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Service Above Self

We meet Tuesdays at 7:00 AM
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Rotary Club of Marana
President Hunter requested Dan to lead the Pledge and he did! El Presidente then gave us a plausible excuse as to why he was not ready to lead us in My Old Kentucky Home.  BUT, he promises to be ready with Johnny Cash's version next week.
Ninety percent attendance today!
Denise Coronado explained why no MCAT SOM today. Living in a world where you cannot leave your abode because it is rural and there is no money for gas is a world most of us have never experienced. In any case, it sounds like Gissel Quesada was an excellent choice and perhaps we may meet her in the future. She will be graduating in a few days. We wish her the best.
Several members have or are planning to complete the training for writing grant proposals. Easy to sign up and course is about an hour or so. Go to MyRotary.Org and take the brief Introduction To Learning Center course then on to the Grant Writing course.
District Conference cruise will be great fun if anything like the Mexican Riviera Cruise/Conference held by PDG Tom Tilton when he was Governor, so says Randy Brooks. Sign up on District Website.
MCAT graduation 5/23/2019 at 7 pm. Some members plan to dine at Nana's before attending the grad night. Anticipated graduates for the year numbering about 60 with around 40 to 50 attending the ceremony.
Middle School graduation, which includes many of our Interact Students, is the 22nd at 8 am.
Joke Off
 Her husbands pet duck was very ill. Vet said he was sorry but duck was dead. Maeve's husband asked asked for another opinion so Vet brought in his Labrador Retriever that sniffed shook his head and left the room. Vet says "I am sorry your pet is dead." Mr Maeve says "I want a third opinion." The Doc brings in his cat. It sniffs the duck, taps it with a paw a few times then leaves the room. Vet says "Your duck is dead, I'll get your bill." Bill is over a $1,000. Mr Maeve says why so much? Vet says  " My diagnosis, The Lab's work and the Cat's scan."  
This was well received by the elder members with memory difficulties and newer members under age forty who possibly had never heard it before. I must say there was was genuine laughter unlike the usual groans heard after Maeve's delivery.
Contractor puts Russian in charge of cement, the German in charge of dirt and Korean in charge of supplies. Tells them I will be offsite today but will be back at 5 to check your work. At 5 he returns and compliments the Russian then compliments the German. He then looks around and says, " Where is the Korean?". At that moment the Korean jumps out startling all three and yells, "Supplies!"
Most all got a chuckle out of this and most all will be scheduled for PC training next week.
Happy Bucks
Rich-happy but poor
Dan-just poor
David-Likes our sub 100 degree weather
Peter-Likes our guests
Harold-Wife slowly improving
John Z-happy
Denise-Speakers and indeed as promised last week, son has graduated from UA
Randy-Daughter-in-law and granddaughter graduated
Rachel-SOM and speakers. Plus she will soon have her appendix removed.(well that was what I heard. Richie and Dan explained she said "pins" removed from her wrist/hand.
Speakers/representatives were from Banner Children's Diamond Children's Medical Center. TJ did most of the talking with Barbara as backup. Built with 100% philanthropy money with initial seed money of 15 million from recently deceased developer Don Diamond. Several stories and photos of children patients were presented. Some had happy endings, but not all. The Children Life Specialists, young recent college graduates, are an integral part of the care provided. They do pre and post surgery consultation with the children regarding topics like pain, medication and most any other topic the kids need to discuss. There is also a Princess Team that regularly visits the young girl patients. 
The vision of the Children's Hospital includes play space/stage/theater, a hospital school program so student can keep up with their studies, treatment space, Family support such as gas and food gift certificates for those on the lower end of the socioeconomic scale.
Banner University has 732 total beds with 83 for the children's program. Last year Banner, a Level 1 Trauma Center, did 164 organ transplants, 18,415 surgeries, took in 6,588 patients transferred from other hospitals and had 28,732 Acute Admissions. The value of 466 volunteers approached $1,000,000.
Rotary Club of Marana
Jeff P led us in the pledge. No singing, but I believe Lynne mentioned maybe "My Old Kentucky Home" next week and maybe Javier could provide mint juleps.
 Tony asked Maeve to share her plans with the members. She will be moving to Champaign, IL where she has a granddaughter. Maeve has been a very active member and our loss will be Rotary Club of Champaign's gain.
