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Welcome to the Rotary Club of Marana in Marana, AZ

Service Above Self      
A Peacebuilder Club

We meet In Person
Tuesdays at 7:00 AM
Northwest Fire Department
5125 W Camino De Fuego
P O Box 91502 Zip Code 85752
Tucson, AZ 85743
United States of America
Current Events
Marana Rotary Club has gone to Hybrid meetings
Visitors are always welcome to the Marana Rotary Club
Please text to 520-909-9162  with  your name by 5:00 PM Monday
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Rotary Club of Marana Meeting Minutes
July 6, 2021 
Club Business
Denise has secured an Aide Station at the intersection of Coachline and Silver Bell Roads for the Tour de Tucson in late November.  Seven club members indicated their availability to assist.  Further details to follow which will address health and safety protocols.
Randy announced that Don Jorgensen is seeking the District 5500 Governorship for 2024/2025 and introduced a resolution for the Club’s endorsement.  The club enthusiastically passed the resolution and will endeavor to complete the required paperwork by July 31.  Congratulations Don!
There will be a Board meeting Wednesday, July 7 to be held virtually.
Randy welcomed Jen Shaw as the newest member of Marana Rotary.  Jen gave a brief intro having recently arrived in Marana by way of southeast Tucson and Colorado.  She is a single Mom of two, active in the Chamber of Commerce and a sales associate of Allstate. Randy warmly welcomed Jen and gently reminded her of her responsibilities as a Rotarian.  The meeting warmly welcomed Jen to the Marana Club.
Happy Bucks (abbreviated session due to technical issues and time constraints)
  • Harold was happy because this is the first year he has achieved perfect meeting attendance.  John D chided Harold for taking 53 years to achieve this.
  • Randy was kind enough to point out that the temperature was 54 degrees where he was in Washington state
  • John was happy that nobody complained about the absence of donuts as the Donut Wheel was closed. Maybe tip them next time, John?
  • Lynne shared a joke involving a bicyclist and a corvette. Due to audio problems, the punch line was lost on most.  At least the writer heard no laughter or groans.
Raffle drawing, Lynne drew the 2 of diamonds.   The pot continues to grow.
Audio issues continue to plague us in our hybrid meetings despite heroic efforts made by Peter, Harold, Richie, John and others.  Confidence is high that improvement will continue and victory is to be achieved.
Presenters - Amy and Victoria of the Northwest Fire District spoke to the meeting on the dangers of monsoon flooding and heat-related health issues in the Tucson basin.  Amy has been with NWFD for four years, the last two of which were dedicated to her passion, public education and awareness.  Veronica came to the NWFD from Bisbee where she experienced first-hand the power and destruction of flash flooding in Miner’s Gulch running through a major part of town.  
Amy described the intensive training given to first responders for swift water rescue.  She reminded us that flash flooding is an inherent risk of living in Pima County and that, despite the common sense rules, many long-time residents as well as new arrivals become complacent about entering flooded roadways.  Interestingly, in 2017, we ranked number 8 in the nation for deaths due to flooding.  And over half of fatalities were vehicle related.  Quite the statistic for an arid, desert environment.  We hear it every year; rescues and fatalities result from drivers ignoring barricades to enter flowing roadways under the belief that the water isn’t that deep, swift, or dangerous.  Amy made the important point that only one foot of water will make a vehicle buoyant.  Despite decreasing monsoon activity since 2014, rescues and fatalities remain some of the highest in the nation.
Veronica presented the dangers of heat-related illness.  The stages begin with Heat Cramps and progress through Heat Exhaustion and, finally, Heat Stroke.  How to recognize each of these progressively worse conditions were explained and the “do’s and don’t do’s” described for each case.  Again, despite common sense, we see the horrific results of ignorance every summer.  Particularly alarming are the cases of infants or pets left in cars.  Veronica showed graphics of temperatures rising within vehicles (even with windows partially open) for outside temperatures ranging from 80 to 120 degrees.  Even at 80 degrees, the results were rapidly catastrophic.
Amy’s and Veronica’s presentations focused on two themes.  1) NWFD places a great deal of emphasis on rescue and 2) there is constant public education in order to avoid having to utilize that expertise.
