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Service Above Self      
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Current Events
Marana Rotary Club has gone to virtual meeting to be safe from the Virus
Visitors are always welcome to the Marana Rotary Club
Please text to 520-909-9162  with  your name by 5:00 PM Monday
A text will be returned explaining How to join our virtual meeting
Marana Rotary Club is using ZOOM and it very easy
Rotary Club of Marana Meeting; April 6, 2021
Club Business
  • A Board Meeting is this evening at 5:30.  All welcome.
  • The Shredder Fundraising committee will be meeting this Thursday from 6:00pm to 8:00pm.  Don will invite us through Zoom.
  • President Elect Randy is holding a retreat at Mary’s house this Saturday, from 9:00am – 1:00pm.  He urges all to attend, as we will be establishing goals for next year.
  • Rotary Leadership Institute is being held remotely April 10, 24th, and May 8th.
  • We are invited to join other clubs to Clean Up at Camp Lauden on Mt Lemmon.  Event occurs  March 24th.
  • Dove Mountain is holding a training on hybrid meetings on April 15th.
  • The Rotary Club of Marana is one of 5 clubs that are Hero Clubs supporting Shelter Box.
  • The District-wide Walk for Polio has begun and will continue through May.  For every accumulative 100 miles walked, leadership will donate $100 to Polio Plus.  We are encouraged make donations as well.   Sulee will be coordinating our miles, so please send your records to her.  
  • Thanks to Beckie for setting us up with a payment system for our fundraisers. 
  • Harold celebrated his 49th Wedding Anniversary.
  • Becky is holding Tour de Cookie T-shirt bins and would like to get rid of them.  John will contact Dan for direction.
Happy Bucks
  • Harold is pleased with the warmer weather.  He also enjoyed a breakfast with John Zwick and reported he is well. 
  • Randy is happy friends from Washington are visiting with their Airstream.
  • Peter is very pleased he was awarded a contract to build cameras that will go to Mars’ Weather Station.  Congratulations, Peter.
  • Sulee is happy and looking forward to the first of the Missing In America Project Ceremony, since having to shelter at home .  The MIAP provides a full military burial for vets whose remains  were never claimed.  All are encouraged to attend one. 
  • Mary was super pleased with her Easter, emerging from sheltering-at-home gathering. 
  • Don enjoyed his Easter, gathered with loved ones.  Additionally, he woke this morning to a favorable review in The Daily Star of his book, ‘Three Worlds, One Voyage.  Congratulations, Don.
  • Beckie is proud of our women, Basketball Wildcats, who made it to the finals.  She is also relieved that her husband is better.  So much so that they went to lunch at Nana’s.
  • Andy shared that a close friend and colleague  died very unexpectedly.  He is staying in Portland currently for his 2nd vaccine shot.  While waiting, he bought himself a house there. 
  • Laura is sorely disappointed  in the Men Wildcats Basketball team.  However, she’s absolutely delighted our neighborhood’s infrastructure is being attended to.  Terribly ruined roads are being paved anew.
  • Denise felt blessed to have spent Easter with siblings.  She also is happy she was invited to a staff member’s wedding, as it’s being held in Acapulco,
  • Bob marveled at the identicalness of his 2 year-old twin granddaughters.  Even the parents are having difficulty differentiating between the two.  Bob is eagerly readying to put his boat in the water.
  • John had lovely Easter where all the grandchildren went upstairs to watch a Godzilla movie.  He is ecstatic that the NCAA tournament has begun (or is about to begin?.) The tournament is the highlight of John’s year.  
Submitted by Mary Straus
Rotary Club of Marana Meeting; March 30, 2021
Club Business
  • Youth Exchange Programs have been put on hold for another year.
  • Discussion about policy regarding youth.
  • RLI coming up again April 10,
  • Randy is holding a retreat on April 10.  Details to come.
  • It is the Centennial Anniversary for a few District5500 Clubs. Congratulations to Tucson Club, Globe Club, and one other!
  • Dove Mountain putting on a program on April 15th on how to run a hybrid meeting.  
  • District awards upcoming.  Board will discuss at board meeting a week from today.
  • Shredding Fundraising event update by Don.  He has a press release ready to go out.  Denise put together a hand out for the day that educates people about our club.  Task Force Committee meeting upcoming.  I will be held remotely.  The board will be considering a marketing budget.  Advertising avenues were discussed. 
Happy Bucks
  • David is grateful the arbitration that lasted 5 days, instead of the anticipated 2, is finally completed.
  • Richie is thrilled to be broadcasting from his new home.  Also enjoyed golfing with his father and brother for his father’s birthday.
  • Dan is excited anticipating this evening because it is Tuesday with Eva night!  Also happy all students are back in school.  Yesterday was the first day at 0 employees at MUSD were in quarantine.  In it’s heyday 70-80 were non-operational because of Covid
  • Laura is doing a happy dance for the women’s U of A basketball team; Final Four!  She waxed poetic.
  • Peter is at an observatory in Coconino National Forest, enjoying himself.  He receives his 2nd vaccine next Tuesday
  • Joyce’s is attending her last meeting in Arizona, leaving for Canada tomorrow.  We are all so happy Joyce has become part of our family.
  • Becky is happy their planned Alaska cruise is still.  Her husband, Karl, is out of hospital with a health seal of approval. 
  • Denise happy they made goal this month. She’s also looking forward to April’s Diamond Event, always enjoying it.    
  • Harold is pleased his 1076 Bonanza passed its annual airplane inspection. 
  • Don is kindda happy doing something he hasn’t done in over a year; doing a face-to-face presentation.  Mixed emotions. 
  • Randy watched the Women Cats play last night and is also awed by them.  He has just returned from a vacation in Hawaii, which he thoroughly enjoyed; it was a “hoot.”
  • John is also a huge fan of the women’s U of A basketball team.  Additionally he is proud of one of his grandsons who competed in swimming sectionals and got 4th place.  Quite an achievement when competing against 40 teams.  Congratulation Carter Dooling.