Rachel is back, soft cast and all. She went over the handlebars of her bike and considers herself lucky not to have a more serious problem.
Ninety Percent attendance. Way to Go!
Happy Bucks
John D-Gave away 200 hot dogs and 600 snow-cones at a St Elizabeth Ann Seton Church/School fundraiser Saturday night. Turns out That what he thought was an Allstate Insurance tablecloth he was using turned out to be a Marana Rotary one! Very busy evening and he did not discover his mistake until viewing Facebook photos next day. Oh well, free publicity for our club.
Jeff-Son graduating from 8th grade. Jeff will be gone for a couple of weeks
Dan-Daughter is graduating from high school. Miracle of miracles!
Tony-Happy (probably because he got to eat breakfast today)
John Z-A baby girl was born into his family making John a great,great grandfather. Yep, five generations! Congratulations!
Harold-Ellen is out of the hospital and in a convalescence center. She continues to improve.
Becki-Granddaughter's birthday
Denise-Son is graduating from UA!
Mary-Thanks, Maeve
Don-Thanks, Maeve. Headed to NYC for birth of a grandchild. Shelter Box raised $7,000 from bowling party last Saturday.
Laura-Cooler weather (for now)
Randy-Sad Maeve is going
Rachael-Happy about being ALIVE!
Joke Off
Lynne- A good one about $500 doctor office visits and $1,000 back if not satisfied.
Maeve-Mickey Mouse is not the equivalent of Donald duck if you are in the Secret Service. 
Becki won and lost with Ace of Diamonds.
President Elect Richie Benner took over the meeting from President Hunter (allowing Tony to eat at a leisurely pace) and the rest of the time was spent in planning and goal setting for 2019/2020 Rotary year.
Membership was good this current year. We added four new members and lost only one. Goal for coming year is a net gain of three. I believe Randy will remain membership chair?
Fund Raising was best in several years thanks to Dan Contorno and numerous volunteers. Tour de Cookie netted almost nine thousand and Poker tournaments earned another $1,500 or so.
Speaker Program has been excellent with Denise West efforts combined with members suggestions. I believe Denise will continue with this position.
Community Service-Rachel Cheeseman has volunteered to head up this committee and some ideas are in the works involving MUSD.
Interact Club at Tortolita had maybe its best year ever in quality and quantity of students involved. Thank you Kathleen Neighbors.Graduation will be 5/22 at 8am.
MCAT program will continue as a Club favorite. It was mentioned that graduation is 5/23 and those me,mbers planning on attending the 7 pm event will gather at Nana's for dinner prior to the ceremony.
Goals for 2019/2020 include:
Calendar of Events
10 Community Service Projects
a District Grant Project (online training is available with Mary and Randy having completed training and Peter and a few other planning to do so.)
Global grant
Enhanced website of all projects
Hours of service tracking
Mary will remain our Foundation Chair/Rep and our goal will be $10,000. Should be easy as we have several Paul Harris Fellows (have given $1,000 total) and several Paul Harris Society Members who pledge $1,000 annually. We also collect as part of our dues $100 a year for the Every Rotarian Every Year program.
John D is President Elect and Secretary. Willing to do both, but maybe a problem with wearing two hats at Board meetings and quorum problems if he misses a meeting. More discussion on this topic needed.
Lynne, God Bless her pea pickin heart, will continue on as Treasurer.
Good job, Richie.
Visit our Facebook Page- Rotary Club of Marana (the correct one has current postings and members holding blue bells in front of our banners) Please "Like" and "Share"
Rotary Club of Marana
President Tony a little under the weather so no singing today. Ralph, one of three Dove Mountain Rotary member guests, led us in the pledge. He then presented our club with a check for $100 thanks to member Rachel Cheeseman volunteering time at the Dove Mountain Rotary run beer tent at the Cotton Festival. 
Speaking of Rachel, she was hit while riding her bike and while not seriously injured, did break a finger.
Bob Bishop says our May 29th speaker is well known in aeronautical circles as the man who recreated the first trans-Atlantic flight from one hundred years ago. Please go to our Rotary Club of Marana for more detail. While there please "Like" and "Share". By the way, Bob, several of us might have begun our travels to the International Conference around that time. At this time Richie, Randy, Don and myself are attending although I do not know everyone's travel plans.