Final thought- as this is my first set of meeting minutes produced, I welcome any feedback.  Too dry?  More/less detail?  Warning- I tend to become more sardonic and editorial as comfort level grows!
submitted by: Andy Swarthout, Secretary
Randy Brooks Installation
June 26 2021
The installation party was held at the home of John Dooling
The meeting was called to order by John Doolinig (president 2020/2021 year)
The first order of business was to install Randy Brooks our 30th President of the Rotary Club of Marana
After business was taken care of the Members and Guest partied on
Marana Rotary Meeting Notes. 
June 15 Meeting
Attendance: Lynne, John D, John Z, Dan, David, Mary, Laura, Sulee, Andy, Richie, Peter, Harold B. and Randy.
Few announcements: Banner year (3rd in district % of members who donated to Rotary Foundation Fund, #1 in per capita for district)
June 26 installation at 6 p.m. for Randy Brooks as president for 2021-22. 
Sugar Skulls game this Friday — those attending will need to arrange to meet John before the game.
Email from Joyce Zwick about the need for oxygen concentrators in India. Mary moves to donate $2,000 to the oxygen concentrator bank in India; Laura seconds. Passes unanimously. 
Lynne reported that the wire to San Carlos project for the renovation of the senior living home was completed.
Happy Bucks
Richie — UA men’s baseball team to Omaha and Suns doing well, Richie’s mom in town from Michigan to celebrate Charlie’s 3rd birthday.
Sulee — happy to have husband back home after a trying hospital stay.
Andy — family visiting from Illinois and sun out in the Northwest
Lynne — “If you’re happy and you know it ...” 
Harold — Skin cancer removed and it went well 
John Z — I like the warm weather but this is ridiculous. Hoping for a good monsoon.
Dan — Hoping for a good monsoon, too.
David — After months of testing, pool no longer leaking.
Mary — Headed up to Pacific NW for vacation. Just finished a seven-week course on Trauma and Wisdom which was really good.
Laura — Happy that it is Pride Month and Juneteenth, a month of celebrating freedom and liberation in this great country of ours. 
John — Dan is a member of this organization.
Dan’s journey —
Born in Chicago. Moved to Marana when he was 5 because of “allergies”. Dan’s father was a lineman, who said there weren’t enough clothes for that job in Chicago. Dan’s mom was speaker for Weight Watchers and traveled nationally as a motivational speaker. Went to UA and got a degree in finance and accounting, and thought he was going to settle in Denver but tried to put in gas in his truck but there was ice caked on his truck. Opening in the MUSD business office, about 30 years ago and returned to Marana to take it. He is now going on 20 years as being the CFO for Marana Unified School District.
Dan married to Heather — they met in an Eagles concert line for the Eagles farewell concert tour. Played lots of softball a while back. He loves to golf, and passionate about fishing (about the experience, about that one single moment like seeing a brown trout jumping out the water). He ties his own fishing flies. 
He and Heather have two children — Kelsey is 20 and working as a special education aide and Kaitlyn, who is married and has two children. 
Overall, he’s had a wonderful life. “It’s about relationships,” Dan said.
Marana Rotary Meeting Notes
June 1 Meeting
A few technical difficulties that we are ironing out. 
Attendance: Robert Bishop, John Dooling, Andrew S, Peter M, Beckie P, Richie B, Harold B.guest Jen Shaw who wants to join our club. 
Celebrations today
— Beckie Penman’s anniversary 51st
— Harold Burtzloff’s 84th birthday
Dan Contaro returning from White Mtns today and can’t be here. 
Happy Bucks
Randy — had a great visit to Las Vegas, Son and daughter-in-law pregnant and buying a townhouse, donate $100 for Happy Bucks. 
Mary — brother and sister-in-law in town, put in drip system and planted roses and ate first home-grown tomato
Andrew — will match Randy’s happy bucks, the sun is out in the NW. 
John Dooling — happy to see John Zwick. 
Bob Bishop — sending a check for $300 for happy bucks. 
Richie — watching UA women’s softball team advanced women’s college World Series and UA baseball team hosting Regionals. Complimented on eyebrows.
Laura — Enjoyed family over Memorial Day. 
Denise — got together with siblings, seeing John Z, good business month in May
Harold — spent time w/ granddaughter and go to do some flying. Paid $100 for Happy Bucks. 
John — nice to “get out of jail”, see the country and really happy that we are back together again. Thanks for the calls. 
Peter — great to be back in person again. $100 happy. 
Don — got back from NYC and New England Sunday night. Carlton Bradford — direct descendant of William Bradford who founded Plymouth Colony. $100 for Happy Bucks. 