Submitted by Mary Straus
Rotary Club of Marana Meeting;  March 23, 2021
Recognition of the Mountain View Interact Club, sponsored by Dove Mountain Rotary. Mountain View Interact donated 200 pairs of socks to Youth On their Own and has a nice write-up in today’s newspaper.  Congratulations, Interactors!
Club Business
  • Don has been in communication with Kathleen Schnell, honorary member and faculty sponsor of our Interact Club at Tortolita middle school.  The club has been meeting periodically via zoom but resumes in class instruction and meetings this week. 
  • A report from the Rotary Club of Nogales includes pictures of some of the oxygen tanks and supplies purchased with our donation.  John reflected that we touch the lives of people we will never meet.  We are honored to have the opportunity.
  • Dan and John are aiming for a Poker Tournament Fundraiser in April.
Happy Bucks
  • Harold is just plain happy and considering getting his first haircut since the start of the pandemic. 
  • Dan warned those eager to get their first post-Covid haircut that he likely contracted Covid at his barber’s.  Dan, also, lamented that on his first excursion in his brand new truck, he broke down in the Salt River Valley.  No cheer here. 
  • Joyce and the Zwick family celebrated the completion of her mother’s and father’s  vaccinations with an outing that ended up in the emergency room.  Her mother fell and required stitches in her forehead.  Typical of Sylvia, “I don’t know what all the fuss is.”  Joyce will return home a week tomorrow.  She has mixed feelings about leaving.  She is sad to leave her mother and father, but eager to see her husband and dogs.
  • Denise received her first covid vaccine and is grateful she suffered only a slight headache for 2 days and a sore arm.
  • Don brought attention to the pain of the Boulder shootings.
  • Becky got her hair cut!!!!  Instead of celebrating with an outing with her husband as intended, she, like Joyce, ended up in the emergency room with her husband.  She has been worried about her husband since Thanksgiving and is relieved that he is finally getting the medical attention he’s been resisting.   
  • Laura’s delighting in the fragrance of her citrus trees that are in full bloom.
  • Sulee sat with her 15 year old puppy on her lap and reported life is good.
  • Andy was able to score his first vaccine in Oregon and will need to return there for his 2nd after 28 days. 
  • Peter had an allergic reaction to an antibiotic prescribed for an eye infection.  He is feeling a bit better today, for which he is grateful.  He is also in awe at the success of the 15 year old Miracle Glo he in found in his shed.  His trees have never looked happier. 
In Celebration of Women’s History Month, Laura invited Jan Cleere to speak with us today.  Jan is an author and historian who writes about experiences of first settlers in the southwest territories.  She is particularly “fascinated with the hardships women faced in early settlements and forts in the western territories.”  Her newest book is titled Military Wives in Arizona Territory: A History of Women Who Shaped the Frontier.  In addition to books and magazine articles, the Arizona Daily Star publishes monthly articles by Jan that each introduce us to one of the women she has
Jan introduced us to a couple of remarkable women who were in Arizona in the 1600s; Julia Davis and Elizabeth Hutchin Smith.  Elizabeth was a black woman who at one time owned ½ of Wickenberg. Each story was a treat. 
We also, however, got a good taste of what it is like to research; to play hide and seek with sources, chasing rabbits into holes.  The journeys generally begin in one of the following:   
  • Primary Sources
  • Obituaries
  • Public records
  • Geneology Societies
  • Photographs
  • Archivists
  • Local historical museums
  • Local libraries
  • National Museum
  • Military Bases
One of Jan’s closing remarks was sharing that the more a historian finds primary sources, the more one realizes that what is told and taught in history is not accurate.
We are so pleased that Jan Cleere joined us today, inspiring each of us to connect to past times.
Submitted by Mary Straus,
Rotary Club of Marana Meeting; March 16, 2021
Today was a special day.  John had the honor of performing “the greatest pleasure of a presidency,”  installing Sulee Edwards into the family of the Rotary Club of Marana.  We all are so pleased Sulee has rejoined us, as we know her to be an outstanding Rotarian and humanitarian.  Sulee was appointed to serve on the Service Committee and to the Foundation Board. 
Today was also a special day because tomorrow is President John’s birthday.  A pitiful but heartfelt song was sung, and best wishes from all of us are with him. 
Club Business:
  • Lynne has sent our donation to the Rotary Club of Nogales.  Our donation will be combined with their District Grant and a donation from a Rotary Club in Canada to purchase oxygen tanks and equipment.  All will be donated to a hospital in Sonora that doesn’t have enough supplies to serve their Covid patients. 
  • All oars in the water and moving toward our Shredding Fundraiser, which we be held April 17th from 9:00am to 12:00pm at Harkins Theater.  Thank you to Sulee for designing a flier for the event.  Thanks to John who signed final contracts with Harkins.  Gratitude to RI for their timely support regarding insurance.  Much gratitude to Don for spearheading and coordinating the event.
  • March 22nd is World Water Day.  Rotary has spent over 51 million on water projects.   Our Club’s Global Grant projects in Cameroon have a water accessibility component to it.  A well and solar powered pump is allowing for irrigation and farming that wasn’t possible before.
  • Virtual tours of Rotary International in Evanston, Ill are  available on
  • Lynne reminds us to pay dues.  Almost uniformly our attention to these details have wavered in the pandemic fog. 
Happy Bucks
  • Harold is happy for the rain.
  • Bob is pleased to be in Tucson for 2 weeks before he heads back East to Virginia.
  • Richie closed on his new house yesterday.  Congratulations!  He’s relieved life will take more orderly shape again.
  • Joyce was confused about where she was; the weather in Canada was 61 degrees in the last couple days, while it was only 59 here.   
  • Randy won’t be with us next week.  He will be in Hawaii!
  • Don is enjoying weather.  He had great hike in Saguaro West.
  • Mary is happy about Sulee’s membership. 
  • Beckie is grateful for the rain and the restoration of desert.
  • Denise is happy Sulee has joined us.  She also thanked our speaker for joining us.
  • Sulee is pleased to rejoin our club.  Also, she, like Don, went on a lovely hike this weekend that was restorative.
  • Andy is enjoying being back in the west and is patiently waiting for sun.
