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Welcome to the Rotary Club of Marana in Marana, AZ

Service Above Self
A Peacebuilder Club

We meet In Person
Tuesdays at 7:00 AM
Northwest Fire District Training Center
5125 W Camino De Fuego
Tucson, AZ 85743
United States of America
Hybrid format on the first 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Tuesdays of the month; via Zoom on the 4th Tuesday of the month. On 5th Tuesdays, you’ll find us at a community service project or enjoying each other’s company at a club social that week.
Current Events
The Rotary Club of Marana Hosts Hybrid Meetings
Visitors Are Always Welcome
We Request that In-Person Guests be Vaccinated
 To Receive a Link to Join our Meeting via Zoom, Text to 520-909-9162 with Your Name 
Marana Rotary Club
June 28, 2022 weekly meeting
Randy returned to lead us in his final meeting, held virtually.
There being none, Randy proceeded to make comments his year as our President.  Randy described a very challenging year where everyone in our club stepped up to make our projects a success and our challenging meeting environments successful.  Notably, we reached our Foundation goals, brought in new members (Don), achieved our Foundation funding (John), brought the Youth Exchange back into focus (Cindy), executed international projects (Mary), kept the website and public relations crisply up to date (Harold), executed the Tour de Cookie and shredding events (Dan and Don), made families happy for Thanksgiving and Christmas (Denise), kept the Food Bank supplied (Cathy); to name but a few of our accomplishments during a tough year.
Randy felt we could have done better organizing our weekly meetings, despite the heroic efforts made especially by Peter, Harold and Bob.  Randy apologized for being, at times, sketchy in leading the meetings; but Don pointed out that it took exceptional leadership to have held the club to such high standards during a  most unusual and challenging year.  All joined in deeply thanking Randy for his leadership.
Harold reported on the Foundation year.  The year ended with $14,000 after twelve funding requests were considered and approved.  11 monthly meetings were held.  Also, Harold proudly reports this is his second year in a row where he had perfect attendance in weekly meetings!
Mary reported that Anita will be visiting our club in September and thanked the Doolings for their help at her installation
Randy said there will be n o monthly Board meeting tomorrow night
July 5, our speaker will be Richard Allen, topic- projects in Cambodia
Happy Bucks
Harold enjoyed his visit with his brother-in-law and was enjoying summer
Dan was happy to be back after one month’s absence due to work and family commitments.  Dan described feeling “not connected” as a result of the meeting environments over the past year.  A weird year and missed the comradery, socializing and the meals together.  A topic discussed more at the end of the meeting.  He was also happy that the State education budget was approved.
Bob was happy, apparently, but unable to connect his audio.
John agreed with Dan’s comments and it was suggested that Laura should consider the club’s feelings on meetings for the next year
Don reported that medical tests prior to his upcoming surgery were positive.  Don shared that recently his nephew passed at 44 years old from a heart attack.   Therefore, there have been TWO losses in Don’s immediate family as his sister’s husband also passed this year.  A tough period for Don.
Mary is not looking forward to a treatment this week; however, there are only two treatments remaining.  HOORAY Mary!   You look awesome, by the way!
Andy was happily rid of COVID and trying to organize his Africa photos
Adam was happy to see the markets up so he could catch up on sleep and the phone isn’t ringing off the hook
John has the NW Fire all to himself this morning
Cindy recounted the big swim meet this past Saturday and happy to see so many kids getting back to normal, social
Cathy was looking forward to making ollas with her campers
Denisse had an amazing trip to Hawaii snorkeling with the Manta rays
Randy was happy to have dodged COVID so far
Other topics
Randy asked members to share their experiences over the past year with regards to our club.
Much discussion centered around the effect of COVID on the ambience.  Many shared Dan’s view of lacking connectedness.  However, Bob pointed out that he felt more connected and if it were not for the hybrid environment, he likely would not still be a member.  Don suggested that we bring the topic up before Laura.
Adam noted the great comradery and suggested a dinner night out occasionally, with spouses, to connect better.
All agreed that, despite the restrictions placed by CIVID, our club has performed stellar!
Rotary Meeting
June 21, 2022
We will had a guest Speaker Sandra from
Happy Bucks
John – happy that he had a wonderful meal at Laura’s and a wonderful installation of Laura and  congratulated Randy on a job well done.
Cindy – great progress with the outbound foreign exchange students, one of the inbound students decided to go to school instead we will have one from Spain and one from Demark.
