Rotary Meeting Sept 15, 2020

Rotary Club of Marana
Rotary Club of Marana Meeting; September 15, 2020
We were very happy Joyce Zwick joined us from her home in Canada.  Joyce traveled back home after spending significant time here supporting her parents.  We miss her father, John, and look forward to his rejoining us. We were also pleased that Carol Buuck joined us again.  We’ve enjoyed her thoughtful contributions to our meetings and hope to continue to see her.  We also welcomed Mike Lange, a retired Tucson native, U of A Law School grad, former Pima County prosecutor, and Laura’s bleacher-mate at the U of A basketball games.  For 6 years Mike has Chaired the Board of Interfaith Community Services.
  • The Bylaws have been accepted and changes made.  Thanks again to Don and Harold.
  • World polio day October 24th.
  • The continent of Africa was declared polio free in the last 1 ½ weeks.  A remarkable achievement.  Countries have to have three consecutive years with no new polio cases to be declared Polio Free.
  • John urged membership to take advantage of the Rotary Magazine we all receive.  It offers a wide range of relevant topics that are integral in Rotary.
Happy Bucks
  • Harold  is marveling at his new computer
  • Randy’s leg is healing, though slllowwwly , from an epic fall.  He will be welcoming his wife home soon and is pleased that the quality of meals in his home will increase.
  • Carol says she is happy to be with us again, and we’re happy for that. 
  • Don and his wife made the trek back to Tucson from Seattle.  They drove through smoke and haze and didn’t see sun until they reached Quartzite.   Our hearts are with those in Washington, Oregon, and California devasted by fires. 
  • Laura was pleased as punch that she is now a great aunt.  Her niece and husband welcome Brigit Eloise, named in part after Eloise, Laura’s mother. 
  • Richie is scratching his head that he was somehow able to break his toe simply getting into his fridge.  He muses that old-age onset is to blame.  Richie is by far the youngest member of our club. 
  • Lynne was gleeful the  Patriots won and Tom Brady lost.  Lynne also sees the light at the end of the tunnel, as the last tax deadline approaches.
  • Joyce is back home in Canada, quarantining for 2 weeks.  While the fires seem to dutifully halt at the border, smoke has been responsible for the closure of schools on the Vancouver Islands due to poor air quality and lack of ventilation. 
  • Bob was self-congratulatory that he has met his weight goal having lost 20 lbs.  I can’t imagine where Bob had 20 lbs. to lose, but congratulations!  He and his wife a starting a new garage project.  Always busy. 
  • Becky was counting her lucky starts that she sold her home in Utah.  The home is in an area that is preparing for evacuation.  Becky was also happy to watch football again; cheering for the Packers, Saints, and Arizona
  • Carl has been busy with a trip to Texas to fetch his daughter’s belongings for her move home to Tucson.   He has the sense that things are zooming by at the speed of light time but is taking solace in the fact of everyone’s health and in his life stabilizing. 
  • John beamed proudly that he took two of his grandsons out dove hunting for the first time, passing on this generational tradition.
Mike Lange was invited by Laura to provide a program for us today on Interfaith Community Services (ICS), their services, and how things have or have not changed in the pandemic. 
Interfaith Community Services is a multi-faith agency.  Temples, Mosques, and Christian Churches form an extensive network dedicated to serving their own members in need and the Tucson area community at large.  Additionally, ICS partners with other agencies, such as Catholic Charities and Mobile Meals, so the needs of the individual or family are met holistically.  The general mission of ICS is to help individuals and families stabilize and improve their lives.
ICS has a staff of 22 and over 1000 volunteers serving 30,000 to 40,000 people a year.  From its humble beginnings with a $3000 budget, 40 years later ICS runs approximately an $8,000,000 dollar budget.  As its budget increases ICS is afforded the ability to provide more and more robust services in the areas that it addresses.  It has chosen this strategic ‘deepening of services’ over expanding the types of programs it provides.
The pandemic has created unique conditions to ICS, some of them assets and some requiring creative problem solving.  A majority of the 1000 volunteers who were serving people in the community were traditionally elderly.  With the elderly being particularly vulnerable to Covid, much of this work force was forced to relinquish their service.  As the needs of the community have increased in the Covid and economic environments, ICS initially had concerns about being able to provide services uninterrupted to all who needed them.  As happens in communities, however, the need was filled.  Young people came out of the woodwork to step in and services didn’t skip a beat.  The ICS Food Bank is a service that required reworking with the pandemic.  For the safety of the volunteers and those they serve and to increase its ability to serve more, ICS shifted to a drive in and pick up service.  Previously folks were able to shop for their grocery selections, which may be more ideal, but will have to wait till safer times.  Other evidence of a community stepping up in times of need is in that ICS has received an increase in donations and grant monies.  Federal, state and city governments have contributed more monies to community serving agencies during the pandemic; grants and foundations have been generous; and private donations have increased.  Our club donated money to ICS in July, knowing it to be a good steward of the community and the monies it receives. 
The Core Services ICS provides are:
  • Financial assistance for housing and utilities to bridge during crisis periods
  • Food Bank
  • Workforce Development
    • Resume Development
    • Interview Coaching
  • Women/mother economic development
    • Self-sufficiency program for women with children who had to leave college because for financial reasons
    • Single mom scholarships 
  • Senior Care
    • compassionate calling
    • transportation
    • mobile meals facilitation
We are grateful that ICS is creating such meaningful opportunity and change in our community and thank Mike Lange for coming to talk with us. 
Submitted by Mary Straus,
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Rotary Meeting Sept 8, 2020

Rotary Club of Marana Meeting; September 8, 2020
Guests:  We welcomed two distinguished guests today.  Rick Chimblo, a Rotarian for over 20 years, is currently a member of the Oro Valley Club.  He is a Major Donor to The Rotary Foundation and an honorary member of the Rotary Club of Dima, Spain. Carol Buuck was Don’s guest.  They met through Don’s wife who worked alongside Carol serving folks with visual and hearing impairment, Carol as a special education teacher.  Currently, Carol is the Program Coordinator for the Marana Food Bank.  We look forward to joining with her and her team in future service projects. 
  • A required periodic review of the club by-laws is completed.  Thanks to Don and Harold for handling this task and proposing changes.  Members have 2 weeks to comment on their suggestions after which the changes will be implemented.
  • Tour de Cookie March 6; All Hands on Deck
  • The Board approved full funding of the Peace Poles
  • Interact Liaison – we will have a team of liaisons to the Tortalita Interact Club.  John, Randy, and Don have volunteered.  Many thanks to each of you
Happy Buck Highlights:
  • Bob smiled ear to ear waxing romantic about the boat ride he and his wife took on their lake over the weekend.
  • Don, not to be out done, spoke of his kayaking adventures on the Puget Sound.
  • Peter is hard at work in Flagstaff playing with telescopes. 
  • Harold took on the task of updating his wife’s recipe collection, only to find that the word processing program in which it was originally written is no longer compatible with any of today’s programs.  How old are you guys? ; )
  • Carol has been grateful for the use of the Jorgensen’s swimming pool while they’re away kayaking on the Puget Sound. 
  • Becky surprised us with a first; she’s happy to be in the Tucson heat.  She explained it is preferable to the wind and snow she is used to in Utah at this time.  Becky was also happy that her daughter had errands that lasted long enough for her to be able to spend a whole day with her granddaughter.     
  • Richie was doing a happy dance for the cooking and cleaning he did over the 3-day weekend.  ?  Whatever gets you goin…  actually, it was in  preparation for a visit from the in-laws, which he’s looking forward to. 
  • John and Mary are both experiencing what it takes to help their children/grandchildren be successful with online learning.  It requires technology, is mentally demanding, and time consuming.   A great many families don’t have the resources needed nor the luxury of time or added support to help educate their children; employment and basic needs taking precedence.   There will be ripples felt in education and economic equality for years to come, as the pandemic continues to rain havoc.  Maybe we can put our heads together to figure out a way to help.  
In addition to his distinguished career as a Rotarian, Rick is a retired geophysicist and has been married for over 35 years to a woman who is his match in passion for adventure and service.  They have 3 children together and 5 grandchildren.  Rick was invited to talk with us about the El Jute service project he and his club are implementing with support from our club and many others
The Oro Valley Rotary Club and the Rotary Club of Gualan, Guatemala partnered together in a successful application for a Global Grant in Rotary’s International Avenues of Service.  The grant is for a project focusing on RI's Hygiene and Sanitation Area of Focus in El Jute, Guatemala.
The seeds for this project were planted in April 2017  when Rick and his wife visited the town of El Jute, Guatemala where indigenous peoples live.  The town consists of 1900 residents, approximately 325 families.  80% of indigenous populations in Guatemala live in poverty, 40% of those in extreme poverty.  El Jute is correspondingly representative.   Rick began talking with families and town leadership, getting a feel for their strengths and needs and wants.  Evident in this community assessment were competing needs; malnutrition, illiteracy, sanitation, disease, poverty.  A committee of townspeople and Rotarians was formed.  With all factors considered, the committee prioritized sanitation and hygiene above the others.  In El Jute water is harvested from mountain streams, but it is not filtered.  There are a few toilets and septic tanks exist.  However, in the existing toilets, flushing isn’t thorough because there isn’t adequate water pressure.  There is high frequency of disease, such as viral meningitis and typhoid, in the community, as well as high rates of infant mortality.  Poor water sanitation and hygiene also impact student retention. In the school, there are no wash basins and too few toilets.  100% attendance in kindergarten drops to 13% attendance by the 6th grade.  The Water Sanitation and Hygiene Committee got to work  and will continue to provide oversight throughout the project.
There are 3 parts to the El Jute Water Sanitation and Hygiene project:
  • Separate male and female bathrooms will be built.  Each will have multiple toilets and wash basins.  Each are wheel-chair accessible.  All will be capable of thorough flushing and hand washing with the installation of a water tank above the plumbing system. 
  • 520 portable filter systems, 500 of them purchased with grant monies, will be given to the community.  The systems are made by a local company whose goal is for all Guatemalans to have water by end of 2020.  Teachers and families with students will receive a filter first, after which they will be distributed to other community members.  
  • Teachers will receive training on a Hygiene Program for kids.  The program will become part of their basic curricula. 
Rick made El Jute, the people, and the project come alive for us, and we felt proud to have contributed to such a consequential endeavor.  Congratulations to the Oro Valley Rotary Club!
Submitted by Mary Straus September 9, 2020
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Rotary Meeting Sept 1, 2020

Rotary Club of Marana
Rotary Club of Marana Meeting; September 1, 2020
President John opened the meeting by asking the two newest citizens of the United States to lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance.  He then, on this September day, evoked the poignancy of the song September in the context of the climate of today:
say, do you remember?
dancin’ in September
never was a cloudy day
Guest:  We were all heartened to welcome Eleana Acosta Zavala to our meeting today.  Eleana is a Marana Club sponsored Youth Exchange Graduate of 2005-2006 and beloved  daughter of John and Cindy Doolinig and Randy Brooks and Deb Hume. 
  • PDG Ellie sent congratulations to all of D5500 for hitting a record of giving to The Rotary Foundation in the 2019-20 year.   She expressed particular gratitude to Randy Brooks who Chaired the District Rotary Foundation Committee.
  • Board Meeting this evening at 5:00 pm at John’s office.
  • El Tour de Tucson us been postponed until April
  • Tour de Cookie will be on March 6, 2021.  The date was chosen after Dan’s work researching the dates of other community events.
  • Dove Mountain has welcomed 4 new members to its club in the first two months of the year.  Congratulations!!
  • Update on service projects:  Neither Habitat for Humanity nor Youth on Their Own have responded to Randy’s efforts to reach them.  Don spoke with the Marana Food Bank and received an update on recent restructuring.  The Food Bank of Southern Arizona has eliminated the ED position from smaller sights, centralizing the administration.  Marana Food Bank is now a satellite site.  MFB is not currently in need of any support with services.  However, they plan to broaden their community impact in the future by partnering with MHC and Marana Unified to open a GED teaching site.  There might be need for computers at that time, and they will stay in touch.
Happy Bucks Highlights:
  • Many of us were grateful for the hints of cooler weather of late, though disheartened by the lack of rain this year.
  • Richie has been enjoying his morning bike ride.  He also enjoyed a family trip to Apple Annie’s and was hoping to pawn off, errr share, the bounty of apples he acquired while picking.   
  • Lynne returned picking up where she left off, gracing us with a joke. 
  • Becky was glowing in having met her work objective for the month on the 1st day of the month.  She also rightfully bragged about her daughter’s move to the Pima County Community College where she is Director of their certification program for Veterinary Practice Assistance.
  • While doing yard work, Peter followed a trail of cholla that led under his car.  He opened the hood of the car to find  a family of pack rats homesteading in his engine.  Industrious and destructive little creatures.
  • Bob is getting a workout doing  a lot of babysitting of granddaughters, 19-month old twins.  Complicating his grandparenting, one of his family members is experiencing a mental health crisis.  We are grateful to Bob for sharing this with us.  One in twenty-five Americans suffer Serious Mental Illness.  In addition to the individual, families are greatly impacted.  Are hearts are with Bob and his family. 
  • Don has been blackberry picking in and around Seattle.  While having the privilege of enjoying delicious blackberry pie, he objected to the blood-letting demanded by the thorns of the blackberry bushes. 
  • Harold gleamed telling us of getting to play in the airplane of a friend who installed the newest GPS technology. 
  • Dan is busy navigating parent urgency to get kids back to school.  The district is caught between a rock and a hard place weighing the needs of family against health risk.  Currently, Pima County has not cleared Gov. Ducey’s benchmarks, based on case numbers, testing positivity, and hospital use that are needed to reopen schools to in-person learning.
  • Randy joined us from Las Vegas, where he has spent a wonderful weekend with son, boating on Lake Mead, and visiting best friend, Bert.  He’ll be on the move, hopping in his car directly after the meeting to make it on time for this eveining’s board meeting.
President John introduced us to Eleana Acosta Zavala and to the power of Youth Exchange:
Eleana, from Lima, Peru, is a beloved Youth Exchange daughter to John and his wife and to Randy and his wife. The close bonds with Eleana have extended into all of her family members; her parents and her brother and sister.  The Doolings, Brooks, and Acostas have traveled back and forth between Peru and the States and have shared significant family events and travels together. 
Eleana, herself, is a remarkable young woman.  Following her exchange, she graduated from the U of A.  While there, she was an officer in the Rotaract Club, competed in synchronized swimming, and read all of Harry Potter in English and Spanish.  She returned to Lima for medical school and graduated first in her class of 200.  Eleana did internships in Texas and at Harvard,  where she continues to be involved in research with the Harvard School of Public Health.  Additionally Eleana is working with the Pima County Covid Response Development team.  She is waiting to sit for the Medical Board of Examiners exam, after which she will practice medicine here in Tucson.  Eleana married a Tucson man, with ceremonies both here and in Peru.  She  plans to reside here for the foreseeable future.  
Eleana gave us a flavor for the activities she engaged in while on her exchange.  Most impressive of all were the relationships she developed from these activites with the other Exchange Students who came to D5500 from other countries that same year…
  • Tanguy from France is now a teacher and has 2 kids, 
  • Ani from Argentina has a degree in Agricultural sciences and now runs 3 dairy farms in Argentina
  • Camila from Brazil currently lives in LA but works remotely in a Brazilian startup
  • Daniel from the US currently lives in California and works for Google/Amazon
  • Zoe from New Zealand has a young girl and works in interior design. 
  • Eli from Italy has a young boy and works in the hospitality industry as hotel manager. 
  • Ela from Germany has 3 kids, is a homemaker and is currently travelling EU with her fam in an RV
  • Matt from New Zealand is an Air Force pilot, he decided to paint the exterior of his home during COVID quarantine because he was bored. 
  • Fabi from Italy is a lawyer, just had a baby boy a couple of months ago. 
  • Daniel from Ecuador works in IT in Ecuador
  • Shona from South Africa works as an elite sports trainer with high performance athletes in SA. 
Eleana continues relationships with each of her Exchange brothers and sisters.  A very impressive group.  These youth and their relationships speak to the core value of Rotary Youth Exchange: PEACE.  Understanding and Goodwill between peoples in the world contribute greatly to a world of Peace, and these young people spread these values exponentially when they return to their countries of origin. 
Host families of Youth Exchange students benefit equally.  Many families have become extended in far-away countries bourgeoning mutual respect, care, and joy.    
Submitted by Mary Straus, September 8, 2020
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Rotary Meeting Aug 25, 2020

Rotary Club of Marana Minutes
Submitted by Randy Brooks
Attending: President John, Dave H., Richie B., Don J., Bob B., Peter M., Mary Straus, Beckie P., Randy B., Harold B., Joyce (Guest from Canada and daughter to John Zwick), Laura C., Carl M.
Again today we discussed and did updates on projects, but first we say a resounding rendition of Happy Birthday for Carl. Whom seemed to be quite relived when it was over. 
So in the order they were discussed:
  • Guatemala project approved, John found in the notes of a January meeting that the funds ($1,000) was approved during a club meeting.Way to go John that took some detective work.
  • Someone recommended we have a representative from the post office attend and tell us what’s cooking with the ballot issue.
  • Active discussion of RYLA (Mary volunteered to coordinate this)
  • Discussion of Rotary Youth Exchange program.We asked for someone to be the Youth Exchange Officer for the Club.Randy agreed to be the counselor.No takers yet for YEO. Please consider this position.Several members, John, Mary and Randy all touted the wonder of exchange. David, whom has been a host parent, did not share his opinion.
  • We need a coordinator for the ROTARACT program in Kathleen’s class. This is an easy joy, simply attending a class once a month and arranging for one club member to present once a month about Rotary and their occupation (or former occupation).
  • Randy Called and left a message with Linda Hampton at the Marana Food Bank about the clubs desire to provide food delivery for shut-ins.There has been no response from Linda.Don Jorgensen has a friend that works at the food bank and will call her about our inquiry.
  • We discussed the El Tour de Tucson being postponed until April 10 and how that may or may not affect our Tour de Cookie.Carl is looking into the date and expectations and the club requests that Dan discuss the best date for the club ride (April kept coming up). She also stated a “hold the date” mailer may be prudent. It was suggested that Dan also ask his wife to check into her bike club to help determine the best date for them to cooperate. We are hoping riders might use a date for a “warm up” to the El Tour.
  • Mary S., brought up how the guy that sells Peace Poles indicated that they do not do sign language.Someone else said they are sure they did so at the Oro Valley Club.Mary will look into it.Also she is requesting two poles for the Marana Site and Peter said that would be nice for the Veteran’s Cemetery as well.Marana is a sure thing, with the Veteran’s Cemetery indicated “interest”.Peter is going out to visit them to get clarification.
Whew, that seemed like a lot, but wait, wait there is more.  Happy Bucks:
Peter discussed the smoke off Table Mountain where he was working this week.  We then started talking about fires generally and then Peter congratulated Don J. on his recognition by the US President for his volunteer work with Shelter Box.  Yeah Don.
Randy is happy he is going to see his son, and his friend, Bert later in the week in Las Vegas. Randy will be calling into the Board meeting next Tuesday as well as the for the Morning meeting.
Harold had visit from his granddaughter.
Don discussed the surprise that he received an award from the White House. He has also begun attending Rotary Leadership Academy.  Congratulations.
Bob from Virginia: Want to come back to Tucson to see all of us…. Come on Bob.
Beckie: June Visited (I assume this is a grandchild and not dementia visiting) She discussed her work, and that the pressure is not like it was once when she was younger.  
Laura says, “I’m fine.”  Then she went on to discuss work and COVID 19 precautions at the U of A. Concern that the students may act out over the Labor Day weekend.
Richie, He is adjusting to his new job and seemed happy.  Sister had a gender reveal and it’s a  ………………………GIRL.  He bought a bike and has been riding to the store without incidents. He found a Ben’s Bell and now has three.
Carl took last Friday off for his birthday.  He discussed his daughter moving to Tucson from Texas and seemed quite pleased.
Joyce (remember, John Zwicks daughter) arrived July 6 and expressed interest on how Canadians and USA handle the pandemic differently.  She did not elaborate. States the heat here is a little over the top. Her father is doing well and mother is vising from the rehab center five times a week.
John D, shared childhood memories.  Unfortunately with my own memory issues I can’t remember what he said.  Sorry John.
Mary S., Thanked Joyce for visiting and looking after her family.
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Rotary Meeting Aug 11, 2020

Rotary Club of Marana
Attending: John, Harold, Beckie, Peter, Laura, Don, Bob, Lynne, Dan, Dave, Carl, guest speaker Wayne Wheeler of the Pima County Library.
Absent: Mary, Randy, Dave, Richie
Still looking for a youth-liaison officer – working with Interact Club, getting word out and finding a RYLA nomination.
Randy is still in Washington; his wedding anniversary on August 8.
Carl has a birthday and anniversary coming up later this month.
John said there is no progress on where we will be meeting in person and when we will be meeting in person again.
Former Marana Rotary member Maeve Johnson says “hello”.
Peace Pole Project – Peter reported that he spoke with Nicole at Az Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Marana, she is interested. Peter hopes to meet with her soon.
Happy Bucks
Harold – staying close to home, lunch with friends at airport a couple of times a week.
Peter – Spectrograph left for China yesterday, big deal.
Lynne – “I got nothing.”
Bob – Seeing the grandkids watching them take their first step and hear first word, “Oreo”.
Carl – Thankful for family and health and good to be here with you.
Beckie – Pretty normal here. Daughter’s roof getting repaired.
Don – Up in Seattle, fun playing with 9-month-old grandchild, daughter and son-in-law visiting for the week.
Dan – MUSD policy requires admin to wear masks. Great vacation in Idaho, west Yellowstone.
Dave – School is going well for the first week. No complaints.
Wayne Wheeler, guest speaker
Wayne is a native Tucsonan who has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from NAU, received his MLS (Master of Library Science) degree from the UA, and a second Master's degree in International Relations from Salve Regina University in Newport, RI.  He has worked in public and college libraries in Arizona and Pennsylvania carrying out a wide-range of responsibilities including grant-writing and grant-reviewing, and has lobbied local and federal elected officials for increased library funding. He has been with the Pima County Public Library System since April 2012, and has been the Grants and Nonprofits Librarian at the Joel D Valdez Main Library in downtown Tucson since March of 2018. In his spare time, Wayne enjoys singing, traveling, rodeo, and baseball.
Wayne said he used to be at the Wheeler Taft Abbott Branch Library out here. His first job was at the Nogales Library. He then spent time in Pennsylvania working at various libraries.
At the Pima County Library, Wayne is the non-profits and grants librarian. He assists non-profits to find grants. The non-profits database used to be available via on-site access only, but with COVID-19 the library has extended off-site access. Pima County has 26 libraries and uses a shared book system among the branches.
Libraries have changed a lot from what they used to be, Wayne said. Libraries now offer electronic downloading music, streaming videos, and books. People are accessing content online using more than ever. Online licensing fees from publishers are more expensive than purchasing physical books, which is why “electronic” formats of books are limited to being checked out “one” at a time.
Pima County Library’s values are: Education – we learn and teach every day; Service – we make an effort to serve everyone; Passion – we love what we do.
Library Services are M-F, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Open for computer access, too. Returned items are set aside for 3 days before being put back in publication.
Services available in the open buildings include:
  • Pick up items on hold
  • Copy/fax/print/scan
  • Return items – use the book drop
  • WiFi access – use in the parking lot (7 a.m. to 10 p.m.)
  • Computer use
  • Restrooms and drinking fountains
  • Payphone
Phone and Online Services include:
  • Online content (databases, eMaterials, news, blogs, etc.)
  • Foundation database – a place to find foundations who fund various grants, etc.
  • Services such as, the Infoline (520-791-4010) and the “Ask a Librarian” email
    • Will research questions from patrons
  • Get a library card
Despite the challenging times, it was great learning about all the ways the libraries are continuing to serve its county patrons. Wayne can be reached at: (520-594-5655).
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Rotary Meeting Aug 4, 2020