June 26th — installation ceremony of new officers at John Dooling’s house. 
Rotary Intl — asked clubs to reach out to contacts in India and Brazil to find ways to help. India is no-go from a reliable source Randy knows. 
In Brazil, Randy heard from Emanuelle and he’s having a further conversation with her today. Natal, Brazil. 
Peace Poles update: ordered. Mary will follow up. And will follow up on the bench. 
Rotary Club of Marana Meeting; May 25, 2021
Club Business
  • Peter and Randy moved our cabinet to new meeting space
  • District Conference is Friday and Saturday, June 4th and 5th.
  • Next week will be our first in-person, hybrid meeting!
  • Sugar Skulls, an arena football team will be playing on June 19th.  John will purchase tickets for those interested in attending as a club. 
  • Poker Tournament June 11th.  Dan will be sending out invites shortly.
Happy Bucks:
  • Don is in New York visiting with his 19 mo-old grandson who is hysterical.  Don’s stunned by how fast 19 mo-olds can run.
  • Denise is super happy has 2 days off in a row.
  • Dan reported that his high school graduations were really wonderful.  MCAT, in particular, was very touching and impressive.
  • Lynne is happy she’s semi-retired for the tax season. 
  • Bob’s has appreciation for the government agencies that have rallied around his friend with cancer.  The quickly facilitated getting the young man insurance and medical care.
  • Beckie is loving having June over 4 days a week and is sad when she’s not there.
  • Joyce’s lilacs and tulips are covered with snow in Alberta.
  • Randy is happy will be scooting off after the meeting to a mainly manly weekend with friends in Reno and visiting his son in Las Vegas
  • Sulee was super happy she went to CA for granddaughter’s wedding shower and was able to see her little grandchildren, too.
  • Laura I’m happy for beautiful mornings.
  • John is thrilled with hip replacement.  Outpatient and walking in 3 days without much restriction.
          Submitted by Mary Straus,
Rotary Club of Marana Meeting; May 18, 2021
Club Business:
  • Speaker next week Director of Alzheimer Research at Banner
  • District Conference will be held June 4th and 5th remotely.  All encouraged to attend.  Registration on the D5500 website.
  • Virtual Poker Tournament upcoming on June 11.
  • Installation of Incoming Officers will be held at 6:00 pm on Saturday, June 26th, at John’s home.  PDG Ellie Patterson will be Installing PE Randy.
  • Denise has been in contact with the Tour de Tucson organizers regarding aide stations. They are yet to be determined; Denise will be notified as soon as they are set. 
  • First Hybrid Meeting on the 1st of June will be held at the Northwest Fire Department Training Facility.  Randy has sent us directions.
Happy Bucks:
  • Bob joined us from outside a hospital in Virginia where he is waiting for his young friend to finish a chemo treatment.  He is grateful that he was in position to open his heart to this young man in a dire situation.
  • Lynne is happy tax season is over and is taking week off. 
  • Andy grateful for his beautiful view from his office window, looking directly Bryce Canyon.
  • Dan is in graduation season; all is going well.  Dan’s pleased that different parts of his his kitchen remodel are starting to come together.    
  • Becky, “50 years ago husband bought me a new car.  Last week he bought me my second.”  Becky loves her new car and is in awe of new safety technologies.
  • Mary’s daughter had Sweet 16th Birthday.  Both she and he tomatoes are thriving.
  • Peter had a nice time while working in Georgia.  He’s very much enjoying the opening that is unfolding.
  • Laura has had favorable outcome  for two clients regarding Covid-related death benefits. 
  • Randy in a peaceful, happy space
  • Joyce happy looking down from her office window at tree in full bloom with tiny white petals like snow. 
Randy attended the monthly Peacebuilder Meeting for us, being a dedicated Peacebuilder Club.  He was so touched by the meeting that he shared with us some of the lessons he took from the speaker, Jerry Leggit.
  • We are all part of whole.  We can be greater the more we can be curious and embrace each other. 
  • We must take ownership of our own institutional and personal racism.  What is our own racism?  Our own bigotry?
  • Empathy is the beginning of peace
  • Service Above Self is Service to our Selves
  • You can’t be peaceful if you’re hungry.
  • Most racism and bigotry is based in fear.
  • What does a peaceful world look like?  It is not something you will see externally until you find peace in your heart in you.
  • If you’re truly interested in peace, you have to be willing to take a chance. 