Harold – first day of summer
Adam – went to a conference for his job what a great way to be inspired.
Sulee – Survived baby setting a five-year-old and a 2-year-old.
Randy –
Lynne-  happy with the rain and  seconded what John had to say about the evening.
  • Speaking of conversations   I was listening to the radio the other day and the announcer was talking to a woman who had been married four times. And he said can you tell me about your four husbands.   When I was young, I married a banker and then  when I was in my 40’s I married a circus ring master,  then in my 60’s I married a preacher and then most recently a  funeral director and the announcer said that’s an interesting variety of four husbands and she said yes, I married one for the money, two for the show three to get ready and four to go.
Kathy- Said the party was lovely and fun and happy for a little rain
Mary – Happy to be setting outside and grateful for family, who has been out to help.  Laura sent a shout out to Mary for all the arrangements she made for the installation.
Becky- Said she was babysitting Saturday.  Happy to have grandbabies.
Bob-Not happy with his audio.
Don –He also said Saturday night was wonderful and thanked Randy for all his work and appreciated the review of what the club reviewed.   Happy it’s his wife’s birthday- Happy Birthday Kathy.
Laura – Said the summary of the accomplishments last year  it was Randy’s leadership we were able to accomplish so much, and we have a high bar to meet this year.
Sandra – Happy that she gets to spend a lot of time with her granddaughter.
Announcements:   Mary – Randy will be back in Tucson on July 13th.    Kathy if anyone want to help this Saturday to move gravel this weekend let her know.
Laura will drop off Don’s banner today.
Next week is zoom only 4th Tuesday, what about July 5th, we can continue to meet if everyone wants to.   Most everyone thought let’s meet.
Dennis & Andy are sick, Peter is off traveling
Sandra from Bag it Cancer
What is self-advocacy at Bagit – the ability to communicate ones needs.
Here are the ways:
  • Tips on How to Be Your Own Advocate.
  • Use your Bag It My Companion Guidebook to stay organized, track your own information, and as a handy source for reliable resources.
  • Assemble and work closely with all the members of your healthcare team who have your best interests in mind.
  • Educate yourself about your specific cancer so you can make informed decisions about your treatment and care.
  • Visit only reliable websites for cancer information. (see Resources section of My Companion Guidebook)
  • Thoroughly understand your health insurance policy.
  • Request copies of all of your medical records and test results to store in My Companion Guidebook. You can refer back to them and provide as a back-up copy in case they get lost
  •  Ask lots of questions – about your cancer diagnosis, treatment options, possible side effects, and available resources for yourself and your loved ones.
  • Bring someone with you to every appointment and let them know how they can help you.
  • Use the My Appointments Summary Log found in My Companion Guidebook to write down your questions in advance of appointments. Make sure you fully understand the answers provided and take notes.
  • Take an active role in managing your care. Consider getting a second opinion. • Express fully and honestly what you need and want—to your healthcare team, caregivers, family members, and friends.
  •  Keep your healthcare team updated on any changes in your health. Fully and promptly report symptoms and side effects during and after treatment. • When challenges arise, problem solve and negotiate to achieve your goals and ensure you have the best care and support you need.
  • Ask others for help. Having a loved one or friend advocate on your behalf is a form of self-advocacy.
Laura – Do you find that people are hesitant to talk frankly about their medical needs.  Patients know it’s ok to speak up because the health care team really want that.
Write your question down and be prepared with them.
Becky – Having communication with the caregivers for the doctors’ appointments
Kathy- what about doctors that don’t listen to you -  Sandra said be assertive and if need be change doctors.
Two of our members John and Cindy Dooling return from the Rotary International Convention in Houston
Marana Rotary Club
June 14, 2022 weekly meeting
Randy returned to lead us in this hybrid meeting.
Installation of new officers for 2022/23 will be held at Laura’s this Saturday from 5-7PM
Happy Bucks
Andy was happy to be back home after one month traveling in Africa
Don was happy to have had his wife back from New York
Adam was busy being a “financial therapist” during chaotic markets
Randy was suffering a horrible internet connection but managed to have backed his car into a boat in northern Washington!   Was the boat in the water?   He didn’t say.
Timothy, our guest speaker from Tanzania, was happy to be joining us from afar
Bob was happy and sad; leaving for VA right after our meeting; contributed 40 happy bucks!
Beckie’s daughter became married in the Elvis Chapel in Las Vegas in front of a full congregation
Harold was happy, but my notes are illegible, sorry Harold!   You’re always happy though.