Cameroon project has run into more red tape. International now wants a market study regarding the need for the products being produced by the grant. While disconcerting we have no doubt that Mary and her team will persevere. THANK YOU MARY!
Randy mentioned the Spring Training this Saturday for new to Rotary and incoming officers. Reference past newsletters or District 5500 website for details.
Happy Bucks
John-grandson not doing well in French at CDO High School. Dropped it and joined choir. A Month later he is in NYC performing in Carnegie Hall  
Harold-Wife Ellen underwent major surgery stemming from her scoliosis. Doing great, but may be hospitalized for another week
Beckie and Dave-DM guests
Laura-Our health professionals
Bob-Mary's tenacity and will be gone three weeks
Richie-Denver last week with BSA and renewed old friendships
Randy-Ellen's surgery went well
Joke #1
Lynne- Little known fact. Captain Kirk had three ears. The normal left and right, plus a final front ear. Good one, Lynne.
Joke #2
Bob gave us a story of good fortune and bad fortune. The good fortune consisted of a plane ride, a parachute and a haystack. The bad fortune consisted of plane trouble, chute not opening, pitch fork in the haystack. In the good, but also bad category is the subjects chute maneuvering  skills.
John won the ticket portion again, but Mary failed to do her part when requested to draw the winning card.
 Member Dr Peter Mack spoke on Egypt, a country he has visited numerous times as part of his occupation and their National Observatory. As many of you know Dr Mack builds and services telescopes of the largest scale.
Egypt and Sudan were one country and split about 100 years ago. Following WWI and in the same year as Versailles Peace Accord of 1919 Egypt experienced a revolution led by women of the upper layer of society. A second revolution took place in 1952 when the Monarchy was replaced by a Republic. Presidents served varying amounts of time in office with Nassar, Sadat, Mubarak, Morsi and el-Sisi all having spent time in office. The last revolution occurred  as part of the Arab Spring When President Mubarek was forced out of office after a thirty year reign .and imprisoned. Last week, President el-Sisi, who was running for re-election, was proclaimed President for life in an election he won by over 90% of the vote, but with only 30% participation.
Major events of the 20th century included the aforementioned revolutions, the 1956 Suez crisis involving Russia, France, The UK and Israel, the Six Day war with Israel when Egypt loss 100% of its Air Force in minutes, The Yom Kippur war fought to regain part of Sinai lost in the Six Day War, the Egypt-Israel Peace treaty formed at Camp David and the assassination of Anwar Sadat in 1989. 
Today the economy, normally buoyed  by tourism is not good. Oil prices have recently helped but terrorism has dramatically cut into the tourist dollar.  Monetarily they experienced 30% inflation a couple of years ago before allowing their Egyptian pound to float among the world's currencies.
Oil, agriculture, tourism and revenue from the Suez Canal users fees are their biggest sources of income. Ships passing through the canal shave 8,000 miles off the alternative of going around The Cape of Good Hope. 
Spectacular population growth, encouraged by the government as a way of combating what they see as the Israeli threat, has led to great poverty and an extremely large and poor lower class when compared to the small middle class and the elite class.  Gas is under twenty-five cents a gallon due to the western oil reserves/refineries and a minimum wage of about sixty-nine cents an hour. Housing has been built, but remains unoccupied as developers will not lower prices and poor cannot afford. Cairo and surrounding areas has a population of bout 45 million. 
Dr Mack's  work involves the relocation of the National Observatory which has been forced by the encroachment of civilization at the current site. The new site will be in Southern Sinai which is considered safer from terrorist threats than the northern portion of the peninsula. He finds the people to be friendly and the drivers to be aggressive!
Rotary Club of Marana
President Hunter has returned with his guitar! After Bob Bishop led us in the pledge Tony banged out "Hard Days Night" by an English group that was popular in the 1960's. Truth be known, "Hard Days Night" is the only 45 rpm record I ever bought. All in attendance mouthed the words and many also made recognizable sounds. While I did not sing along with the fervor of my youth I was one of those uttering the words. Thanks, Tony.
What a meeting!!!!!!!!!!Ninety-five% attendance. Buehler? Buehler? Er, I mean Cheeseman? Cheeseman? 