Rotary Club of Marana
Rotary Club of Marana Meeting; 8/4/2020
This morning we were pleased to welcome Jamsheed Mehta, Manager of the Town of Marana, our town.  Jamsheed earned a degree in Civil Engineering before moving with his wife and mother from Karachi to Kansas where he earned his master’s degree in Urban Planning.  He began his career in transportation and infrastructure and has expanded into city leadership.  We’re appreciative that he joined us today.
  • District 5500 is hosting a Happy Hour on Friday, August 7 from 5:00 to 6:30pm.  Register on the District website,
  • The Catalina Rotary Club is hosting a program called Racial Justice: It’s Personal.  The program will be held during their club meeting on Friday, August 7, from 12:00 to 1:30pm.  Contact information is on their website  
  • A reminder to consider Paul Harris Fellowship and general contributions to The Rotary Foundation (TRF), so that we can continue to do good works in our local and international communities. 
Happy Bucks Highlights:
  • Richie is beginning a new career today, as his 2-year old son begins his career in the world of words and colors and numbers. 
  • Becky, Don, and Bob are all delighting in their grandchildren.  Bob and Don are looking forward to visits from their respective grandsons. 
  • John reminds everyone to Vote in the Primaries today, if you haven’t already done so by mail.  We are grateful to his wife, Cindy, who woke at the early hour of 4:00am  to (wo)man a polling station. 
  • Laura has a BFF visiting during her staycation.  Not only is she enjoying his company, but also his talents with house repair projects. 
Our program today was provided by Jamsheed Mehta who has been with the Town of Marana for 6 years, 3 as the Town Manager.  He approaches his position with a vision for Marana that is people and culture-centered, growth-oriented, sustainable, and accessible. 
    Marana is a town of approximately 42,000 residents, a 43% growth rate since 2010.  Population growth is expected to continue here for the foreseeable future.  Marana began developing its budget for the coming fiscal year in October of last year.  Marana revenue is derived from sales tax and, with anticipated growth, forecast was rosy and a corresponding optimistic budget created.  COVID-19, however, brought an abrupt halt to the anticipated revenue.  As people’s discretionary monies became much more restricted and cultural events had to be cancelled, Marana was obliged to refigure the budget with a more somber forecast of revenue.  It has made difficult decisions.  All vacant positions are currently frozen.  There is no equipment replacement or repairs in the municipal’s departments; e.g., parks and rec, police.   Capital projects, such as road improvement, have been put on hold. 
   Despite the current environment, there has been modest tax revenue growth continuing.   Low interest rates have supported home sales, and two to three thousand  homes have been constructed in this year.  Development in Marana is not speculative, so the construction represents a 2000 to 3000  growth in population.  Retail sales are also stabilizing; hotel occupancy has returned to 75%, and restaurants are recovering.  Future economic growth is very encouraging, as 3 significant industries will be setting up shop in Marana.  PVB Fabrication, which produces metals, will create at least 50 jobs.  Luke Automotive Dealership, with anticipated sales beginning in 1 year, will be the first dealership in Marana.  JD Russell, a landscape supply and accessory company, will be Headquartering in Marana.  The future looks bright.
    Marana is a unique jurisdiction in that it has three distinct growth regions that are geographically isolated from each other by expansive swaths of desert, and/or freeway, and/or building.  Despite the spread, Marana would like to create a city center that is pedestrian-oriented with dining, shopping, and culture/art.  An area has been identified for development of the center.  However, the identified land is already entitled to developers.   As such, Marana is working to encourage the entitled developers’ interest in its vision.  Marana is incentivizing developers by offering lighting and broadened sidewalks, amongst other things. 
    Residential development and population growth, while currently slowed, is anticipated to boom.  In the northwest of Marana 26,000 single-family resident homes (SFRs) are planned for development.  3,100 of those have been built to date.  Cascada is a planned community across from the premium outlet mall that is also planned.  Residents will begin moving into Cascada once Gladden Farms and Dove Mountain are saturated.  Currently there is no water to the Cascada area.  Marana is partnering with Oro Valley and Metro Water in a water pipe project that is taking CAP water from recharge basins just north of the airport to Cascada.  The water pipe project should complete in 2023-24.  Marana additionally has a 40-year vision of development along the Twin Peaks Corridor.  Our little town will be not so little before long.
    Freeway development and interchanges are of particular concern as Marana continues to flourish.  Because Marana is divided by the freeway, day to day driving very frequently involves freeway use or crossing.  Marana will work closely with the RTA to make it aware of the unique challenges and needs of the Marana Community as it grows. 
    We thank Jamsheed for painting a picture for us of Marana’s landscape, its population growth, economic growth, and development.  We look forward to bumping into one another one evening while strolling  in the city center.
Submitted my Mary Straus

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Rotary Meeting July 28, 2020

Rotary Club of Marana
Rotary Club of Marana Meeting; July 28, 2020
Today’s meeting opened with a beautiful, bucolic photograph of our American flag taken by our own Laura in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  We welcomed two guests today.  It was nice to re-welcome Janet Pipes.  Janet is a friend of Bob and previous speaker on fiduciary elder abuse.  We were also pleased to welcome Jill Jorden Spitz who joined us at Laura’s invitation.  Of the 14 members and guests present at today’s meeting, and their represented children and grandchildren, three were CDO high school alumni, three current CDO attendees (children and grandchildren) and one a bitter Marana High School alum.  Despite rivalry, a well-represented home-grown group. 
  • Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) applications are now being accepted.  Mary will put forward a student from… CDO, who has demonstrated exemplary leadership and kindness in her community. 
  • The District Governor visit has been moved.  Diane Ventura Goodyear will be visiting the board on the eve of Nov. 30th and the club the following morning, Dec. 1st
  • President John made a pitch for contributions to the Arizona Vocational Fund.  We have put forward quite a number of vocational students for this scholarship program, contributing to significant changes in the lives of individuals and families.  Please consider donating to this 100% tax deductible charitable foundation.
  • Rotary International insurance has announced that it is excluding disease and copywrite infringement from its coverage.  The endless reaches of COVID. 
  • Mary will obtain a photo of the bank account holding our Global Grant monies, while all is put on hold due to COVID
Happy Bucks Highlights
  • Dan has returned from an ‘amazing’ trip to Henry Lake, Idaho, where he was struck by the beauty of this part of the U.S.  As evidence, he shared with us an awesome photo of a visiting moose who peacefully walked into the lake and swam away after Dan’s friend came a bit too close for its comfort. 
  • Don and Richie will both be attending Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) this year.  I believe Richie will become a graduate.  Don also shared that he is putting in an application for the Arizona Redistricting Commission.  We need thoughtful people to contribute to that conversation and process, so thanks to Don.
  • Dave and Mary’s children are all enrolled to begin the new school year online.  A new era in education.
Our Program today was provided by Jill Jorden Spitz, Chief Editor of the Arizona Daily Star newspaper.  Laura, a former journalist herself, introduced Jill, speaking to her ‘perfect temperament’ for such a position, being both grounded and impeccably ethical.  Jill is also a native Tucsonan and cares deeply for her community. 
        The Arizona Daily Star is an award-winning newspaper dedicated to investigative reporting, not simply news coverage.  COVID-19 has had far-reaching impact on the Daily Star’s functioning; from how staff are working, to morale, to revenue.  COVID has not, however, impacted the quantity or quality of reporting done by journalists and editors.
    One hundred percent of the Arizona Daily Star tasks are being done remotely.  Business meetings have moved to Microsoft teams, journalist interviews, when can’t be done electronically, are done with distancing and masks, and photographers are using longer lenses to achieve greater distancing.  There are advantages and disadvantages to the remote model.  Jill’s office open-door policy allowed for spontaneous and meaningful conversations between her and all staff.  Neither these conversations nor organic exchanges of ideas between journalists are able to take place currently.   Without those mechanisms, both reporting and staff morale have been negatively impacted to some degree.  However, most journalists have enjoyed the efficient use of time and productivity afforded by the remote work.  When circumstances allow for a return to brick and mortar, the Star will likely implement a combined workplace model, with a shared work-space environment used in combination with remote work. 
    Just prior to COVID, The Star had put their massive, 220,000 sqft, building, up for sale.  Its home had once housed itself, the Tucson Citizen, and a printing press. The Citizen has been defunct since 1990 when it vacated.  Additionally, a reluctant, budgetary imposed decision was made to stop operation of the printing press in 2018 and move printing to Phoenix.   Sixty people lost their jobs with the close of the press, which had been particularly welcoming to people with hearing impairment where other employment opportunities aren’t.  The Star’s felt loss was represented in Jill’s deportment. 
    Needless to say, COVID has had substantial impact on The Star’s revenue.  When stay-at-home orders first went into place, there was an 80% loss of revenue from advertisers.  Revenue loss has become less dire since then but continues to be off by 20%.  All staff were furloughed or took salary cuts.  Additionally, The Star has been forced to consider creative means of generating income.  75% of revenue is from the newspaper’s printed product.  While circulation is strong, printed circulation continues to decrease while digital increases.  To compensate for income loss, the newspaper has implemented some programs.  It is beginning to apply for grants, and it is offering Sponsored Content.  All sponsored content must meet strong standards to ensure that it presents journalism in-line with the views of the sponsor by that does not support the sponsor.  Other income generators that are being considered are events and marketing skills.  Skills that might be offered include research writing and photography.  Investigative reporting, with its research, documents, and lawyer vetting, is by far the biggest cost in reporting.  The Star is dedicated to maintaining enough revenue to continue to produce this important work.
    Another development in the COVID environment is increased negativity toward media.  In the past few years resentment toward the press has ramped up, but since COVID, the negativity has gotten much uglier.  Not only are there the more typical cries of ‘fake news’, but additionally measures like trolling of commentators and reprehensible memes about reporters have taken a toll on journalists’ mental health.  We are grateful the Arizona Daily Star journalists continue to persevere and serve us under these conditions. 
    Many thanks to Jill Jorden Spitz for allowing us insight into the life of the Arizona Daily Star and of the staff and journalists who provide us with a basic and necessary ingredient to Democracy; free press. 
Submitted by Mary Straus
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Rotary Meeting July 21, 2020

Rotary Club of Marana
 Meeting; July 21, 2020
Today was a pleasant meeting of fellowship.  We missed some members but kept them present by telling stories behind their backs (see what happens…).
  • Jill Jorden-Spitz, Senior Editor of the Daily Star, will be our speaker next week, the 28th.
  • Jamsheed Mehta, Town Manager for the Town of Marana, will be our speaker on Aug. 4th
Service Project Update:
Marana’s Town Manager and Mayor would like us to place a Peace Pole prominently in the area of the municipal building complex.  We will wait until a time when gatherings are safe so the pole can be dedicated with a ceremony.  Landscaping around the Peace Pole will be discussed at a later date.  Suggestion was made to include a Rotary Peace Scholar as a speaker at the ceremony, and a suggestion was made to invite the Marana Chamber.  Speakers and invitations for the ceremony will be confirmed at a later date. 
A wide range of topics emerged from our Happy Bucks:
  • Don is in Seattle and had a beautiful view of the comet over the Puget Sound.  Many of us expressed envy because of our prohibitive cloud cover.  Peter dashed any hopes that may’ve been for seeing the comet in the coming days; heavy rains are in the direct forecast.  Bad comet timing, but bring on the rains!
  • Despite contending with Phoenix rush hour, Peter spend a lovely few hours in Flagstaff, scoping the site where he will be installing a new telescope for the Navy.
  • With his normal cheer, Bob lamented 97 degree weather at his home in Virginia.  He also told us the story of his step-daughter’s family suffering COVID after attending a social event.  After treating COVID prevention as if it were prevention of Anthrax exposure, Bob and his wife are trying to make wise decisions about caring for their grandchildren, who may or may not be carriers, while their parents endure and recover.  Our hearts go out to all.
  • Harold has taken advantage of sheltering at home to sort through 31 years’ worth of collected papers and things.  Things included boxes never opened.  He also took his first venture outside of home to one of his local restaurants.  Beside enjoying getting out and eating, he was heartened by seeing and saying hello to familiar people.   A good reminder to all of us that connection to others is important. 
  • Becky beamed telling us that she is busy daily with work until the afternoon when June knocks on the door for Grandma time.  I don’t think Becky could be a prouder grandmother.  She and her husband have been doing driving tours of new housing developments to stave off the weariness of sheltering at home.
  • Laura shared with as a video of black sludge and debris running down a local wash; by-products of the fires that devastated over 95,000 acres.  She also weaved together moments from others’ stories to wander down her own memory lane:  Laura spent 15 years in Flagstaff where Peter had just been.  There, as a reporter, she was privy to unrevealed information about a scientist there tasked to trace Anthrax (Bob mentioned Anthrax).  One of Laura’s pastimes while living in Flagstaff was, like Becky, driving to see new houses being built.  When, after 15 years, Laura left Flagstaff, she, like Harold, found unopened boxes that she had to contend with. 
  • Dave took some time off to go to Pinetop, lakeside, with his kids.  There they all hiked and frolicked and, generally, had a wonderful time.  Now, he’s back at work. 
  • John took his three 14-yr old grandsons, none of which are siblings, to Mt. Graham to camp and fish.  The fishing was horrible and John suffered the night cold after he  sacrificed  his sleeping bag to one of his grandsons.  However, a great adventure and a nice reprieve. 
With time left before adjourning, we digressed into pet stories, some too tragic to tell.  Upshot, don’t ever entrust your pets to John or Randy. 
Submitted by Mary Straus

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Rotary Meeting July 14, 2020

Submitted by Randy B, who is filling in for Mary Straus …… please don’t be to judgmental or you will be the next scribe.
Attending: John D., Don, Mary Bob Laura, Dan, Peter, Harold, Beckie, Richie, Carl and our special guest Brian Clymer (brother of Laura and presenter today). Welcome Brian.
Randy gave an overview of our club member’s suggestions for being engaged in our community. He and John will speak soon because Randy is leaving for a three week trip to his cabin in the northwestern US where it is so remote very little phone connection is available.  Sorry my friends.
Happy bucks …. I am sure I missed a few of you but gave it a college try:
Dan, going to Idaho for a week fishing; for some reason Harold celebrating the quarantine (this might have been misunderstood by me). Randy going to Washington, will socially distance but attending a funeral and wedding. Bob is happy he is now $65.00 in the hole for happy bucks and is bobbing on the lake.  Makes me wonder how deep the rest of us are.  I will match Bob. Don is happy that he is leaving Thursday for Seattle, and overjoyed that he has completed the first draft of his book.  It is about his last vacation a few weeks ago to Antarctica, Wondering if it is possible for him to relax.  Mary was on the meeting as she was driving to San Diego to have a few days with friends … cool you can Zoom while zooming down the road.  Laura is happy she is busy at work, please note her brother (whom she works with) was in attendance today. Lynne is excited that taxes are to be completed tomorrow.  Said she was happy but while smiling was simultaneously sobbing in her granola. Peter was happy that he was on Mount Lemmon checking out the telescopes. Gave us a peek at how is looks up there.  Most of the damage noticed was on the far side of the mountain. Beckie, happy her daughter is selling to her partner Jackpot Veterinary Clinic.  They seem to be exploring different specialties. Richie, working on projects around the house and sees “too happy” that he has a new mattress. Carl only person wearing a tie, says his family is good. John took his teenage grandchildren fishing and seemed quite excited.  He is the only one allowed to bait his hook.
Guest Speaker: Brian Clymer, Esq., Attorney at Law.  Brian is received his undergraduate degree from the University of Virginia and later came to his senses and attended the U of A law school He is a wildcat through and through. He is noted for writing for the handbook of workman’s disability for the AZ Bar Association …… I know this wording is probably wrong ….. However, let’s us celebrate my attempt to be nearly accurate. He is on the Board of Directors of Legal Aid as well as a mentor to others and again, our own Lynne’s brother. 
Brain started by indicating the Social Security was developed to provide economic security to all of us in our golden years (I for one am not seeing the gold). Social Security Disability developed in 1950 for those whom have paid into the system could be paid in part by the contributions made by the employee while they were working. It is not SSI …. Which is for economically challenged folks.
To be eligible for Social Security Disability they must; prove the inability to work for 12 months or, I assume be terminal, they must show medical records showing demonstrating the disability 3-4 months before the agency makes a decision. 75% of the claims will be denied. They may include the necessity of the claimant to see an Agency physician. The claimant with then wait another three or so months for a determination.  Again the denial rate is about 90%. They are able to ask for a hearing that will take about a year.  Average monthly payout is $1,237.74, a surviving spouse will receive $1194.01 and dependent children about $886.49.
The process over the years has appeared to become more adversarial.  Remember this is not an entitlement program.  Those filing must have exhaustive documentation, letters from family are often ignored.
Brian offer to see a friend of a member for no fee for an assessment.
Thank you Brian, great presentation.  Now about your sister ………..
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Rotary Meeting July 7, 2020

Rotary Club of Marana
John Dooling presided over his first of 52 meetings, professing his lack of technological know-how.  Not to be outdone by technology, however, he opened our meeting holding a traditional, albeit tiny, American flag to which we pledged our allegiance.
Liz Cohn was a cheerful and welcomed guest at our meeting.  As one of the District’s Zoom administrators, she introduced herself during our club’s first use of our District’s Zoom account. 
  • Board Meeting this evening at 5:00 pm
  • Governor Diane Goodyear visit will be with the Board on the eve of the 24th and with our Club on the 25th. of August
  • Denise is on a leave of absence until further notice, having to work additional hours to compensate for an employee who has Covid.  We will miss her and wish her well.  Laura has agreed to perform the Program duties in her absence.  Thank you, Laura.
  • John has asked Randy to reach out to two organizations, Youth on their Own (YOTO) and Habitat for Humanity, to see if we can partner with them on a District Grant.  Randy will update Board tonight. 
Not having a formal program today, Happy Bucks was extended with enjoyable conversations. 
Harold celebrated the 6-mo. birthday of his granddaughter while sheltering at home, and Liz welcomed the birth of her first great-grandson.  Congratulations to you both!
Carl has his whole family home together for the first time in a long time, and he is grateful. 
The 4th was celebrated in a wide range of ways by members.  From not leaving the house or eating hotdogs, to grand fireworks on a lake, to quiet time with friends, to safeguarding the house from neighborhood celebratory gunfire.  I believe all would agree that this 4th was the oddest in all of our lifetimes.
Many members were invigorated this 4th  weekend by the musical Hamilton, praising its extraordinary artistic power and its historical breadth and accuracy.  Members were inspired to read biographies on Grant, A. Burr (the villain), Hamilton, and more after watching the musical.
Peter was gracious enough to provide an impromptu program, as many members have voiced an interest in what he does and in his current project with Chinese astronomers:
    Peter is the founder and owner of Astronomical Consultants and Equipment, Inc.  Amongst many other contracts, Peter is currently building a Spectrograph for a telescope in China.  What I understood, which may be completely wrong, is that Peter has built a spectrograph that takes light from an object in space through a lens, which runs the light to a mirror, which runs the light through a cable to a lens with a prism, which refracts the light, which is bounced to a camera that takes its pictures.  The refracted light contains markers of particular elements in each of its colors that will shift in time so that serial images can be compared.  Things like heat and speed of objects in space can be measured using this mechanism.  If I’ve represented even one element  of Peter’s Spectrograph correctly, I shall feel accomplished. 
    Peter is currently in process of developing very detailed assembly instructions in lieu of traveling to China to assemble it himself.  Because communication between China and the U.S. requires permission from the central government and is granted in restrictive ways, Peter’s manual has to be verrrrry well written.
    Peter has other contracts that include a Korean telescope on Mt. Lemmon, a Naval Observatory in Flagstaff, and Kitt Peak.  He has contracts with observatories and telescopes all around the world and, normally, travels more days than not.  An extraordinary mind with extraordinary stamina.  Thank you, Peter.
Submitted on July 7, 2020 by Mary Straus

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Rotary Meeting June 30, 2020 2020-06-30 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting June 23, 2020

Marana Rotary Zoom Round-Up for 6/23/20
Attendance: Richie, Laura, John, Harold, Don, Peter, Randy, Mary, Bob, Denise, Lynne, Carl. Guest: Jim Nook, Oro Valley Rotary Club.
Announcements: Check the District newsletter.
Happy Bucks: For Lynne, who is on vacation from work is this week.
Lynne's Joke: Did you hear the rumor about the peanut butter? I’d tell you but I don’t want to spread it.
  • Randy mentioned that he will be happy when we get to go to a restaurant or movie.
  • Richie reminded us to keep supporting the firefighters fighting the Bighorn fire with our thoughts and well wishes.
Richie expressed his appreciation to all for the hard work everyone put in this year. He was distraught about the service projects that we didn’t get to, however noted that we donated about $7,000 to various organizations: such as MCAP, adopted two families for Thanksgiving and Christmas, GAP Ministries, Peace Pole project, Interfaith Community Services, and supported Nana’s Kitchen during the pandemic. This doesn’t include the many contributions our individual members made to various annual fund and programs such as Tour de Cookie, Rotary International, and Ride to End Polio.
  • Richie offered a special thanks to the board; to Denise and speaker program she puts together; Randy as membership chair; Mary as Foundation Chair; Carl taking on Tour de Tucson aid station; Dan for his work on the Tour de Cookie event, raised about $6,000, and the Poker Tournaments.
  • Thanks to Don, John and Randy who made Richie’s attendance at the International Convention in Germany really special.
Mary said Richie’s district grant proposal was a really good idea and that she hoped we could re-start it. Richie said that we returned the district grant money, but the board hopes to apply a portion to executing the grant with the high school.
Installation of 2020-21 Marana Rotary President
In first-ever Zoom installation, Richie installed John Dooling as club president for 2020-21.
John noted that we have very experienced group for the board, which includes: President-elect Randy B.; Treasurer Lynne H.; Secretary Harold B., with Randy and Mary will take the minutes; Members-at-Large are Bob B. and Don J.
John then discussed ideas for membership growth and services projects, such as “CHRPA”, which stands for Community Home Repair Projects of Arizona. John also mentioned that there is a position open for a Youth Services Director. John said he plans to get and personally introduce himself to business and professional leaders, and is looking forward to this year and leading the club.
Final expressions of gratitude from club members to Richie for his time as president came from Randy, who said, “Thanks to Richie for your efforts.” Mary added, “Thank you for keeping the club together during the pandemic.” Don and Denise expressed their thanks as well. And then we all gave Richie a very “Zoomy” and virtual round applause.
Meeting was then adjourned.
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Rotary Meeting June 16, 2020

Marana Rotary Zoom Round-Up for 6/16/20
Attendance: Richie, Laura, John, Harold, Don, Peter, Randy, Mary, Denise, Beckie, Lynne, Dave, Carl.
  • Virtual Social with District 5500. Hawaiian-theme. On last day of RI Intl. Convention.
  • June 28 – Installation for District President. Rotary facemasks available!
  • Handbags of Hope – toiletries-filled handbags needed for victims of domestic violence.
  • Mary: Reminds you to donate to Annual Fund help (Paul Harris credit)
  • Not billing for fourth quarter – five members has paid annually and were given the option to donate, which it seems they all have. Thank you!
  • Five or Six Paul Harris Society members, now is a good time to donate.
  • District Grant – can put in a broad description by July 15 as a placeholder. Actual grant proposal due August 31.
  • Discussion about the Rotary International Conference. It is important to send our president to RI Conference. The budget indicated that our club’s contribution was down to $1,000. Don agrees. John said the board was trying to think of ways to drive our costs down and maybe a fund-raiser to supplement the travel/cost of sending to the international conference.
  • John and Lynne are putting together a proposed budget, and they will bring it back to the club in a couple of weeks.
  • John will be sending out a survey to find out when people want to resume in-person meeting. Thoughts are a hybrid meeting? Maybe re-start in-person meetings in August, suggested Denise.
Happy Bucks for: Carl had a nice week with family in California.; Randy went to a granddaughter’s wedding in Nevada; Happy Father’s Day to all our dads; and Beckie and her husband celebrated 50 years of marriage.
Next week: Year-end wrap and installation of new Board for 2020-21.
Guest Speaker: Randy Young, who spent 3 ½ years as manager of a jaguar reserve 55,000 acres in northern Mexico, Sonora, has started “La Tierra del Jaguar” (Land of the Jaguar).
La Tierra Del Jaguar is 25 acres used as a demonstration site/conservation site to teach collectives about permaculture gardening because individual gardening helps reduce our carbon footprint. The goal is to create an opportunity to teach collectives to spread how create sustainable gardening. Plans include building a classroom and solar irrigation to teach classes and demonstrate how to it’s done.
The long-term benefit is to decrease depredation and create a healthy ecosystem so the jaguars don’t hunt cattle. Extreme over-grazing of ranchlands has stressed the habitat, creating predator conflicts. Straggler male jaguars come up from northern Mexico because of this. Jaguars have a wide territory. The way we grow food impacts the environment in a multiple ways, and results in scarcity.
Read more about La Tierra Del Jaguar here:
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Rotary Meeting June 9, 2020