John happily reported that he had “end Polio” pins for everyone and thanked us for the support
Cindy attended the Melbourne preconference and was able to make connections with Youth Exchange  committee members
Laura also attended Melbourne ad reported inspiring speakers.  Laura also attempted to get cash back at the grocery store for happy bucks, but learned it costs 50 cents to get your own money from Fry’s!
Guest Speaker
Today’s speaker is Timothy Massawa, aka “Michael” as repeatedly professed by Bob Bishop.  Timothy, a rotary member since 2011 and past Assistant Governor of his region, co-founded an NGO dedicated to empowering children of Tanzania through education.  Timothy, a member of the Massai indigenous culture of Tanzania described a fascinating program focused on children of the Ngorongoro region where, ironically, Andy had visited the week before.   Timothy’s presentation raised several ideas for our club to consider in future project support.
Diana Ventura - Goodyear  from District 5500 presented the Marana Rotary Club several awards. John Dooling our Past President is accepting the awards 
Rotary Meeting
June 7, 2022
Adam was inducted into the club by Randy and co assisted by Laura
Randy Said he is the newest member of Rotary worldwide, you’re not just joining an organization  with 1.2 mil members around the world, you will be able to access 531 countries in other areas.   You will be able to make a huge impact Internationally and locally you will become a huge hub in our club. 
Adam is a Financial Rep with Edwards Jones he was born in NY but lived here most of his life, most of his family is here, he lives in Marana.  He wasn’t to get more involved in the club whether its local or international.
We had a visitor from Seattle Steven who is moving here he will be living in Sunflower.
Happy bucks
Peter – He is working in a great place.
Don – More good days then bad he has surgery scheduled for July.
Cindy – The house passed the Senate Bill 1361 that deals with Youth Exchange. *this means we should be able to have a youth exchange program and not pay $6500 for them.
John – Conference has been wonderful and has learned a lot.
Mary- She is doing ok her brother and sister-in-law arriving tomorrow.
Lynn – Story for the day – The cat died and goes to heaven God greets the cat and says you have been a good cat is there anything we can do for you? The Cat says I was raised on a farm and all I have known is sleeping on a hard floor I would love a pillow and God said done.  About  a week later a dozen mice died and he give them the same option and the mice said all we have done our whole life is run from dogs, cats, brooms etc, what we would really like is roller skates, done.    A few days later he goes over and wakes up the cat and says how is everything going the cat said wonderful this pillow is awesome and I love these little meals on wheels they keep sending me.
Randy – doing well its cool and chilly.
Adam – thankful he was inducted, the past week they went to Disneyland with nieces and nephews.
Denise – happy for Adams inducted and she is going to Hawaii.
Becky –Thanked everyone who came to Felicias Farm they saw the chickens and showed them the herbs and the well water area down the road (she has big vision).  Her daughter will be getting married in the Elvis Chapel.
Sulee – Happy.
Stephen – 2 years ago he met Randy – he has been a member or Rotary Spoken for 40 years.
Harold – Welcome the new member and how impressed he was with Felicias Farm.
Bob – Spent 10 days with his brother and sister-in-law and toured AZ.
Laura- Is attending the conference in Houston virtually, she is very impressed with how it has been organized.
Laura wanted to spend a little time thinking about our calendar and the things we have coming up after July 1, 2022.  She would like to think about a Rotary Club retreat.   On June 18th, Laura will be inducted in as President of The Marana Rotary Club it will be at her house from 5-7pm.
She would like the retreat the 2nd weekend of July the 16th,  at her house. 
Calendar coming up – let’s think about what we want to keep, delete, or add.  She would like to reenergize our relationship with the Marana Chamber and the Town of Marana. 
Events the Town of Marana host are the Founder day in March,  4th of July, fall festival and Christmas lighting.  Also Marana Parks and Recs have volunteer opportunities, Laura emailed them to see how we might help with that.  We could also set up an ice cream or icee truck at one of the splash pads. 
Were only 10 years younger than the town, so why don’t we do something for the founder’s day.  We could turn this into a fundraiser.
Were a member of the Chamber and all it says is a mailing address and phone # and our name and it says nothing about us.   If we want to have anything on the Chamber, web site we need to get some  updated info on their sight.  They have the 4th Tuesday mixer from 5-7 and their morning meeting the  1st Wednesday of each month.  Becky always attends she had passed out flyers on our events.  Adam is also a member of the Chamber and he said that the last Tuesday mixer there was about 50-60 people there.
