was asked about his recovery from COVID 19.  He is feeling better, was very ill. Lost the sense of smell, 14 pounds and was in isolation for about 10 days.  Does not recommend COVID as a weight loss program. States breathing is a big deal (probably for all of us) and indicated that lying on your side or stomach and not your back is not suggested.  If I were on my stomach it would resemble a child’s teeter totter but I digress. Little bits of exercise to keep the lungs working is important and unfortunately painful… He appreciated all the e-mail, texts and calls from the club during the illness. Glad you are back Richie.
We learned of the unfortunate passing of Alice Rigney of a probable combination of heart disease and COVID. Not additional information is available. We all hope George is holding up OK.
The annual USA/Mexico Peace Conference – to learn about global grants will be hosted by Mexico this year ….. Plans are to hold a virtual meeting lasting two days, February 13 – February 15, 2021.  More information will follow and when President John receives it will pass it on to you.  All are welcome to attend.
Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) is around the corner.  As most of you know it is a three part experience, Level 1, 2 and 3.  I encourage all that have not complete attend and participate in this important learning experience. You can find registration information on the District Website.  Google Rotary District 5500 webpage or go to To totally complete the program you must complete all three levels.  This year you can attend three consecutive Saturdays and graduate.  Trust me, if you can do three Satrudays it will save having to complete three sessions over a year. 
We are all hoping to have a place to meet face to face in the future, not sure when.  Laura promised to check again with the YMCA and see if they have room for our locker with banners, flags and other items stored within. Andy had mention he may speak with the folks at Tohono Chul again.
Dan and Mary delivered Christmas dinner and gifts to our adopted family. They seemed very appreciative of the effort by our club.
Dan, Randy, Laura and John discussed the Tour de Cookie and the Covid virus.  Early March seems to close with the numbers of those ill increasing and shoving it into April may be too late and quite a bit warmer.  We also discussed that the winter visitors are usually departed by April.  The board will discuss this evening about whether to have the event this year.
We discussed a virtual poker tournament.  Dan is going to look into it for us and as a dry run we will have one session just for members of the club and then hopefully a full-fledged event as a fundraising event after.
Beckie suggested a raffle ….. If we do that it will be important to have a large ticket item to give away.  We also discussed having a 50-50 raffle virtually as well.  More to discuss.
Harold …. Spending quiet time with family. However virtually attended a birthday party for his granddaughters first birthday. She did not eat her cake, just crunched it up with her hand and presumably smeared it around.  Remind you of anyone?
Randy- Has the Covid blues, wants the simple pleasure of going out to a movie and maybe dinner.  Oh, yes, and Hawaii as well.  Working around his place.
Andy – Like Randy is tired of the isolation ….. As he sits in his newly built home in Utah, with beautiful snow around the property.  Sounds like a winter wonderland. Must be tough, Andy.
Peter- bought a smoker BBQ and made hamburgers for his crew.  Went shopping on Christmas Eve at Costco, a family tradition for years.  Very wise Peter, whatever you buy will last until next year at the same time, because everything is in bulk. Good job.
Mary- 2020 is gone, says she with a small tear in her eye. Feels like the chaos is still with us, politics, virus …. But we still have Mary’s positive attitude. Actually, she is very hopeful for the New Year, the possible passing of the virus and for the potential growth of our club.
Dan C. - Now here is a story, each year he and friends from Heather’s bicycle club climb Picacho Peak.  Dan and another fellow hiked to the saddle on the mountain.  The rest hiked to the peak.  Dan’s new BFF (he was a talker) decided to fall off the mountain bouncing around on rocks and yelling and such.  They had to call for an extraction by a helicopter for the fellow who suffered a loss of dignity, broken clavicle and ribs. Happy New Year to this fellow.
Laura – returned yesterday from New Orleans where she attending a wedding for her nephew.  Had a wonderful time and is now in quarantine for a week to make sure she is not contaminated with the virus.  She thanked Mary for watching her horse sized puppy, Masie. 