  • John basked in the glow of his birthday song.  He is also grateful Sulee has become a member. 
  • Lynne somehow angered a driver.  When the driver drove alongside her and promised to make her life miserable, she thanked him but let him know she wasn’t interested in a relationship.
Today we welcomed Karen Rorke from Watermark Retirement Communities, who spoke with us about aging and elder care.  Karen became an employee with Watermark after experiencing her mother’s aging with Alzheimer’s.  Her mother’s fear, anger, and anxiety were often not listened to or given proper attention.  Because of these experiences, Karen was inspired to become involved with elder care.
20 years ago, elder care was revolutionized away from skilled nursing facilities toward a continuum of community care.  Watermark is exemplary of another shift that is occurring in community-based elder care.  What can typically occur is a placement when an individual isn’t able to meet their needs independently.  The placement is, generally, a reaction to the client’s dysfunction.  The care is focused on management of the clients symptoms.  The emerging perspective in care is proactive, anticipatory and collaborative with the individual.  In this perspective, choices regarding living are centered around the resident’s and family’s interests, needs, and choices.  It supports the resident to “thrive, not just survive.” 
Ideally, there is a continuum of living options in one community.  For example, Watermark offers short-term care living, independent living, enhanced assisted living, and memory care all in one campus.  In such a community, residents can access more support as the need arises, disrupting their quality of life as little as possible.  Communities that offer adjunct activities and create community with the residents also support the vitality in the individual. 
We thank Karen for inspiring us to be proactive advocates in our own aging and in the aging of our family members. 
Submitted by Mary Straus,
Rotary Club of Marana Meeting Minutes
We were saddened to hear of the passing of a long-time, vital Rotary Club of Marana club member, David Lightfoot.  David left our club approximately 6 years ago after he retired and moved to Phoenix.  He is remembered affectionately and with respect.  Our hearts are with his family.
Today we were honored with the presence of our District Governor.  Thank you DG Diane for visiting and keeping us connected to the District.
Club Business:
  • Randy brought forward a tri-club, tri-country service project to consider.  A subsequent motion was made and passed.  We are joining a club in Sonora, Mex. and one in Canada in the purchase of much needed oxygen tanks and tubes that will be donated to a hospital in Sonora. 
  • DG Diane recommended observing the Youth 4-Way Test Speech Contest which will be virtual.
  • Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) will be held virtually April 10th and 24th and May 8th.  Diane encouraged new and old to attend; even graduates of old will be refreshed and learn of changes.
  • DG Diane’s District Conference will be held virtually on June 4th and 5th.
  • Michael Drake is starting a new District 5500, Eco Club.  Environment has become Rotary International’s 7th Avenue of Service.
  • A/V needs discussed in anticipation of hybrid meetings.  DG Diane and Joe Hentges are meeting to research and will make recommendations to the District.  Diane did recommend Microphone and Headset for people having difficulty hearing. 
  • Don has successfully organized our Paper Shredding and Electronics Recycling Fundraiser.  It will be held Saturday April 17th from 9am to noon at Harkins Theater.   A Shreddit truck and Urban Miners will be there.  We will charge $20/car with up to 3 boxes plus $10 additional per box and for electronics.  Becky will process fees.  Suelee will design marketing material.  Don has reached out to interact club for support.  Many thanks to Don for initiating and organizing this event. 
Happy Bucks
  • Harold is happily post-vaccine and is staying safe following all rules.
  • Randy’s two-week, post-vaccine period has passed, and he can now party hardy.  He thanked club for being brutally honest about his performance last week, when technology failed him.  We are hoping he will come back for an encore.
  • Suelee is happy to be with us. 
  • Joyce has had her 1st covid shot and will be returning home on March 31st.  While we’re sorry for her to leave, she can’t wait to be with her husband and animals. 
  • Laura had an oral argument on her police PTSD case and was pleased with how it went despite being unsure of the outcome.
  • Don is one week outside his first covid shot.  He is  also very relieved his good friend had a successful triple bypass during the week. 
  • Richie’s obsessive tendencies are being tested while his house is in disarray getting ready for the big move.
  • Beckie and Karl had their 2nd shot.  Becky can hardly wait to run to the salon and chop off her locks.
  • Denise had an unnerving experience yesterday.  What she thought might be a stroke; sudden sight loss and nausea, turned out to be an optical migraine.  Thank goodness.
  • Mary’s very happy Suelee has rejoined our club. 
  • Peter  has had a scare with his mother who tripped while carrying her groceries in her home town of Mancester.  He is hearing good news of her recovery but is not liking being so far across the pond from her.   
  • Andrew meandered southward from Oregon to Utah and is now back in AZ.  He scoring first vaccine in Utah and will be looking for a place to score his second here.
  • Dan shared that a friend died tragically after he hit a pole while on a bicycle ride.  He asked us to keep the man’s family in our thoughts and hearts.
  • Dave is excited that his daughter joined the school tennis team and has her first match this Saturday.
  • Diane was pleased to report on a successful first virtual RYLA.  The kids loved it and didn’t want to leave at its conclusion. 
  • As we have discussion of our A/V needs, John remembers being in awe of overhead projectors.  He is also in awe that he is turning 72 on the 13th, in just a few days.
Laura introduced us to the community outreach team from Northwest Fire Department.  Laura sang their praises in her interactions with them as her mother aged.
Joining us were Veronica, who has been with District for 20 years, Tom, who has been with the District for 18 years, and Amy, a newcomer from Oregon since 2017.
Tom Krike for 18 years
The Team spoke with us about home safety…
Safety for Older Adults; Fire and Fall Prevention. 
Smoke Alarm Safety
  • There should be at least one alarm installed in a main hallway, and, ideally, one in each bedroom.
  • Alarms should be tested one time per month.
  • Alarms should be replaced every 10 years.
  • Individuals with hearing impairment might consider a Strobe Alarm.
  • Carbon Monoxide alarms should also be installed;  one outside each sleeping area.  There are some alarms that have dual, smoke and carbon dioxide, detection.
  • There is new technology with alarms that will differentiate between cooking burn smoke and fire smoke.