The next thing she wants us to think about is the four 5th Tuesdays we have this year we need to think do we want to use them as a social or service project.
El Tour is November 19th, it will start downtown this time, we have sponsored a station for 26 years, but we may not be in Marana, we will have to plan for a station still.
And El  Tour de Cookie – it will either be March 4 or March 11, 2023, Becky and Dan will be co-chairs.  We need to focus on advanced media a month or two ahead.   Laura said the Tour de Tucson puts all their bike races and fun runs on a website bike  we should see if we want to use that.  It’s a one stop site for bike runs not just races.   We need to all be willing to work one time a month the bike path to spread the word. 
Mary also said we need to think about a district grant we are coming up to the deadline July 15, 2022.  Mary suggested Felicias Farm again.  
Meeting was closed with the four way test.
May 24, 2022
Marana Rotary Club
Meeting called to order Bob lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance.
Check in with everyone/Happy Bucks’
Kathy-full house with visitors and the last of the students from TUSD graduating.
Adam-Crazy month – going to CA next week 1st time at Disneyland.
Bob- not happy bucks- there dog is going to be put down today.
Don-feeling good today.  Brother-in-law died a week before, Don had prostate cancer surgery they got it all.  Because of that they nicked his colon he had some additional complications.
Mary-on the mend from her latest treatment.
Denise-going to Hawaii next month.  
Peter-Maui trip postponed tell September, he gave a talk to the Dove Mountain Rotary Club next Thursday.
Laura-Thankful and happy that we are close enough that we can share our issues with each other
Harold: Carpal Tunnel surgery this week, we will be thinking about you.
Cindy-They had a fabulous graduation for their grandson.  John is in Florida fishing.
Sulee-Good to go and info that Marvin Swank passed away.
Reminder next week’s meeting with be at Felicias Farms: 3761 E River Rd, Tucson, AZ 85718
Randy arrived last night at the cabin he drove down to a friend’s house to use his internet he is on his telephone – its 37 at his cabin in WA.
Laura – Lynn will remain as treasurer, Sulee will be the Secretary and she will talk to others about positions.
Mary – She sent out an invitation for Laura’s induction, please RSVP.  June 18, 2022, Saturday at 5pm @ Laura’s place.   Guests are welcome. 
Randy went over the Code of Conduct
  1. Act with integrity and high ethical standards in my personal and professional life
Discussion – after much discussion – the conclusion is that other than criminals we should respect all positions – any and all positions bring something to the club.  ie Kathy said like fast food workers – we don’t know how to run the fry machine, they work hard and should have our utmost respect.   Laura one thing we need to do is keep up with the ethics and integrity in our own positions.   Like Mary sometimes we must make discissions based on how well we can do a job.
  1. Deal fairly with others and treat them and their occupations with respect
We rely on every person that joins our club.  Laura said there is dignity in all work, and we need to approach people with open minds and hearts about their profession.
  1. Use my professional skills through Rotary to mentor young people, help those with special needs, and improve people’s quality of life in my community and in the world
Randy said do we all have occupations where we help young people.   Randy has helped people with diagnostic work to see if they have Alzheimer.  Yes, we do by being involved with the foreign exchange students.  Don said this is a lot of what we do with our service projects. 
  1. Avoid behavior that reflects adversely on Rotary or other Rotarians
We are in a tricky time for this one, we should not go to a gathering and get drunk, or we could behave in a way that is challenging.  The new mantra in Rotary is Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.   We should go to our fellow Rotarians one-on-one and talk to them about how we feel we were offended.  As Mary added she tried it and it didn’t go well and that may happen.  Cindy said there is an incident in baseball right now where there is a racist comment. So things change and we need to keep up with things and people that are affected need to work it out.  Laura said maybe we could get someone to present re how we can learn to discuss issues.   Becky added a positive opinion the Tour De Cookie is a great reflection of our club.
  1. Help maintain a harassment – free environment in Rotary meetings, events and activates; report any suspected harassment; and help ensure non-retaliation to those individuals that report harassment.   We didn’t get to five.