Beckie – she says that she is enjoying the quarantine….. What? She did leave the house (busted) for one client and to purchase a ham. Says she has enough ham for the New Year.
Richie- is grateful that his family is healthy is worried about elderly family members and for those that are pregnant.
Carl- Great to be with his family and mentioned that several of his clients have had Covid but to his knowledge none have passed away.  Our fingers are crossed for you and your clients, Carl.
John D., he is missing his weekly trips to Costco however that does not deter him from doctors where he received an injection in his heal (ouch) and he is now painless from tendon and muscle pain in the foot. Maybe next year you can go to Costco with Peter.
We have several pending new members, one a possible transfer from the Tucson Club, another a returning member and a third that is a friend of Don Jorgensen.
HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE and remember …. If you find that any of my ramblings are incorrect, it’s OK, Mary will be taking notes next week. Be well and be happy.
Rotary Club of Marana Meeting; December 22, 2020
  • Richie had his birthday while battling Covid.  We all wish him speedy recovery.
  • Our club is dedicated to supporting 2 RYLA students this year. Deadline December 28th         
  • Christmas Family Update:  Mary’s bought gifts, Dan’s buying food tomorrow.  Club voted to use full amount of budget, unused money to go directly to the family.
  • Arizona Rotary Vocational Fund.  Harold spoke with us of the clubs successful relationship with the fund and recipients and encouraged us to contribute.  Contributions are deductible dollar for dollar by Arizona Dept of Revenue.
Happy Bucks:
  • Peter did a happy dance because he went to Kit Peak to witness the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn
  • Carl enjoyed the sunset and planets at gates pass.  He was also emitting Christmas Cheer.
  • Beckie set up kitchen with table and chairs for little June.  She continues to be awed and delight in her granddaughter.
  • Lynne didn’t disappoint, telling us a clever joke.  Lynne was exposed to Covid in her office but gratefully has tested negative.  She also informed us of some exciting news; on January  1st her firm is merging with another, Goodman and Goodman.
  • Randy was relieved to discover that the stalker peering in his window last night was John.  Randy was feeling Christmas Cheer and grateful that his household is Covid-free.
  • Laura was delighted by a Holiday visit with her sister on  Sunday.  Despite living only as far as Phoenix, the two hadn’t spent time together since March.  They picnicked and visited in Casa Grande in a Culver’s parking lot.  Laura was also thrilled about Jupiter and Saturn and the Moon and pleased that many seemed to be full of wonder about our skies. 
  • Don was relieved to learn that a close cousin who is a nurse has been vaccinated. 
  • Mary was full Christmas Cheer and enchanted with the skies.
  • Bob’s family is recovering from Covid, with only the tiredness holding on.  He also admitted to succumbing to the Netflix fever; he recommended the series 24 with Keifer Sutherland.
  • Harold was pleased that his son and his wife are recovering from Covid and beginning to return to work. 
  • John was, like Don,  grateful that a family member, his daughter-in-law, a TMC nurse, received the vaccine.  He also posed a question to Carl, our optometric physicist; why do stars dances around while planets appear still?  I couldn’t follow the answer, but believe it has something to do with the density and spread of the matter.  Planets have a wider spread that averages something out that affects our vision and the apparent stability of the planet.  (apologies) 
  • Andy noticed on his drive to southern Utah that roadside Navajo stores are reopening.  He was pleased that their economy might be getting back on track.  Before leaving for Utah, Andy had a ton of fun celebrating Christmas with his grandkids.
Laura Introduced us to our very newest member, Andy Swarthout.  Andy carries a degree in Economic Geology from the U of A;  a degree in “prospecting”, as he puts it.  He has participated in an/or led Minerals Exploration from the tip of South America to northern points of Alaska and across the world.  In 1990 Andy accepted a 3 year assignment in Lima, Peru and ended up working and living there for 15 years.  In the Andes Highlands he discovered the largest undeveloped silver deposit in the world.  In 2000, Andy founded his company, Bear Creek Mining Corporation, from which he retired in 2017 but continues on the board.