  • There are ADA compliant alarms that have strobes and a vibrating pad that goes under your pillow.
Electrical Safety
  • Space heaters need to be placed at least 3 feet away from anything that can burn.  Don’t run heaters for more than 2 hours.  The heat can conduct to the outlet and become a fire hazard.  .
  • Extension Cords should only be used on a temporary basis and not with big appliances.
  • Surge Protectors protect from surges from electrical storms.  Arc Protectors protect against electrical surges that occur from arcs in home. 
  • Never Run extension cords under rugs or mats.  They are a tripping hazard, and insulation breaks down when repeatedly stomped on creating fire hazard.
Fall Prevention
Falling is not a normal part of aging.  What’s causing them?
  • Improve lighting inside and outside our homes
  • Get yearly eye exams.
  • Exercise regularly to build strength and maintain coordination.  Do it with friends.
  • Use non-slip mats in the bathtub and on shower floors.  Install grab bars.
  • Clean spilled liquids immediately.
  • Know our physical limits!
  • Know your medications and side effects.  Talk with your doctor and pharmacist.
Home Escape Plan
  • Plan 2 home escape plans and practice them.
  • Make sure windows and doors open easily.
  • Have necessary items near your bed; glasses, medications, ambulatory devices, flashlight and whistle.  These items can make a sudden escape successful. 
Many thanks to the Northwest Fire Department for the important information and for its concern and advocacy in our community.
Submitted by Mary Straus,
Rotary Club of Marana Meeting
The Meeting began with some wonderful news.  Suelee Edwards submitted her application for membership to our club.  Suelee has been a valued member in years past, and are very pleased she will be joining us again. 
Laura refused to sing the Star Spangled Banner for us, but she did produce a beautiful photo of our American flag to which we pledged our allegiance. 
With no members’ birthdays or anniversaries to celebrate, we dug a little deeper into the community and wished John Michael Straus, Mary’s brother, a happy birthday.
Club Business:
  • As we begin to ready for in-person meetings, there was discussion of our audio-visual system.  We will sell our current screen at Nana’s to Nana’s. Bob has a projector and screen that we can use. 
  • Venue follow-up:  Laura is following-up with YMCA and John is following up on Copper Kettle.
  • The District Conference, on June 4 and 5, will be virtual. 
  • Another Rotary Leadership Institute will take place in April and May.
  • Denise is our latest Paul Harris recipient.  This is her 2nd Paul Harris, and we are grateful for her dedication to TRF.
  • Shout out to Richie for keeping our Facebook account relevant. 
  • Thanks to Randy Brooks for reaching out to former Youth Exchange Students for testimonials.  They will be posted on our website.
  • Fundraiser Paper Shredding and Electronics Recycle date is set for April 17.  The location is almost determined.  Thanks to Don for his diligent work on this event.  Beckie has offered to market the event.
  • We were awarded the District Share the Love Grant for $500.  This grant will contribute to a bench that will be placed in our Peace Garden at Marana Crossroads. 
Happy Bucks:
  • Harold is happy and enjoying life.  He’s had his second vaccine and suffered no side-effects.   
  • Randy is pleased the side-effects from his 2nd vaccine have cleared.
  • Richie also experienced symptoms from his 2nd vaccine.  He was very please, despite the symptoms, that his family closed on a new home.  Congratulations!  John offered his truck but not his muscles.
  • Mary’s starting to see clients in person again and visited with friends for first time in months.
  • Joyce is happily taking care of her parents.
  • Suelee’s husband has been diagnosed and is treating his cancer.  Suelee is pleased that he appears to be a poster child for chemo, with very few side-effects.  Our hearts are with Suelee and her husband.
  • Andrew is happy the sun has visited Oregon, where he’s visiting, for the last 3 days. 
  • Bob is still in Oklahoma, getting his 2nd vaccine this week.  He will be back in Arizona for 2 weeks before he returns again to Virginia.
  • Becky is looking forward to coming out of her cocoon toward the end of the month, after she and her husband have been fully vaccinated.  Becky also remarked on the sad state of the saguaros.  Many of us have never seen them so thirsty. 
  • John is expanding a water catchment area that serves the local wildlife.  He has a camera that has caught quite an impressive parade visiting his watering hole: javelina, bobcats, racoons, coyotes, and, most recently, a fox.
  • Denise is excited that she finally was called to sign up for the vaccine.
  • Laura is excited that her sister and brother-in-law decided to stay an extra week.
  • Dan was a bit he wasn’t able to go to his cabin due to snowfall.  He is very please, however, that he has started a weekly BBQ tradition in the family.  His first BBQ was a hit with only himself and his granddaughter attending.  He shall persevere. 
  • Peter’s eight day project in Flagstaff has extended to 2 weeks and counting.  He’s been getting exercise running up and down scaffolding.  He took a side trip to the Grand Canyon which he really enjoyed.
  • John is pleased he’s getting his second vaccine today.
We had a special treat to close our meeting.  Randy performed for us, as he gets ready for the District Conference.  We are eager to hear more of his beautiful singing and his strumming.  Thank you, Randy.
Submitted by Mary Straus,
MEETING MINUTES 02/24/21 7:00 AM – 8:00 AM via Zoom
Submitted by Randy Brooks
The club participated in a robust, yet fragmented pledge. 
Attending Today: John D., President; Joyce Zwick (guest from Canada); Randy, Laura, Sulee (Guest and potential member); Lynne, Don, Denise, Mary, Dan, Richie, David, Andy and Karl. We have another guest Dan Streeter, Superintendent of the Marana Unified School District attending – welcome Dr. Dan Streeter.
The Rotary Convention has been cancelled for in person attendance.  It will again this year be a virtual event.  Perhaps a few of us can attend the event next year in Houston. 
There will be a Rotary District 5500 Conference in June in Tubac, Arizona.  Hope it actually happens …. Our governor and her team deserve a break in having an in person event.
President John is quite proud of our club, we are the only or one of a very few that have 100% registration with My Rotary.  Way to go everyone.