May17, 2022
From Maria Altamirano    Boy am I so excited, the last few weeks have been pretty intense and demanding. Finished all my patients and clinical requirements last Wednesday and just finished my last two finals today. :) On top of the clinical and exams we just wrapped up our class community service event for May with a donation drive for Emerge here in Tucson. It was such an amazing thing to be able to help. Myself and faculty leaders, Ms Richards and Ms Smedley, really pushed for the month long drive with student and other faculty and we were able to donate everything from toothbrushes to suitcases.  I attached a picture of our class holding just a few items we were able to donate. Heading into June I'm getting ready for my student delegate meeting and catching up on some recorded townhall meetings and reading up on some bylaws we'll be voting on in June. I'm so excited to learn this process. I'll start studying for boards this summer and finishing a computer class requirement (not to mention watching my two boys). Hopefully I'll get to see you guys virtually soon.
DON – his wife is not feeling well.
DENISE- happy bucks – her cousin starting to talk after a horrific accident.
CAROL– going to Denver to visit niece on Monday to visit family.
RANDY– is in Pismo beach in CA, with Shirley and Dick Grace.
SULEE -had a good weekend in bullhead city.
BECKY– Internet was down .this morning – she is happy to have two beautiful granddaughters
JOHN- Happy they have a grandson graduating from Ironwood HS  - Carter Dooling and he was a grand champion swimmer.
CINDY-8year old grandson  Levi Dooling hit a grand slam in  baseball and she is happy to be able to get to watch her grandson helping to kids who were having some kind of disagreement and he told them they need to respect one another.
HAROLD– That the computer got hooked up.
Dan  - Just happy
ADAM-a lot going on in the financial world, he considers himself a financial therapist at this time.
KATHY – happy her kids are doing well; son graduated and had a visit with her mom.
LAURA- Happy
Randy this might be a good time to introduce the past District Governor PDG Diane Goodyear and her husband Gordon.   She said the district started out with 50 clubs and ended with 50 clubs.   She had some special awards for John Dooling #1 the Rotary  Citation (at the first of the year you must state your goals and you must end with those goals).  Polio plus award, 100% foundation giving (every Rotarian every year).     #1 Club in the district. Congratulations John for year well done.
Cindy, we have had an outreach from student from Marana  high school who would like to be an outbounds student next year 23-24 school year.   We need to be ready for the inbounds students who will be coming next year coming from Denmark, Spain, Belgium, and Holland.
Bob introduced the speaker
          Don Zavis National Sales Trainer at the Catalyst, Sales Trainer.
The need is greater than it has been in volunteer group and less people stepping up to the need.
Beneficial for the people – one or two things we might be struggling with what would they be?
Kathy one of the problems she sees is there are different areas to give need clarity where to give $, do we give to the club etc.   This is complicated for new members. 
He said he developed a program called the member code.  How do I help, how do I do it. The three things we have an opportunity to do is  Time, Talent & Treasures. 
Clubs are always talking about get new members – for every  we should all have a Rotary Pamphlet and every day and have a meaningful conversation with someone in our world.  If we do this every day, it will become a  habit it’s the easiest way to  be prepared.  If every day all 17 of us have a meaningful conversation we could increase our club size.  
Polio being its own group can you donate to it, can you get host homes for your exchanges students yes, but we like to reach out to our group.    What  I would like to expect
Member Code Road Map
#1-We need to  commit to remain engaged in the club.
#2-All member need to have an opportunity to be creative; expect that every month every member comes up with an Idea. Do we give people the ability to be creative?  
#3-Commit to using my fiscal resources
#4-Commit to brining one new person monthly, to become a member,  the member is a guideline.
#5-Commit to attend every event we have .
#6-Commit to involving yourself – do we have jpeg item we use to promote out weekly session
*it’s about what a wonderful organization, awards people have won... post on social media!
#7-Creat a leadership group everyone needs a leadership role, where they gravitate to.  We need to put the members in rolls that fit them.
Team 100 concept = $100 each month, 100 minutes of time and 100 minutes of our talent each month.
If you want a better club, be a better member, better spouse, if you want a better boss be a better father, child etc..   We need to look at the time/challenge/treasure
Also remember clubs are a  way to cure loneliness  for some people.
May 10, 2022
Rotary Marana
Cindy led in the Pledge of Allegiance
Raffel Tickets were sold
Cindy Dolling is the Youth Coordinator for the district.
There is a District Administrative position available with the passing of Liz Cohn.  Kathy stepped up said she is interested the position.
Happy Bucks
Mary-doing good and the weather is still nice.
Kathy-she is happy her mom and husband are in visiting and going to her son’s graduation who is graduating with honors at ASU.
Lynn said she Himalayan rabbit stew because she found him lying in the road
Bobs happy he is here because he keeps waking up with heart issues.