Andy has had many adventures and discovered quite a number of mineral and metal deposits in his tenure.  He describes his business as high risk; with intrepid scientists, engineers, and field workers hazarding into very remote places.  His means of transportation have spanned from planes to helicopter to cars to busses to burros.  He has even survived a helicopter crash. 
Andy delighted in talking with us, however, not about his mining adventures, but about  the culture of his company.  Mining has a horrible legacy of indifference toward the people and environment where surface rights have been purchased.  Mining regulations have begun to move toward more responsible approaches to mining.  However, Andy’s company has led the charge with a model that stresses the company’s relationship with the public and the environment.  This model has at times put him at odds with other mining companies.  Andy illustrated this for us with, Bear Creek Mining’s relationship with the indigenous, Quechua people who live in the Andes Highlands where the company’s silver deposit is.   
There are approximately 25,000 Quechaus living in a 30 mile area at 18,000 feet in the Andes Highlands.  Their language predates the Incans.  They are a communal oriented, agrarian  people whose livestock mainly consists of llamas.  Their economy is based on their crops, their livestock, and wool of the llamas.  They suffer poverty, malnutrition, poor education, and high mortality rates.
Bear Creek Mining, Andy in particular, forged a trusting relationship with the Quechua community, listening to and coming to understand theer culture.  Over time, he had conversations with all communities members and leaders about their ways, their strengths, their wishes and  their needs.  Together the Quechuas and Andy developed a plan to bring the community out of poverty through improved health, education, and commerce.  
With Bear Creek Mining support, the Quechuas transformed themselves into a healthy, economically autonomous community. Bear Creek put effort and money into its success; it built green houses, schools, and bathrooms for the community at large. It also supported the development and implementation of a nutrition program in the schools and offers college scholarships.  Bear Creek even brought in a geneticist to evaluate and implement a plan for improved fiber from the Alpaca.  Subsequently, it provided business micro loans, mostly to women who have the creativity and know how to produce textiles, weavings, and clothing for sale. 
Quechua fiber went from bringing in $7/kilogram to $25/kilogram.  With their improved wool, business practices education provided by the Bear Creek, and microloans, Quechua women have become completely autonomous selling textiles known for being of the best quality in the region.  They even have Italian importers in their customer base. 
With their greenhouses and bathrooms and education about nutrition and sanitation, health has greatly improved in the Quechua community.    The mortality rate has decreased by 50%, respiratory infections by 25%, and acute infections in digestive tracts by 50%.
There has also been a 6-fold increase in school attendance with corresponding improved literacy rates.  There are even student who have been able to take advantage of college scholarships.
Andy shared beautiful pictures with us of the Quechua people and their lives.  In them it was apparent that the delight Andy exhibited in talking with us about the Quechuas was a mutual experience for them regarding Andy.  Andy, a relatively new Rotarian, is someone who built a business based on the principles of the Rotary 4-Way Test.  We are appreciative of the work he has done and proud to have him as a member. 
Submitted by Mary Straus, January 4, 2021
MINUTES 12.15.2020
Submitted by Randy Brooks
Harold B., Randy, Joyce Z (visitor), John D. (president), Beckie P., Bob B., Don J., Andrew S., Peter M., Mary S., Lynne H., Laura C., Dan C., Mindy Blake (Guest and speaker RTA)
Pledge of Allegiance: Harold
President John stated the following will receive PHF awards in the mail.  Congratulations to Andrew, Beckie, Peter and Mary.  Mary, Chair of the Club Foundation went on to congratulate all the awardees and the entire club is appreciative of the effort.
John asked if everyone has signed up on My Rotary yet? If not please do and help the club be the first 100% compliant club.  If you are having trouble contact Harold and he will help.
Slate of Officers for the Board of Directors for the RC of Marana and RC of Marana Foundations voted on and the results are: 
Rotary Club of Marana Board of Directors
President: Randy Brooks
Secretary – Andy Swarthout
Treasurer – Lynne Himmer
President Elect – Laura Clymer
Member at Large – Mary Straus
Member at Large – Don Jorgensen
Immediate Past President – John Dooling
Rotary Club of Marana Foundation Board
President – Harold Burtzloff
Secretary – Bob Bishop
Treasurer – Lynne Himmer
Member at Large – Beckie Penman
Member at Large – Carl Maes
Thank you all for offering and accepting to serve.  The vote was unanimous.