We have written several former Rotary Youth Exchange students asking that they send a photo from their youth exchange and only a few have responded so far. Jeanne from France and Eleana from Peru are two that have responded.  We hope we receive more and that Richie is able to post their photos and comments on our Facebook page.
Denise won a contest for her jewelry store in the amount of $500.00 which she in turn donated to the Rotary Club of Marana.  Thank you so much Denise.
Discussion but no resolution to the issue of used electronics. 
The shredding day is in our future in April, 17, 9 AM to noon.  Don Jorgensen sent out a request for volunteers and asking to help with specific tasks.  Anyone with graphic and marketing ability please help.  Those able to shred please volunteer.  Those that can register people and collect funds please help.  We lost the ability to hold the Tour de Cookie this year and these small fundraising projects are extremely important. I know the event is in my calendar and I will help, I heard Mary volunteer and several others nodded your heads.  Please e-mail Don and tell him what you can do: Thanks.
Happy Bucks
Joyce Zwick: John, her father and our club member (95 years old), had his second COVID shot.
Laura: has visitors (sister and family) and is enjoying the socially distant time with them.  Sounds like a weird statement. “Come on over but don’t touch me and stay outside.” LOL
Randy told a bad joke about COVID and its side effects.  You would have had to been there. Let everyone know that Deb is doing well with the new knee. Two Hips, two knees, spinal cord and wrist.  What could be next?
Harold has his second COVID vaccine and visited with George Rigney, a former member whom lost his spouse recently.
Sulee: Our newest potential member (in waiting period).  Her husband has serious health issues and was having procedures on Tuesday AM.  However the schedule has changed and so Sulee now can join our club.  Great news for us.  Those of you that don’t know, Sulee was a member several years ago and in my opinion welcome back.
Don – happy that he participated in RYLA. 40 youth attended that seemed engaged.  Thanks Don.
Beckie – happy that she was able to go to a park with her extended family.  Feels sort of normal again (not quite yet Beckie – but better).
Dan C. – His latest binge watch on TB is “Songs that Changed Music.” He commented that playing guitar is complicated.  Randy agreed and then confessed that he doesn’t know how to play either.
Mary: received second COVID vaccine and had a slight sore arm, in spite of the joke, this writer, made about her. She misses Laura and cocktails in the evening (because of Laura’s guests).  She was reassured they will begin again.
Denise is very happy that her employees agreed to donate to the club and that Dr. Streeter is here to visit today.
Lynne: Not happy, software issues that will be fixed soon.  She told a joke about tomatoes not being a sweet fruit, and how most of us do not have tomato smoothies.  Yea, you sure? Tomato, Lemon, spices, celery, and vodka that some have in the AM.  That’s really close.
Andy: Apologized for being late, he is in Portland, Oregon where up to 350,0K00 have been without power.  He has had internment power.  Stay warm Andy.
Karl: Happy family visited
Richie: received his second injection had some symptoms but is doing better now.
David: Has enjoyed his children doing the study at home and is a little sad they will be going back in person.  You’re a great dad, David.
Introduction of Dr. Dan Streeter by Laura:
Dan (we use first names in Rotary, Dan) Superintendent of Marana Unified School District – MUSD). As CEO he is in charge of day to day operations and tons of employees. Previously was Superintendent at Humboldt and the HR director. He has a PhD in Education Leadership and strongly feels personalized learning is the key to success for our children. He is happy he gets his second vaccine next week. Married for 21 years, two sons from the union, enjoys biking.  One son is a senior at Mountain View High School. The other son is younger and in class. 
MUSD has 12,000 students, covers 500 square miles, 1,800 employees and 700 teachers. He believes in collaborative partnerships. MUSD is rated high in US News and World Report, Blue Ribbon Schools, considered electronically advanced and engages in “code to the future.” A coding process for counselors in all schools. He discussed Advanced Placement Program only 1,000 in the world. The school has been hybrid, open, closed, open closed …. Sounds a little crazy making. The staff have been cleaning, cleaning and cleaning, tedious but important. 
Literacy needs are being met, learning critical thinking and graduates are ready to contribute to society. “Identify what is right with children and engage their strengths … not weaknesses.”
Great presentation Dr. Dan.  Come back again.
Meeting adjourned.
A reminder: mistakes made, and I know there are many …. Disregard.  Thanks have a good week.
Rotary Club of Marana Meeting; February 9, 2021
Today began with a hurrah to our own Valentine: Peter Mack was born on Valentine’s Day and married on Valentine’s Day.   Many happy wishes to him and his wife, Josie. 
Club Business:
  • Richie graduated from Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI), a 3-level training.  The training was held via zoom for the first time.  Richie missed the exchange of information and ideas that happens in-person.  However, he enjoyed the sessions and the facilitators and recommends the institute highly. 
  • A year-end summary of the Rotary Vocational Fund highlights its success.  86 students were served and 86 graduates joined the work force in their chosen fields.  The fields included phlebotomy, nursing, respiratory technician, aviation, collision and repair.
  • The Annual Joint Meeting between Mexico, D5500, and D4595 will be held the 19th – 21st;  Friday and Saturday 8:00am to 12:00pm and Sunday 9:00 to 10:00 via zoom.  The meeting intention is to identify projects in Mexico on which there can be collaboration.  Randy and Andy will represent us.  Next year the meeting is scheduled for here in Tucson.
  • Jigsaw Puzzle Fundraiser update:  Bob is having difficulty getting the Oro Valley-based company, MasterPieces to respond.  He will look into other options.
  • Don looked into information on a shredding for a fundraiser; Vail club has done it and he is coordinating with them.   There was conversation of many aspects; Don will follow up.    
  • As members are getting vaccinated, it is time to consider in-person and hybrid meetings.  Andy is looking into with Tohono Chul, Laura is looking into the YMCA, and Beckie is looking into whether the Marana Chamber of Commerce might have a space for us in their new office in the Town Complex.
Happy Bucks
  • Harold is impressed that, when all said and done, 29 boxes of stuff came out of his RV.  29 boxes are headed to donation at Goodwill.
  • Don had a great visit with granddaughter and great granddaughter.
  • Lynne is happy in her new digs.