Marana Rotary Zoom Round-Up for 6/9/20
Attendance: Richie, Laura, John, Harold, Bob, Don, Peter, Randy, Mary, Denise, Beckie, Dan.
Our meeting was called to order by Richie, supplemented by a “JibJab” video of “singing and dancing” club members, courtesy of Mary.
Among the announcements:
  • The Rotary Leadership Academy is worthwhile. The program can be completed at home on your own pace. It’s really good training. All virtual. Very beneficial.
  • “Handbags for Hope” is asking for donated handbags, along with toiletries for victims of domestic violence. Collection will be at the September District meeting.
  • Lynne updated our Tour de Cookie “numbers” which were: net $6,265 + $400 resulting a total $6,700 from Tour de Cookie. Richie thanked Dan C. for organizing the Tour again and its success.
  • John D. announced a $2,500 AllState donation to the Marana Rotary Foundation.
Happy Bucks
  • Harold – we’re getting back to some kind of new normal
  • John – had a nice time in Greer, can back the “old way” from 666 Clifton/Morenci
  • Randy – son and his wife went to Morenci to job interviews, declined the job offers because too much like a “Stephen King” book
  • Peter – 14 “guests” javelinas. Things getting back to normal.
  • Denise – We made goal for the month. Business has been good. Son graduates from boot camp in two weeks. Virtual graduation on June 25.
  • Don – my daughter and son-in-law doing well in NYC.
  • Beckie – just a joy and blessing to have time to spend with granddaughter and drove through Saguaro National Park East. Only diners at the Olive Garden for our 50th wedding anniversary meal.
  • Bob – 4-year-old grandson visiting and enjoying boat rides on the lake. Nice swimming in the lake.
  • Mary – I’m overwhelmed by everything that’s going on and sad about the state of things.
  • Dan – “I don’t know, I don’t know.” about the school year. We were in Pinetop, and it was a zoo up there.
  • Richie – Charley’s birthday turned 2.
Richie then handed the meeting over to incoming President John Dooling, who noted that it was unlikely that we be gathering for installation of the new officers.
Among the decisions that have to be made are whether we should do away with or keep breakfast? John said we do make a little bit of money off it, however eliminating breakfast would reduce dues by about $300. One thought is to offer Danish rolls and coffee and still meet at Nana’s Kitchen. Harold would step and be Secretary but doesn’t want to take minutes. Mary offered to help taking minutes. Denise can help with bringing breakfast rolls. Peter suggested that we adopt John’s suggestion for a bring-in breakfast to Nana’s Kitchen.
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Rotary Meeting June 2, 2020

Marana Rotary Zoom Round-Up for 6/2/20
Attendance: Richie, Laura, Harold, Bob, Don, Peter, Randy, Mary, Dave, Carl, Denise, and guest Ethan Orr.
  • Applications being accepted for being District Governor 2023-24. Next week we’re going to discuss future for meetings going forward in COVID-19. Virtual Rotary International Convention, June 26, sessions start at 6 a.m. our time. June 28 – Virtual installation of Diane
  • Mary: Harold’s birthday yesterday (6/1). Talked with Bouba this morning, using a hotel as a hospital. Things are a bit dire. Peter and I spoke to Veterans Memorial and the town manager office, both are interested in the Peace Pole. Peter said the cemetery is essentially closed to normal business.
  • Denise: We had four stores looted in Scottsdale, Austin, Portland. We’re in good hands, locally.
Guest speaker was Ethan Orr, Assistant Vice President of UA Government Affairs and Community Partnerships, to discuss the UA Land Grant projects and other ways the Government Affairs and Community Partnerships Department and the University of Arizona applies science to help address issues that face our state, from eating properly to living longer.
Ethan Orr told us about the land grant system because no one really understands the land grant concept, which is a distinctly American concept. The idea is that knowledge should be accessible to everyone but practical and applicable. The land grant system sets aside land and money to build universities.
Orr said we often overlook that investment in education spurred both the Industrial Revolution and Technological Boom by making education accessible to people. Multiplier effect of manufacturing creates more jobs. 2.5 jobs created by every manufacturing job. 6.2 jobs created by tech job.
One problem though is job concentration for a particular industry (ie, automotive). But as industries “mature”, a diffusion of jobs takes place. For example, “precision health” which uses what we know about a person's genetic code could bring about a "democratization of health".
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Rotary Meeting May 26, 2020 2020-05-26 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting May 19, 2020

Marana Rotary Zoom Round-Up for 5/19/20
Attendance: Richie, Laura, Harold, Denise, Carl, Beckie, Bob, Don, Peter, Randy, John, Charles. Guest: Charles Heberle.
  • Sat. June 20, first general session of Rotary Intl. Virtual Convention.
  • District Conference set for Sept. 11 and 12 at Tubac Golf Course.
  • Received a check for the gift cards, and Richie will pick them up from Javier
Happy “bucks”
  • Randy wants to remind everyone to make contributions to the annual programs, such as the Paul Harris Society members ($1,000 per year). Call Randy or Mary for more information.
  • Bob – staying on the lake, boat-to-boat. “Fine” myself for going over time for my presentation last week.
  • Denise – going back to work today. Deep cleaning for most of the day. Very interesting. Clients by appointment for now. Happy to be back to work. Corporate has provided the cleaning supplies. Went up to the White Mountains to go kayaking – saw some eagles.
  • John – Passed that Rotary Grant test!
  • Don – Got to “dine out” last Friday with Randy. Tucson Festival of Books is providing a platform where you can watch interview with authors.
  • Richie – Boy Scouts reopened office – using a staggered staffing.
  • Peter – Got permission from UA to go to Mt. Lemmon to repair. Every car park was full over the weekend. Go during the week.
  • John – Will be in Greer in the first week of June.
Guest speaker Col. Charles Heberle, who served in Vietnam as a helicopter pilot, talked about his efforts to build bridges between the US and Russia. He is third-generation Rotarian and a member of Lakewood, WA Rotary. He is also a member of the District Peace Conference. His dad was a flight instructor at the Marana Army Air Field during WW2.
Col. Heberle retired from the Army, and the Russians approached him to establish democratic principles in Russia. He spent five years there and worked to establish a Rotary club. In 2006, a Russian district was formed and insisted on district dues and that was too much for members to pay. Efforts are being made re-establish the club. In all there are about 78 Rotary clubs in Russia and all of Russia is in one district.
Rotary’s Intra-country Committee’s mission is to knit together former enemies through Rotary.
Peter asked if the Rotary club is allowed to operate freely or is it monitored and what can we do to help? Charles’s take on Russia is that it is very much like a dictatorship, as Putin has deliberately patterned himself after the czars. The Four-Way Test, however, is attractive to Russian Rotarians.
Meeting closed.
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Rotary Meeting May 12, 2020

Marana Rotary Zoom Round-Up for 5/12/20
Attendance: Richie, Laura, Peter, Harold, Denise, Bob, Don, Mary, Beckie, Randy, Dave. Guests: Rob Tommasone, DG Ellie Patterson, DG 1130 Tony Sharma (London).
  • MCAT has 85 students on track to graduate this May, according to Denise Coronado.
  • Move Zoom meetings to 7 a.m. John Dooling’s brother-in-law passed awary.
  • June 28 – Governor installation at Desert Museum.
  • June 20-26 – Rotary Intl Virtual Convention.
  • Next week – guest speaker Charles from Rotary who works on improving relations between Russia and U.S.
  • Should we send graduation cards to MCAT graduates. Randy, Denise, Mary, Laura. Richie will reach out to Denise for list.
  • Harold talked to John Zwick and he’s doing well, and his wife is still in a nursing home but gets to come home three times a week. Need to send a card to him.
  • Javier is trying reopen today; Denise reopening by appointment only.
Our very own Bob Bishop presented about his amazing achievements as a pilot and past president and owner of “Missile Defense” Aerial Productions Intl.
Bob’s connection to Arizona goes back to his father who flew B-52s in World War II at just 21 (the navigator was 17!). After the war, Bob’s dad landed a job with Frontier Airlines and flew out of Phoenix Sky Harbor starting in 1951. Eventually, Bob’s dad started Marsh Aviation, the world’s largest agricultural crop dusting operation, which was Bob’s “playground”. He worked with his dad, who was a major influence on his life, until Bob’s father died in a crop dusting flying accident when Bob was 16.
When Bob turned 20 he competed in flying races with airshow pilots. This led to a career in flying and building BD-5 jets, which are the smallest manned jets, in airshows. The BD-5 jet was plane flown by James Bond in “Octopussy”. Bob had a Coors Light Silver Bullet sponsorship, too.
At one point, his company helped the Joint Cruise Missile Defense group. Our armed forces were really good at shooting cruise missiles but not sure how good we were at shooting them down, Bob said. BD jet reminiscent of a cruise missile. The Joint Cruise Missile Defense Joint Test & Evaluation was a five-year program. The inability to detect low-altitude missiles was a major threat.
The BD-5 is the world’s smallest manned jet with the following capabilities:
  • Speed: 270 knots
  • Maximum endurance: 2.1 hours.
  • “Quick turn” capabilities
  • Low observability.
  • Unrestricted low-level operations.
  • Low-level night missions – modified aircraft
  • Can assemble in a matter of minutes.
  • Used for military exercises and gaming.
  • NORAD missions.
It was an amazing presentation from our amazing Bob Bishop!
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Rotary Meeting May 5, 2020

Marana Rotary Zoom Round-Up for 5/5/20
Attendance: Richie, Laura, Peter, Harold, Dan, Bob, Don, Mary, Beckie, John, Carl, Randy.
  • Denise is sending off her son to boot camp for the Air Force. Randy’s brother passed away recently.
  • Rotary Intl’ Virtual Convention June 20-26, 2020. “If they are doing a Peace Conference prior to, it’s worth it,” said Mary.
  • District News: Fund-raisers coming up: Vail Rotary Chili Cookoff and Casino on June 6. Most have been moved to the fall.
Updates from club members in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic:
  • Dan – MUSD bought billboards for our seniors, yard signs for the seniors. It’s been tough on the graduating seniors, Dan said.
  • Carl – Most of what we’re doing is going on OK. There are opportunities in corporate bonds for investments. Web-based seminars for clients. “Good to see all of you,” Carl.
  • Randy – “My practice dropped pretty dramatically. Seeing people person-to-person is really important.” Mixture of face-to-face and zoom.
  • Mary – “I’ll probably do tela-help in the future.”More depression and anxiety. Re-entry to work is on people’s minds.
  • John – I had a grandson who had to pitch a tent in his backyard. “I’ve lost a few customers. Last week I’ve had people apologize to me that they are shopping their insurance and having to leave.” Claims are down which is why most insurance companies are giving rebates.
  • Bob – Under stay-at-home orders until at least June 10. Getting some stuff done around the house, a little consulting on the side. He’s found a cause to take on: the percentages credit card companies are charging, which is as high as 29.9%. One bill in Congress can change it. Going to cause major discord in our society if we don’t. He’s also realized an underlying sadness to having to cancel travel and other plans.
  • Peter – observatories still closed. International travel is difficult to impossible. Applied for a Payment Protection loan and received $65,000. Otherwise just working here, making the components here, but can’t get paid until we install.
Happy Bucks:
  • John – Went fishing at Riggs Lake, near Safford. Caught 10 trout each day. Last weekend.
  • Richie – BSA providing content, neat activities moving online, Dutch oven recipes, brought in people to connect.
Speaker next week will be our own Bob Bishop   this will be interesting
Rotary Meeting May 5, 2020 2020-05-05 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting April 28, 2020

Marana Rotary Zoom Round-Up for 4/28/20
Attendance: Richie, Laura, Peter, Harold, Don, Denise, Mary, Bob, Beckie, Dan, John, Randy, Dave.
  • Need two members to take the Grant Workshop (John, Mary, Randy), it’s online.
  • Harold: Daughter and Son-in-Law adopted a child.
  • John: Attended Zoom meeting with incoming DG President. Folks talked about what they are doing with their grant money, etc. Fairly well-attended.
  • Dan: School District is not good. “We have the budget set and we’re paying people.” He still goes into office. Schools are opening up in Germany by staggering kids, but it’s a mess here. We’re scared of the what budget could bring because of the loss of sales revenue. The district has mobile “wi-fi hot spots” on just eight buses. Avra Valley where it is the most challenge for Marana school kids.
  • Mary: Zoom fatigue is an issue.
  • Don: Some clubs still doing ‘happy bucks’.
Our special presentation came from Don J. with “Antarctica: 3 Worlds. 1 Voyage.”
Don and his wife embarked on an expedition cruise to Antarctica. A total of 162 passengers and crew were on board. They landed first in Ushuaia, S. America and traveled across the Drake Passage, which took 2 ½ days. South Shetland Islands were first sighting of land. They went out twice a day, sometimes on Zodiac cruises to look at glaciers and wildlife. Kayaking to see penguins, humpback whales, through ice flows, and landings. Penguins everywhere and never got tired looking at them. Leopard seals everywhere. Expedition guides gave mini-lectures about the geography, the ice, wildlife, etc. they explored Neptune’s Bellows, an extinct volcano and saw former whaling structures. They moved from day to day -- anchor and go on shore to different islands and then landed on the continent. Also landed at Port Lockroy, old observation and experimental station for the British from 1944-62. It was amazing to nature in action. They had a choice of mountaineering, camping, and kayaking but those were weather dependent activities.
On the return trip, they were supposed to dock at Ushuasia on March 18th, but Argentina government said they were not allowed to dock because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The crew then steered toward Buenos Aires, and it noticeably got warmer as they sailed north. They were not allowed to dock at Buenos Aires, so they then headed to Uruguay. Docked on the 25th in Uruguay, but had to have had proof of travel, masks, gloves, and were taken directly to airport. Five days of anxiety to trying get flights home while traveling up the coast to find a place to dock. Fortunately, they made it home from an Incredibly memorable trip
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Rotary April 26, 2020

Rotary Club of Marana
Clubs in District 5500 reaching out and offering help to their communities in need at a rapid pace with COVID-19 Emergency funds and at the same time rediscovering who we are.
In PDG’s Kirk Reed’s words, “In times of crisis we discover –or rediscover—who we are. Do we gripe and moan? Or do we dig deep to find inner strength? Do we feel sorry for ourselves? Or do we say, I can’t do everything, but I can do something for my community and my world.”
On April 3, 2020 Rotary District 5500 issued a challenge to local Rotary clubs in Southern Arizona. “You can receive a gift of $500 today from District if you want to help your communities and neighbors in times of crisis.”
Well, the clubs immediately responded AND at a rapid pace. The Rotary Clubs of District 5500 are truly PEOPLE OF ACTION and demonstrated compassion, caring and kindness as they moved quickly to extend help in their communities. Look what they did.
Ten Rotary clubs decided to invest in their local food banks and pantries coming from Benson, Coolidge, Globe, Green Valley, Oro Valley, SaddleBrooke Sunrise, Sierra Vista, Superior and Valle Verde. Each of these food banks, when adequately supplied, provides daily life support for families. Rotarians said, “We can help.”
Eleven Rotary clubs remembered their most vulnerable neighbors and donated to local missions, foundations, community centers,  schools and youth programs coming from the Rotary clubs of Bisbee, Casas Adobes,  Dove Mountain, Fort Yuma, Marana, Mountain Empire (Sonoita-Patagonia), Pantano, Rincon, SaddleBrooke, Sierra Vista Sunrise, and Yuma.  These investments by local Rotary clubs will impact thousands of lives.
Ten Rotary clubs filled a need of providing urgently needed supplies by making or purchasing supplies: face masks, latex gloves, sanitizer, wipes, toilet paper, disposable surgical robes and more. These supplies came from Casa Grande Daybreak, Douglas, Rio Rico, San Luis Frontera, Sierra Vista West, Somerton, Tucson, Tucson Presidio, Vail, Yuma Crossing.
The Kino Rotary club said thank you to first responders and emergency room staff by delivering lunches and dinners to hospitals, police and firefighters.
Two Rotary clubs connected kids and families to online learning by purchasing hot spots and data plans. These actions came from Tubac and Old Pueblo clubs.
Willcox Rotary made sure cultural activities continue by empowering the Wilcox Historic Theatre to offer art lessons, concerts and STEM program online.
Two Rotary clubs helped keep shelters open by responding to a sewer system crisis at a local shelter that caused 99 women and children to be evacuated and by providing support for overstressed staff at a domestic violence shelter for women and children. These clubs were Sierra Vista South and Yuma Foothills.  
Two clubs recognized the need to care for homeless and unaccompanied youth making it possible for them to graduate. These clubs were Catalina (Tucson) and Tucson Sunrise.
From Yuma to Douglas, from Globe to Rio Rico, Rotary funds are making a huge difference in local communities. We keep rediscovering who we are as members of Rotary clubs in Southern Arizona.
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Rotary Meeting 04-21-2020 2020-04-21 07:00:00Z 0

Marana Rotary Club Vrtual Meeting Information

Marana Rotary Club has gone to virtual meeting to be safe from the Virus
Visitors are always welcome to the Marana Rotary Club
Please text to 520-909-9162  with  your name by 5:00 PM Monday
A text will be returned explaining How to join our virtual meeting
Marana Rotary Club is using ZOOM and it very easy
Marana Rotary Club Vrtual Meeting Information 2020-04-18 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting April 14, 2020

Marana Rotary Zoom Round-Up for 4/14/20
Attendance: Richie, Laura, Don, John, Harold, Peter, Dave, Bob, Mary, Beckie, Carl, Randy. Denise.
Richie submitted $500 check from District 5500 and we received it. Lynne sent the money to Interfaith Community Services already. Randy says we need to ask IFC for documentation of how it will use the money.
Randy reported that the district has already exhausted the $12,000 that was set aside for the DG. There is unused $7,000 from the DDF – and hopefully the clubs who didn’t get their $500. Tucson Sunrise Rotary is putting together a PenPal project to send a card or note to folks in senior care facilities. District Grant online seminar available. Grant process. Mary has taken it. We need it another person to take the class.
  • John’s granddaughter had a virtual birthday party via Zoom.
  • Dave’s kids are doing ok in the homeschool environment; and Mary’s daughter is doing ok, too.
  • Our new banners have arrived – just no chance to handout.
  • Beckie said sponsors were thankful that we didn’t cancel Tour de Cookie.
  • Peter – most of the observatories around the world are closed even though the telescopes can be operated remotely. Peter’s machine shop is still open but just operating with two employees. He’s applied for one of the SBA loans but he’s heard that SBA is swamped. The application was easy. Used to have 13 employees, down to 6. Four are active; the others are furloughed.
  • John – home sales and car sales down. Life insurance likely to cover COVID-19 deaths.
  • Carl – said people aren’t panicking,
  • Denise – Joe is going to be a guest speaker to speak Peace Pole next.
  • Harold – says John Zwick is doing ok; he’s not joining via Zoom because he can’t hear well.
  • Don – Three worlds, one voyage. Putting together his notes from his trip. Program date? April 28.
  • Denise’s son heads off to basic training for the Air Force on May 5.
  • Beckie says business owners are being creative in order to continue to serve their customers and stay afloat.
  • Several members have already received their stimulus deposits.
Our Second Virtual Meeting using ZOOM
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Rotary Meeting 03/03/2020

Rotary Club of Marana
     Announcements: The Marana Chamber of Commerce’s 20 for ’20 Guide to Marana is out. We encourage you to give a good look. Our Marana Rotary Board Meeting is moved to Wednesday, March 11, at John Dooling’s office.
     Happy bucks given for: Grateful for family (Carl); a Science Fair-winning daughter (David); attending Peter’s Citizenship Ceremony and trip to Antarctica (Don); feeling like “I really belong here” at our Rotary meetings (Peter) and passing his pilot’s flight physical (Harold, 54 years and counting).
     Javier Avalos of Spectrum Ina Road Auto Collision was our guest speaker and spoke to us about the demand for auto and collision repair technicians. Dramatic changes in the automobile industry, such as electric cars and hi-tech bells and whistles, present challenges to the automotive and collision repair shops. Newer cars have from 32 to 40 computerized components that require technicians to test, not guess, what repairs need addressing, Javier said.
     To keep up with the technological advances, the county needs a robust J-Ted and J-Tech programs to train prospective high school graduates in auto and collision repair. Starting salaries range from $35,000 to $40,000, and five years’ experience could lead to salaries exceeding $75,000. New technology – self-parking cars, self-driving cars – is here and someone needs to be able to fix the technology, Javier explained. The good news is that Pima Community College broke ground in November 2019 on a new J-Tech facility for its Automotive Technology and Innovation Center.
     Thank you, Javier, not only for your longtime support of the Marana Rotary, but also for your 30-plus years of business leadership.
Laura Clymer, Secretary
Rotary Meeting 03/03/2020 2020-03-03 07:00:00Z 0

FEb 2020

Rotary Club of Marana
Marana Rotary Round-Up for 2/4/20
   Announcements: Our very own John Zwick celebrated his 55th (Yes, 55th!) year in Rotary this month. Congratulations, John. Peter and Beckie observed birthdays this week. Happy Birthday! With only 29 days in February this month, it should be easy to wear your Rotary pin every day. Consider yourself challenged. Ever clever John Dooling noted that Peter, our resident stargazer, stabilized the precariously perched projector with tape and commented: “It still doesn’t work but we can see the farthest points of the universe.” Indeed!
   Happy bucks given for: our visitor Martin, Bob Bishop’s return, MCAT’s success (on track to have 100 grads in May), bicycle riding, shooting stars and the night sky.
    MCAT Principal Denise Coronado introduced Student of the Month Bright Cox, who attended breakfast with her mom Summer Cox. After struggling academically at MHS, Bright found her place at MCAT where she’s consistently been on the on Honor Roll. Bright thanked her mom for always being her ally. Bright has been a model of persistence and perseverance at MCAT. She hopes to  become a dental assistant after graduating from MCAT.
   Our final presentation about a microloan program in Hermosillo, Mexico came from our own Randy Brooks and fellow Rotarian Gary Friedman. Randy and Gary traveled to Mexico to learn more about the Sonora Mexico Rotary Microcredit program. They visited 10 businesses whose owners have used the microloan program to start-up various businesses, such as selling cheese, tortillas, cosmetics, and clothing.
   In existence for about 12 years, the program is the No. 1 microcredit source in Sonora, Mexico. FinReg, a for-profit financial institution services the microloans (up to $500). FinReg looks for potential borrowers in the rural parts of the northern Mexican state. A group of borrowers consists of five to seven aspiring entrepreneurs. The program teaches participants how to run a business, the cost of credit, product pricing, and how to calculate income, expenses and losses. Ninety percent of the borrowers are women; 70 percent live in rural areas, and 70 percent renew their loans.
Marana Rotary Round-Up for 2/11/20
   Announcements: John Dooling reported the PETS (President-elect Training Seminar) held in Los Angeles was a compelling program that was very well done. “A lot of effort went into the program,” John added. Of note, coming up: Rotary Day of Peace on April 4 (register here: ) and Rotarians at Work Day on April 25.
   Happy bucks given for: Gem Show (traffic) almost over, visits from extended family, desert rains (and subsequent desert blooms), Mary’s cookies, playing music with The Defenders, and swinging golf clubs on your birthday.
   We welcomed Rotarian visitor Tom from Burton, MI., who shared a bit about his club. Tom, a Rotarian since 1983, retired after 34 years as an educator. His club raises about $5,000 each year through a “feast” where tickets are sold for $125.
   Our own Bob Bishop was honored for becoming a Paul Harris Fellow, which signifies that he’s given a total of $1,000 to the Rotary Foundation. “I’m very happy to give to a group that actually helps people,” Bob said.
   Club president Richie Benner, field director for the Catalina Council of Scouts, BSA, shared the latest developments of the Boy Scouts organization, including the launch of new programs for girls, the exit of the LDS church youth, and the likely filing of Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Richie also described the variety of programs offered, including Sea Scouts, Venturing, Exploring, and STEM Scouts, and noted that local Eagle Scouts contributed 30,000 hours of community service projects last year alone.
Marana Rotary Round-Up for 2/18/20
   Announcements: Peter Mack’s Citizenship Ceremony is set for 1:30 p.m. on February 21.
   Happy bucks given for: Wine festivals, sold-out cookie booths (way to go, Beckie), beautiful mornings, the U.S. Naval Observatories in Chile and Flagstaff, Shelter Box, our Navy visitors, and the glorious weather.
   U.S. Navy Commander Douglas Pratt, commanding officer of the USS Tucson, told us about the primary missions of the fast-tact submarine and its crew. The USS Tucson is home-ported at Pearl Harbor. At sea 70 percent of the time, the USS Tucson conducts reconnaissance, surveillance, and special forces operations for the Navy.
   The enduring mission of the U.S. Navy is to promote and protect peace, CDR Pratt said. One of the primary missions is to keep sea lanes open for trade. CDR Pratt noted that 26 percent of U.S. jobs are tied to global trade, 26 percent of U.S. manufacturing depends on exports, and 20 percent of U.S. agricultural products are sold overseas. Currently, the Navy has 290 ships in its battle force, with hopes of adding another 65 ships. Primary areas of concern include the South China Sea and the Black Sea.
   Joining CDR Pratt were LTJG Alan Schaefer and LT Jacqui Maxwell.
Marana Rotary Round-Up for 2/25/20
   Announcements: Registrations for Tour de Cookie are behind last year at this time. Please do what you can to promote the race. Upcoming dates of importance: April 4, Rotary Day of Peace; April 18, Four-Way Test speech contest; and April 25, Rotarians at Work Day. President Richie Benner handed out a list of possible community service projects for us to consider.
   Happy bucks given for: Poker night winnings; watching the Rodeo Parade with grandchildren; remembering “Show Tuesday” and the famous Pancake Race in Liberal, KS; applying for an American passport; and glorious weather.
   Former engineers Phil and Nancy Rink shared with us their “novel” approach to writing books that target fifth- to eighth-graders who have difficulty reading. Phil has written and self-published nine “Jimi & Isaac” books, which boast “big ideas using little words” and promote the importance of problem solving. Big publishing houses focus mostly on literary books and books that can be “marketed”, Phil said. Phil wants the books to be similar to the “Tom Swift” book series from 1910 to 1941. The “Jimi & Isaac” books are about 125 pages and use short words and sentences to encourage young readers.
Submitted by Laura Clymer, secretary
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The Ride to End Polio  2019