John is sending out information to members regarding a fundraising event for the Coolidge Rotary Club.
Kingman Rotary Club requested our clubs help on a project in the Middle East. After discussion it was decided to table the request for a later date.
Harold – Enjoying the weather and happy that his children are recovering nicely from Covid 19
Randy – Happy that so many stepped up to be board members and remarked his Diabetics is doing very well.
Bob – Still in Oklahoma staying with family whom are recovering from Covid 19.
Andy – Happy to be elected to the board and that he was awarded a PHF.
Don – Excited that Seattle Magazine did an article on his book, “Three Worlds – One Voyage” You can purchase this book on Amazon or Kindle…. Just sayin.
Peter – was excited to go to Chile and sad he unable to fly. Remember that Jupiter and Saturn will dazzle us now and into the solstice December 21.
Mary – announced her niece is still Covid positive but, Mary and another niece are negative.  She mentioned she is happy that the board was elected for next year.
Laura – is happy that she has shopped and today is mailing gifts to her family and that they should arrive on time.
Carl - Harold dropped by his office this week and picked up donated food for the needy.
Lynne- Once again entertained with a funny joke about football.
Dan – Crazy times at the school district... MUSD still meeting in person.
Joyce – Pass
John – Three of his family, first responders and pharmacist are receiving Covid immunizations this week.
This has been a big year for the RTA and plans are being prepared for the future of the agency.  She pointed out that RTA and the Pima Association of Government, PAG, are administratively the same.  In order to make road improvements, build better bridges, bike paths and other efforts the voters voted for a ½ of a cent sales tax increase several years ago.
For all you acronym lovers she showed us how funding works for various projects and agencies, involved in all of this ….. Here we go are: RTA, PAG, FPA HURF, FNWA and ADOT.
The process: The advisory committee develops the recommendations for improvements, then they establish priorities, RTA approves or discusses, Public input is requested, Plan is reviewed, then a call for election is made (your vote).
If you would like to get involved text 22828 or go to the web at
Wendy answered several questions regarding jurisdictions …… Pima County is responsible for unincorporated areas. RTA works mostly on arterial roads and projects within all the cities, municipalities, and tribal lands in our area.
I can’t even imagine how many errors I have made on this document …… Have a great week everyone.
Rotary Club of Marana Meeting, December 1, 2020
Everyone was in a cheerful mood on this chilly morning.  We were honored to welcome District Governor, Diane Ventura Goodyear, to our club. 
Announcements/Club Business:
  • Thanks from our president to club members for responding to request to sign on to
  • More thanks and recognition for the many who responded to the board’s Matching Points Programs.  John believes 10 members have achieved a Paul Harris in this year with contributions to TRF, Annual and Polio Eradication Funds.  Congratulations to our club!  These contributions allow us and Rotary Clubs around the world to do good works.  We have yet to meet John’s $10000 Rotary Foundation giving goal, but I believe we will get there. 
  • December 29th  we will be dark.
  • Slate of Officers for the year 21 – 22 will be presented to club soon.  A vote will be called later in the month. 
Assistant Governor Marc Snow introduced us to Diane Ventura-Goodyear
DG Diane’s Rotary highlights include: presiding of the merger of two clubs; being part of a Global Team in Uganda, where she taught technology skills to women; transforming District 5500 to more sustainable technologies, involving moving trainings to online and setting up cloud-based infrastructures.  These have benefited the district, clubs, and individual Rotarians alike. 