  • Bob is hiding in-doors from his 19 degree weather.  He’ll be burrowing in further tomorrow which expects a high of 9.
  • Andy was peaceful and grateful looking at a beautiful sunrise on the Utah red rocks.
  • Randy had a wonderful time with Eleana and Pedro senior, visiting from Peru.
  • Laura is delighted that her Policeman PTSD case is being considered by the court of appeals.  If successful there will be a change in the Arizona Constitution broadening the scope of qualifications for disability to include PTSD for the Police and First Responders. 
  • Mary noticed spring arriving; doves building precarious nests in her front yard and mail quail patrolling on her fence in the back.
  • Beckie had a wonderful birthday with her family, going to the zoo and picnicking.  Her best birthday present was getting appointments for vaccines.
  • Peter was in Flagstaff through the weekend at the naval observatory and going back up this weekend.  He also described the battle-field his wife has created by feeding the birds; upwards of 500 dove and quail scurrying for their morsels.
  • Carl appreciated the beautiful days, his great family, having a beautiful pace to live and great job.
  • Joyce rejoiced that her mom got her first vaccine on Sunday.
  • Richie’s had a quiet week, got laundry done and relaxed. 
  • Dave’s 2 boys joined a lacrosse team and had their first game this past weekend.  We all enjoyed the presence of one of his sons this meeting,  jumping around and making faces in the background. 
  • John endured many tedious attempts and, at length, was miraculously able to schedule a same day vaccine.  
Submitted by Mary Straus,
Rotary Club of Marana
Minutes – 1/19/21
Submitted by Randy Brooks
Attending: John, Harold, Randy, Bob, Don, Peter, Andy, Richie, Carl, Joyce (visitor), Beckie
I apologize for the tardiness of these minutes …. I was so excited about my birthday I completely forgot the minutes as well as my name and location. 
This was a general meeting without a presenter:
Question if Denise is returning to the club ….. John will follow up with her.
Dan C., and John held a meeting with the Old Pueblo club and discussed the possibility of a poker tournament.
John announced a Neil Diamond concert with the Dove Mountain hosting.  It will be held this Friday, 1/29/2021.  Check the website for additional information.
Randy mentioned his birthday and his total excitement in becoming 75.
RYLA: We have two children registered and can take one more if you know a high school aged student. Dan will check with MCAT to see if they have someone.
We have an opening for a student to participate in the 4-Way Speech contest.  Needs to be registered by the 1st of February, 1st place is $1000.00.  Please check out the website if you’re interested in referring a student.
Peter visited a meeting in the UK for fun...  Challenged everyone to join a meeting somewhere in the world this next week. 
Discussion of posting our connection information for our meetings and it was decided not to do it because we could be hacked and could experience naked people showing up at our meetings. LOL
Don’s friend Carol is still interested in joining our club, but has some medical issues to resolve first.
On Martin Luther King Day there is a meeting of all Peace Builder Clubs.  Several members are hoping to attend.
Actually, Don, Harold and Randy attended 38 attended from our district. They have a Rotary Action Group (RAG) that is a fundraising group and also acting on ways to foster peace around the world, including Peace Poles. They hold peace events and support scholars. 
Beckie discovered 5 guys’ burgers and sounds like she will return.
Joyce went out to dinner.
Richie will tomorrow receive his first COVID injection … yea.
Carl wishes the new administration in DC and is hoping for peace.
Andy: Hard to find happy right now (I get it), Rain is nice and is hoping the country will work together to be a “more perfect” union.
Bob: completed a 1000 word jigsaw puzzle. His spouse has symptoms of COVID but actually it was a dental problem. Anyway that is what I heard.
Peter: Renovating his bathroom and discovered the slab is broken under the tile.
Mary: Apprehensive and hopeful for the new administration. Visited the Sandhill Cranes and enjoyed the moment.
Don: Returning from NY and sad to leave his grandson behind. He has been helping Jana and her husband paint.
Randy: Worried about COVID and his wife’s surgery tomorrow (she did fine by the way)
Harold: Gets his COVID shot on the 28th and is happy.
John: Played golf for the first time in forever.  Scored an impressive 90 on the front 9 hole. Lost 9 balls but found 12.  On Saturday he sat on a Prickly Pear Cactus. 
That’s it folks.  As usual please keep needed corrections to yourself.  As you know I have to write these from a few weeks ago and my retentive memory is strange. 
Randy B.
Rotary Club of Marana Meeting; Jaunary 12, 2021
After the slow-motion rendition of the Pledge of Allegiance…
Club Business::
  • Board Meeting:          
    • Tour de Cookie has been canceled for year 2021.
    • Dan and John will be meeting with Kevin from Old Pueblo t.  Kevin has experience in organizing on line poker tournaments which we will
  • RLI on 23rd and 30th of this month; first Saturday next month
  • RYLA has been postponed until February 19 and 20.  Still openings. 
  • There’s a push to use Rotary Direct for contributions to Rotary for automatic drafts.
  • Brand new D55000Rotary Club;  Rotary of Tucson Club, Verde; Environmental Focus
  • Peace Conference USA/Mexico, February 13th and 14th, Virtual; Linking Mexico
  • Four-Way Speech Contest; $25 Entrance Fee; deadline is February 1st. Event April 10.
Happy Bucks:
  • David has recovered from Covid and is looking forward to the warmer temperatures that are joining us in the coming ddays.
  • Richie has regained his taste and intermittent smell.  He started puppy training, with his puppy.
  • Lynne enjoyed and recommended Don’s book.  She also entertained us with a clever joke.
  • Andy is grateful none his family has contracted Covid.  He believes this due to the streak of Meanness that runs through his very being.  This writer has a hard time imagining that.
  • Peter is having fun knocking out walls in his home.  He‘s taken on a remodeling project.
  • Randy is tickled pink he’s receiving his 1st vaccine on January 29th.   He also delighted in telling us of a video Kathy Jorgensen sent of their grandson walking.  He particularly enjoyed that just as the grandson was walking toward Don, he veered and blew by  him.   