  • Be as proficient at peace as soldiers are at war. 
Randy recalled a personal experience that resonated while he listened to Jerry speak about peace.  As a corpsman in the Vietnam war, he, along with another corpsman and two soldiers, would provide Medcaps.  Medcaps were medical clinics set up in remote villages to treat local villagers.  Randy recalled a feeling of complete peace, fulfillment, and love when working in the villages, fully aware that some of those he was treating were viet-cong.  His heart was more open than it had ever been up to that point in his life.  In retrospect, Randy identifies these moments as the moments he “became a Rotarian.”
Many thanks to Randy for sharing Jerry’s inspiring lessons and his own inspiring experience. 
Submitted by Mary Straus,
 Rotary Club of Marana
Minutes of Meeting
Submitted by Randy Brooks
Attending: John D., Harold, Joyce (Guest), Sulee, Lynne, Andy, Denise, Don, Richie, Laura, Dan C and Beckie.  Special guest and speaker Dot Santy
John let us know he will be receiving a new hip on the 19th of May.  Good luck, John. 
The club voted to move our meeting effective, June 1, 2021, to the Northwest Fire Department off of Ina.  The actual street address is: 5125 W Camino De Fuego, Tucson, AZ 85743.  Exit I-10 West at Ina Road.  Turn South over the Freeway and get in the Right lane.  Immediately after the Q Store turn right  …. It is at the light.  Just after the turn in the road and just before the trailer sales turn Left onto Camino De Fuego.  Go about a block and you will see a large building and tower.  Walk past the burned, railroad car to the main lobby. Say hi to Angellina and go down the hallway to your right to the second to last room on the right.  We will be there.  The club will provide coffee and pastries. As we go along we will refine the menu.  You’re going to like this site.  Call me if you get lost 520-403-4763.
Masks will be suggested but not mandatory …. Those with immunizations for Covid are suggested to attend.  We will make every attempt to have a hybrid meeting but it may be a challenge the first meeting. 
Fundraising – the 2nd Friday of June we will have an online poker tournament …. Dan C is arranging for this event the 11th of June.  Details coming – when the flier is sent please distribute to everyone and everyone on your various mailing lists. They can be anywhere and join in on the fun. Sulee is helping with the tournament.
John announced that in the next few weeks we will have a visitor from the La Jolla Club whom is traveling to Tucson on occasion and is interested in discussing with us Alzheimer’s disease.  She is asking for volunteers for a study. Details to come.
RI has asked that clubs in concert with one another or alone and attempt to find to help with the Covid situation in Brazil and India.  Randy and John have contacted people in Brazil to determine need and Randy via of Shirley Grace (a friend of the club) has reached out to India.  We may have up to 4 clubs and Jefferies Foundation willing to contribute to a few clubs and/or communities.  Research in process.
Happy Bucks:
Harold: Sad actually, wife’s hard drive crashed.  Joyce Z our Canadian friend is happy “spring is coming”, we skip that and go directly to summer.
Randy – neither happy nor; sad.  Skip him; Sulee, Jim is receiving massive amounts of chemo to attempt to strangle his cancer.  This will go on for 6 weeks.  Keep him in your thoughts.
Andy – Not good or bad.  Much like his friend Randy, Don J: Happy to be going back East tomorrow to see daughter, Grandson and old buddies, I mean really old buddy (96 years old).
Lynne entertained us with a joke and Denise said it was happy Tuesday.  She did not explain herself.
Richie did a cool ‘Staycation’ that had an indoor water park.  Dan had to leave because of a school bus accident.  The child struck by the bus was later found to be OK and the incident will be investigated.
John awoke to six deer at his water through this morning.  Now that is cool. Laura visit her mother’s grave at the VA cemetery in Phoenix.  Her mother is buried with her husband …. Whom by the way was a “Pharmacist mate” … that is what Hospital Corpsmen are called today? The change was made in 1948.  
Speaker: Dot Santy moved to Tucson many years ago to avoid cold winters, she bounced around and found her passion in helping children with few means to provide food, clothing and basic necessities for themselves. She started seeing homeless children and these events were an AWAKENING for her. Cindy Roust (Marana Community Services) and she started SOS – Success of Students – noticed that kids were hungry, could not afford to go on outings, they had no funds but Dot began asking for help.  She raised $12,000 on her first fundraising activity. 40% of children need free or reduced meals in the Marana Unified School District.  Her first year she raised 24,000.  In 2019 her group was able to provide holiday meals to 700 families.