Diane was a computer professor and is a long-time owner of her business, The Computer Nanny.  In addition to her career, Diane enjoys embroidery, yoga, and her family.  She has been married to Gordon for 35 years and raised 2 children, both now  young adults
District Governor Diane Ventura Goodyear began with acknowledging the radical changes that were thrust onto all of us by the pandemic.  She lamented that she was unable to follow through with her plans to spend significant time with “our brothers and sisters” outside the Tucson area.  Diane encouraged us to continue to be cautious with in-person meetings, but also highlighted some of the benefits that have come from these challenges.
  • The District was forced to move more quickly to put various trainings online.  This has proven beneficial, as there are more training attendees than ever before.
  • Zoom has given us a huge opportunity to expand our reach, even when we return to in-person meetings.
  • Zoom has opened us to unlimited Speakers.  Diane encouraged us to reach out to RI leadership for programs.
  • In the RI Learning Center, Toastmasters has designed 8 classes that are available to us at no cost.
  • We can outreach to Roteractors for membership, as they can now be official Rotary members. 
  • The District is learning how to provide virtual interactive trainings.  Both Rotary Learning Institute (RLI) and Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) will be held remotely.  Currently 102 students have been awarded RYLA.
DG Diane shared with us RI President Holger Knaack’s Goals for Districts worldwide:
  1. Do not focus on head count.  Create different types of clubs;  fellowship, e-clubs, satellite club (only need 8 members that become a subset of our club), common interest clubs.
  2. Select members carefully and Engage your Members. 
  3. Continue to Support Polio Eradication 
  4. Create Visioning and create Strategic Plans.  Have a long view.  ADG Marc is creating a visioning team that will be available to clubs. 
DG Diane further stressed with us the following:
  • Public Image.  Where Rotary pins and attire at any time, not only meeting times.
  • Contribute to the Rotary Foundation.  She recommended the use of Rotary Direct, a very easy way to donate online.
  • The formation of a Peace Builder Committee, in which our club is a member.  Peace and  Peace Pole will premiere at the district conference, which will be held June 4th and 5th in Tubac.
DG Diane left us with the following:
“Life is about using the whole box of crayons.”
Submitted by Mary Straus,
Rotary Club of Marana
Meeting Minutes, 11-24-2020, 7:00 AM
Submitted by Randy Brooks
Attending: President John, Harold, Randy, Andy, Bob B., Mary, Suelee, Dan, David, Don G., Peter, Laura, and Joyce Zwick
Pledge was led by John. 
Discussion of handbags and it appears we donated over 115 bags to Gospel Rescue Mission and Sister Jose Center for Women.  Both agencies appreciated our efforts.  Thank you to all the Rotarians, family members and friends that donated purses, those that packed them, Carl for letting us use his office and those that delivered the purses. 
Dan Contorno, not to be out done, went shopping with Heather (his spouse) and shopped for Thanksgiving dinner for a family of 10 people.  It was wonderful to see the photos of the food, as we all prepare to overdose on food, dessert and drinks ourselves in a few days.  Thank you Dan and Heather.  Christmas is around the corner and the Club (Dan, Mary and others) will shop for this same family for Christmas dinner and gifts for the family. 
John announces four members are not on “My Rotary” at the Rotary International site.  Please update your records and visit our Rotary Club of Marana website as well.
Next Monday, Nov 30, the Board of the RC of Marana will have a meeting with Governor Diane Ventura-Goodrich. The following day she will visit our club meeting so please attend.
RYLA program: It will be virtual this year and the cost is only 50.00.  Please encourage your friends and family to send their high school kids.
There will be an In Door Ride to End Polio soon ….. Did not catch the date and planning is underway for the high school 4-Way Speech Contest as well.
Happy Bucks:
Harold had breakfast with John Zwick and John is hoping we get back to face to face meeting you he can join us and actually hear the conversation.  Has no one shown him to hit the volume button on his computer? Harold also discussed distribution of 600 turkeys a year in Kansas and that it is hard to find a freezer that large.
Randy: Happy about club projects and proud of our efforts.
Andy: Happy to be back in Tucson – sad about accident on Interstate 10 and looking forward to a simple Thanksgiving.
Bob B., is in Oklahoma staying with his mother in law … happy holidays Bob.