Six guests and President Tony swore in TWO NEW MEMBERS!
District 5500 needs only 200K to be named the prime sponsor of the Tour de Tucson. This recognition would have to be good for membership and insure the Tour de Tucson goes on along with our 45 million dollars raised to date from pledges to eradicate polio. Easy to make a payment and each of you should have received an email from District with instructions on how to do so.
District Conference will be a cruise. This has been done before and was fun and beneficial to the town in Mexico where the cruise ship docked. All should consider the Mexican Riviera cruise. Check out the District website for additional information.
Need to think about RYLA involvement and student sponsorship for this coming year.
Spring Training, Rotary Style, coming up May 4th in Green Valley. New officers and new members would benefit from this. See District website for additional info.
Cameron project resubmitted. At this point our Club's share will be $5,000.
 New members Laura Clymer and Jeff Pridgett were pinned by POTRCOM. Welcome to you both.
Happy Bucks
John-Easter family get together
Dan-Wife is leaving for Ethiopia with church group. No mention of her returning.
Harold, John Z, Denise, David, Randy, Mary all happy to have new members and six guests
Richie-enjoyed lazy weekend
Bob-Happy his spouse Linda joined us and Col. Grasky for being our speaker today.
Joke Off
There was none today. Maeve just got two more weeks of detention and Lynne was assaulted.
John D won and lost with 2 of hearts.
Robert Bishop, Honorary Commander of the 214 Attack Group stationed at Davis Monthan Air Force Base introduced our speaker Col. Brian "Padre" Grasky, Commander of the 214 Attack Group stationed at DM AFB.
The 214th is part of the AZ National Guard. They fly remotely controlled airplanes, commonly known as drones, as far as 8,000 miles from AZ! The Reaper is an unmanned, armed, intelligence, reconaissance, surveillance aircraft. They have two operators for each drone. The skill set needed is more of an engineer than a pilot to fly these aircraft. They are aloft 24/7 landing about every 24 hours for fuel. The Colonel gave specific examples as how this high tech machine aides grand troupes and even helps to fight forest fires. There are about 250 people assigned to 214th. Thank you Colonel for your presentation and your service.
Next week join us for a presentation by our own, Peter Mack, as he discusses the relocation of five million Egyptians and their national observatory.    
Rotary Club of Marana
Richie Benner took the reins this morning substituting for President Hunter who is celebrating marital bliss in Hawaii.
With no thoughts to be mined from this played out claim, Richie tried to bypass singing and go straight to club business. "Not so fast there!" shouted Lynn and Randy who individually entertained themselves with somewhat weak offerings. Hurry back, Tony.
The day of reckoning is fast approaching for Laura Clymer who is to be sworn in as our newest member next Tuesday.
John-Grandson knows 24 quarters is not seven dollars
Dan, Mary, David, Harold, Beckie among others are happy
Richie-Ina Open!!!!!!!! However announcement on Facebook was premature
Denise -Happy about our speaker from ALS Association, Quinn Epstein-Tracy
Bob- Happy and a reminder that next week we will have the Commander of the Predator and Reaper program located at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base as quest speaker PLEASE SHARE AND CONSIDER BRING A GUEST OR TWO.
Maeve- Due to time and space considerations I cannot do Maeve's offering justice even though it deserves a "little". I did smile. Sorry, no "Little Johnny" jokes for three more weeks.
Lynne-Motorist swerves to miss boxes of spilled tax on the roadway. (most know the punchline by now). Cop stops him and starts to write a ticket. Motorist says, "Hey, I had to drive erratically to avoid hitting the debris." Cop says, "This is for tax evasion."
Starting to see  a theme here, Lynne.
I have a great joke involving tax and prophylactics. Think I will give it to Maeve for when she gets off detention.
John won and lost with Ace of Spades.
Amyotrophic  Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig Disease was the topic of today's presentation.Quinn Epstein-Tracy is the Care Services Coordinator for the Southern AZ branch of the AZ Chapter of The ALS Association.