Becky – happy she has two healthy grandbabies
Harold happy that they got the computer going
John is happy
Kathy Dooling said she is happy with the bicycle race
Dan said one of the things he misses is the fact we used to get in a small group when we all used to sit and talk.
Dan happy about mother’s day, he will be inducted soon.
Denise is happy her cousin is in the hospital after a freaky situation
Lynn – she got to go on a retreat
Randy happy he is getting to visit family and go to Washington
Peace builder club meeting.
Kathy said there are two district programs – District trainer and district grant chair.
RYLA new chair out of Sierra Vista Club
Bob introduced our speaker – she is a financial planner –
Fund raiser and develop
Presentation on everyone wants to know you to give more to Rotary.
There is a lot of ways to give money to donate to Rotary happy bucks, donations etc.  Today she is going to talk about major gifts, bequest etc.
She is here to stimulate some ideas on how to give money to rotary that might help taxes.  There are a lot of ways to give money, planned gift, bequest, structured gift.
Some numbers
70.5 ( this is an age #)  - QCD – Qualified Charitable Distribution from IRA or retirement plan.  I.e. you can tell you investment person you can say I want to make the contribution and you are not taxed for it.  This goes directly from IRA to Rotary. 
$1000 – Benefactor, you can gift $1000. Gift to Rotary Endowment Fund via estate plan.
10,000  Major Donor level
  • (cumulative financial gifts)
  • Bequest Society  -Beneficiary of IRA or Life Insurance
  • Donor advised fund (irrevocable contribution, Tax Deduction in gift year.  Harold wanted to know if the funds can be designated to the local club only.  She doesn’t know for sure.
  • Gift Annuity Minimum
100,000 Charitable reminder trust( this could be cash securities, real estate, or possible liquid assets).  This is lifetime funds.
25,000 Is astonishing
  • Minimum amount for Rotary Endowment
  • Great for Legacy planning
These # above reflect different gifts.
What should you do to give more?
  • What do you want to accomplish?
  • What do you want your legacy?
  • What are your resources?
  • What do you want you legacy to accomplish?
One simple way to leave money through your estate can me by adding it to your will
We concluded the meeting by Harold lead us in the four way test
May 3, 2022
Marana Rotary Club
Hybrid meeting
Meeting was called to order by Randy Brooks, John Dooling lead us in the Flag Salute.
Randy stated that he would like to cancel the Board Meeting.
Adam  Potential member was introduced in person.
Mary said that Felicia’s Farm came in under budget both the District Funds and funds donated by the Rotary Club of Marana.  From our club it was $123.00 Peter Mack motioned to donate the funds back to Felicias Farm vs taking the money back and Harold Butzloff  second the vote was made, and it was will in favor.  The district funds will have to be returned to the Charitable Funds for 5500.
Randy announced the sad news about the passing of Liz Cohn on 5/2/22.    The District is going to give her a Rotarian for life.  Also her club wants to create a Scholarship Fund in her name for the UofA.
Lynne said we grossed $1535.00 from the shred event.  Randy said Don offer to pay the Shred Truck.
50/50 tickets were sold  Denise was the lucky one and pulled the Joker the pot was $180.00, and she donated it back to the club.
Happy Bucks
Bob the Computer is working we have Biffy from all the way in Africa
Lynne did not have a good day yesterday, but the Startbucks server had a wonderful smile.
Kathy said she is just happy.
Adam happy to be in person
Dan just happy
Sulee Just Happy
Harold Happy Computer worked for zoom
John Shredding event was a great event
Becky Happy she gets to babysit grand baby.
Pete Happy that someone else has learned the computer
Lynne told one of her great jokes “Did you hear about the hen who laid orange instead if egg and all the little chicks were running around, saying look at the orange mama laid”. Hahaha
Kathy Dooling said they had a great outbound exchange student orientation
Denise is happy
Laura said she didn’t have a good week and didn’t elaborate
Mary happy her brother is visiting
Carol happy her 95-year-old mother few across the country to come and visit (I hope we can all do that someday)
Randy he is happy that Biffy is with us today – he also gave a statue to John and Cindy Dooling for the daughter because she said she just bought a bicycle built for two.
Speaker was Elizabeth (aka BiffY) Danckwerts from the Eastern Cape of Cape Town.  Biffy was brought up in Eastern Cape and did a short stint in Johannesburg for 4 years in the 80’s.  She joined Rotary in May of 2005 and was awarded a PH in 2009 and again 2019.   Biffy serves in her club.