Mary: congratulated Richie on the project of special air filters for disadvantaged children in the MUSD for students. 
Laura gave a website for a podcast that would give those of us that are challenged instructions on how to split a turkey in two, pound on it and then cook it.  Ask Laura if you need help finding the website. She is also happy her brother Sister is visiting as well.  They all were evaluated and practicing safe distancing.
Suelee, application for membership has been sent to John D., welcome Suelee it is wonderful to have you back.
Don J., Happy about the uplifting meeting and projects.  Sad about the loss of a friend’s spouse.
Peter: Discussed that he is happy about the holiday, will have a quiet day, glad the political season is coming to a close and glad a vaccine will soon become available for Covid.
Joyce: Wishes us in the US a happy Thanksgiving (hers was in October, of course).
Dan: Loved helping with the needy family and the club 300 budget was perfect.
David: is happy with his family.  His daughter joined the Marana High School Cross Country Team.  But became ill …. However after running with his daughter he’s now in good enough shape to run in a race (Turkey Trot) himself.  Go David.
Richie: has a brand new puppy and reminded us to remind those that surround us. Nice
John was driving to the airport with his granddaughter early in the morning and she saw her first sunrise. She was astonished and John was as well.  Great story.
Speaker Today: Club Foundation Chair Mary Straus
Mary provided a great presentation on The Rotary Foundation and The Rotary Club of Marana:
President John established a goal of $10,000 giving for club members this year. Whew, that is up from $7,000.00 last year.  Let’s all help him reach that goal.
She discussed how our club has participated in numerous District Grants, Global Grants and have been generous to the Rotary Foundation and our own Club Foundation.
Brief discussion on the Areas of Focus: Disease Prevention, Peace and Conflict, Maternal and Child Health, Water sanitation, Basic Literacy and Community Development, Environment
Our donations to the Annual Program Funds are sent to the Rotary Foundation where they sit for 3 year and the interest helps pay the overhead of the foundation.  50% of the money is returned to the district and allocated for District grants (under 8,000) or allocated to Global Grants (minimum of 30,000).  The remainder of the fund donated are allocated to assist in the global grands requested by clubs.  We are rated at the highest level …. 5 by Charity Navigator. 
A few of the things our club has done are;
Coyote Trail School by building a park for handicapped children …. You should have seen the expression of sheer joy when a little girl was able to swing for the first time.  Her mother and Mary beamed.
We purchased a bus in India for blind children to be able to go to and from school and not be marginalized any more.
We provided a school and a playground for a Primary school near Victoria Fall, Zimbabwe.  Several club members traveled to Zimbabwe to assist on this project.  Interestingly $16,000, was stolen via computer fraud.  Randy told the club and many stepped forward to insure the project continued.  $19,000 was raised in a week.  And you ask why you are in Rotary?
Also outside of Zimbabwe, we helped build a huge garden, watering system in a village where Randy had met a man starving …. Don J., Randy and our spouses started a program with the Rotary Club of Marana that is credited with saving 8,000 lives. 
We purchased thousands of dollars for books to be distributed by the Marana Healthcare system to low income pregnant women.
This is just a few of the things we have done …. I think you’re getting the picture at this point.  We are a generous and kind club...
Nearly all of the members of our club are Paul Harris Fellows (one who has donated 1000 to the Foundation), 7 club members are Paul Harris Society Members (donate 1000 per year to the Foundation.)
This month (Ending 30 November) we are matching up to 500 points for a 500 or less cash contribution.  Several club members have taken advantage of this (this is off the top of my head so I apologize for any one I missed – John D., Randy, Don, Andy, Bob, Mary and Peter. Thank you and remember you have a few days to contribute before the 30th.
Thank you Mary, for a wonderful presentation. 
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving
Marana Rotary Club adopted a Marana Family with 8 kids as our Thanksgiving Family
Dan Cortorna, long time member of Marana Rotary Club and his wife Heather went shopping
and delivered Thanksgiving to the family.  They were so appreciative. 
Nice family with 8 kids, Have a great Thanksgiving.  