SOS goal: is to establish a sustaining committee that wants to support these children by fundraising and donations to these children in need. Here are the groups working to support her wanting to raise enough for 700 backpacks:  Del Webb, Silverbell Mines, Cal Portland and Watermark as well as the Marana Police Department.
She stressed that children are innocent. The parents have found themselves in situation where they cannot help the children, Covid, economy, addiction, bad luck, lack of training …. Whatever.  The children face the consequences of these issues.
John discussed how many years ago our club supported immunizations for children via of the Marana Health Center … Sulee remains on the board  of MHC and will speak to the board to see if the need exists anymore for help.
If you would like to speak to Dot Santy she can be reached at
Dot left the meeting and Lynne suggested we pool funds and buy 30 backpacks stuffed with school supplies. The club at John’s direction voted to supply 30 bags at a cost of $900.00. –
We quickly did the 4 way test and hung up our cleats for the week.
Rotary Club of Marana Meeting; May 4, 2021
Club Business:
  • Board meeting this evening, everyone welcome
  • District Conference will be held remotely June 4th and 5th.  A $10 fee will go directly to annual fund.
  • District 5500 currently has three Centennial Clubs.  Congratulations to the those Clubs!
  • Randy volunteered to be our representative at the Council on Legislation held during the District Conference.
  • Randy asked for volunteers on Nov 18th to welcome Rotarians coming to Tucson for the Zone Institute.  Both Becky and Bob volunteered.
  • The district is now open for nominations for Governor Nominees Designate.  The search is on for a person who will serve as governor in 2024-25
  • Richie posted the Az Daily Star article on our Shredding Event to our Facebook Account. 
Happy Bucks
  • Richie Is grateful that we haven’t hit 100 degrees yet.
  • Don had a nice anniversary with his wife.
  • Bob is enduring a difficult time.  His brother is very ill but was able to attend his daughter’s wedding.  Additionally, he has taken a young man under his wing who has advanced cancer, worsened because he has no insurance and, therefore, didn’t get medical care sooner.
  • Dan’s grandson was born Friday and gets to meet him tonight!! He is very excited.
  • Joyce enjoyed her District Conference on Saturday.  District 5360 includes the southern half of Alberta.
  • Sulee is happy she was able to spend some time with daughter and grandchildren.  One of her grandchildren has Primary Immune Deficiency, leaving her very vulnerable to infections.  Her exposure to people and places is very restricted, and she’s been wearing a mask since age 1. 
  • Randy happy his homestead has been refreshed with new paint.  He also reported that his, who has had advanced Alzheimer’s  sister on hospice.
  • Harold enjoyed a 5-day visit from his brother and wife who came from Kingman.
  • John’s looking forward to a hip replacement regarding which he was promised a quick and easy recovery.  John was delighted with a conversation he had with his granddaughter…  Granddaughter asked John if the road runner he saw was a girl or boy?  When he responded that, well, he didn’t know, she asked,  “Did it have eyelashes?” 
Submitted by Mary Straus,
Rotary Club of Marana Meeting April 27, 2021
This morning we took stock of our 2020-2021 Rotary Service Projects and are grateful to have had so many opportunities to touch lives.
  • Handbags of Hope
  • Oxygen Tanks for recipients in Nogales, Mex.
  • Adopt a Family for the Holidays
  • Air Purifiers for Special Needs Classrooms where kids have difficulty wearing masks
  • Uganda Women Empowerment; IT Training
  • Document Shredding and Electronics Recycling
  • Peace Garden
  • Rehabilitation of Assisted Living Home in Mexico devastated by the latest hurricane
  • Economic Development in Malam-Petel, Cameroon
Happy Bucks:
  • Harold had a lovely lunch with John and Sylvia Zwick and was very pleased with Sylvia’s rehabilitation progress. 
  • Joyce Zwick joined us from Canada and will be returning to AZ in June.  The region is enduring a drought, impacting farming.
  • Peter is happy.
  • Denise is looking forward to the upcoming chance of rain.
  • Andy is happy he received his 2nd vaccine, but lamenting Oregon is going into shut down with a surge in Covid numbers.  He commented that Oregon recorded its driest Spring on record since 1963.
  • Don is enjoying cool whether in Seattle.  He ran a successful ½ marathon over the weekend.