ALS has no cure and life expectancy following diagnosis is 2 to 5 years. ALS is hard to diagnose, there is no test and it is the fallback diagnosis once other neurological diseases have been ruled out. Approximately 400 individuals are diagnosed in AZ every year. Over 90% of those diagnosed are sporadic in nature with less than 10% having a known familial etiology. First symptoms are usually in the limbs with lessening strength and feeling in the hands and arms. Bulbar symptoms may also occur with difficulty in chewing, swallowing and speaking. Severe cognitive changes appear in about 20% of those diagnosed. 
The mission of the ALS Association AZ Chapter is to serve and empower people affected by ALS to live their lives to the fullest.
For more information contact or go to
Side note, I recommend viewing "Pride of the Yankees, The Lou Gehrig Story" filmed in 1942 and starring Gary Cooper.
Babe Ruth, Bill Dickey, Mark Koeing and Bill Stern all play themselves in this sad but feel good true story.
Bob- Happy and a reminder that next week we will have the Commander of the Predator and Reaper program located at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base as quest speaker PLEASE SHARE AND CONSIDER BRING A GUEST OR TWO.
(worth repeating)
Rotary Club of Marana
                               El Hefe, also referred  to as President Hunter called upon prodigal son Bob bishop to lead us in the pledge. Without asking for thoughts for the day (has he learned the lesson?) Tony led us in the Beatles tune, "Let It Be".  Tony was great and many members sang along, although not enough. The sound was not half bad, but, on a scale of 1 to 10, I would give us a solid six. Even though I personally did not participate (much, since I prefer a lower key) I have had an ear worm for the past seven hours! Let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be............speaking words of wisdom LET IT BE!!!!!!!!
Lara Clymer in attendance once again, anxiously awaiting membership request status.  
As mentioned above, Bob Bishop has returned from Virginia. Bob was very impressed with his twin granddaughters weight gain, doubling from 5 pounds to 10 during his stay, AND the ability of the Richmond Rotary to raise $200,000 in one evening at a Casino Night while he was there. (in that order, by the way) 
May 4th at Quail Creek in Green Valley there will be Spring Training for incoming officers and any members who wish to learn about our marvelous organization.
Amanda, beneficiary of a Rotary Vocational grant, briefly spoke with our club about her experience at Vet Tech school. Official graduation is in June, but she has completed all requirements and will graduate with Honors. She might be in the right field as she mentioned she loves animals numerous times!
Happy Bucks
John- great weekend-wife did not die or get injured in All Terrain Race at Old Tombstone
Harold & John Z- MCAT Student of the Month
Bob-Virginia is for lovers and friends of Bob. You are all welcome to visit and stay a few weeks
Mary-Way to Go Amanda!
Beckie-Jackpot Veterinary Open House was successful.
Rachel- (Remember her?) Glad to be back now that tax season is winding down and she is headed for a friend's Sedona wedding. At risk of not being politically correct-she looks great!
Joke Off
Speaking of not being politically correct Maeve told a joke she had offered to Mary. Mary had the good sense to turn it down. Maeve decided to tell it anyway. There was nervous laughter. Next time you see her ask her about it.
Lynne, in lieu of a joke, recited a poem that I am sure tickled CPA's everywhere. Unfortunately Lynn was the only CPA in attendance.
Maeve won, but she will be in detention for the next four weeks.
Beckie won and lost with six of Spades.
 Patrick Cavoulos was our MCAT Student of the Month. An experienced heeler with a talented header for a friend, Patrick proudly displayed a belt buckle the size of a dinner platter he won as part of a team roping competition. This exceptional young man had dropped out of high school and was headed in the wrong direction. MCAT turned him around and in his own words, "The future looks bright.". While nervous about addressing our Club I was impressed that he thanked all of our members, Nana's Kitchen and staff, his parents, Ms Coronado, Oliver Bowen his Social Studies teacher and especially his nana Delores. Patrick was accompanied by his nana, his dad-Danny and his mom-Monica. As always our MCAT honoree was presented with an Honorary Certificate, a Marana Rotary cowbell and a gift certificate to Harkins Theaters.
MCAT Graduation begins 7:30 PM on 5/23/2019 and all are welcome. Our Club is usually well represented. 
Rotary Club of Marana
Seven AM again saw the Rotary Club of Marana get called to order by President Hunter. Without hesitation Dan Contorno responded to the request to lead in the Pledge of Allegiance. No song today. Is it this writers harsh reviews? Maybe we should all move to Rome where the city council recently voted to ban singing on city buses. While they also banned nudity and semi nudity the banning of song seems a bit extreme. But I digress.........