Rotary Club of Marana Meeting, November 10, 2020
On this day before Veteran’s Day, our meeting began as meaningfully as it ended.  Peter Mack honored us with a video he recently took of the Raising of the Flag over the U.S. Naval Observatory, accompanying it with National Anthem.  A quick detour to announcements and then we returned to honoring our veterans. 
In John’s absence, President Elect Randy facilitated our meeting today. 
Club Business
  • Discussed adopting a family for the Thanksgiving and Winter holidays.  Dan will speak with the MCAT principal for a referral.  Dan and Mary will help the parent(s) develop food and gift lists.  They’ll encourage the family to reach for the stars.
  • Handbag assembly today.  To purchase stuffing items meet at 1:00.  To assemble meet at Carl’s at 1:30.
  • Time for IRS 990 to be submitted – Harold following up with Lynne.
Laura led us in a wonderful exercise today.  Each of us remembered a service member in our family.
  • Mary’s brother served as a Naval Lieutenant where he was an air traffic controller on an aircraft carrier during the Bay of Pigs.
  • Randy recognized two uncles who each shipped out to Europe in WWII.  Both were wounded, both were POWs, and both returned home.   Randy saluted his grandparents’ era when Americans were whole-hearted in defending our country. 
  • Both of Dan’s Grandfathers served in WWII, and both able to experience V-Day while abroad.
  • Andy has a nephew who currently serves in the National Guard.  He is based in Anchorage and Spain, but flies refuelers for aircraft in Afghanistan, one time having the opportunity to refuel his own brother’s plane.  Not only does Andy have huge respect for his nephew, but also for FedEx, his nephew’s employer, which has supported his military missions whenever he is deployed.
  • Carl’s Great Grandfather, Juan Batiste, served in WWI from 1917-19.  He was injured there by mustard gas, which affected him for the remainder of his life.  Despite this he was and Carl is proud of his contribution to the success of the war effort.  Carl himself served in the Air Force.
  • Richie heralds from an extensive military family, most currently including his brother and father.  Richie has traced his family’s military service back to the Civil War and to The Revolution.  Richie feels grateful to be able to honor his family.
  • Don’s son was in the Army, a black hawk pilot and paratrooper.  Don’s father was trained at Pendleton and became a career corpsman in the coast guard.  Don Sr. founded the first alcohol treatment program to serve the military nation-wide.
  • Beckie’s parents are a WWII love-story.  Her mother had joined the effort as a WAVE (Women Accepted for Voluntary Emergency Service) and her father as a merchant marine.  Both met at a bowling alley while stationed back East.  Beckie’s father was sent over-seas and served as cook on a ship that was blown up.  He was adrift in the ocean for 4 days, holding onto a floating fragment of the ship, before he was rescued.  After his returned, he was sent to Seattle where he fatefully re-met Beckie’s mother.  They were married and on to Salt Lake to raise a family of 7 children.  Beckie’s father never spoke of his war experience. 
  • Peter’s Uncle George on his mother’s side was a submariner in the Royal Navy in WWII.  While off the coast of France, Uncle George was 1 0f 20 that survived when their boat was torpedoed by the French.  He was sent back out and became the sole survivor of another torpedoed submarine.  Peter also recognized his son who served in Afghanistan in the British Armed Forces until he was discharged after being met by an IUD. 
  • Bob passionately recognized his father who was a B-29 commander at age 21, the oldest in his crew.  With only 250 flight hours under his belt, he was ordered to locate the Island of Guam.  With no GPS to guide them, he and his 17 year old copilot where able to complete the mission.  Bob credits his father for his own illustrious career in aviation and defense, to put it simply.
  • Harold’s father volunteered in the Navy in WWI.  Because of his expertise, his orders mainly involved building airways and other structures to support the armed forces.  Harold also recognized his 101 year old  friend who flew 34 missions in a B-17 in WWII.
  • Laura’s grandfather was stationed in occupied Germany in WWII.  Having owned stores in his home-town of Des Moines and being a semi-professional baseball pitcher, he was charged with the running of a commissary and with developing baseball leagues for the troops.