RTEP Final Results
The Ride to End Polio (RTEP) results are in!  We raised $4,930,956 in the Ride To End Polio 2019.  Here’s the breakdown...
$822,805 in cash contributions (, Rotary Ideas, Facebook and checks mailed in)
$410,423.13 in District Designated Funds
$410,423.13 in World Fund Match
Total - $1,643,652.00 (No Gates match)
$4,930,956.00 with the Gates match
That puts our cumulative total at $58,233,506! Truly Amazing!  Great job District 5500 for putting on such an amazing, International event!
We had a total of 120 riders riding on behalf of Rotary in the road ride.  Much thanks goes out to those 120 riders.  And, we cannot forget our wonderful Indoor riders.  The 357 Indoor riders raised $101,142(not including any matches).  Even though El Tour did not host an Indoor ride, Charlotte Harris did.  Thank you Charlotte for orchestrating and organizing such a successful Indoor ride this year!
So, what’s new for 2020? Well, change is in the air.  We have already booked the new Pre-Ride Dinner location in the Atrium at the Viscount Suites on Broadway.  Plus, we will have a block of rooms there for any out-of-towners who want to stay close to the action.  We are working on a new fundraising platform, there will be a new route for the Ride, and many more improvements.  So, stay tuned and keep an eye on the Ride To End Polio webpage for updates.
Thank you to everyone who helped make the RTEP 2019 such an amazing District-wide event and success.
Natasha Wrae
District RTEP Chair
The Ride to End Polio  2019 2020-02-19 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting Jan 28, 2020

Rotary Club of Marana
Announcements: With four members celebrating birthdays, we opened the meeting with a robust singing of “Happy Birthday.” President Richie Benner noted that he, Denise West and Laura Clymer participated the Rotary Leadership Institute training on January 25, and Mary Straus served on the faculty. Richie and Denise have completed two of three sessions. Rotary Community Service Day will be April 25, so save the date and mark your calendar.
Happy bucks for: Our our guests, personalized “Happy Birthday” serenades from Carl Maes, beautiful weather (compared to Alaska this time of year), the approaching Gem Show, and an upcoming citizenship ceremony (2/21/20) for our own Peter Mack who somehow duped us ;) into letting him become a citizen. I will vouch that our country is getting the better end of this deal. Let’s just hope we can keep up our end in these precarious times.
Guest speakers: We welcomed back U.S. Border Patrol officers Jesus Vasavilbaso and Sergio Leones Jr. Both are assigned to the Tucson Sector, which runs for 262 linear miles along our border with Mexico from the Pima County line to the New Mexico state line. A total of 3,900 agents with the federal government patrol the sector.
Vasavilbaso and Leones noted some of the arrests and drug seizures that have been made recently and made public through news releases. Additionally, as of December 25, 2019, the Border Patrol had rescued 243 crossers for the year. The Tucson Sector has 34 rescue beacons, which can be activated by desperate or abandoned crossers.
Vasavilbaso also explained that drug cartels often control how, when, and where undocumented immigrants are going to cross the border. The cartels target vulnerable people who want to immigrate to the States for a better life, Vasavilbaso said. The population of crossers has changed as well with more people from destabilized and violent Central American countries. The officers also noted that they are seeing an uptick in dubious claims from the crossers seeking asylum with children, prompting immigration officials to conduct DNA-swab tests to verify whether the minors crossing with adults have familial ties.
Finally, the officers noted the decrease over the last 10 years in marijuana seizures as compared to the dramatic increase in narcotic seizures as drug cartels increase their efforts to push heroin and fentanyl into the U.S. Presumably this is to capitalize on the opioid crisis, fueled in part by the over-prescribing of pain medication that was marketed aggressively by pharmaceutical giants, as pain med-addicts turned to heroin and fentanyl.
Submitted by Laura Clymer, secretary
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Rotary Meeting Jan 21, 2020

Rotary Club of Marana
We had the pleasure of welcoming a visiting Rotarian all the way from London, Tony Sharma, DG for Rotary District 1130. Tony felt right at home as Mother Nature delivered a steady, driving rain during our breakfast meeting.
Tony told us about two service projects that his Rotary club has sponsored: 1) a global grant which set up a fire station in Ethiopia using a refurbished fire truck; and 2) a double-decker “Shelter Bus” which travels around London and makes various stops to provide food, clothing and counseling to the homeless. The “upstairs” of the bus has clothes that the clients can pick out for themselves. Impressive projects, no doubt.
Announcements included:
  • Our members authorized to contribute $1,000 to the Oro Valley Club’s global grant once it gets approved.
  • President Richie Benner, Program Director Denise West, and your humble secretary are signed up to attend the Rotary Leadership Institute. Mary Straus is on the faculty.
  • Randy Brooks is traveling to Mexico to check out the microloans program.
  • Tour de Cookie is set for March 14. Dan Contorno, our tour de force of tour de cookie, asked for folks to help out on Sundays prior to the race. Dan is setting up a table at 9 a.m. along the Loop at Rillito Racetrack to hand out information to riders.
Happy Bucks flowed for the rain, the rain, and the rain. And more bucks showered down for our visitor from the U.K., our own Carl Maes for speaking about the “Secure Act”, for visits from children and grandchildren, for hikes, and jazz concerts.
Lynne’s joke was lighthearted and garnered laughs and a few groans: “I went to see my financial planner and asked him to check my balance. He tried to push me over.”
Carl Maes, our resident financial planner, presented information about the “Secure Act”, which went into effect January 1, 2020. While the long-term implications are still being determined, Carl said one of the main take-aways is the increase in age for the required minimum distribution from 70 ½ to 72. Additionally, you can keep contributing pre-tax dollars into a traditional IRA or Roth until age 72.
The Secure Act also increased the incentive (from a $500 to a $5,000 tax credit) for small businesses to start-up retirement plans for employees. If you have questions or need more detail about how the Secure Act impacts your small business, check in with Carl.
Carl also reminded us that it is important that you update your beneficiaries because many of the changes could end up affecting them.
Submitted by Laura Clymer, secretary.
Rotary Meeting Jan 21, 2020 2020-01-21 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting Jan 14, 2020

Rotary Club of Marana
At our breakfast meeting we joyously welcomed back Bouba Hamadon, who was in town visiting and to express his appreciation for the successful securing of the global grant for the Malam Center in Cameroon.
“I’m here to acknowledge the hard work of the club for the global grant, and in particular Mary (Straus) and Randy (Brooks),” Bouba said. “Now the burden is on us. Thank you on behalf of the village the Rotary Club in Maroua. We appreciate the help and the commitment.”
An additional $4,000 from us will go Malam School Center project, and Marana Rotary President Richie Benner presented that check to Bouba as well.
Announcements from our merry morning included:
  • Rotary Leadership Institute will be January 25. There’s still time to sign up.
  • Tour de Cookie sponsorships are available. Dan handed out fliers to post.
  • The Rotary Day of Peace will be April 4, 2020, so be on the lookout for more information about how to participate.
  • In a special announcement, club member Don Jorgensen was “pinned” for becoming a Paul Harris Society member.
We doled out “Happy Bucks” for seeing grandchildren, for completing the first international trip of the year (Peter Mack, of course), for Bouba’s visit, for the Rotary Foundation, and for feeling like “it’s home here” at the Marana Rotary club meetings (Bouba).
Deputy Pima County Attorney Jonathan Mosher returned for another presentation in his series, “How Not to Get Away with Murder.” This time, the featured case was “State v. Joshua Lelevier”. Lelevier of Vail was convicted of first-degree murder of his 13-year-old stepdaughter. Mosher, who is running in the Democratic primary to replace retiring County Prosecutor Barbara LaWall, emphasized how the county attorney’s office is using technology to create a visual story of what happened for jurors.
Submitted by Laura Clymer, secretary. This version corrects three mistakes in the first version sent out. My apologies.
Rotary Meeting Jan 14, 2020 2020-01-14 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting Jan 7 2020

Rotary Club of Marana
   After two “dark” weeks to celebrate the holidays, we rang in 2020 with a joyful breakfast meeting featuring lots of warm greetings and guest speaker Jana Jorgensen, FBI special agent for the New York Field Office.
    John Dooling subbed for President Richie Benner to run the show. We also welcomed Alaska Rotarian Martin who has recently moved to the Silver Bell and Ina area, and is looking at local clubs.
   Announcements included the following:
• Dan reported that he’s likely finalized the Tour de Cookie route. We need more sponsors, but the ride is coming together. It was suggested that we order Marana Rotary t-shirts to wear so that riders know who we are.
• Mary reported that our Global Grant totaling $33,000 for the Cameroon project got fully funded! John thanked Mary and Randy for their “tremendous efforts in shepherding it through.” Great work, Mary and Randy!
• The Rotary Leadership Institute will be January 25th. Sign up to register here:
“Happy Bucks” were offered for the New Year, for holidays spent with family, for winning at “high stakes” poker (John), for her daughter’s recovery from being kicked by a horse (Beckie), for everyone who made the holiday season special, and for our guests Jana and Martin.
   We were thrilled that member Don Jorgensen used his special connections to score a very special guest, FBI Special Agent Jana Jorgensen. Jana delighted us with her story about how she decided to join FBI after serving as a prosecuting attorney in Seattle. The two-year FBI application process required three interviews, three physical fitness tests, and a lie detector test. Her training at the FBI Academy at the facility in Quantico, Virginia ( included being pepper-sprayed, tactical training, and classroom training.
   Special Agent Jorgensen explained that the FBI has 56 field offices, plus satellite offices. After graduating, the new agents rank the field offices by preference. Jana was assigned to New York City, the biggest field office. Specifically, Jana has worked the Metro Safe Streets Task Force, and her team conducted the search of Jeffrey Epstein’s mansion after his arrest. We won’t mention the super-creepy stuff the team found, but I think we all can agree it was super creepy, and the world’s a better place without that person being in it.
   Special Agent Jorgensen also kindly disabused us of the notions that FBI trainees at Quantico wear stylish training outfits (as seen on tv), that the FBI barges in and takes cases away from local law enforcement (story arc as seen on tv), and that FBI field offices have state-of-the-art technology with touch-screens and fancy graphics (as seen on tv). It was a gentle reminder that separating fact from fiction simply requires talking with a first-person source!
   All in all, it was a grand start to the new year and the new decade. Happy 2020!
Rotary Meeting Jan 7 2020 2020-01-07 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting 12/17/2019

Rotary Club of Marana
Hi Again,
With no notes and with a head cold that blocks out 50% of all sound (added to my 25% hearing loss)  I shall try to reconstruct what happened at today's meeting.
Attendance was less than robust, but those who attended seemed to know the Pledge of Allegiance well enough, if not the lyrics to We Wish You A Merry Christmas.
There were few announcements, Randy had one, believe it or not, but dang if I can recall what it was. I had one, urging someone to step up and be our President Elect for 2020/2021. Hey, it is a do nothing job, plus for being president the following year we will send you to Taipei, the capitol city of Taiwan for the 2021 RI Conference. You know, Formosa, as it was called when John Zwick was a little boy. David? Denise? Beckie? Randy? Buehler? Buehler?
There were three jokes thanks to Lynne's two and Richie's solo contribution. All were one liners and I remember thinking they were funny, but unfortunately that is all I can recall.
 The Club presented a check to GAP Ministries, the largest Foster Care program in Pima County. Jason Ayers represented GAP and received the check of $1,100, which constituted 100% of our net proceeds from our poker night a couple of months ago. By the way, the big winner that night was an 80 plus year young lady who gave a lot of her winnings to adopt a family through GAP Ministries. Again, a big thank you to Dan Contorno for leading this fund raiser. By the way, GAP qualifies for the Foster Care State Tax Credit should you be so inclined.
 Next up was the Executive Director of the Marana Chamber of Commerce who was representing the Marana Food Bank on whose Board she sits. President Benner presented Audra Winters a check from our club in the amount of $800. Audra replaced Ed Stolmaker, a former member of this Rotary Club, last February.
Happy Bucks did occur, but my mind is a blank. I know, tell you something you did not already know. I can't even recall what I was happy about, so do not feel slighted if you had a really good Happy Buck thought and it did not get recorded.
 Our own Don Jorgensen was the presenter today and spoke on an organization he has supported with time and money for several years, ShelterBox, USA. Begun as a Rotary project by a Club out of the UK, ShelterBox has grown by leaps and bounds over the past ten years. Stepping in wherever there has been catastrophic natural or man made destruction ShelterBox has made a name for itself rivaling organizations such as Red Cross and Red Crescent. Necessities such as tents, tools, blankets, solar lights and even personal water purification systems have been given to over a million people in need. Don noted our club has generously donated the $1,000 needed to sponsor na ShelterBox several times in the past, but not last year. He is hopeful we can again this year.
Don would have had more time for his presentation had not Richie opted to read Dr Jorgensen's lengthy and impressive resume. This cut about half an hour from the presentation.
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NO MEETING NEXT TWO WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
First meeting in January 2020 will be an agent of The Federal Bureau of Investigation. You felons have been warned.
Wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Your's Truly,
John the Scribe
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25th year aid station

                                             Our 25th Year
           Aid Station for El Tour De Tucson
25th year aid station 2019-11-23 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting Nov 19, 2019

Rotary Club of Marana
Geared up for the El Tour and cranked up for Rotary “Quizmania”, our club demonstrated that we are a competitive lot, even at 7 o’clock in the morning. Our El Tour aid station is ready for action and located at Moore Road and Camino de Oeste. We had a spirited “Quizmania” that had club members matching wits for accolades and chocolates.
But first, Assistant District Governor Marc Snow visited and presented information about the Rotary Vocational Fund, which qualifies for a state of Arizona tax credit. The Vocational Fund pays for vocational training, which goes directly to the institution on behalf of the student. Marc noted that in 2018-19, the Vocational Fund served more students than ever before (nearly 100), but had to defer funding about 25 students. Demand continues to rise, Marc said.
Marc also talked about how rewarding it is to watch the impact of the Vocational Fund grants. Locally, the Pima County program “Job Path” is a pipeline of qualified students. Marc added that another $30,000 to $40,000 would go a long way toward meeting the demand.
The Rotary Vocational Fund of Arizona is 501 (c)(3) non-profit, organization and a Qualified Charitable Organization, which means a taxpayer may claim a donation as a tax credit up to the allowable amount on her  or his Arizona personal income tax return. To learn more The Rotary Vocational Fund of Arizona and its local impact, check out this story from the Arizona Daily Star.
Mary Straus finished up “Foundation Month” with “Quizmania” of Foundation facts. We split up into three teams and battled for glory. Team #1 emerged the winner, beating out Team #3 in overtime. But in reality we were all winners in the end for having learned about this important way to make the world a better place.
Team 3 (from left): Beckie, David, Denise and Lynne.
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Rotry Meeting Nov 12, 2019

“Housekeeping” was in order for the meeting as we mapped out plans for our El Tour aid station, learned more about the Rotary Foundation from Mary Straus, and shared the many reasons for our happy bucks.
Carl Maes discussed what is needed for the El Tour aid station. Typically, folks meet up at 7:30 a.m. at the McDonald’s near Thornydale and Tangerine. Six to seven people are needed initially for set-up. Denise West will purchase the snacks for the riders. The city provides bananas, oranges, and water. The Rotary’s semi-trailer will arrive Friday afternoon. The busiest time for riders is from noon to 1:30 p.m.
In other announcements, President Richie Benner said there’s some district grant money left and we can apply for one, which could qualify for a matching amount up to $2,000.
“Happy bucks” for grandchildren performing at state championships (John); for having spouse’s home after long trips (Carl); for fishing 10 days (yes, 10 days!!) in a row (Dan); for a forever home (Beckie); for successful business trips (Denise); and for strong club attendance (Harold).
Mary Straus, our club’s Rotary Foundation Director, continued her three-part informational series about The Rotary Foundation because it’s Foundation Month. In review, Rotary consists of 1) Rotary clubs, 2) Rotary Foundation, and 3) Rotary International. The Rotary Foundation funds District Grants, Global Grants, Peace Scholars, and polio eradication efforts. Global grants have six areas of focus: 1) maternal and child health; 2) peace conflict and resolution; 3) basic education and literacy; 4) disease prevention and treatment; 5) economic and community development; and 6) water and sanitation.
In 1917 Arch Klumph started the Rotary Foundation with an initial contribution of $26.50. The Foundation has received the highest 4-star rating from Charity Navigator, which grades non-profits on transparency and accountability, and 92 percent of funds spent on program awards and operations. Our $25 quarterly dues go to annual fund, and in three years, half of what we give comes back to us in grant funding.
As President Benner explained, “What we do today will help fund what we do tomorrow.”
Our club housekeeping done, we adjourned.
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Rotary Meeting Nov 5, 2019

Rotary Club of Marana
What a start to November it was. We had our MCAT Student of the Month in attendance. Rotarian Marie Andree Zachrisson visited us from Nueva Guatemala Rotary Club. Plus, guest speaker Susan Friese shared with us the amazing work Literacy Connects.
The MCAT Student of the Month was Alexis Falcon, who was joined by her mother Irasema Teran and family guest Cody Hudson. Student Support Coach Laura Garcia attended as well as Principal Denise Coronado. Ms. Coronado explained that Alexis had a really hard time in middle school and got distracted socially. It was Mr. Todd, her math teacher who realized that Alexis needed specialized support in math. Once that was in place, Alexis began to thrive. “I also saw that I couldn’t do anything without my diploma,” Alexis said. She’s on track to graduate in December. She’s “deeply grateful” for her mother’s tough love and thanked the Club for selecting her Student of the Month. Alexis plans to pursue the culinary arts after graduation.
From Literacy Connects, community outreach coordinator Susan Friese explained some of the life-changing programs of the Tucson non-profit, which works for social justice through reading literary and creative expression.
The “Reading Seed” Program, in its 25th year, focuses on creating lifelong learners. Over 1,600 students have been served. Sessions allow for one-on-one work with a reading tutor and a free book after each session. Why is early childhood reading so important? “Because it from kindergarten to third grade that children learn to read, and from fourth grade, they are reading to learn,” Friese explained.
Literary Connects outreach includes:
  • Training pediatricians to share with parents the importance of reading,
  • Training volunteers to be reading tutors who help children learn to read by making it fun,
  • Helping youngsters turn their stories into mini-plays performed by a troupe of artists, and
  • Teaching English to immigrants and refugees and adult literacy.
Literary Connects has an annual budget of $1.9 million, and relies on about $1.2 million worth of volunteer time. More than 110,000 books have been donated through Literacy Connects. Literacy Connects is a qualifying charitable organization for the Arizona tax credit.
We offered up Happy Bucks for our guests Alexis, Susan and Marie, near perfect attendance, and sunrises.
Lynne’s joke struck a familiar chord for many of us: “I would do my math homework but I’ve got my own problems.”
The club's Rotary Foundation Director Mary Strauss also presented the first of a three-part informational series about The Rotary Foundation. The Rotary Foundation, with a $1.2 billion endowment, funds district grants, global grants, Rotary peace scholars, and polio eradication efforts.
Guest Marie Andree Zachrisson from Nueva Guatemala Rotary Club.
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Rotary Meeting Oct 29, 2019

Rotary Club of Marana
The best and the brightest the The Rotary club of Marana has to offer gathered for a Trivia contest last Tuesday at Native Grill and Wings two doors down from Nana's Kitchen. Randy and John D were also able to attend.
We knew it was going to be a fun evening right from the start when, after a half hour, we still could not figure out how to operate the gizmos. Eventually we divided into two groups, Peter Mack (a surprise attendee because riots in Chile have shut down the country) vs the rest of us. Just kidding. Actually, Richie dominated the entire evening. Even when he quit playing out of boredom I lost to him the next three games. Maybe he had the "master" gizmo? You know, like the teachers workbook with ll the answers? 
The 10 dozen wings were great of course and, although thoroughly stuffed, we managed to wolf down two magnificent pizzas. Did not know they had such tasty pizza. It was a good thing we had a private room as Harold, Deb Hume and Cindy Dooling tended to be quite boisterous. Not to mention the Benner family. Yes,  Einstein, er, Richie brought his whole family!   New member applicant and Rotary raffle aficionado, Vince, joined us as well.
The Jorgensen's bowed out at the last minute in order to listen to a play by play call of the birth of a grandchild. Deb and Geary Conover reported they would attend, but alas were no shows.
Next time I get Hindman or Clymer on my team because I think I could have challenged the machine's answers given the right attorney.
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Rotary Meeting Sept 22, 2019

Rotary Club of Marana
With all members in attendance*, our guest District Governor Ellie Patterson delivered a message worth remembering: Never lose sight of Rotary’s local and worldwide reach, and our ability to change our community and therefore, change the world because “Rotary connects the world.”
Joining Ellie was assistant governor Marc Snow. Also in attendance was Vince Reilly, who recently moved to Tucson from Texas. Vince is a Realtor with Tierra Antigua Realty. He’s also a lucky fellow because he won the raffle and then pulled a “Joker” for half the pot!
“Happy Bucks” were doled out for “being in the club”, for Ellie and Marc attending, for “installing a telescope in Connecticut (Peter, of course), for good fall breaks, and for “what dreams may come.” We settled on a new date for Tour de Cookie, which will be March 14, 2020. Mark your calendar.
District Governor Ellie then spoke to the club about Rotary, our district, and our club, and the ways we can continue to make an impact and how we can grow our membership. At the district level, Ellie said she sees “1-50-1” – 1 district, 50 clubs, 1 team. A collective leadership team at the district level combined with individual team members will continue to propel Rotary forward. Folks join Rotary because they are people of action who enjoy connecting through fellowship and purpose, she said.
The question becomes: How can we grow more and thus accomplish more? While visiting every club in the district, Ellie said each club is unique, especially with its acts of kindness. It’s important, though, to ask ourselves, how do we attract and retain members? What would we stop doing? What would we change? What is the one thing I would do?
One way to attract and retain members is to remind folks of what we do to change our community and the world. For example, Rotary’s efforts to eradicate polio globally have been largely successful but the costs have risen because vaccines have to be delivered to remote and politically sensitive locations. Local, district, and global grants allow us to target specific needs within the local community and across the globe.
In closing, Ellie reminded us that Rotarians like to “break things” – from breaking the seal of a polio vaccine, to breaking the cycle of poverty with local grants and community service, to breaking the record for consecutive years providing an aid station for El Tour de Tucson, to the MCAT student who breaks into a smile for being named “student of the month” by our club. With that inspirational closing from Ellie, we adjourned full of pep and purpose!
* David, John, Beckie, Carl, Peter, Mary, Rachel, Randy, Dan, Don, Denise, Lynne, Harold, John, Javier, Laura, and Bob (virtually)!
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Rotary Meeting Oct 15, 2019