Laura Clymer joined us again and she paid her membership application fee, which is a bit odd since the Board voted to do away with the fee a month go. 
Coming soon: Rotary Day of Peace and AZ Kids (A donation to a kid's not for profit gets matched by an unknown donor. Last year there was $180,000 match!)
Saddlebrook Rotary is puttting out feelers to other Rotary Clubs to join them in the erecting of a monument to First Responders. More on this later as only 25% of the required funding has been raised and construction will not bein until 100% of the money is raised.
Some discussion on Cameroon project with all who spoke in favor of funding the project to the original amount planned, even if not a 100% RI match is to be had. Board will discuss at tomorrow's meeting. 
Happy Bucks
John-UA Women's Basketball
Richie-UA Softball swept ASU and he was there
Dan-At LA Fitness (did not say why) and patron wearing a Tour de Cookie Shirt
John & Harold-Great Weather
Beckie-Jackpot to hold grand opening of their equine hospital
Mary-Always Happy
Randy-Laura's pending membership and today's speaker
Denise-Weather and speaker
 Lynne-Dr. and atty. conversing at a cocktail party. Dr, "I always get approached at parties by multiple people describing their symptoms to me and asking for free medical advice. How do you handle the problem of free advice?" Atty, "I answer their question then send them a bill in the mail."
Dr  decides he will try it. He makes out the bills and takes to the PO. While their he gets his mail, which includes a bill from the atty. TADA!
This joke won by a landslide as there were no other entries.
Randy-WON AGAIN and LOST AGAIN this time with the nine of diamonds.
Our speaker today is the Chief Trial Counsel for the Pima County Attorney's office, Jonathan Mosher. His excellent presentation was based on the murder of Kay Reed, a Tucson citizen, from 2008. The forensic evidence gathered from the crime scene and CCTV from a bank and service station proved sufficient for a conviction even though a body was never recovered. We learned the value of even a partial finger print and the challenges that are part of DNA evidence. Using an Ipad attached with a finger ring to his hand as he gave his presentation, in the same way he presents to a jury,  it became evident of his ease when presenting his facts. Personable, bright and effective I believe we can all agree, Mr. Mosher is a great asset to our community at large and to the County Attorney's office specifically.
Rotary Club of Marana
Back from the sick bed President Hunter chose Mary S to lead us in the pledge. At the request of Lynne Himmer and the start of baseball season we sang "Take Me out To The Ballgame". Abner Doubleday now regrets he invented the game.
Rotary Spring Training to be held in Green Valley 5/4/2019 at the Quail Creek Country Club. All members are welcome. See District 5500 newsletter for additional details.
Southern AZ Day of Peace scheduled for 4/6/2019. See District 5500 newsletter for details.
Mary Straus reports that Laura Clymer has submitted her membership application!
Happy Bucks
John D reminds folks that state Tax Credit for 2018 still available if you give to the Rotary Vocational Fund of AZ. Go to TRVFA.ORG
Richie-Stay hydrated
Dan-Went to White Sox /D'Backs game and sat in the dugout! Hey, I saw the pictures!
John Z-Happy (he got change from Javier)
Beckie-SLC home is now vacant
Denise-Being very polite, but having her mouthful when it was her turn to speak, Denise placed her hand in front of her mouth. Since I rely heavily on visual cues you will have to ask Denise what she was happy about.
Don-Will be in Seattle to see his beloved BOSOX battle the Mariners. On Opening Day?
Randy-Happy for Mary S and Bouba Hamadou.
Joke Off
Mary filled in for an ailing Maeve with: "Patient goes to see the psychiatrist for the first time. Patient is stripped naked and wrapped in Saran Wrap. Doctor says, "I can clearly see your nuts."
Lynne, in an attempt to top what may have been the joke of the year served up numerous puns which I could not record due to the rapidity they were delivered. Many were good and involved tuna fish and pointless pencils. You had to be there.
Bonus: Now that Mary has  pushed the envelope I believe I have cover for this entry. Sign at convenience store "Beer nuts $1,29. Deer nuts under a buck.".