  • Laura is happy that she received a negative Covid test, which means she didn’t bring home a nasty souvenier from New Orleans.
  • Becky was happy to say Goodbye to all her Christmas decorations and to reintroduce herself to a clean house.  She lamented not getting the vaccine yet; Arizona lags behind Utah and Wyoming.
  • Carl thankful all in family are healthy.
  • Dan was surprised that when he went to his doc for a sinus infection, he tested positive for Covid.  Luckily extremely mild symptoms. 
  • Bob’s been doing all the important things; puzzles and binge watching 24, in 29 degree weather in Oklahoma.
  • Don travel to New York, negative tests on both sides of trip. 
  • Joyce is in Tucson with her parents.  From isolation in Canada to isolation in Arizona.  Grateful to be with family.
  • Harold continues to see select friends while waiting for shot.
  • John shared with the club that he has met and really enjoyed Rotarians Kathy and Jay McCaul.  Jay published letter in letter to the editor that John recommended. 
Submitted by Mary Straus, January 19, 2021
Submitted by Randy Brooks
Attending: Harold, John, Randy, Andy, Richie, Peter, Mary, Dan C, Laura, Carl, Beckie and Don was excused, traveling.
Richie was asked about his recovery from COVID 19.  He is feeling better, was very ill. Lost the sense of smell, 14 pounds and was in isolation for about 10 days.  Does not recommend COVID as a weight loss program. States breathing is a big deal (probably for all of us) and indicated that lying on your side or stomach and not your back is not suggested.  If I were on my stomach it would resemble a child’s teeter totter but I digress. Little bits of exercise to keep the lungs working is important and unfortunately painful… He appreciated all the e-mail, texts and calls from the club during the illness. Glad you are back Richie.
We learned of the unfortunate passing of Alice Rigney of a probable combination of heart disease and COVID. Not additional information is available. We all hope George is holding up OK.
The annual USA/Mexico Peace Conference – to learn about global grants will be hosted by Mexico this year ….. Plans are to hold a virtual meeting lasting two days, February 13 – February 15, 2021.  More information will follow and when President John receives it will pass it on to you.  All are welcome to attend.
Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) is around the corner.  As most of you know it is a three part experience, Level 1, 2 and 3.  I encourage all that have not complete attend and participate in this important learning experience. You can find registration information on the District Website.  Google Rotary District 5500 webpage or go to To totally complete the program you must complete all three levels.  This year you can attend three consecutive Saturdays and graduate.  Trust me, if you can do three Satrudays it will save having to complete three sessions over a year. 
We are all hoping to have a place to meet face to face in the future, not sure when.  Laura promised to check again with the YMCA and see if they have room for our locker with banners, flags and other items stored within. Andy had mention he may speak with the folks at Tohono Chul again.
Dan and Mary delivered Christmas dinner and gifts to our adopted family. They seemed very appreciative of the effort by our club.
Dan, Randy, Laura and John discussed the Tour de Cookie and the Covid virus.  Early March seems to close with the numbers of those ill increasing and shoving it into April may be too late and quite a bit warmer.  We also discussed that the winter visitors are usually departed by April.  The board will discuss this evening about whether to have the event this year.
We discussed a virtual poker tournament.  Dan is going to look into it for us and as a dry run we will have one session just for members of the club and then hopefully a full-fledged event as a fundraising event after.
Beckie suggested a raffle ….. If we do that it will be important to have a large ticket item to give away.  We also discussed having a 50-50 raffle virtually as well.  More to discuss.
Harold …. Spending quiet time with family. However virtually attended a birthday party for his granddaughters first birthday. She did not eat her cake, just crunched it up with her hand and presumably smeared it around.  Remind you of anyone?
Randy- Has the Covid blues, wants the simple pleasure of going out to a movie and maybe dinner.  Oh, yes, and Hawaii as well.  Working around his place.
Andy – Like Randy is tired of the isolation ….. As he sits in his newly built home in Utah, with beautiful snow around the property.  Sounds like a winter wonderland. Must be tough, Andy.
Peter- bought a smoker BBQ and made hamburgers for his crew.  Went shopping on Christmas Eve at Costco, a family tradition for years.  Very wise Peter, whatever you buy will last until next year at the same time, because everything is in bulk. Good job.
Mary- 2020 is gone, says she with a small tear in her eye. Feels like the chaos is still with us, politics, virus …. But we still have Mary’s positive attitude. Actually, she is very hopeful for the New Year, the possible passing of the virus and for the potential growth of our club.
Dan C. - Now here is a story, each year he and friends from Heather’s bicycle club climb Picacho Peak.  Dan and another fellow hiked to the saddle on the mountain.  The rest hiked to the peak.  Dan’s new BFF (he was a talker) decided to fall off the mountain bouncing around on rocks and yelling and such.  They had to call for an extraction by a helicopter for the fellow who suffered a loss of dignity, broken clavicle and ribs. Happy New Year to this fellow.
Laura – returned yesterday from New Orleans where she attending a wedding for her nephew.  Had a wonderful time and is now in quarantine for a week to make sure she is not contaminated with the virus.  She thanked Mary for watching her horse sized puppy, Masie. 
Beckie – she says that she is enjoying the quarantine….. What? She did leave the house (busted) for one client and to purchase a ham. Says she has enough ham for the New Year.
Richie- is grateful that his family is healthy is worried about elderly family members and for those that are pregnant.
Carl- Great to be with his family and mentioned that several of his clients have had Covid but to his knowledge none have passed away.  Our fingers are crossed for you and your clients, Carl.
John D., he is missing his weekly trips to Costco however that does not deter him from doctors where he received an injection in his heal (ouch) and he is now painless from tendon and muscle pain in the foot. Maybe next year you can go to Costco with Peter.
We have several pending new members, one a possible transfer from the Tucson Club, another a returning member and a third that is a friend of Don Jorgensen.
HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE and remember …. If you find that any of my ramblings are incorrect, it’s OK, Mary will be taking notes next week. Be well and be happy.
Rotary Club of Marana Meeting; December 22, 2020
  • Richie had his birthday while battling Covid.  We all wish him speedy recovery.