  • Laura was flummoxed that, while teaching a class remotely in the office next door, an office-mate had a health emergency, called an ambulance, paramedics entered, and paramedics left without Laura noticing a hint of something amiss.  Geez.  Happily, the health emergency resolved quickly.
  • Mary was taking pleasure in the saguaro blossoms and her latest tomato count.
  • Randy’s pleased his house is being painted and a closet built. 
  • Beckie delighted in granddaughter June’s 3rd birthday with a delightful birthday party by the zoo. 
  • Dan is doing a kitchen remodel and is very busy with developing a budget for the district. 
  • Lynne told us a joke she had to explain. 
  • Richie found new areas of his body that are susceptible to sunburn. 
  • John had a wonderful weekend with his son and grandsons camping and turkey hunting in Alpine.  A grandson proudly bagged his first Tom. 
Laura introduced us to Cathy Lolwing, executive director of Felicia’s Farm.  Cathy moved to Tucson in 2010 with her husband who works with the Arizona Daily Star.  They have a 15 year old daughter and a rescue husky.  Cathy has been with Felicia’s Farm since responding to their ad 10 years ago, “work in sunshine… help feed people.”
Felicia’s Farm was created by David Cutler to honor the memory of his wife, Felicia Ann Cutler,  who died in 2009.  She was a compassionate woman whose vision was to “feed people and teach them to feed themselves”.  
A fitting legacy, David turned his backyard into Felicia’s Farm, and it has grown steadily since its humble beginnings.  Currently the farm produces 700 pounds of organically grown produce and, with 700 hundred chickens, up to 2000 eggs per week, all of which is distributed at no cost.
The Mission of Felicia’s Farm is “to lift lives in Tucson.”
In 2019 one in five people in Tucson lived with food insecurity. The highest poverty rate was found in individuals below age 18.   In South Tucson one out of two people had insufficient food.  Since then, with the pandemic, poverty and food insecurity has only worsened.
Felicia’s Farms distributes their produce and eggs to community groups who serve, for example, the homeless, fleeing battered women, families, and seniors. These groups include
  • Casa Maria that serves homeless
  • Casa San Juan that serves families
  • Lend a Hand that serves seniors
  • Estes Park senior housing
  • Pasqua Yaqui Services
Felicia’s Farm is also dedicated to environmental sustainability.  They grow flowers to ensure bees for pollination.  Cut flowers are then given to Senior Homes.  The farm is currently on a well but will be implementing technology that draws humidity from the air.
Felicia’s Farm administrative costs are only 5% of their budget.  The farm depends on the work of approximately 50 volunteers a week.  Volunteering is flexible and doesn’t require scheduling.  Show up and you will be put to work in the compost, making berms, painting, weeding, harvesting…  All the things. 
We thank Cathy for such an uplifting presentation and Felicia’s Farm for the heartfelt work it does in our communities. 
Submitted by Mary Straus
MINUTES – 4.20.2021
Submitted by Randy Brooks
Attending Zoom Meeting:
President John, Harold, Randy, Sulee, Joyce (Alberta visitor), Andy (Portland), Peter, Robert (Virginia), Denise, Laura, Richie, David, Beckie, Lynne, Dan C. (what a great turn out today)
The meeting started with the Pledge of Allegiance by Denise.
We went immediately into discussion about Venue for the future meetings.  President John and others have been negotiating in good faith with a business called TOPS.  There has been a struggle with this company, first being encouraged to meet on Tuesdays and then stating their staff did not want us to come on Tuesday.  The Club considered moving to Thursday to accommodate TOPS.  Peter and Don discussed with the owner the pricing structure and some of the things we may need going down the road.  The owner countered with a letter to John indicating that she would authorize a three week trial period and complained the club kept trying to lower the price and were being unfair.  Although there were several reasons this venue was attractive, there were issues that made a few of us uncomfortable about a long term relationship. 
Part of the problem is that Mary would not be able to attend Thursday morning meetings and David H may have to leave the club.
Randy proposed that we withdraw our offer to meet at TOPS and after discussion the club voted to withdraw our offer and work to find another venue.
Shredding Project went perfectly, the people coming through were happy and seem grateful to be able to rid themselves of confidential papers.  Don J. did a great job of coordinating this event and with the help of John, Peter, Don, Harold, Beckie, the Dooling Family (5), Randy and Deb, Denise, Mary and anyone I missed (sorry) it went without a hitch and initial counting it appears we have a net of about $2.165.00
Don J. went by Nana’s and received a check for $200.00 for the screen we purchased to use at Nana’s Kitchen.