Rotary Club of Marana Meeting Minutes
Guests: Candace Greenberg, artist and educator, was introduced to us by Randy.  We all enjoyed her kindness and enthusiasm.
  • Last day to file taxes.
  • November 9th Foundation Training Day ($5) and Foundation Country and Western Dinner
    • Two RI, Zone Reps will be joining our District for this event
    • Should be fun, educational, and inspiring!
  • Tour de Cookie Date Changed to March 14th
    •  Time to Seek Sponsorships
  • Tour de Tucson; November 23
    • All hands on deck from 8:00am to 3:00pm
    • Richie coordinating with Perimeter, Denise organizing food, Laura coordinating volunteers
  • Emerge Center Against Domestic Violence service project Saturday, October 26th from 8am to noon.  We will help to beautify and restore their patio and play area.  Hope to see many of you there.
Happy Bucks:
  • Many happinesses, but this writer forgot she was responsible for notes during the time period and remembers only one:  Dan has taken and run with the club’s call to membership recruitment and engagement.  Many thanks to him from all of us.   
  • Also, Lynn’s joke was hilarious today, but to avoid offence, it won’t be repeated.     
 Today’s Program was presented by Yanick Hicks who spoke with us about Leadership Development
    Yanick  Hicks is a delightful young man and pharmacist who spoke with us about the development of leadership and its importance.  He began with a quote from his mentor and friend John Maxwell:  To be influential, smile, share, give, and turn the other cheek.
    Following this opening, Yanick shared his story of emigrating from Cameroon with family to the United States at age 16.  His transition to high school was difficult; he wanted very much to fit in but was picked on because of his accent and difference.  This period changed when  he was introduced to alcohol, night clubs, and marijuana.  He quickly became socially engaged and had a group of friends.  While he felt happy, his grades plummeted.  This young man, who had sites on becoming a pharmacist and who had been taught to work hard and to care for his community by his grandfather, no longer cared about his goals, his future, or service to his community. 
    Having little hope of being accepted to any university pharmacy program after high school, Yannick nonetheless applied to 5 schools.  While waiting for responses, a friend recommended and sent him a link to a video.  It was a life changing experience for him.  A talk by John Maxwell on leadership, growth, and development.
    Yannick immediately started reinvesting in himself.  He stopped drinking and smoking, and committed himself to making a difference in his own and others’ lives.  Yannick was accepted by one pharmacy school.  While completing his program, he found his true passion was in leadership.  In addition to being a pharmacist, Yannick sought out John Maxwell and eventually joined his organization training on leadership, personal and organizational growth, and development.   
Yannick shared with us gems of his trainings:
  1. The Law of the Lid
The Lid refers to the maximum capacity or robustness of one’s leadership skills.This Lid limits the degree to which an organization under your leadership can be creative, effective, and grow.
  1. To further develop leadership skills
    1. Observe the experiences you have and take time to reflect
    2. Write:  What went right, what went wrong, what can we/I do differently.
  2. Experience new things.  99% of our thoughts are the same as yesterdays.  We tend to fill our days with the familiar and routines, which results in automatic thinking.  To interrupt this, we must dare to experience new things where we can’t rely on our triggered automatic thinking.  In these new spaces is where new development can occur.
Yannick closed his talk by emphasizing the importance of striving to make a difference in the lives of others.  Without this perspective, one’s leadership will be very limited and self-serving. 
The Rotary Club of Marana expresses our appreciation to Yanick Hicks for an inspiring presentation. 
Submitted by Rotarian Mary Straus, 10/15/19
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Rotary Meeting Oct 8, 2019

Rotary Club of Marana
We received good news from the El Tour de Tucson folks – our aid station remains on the route and in the same location. Folks should plan on helping the entire day, Saturday, Nov. 23, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Our service project coming up at the end of month will be Saturday, October 26 at Emerge! Center Against Domestic Abuse. Save the date, and plan on helping from 8 a.m. to noon.
The Poker Tournament to benefit the Foundation and GAP Ministries drew about 30 players, including a half-dozen or so from GAP. We’re still crunching the numbers but bottom line is: Everyone had fun.
We had “happy bucks” for finding a forever home (Beckie) to feeling young because it only takes 10 minutes to get ready for Rotary (John) to our “crisp” mornings and lovely fall-feeling weather.
Our MCAT Student of the Month was Jayden, who unfortunately was unable to attend. MCAT Principal Denise Coronado and social studies/history teacher Mr. Bowen joined us on Jayden’s behalf. Ms. Coronado explained that Jayden attended six different elementary schools growing up and four different high schools before settling in at MCAT. Jayden works 30 hours a week as well. Congratulations, Jayden!
Randy Brooks led our “Growing Membership”, Part 2 discussion. Membership depends on recruitment and then retention. The consensus is that our club has a strong and active core, however we’ve lost numbers because members have typically moved away for job promotions (ie, Tony Hunter).
On the survey, everyone said they are willing to invite a friend or colleague. Many of us are attracted to Rotary's emphasis on giving back to our community. Randy suggested it is important to tell people what Rotary means to you, such as listing our local service projects and emphasizing that we are professionals who develop friendships and connections.
“Why we join may be different than why we stay,” Randy noted.
Various members then responded to what persuaded them to join Rotary and stay in Rotary:
  • The ability to touch people’s lives both locally across the world
  • Opportunity to meet other professionals
  • Networking with other professionals
  • Service projects
  • Creating friendships and community
  • “This club welcomed me”
Randy then handed out some “homework”, the “Identifying Prospective Members Worksheet” that we are to complete. The worksheet prompts us to think about our professional and service contacts. Please complete the worksheet.
Our next “Growing Membership” discussion will be November 12, when Mary Strauss leads the workshop.
Submitted by Laura Clymer, secretary
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Rotary Meeting Oct 1, 2019

Rotary Club of Marana
   With a turn of the calendar, our first October meeting began with a series of important announcements:
  • Tour de Cookie 2020 date conflicts with another ride. Dan reported that he heard from folks who have already promoted to the Greater Arizona Bicycling Association (GABA) a ride on the same day (March 7, 2020) we were planning for the Tour de Cookie. They’ve asked us to move Tour de Cookie and will let us promote our ride at their ride. Given that it’s already on the GABA calendar, members discussed that we need move the date to either Feb. 29, 2020 or March 14, 2020. The group is leaning toward March 14.
  • Carl Maes volunteered to chair the committee for the Tour de Cookie booth. Thank you, Carl!
  • Our service project for October will be Saturday, October 26 at Emerge! Center Against Domestic Abuse. Mark your calendar, and plan on helping from 8 a.m. to noon.
   "Happy bucks" ranged from coaching a youth soccer team (David) to servicing a telescope on top of a volcano (Peter, of course), from selling a “good” Jeep (Randy) to morning temperatures in the low 60s (Harold), and all points in between.
   Lynne made a “funny” joke* about lawyers, and because the Club secretary is a lawyer, it shall not be repeated here … in the law, we call that exercising “judicial discretion”.
   Our guest speaker was Trevor Edwards, the Community Recruitment Program Coordinator for Pima County’s Community Justice Boards. “Restorative justice” is the philosophical underpinning of the program. The purpose is to focus on at-risk youth who have been arrested for non-violent infractions and divert them a 90-day, non-punitive program that focuses on the impact of their actions and creates individualized plans to help them gain strategies and skills to make better decisions for their future.
   About a 100 community volunteers serve on Community Justice Boards. A total of 19 boards operate with their neighborhoods across Pima County, Trevor said. In fact, Trevor noted that Vail, located east of Tucson, was starting its new Community Justice Board on October 24. Each board uses a team approach to develop a set of consequences for each youth. Consequence plans may include letters of apology, community service, empowerment groups, educational programs, or creative- and career-based projects. Volunteer projects include working with Ben’s Bells, mural artists, and the Tucson Youth Poetry Slam. Victims are heard from as well through Victim Impact Statements.
   Children, aged 8 to 17, who are first or second non-violent offenders are eligible. The top offenses are possession of marijuana and property damage. The program boasts a 94% completion rate, with only a 5% recidivism rate. Parent report a 98% satisfaction rate with the program.
   Trevor’s informative talk gave no time for questions, but he left us with lots of literature and an understanding of how restorative justice works in the real world. Thanks, Trevor!
Submitted by Laura Clymer, secretary
* Question: What do you call 25 lawyers skydiving? Answer: Skeet.
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Rotary Meeting Sept 24, 2019

Rotary Club of Marana
   Our Global Grant was funded (!) -- after nearly two years, from inception to final approval – thanks to visionary efforts of our local members Randy, Mary, Don, Bob, Phil, and Bouba.
   Mary, who did much of the grant writing’s heavy-lifting, reminded us that the grant will fund six, economic-based development projects for the village through three different industries: tailoring, milling, and ranching. Sewing machines will be used tailoring and embroidering work. A nut and wheat grinding will mill food products for the grain “bank”. A cattle ranch will produce milk to supplement the diets of schoolchildren, with the excess milk sold at market. A vegetable garden will be located next to the school. Separate from the Global Grant, our club has raised another $3,000 for a much-needed latrine project as well. Well done, everyone. Well done!
   Joining us at our meeting was guest Gwen Henderson, who is a business development professional, and Gordon Wainwright, a Rotarian from the Saddlebrooke Club. We approved a $500 donation to the Marana High School “S.O.S.” Fund, as well as a Shelter Box donation for $500. Both passed unanimously.
   Guest speaker Gordon Wainwright told us about his club’s 22nd annual “Fore for Kids” golf tournament, which tees off April 13, 2020, at the Oro Valley Country Club. Last year’s tournament raised $30,000, bringing the event’s grand total to $500,000 raised over the last 21 years. Proceeds help fund several exceptional programs, including: Teens Sew Cool; Math Plus; Little Hooves, Big Hearts; First Tee Tucson; Connections Learning; and a Make A Wish Foundation wish.
   Entry cost is $150 per individual or $140 per person for a team of four. Sponsorships cost $1,000. Gordon issued a special challenge for all golf-playing Rotarians to compete for the “Best Rotary Team” honors. Grab your clubs and sign up for the 2020 "Fore the Kids" beFore it is too late!
Submitted by Laura Clymer, secretary
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Rotary Meeting Sept 17, 2019

Rotary Club of Marana
   Our mid-September meeting kicked off with a bevy of announcements and happy bucks, and concluded with informative presentation about the critical role the Arizona Corporation Commission’s Securities Division plays in educating and protecting consumers from “too-good-to-be-true” investments and scam artists.
Randy Brooks reminded us to mark our calendars for the following upcoming events: “Denim and Diamonds” event on 11/9 and a special screening of “Breathe” at The Loft on 11/26. President Richie Benner said the Catalina Rotary member Anita McDonald was selected a District Governor Designee for 2022-23.
     Happy Bucks ranged from “a nice trip to Illinois” to new puppies, from UA Football finding its defense to a “good” Jeep for sale, and lots of other tidbits to be happy about in between.Investor Education Coordinator Terri Alexon with President Richie Benner
     Investor Education Coordinator Terri Alexon drove down from the Arizona Corporation Commission in Phoenix to describe crucial work performed by this state agency. Ms. Alexon has worked for A.C.C. since 2002. The Securities Division registers and regulates “securities” which are investments, such as stocks, bonds, commodities, mutual funds, and any other number of ways of entrusting money to another person.
     The Securities Division employs about 45 folks who work either in Registration and Compliance, or Enforcement. The Enforcement staff employs police officers and attorneys to investigate and prosecute securities violations. One local scam investigated by the Enforcement staff was based right here in Marana. Terri said the Enforcement Division relies on tips from engaged citizens who can leave confidential information on a tip line. The division typically has about 100 open cases at a time.
     Ms. Alexon then shared three “red flags” consumers should be on the lookout for when evaluating an investment product: 1) If it sounds to good to be true, then it probably is; 2) If seller is pressuring you to buy, then be wary; and 3) If the product targets the elderly. The #1 victims are “Baby-Boomer” men. You should “ask and check before you invest” or “verify before you buy”, Ms. Alexon suggested.
     To verify registrations, file a complaint or ask about statutes and rules, folks can call the Duty Officer at 602-542-0662, or email to .
     After Ms. Alexon’s informative presentation, we adjourned.
-- Submitted by Laura Clymer, secretary
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Rotary Meeting Sept 10, 2019

Rotary Club of Marana
Was it the presence of our first MCAT Student of the Month of the new school year? Or, the inspiring reminder of Rotary’s foundational connection to peace building across the globe? Conceivably, it was because 9-10-19 is a “palindrome” day. The confluence of all three buoyed our spirits and made for an uplifting breakfast meeting.
After announcements, fellowship, and “happy bucks”, Principal Denise Coronado from MCAT introduced us to Student of the Month Alexas Rowe, who was joined by her Grandpa Bob and Grandma Linda. Ms. Coronado explained that Alexas had fallen into the wrong crowd at MHS, but found her path at MCAT where she is on course to graduate next May. Support from her grandparents and her stepmom Sharie has made a big difference in Alexas’s turnaround as well.
Mr. Oliver Bowen, a social studies/government/history teacher at MCAT, said Alexas positively exemplifies three “As” – attendance, academics, and attitude. “She was frustrated with the pace of classes, but empowered herself to learn,” he said. Mr. Rowe added that Alexas has matured into an independent learner and is individually driven. “She’s learned how to ask.”
Alexas, after thanking the club for the award and opportunity, said she’s interested in nursing or forensic science as possible careers after graduation.
Rotarian Chris Johnson then spoke to us about Rotary’s peace building history and in action. He reminded us about Rotary’s long-standing commitment to peace building, which dates back to 1921, and the 1940s when 49 Rotarians participated in the drafting of the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
The Rotary Foundation awards up to 100 fully funded Rotary Peace fellowships for either the Master’s Degree program or the Professional development certificate program at Rotary Peace Centers. The purpose? Peace building. Conflict resolution. Mediation. Bridging cultures. Chris said there are not enough applicants from the U.S. The Master’s Degree program is offered at Duke University and UNC-Chapel Hill in North Carolina. The Certificate program, which takes three to six months to complete, requires 10 years of professional experience. Chris then encouraged us to nominate candidates.
“We make peace happen,” Chris concluded. Want to learn more? Here’s the link to Rotary’s Peace Fellowships: .
After these inspiring stories, we adjourned.
-- Submitted by Laura Clymer, secretary
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Rotary Meeting Sept 3, 2019

Rotary Club of Marana
Tony Hunter opened the meeting one last time before he moves to Phoenix with a song and a club favorite – “Yellow Submarine”. We sang along as we best as we could remember the lyrics, and all reports are that it was much improved from the first time the club sang it.
President Benner reminded us that November 9 is an important day because it features the Foundation Day Workshop (free of charge) from 10 a.m. to Noon at Habitat for Humanity, 3501 N. Mountain Ave., followed by the “Denim & Diamonds” fundraiser beginning at 6 p.m. at The Playground, 278 E. Congress, in downtown Tucson. Cost is $60 for Rotarians; $50 for non-Rotarians. To register for either event, go to our district’s home page:
We then shared “happy bucks”, and a laugh for Lynne’s “riddle”: 30 cows 28 chickens, how many didn’t? (Answer: 10).
Our club’s membership has slipped a bit, due in large part to changes in life circumstances for several members. Randy, Mary and Laura attended the district’s membership training a month ago, and the trio came back with some ideas to gauge membership satisfaction, to assess club effectiveness not only recruiting new members but also “re-recruiting” or keeping current members engaged, and to think of new ways to grow.
So, instead of a guest speaker, we spent the remainder of the meeting reviewing a membership satisfaction survey that Randy asked us to complete. Some of the recommendations from the survey included: requiring committee reports once a month, sending out a reminder about our guest speakers, offer different levels of membership, and consider a change in meeting venue.
Reviewing the results of the survey led to really good discussion, and a desire expressed by members to work on finding ways to strengthen our club. Mary then distributed a two-page “assessment” of the club for members to complete. This self-assessment was a tool provided at the district-wide membership training. Mary will compile the results and report back later. Once the “membership trio” has the results tallied, it will be put on the regular meeting rotation for discussion.
On that note, the meeting adjourned.
Rotary Meeting Sept 3, 2019 2019-09-03 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting Aug 27, 2019

Rotary Club of Marana
A bittersweet meeting it was as we heard the news from past-President Tony Hunter that he has accepted a job with the State of Arizona in Phoenix and will be moving to the state capital in September. Tony will work as a government transformation officer, a similar position that he held with the town of Marana, only a larger scale. Tony’s last meeting with us will be next Tuesday, September 3.
Tony Hunter
Tony, a Marana Rotary member for five years, told us that it has been “amazing” to work and serve with our club. Tony will hand over the reins as Project Lead for our aid station at the El Tour de Tucson, as well a bunch of club supplies stored in his garage! Tony plans to stay involved in Rotary, but added, “This club is special.”
Well, this club thinks Tony is special. Our happy bucks reflected that sentiment as members expressed how happy they were for Tony and his wife and their new beginning in Phoenix. John Dooling, on the other hand wink turned his happy bucks to “sad” bucks because he won’t be able to have breakfast with Tony anymore and steal the bacon off Tony’s plate. In all seriousness, John said he was happy for Tony and wished him the best. Other gratitude bucks for the recovery of a friend from a heart attack (Harold) and an 8-foot by 12-foot by 5-foot moving “pod” filled with $70,000 worth (wow!) of in-kind donations of children’s clothing for needy families (Rachel).
Our guest speaker Jason Ayers from GAP Ministries explained about the start, growth, and extent of the faith-based, non-profit that serves the greater Tucson area. GAP began 20 years ago when Jason’s parents moved to Tucson and converted their garage into a food pantry and opened their home to foster a child.
Today, GAP is the largest foster care provider in southeastern Arizona with 10 group homes for about 100 foster children and teens. GAP also runs a 55,000 square-foot food warehouse that supplies food to 15-20 non-profits for distribution, and a “stuffs” warehouse that 30 non-profits “shop” to help support their individual missions.
“We do what we do because of our faith,” Jason said.
Additionally, GAP has a “second chance” program that offers full-time, 10-week training programs in auto mechanics and culinary arts. Both tracks provide skills-based training and certifications that help program graduates land jobs in their chosen trade. GAP’s commercial kitchen partners with Flowing Wells School District’s Title One schools to provide hot meals for the after school programs. The Gap Garage is a for-profit auto repair shop that funnels its profits back to GAP Ministries.
Several weeks ago, our fellow Rotarian John Dooling brought the club’s attention to GAP’s need to raise $500,000. Jason Ayers explained why there was a shortfall, and noted that since that appeal for funds, donations totaling $250,000 have cut GAP’s gap in half.
And on that positive note, the meeting was adjourned.
-- Submitted by Laura Clymer, secretary
Rotary Meeting Aug 27, 2019 2019-08-27 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting Aug 20, 2019

Marana Rotary Round-Up for August 20
After being called to order and the Pledge, President Benner got right down to the business of announcements, which included: 1) Sept. 21 is the District Leadership Retreat (no registration fee) at the Habitat for Humanity offices on Mountain Avenue; 2) November 9 is the Foundation Training event (also free), followed by a Country Western “Extravaganza!” that evening at The Playground in downtown Tucson; and 3) April 25, 2020 is service project work day.
Top “happy bucks” for:
  • Harold’s wife, who has been home for three weeks. She mentioned to him the other day that she’s finally got cleaned up everything that Harold messed up while she was convalescing.
  • Peter’s fluency in “Fortran 66”.
  • Everyone who expressed ranges of happiness from “just happy” to “thrilled to be here” to “really happy.”
Denise won the raffle – no joke. Really, there was no joke off because Lynne was absent.
Our guest speaker Jonathan Mosher, chief criminal deputy prosecutor for the Pima County Attorney’s Office, returned to present, “How Not To Get Away With Murder.” Mr. Mosher’s presentation centered on a relatively recent case, State v. James Lapan, which was also featured on “Dateline.” The case was particularly interesting to members because it happened in Marana. Mr. Mosher explained the theory the county attorney’s office pursued, including Lapan’s likely motive, and used multiple slides showing where detectives had collected forensic evidence, including lots of DNA evidence from blood on Lapan’s jeans and matched shell casings, from both the victim’s house and Lapan’s residence.
Mr. Mosher explained that it has become important tool for the County Attorney’s Office to use visual presentations at the trial for the jury because of the complexity of prosecuting murders. For example, it is easier to show a visual representation of the probability (or improbability) of a DNA match because folks generally have difficulty grasping really big numbers, such as a trillion (1,000,000,000,000) versus a septillion (1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000). [Peter will you verify, please?]
The sheer amount of DNA and forensic evidence and a strong theory about Lapan’s motive made this case a pretty clear example of how not to get away with murder, Mosher concluded.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:10 a.m.
-- Submitted by Laura Clymer, secretary
Rotary Meeting Aug 20, 2019 2019-08-26 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting Aug 13, 2019

Rotary Club of Marana
President Benner called us to order, and we were led in the Pledge by visiting Spokane (WA) Rotarian Stephen Joswick, who is a longtime member, bicyclist enthusiast, and recently retired mortgage broker. Stephen is visiting Tucson-area Rotary clubs because he’s considering moving down to Arizona. Our club members seized upon Stephen’s biking interest and immediately regaled him with stories about our wonderful and successful Tour de Cookie.
But our regular meetRichie Benner welcomes new member Carl Maes, while John Dooling looks oning was really about inducting Carl Maes into the Marana Rotary. After his induction ceremony, Carl mentioned that Rotary reminds him “how to be a better person, how to help people.” Carl, who has his PhD. in optical sciences, is a financial advisor with Edward Jones. He and his wife, Patricia, have been married for 27 years, and they have three children. Carl is also a veteran of the U.S. Air Force. Carl said that through Rotary he is looking forward to advocating for folks who don’t have a voice.
Before Carl’s induction, President Benner ran down some important announcements, including:
  • The club’s board discussed purchasing more our club’s mini-banners which are used as gifts to visitors, promotion, and friendship. We have the money; just need to review the design and order.
  • The Oro Valley Rotary has asked if we want to join with them on a community service project to benefit the food bank.
  • On August 29 at 11:15 a.m., the Rotary of Saddlebrook is hosting a lunch (free) at 1 Clubhouse Drive in Saddlebrook.
  • Sept. 15 is the District Awards application deadline.
  • Nov. 23 is the El Tour de Tucson, and we’ve been confirmed for our booth.
On a more somber note, John Dooling mentioned that GAP Ministries, which provides care for foster teens and other vulnerable communities, desperately needs to raise $500,000 this month.
After fellowship and breakfast, we had happy bucks, including a few tepid happy bucks, for the following:
  • “Our visitor and newest member” (Dan, John, and Tony)
  • “Former employee capped off successful career and was inducted into the National Manufactured Housing Hall of Fame” (Harold)
  • For “family, being alive, health, and friendship” (Carl)
  • For fellow “Spokanite” Stephen, new member Carl (Randy, but he’s also worried about attendance so a tepid happy buck)
  • “Happy” (Becky)
  • “Carl joining us because he’s a financial advisor with ethics” (Mary)
  • “Taking minutes, start of academic year across the city” (Laura)
  • ‘Happy’? about Broadway construction  & membership month (Richie)
Lynne’s joke aimed at our visitor from Washington. “What is a Seattle Seahawk’s fan’s favorite wine?” Answer: “We can’t beat the Arizona Cardinals.”
Our Tour de Cookie date has been set for March 7, 2020! Dan thought the start from the Rillito Race Track worked well. General discussion was to have the route focus a bit more along the Loop which runs into Marana. We hope to cross-promote Tour de Cookie at the Tour de Tucson in November.
-- Submitted by Laura Clymer, secretary
Rotary Meeting Aug 13, 2019 2019-08-13 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting Aug 6, 2019

Meeting was called to order by our President
Randy, Mary and Laura attending the membership seminar this last weekend. They will be doing a special presentation on membership soon
Happy bucks
John- happy to spend time fishing with the grandkids event if 0 fish were caught
Dan- happy that all the kids who made the trek to the first day of school made it back home 
Bob happy to be back temporarily 
Peter- happy to be here. Will be headed to San Diego soon
Carl- happy to be back from moving his daughter and excited she will be starting work soon
Becky- happy for the person who invented AC.
Mary- her daughter will be starting high school at CDO. 
JoAnn our guest from the Primavera Foundation where they help anywhere from a simple roof over their head for the night to being the first person in their family to own their own home. 
The Primavera Foundation was started by members of our community in 1983 by people who were really concerned about the most vulnerable members of our community. Here we are so many years later, Primavera continues to provide not just vital services, but economic investment back into the community so that everyone has a safe place to call home. When the most marginalized have equity, we are all enriched, and our community can thrive.
  • Economic empowerment and long-term financial security
  • Neighborhood revitalization
  • Community and civic engagement
  • Empowering the most marginalized in our community to affect long-term positive change for themselves and their families
Meeting ended with the 4 way test
Rotary Meeting Aug 6, 2019 2019-08-06 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting July 30, 2019

Rotary Club of Marana
Our fifth Tuesday “social” meeting was at the Hampton Inn where club members dined on the hotel’s breakfast bar and met Megan Gilfillan, a Vocational Fund of Arizona scholarship nominee. Megan has applied for the need-based, $2,000 scholarship, which if granted, would help her as she begins a nine-month, dental assistant training program at Pima Medical Institute.
Previously, Megan was caregiver for five years and then earned a medical assistant certification. She grew up in Tucson, and will continue to work full time while going to dental assistant school in the evening. Megan has a great smile, and she hopes one day to help others find their smiles while at their dentist’s office.
-- Submitted by Laura Clymer, secretary
Rotary Meeting July 30, 2019 2019-07-30 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting July 23, 2019