Our Program today was provided to us by our very dear Randy Brooks, who served in the Navy and Marines in the Vietnam War.
Randy joined the military immediately after graduating high school.  He arrived to sign up with the Navy and was asked if he wanted to be a Naval corpsman.  After it was explained to him that he could be treating wounded soldiers in a hospital in Japan or Spain, surrounded by nurses, Randy eagerly signed up.  I believe the words were, “Heck, yah.”  After Randy completed boot camp, he was transferred from the Navy to Camp Pendleton to serve with the Marines.  Randy experienced his first, short-lived, singing career while at Pendleton.  His commanding officer recognized his voice from his many times passing Randy singing Motown outside of the barracks.  Randy was “invited” (commanded) to sing in the Marine Corp choir, where he performed a solo in the Christmas program.  As quickly as it came, his career ended, until decades later.
Randy was sent from Camp Pendleton back to the Navy for hospital corpsman training where he received additional specialized training in neuropsychiatry.  Following he was sent back to the Marines for Field Medical School.  After serving  3 of his 4 year commitment without deployment, Randy received his orders to Vietnam and departed with the 1st Marine Division in November of 1967. 
Once in country, Randy stood in a line for his assignment.  Randy had proven to be a soldier who tended to follow his own set of rules.  Young men/boys, 19 years and younger, were sent to the front because of their eagerness and recklessness.  To his commanding officer’s disappointment, Randy, at 21, fell outside the age cutoff, and was instead assigned to the 1st Medical Battalion in Danang. 
Danang was a bustling military city.  Randy was sent to serve outside of Danang in a full service hospital where he worked in Trauma.  This was Randy’s first experience with the sheer overwhelm of the endless quantity of wounded, types of wounds, severity of wounds, and the body parts and fluids involved.
From Danang the 1st Medical Battalion was sent to Phu Bai to work in a smaller, satellite unit.  From Phu Bai, Randy was sent with an infantry unit to Hue City. 
800 American soldiers were sent to ‘clear out’ 800 North Vietnamese soldiers (NVAs) at Hue City.  As the soldiers engaged in battle outside the city gates, the NVAs eased up their fire, allowing our soldiers to enter the citadel.  Immediately our soldiers were surrounded not by 800 but by 8000 VMAs.  The Battle for Hue City was a horrific battle that lasted 28 days.  70% to 80% of American soldiers were wounded or killed.  The USS New Jersey wouldn’t initially intervene because of cultural treasures housed in the citadel.  However, at length, it had to intervene as there was no other hope of our troops survival much less success.  Randy reported, “We won (the battle) but no one wins.”  As Randy shared this story, he revealed that he’s not done so before.  
After Hue, Randy spent 8 more months in the bush, finally returning home in November 1968.
Randy’s War Heroes were the helicopter pilots who came to evacuate and transport the injured and dead.  Easy targets, a pilot would come, get shot down, and another would replace him again and again, until the task was completed. One of Randy’s biggest thrills was, when being transported by helicopter, jumping out of the hovering craft and running into bush.
Randy “came home a mess.”  He drank a lot and was violent when provoked.  Randy was a middle weight boxing champ and engaged those skills.  He was spit on, called a ‘baby killer’ and ‘scum’, and was beaten up in a bar for being military.  He, and other Vietnam soldiers, suffered two traumas: “the war itself and coming home to hatred.”  Randy treated his Post Traumatic Stress Disorder unorthodoxly but successfully.  He has a love for veterans, knowing they have pledged a commitment to pay any price, including their lives, to protect us and our country. 
We are grateful to Randy for allowing us to even slightly comprehend his war experience.  We also thank Laura for such a thoughtful exercise.  Both brought us closer to comprehending the sacrifices demanded by democracy and freedom. We are indebted to all who have served and to the families of those who have and are serving.
Submitted by Mary Straus,
Club Executives & Directors
President Elect
Immediate Past President
Public Relations
Marana Rotary Foundation
The Rotary Foundation
Newsletter Editor

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