Richie-Won and lost with Jack of Spades.
 Mary Straus and Bouba Hamadou spoke on our Cameroon project. Bouba is a Tucsonian, a Cameroonian and a Rotarian. He also is the spiritual and community leader of the village in Cameroon where our project is planned. The position is one pased down through families and is for life, unless you resign. First appointed at age 18 Bouba served four years before deciding position held to much authority for one so young. Now a grandfather, Bouba resumed the duties five years ago. He helps to settle village disputes and serves as an intermediary between the village and state/national government.
Bouba spoke of  village kids leaving school after sixth grade to work in the fields. The school, established in 1962, has significantly increased attendance recently due to a push by Bouba (jailed his brother for failing to pay the $2 annual education fee and letting his sons skip school) to 450 students and now there are fifty-six 7th graders.
Average life span has increased from forty-seven to fifty-two over the past twenty years.
Our Global Grant has been trimmed by RI by $6,607. This means our match was reduced from $3,000 to $792 and the amount from District will be less. There is still a need for boy/girl latrines which will enable girls to remain in school past puberty when they currently tend to drop out. Other items lined out by RI, possibly due to sustainability, are needed. This topic of possible make up of RI cut funding will be discussed in the coming weeks.
Enjoy our beautiful weather!
Rotary Club of Marana
 In President Tony Hunter's absence, President Elect Richie Benner began the meeting with the pledge. Foregoing any thoughts or songs PE Benner plunged ahead with the meeting directing all to "sit". Quack, quack, quack. (Inside joke)
Members greeted Laura Clymer, a prospective member and friend of Mary Straus, visiting for the second time!
Our Tour de Cookie netted $7,900 and substitute Sgt of Arms Brooks may have squeezed another $90 out of those in attendance. John sold a $10 cookie.
Rotary Day of Peace scheduled for 4/6/2019. Rotary will partner with ten other organizations this date at 101 W 4th Street in Tucson. "Peace is more than the absence of conflict." will be the theme. For more information and to register go to
Davis Monthan Air Show this weekend.
Happy Bucks
Peter-deliriously happy and math. (that is what my notes say) Oh, and gone next three weeks.
John D and John Z-Happy
Harold-Happy and a 51 year Rotary Member
Richie-Happy & Charlie is 9 months doing well & got first "manly" haircut
PE Benner announced approval by members and Board of Jeffrey Pridgett's application for membership.
Joke Off
 Maeve-Two men walk into  bar and the third ducks. When the laughter quieted down Maeve tried to make up for this horrendous offering with: Fella awakens in the middle of the night a little hungry. Opens the fridge and the mayo shouts out, "Turn off the light, I'm dressing.".
Give me a few minutes while I wipe the tears from my eyes. Whew. Oh my, when have I laughed so hard? 
 Lynne-Two old ladies looking for excitement. One decides to streak the flower show. Stripping then "running" as  fast as her legs could go she entered the building. Screams and shouts were replaced by loud applause. When she exited she held a trophy. She exclaimed to her friend, "I won first place for "dried arrangement".
Bonus joke from JD. Maeve's first joke reminded me of this one. A termite walks into the tavern and asks, "Where is the bar tender?"
Randy won and lost with the 5 of diamonds. (Peter is calling for an investigation as his ticket gets called about once every twenty years)
Rotarian Daniel Stringham addressed our Club regarding Rotary Microcredit project in Sonora, MX. Currently $300,000 has been donated for this project and Daniel is seeking another $100,000. The Microloan project is seen as a "Legacy" project as it lasts as long as the loans are being repaid. Loans from as little as $100 are made with the target amount being $800 and increasing bto $1,500 plus. Loan repayment is touted to be in the 95th plus percentile. Loans are made to co-signing borrowing groups of from four to eight people. This "peer pressure" in this writers words, is seen as the driving force in loan repayment. Interest rate is 4.5% a month. Our speaker explained that this rate is not uncommon in Mexico. To us a 69% APR loan (assuming no principal repayment for 12 months) is unthinkable. These zero collateral micro loans are extremely difficult to obtain anywhere else due to the administrative fees on such small loans and lack of collateral.