Dan C., is suggesting we meet at Coyote Trails School beginning July 1, where we can bring our own food, use their internet and hold face to face and virtual meetings for the future. Dan will return with more concrete information soon.
President John did a presentation about a project for seniors in San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico in cooperation with rotary D 4100.  This is or an “Old Peoples Home,” that was devastated in a hurricane many years ago. John also lost a boat he had stored in San Carlos during the storm.  The structure of the buildings were left intact but the inside was severely damaged.  This project at the “El Cobijo Old People Home,” will repair rooms, provide heat for the winter and provide air conditioning in the summer months.  Phase one of the project is nearly complete, Phase II will cost about 32,596.00 and Phase III will pay for additional rehabilitation and will cost $97,803.57.
The consumers of this home is homeless, elderly people.  The club voted to donate from our Club Foundation $2,000.00 for this project and Randy agreed with John that he will request our club supporting this next year as well.  Great presentation John, let’s move forward.
Another advantage of this project we can, once we are safe from the virus, travel to San Carlos and see the project and maybe pitch in as well with muscles.
This next week we will have a guest from Felicia’s Farm …. You do not want to miss this, another potential local project.
John and Dan are reaching out to the Town of Marana, Northwest Fire, and Marana Unified School district for membership and meeting location.  We hope good news arrives soon about a great meeting space.
Meeting adjourned.
Contact: Donald G. Jorgensen
Marana Rotary Club Shredding Event Raises $2800 for Local Projects
Tucson, AZ, March 22, 2021 – The Rotary Club of Marana recently held a drive-through community shredding and electronics recycling fundraiser that raised over $2800 for humanitarian projects.  Over 70 donors participated in the three-hour COVID-safe event at the Harkins Theater in Marana.  
All proceeds from the community fundraiser will support the Marana Rotary Club’s local and global humanitarian projects.  Recent projects included the purchase of special air filters for Marana High School special needs classrooms, an adaptive playground for a local elementary school, health and education projects in Mexico and Cameroon. 
The Rotary Club of Marana is an open, non-partisan, non-political organization that believes in “service above self.” Membership provides community connection and participation in projects with men and women who act for a better world. The Rotary Club of Marana is proud to be designated a global “peacebuilder club.”
Rotary Club of Marana
Rotary Club of Marana Meeting; April 13, 2021
Club Business:
  • John directed us all to our website, commending our webmaster extroardaire, Harold Burtzloff.  Everything you could ever want to know about the Rotary Club of Marana can be found there. 
  • Continued discussion about our meeting structure and venue.  We are aiming to begin a hybrid model the first week of May.  The first 3 Tuesdays of a month will be hybrid, the 4th Tuesday will be remote, and any 5th Tuesday will be a social. 
  • Proposal/Request to participate in a Global Grant program for women in Uganda.  The grant project will include IT training for the women to increase their literacy, their hire-ability, and their linkage with the outside world.   Our Club voted to participate.    
  • There is another proposal to participate with a club in San Carlos to rehabilitate an assisted living home.  The home was devastated by the most recent hurricane and requires significant rehabilitation.  Additionally, the Rotary Club of San Carlos would like to expand the center’s capacity, possibly turning into a multi-year project.  The Club is enthusiastic about participating and the proposal will be taken to the board.
  • Shredding Fundraiser this Saturday!!  Arrive 7:30/7:45am.  Event between 9:00am and noon. 
  • Walk for Polio miles should be sent weekly to Sulee. 
  • Many expressed appreciation and commented on the success of the retreat our PE Randy facilitated on Saturday. 
Happy Bucks:
  • Don was happy to have seen friends in Scottsdale he hasn’t seen in over a year in Scottsdale
  • Mary is similarly happy she will be driving to Palm Springs to meet a dear friend. 
  • Peter is working hard.
  • Sulee has be awarded a training contract for 800 employees.  Congratulations!
  • Dan was lamenting that MUSD lost all internet access for 2 days and was just getting re-established.
  • Randy was pleased with the work accomplished at the Saturday Meeting.  He is also pleased to hear that Sulee’s husband is responding very well to chemotherapy.  
  • Harold also enjoyed the Saturday Meeting.  Additionally, he is looking forward to having a nice meal with former employees. 