Marana Rotary Weekly Meeting Round-Up
An enthusiastic ring of the bell jolted us into order by former club president John Dooling, who subbed for a vacationing President Benner. John wryly noted that the last time he was at the podium, “Randy was a teenager.”
Since no one was “dying to break out in song,” John reminded members that the Membership Seminar will take place on August 3 in Green Valley. As of now, Randy, Mary, Laura, and maybe Rachel are planning to attend. Randy suggested that the club reimburse members who attend the seminar. The board will take up the recommendation at its next meeting.
Mary reported that she’s continuing to work with Bouba on the next phase of the grant writing. Harold reminded folks that next week we’re meeting at the Hampton Inn at 7 a.m. for a “fifth Tuesday” social breakfast.
After fellowship and breakfast, “Happy Bucks” for the following:
  • “All the rain” (John)
  • “Just happy” (Dan)
  • House sold (Becky)
  • “Nice cool weather” and wife has graduated from wheelchair to a walker! (Harold)
  • Going to Seattle for four days on a business trip (Denise)
  • “I’m just happy” (Randy)
  • “Very happy to hear our guest and presentation” and attended “Retro Game Show Night” at the Hotel Congress on Saturday which was lots of fun (Mary)
  • Grateful to hear the guest speaker. Grateful for moving into a new place (and the power of Facebook marketplace). Grateful to be attending a best friend’s wedding this weekend (Rachel)
Lynne tickled our funny bones with “you might be a crisis manager if …” riffs. Randy “won” the raffle.
 Guest Vanessa Helms of the Pima County Victim Services Division spoke about the groundbreaking history of victims rights and advocacy, which got much of its start right here in southeastern Arizona. Victim Services started in 1975 and has grown from an initial staff of four to 30. Ms. Helms noted that Arizona has one of the most comprehensive Victim Services programs in country. Pima County Victim Services has collaborated across the state with other similar agencies to create renowned advocacy network for victims of crime and victims of crisis events.
Programs include RAMP protocol for victims of domestic violence, a “Kids in Court” program that helps when children have to testify, and courthouse dogs Baja and Blake who offer support to victims.
The mission of Pima County Victim Services Division is to support, educate, and empower victims of crime to seek justice and strengthen and rebuild their lives. Victim Services advocates accomplish this by:
  • Serving as court advocates for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault;
  • Working with prosecutors;
  • Translating the judicial process, i.e. what to expect;
  • Providing trial support, addressing concerns;
  • Informing victims of their rights;
  • Crisis advocacy by being on call, present at the scene of the crime, providing support and referral information, and available 24/7/365.
  • Victim Compensation Fund, a fund of last resort, for counseling and medical expenses, loss of wages, crime scene clean-up, and transportation costs.
Ms. Helms noted that Victim Services relies its strong volunteer program that has more than 100 volunteers who have contributed 24,000 hours, saving the county more than $460,000. Volunteers undergo extensive training comprised of 36 hours of basic crisis intervention plus another 30 hours of advanced training. More information can be found at: .
Victim Services also works with national organizations for victim assistance in mass casualty incidents, whether those incidents are human-caused or not. For example, Pima County Victim Services has sent teams in the past to respond to the following: Bosnian Civil War, Oklahoma City domestic terrorist bombing, Arkansas tornado disaster, and September 11 attacks.
Much closer to home, Pima County Victim Services volunteers responded immediately to the 2011 Tucson Tragedy at the Ina and Oracle Safeway where Gabby Giffords and others were shot. In its initial callout, Victim Services deployed 36 advocates to six different sites. Ms. Helms said that with so many law enforcement agencies responding that day, victims can get marginalized.
More recently, Pima County Victim Services sent a team of 14 to respond to the Las Vegas “Harvest Festival” mass shooting where 58 people were killed and more than 850 were wounded.
Ms. Helms said the strength of Victim Services is its unified team purpose, shared training, shared deployment, and existing deployment services which have been developed since the organization’s inception in 1975.
After yet another informative talk – hats off to Denise who lines up our speaker series – we signed off with recitation of the Four Way Test.
 -- Submitted by Laura Clymer, secretary
Rotary Meeting July 23, 2019 2019-07-24 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting July 9, 2019

Marana Rotary Weekly Meeting Round-Up
After the Pledge of Allegiance and in harmony with our guest speaker from the Tucson Wildlife Center, we opened the meeting with a one-verse, rousing rendition of “Old McDonald” featuring the owl. Fair to say, it was a hoot.
President Benner announced that Carl Maes has been approved by the board for membership, and general members can weigh in as well by sending their comments to him or Randy Brooks.  In other general announcements, President Benner noted the following:
  • District’s Membership Symposium is August 3, 2019.
  • Cruise for a Cause is in October (Randy Brooks says it was the “best conference” he’s attended – great meetings and fulfilling work day with local children in Mexico).
  • Assistant Governor candidates are needed.
  • The Rotary Foundation has extended the deadline for online training until August 9. Follow the link on the District’s website.
  • A Reid Park Zoo representative will be the featured speaker at the July 16 meeting.
  • John D is subbing for a vacationing President Benner on July 23.
  • No meeting on July 30 since it is the fifth Tuesday of the month, however there was expressed interest in a social event of some type.
Member Rachel Cheeseman let us know that the United Way is launching a matching platform where folks can find volunteer opportunities and log their time giving back to our communities. Contact Rachel for more information.
After fellowship and a hearty breakfast, “Happy Bucks” for:
  • “A good breakfast”. (John)
  • “Just happy”. (Dan)
  • “Our guest speaker” and good week at the office. (Denise)
  • “Very happy to find my lip” because he accidentally shaved off his mustache. (Randy)
  • “Daughter graduated from college” and has accepted a “Teach for America” position in Texas. (Carl)
  • “Wife improving every day and will be home soon.” (Harold)
  • “Saw family, baby niece started walking, and tech migration at work is done!” Plus a big shout out to Madison WI friend who organized a really successful collection of baby clothes for needy families. (Rachel)
Lynne, flying solo, told a joke in harmony with our “wildlife/animal” theme. Denise “won” the raffle.
Guest Speaker Angeline Fahey, education coordinator for the Tucson Wildlife Center, delivered a fascinating talk about her organization that rehabilitates injured and abandoned wildlife – everything from pack rats to bobcats to coyotes to raptors, and even Gila monsters (yikes!).
Tucson Wildlife Center is the only wildlife hospital in Southern Arizona with two full-time veterinarians. The center only treats injured, ill, or orphaned wildlife. It’s funded 100% by donations, and licensed by Arizona Game and Fish. Its mascots in sanctuary are appropriately a pair of wildcats, Wilbur and Wilma.
Tucson Wildlife Center sends trained staff and volunteers to assess and locate injured or abandoned wildlife, which are humanely trapped and transported to TWC for treatment and rehabilitation. About 80 percent of the animals injured or orphaned are because of human activity, and up to 80 percent of the wildlife brought to TWC treated and released back into the wild. Poisons, traps, glue traps, and electrocution pose some of the greatest threats to wildlife, Ms. Fahey explained.
Dislocated “babies” and other orphaned young require special care because the wildlife rehabilitation specialists want to prevent imprinting. TWC uses puppets, “snuggle pets” with battery-operated heartbeat, and “Ghillie” suits to avoid imprinting.
Ms. Fahey also disabused us of the myth that you cannot touch baby birds. If you find one on the ground, she suggested that you put it back in the nest. You can even construct a nest using a small container with holes in the bottom and grass and rehang the “nest” near the old one. The parents will likely return. At the fledging stage, parents are still caring for the young, so if the fledgling appears healthy, leave it alone.
When you encounter an injured animal, confine your pets and call TWC for advise. Don’t feed the injured animal, and try transfer to box with holes. A simple “fix” to help wildlife from escape pools includes the “frog log”. For quail nesting in flower pots, use a t-shirt to create a “ramp” for the hatchlings to get out of the pot.
Tucson Wildlife Center can be reached by calling 520-290-9453. Its website is:
After Ms. Fahey’s informative talk, we signed off with the Four Way Test.
-- Submitted by Laura Clymer, secretary
Rotary Meeting July 9, 2019 2019-07-24 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting July 16, 2019

Rotary Club of Marana
John Dooling subbing for Laura Clymer
President Benner started our meeting, as standard practice, with he Pledge of Allegiance to  the Flag of the United States of America. We almost escaped without song, but John Dooling, with strong support from our guest speaker if not club members, requested "Itsy Bitsy Spider" in light of the nice rainfall some of the valley experienced over the weekend. We sounded amazing. 
District 5500 will be one of the prime sponsors of the El Tour de Tucson. Tony Hunter has accepted the job of  Aid Station Coordinator and several members volunteered to assist. David Hindman was "volunteered" as he had yet to enter the meeting when we voted.
PETS registration in September and yours truly will be attending one of the sessions.
Planning still underway for our 5th Tuesday of July meeting. Stay tuned.
Our club's District grant proposal was submitted on time. We owe President Richie Benner our gratitude for shepherding this project. A "brief" overview: The project will assist the MUSD MHS Special Ed Department in training students to learn basic skill sets o run a coffee shop.
Carl Maes attended our meeting and a membership vote will soon take place.
Happy Bucks  
David-Back from Idaho
Tony-More Rain
Harold-Ellen continues long road to recovery
Denise-Our Guest from Reid Park Zoo
Randy-Carl Maes
Beckie-She has termites. Well her home does. I am positive this is not why she is happy, but I missed that part.
Mary-Unloaded a bunch of times, slowly, so she got her money's worth in telling us why she is happy. She will have to give more to see her happiness in print.
Rachel-Her and Madison are victims of their own success.
Richie-Sad and Happy. Will miss next two weeks as he will be at the Scout Jamboree in another state.
Joke Off?
Lynne-Why do they not play poker at the zoo? Too many cheetahs.
Lynne- Another zoo joke this one ended with the punchline something about "puma my pants." Those of you who are familiar with the work of comedy giants Harvey Korman, Tim Conway and Lynne Himmer will understand the trampling of lines during the uncontrolled laughter of your own humor. 
Lynne won!  
Beckie won and lost the raffle.
 Nancy Kluge President of the Reid Park Zooological Society was today's speaker. The Zoo is the largest gated attraction in southern AZ with over half a million attendees this past year. Her talk centered around Bigger Spaces Smiling Faces, the Zoo's expansion plans made possible by the passing of the Bond Issue last year.
Phase One will be ASIA-The expansion of footprint by 3.5 acres benefiting Tigers Habitat, Reptile House and Primate Island
Phase Two-With Safari Loop, Hippo underwater habitat and Rhino feeding
Phase Three- Expanded gift shop, Infrastructure improvements and a Mayan themed Play area
Nancy told us a major gift from the Rotary Club of Tucson.
Speaking of the Rotary club of Tucson they will be sponsoring a Tucson Mayoral candidate Meet and Greet  followed by Debate and Forum on 7/24/2019. Go to for details.
You will not want to miss next Tuesday's meeting as the fellow at the podium has not stood at that position since the last week of June 2007.
Rotary Meeting July 16, 2019 2019-07-16 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting July 2, 2019

Rotary Club of Marana
 The first meeting of our new year began with the virtual ringing of the bell by President Benner using his cell phone. Our podium, bell, flag and banner are missing, but believed to be at Mary's home. Although she will miss the next three meetings she promises she will eventually return these items, possibly before she leaves town!
Being the first week of July and all we decided to sing God Bless America even though we were only about ten members strong due to summer vacations. John D. led us off with a note that apparently few were familiar with, but I congratulate each and every member in attendance for knowing 95% of the words and giving it the old college try. It makes me proud to be an American, if not part of the Rotary Club of Marana choir. Practice may not makes us perfect, but perhaps tolerable is a worthy goal?
Carl Mays was in attendance again and will be pursuing membership. As a reminder, Carl is the Edward Jones Representative that replaced Maeve Johnson.
New ADG Mark Snow has replaced outgoing ADG Mary Strauss. Thank you Mary for giving your time and talent to the District this past year.
DG here 10/22/2019.
Membership Symposium in Green Valley 8/3/2019.
Last week of October is District Conference cruise.
Harold announced that photos from the officer installation are now on our website.
President Benner provided Treasurer and Sgt. at Arms pins to Lynne and Javier respectively. He also announced that Laura Clymer agreed to be our Secretary for 2019/2020.
Happy Bucks
John, Dan, Tony and Richie-All Happy
Beckie-Happy to be alive. Although vastly improved over past years death still frequents the highway taken by travelers to and from Las Vegas from AZ. Beckie and her husband twice had near collisions caused by drivers in a hurry. Fortunately they are fine and are able to enjoy the attitude and the toddler stage of their granddaughter.
Denise-Happy that there are allergy shots and that her article appeared in Timeless Magazine. 
Harold- Ellen making great strides especially now that she is back on her own tracheotomy tube which is of a larger diameter than the hospitals tube.
Mary-Out next three weeks
Randy-Sorry our club's vibrancy is not on display for Carl Mays due to the summer doldrums
Carl-Happy to be here
Richie-Four Happy Quarters and a reminder July has five Tuesdays, ergo a social meeting the last Tuesday of July.
Lynne asked what do you get when you combine a dinosaur and fireworks? Dinomite!
Denise-Won and lost with the five of diamonds.
Randy spoke on the following:
The Rotary Foundation 
District 5500 Foundation
Rotary Club of Marana Foundation
Every Rotarian Every Year
My notes say, "It's complicated."
Over simplifying money given to the Rotary Foundation is kept for three years then about 95% is returned to the Districts for projects. The Rotary Foundation awarded almost 87 million in worldwide grants in 2018. Charity Navigator gives the Foundation it's top rating of four stars as 92% of funds are spent on grant awards. There are various levels of recognition given to donors using the name of Paul Harris, Rotary's founder. Once total lifetime donations add up to $1,000 a Paul Harris Fellow is earned. Six members of our club donate $1,000 per year and are designated Paul Harris Society members
District Foundation serves clubs with out their own Foundation and money is used for District matching and Global Grants.
The Marana Rotary Foundation is our clubs own 501c3 where members can donate for smaller projects. This money is also used in capturing District and Rotary Foundation match money for larger projects. There are basically no operational costs associated with our Marana Club's Foundation.
Every Rotarian Every Year request from Rotary International is $100 and billed to you along with your club dues. This money goes to the Rotary Foundation. Our club strives to be a 100% club with all members donating a minimum of $100 to the Rotary Foundation.
The bulk of club dues goes towards breakfast costs which include use of  room and storage with some money going to RI and District for their operational costs and the Rotary Magazine. While not discussed I want to point out that 50% of the weekly raffle money is paid out to winners and the other 50% goes to defray club expenses as dues alone are not sufficient. Often winners will donate their winnings to our Club's Foundation which is deductible. Happy bucks also go towards Club operations. Participation in raffle and Happy Bucks serve to keep our dues as low as possible.
Rotary Meeting July 2, 2019  2019-07-02 07:00:00Z 0

President Richie Benner Installation 2019-2020

Rotary Club of Marana
If you like window shaking raucous behavior, June heat and pizza you should have joined your fellow members at the home of Mary Strauss last night. Mary provided the pizza, AZ the heat,  while our new president's one year old son provided the excitement/noise. Yes, Charlie was quite animated in his approval of our choice of President for 2019/2020.
 To begin the meeting out going president Tony Hunter provided an over view of our Club's lengthy accomplishments of the past twelve months. Tony recognized many in attendance with a card of thanks and an aloe cactus plant. Specifically he noted membership growth, the significant increase in riders and revenue of our Tour de Cookie fundraiser and thanked Dan for his leadership in this regard, Denise was thanked for her dedication to our weekly speaker agenda, Harold for his institutional knowledge of the Rotary Club of Marana and his willingness to share the same, Bob Bishop for something important, John for the humorous minutes, Lynne for all things financial, Randy and Mary for District and Club Foundation reps, Mary again for Global grant work, Dan again for District Foundation Treasurer and others which I do not have listed as I was distracted watching and waving to Charlie as he beat on the glass and waived his arms from within the house. (This is probably why teachers always made me sit in the front row.)
Where was I? Oh, yes.....
Richie Benner was then brought forward and sworn in as our new President.(Squealing, window pounding and light applause from the crowd!)
With some arm twisting Laura Clymer agreed to be our new Club Secretary. Joining her, Board Members John Dooling, Harold Burtzloff and now Past President Tony Hunter were sworn in by President Benner.  
With Laura's acceptance of the Secretarial position we will need someone to step up and assist her with outreach to our Tortolita Middle School Rotaract Club. Someone? Someone?
 Richie's acceptance speech noted we are continually evolving and we must be ready to accept changes as they occur. He said some other profound stuff, but Dan took this moment to show me a picture of a Rooster fish that had to be at least 60 pounds. He did this to prove my wife wrong about the Rooster being an ugly fish and indeed they truly are a beautiful fish. In closing Richie basically said "The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what we do here. It is up to us to dedicate ourselves to the unfinished work of those who have gone before." 
Thank you Laura for taking the photos and Mary for opening your home. (BTW, love your dog. Hope he likes pizza as much as he does swimming pool water.)
The following all received a Rotary Club of Marana Tour de Cookie pin from new President Benner as a reward for attending the installation:
Randy Brooks, Don Jorgensen, Laura Clymer, Mary Strauss, Dan Contorno, Harold Burtzloff, Denise West, Cindy Dooling, Mrs Benner and ...........Charlie!
(This is a benefit of having younger members and I for one would welcome more kids to liven up our get-togethers!)
President Richie Benner Installation 2019-2020 2019-06-27 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting June 25,  2019

Rotary Club of Marana
President Tony Hunter ducked out on the final Tuesday meeting of his term leaving it in the good hands of President Elect Richie Benner. While Richie did allow Randy to lead us all in The Pledge singing was prohibited. We have the next twelve months to bend President Benner to our will. (insert evil laugh)
Guest today was Carl May who visited our Club once before. Carl, as you may recall, was referred by departing (as in moving to Illinois not as in departed) member Maeve Johnson. Per Randy, Carl "WILL" join our Club. (insert not so evil laugh).
At least two of our members attended the District 5500 Governor installation of Ellie Patterson. Thank you Randy and Richie.
Please send volunteer hours to Rachel Cheeseman. I missed her email address so please see her.
August 3rd will be a District membership symposium. The end of October will be a four day cruise to Ensenada, MX for those who wish to attend the District 5500 Conference. Daily meetings/Presentations will take place plus a joint project with several Rotario Clubs will take place in Ensenada. Cost is $470 or so per person.
Our new Club officers to be installed tomorrow evening 6/26/2019 starting at 6 pm. Location is the home of Mary Straus 6925 N Donatello Way.
Randy, District 5500 Foundation Chair announced that our District, the smallest of seven in our zone, led the way in donation participation and we were third in average donation per member. Thank you.
Happy Bucks
John- Convinced aliens are real after visiting Roswell, NM Alien Museum last week. The famous Section #51 holds the contents from this crash site.
Dan- Happy for officer installation (I think?)
Mary-Happy to hear of Harold's childhood ranch life.
Harold-Ellen continues to make good progress with her medical issues. John Zwick says hi and his wife has made a nice recovery from recent stroke. John is in Canada for a few months.
Beckie-Happy about new potential member and a lot of other stuff that Denise now knows since Beckie spoke facing away from me in a normal conversational tone directed at her table mate Denise.
David-Happy (good to see you!) 
Denise-Happy Randy is back as is our speaker fom a couple of yers ago, Mindy Blake from the RTA
Laura-Not happy because Roswell "stole" the alien gig from Corona, NM where the aliens actually crashed. Also discussed were The Lincoln County War, the movie Young Guns, Pat Garret, Billy the Kid and John Simpson Chisum, the largest cattle rancher in the US in the late 1800's. (John apologized to Mindy for taking some of her time.)
Randy-Really not happy for misdiagnosing his wife Deb's broken arm when she fell in Germany two weeks ago.
Rachel-Belongs to a train and bus group. I know I missed the salient parts of what she said, but my guess most of the group were Thomas The Train fans as little tykes. When you see her about reporting volunteer hours you can gather more info about Planes, Trains and Automobiles. YUK, YUK.
Beckie won and lost the raffle.
Maeve not here but really did not matter as Lynne presented a doozy!
Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson were on a camping trip. Sensing Watson was awake in the wee hours of the night Holmes says, "Doctor, open your eyes and tell me what you notice."
Watson does as instructed and says, "I see millions and millions of stars and knowing there are millions and millions of galaxies I realize how massive the universe is and the likelihood somewhere an alien being is staring into the same vastness of space and pondering its existence." 
Holmes replies, "You idiot, I notice our tent is missing."
The moral of the story is (supplied by yours truly) do not over think the situation.
 Our speaker, Mindy Blake, is the Community Relations representative from the Regional Transportation Authority. (RTA)
We were presented with a newly minted booklet regarding the current state of affairs within the RTA with completed, in progress and planned projects detailed in its sixteen pages.
The RTA consists of the following: South Tucson, Tucson, Oro Valley, Marana, Sahuarita, Pima County, Pascua Yaqui Tribe, Tohono O'odoham Nation and the AZ State Transportation Board.
The RTA was funded for 20 years by a 1/2 cent sales tax (estimated at $16 a year per household) and is scheduled to expire in 2026 if not renewed by public vote. Planning is afoot to renew the program in 2026 capitalizing on past successes of this multi jurisdictional program under the auspices of the Pima Association of Governments (PAG). PAG manages the RTA through a Memorandum of Understanding while the RTA serves as the fiscal manager through 2026. 
Eight hundred and forty projects have been completed throughout Pima County including at least eight in the Marana area. Dollars budgeted for the twenty years of projects total close to 2 billion with another half a billion from non RTA revenues. This money goes towards new construction projects with no money earmarked for maintenance which remains the individual jurisdiction responsibilities.
They have my vote, says the unasked scribe. 
BTW, we may still be in need of a Club Secretary beginning 7/1/2019. See Richie if interested/willing, otherwise I get two votes at every Board meeting since I was hornswoggled into being President Elect.
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Rotary Int Convention Hamburg   2019

Hamburg was an amazing opportunity. there were plenty of new experiences for me. I was able to travel to/through three different countries on my way to and from the Rotary International Convention. The first interesting thing I experienced is that all three were on different currencies. This made it interesting for currency exchanges while in these countries.
Europe is green both from a nature and a technological point of view. It was very different coming from the desert. I did appreciate that they had a very comprehensive public transit system. It made getting around town very easy. Most everything was in German as well as English.
The rotary convention was well put together. While it was very spread out compared to other conventions, there was plenty of signage and maps to get you to where you needed to go. The programs that were presented were great. The presenters were well prepared, and the topics helped attendees plan for their future in Rotary. Overall there was a lot to experience both from the conference and the city of Hamburg.
Rotary Int Convention Hamburg   2019 2019-06-21 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting June 18, 2019

Rotary Club of Marana
President Hunter rang in the meeting to a sparse, but musically gifted crowd. After the pledge Maeve, attending her final Rotary Club of Marana meeting as a member, requested we sing It's a Grand Old Flag. If one closed their eyes and had poor hearing you might have thought James Cagney had entered Nana's Kitchen. For you younger folks think Michael Jackson only different. Cagney was a song and dance man who appeared in over seventy films from the 1930's to the 1980's. But I digress.
We did have over 50% attendance, barely. Factors such as summer heat, European vacations, work, cancellation of Diamond Children's Hospital tour and the cancellation/un-cancellation of today's meeting all played a part in our poorest attendance of the year. We did have fun though!
 Maeve said her goodbyes. She was given the Rotary card of the President of the Champaign, IL Rotary Club's President by John. John happened to meet the Illinoisian Rotarian while attending the RI conference. Tony presented Maeve with flowers and thanked her for her excellent participation in all of our projects over the past nine years. Safe travels and God Speed. Come back to visit whenever you can.
Guest Tom Neidecker from Peteluma Valley rotary Club has visited us again today. Tom, a native of Basal, Switzerland, sold his Electronics company and now is an Art and Book Collector. He also has a home in Oro Valley. Possible new member?
Joke Off
Maeve-Lady gets off work and stops for drink. Handsome blonde guy sitting at bar next to her when TV news shows man on ledge. Handsome guy says, "Bet you $20 he does not jump." She takes him up on the offer and indeed he does jump and she wins. "I cannot take your money", she says, "I saw this earlier on the 5 o"clock news." The handsome blonde stranger says' " I did too." I just thought this time he would change his mind."
Lynne- The one celled organism called out to his friends as he left the meeting, "Adios amoebas.".
Again, no winner this week. Just kidding. We are all winners. We will miss this part of the meeting and a replacement must be found for Maeve, if that is even possible.
 Richie was our speaker and showed us 15 slides of his European Vacation before he got out of Chicago!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, his detailed revue of his time in Sweden and Germany does not rival Rick Steves, but it was informative and interesting. We learned All European Nations are in the Euro Zone (use the Euro as currency) and meat for breakfast is SOP in Germany. Also, I for one did not know you could get fried chicken at Micky D's in Europe. All in all Richie enjoyed his time at the RI Conference and we were by all indications well represented by our incoming President. Thank you, Richie.
See you next Tuesday and do not forget Richie's installation on Wednesday 6/26/2019 starting at 6 pm at the home of Mary Strauss.
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Rotary Meeting June 11, 2019