Biffy is currently starting new Satellite Club called the MAD Rotary Club, she said this should be a fully-fledged club within a year.
What an interesting lady – wish the vocals would have been better.
She is the happiest working in Khayelitsha, it means new home) and her second language is Xhosa.     She showed us pictures of the houses they are nothing more that shacks.  Some of the small houses have 3-8 children in the tiny little house.  
She showed us a great PowerPoint about the school she is working to improve.   The kids there are so excited to go to school.  She has done so much to help the kids have a great education.  She showed of the school, library, courtyard, lunch area.    She showed us the original computer room and now they have an updated computer room the kids have 90 minutes per child to work on the computer there are 96 computers in the room. 
There are 1205 children in the school each day and it’s a very sandy play area.  She had tried to grow trees, but they won’t grow.
The kids must be feed breakfast and lunch each day.    And they all sit in the cafeteria on the floor in the lunch area.  Most of these kids come from homes with illiterate parents most of them don’t know how to read or write. 
Most of the children had never heard any kind of classical music, the now have a conductor and the children are playing instruments. 
There were 46 children per classroom before now they have hired more teachers.
This was a great presentation from her.  
Randy said when he was visiting Biffy in Africa there was a house that had the Rotary seal on it.   Randy said she has a hug heart and how she has worked with the children.
Marana Rotary Club
Randy called the meeting to order
Mary led us in the flag Salute.  
Randy said – sad news - Liz Cohen is very ill and was placed in hospice yesterday.
Adam Pina a prospective member joined us via zoom (welcome).   He is a financial advisor with Edwards Jones.  He grew up in Tucson and Live in Marana with his wife, he was a private banker for Wells Fargo.  He is a Yankees fan, Mary put on her NY hat, Kathy put on Cubs, Don put on his Boston hat, Laura put on her team hat.   Ya we have baseball fans. (let’s go to a game)
Lynne told a joke   The Yankees were playing the Red Sox at Fenway Park a kid goes to the game he meets his priest there they get to talking and after the game the priest says  can I get a ride home the kid says  father, I would be happy to.  So they are driving down the street and here is this Yankee fan all decked out in his garb, hat, shirt the whole 9 yards the kids swerves, and almost hits him.   At the last minute he veers off and looks at the priest and said Father I am so sorry I shouldn’t have done that, and the priest said no worries  my son I got him with the door.
Happy Buck Time:
Harold said he and Bob spent a couple of hours working on getting the computers going at the fire department, so at the next meeting we can be hybrid.
Bob also happy about getting the computer going.
Kathy – 450 new chicks at the farm we will be at her place to visit on  5/31.
Becky – new grandma Elenore, and her other granddaughter June had her 4th birthday Saturday. 
Mary – another treatment  - good news brother arriving today to help Mary.
John – question for Kathy – with all the chicken can you use the chicken dropping to make her own compost and she explained how she does that.   Don and Cindy hosted the District Governor and District Governor Elect at their house along with the outgoing foreign exchange students.  Rotary 5500  has students going to Belgium, Thailand & Denmark and we will bring in four incoming students
Laura – happy and relieved she is done with the AZ Supreme Court; she won’t know for four or five months if she wins or not.  She said this was called a hot bench. it’s what the call a hot bench:* here is the meaning The Supreme Court justices are talking. And they are talking more than ever during oral argument. The term “hot bench” implies that appellate judges engage in vibrant verbal exchanges with the parties during oral hearings.
Don, good news he watched the live streaming of Laura at the Supreme Court he said she was fantastic. Their daughter is an FBI  agent in New York she was just selected to train for the  Hostage Negotiation Team. Shelter Box update sense the beginning of the rotary year district 5500 has raised over $46,000 for shelter box.   That ranks us 9th out of 150 some districts in the US and second in our zone and were one of the smallest districts in the zone.
Sulee – Also watched Laura and we went to Bullhead with 18 family member and had a great time.
Lynne happy tax season is off and happy she is semi-retired.
We netted $7400.00 at the Tour de Cookie.
Shredding event this Saturday
  • Event will be from 9:00 – 1200
  • We need to be set up and ready to go by 8:30, if you can help, please be there by 8:00 a.m.  All hands-on deck if possible.
  • John will bring two pop ups, tables and chairs,  signs for the road.
  • Have some masks on hand for elderly people.
  • John will bring a cooler with water.
  • Laura brining bagels and crem cheese.