FinReg, a specialized micro credit institution, has been operating in Sonora for 12 years. Rotary Clubs partner with FinReg by providing funds/capital to loan  and they in turn establish borrowing groups, dispense and collect funds and assist customers to succeed in their businesses. FinRegs operating costs and net profit come from the interest earned on the loans.
Requests for tax deductible donations to be used towards a Rotary Global Grant are requested to be sent to Tempe South Rotary Foundation. More detailed information provided in brochure passed out by Mr Stringham.   
Rotary Club of Marana
On a cold and rainy 12th of March President Hunter called the large number of attendees to order. The Pledge was recited and then, in a partial tribute to our club's "Tour de Cookie" volunteers we sang. With apologies to Merle Haggard, no SERIOUSLY with apologies to Merle Haggard we attempted "The Running Kind" substituting the word "riding" for "running". It was Randy's idea but even he and Tony with guitar leading the way Merle would not recognize his song and it was not because of the word substitution.
Possibly "Daisy, Daisy on a bicycle built for two" is more within our comfort zone.
Loads of guests including:
Doug, a Rotarian from Midland, MI who is moving to Tucson and who rode in Tour de Cookie and took photographs for the second time.
Laura Climer, a former college women's basketball coach who was checking out our club.
Dave Braaten, a Rotarian from Butte, MT who is escaping the cold
Our MCAT Student of the month, Courtney Reid, her mother Sheryl and two siblings Ian and Jackie.
Plus MCAT Principal Denise Coronado and staff representative Delight Craddock. 
We spent a lot of worthwhile time patting ourselves on the back for a very successful Tour de Cookie. One hundred more riders than last year! Singled out for special recognition were Dan "The Man" Contorno, Beckie Penman (six new cookie booths for a total of twelve with another two signed up for next year) and a cast of thousands. A little hyperbole there, but almost every member was involved in making this event a financial and community success. Thank you to all. We have a great club!
 Denise Coronado introduced Courtney "Corey" Reid. Corey is a pleasure to have in class and personifies the AAA (Academics, Attendance, Attitude) motto of MCAT. Corey has lived in at least six states as her father transferred around the country with the US military. She plays several musical instruments and has a career goal of law enforcement or cosmetology
Lynne, our Club Secretary and a CPA, announced tax return due date has been moved back two months and the powers that be say every tax return will be reviewed. This is highly doubtful given the manpower available.
Happy Bucks
John, Dan, Mary, Denise, Don- All Happy
Peter- Great fun and camaraderie working with fellow members at Tour de Cookie
Richie- Brief reflection on how money from Tour de Cookie has been used in the past
David-Happy for rain Tuesday and not last Saturday as originally forecast
Randy-This is a head scratcher. If I got it right, he was happy because his wife tried to, well I do not know what she was trying to do, but she mixed his vitamins and hearing aide batteries together on the kitchen counter and Randy got the opportunity to see the ER and, I am guessing here, examine his stool for a couple of days! Truly sad what the geriatric set passes for happiness.
Joke Off
Lynne-What do you call 21 rabbits in a row who take a step back? A receding hare line! Now that is funny.
Maeve-Wife tells husband to go to store and get a carton of milk and six eggs. Store out of eggs so husband brings back six cartons of milk..........If you get this joke please explain it to me.
Beckie won and lost lottery with the nine of hearts. The pot continues to build.
Our speaker today was a retired Registered Nurse representing Sister Jose Women's Center. This organization serves homeless women. The facility is open days M-S and it is open seven nights a week.  Of the 100 to 120 women served daily half may be ages 45 to 55 with one aged 82. Possibly up to 90% have mental health issues not drug dependence. With help from local business man Buck O'Rielly a home of 750 sq ft was found to work out of. This proved too small and thy moved into the old Cummins Plumbing  metal building on South Park. They are not allowed to prepare food on site, so they have to get creative in where the food comes from and how it is served. At the new location overnight emergency stays have grown six fold and meals served has tripled. In addition to overnight emergency stays and day visits including meals, laundry and showers are provided as well.
Sister Jose was a Franciscan nun and the organizations namesake. She saw the need for a low barrier center that focuses on meeting the most basic needs of homeless women, regardless of personal situation or religious beliefs. Our speaker, Director of the Program, knew Sister Jose personally and was inspired to help fulfill Sister Jose's vision.
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