Rotary Club of Marana
President Hunter began the meeting by leading the members in The Pledge. He greeted visitors Charlie Benner (who is now one year old) and Diane Snedden a guest of Beckie Penman (I do not know their ages). No song as no one responded to Tony's request for submissions.
Tony acknowledged the presence of Rotarian's Dooling and Benner who have returned from Rotary's International Conference and the absence of Brooks and Jorgensen who attended the conference and who are now somewhere on the Danube.
Tony discussed Rotary PR mailings to newcomers in the area and how the PR will help Rotary in general and perhaps our club with membership inquiries. Tony then asked for District Governor wannabes to step forward as nominations are now being accepted. Also mentioned was the Saddlebrook Rotary Club's memorial to veterans and first responders project and the possibility of our club participating. Board meeting tomorrow at John's office where this and other matters to be discussed. All welcomed to attend.
Installation of Richie Benner as President as well as other officers to be held at the home of Mary Straus on June 26th starting at 6 pm. 
John and Richie spoke of their conference experiences. There is no better way to meet people from all over the world and develop friendships. The camaraderie among members is instantaneous and genuine. Richie and John have already signed up for next years conference in Hawaii.
Happy Bucks
Dan-Happy and is a world class fishing guide (if not fisherman) Ask him about fly fishing for Rooster fish in Sea of Cortez
Jeff-Happy coaching youth basketball
Richie-Charlie is a year old! 
Bob-Will someday download his knowledge of water projects, but until August will be out of state.
Harold-Wife Ellen has been released from hospital. Daughter Sue will be providing the necessary follow up medical care at her home until Ellen can return to her own home.
Beckie-Happy the resident scribe (me) has returned and potential member, Diane Snedden has accompanied her to today's meeting
Peter-Happy? Ashamed is a better word as Beckie has brought a potential member and Peter, a twenty year club member, has yet to do so. (Peter, I am right there with you. My only recruit left after two years, although Hank Marshall did build our club's storage cabinet before leaving for CA.)
Lynne Wins! Lynne Wins! Lynne Wins!
Maeve not here.
When you stomp on a grape it lets out a little w(h)ine.
Dad buying a carton of milk and clerk asks if he wants it in a bag. Dad responds, "No, just leave it in the carton."
Should have been here Maeve. You might of had a chance. 
Speaker today is Fernando Molina of Tucson Water. He spoke of the four sources of water in Tucson #1 Groundwater, #2 Colorado River 3# Recycled #4 Rainwater.
Tucson was aware of the overdraft from groundwater in the 1940's. We have been using recycled water since 1964 for landscaping and golf courses.
We are currently using only half of our effluent water with the remainder discharged into the Santa Cruz. Plans are afoot to re-purpose this affluent as has Disneyland and the City of New Orleans for everyday use.
The Colorado River water is being used to recharge our existing aquifer and the water level is growing. The water from the Colorado is determined by the water level in Lake Mead. California, AZ and Nevada use Colorado River water with Nevada's share dependent upon Lake Powell's water level. 
If a cutback occurs agriculture will be the first to experience the pain.
If you have not visited the Sweetwater Wetlands you are encouraged o do so.  The amount of wildlife is exceptional.
The vision of Tucson Water is to use reclaimed water to revitalize the Santa Cruz. The project is economically feasible, the water will remain in Tucson, recharge credits will be earned, riparian habitat will return and potentially this will boost economic development downtown.
Remember-No meting at Nana's next week
Tour at Diamond Childrens Hospital
Board meeting tomorrow at 5:30 pm John Dooling's office
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Rotary Meeting June 4, 2019

Our June 4, 2019 meeting was held in a small meeting room at the Hampton Inn.  
President Hunter recognized Rob and Adam from Tucson Botanical Gardens are our speakers or today.  Laura introduced Michelle as a returning guest.
A lot of folks are in Germany at the conference.  Ritchie, Randy, John and Dawn.  Richie sent a text this morning that he is at the session ready to cast his vote on behalf of the club.  Randy is taking a cruise on the Danube River following the conference.
Next week’s speaker is from Tucson Sweetwater Project.  Banner Hospital tour is on June 18th as a follow up from when they spoke to us earlier.  Following week is Ritchie’s installation at Nana’s but the location has not been confirmed.  Mary has hosted installations in the past and she offered to make her house available again.  Denise continued to let us know about future speakers.  July 9th will be Tucson Wildlife followed by the Reid Park Zoo on the 16th and Pima County Attorney regarding Crisis Intervention on the 24th.
Next Board Meeting will be at Johns next Wednesday since Ritchie is out of town. 
Mary was concerned about the District Grant for Human trafficking.  Harold reminded us to go to the website whenever we have a question.
Watch for emails regarding forms to submit recommendations for achievement awards.  We are coming up to the yearend closings.
Mary updated us regarding our pending Global Grant. Rotary International wants a business plan from the Village including details regarding specifics regarding costs.  Randy went to the Foundations International and complained. There is a woman who is directing Global Grants in Africa who wants to hear from Mary as well as Buba.  Mary’s hope is she will help facilitate the process for us.  It’s getting complicated like a Masters Thesis.
Harold said his wife is expected to leave hospital on Friday. This is her 43rd day in ICU. President Hunter advised us our speakers brought some guest passes that we will be able to give away or the club could put to good use.
After a short break to enjoy breakfast was Happy Bucks;
            Dave- No 100 degree days so far this year
            Denise- Happy for guest and speakers
            Mary- Gay Pride Month
            Bob- Happy for Mary and her tenacity
            Laura- Happy for Harolds wife coming come and for her guest
            Michelle- Happy to signed a lease for possibly January.
Denise introduced speakers from Tucson Botanical Gardens
            Rob Elias – Dir. of Marketing & Communication
            Adam Farrell-Wortman – Horticultural Manager
Rob began presentation explaining the Disney Institute is a program that teaches you about Disney’s philosophies on guest engagement, innovation, culture protection, creativity and innovation. 
The Tucson Botanical Garden is located on Grant and Alvernon.  It started in 1930’s with the Porter Family who came from the East Coast.  Their original home is still in use for offices.  They started a landscaping business as well as a nursery.  The property was gifted to the city by the family and today it is a not for profit which functions from guest admissions and gifts.  No city of county support.
Their Mission is to connect people with plants and nature through art, science, history and culture.  There are fabulous art galleries that people are not aware of.
Currently on 5.5 acres in downtown Tucson with 18 pocket gardens.  Over 150,000 guests a year.  300 events a year.  Ranked as one of the top 10 gardens worth traveling to from the Canadian Garden Council. 
Last year a Corpse plant bloomed for 36 hours and was 4.5 feet tall. Only about 100 have bloomed in cultivation and about 10,000 physically came to see the bloom.  The live cam was viewed in 187 countries with the average time of 38 minutes.  They only bloom twice in its life.
Their pocket garden was selected as only 1 of 2 to appear at the entrance of the US Botanic Gardens for the conference of American Public Gardens Association in Washington DC.  The exhibit is on display now with only actual gardens on display.  There are only 14 total gardens and Tucson also is 1 of 6 photo gardens on display.  Space is only 15 X 25 but is a cool space where you can enter and sit to enjoy the garden.  There was a lot of support from nurseries in the area in making the pocket garden possible. 
Designed with one half as edible and the other side being plants found in AZ.  Wheelbarrow and pots used in the display.  Visitors are able to enter the garden and sit to take in the South West atmosphere. The other gardens are designed for people to only look at the gardens.  The different plants will stay and go to the national collection, schools and horticulturalists when the pocket garden is taken down.
Dog Days have just started and will go through September.  Working on building a new Butterfly Exhibit but this has not yet been announced.  1500 sq. feet with $15 mil. capital campaign starting next year.
President Hunter closed meeting reminding us that next weeks’ presenter will be discussing the Sweetwater Project.
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Rotary Meeting May 28, 2019

Rotary Club of Marana
At President Hunter’s request Bob led us in the Pledge. Bob brought several guests to today’s meeting.  Bob introduced his wife Linda, then his friends Rich and Gail Hopkinson.  They have participated with Rotary International Water Summit two years in a row and will again this year.  Mark Rebholz will be our speaker today.
Hunter began a discussion about nice it was to have so many members attend the MCAT graduation ceremony last week.  He talked about how nice the ceremony was and that Denise Coronado gave a lovely speech.  Our club was mentioned and it was nice to see our Students of Month complete their graduation process. Maeve mentioned how impressive it was to see the number of graduates identified as the first in their entire families to graduate from high school.  One graduate had dropped out of high school 3 times earlier.  Thanks to Dan was up on stage to represent our club.  MCAT stands for Marana Career and Technical.  It no longer a technical school but an alternative school that has kept the original name.  It was good to hear speeches from several of our students of the month.  President Hunter said it was a loud and lively event.
Several of our members are absent today attending the Rotary International Conference in Hamburg Germany.  The Doolings have already arrived and Mary was dropping Randy and Deb off at the airport.   John Jorgensen and Ritchie are also leaving for Germany.
Flowers for Maeve, however she has informed us the movers are scheduled for June 16th so she will be able to attend a few more times.
The meeting next week will be at the Hampton Inn near the Factory outlets off of Twin Peaks.  There is a private meeting room and we will be able to participate in the Breakfast Buffet.  Denise has lined up speaker from the Tucson Botanical Gardens.
Happy Bucks after Pancakes, sausage and eggs breakfast.
Dan - Happy for MCAT graduates and their accomplishments
Beckie - Happy for Tucson weather, no tornadoes, no snow
Peter - Busy week painting leaving for Chili to see the eclipse of the sun           
John - Heading up North so he will see us in the Fall
David - Thanks to John for help with pizza oven that got christened this week
Harold - Wife is doing better and should be going home soon
Bob - 4 guests
Laura - Memorial Day barbeques with family and friends
Denise - Happy for MCAT grads and sad that 15 year old dog died
Ritchie - 1st transatlantic flight heading to Germany & MCAT graduates
Rachel - MCAT graduates - poker night - nice to be alive
Joke Off Lynn - Arab fathers joke: They blow up so quickly
Maeve - Blonde admiring curtains that pay for themselves in a year. 
Bob - New pilot landing at night radios “Guess who?” Airport turns off lights and replies “Guess where?”
Raffle - Denise chose the 4 of hearts
Speaker - Bob introduced Mark Rebholz.
In 1919 John Alcock and Arthur Brown landed their Vickers Vimy biplane in a bog in Clifden, Ireland, marking the end of the first nonstop flight across the Alantic. On July 2, 2005, Steve Fossett and co-pilot Mark Rebholz recreated the first nonstop crossing in the open cockpit Vickers Vimy replica landing on the 8th fairway of the Connemara Golf Links. Presentation included brief recap of historical flights and details of what was done to recreate the original 1919 flight.
Meeting ended with a reminder to meet next week at the Hampton Inn  
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Rotary Meeting  May 21, 2019

Rotary Club of Marana
With guitar in hand President Hunter began the meeting with 85% club attendance and the pledge followed by a pretty good rendition of my Old Kentucky Home. Most everyone could be heard even Dan Contorno seemed to know this song. Although the original lyrics contained the word "darkies", which was the vernacular of the time, this anti slavery ballad by Stephen Foster was praised in his 1855 biography published five years before the start of the Civil War by no less than Frederick Douglass.
Guests included potential members Carl (?) the new guy at Edward Jones where departing member Maeve Johnson is employed and Michelle Estheimer a MUSD product who is opening her veterinary clinic. Michelle is a guest of our new member Laura Clymer.
Odds and Ends
1)Nana's closed in two weeks will meet at Hampton Inn.
2)MCAT grad night is Thursday 5/23/2019 at 7 pm. Several members still planning on dinner at Nana's before attending the graduation.
3)Several members, specifically Rachel and Richie, thinking about various District Grant proposals and Club community involvement for the 2019/2020 year. District Grants should be applied for by 7/15/2019, but not mandatory. Mary also mentioned possibility of sex trafficking project she is thinking about. (It seem stupid for this writer to say "anti" sex trafficking so I didn't. Or did I?)
4. DGE to be installed 6/23/2019 in Tubac. All members should have received email from Wendy Hobbs regarding particulars. Encourage all to consider attending.
5)Four members, Benner, Brooks, Dooling, Jorgensen, will be in Hamburg at Rotary International Convention first week of June.
6) Richie Benner's installation as Club President will be last Tuesday of June, POSSIBLY in the evening. Please save 6/25/2019.
Happy Bucks
John-Happy to see two former Rotary Exchange Students
Richie-snow on Boy Scout Camp in the Catalina Mts. (first snow this time of year in 27 years)
Dan- Bought a few raffle tickets and won a $1,200 Fly Fishing reel
Randy-Praised Laura for bringing in potential new member and shamed the rest of us
Harold-Wife Ellen may be released from hospital by June 1st!!!!
John Z-Wife of 70 years, Sylvia, had minor stroke but is home and dealing with slight speech involvement
Beckie-Did not catch it all, but in spite of looks "Cactus flowers re real!"
Peter-Guests and weather  
Rachel-Promoted! Also spoke of a program that pays off medical debt for the poor for pennies on the dollar. Plus pins are out of broken wrist! (I think)
Joke Off
Lynne- This may have been the funniest golf joke ever delivered at our morning breakfast (for at least one member) Fortunately for me I heard it a long time ago. The only reason no one laughed today (with one glaring exception) was that no one could make out the punch line. Those were real tears flowing down Lynne's cheeks as she did her best to deliver the final line between convulsive fits of laughter. I officially give her a mulligan (redo) and she can try this again next week.
Maeve-Unlike Lynne, who is her own Harvey Korman to Tim Conway combination, Maeve must make do with selecting a good joke and working on her delivery. Maeve excelled in both this week, except she chose a joke that half the population in the room (the men) were the butt of the punchline. Here goes:
Husband of many years sees his wife looking at herself in the mirror and knowing she was nearing another birthday asks his wife if she were okay. She replied that she wished she were eight again.
Birthday arrives and husband fixes her Cocoa Puffs and Pop Tarts for breakfast. He takes her for a day at Adventure World where they went on every ride. For dinner it was MacDonald's and a Happy Meal with toy. When they finally return home he asks if she feels like she was eight again. Her reply, "I was speaking of my dress size.". The moral of the story, even when men listen they get it wrong!
The ladies laughed.
The mood in the room changed quickly as Pima County Prosecutor for Sex Trafficking, Tracy Miller, took the lectern. My notes are almost non existent except for a comment regarding the number one source of sex trafficking participants are homeless boys and girls who are groomed for the trade. Sexual exploitation occurs when a victim through force, fraud or coercion is placed in a situation to give sexual services to customers. It was pointed out that prostitution, which some believe to be a victimless crime between consenting adults, often is consensual due to the coercion or force placed on one of the participants.
This was a tough topic to consider at seven in the morning. How fortunate/protected most of us have been in our lives.
John Dooling, me, will be out of country for next two meetings. Someone will need to take notes and attendance. June Board meeting will be rescheduled to Wednesday June 12th, 5:30 pm my office.
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Rotary Meeting May 14, 2019

Rotary Club of Marana
President Hunter requested Dan to lead the Pledge and he did! El Presidente then gave us a plausible excuse as to why he was not ready to lead us in My Old Kentucky Home.  BUT, he promises to be ready with Johnny Cash's version next week.
Ninety percent attendance today!
Denise Coronado explained why no MCAT SOM today. Living in a world where you cannot leave your abode because it is rural and there is no money for gas is a world most of us have never experienced. In any case, it sounds like Gissel Quesada was an excellent choice and perhaps we may meet her in the future. She will be graduating in a few days. We wish her the best.
Several members have or are planning to complete the training for writing grant proposals. Easy to sign up and course is about an hour or so. Go to MyRotary.Org and take the brief Introduction To Learning Center course then on to the Grant Writing course.
District Conference cruise will be great fun if anything like the Mexican Riviera Cruise/Conference held by PDG Tom Tilton when he was Governor, so says Randy Brooks. Sign up on District Website.
MCAT graduation 5/23/2019 at 7 pm. Some members plan to dine at Nana's before attending the grad night. Anticipated graduates for the year numbering about 60 with around 40 to 50 attending the ceremony.
Middle School graduation, which includes many of our Interact Students, is the 22nd at 8 am.
Joke Off
 Her husbands pet duck was very ill. Vet said he was sorry but duck was dead. Maeve's husband asked asked for another opinion so Vet brought in his Labrador Retriever that sniffed shook his head and left the room. Vet says "I am sorry your pet is dead." Mr Maeve says "I want a third opinion." The Doc brings in his cat. It sniffs the duck, taps it with a paw a few times then leaves the room. Vet says "Your duck is dead, I'll get your bill." Bill is over a $1,000. Mr Maeve says why so much? Vet says  " My diagnosis, The Lab's work and the Cat's scan."  
This was well received by the elder members with memory difficulties and newer members under age forty who possibly had never heard it before. I must say there was was genuine laughter unlike the usual groans heard after Maeve's delivery.
Contractor puts Russian in charge of cement, the German in charge of dirt and Korean in charge of supplies. Tells them I will be offsite today but will be back at 5 to check your work. At 5 he returns and compliments the Russian then compliments the German. He then looks around and says, " Where is the Korean?". At that moment the Korean jumps out startling all three and yells, "Supplies!"
Most all got a chuckle out of this and most all will be scheduled for PC training next week.
Happy Bucks
Rich-happy but poor
Dan-just poor
David-Likes our sub 100 degree weather
Peter-Likes our guests
Harold-Wife slowly improving
John Z-happy
Denise-Speakers and indeed as promised last week, son has graduated from UA
Randy-Daughter-in-law and granddaughter graduated
Rachel-SOM and speakers. Plus she will soon have her appendix removed.(well that was what I heard. Richie and Dan explained she said "pins" removed from her wrist/hand.
Speakers/representatives were from Banner Children's Diamond Children's Medical Center. TJ did most of the talking with Barbara as backup. Built with 100% philanthropy money with initial seed money of 15 million from recently deceased developer Don Diamond. Several stories and photos of children patients were presented. Some had happy endings, but not all. The Children Life Specialists, young recent college graduates, are an integral part of the care provided. They do pre and post surgery consultation with the children regarding topics like pain, medication and most any other topic the kids need to discuss. There is also a Princess Team that regularly visits the young girl patients. 
The vision of the Children's Hospital includes play space/stage/theater, a hospital school program so student can keep up with their studies, treatment space, Family support such as gas and food gift certificates for those on the lower end of the socioeconomic scale.
Banner University has 732 total beds with 83 for the children's program. Last year Banner, a Level 1 Trauma Center, did 164 organ transplants, 18,415 surgeries, took in 6,588 patients transferred from other hospitals and had 28,732 Acute Admissions. The value of 466 volunteers approached $1,000,000.
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Rotary Meeting MaY 7, 2019

Rotary Club of Marana
Jeff P led us in the pledge. No singing, but I believe Lynne mentioned maybe "My Old Kentucky Home" next week and maybe Javier could provide mint juleps.
 Tony asked Maeve to share her plans with the members. She will be moving to Champaign, IL where she has a granddaughter. Maeve has been a very active member and our loss will be Rotary Club of Champaign's gain.
Rachel is back, soft cast and all. She went over the handlebars of her bike and considers herself lucky not to have a more serious problem.
Ninety Percent attendance. Way to Go!
Happy Bucks
John D-Gave away 200 hot dogs and 600 snow-cones at a St Elizabeth Ann Seton Church/School fundraiser Saturday night. Turns out That what he thought was an Allstate Insurance tablecloth he was using turned out to be a Marana Rotary one! Very busy evening and he did not discover his mistake until viewing Facebook photos next day. Oh well, free publicity for our club.
Jeff-Son graduating from 8th grade. Jeff will be gone for a couple of weeks
Dan-Daughter is graduating from high school. Miracle of miracles!
Tony-Happy (probably because he got to eat breakfast today)
John Z-A baby girl was born into his family making John a great,great grandfather. Yep, five generations! Congratulations!
Harold-Ellen is out of the hospital and in a convalescence center. She continues to improve.
Becki-Granddaughter's birthday
Denise-Son is graduating from UA!
Mary-Thanks, Maeve
Don-Thanks, Maeve. Headed to NYC for birth of a grandchild. Shelter Box raised $7,000 from bowling party last Saturday.
Laura-Cooler weather (for now)
Randy-Sad Maeve is going
Rachael-Happy about being ALIVE!
Joke Off
Lynne- A good one about $500 doctor office visits and $1,000 back if not satisfied.
Maeve-Mickey Mouse is not the equivalent of Donald duck if you are in the Secret Service. 
Becki won and lost with Ace of Diamonds.
President Elect Richie Benner took over the meeting from President Hunter (allowing Tony to eat at a leisurely pace) and the rest of the time was spent in planning and goal setting for 2019/2020 Rotary year.
Membership was good this current year. We added four new members and lost only one. Goal for coming year is a net gain of three. I believe Randy will remain membership chair?
Fund Raising was best in several years thanks to Dan Contorno and numerous volunteers. Tour de Cookie netted almost nine thousand and Poker tournaments earned another $1,500 or so.
Speaker Program has been excellent with Denise West efforts combined with members suggestions. I believe Denise will continue with this position.
Community Service-Rachel Cheeseman has volunteered to head up this committee and some ideas are in the works involving MUSD.
Interact Club at Tortolita had maybe its best year ever in quality and quantity of students involved. Thank you Kathleen Neighbors.Graduation will be 5/22 at 8am.
MCAT program will continue as a Club favorite. It was mentioned that graduation is 5/23 and those me,mbers planning on attending the 7 pm event will gather at Nana's for dinner prior to the ceremony.
Goals for 2019/2020 include:
Calendar of Events
10 Community Service Projects
a District Grant Project (online training is available with Mary and Randy having completed training and Peter and a few other planning to do so.)
Global grant
Enhanced website of all projects
Hours of service tracking
Mary will remain our Foundation Chair/Rep and our goal will be $10,000. Should be easy as we have several Paul Harris Fellows (have given $1,000 total) and several Paul Harris Society Members who pledge $1,000 annually. We also collect as part of our dues $100 a year for the Every Rotarian Every Year program.
John D is President Elect and Secretary. Willing to do both, but maybe a problem with wearing two hats at Board meetings and quorum problems if he misses a meeting. More discussion on this topic needed.
Lynne, God Bless her pea pickin heart, will continue on as Treasurer.
Good job, Richie.
Visit our Facebook Page- Rotary Club of Marana (the correct one has current postings and members holding blue bells in front of our banners) Please "Like" and "Share"
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Rotary Meeting April 30, 2019