  • Becky to make sure we have the credit card.
  • John has some trifold to hand out.
  • Randy has a paper that we handed out last year.
Student of the month:
Denise Coronado, Student of the Month Brisel Rivera
She went to school at Road runner and Marana Middle School and then to the High School. She wanted to graduate earlier and be with a smaller community.   What she likes best about MCAT: is the schedule and that she has  6th period to use as independent time so she can catch up on her work.    Denise said that Brisel is the one that really gets her work done!  She will graduate in December she was supposed to be a May 2024 graduate, can you imagine graduating two years early?  She is going to go to the Pima and then the UofA and get her teaching degree.   Info her brother is also a graduate of MCAT
Laura asked her what teaching area she is  interested in and she said History.  Mr Bohen is the person she picked to be there with her today he is her History Teacher.  He said  Brisel is supper self-directed she had a lot of questions and always want to know more.  She is willing to help other students that are struggling a little bit.  Because of that other student are also engaging more.  She is a great role model.   Rotary provided her with a certificate and a gift card to the movies. 
Brisel said it was an honor to be at MCAT.
Denise said that MCAT,  graduation is May 19th, 2022.  She has four seats for us to join, let Randy know ASAP who is going.
Mary – Past District governor Eli sent a card thanking for the video sent in for the peace pole. 
Laura and Mary have been planning Laura’s installation. She has picked June 18th  for the date and to be held at Laura’s house and it will be catered.   John recommends that Laura and Lynne put their heads together to discuss the budget for her year.    
John said the Annual Programs fund raising is , total contributions are at $8540. That includes polo plus and foundation. Randy’s goal was $10,000.  Lynne has another $1600.00 to go in this will put him over his goal at $10,140.   Membership goal was two and we have three new members, Cindy, Kathy and Carol.
John will receive honors for his year as president.  Club also submitted the paperwork we will be honored as a Prestige Club.
John kind of related My Rotary, My Rotary in the district people registered 54%.  The only two people in our club who are not registered Kathy and Carol are the only two members not registered. 
Next week’s  hybrid meeting the  speaker is Elizabeth "Biffie" Danckwert  from South Africa. 
Mary asked on behalf of Jen our Youth Exchange Daughter if anyone would be willing to host her 24-year-old friend for three months.
Don led us in the Four Way Test.
Rotary Club of Marana Visits the 390th Air Museum
On March 26th, 10 members of our Rotary Club visited the 390th Museum at the Pima Air and Space Museum off of Valencia Road in Tucson. The 390th Air Museum is the Home of the B-17 “Super Fortress” bomber and tells the story of this World War II bomber group as they fought in the war in Europe.
Harold Burtzloff and Beckie Penman had coordinated with Glenn Rosati of the museum to have meeting facilities available for members to gather and share coffee and doughnuts. There we met our tour guide, Col. Don Cassidy. Col. Don gave us an introductory briefing and then proceeded to show us the through all of the various exhibits within the building.  The centerpiece was the last B-17 flown by any service. Members were allowed to look inside the aircraft and asked many questions.
Of particular interest to most was the gallery of photos of every B-17 and their crews in the 390th. Along the walls were various examples of airplanes with their mission count and what happened to them.  Many were lost over Germany. Nose Art (crew produced aircraft names and symbols (usually females) painted on the noses of each B-17, various flight jackets and uniforms, parachutes and other items used by the crews were displayed and explained.
Of particular interest was the section on the Norden Bombsight, a top-secret device used by bombardiers, that allowed them to essentially take over the controls of the aircraft to guide it to a very precise drop point, insuring a target hit. According to Col. Don, a lady with some very long hair had donated her locks for the production of these sights – literally being used as “cross hairs” of the scope that were overlaid on the target.
Our club was so impressed with the museum and their personnel that we voted to make a special donation of $200.00 to the museum.

A ShelterBox HERO Club Congratulations

President Randy and members of the Rotary Club of Marana,
Congratulations on receiving your latest ShelterBox HERO recognition!
Your support is very much appreciated during this very challenging year of natural and manmade disasters. Your contributions have helped save lives and families in places like Haiti, and for the refugees in and near Ukraine.
As you know, ShelterBox has provided aid to over 2 million people since 2000, we could not have reached them without clubs like yours. If you would like to have your certificate also presented in person at a club meeting, and/or you would like a 2022 ShelterBox update for your club please, just let us know!
Thank you for being a ShelterBox HERO!
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