  • John enjoyed one of his favorite pass-times; watching one of his many grandchildren compete in sports.  This weekend took him to a Lacrosse game regarding which he was surprised at the apparent aggression between teems.   
Our meeting closed reciting the 4-Way Test
Submitted by Mary Straus
Congratulations to The Rotary Club of Marana, recognized as a District 5500 ShelterBox HERO club with the donation of $1,000 and three year pledge.
ShelterBox, the leading international disaster relief charity, delivers humanitarian relief in the form of equipment and materials that bring shelter, warmth and dignity to people made homeless by natural or other disasters worldwide.  ShelterBox is respected for its integrity and impartiality, twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize and often looked to by the United Nations Human Refugee Counsel to provide aid in the most difficult countries around the world. In 2012 ShelterBox became Rotary International's first Project Partner and only disaster relief charity. This agreement enables both organizations to collaborate more closely to bring relief and temporary shelter to survivors of disasters worldwide. The fundraising efforts by Rotarians make up a significant proportion of donations received by ShelterBox
Rotary Club of Marana Meeting; April 6, 2021
Club Business
  • A Board Meeting is this evening at 5:30.  All welcome.
  • The Shredder Fundraising committee will be meeting this Thursday from 6:00pm to 8:00pm.  Don will invite us through Zoom.
  • President Elect Randy is holding a retreat at Mary’s house this Saturday, from 9:00am – 1:00pm.  He urges all to attend, as we will be establishing goals for next year.
  • Rotary Leadership Institute is being held remotely April 10, 24th, and May 8th.
  • We are invited to join other clubs to Clean Up at Camp Lauden on Mt Lemmon.  Event occurs  March 24th.
  • Dove Mountain is holding a training on hybrid meetings on April 15th.
  • The Rotary Club of Marana is one of 5 clubs that are Hero Clubs supporting Shelter Box.
  • The District-wide Walk for Polio has begun and will continue through May.  For every accumulative 100 miles walked, leadership will donate $100 to Polio Plus.  We are encouraged make donations as well.   Sulee will be coordinating our miles, so please send your records to her.  
  • Thanks to Beckie for setting us up with a payment system for our fundraisers. 
  • Harold celebrated his 49th Wedding Anniversary.
  • Becky is holding Tour de Cookie T-shirt bins and would like to get rid of them.  John will contact Dan for direction.
Happy Bucks
  • Harold is pleased with the warmer weather.  He also enjoyed a breakfast with John Zwick and reported he is well. 
  • Randy is happy friends from Washington are visiting with their Airstream.
  • Peter is very pleased he was awarded a contract to build cameras that will go to Mars’ Weather Station.  Congratulations, Peter.
  • Sulee is happy and looking forward to the first of the Missing In America Project Ceremony, since having to shelter at home .  The MIAP provides a full military burial for vets whose remains  were never claimed.  All are encouraged to attend one. 
  • Mary was super pleased with her Easter, emerging from sheltering-at-home gathering. 
  • Don enjoyed his Easter, gathered with loved ones.  Additionally, he woke this morning to a favorable review in The Daily Star of his book, ‘Three Worlds, One Voyage.  Congratulations, Don.
  • Beckie is proud of our women, Basketball Wildcats, who made it to the finals.  She is also relieved that her husband is better.  So much so that they went to lunch at Nana’s.
  • Andy shared that a close friend and colleague  died very unexpectedly.  He is staying in Portland currently for his 2nd vaccine shot.  While waiting, he bought himself a house there. 
  • Laura is sorely disappointed  in the Men Wildcats Basketball team.  However, she’s absolutely delighted our neighborhood’s infrastructure is being attended to.  Terribly ruined roads are being paved anew.
  • Denise felt blessed to have spent Easter with siblings.  She also is happy she was invited to a staff member’s wedding, as it’s being held in Acapulco,
  • Bob marveled at the identicalness of his 2 year-old twin granddaughters.  Even the parents are having difficulty differentiating between the two.  Bob is eagerly readying to put his boat in the water.
  • John had lovely Easter where all the grandchildren went upstairs to watch a Godzilla movie.  He is ecstatic that the NCAA tournament has begun (or is about to begin?.) The tournament is the highlight of John’s year.  
Submitted by Mary Straus
Club Executives & Directors
President Elect
Immediate Past President
Public Relations
Marana Rotary Foundation
Newsletter Editor

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