  • Our club is dedicated to supporting 2 RYLA students this year. Deadline December 28th         
  • Christmas Family Update:  Mary’s bought gifts, Dan’s buying food tomorrow.  Club voted to use full amount of budget, unused money to go directly to the family.
  • Arizona Rotary Vocational Fund.  Harold spoke with us of the clubs successful relationship with the fund and recipients and encouraged us to contribute.  Contributions are deductible dollar for dollar by Arizona Dept of Revenue.
Happy Bucks:
  • Peter did a happy dance because he went to Kit Peak to witness the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn
  • Carl enjoyed the sunset and planets at gates pass.  He was also emitting Christmas Cheer.
  • Beckie set up kitchen with table and chairs for little June.  She continues to be awed and delight in her granddaughter.
  • Lynne didn’t disappoint, telling us a clever joke.  Lynne was exposed to Covid in her office but gratefully has tested negative.  She also informed us of some exciting news; on January  1st her firm is merging with another, Goodman and Goodman.
  • Randy was relieved to discover that the stalker peering in his window last night was John.  Randy was feeling Christmas Cheer and grateful that his household is Covid-free.
  • Laura was delighted by a Holiday visit with her sister on  Sunday.  Despite living only as far as Phoenix, the two hadn’t spent time together since March.  They picnicked and visited in Casa Grande in a Culver’s parking lot.  Laura was also thrilled about Jupiter and Saturn and the Moon and pleased that many seemed to be full of wonder about our skies. 
  • Don was relieved to learn that a close cousin who is a nurse has been vaccinated. 
  • Mary was full Christmas Cheer and enchanted with the skies.
  • Bob’s family is recovering from Covid, with only the tiredness holding on.  He also admitted to succumbing to the Netflix fever; he recommended the series 24 with Keifer Sutherland.
  • Harold was pleased that his son and his wife are recovering from Covid and beginning to return to work. 
  • John was, like Don,  grateful that a family member, his daughter-in-law, a TMC nurse, received the vaccine.  He also posed a question to Carl, our optometric physicist; why do stars dances around while planets appear still?  I couldn’t follow the answer, but believe it has something to do with the density and spread of the matter.  Planets have a wider spread that averages something out that affects our vision and the apparent stability of the planet.  (apologies) 
  • Andy noticed on his drive to southern Utah that roadside Navajo stores are reopening.  He was pleased that their economy might be getting back on track.  Before leaving for Utah, Andy had a ton of fun celebrating Christmas with his grandkids.
Laura Introduced us to our very newest member, Andy Swarthout.  Andy carries a degree in Economic Geology from the U of A;  a degree in “prospecting”, as he puts it.  He has participated in an/or led Minerals Exploration from the tip of South America to northern points of Alaska and across the world.  In 1990 Andy accepted a 3 year assignment in Lima, Peru and ended up working and living there for 15 years.  In the Andes Highlands he discovered the largest undeveloped silver deposit in the world.  In 2000, Andy founded his company, Bear Creek Mining Corporation, from which he retired in 2017 but continues on the board.
Andy has had many adventures and discovered quite a number of mineral and metal deposits in his tenure.  He describes his business as high risk; with intrepid scientists, engineers, and field workers hazarding into very remote places.  His means of transportation have spanned from planes to helicopter to cars to busses to burros.  He has even survived a helicopter crash. 
Andy delighted in talking with us, however, not about his mining adventures, but about  the culture of his company.  Mining has a horrible legacy of indifference toward the people and environment where surface rights have been purchased.  Mining regulations have begun to move toward more responsible approaches to mining.  However, Andy’s company has led the charge with a model that stresses the company’s relationship with the public and the environment.  This model has at times put him at odds with other mining companies.  Andy illustrated this for us with, Bear Creek Mining’s relationship with the indigenous, Quechua people who live in the Andes Highlands where the company’s silver deposit is.   
There are approximately 25,000 Quechaus living in a 30 mile area at 18,000 feet in the Andes Highlands.  Their language predates the Incans.  They are a communal oriented, agrarian  people whose livestock mainly consists of llamas.  Their economy is based on their crops, their livestock, and wool of the llamas.  They suffer poverty, malnutrition, poor education, and high mortality rates.
Bear Creek Mining, Andy in particular, forged a trusting relationship with the Quechua community, listening to and coming to understand theer culture.  Over time, he had conversations with all communities members and leaders about their ways, their strengths, their wishes and  their needs.  Together the Quechuas and Andy developed a plan to bring the community out of poverty through improved health, education, and commerce.  
With Bear Creek Mining support, the Quechuas transformed themselves into a healthy, economically autonomous community. Bear Creek put effort and money into its success; it built green houses, schools, and bathrooms for the community at large. It also supported the development and implementation of a nutrition program in the schools and offers college scholarships.  Bear Creek even brought in a geneticist to evaluate and implement a plan for improved fiber from the Alpaca.  Subsequently, it provided business micro loans, mostly to women who have the creativity and know how to produce textiles, weavings, and clothing for sale. 
Quechua fiber went from bringing in $7/kilogram to $25/kilogram.  With their improved wool, business practices education provided by the Bear Creek, and microloans, Quechua women have become completely autonomous selling textiles known for being of the best quality in the region.  They even have Italian importers in their customer base. 
With their greenhouses and bathrooms and education about nutrition and sanitation, health has greatly improved in the Quechua community.    The mortality rate has decreased by 50%, respiratory infections by 25%, and acute infections in digestive tracts by 50%.
There has also been a 6-fold increase in school attendance with corresponding improved literacy rates.  There are even student who have been able to take advantage of college scholarships.
Andy shared beautiful pictures with us of the Quechua people and their lives.  In them it was apparent that the delight Andy exhibited in talking with us about the Quechuas was a mutual experience for them regarding Andy.  Andy, a relatively new Rotarian, is someone who built a business based on the principles of the Rotary 4-Way Test.  We are appreciative of the work he has done and proud to have him as a member. 
Submitted by Mary Straus, January 4, 2021
Club Executives & Directors
President Elect
Immediate Past President
Public Relations
Marana Rotary Foundation
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