Rotary Club of Marana
President Tony a little under the weather so no singing today. Ralph, one of three Dove Mountain Rotary member guests, led us in the pledge. He then presented our club with a check for $100 thanks to member Rachel Cheeseman volunteering time at the Dove Mountain Rotary run beer tent at the Cotton Festival. 
Speaking of Rachel, she was hit while riding her bike and while not seriously injured, did break a finger.
Bob Bishop says our May 29th speaker is well known in aeronautical circles as the man who recreated the first trans-Atlantic flight from one hundred years ago. Please go to our Rotary Club of Marana for more detail. While there please "Like" and "Share". By the way, Bob, several of us might have begun our travels to the International Conference around that time. At this time Richie, Randy, Don and myself are attending although I do not know everyone's travel plans.
Cameroon project has run into more red tape. International now wants a market study regarding the need for the products being produced by the grant. While disconcerting we have no doubt that Mary and her team will persevere. THANK YOU MARY!
Randy mentioned the Spring Training this Saturday for new to Rotary and incoming officers. Reference past newsletters or District 5500 website for details.
Happy Bucks
John-grandson not doing well in French at CDO High School. Dropped it and joined choir. A Month later he is in NYC performing in Carnegie Hall  
Harold-Wife Ellen underwent major surgery stemming from her scoliosis. Doing great, but may be hospitalized for another week
Beckie and Dave-DM guests
Laura-Our health professionals
Bob-Mary's tenacity and will be gone three weeks
Richie-Denver last week with BSA and renewed old friendships
Randy-Ellen's surgery went well
Joke #1
Lynne- Little known fact. Captain Kirk had three ears. The normal left and right, plus a final front ear. Good one, Lynne.
Joke #2
Bob gave us a story of good fortune and bad fortune. The good fortune consisted of a plane ride, a parachute and a haystack. The bad fortune consisted of plane trouble, chute not opening, pitch fork in the haystack. In the good, but also bad category is the subjects chute maneuvering  skills.
John won the ticket portion again, but Mary failed to do her part when requested to draw the winning card.
 Member Dr Peter Mack spoke on Egypt, a country he has visited numerous times as part of his occupation and their National Observatory. As many of you know Dr Mack builds and services telescopes of the largest scale.
Egypt and Sudan were one country and split about 100 years ago. Following WWI and in the same year as Versailles Peace Accord of 1919 Egypt experienced a revolution led by women of the upper layer of society. A second revolution took place in 1952 when the Monarchy was replaced by a Republic. Presidents served varying amounts of time in office with Nassar, Sadat, Mubarak, Morsi and el-Sisi all having spent time in office. The last revolution occurred  as part of the Arab Spring When President Mubarek was forced out of office after a thirty year reign .and imprisoned. Last week, President el-Sisi, who was running for re-election, was proclaimed President for life in an election he won by over 90% of the vote, but with only 30% participation.
Major events of the 20th century included the aforementioned revolutions, the 1956 Suez crisis involving Russia, France, The UK and Israel, the Six Day war with Israel when Egypt loss 100% of its Air Force in minutes, The Yom Kippur war fought to regain part of Sinai lost in the Six Day War, the Egypt-Israel Peace treaty formed at Camp David and the assassination of Anwar Sadat in 1989. 
Today the economy, normally buoyed  by tourism is not good. Oil prices have recently helped but terrorism has dramatically cut into the tourist dollar.  Monetarily they experienced 30% inflation a couple of years ago before allowing their Egyptian pound to float among the world's currencies.
Oil, agriculture, tourism and revenue from the Suez Canal users fees are their biggest sources of income. Ships passing through the canal shave 8,000 miles off the alternative of going around The Cape of Good Hope. 
Spectacular population growth, encouraged by the government as a way of combating what they see as the Israeli threat, has led to great poverty and an extremely large and poor lower class when compared to the small middle class and the elite class.  Gas is under twenty-five cents a gallon due to the western oil reserves/refineries and a minimum wage of about sixty-nine cents an hour. Housing has been built, but remains unoccupied as developers will not lower prices and poor cannot afford. Cairo and surrounding areas has a population of bout 45 million. 
Dr Mack's  work involves the relocation of the National Observatory which has been forced by the encroachment of civilization at the current site. The new site will be in Southern Sinai which is considered safer from terrorist threats than the northern portion of the peninsula. He finds the people to be friendly and the drivers to be aggressive!
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Rotary Meeting April 23, 2019

Rotary Club of Marana
President Hunter has returned with his guitar! After Bob Bishop led us in the pledge Tony banged out "Hard Days Night" by an English group that was popular in the 1960's. Truth be known, "Hard Days Night" is the only 45 rpm record I ever bought. All in attendance mouthed the words and many also made recognizable sounds. While I did not sing along with the fervor of my youth I was one of those uttering the words. Thanks, Tony.
What a meeting!!!!!!!!!!Ninety-five% attendance. Buehler? Buehler? Er, I mean Cheeseman? Cheeseman? 
Six guests and President Tony swore in TWO NEW MEMBERS!
District 5500 needs only 200K to be named the prime sponsor of the Tour de Tucson. This recognition would have to be good for membership and insure the Tour de Tucson goes on along with our 45 million dollars raised to date from pledges to eradicate polio. Easy to make a payment and each of you should have received an email from District with instructions on how to do so.
District Conference will be a cruise. This has been done before and was fun and beneficial to the town in Mexico where the cruise ship docked. All should consider the Mexican Riviera cruise. Check out the District website for additional information.
Need to think about RYLA involvement and student sponsorship for this coming year.
Spring Training, Rotary Style, coming up May 4th in Green Valley. New officers and new members would benefit from this. See District website for additional info.
Cameron project resubmitted. At this point our Club's share will be $5,000.
 New members Laura Clymer and Jeff Pridgett were pinned by POTRCOM. Welcome to you both.
Happy Bucks
John-Easter family get together
Dan-Wife is leaving for Ethiopia with church group. No mention of her returning.
Harold, John Z, Denise, David, Randy, Mary all happy to have new members and six guests
Richie-enjoyed lazy weekend
Bob-Happy his spouse Linda joined us and Col. Grasky for being our speaker today.
Joke Off
There was none today. Maeve just got two more weeks of detention and Lynne was assaulted.
John D won and lost with 2 of hearts.
Robert Bishop, Honorary Commander of the 214 Attack Group stationed at Davis Monthan Air Force Base introduced our speaker Col. Brian "Padre" Grasky, Commander of the 214 Attack Group stationed at DM AFB.
The 214th is part of the AZ National Guard. They fly remotely controlled airplanes, commonly known as drones, as far as 8,000 miles from AZ! The Reaper is an unmanned, armed, intelligence, reconaissance, surveillance aircraft. They have two operators for each drone. The skill set needed is more of an engineer than a pilot to fly these aircraft. They are aloft 24/7 landing about every 24 hours for fuel. The Colonel gave specific examples as how this high tech machine aides grand troupes and even helps to fight forest fires. There are about 250 people assigned to 214th. Thank you Colonel for your presentation and your service.
Next week join us for a presentation by our own, Peter Mack, as he discusses the relocation of five million Egyptians and their national observatory.    
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Rotary Meeting April 16, 2019

Rotary Club of Marana
Richie Benner took the reins this morning substituting for President Hunter who is celebrating marital bliss in Hawaii.
With no thoughts to be mined from this played out claim, Richie tried to bypass singing and go straight to club business. "Not so fast there!" shouted Lynn and Randy who individually entertained themselves with somewhat weak offerings. Hurry back, Tony.
The day of reckoning is fast approaching for Laura Clymer who is to be sworn in as our newest member next Tuesday.
John-Grandson knows 24 quarters is not seven dollars
Dan, Mary, David, Harold, Beckie among others are happy
Richie-Ina Open!!!!!!!! However announcement on Facebook was premature
Denise -Happy about our speaker from ALS Association, Quinn Epstein-Tracy
Bob- Happy and a reminder that next week we will have the Commander of the Predator and Reaper program located at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base as quest speaker PLEASE SHARE AND CONSIDER BRING A GUEST OR TWO.
Maeve- Due to time and space considerations I cannot do Maeve's offering justice even though it deserves a "little". I did smile. Sorry, no "Little Johnny" jokes for three more weeks.
Lynne-Motorist swerves to miss boxes of spilled tax on the roadway. (most know the punchline by now). Cop stops him and starts to write a ticket. Motorist says, "Hey, I had to drive erratically to avoid hitting the debris." Cop says, "This is for tax evasion."
Starting to see  a theme here, Lynne.
I have a great joke involving tax and prophylactics. Think I will give it to Maeve for when she gets off detention.
John won and lost with Ace of Spades.
Amyotrophic  Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig Disease was the topic of today's presentation.Quinn Epstein-Tracy is the Care Services Coordinator for the Southern AZ branch of the AZ Chapter of The ALS Association.
ALS has no cure and life expectancy following diagnosis is 2 to 5 years. ALS is hard to diagnose, there is no test and it is the fallback diagnosis once other neurological diseases have been ruled out. Approximately 400 individuals are diagnosed in AZ every year. Over 90% of those diagnosed are sporadic in nature with less than 10% having a known familial etiology. First symptoms are usually in the limbs with lessening strength and feeling in the hands and arms. Bulbar symptoms may also occur with difficulty in chewing, swallowing and speaking. Severe cognitive changes appear in about 20% of those diagnosed. 
The mission of the ALS Association AZ Chapter is to serve and empower people affected by ALS to live their lives to the fullest.
For more information contact or go to
Side note, I recommend viewing "Pride of the Yankees, The Lou Gehrig Story" filmed in 1942 and starring Gary Cooper.
Babe Ruth, Bill Dickey, Mark Koeing and Bill Stern all play themselves in this sad but feel good true story.
Bob- Happy and a reminder that next week we will have the Commander of the Predator and Reaper program located at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base as quest speaker PLEASE SHARE AND CONSIDER BRING A GUEST OR TWO.
(worth repeating)
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Rotary Meeting April 4, 2019

Rotary Club of Marana
                               El Hefe, also referred  to as President Hunter called upon prodigal son Bob bishop to lead us in the pledge. Without asking for thoughts for the day (has he learned the lesson?) Tony led us in the Beatles tune, "Let It Be".  Tony was great and many members sang along, although not enough. The sound was not half bad, but, on a scale of 1 to 10, I would give us a solid six. Even though I personally did not participate (much, since I prefer a lower key) I have had an ear worm for the past seven hours! Let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be............speaking words of wisdom LET IT BE!!!!!!!!
Lara Clymer in attendance once again, anxiously awaiting membership request status.  
As mentioned above, Bob Bishop has returned from Virginia. Bob was very impressed with his twin granddaughters weight gain, doubling from 5 pounds to 10 during his stay, AND the ability of the Richmond Rotary to raise $200,000 in one evening at a Casino Night while he was there. (in that order, by the way) 
May 4th at Quail Creek in Green Valley there will be Spring Training for incoming officers and any members who wish to learn about our marvelous organization.
Amanda, beneficiary of a Rotary Vocational grant, briefly spoke with our club about her experience at Vet Tech school. Official graduation is in June, but she has completed all requirements and will graduate with Honors. She might be in the right field as she mentioned she loves animals numerous times!
Happy Bucks
John- great weekend-wife did not die or get injured in All Terrain Race at Old Tombstone
Harold & John Z- MCAT Student of the Month
Bob-Virginia is for lovers and friends of Bob. You are all welcome to visit and stay a few weeks
Mary-Way to Go Amanda!
Beckie-Jackpot Veterinary Open House was successful.
Rachel- (Remember her?) Glad to be back now that tax season is winding down and she is headed for a friend's Sedona wedding. At risk of not being politically correct-she looks great!
Joke Off
Speaking of not being politically correct Maeve told a joke she had offered to Mary. Mary had the good sense to turn it down. Maeve decided to tell it anyway. There was nervous laughter. Next time you see her ask her about it.
Lynne, in lieu of a joke, recited a poem that I am sure tickled CPA's everywhere. Unfortunately Lynn was the only CPA in attendance.
Maeve won, but she will be in detention for the next four weeks.
Beckie won and lost with six of Spades.
 Patrick Cavoulos was our MCAT Student of the Month. An experienced heeler with a talented header for a friend, Patrick proudly displayed a belt buckle the size of a dinner platter he won as part of a team roping competition. This exceptional young man had dropped out of high school and was headed in the wrong direction. MCAT turned him around and in his own words, "The future looks bright.". While nervous about addressing our Club I was impressed that he thanked all of our members, Nana's Kitchen and staff, his parents, Ms Coronado, Oliver Bowen his Social Studies teacher and especially his nana Delores. Patrick was accompanied by his nana, his dad-Danny and his mom-Monica. As always our MCAT honoree was presented with an Honorary Certificate, a Marana Rotary cowbell and a gift certificate to Harkins Theaters.
MCAT Graduation begins 7:30 PM on 5/23/2019 and all are welcome. Our Club is usually well represented. 
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Rotary Meeting April 2, 2019

Rotary Club of Marana
Seven AM again saw the Rotary Club of Marana get called to order by President Hunter. Without hesitation Dan Contorno responded to the request to lead in the Pledge of Allegiance. No song today. Is it this writers harsh reviews? Maybe we should all move to Rome where the city council recently voted to ban singing on city buses. While they also banned nudity and semi nudity the banning of song seems a bit extreme. But I digress.........
Laura Clymer joined us again and she paid her membership application fee, which is a bit odd since the Board voted to do away with the fee a month go. 
Coming soon: Rotary Day of Peace and AZ Kids (A donation to a kid's not for profit gets matched by an unknown donor. Last year there was $180,000 match!)
Saddlebrook Rotary is puttting out feelers to other Rotary Clubs to join them in the erecting of a monument to First Responders. More on this later as only 25% of the required funding has been raised and construction will not bein until 100% of the money is raised.
Some discussion on Cameroon project with all who spoke in favor of funding the project to the original amount planned, even if not a 100% RI match is to be had. Board will discuss at tomorrow's meeting. 
Happy Bucks
John-UA Women's Basketball
Richie-UA Softball swept ASU and he was there
Dan-At LA Fitness (did not say why) and patron wearing a Tour de Cookie Shirt
John & Harold-Great Weather
Beckie-Jackpot to hold grand opening of their equine hospital
Mary-Always Happy
Randy-Laura's pending membership and today's speaker
Denise-Weather and speaker
 Lynne-Dr. and atty. conversing at a cocktail party. Dr, "I always get approached at parties by multiple people describing their symptoms to me and asking for free medical advice. How do you handle the problem of free advice?" Atty, "I answer their question then send them a bill in the mail."
Dr  decides he will try it. He makes out the bills and takes to the PO. While their he gets his mail, which includes a bill from the atty. TADA!
This joke won by a landslide as there were no other entries.
Randy-WON AGAIN and LOST AGAIN this time with the nine of diamonds.
Our speaker today is the Chief Trial Counsel for the Pima County Attorney's office, Jonathan Mosher. His excellent presentation was based on the murder of Kay Reed, a Tucson citizen, from 2008. The forensic evidence gathered from the crime scene and CCTV from a bank and service station proved sufficient for a conviction even though a body was never recovered. We learned the value of even a partial finger print and the challenges that are part of DNA evidence. Using an Ipad attached with a finger ring to his hand as he gave his presentation, in the same way he presents to a jury,  it became evident of his ease when presenting his facts. Personable, bright and effective I believe we can all agree, Mr. Mosher is a great asset to our community at large and to the County Attorney's office specifically.
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Rotary Meeting Mar 26, 2019

Rotary Club of Marana
Back from the sick bed President Hunter chose Mary S to lead us in the pledge. At the request of Lynne Himmer and the start of baseball season we sang "Take Me out To The Ballgame". Abner Doubleday now regrets he invented the game.
Rotary Spring Training to be held in Green Valley 5/4/2019 at the Quail Creek Country Club. All members are welcome. See District 5500 newsletter for additional details.
Southern AZ Day of Peace scheduled for 4/6/2019. See District 5500 newsletter for details.
Mary Straus reports that Laura Clymer has submitted her membership application!
Happy Bucks
John D reminds folks that state Tax Credit for 2018 still available if you give to the Rotary Vocational Fund of AZ. Go to TRVFA.ORG
Richie-Stay hydrated
Dan-Went to White Sox /D'Backs game and sat in the dugout! Hey, I saw the pictures!
John Z-Happy (he got change from Javier)
Beckie-SLC home is now vacant
Denise-Being very polite, but having her mouthful when it was her turn to speak, Denise placed her hand in front of her mouth. Since I rely heavily on visual cues you will have to ask Denise what she was happy about.
Don-Will be in Seattle to see his beloved BOSOX battle the Mariners. On Opening Day?
Randy-Happy for Mary S and Bouba Hamadou.
Joke Off
Mary filled in for an ailing Maeve with: "Patient goes to see the psychiatrist for the first time. Patient is stripped naked and wrapped in Saran Wrap. Doctor says, "I can clearly see your nuts."
Lynne, in an attempt to top what may have been the joke of the year served up numerous puns which I could not record due to the rapidity they were delivered. Many were good and involved tuna fish and pointless pencils. You had to be there.
Bonus: Now that Mary has  pushed the envelope I believe I have cover for this entry. Sign at convenience store "Beer nuts $1,29. Deer nuts under a buck.".
Richie-Won and lost with Jack of Spades.
 Mary Straus and Bouba Hamadou spoke on our Cameroon project. Bouba is a Tucsonian, a Cameroonian and a Rotarian. He also is the spiritual and community leader of the village in Cameroon where our project is planned. The position is one pased down through families and is for life, unless you resign. First appointed at age 18 Bouba served four years before deciding position held to much authority for one so young. Now a grandfather, Bouba resumed the duties five years ago. He helps to settle village disputes and serves as an intermediary between the village and state/national government.
Bouba spoke of  village kids leaving school after sixth grade to work in the fields. The school, established in 1962, has significantly increased attendance recently due to a push by Bouba (jailed his brother for failing to pay the $2 annual education fee and letting his sons skip school) to 450 students and now there are fifty-six 7th graders.
Average life span has increased from forty-seven to fifty-two over the past twenty years.
Our Global Grant has been trimmed by RI by $6,607. This means our match was reduced from $3,000 to $792 and the amount from District will be less. There is still a need for boy/girl latrines which will enable girls to remain in school past puberty when they currently tend to drop out. Other items lined out by RI, possibly due to sustainability, are needed. This topic of possible make up of RI cut funding will be discussed in the coming weeks.
Enjoy our beautiful weather!
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Rotary Meeting Mar 19, 2019

Rotary Club of Marana
 In President Tony Hunter's absence, President Elect Richie Benner began the meeting with the pledge. Foregoing any thoughts or songs PE Benner plunged ahead with the meeting directing all to "sit". Quack, quack, quack. (Inside joke)
Members greeted Laura Clymer, a prospective member and friend of Mary Straus, visiting for the second time!
Our Tour de Cookie netted $7,900 and substitute Sgt of Arms Brooks may have squeezed another $90 out of those in attendance. John sold a $10 cookie.
Rotary Day of Peace scheduled for 4/6/2019. Rotary will partner with ten other organizations this date at 101 W 4th Street in Tucson. "Peace is more than the absence of conflict." will be the theme. For more information and to register go to
Davis Monthan Air Show this weekend.
Happy Bucks
Peter-deliriously happy and math. (that is what my notes say) Oh, and gone next three weeks.
John D and John Z-Happy
Harold-Happy and a 51 year Rotary Member
Richie-Happy & Charlie is 9 months doing well & got first "manly" haircut
PE Benner announced approval by members and Board of Jeffrey Pridgett's application for membership.
Joke Off
 Maeve-Two men walk into  bar and the third ducks. When the laughter quieted down Maeve tried to make up for this horrendous offering with: Fella awakens in the middle of the night a little hungry. Opens the fridge and the mayo shouts out, "Turn off the light, I'm dressing.".
Give me a few minutes while I wipe the tears from my eyes. Whew. Oh my, when have I laughed so hard? 
 Lynne-Two old ladies looking for excitement. One decides to streak the flower show. Stripping then "running" as  fast as her legs could go she entered the building. Screams and shouts were replaced by loud applause. When she exited she held a trophy. She exclaimed to her friend, "I won first place for "dried arrangement".
Bonus joke from JD. Maeve's first joke reminded me of this one. A termite walks into the tavern and asks, "Where is the bar tender?"
Randy won and lost with the 5 of diamonds. (Peter is calling for an investigation as his ticket gets called about once every twenty years)
Rotarian Daniel Stringham addressed our Club regarding Rotary Microcredit project in Sonora, MX. Currently $300,000 has been donated for this project and Daniel is seeking another $100,000. The Microloan project is seen as a "Legacy" project as it lasts as long as the loans are being repaid. Loans from as little as $100 are made with the target amount being $800 and increasing bto $1,500 plus. Loan repayment is touted to be in the 95th plus percentile. Loans are made to co-signing borrowing groups of from four to eight people. This "peer pressure" in this writers words, is seen as the driving force in loan repayment. Interest rate is 4.5% a month. Our speaker explained that this rate is not uncommon in Mexico. To us a 69% APR loan (assuming no principal repayment for 12 months) is unthinkable. These zero collateral micro loans are extremely difficult to obtain anywhere else due to the administrative fees on such small loans and lack of collateral.
FinReg, a specialized micro credit institution, has been operating in Sonora for 12 years. Rotary Clubs partner with FinReg by providing funds/capital to loan  and they in turn establish borrowing groups, dispense and collect funds and assist customers to succeed in their businesses. FinRegs operating costs and net profit come from the interest earned on the loans.
Requests for tax deductible donations to be used towards a Rotary Global Grant are requested to be sent to Tempe South Rotary Foundation. More detailed information provided in brochure passed out by Mr Stringham.   
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Rotary Meeting March 12, 2019

Rotary Club of Marana
On a cold and rainy 12th of March President Hunter called the large number of attendees to order. The Pledge was recited and then, in a partial tribute to our club's "Tour de Cookie" volunteers we sang. With apologies to Merle Haggard, no SERIOUSLY with apologies to Merle Haggard we attempted "The Running Kind" substituting the word "riding" for "running". It was Randy's idea but even he and Tony with guitar leading the way Merle would not recognize his song and it was not because of the word substitution.
Possibly "Daisy, Daisy on a bicycle built for two" is more within our comfort zone.
Loads of guests including:
Doug, a Rotarian from Midland, MI who is moving to Tucson and who rode in Tour de Cookie and took photographs for the second time.
Laura Climer, a former college women's basketball coach who was checking out our club.
Dave Braaten, a Rotarian from Butte, MT who is escaping the cold
Our MCAT Student of the month, Courtney Reid, her mother Sheryl and two siblings Ian and Jackie.
Plus MCAT Principal Denise Coronado and staff representative Delight Craddock. 
We spent a lot of worthwhile time patting ourselves on the back for a very successful Tour de Cookie. One hundred more riders than last year! Singled out for special recognition were Dan "The Man" Contorno, Beckie Penman (six new cookie booths for a total of twelve with another two signed up for next year) and a cast of thousands. A little hyperbole there, but almost every member was involved in making this event a financial and community success. Thank you to all. We have a great club!
 Denise Coronado introduced Courtney "Corey" Reid. Corey is a pleasure to have in class and personifies the AAA (Academics, Attendance, Attitude) motto of MCAT. Corey has lived in at least six states as her father transferred around the country with the US military. She plays several musical instruments and has a career goal of law enforcement or cosmetology
Lynne, our Club Secretary and a CPA, announced tax return due date has been moved back two months and the powers that be say every tax return will be reviewed. This is highly doubtful given the manpower available.
Happy Bucks
John, Dan, Mary, Denise, Don- All Happy
Peter- Great fun and camaraderie working with fellow members at Tour de Cookie
Richie- Brief reflection on how money from Tour de Cookie has been used in the past
David-Happy for rain Tuesday and not last Saturday as originally forecast
Randy-This is a head scratcher. If I got it right, he was happy because his wife tried to, well I do not know what she was trying to do, but she mixed his vitamins and hearing aide batteries together on the kitchen counter and Randy got the opportunity to see the ER and, I am guessing here, examine his stool for a couple of days! Truly sad what the geriatric set passes for happiness.
Joke Off
Lynne-What do you call 21 rabbits in a row who take a step back? A receding hare line! Now that is funny.
Maeve-Wife tells husband to go to store and get a carton of milk and six eggs. Store out of eggs so husband brings back six cartons of milk..........If you get this joke please explain it to me.
Beckie won and lost lottery with the nine of hearts. The pot continues to build.
Our speaker today was a retired Registered Nurse representing Sister Jose Women's Center. This organization serves homeless women. The facility is open days M-S and it is open seven nights a week.  Of the 100 to 120 women served daily half may be ages 45 to 55 with one aged 82. Possibly up to 90% have mental health issues not drug dependence. With help from local business man Buck O'Rielly a home of 750 sq ft was found to work out of. This proved too small and thy moved into the old Cummins Plumbing  metal building on South Park. They are not allowed to prepare food on site, so they have to get creative in where the food comes from and how it is served. At the new location overnight emergency stays have grown six fold and meals served has tripled. In addition to overnight emergency stays and day visits including meals, laundry and showers are provided as well.
Sister Jose was a Franciscan nun and the organizations namesake. She saw the need for a low barrier center that focuses on meeting the most basic needs of homeless women, regardless of personal situation or religious beliefs. Our speaker, Director of the Program, knew Sister Jose personally and was inspired to help fulfill Sister Jose's vision.
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Rotary Meeting Mar 5, 2019

Rotary Club of Marana
I "think" president Hunter began the meeting by introducing Sergeant Jeff Pridgett of the Marana Police Department. After indulging in Dunkin Donut coffee and donuts during the Sergeant's introductory statement he led the attendees on a tour of the state of the art Marana Police Department Headquarters.
Your Club Secretary went to Nana's Kitchen first this morning to be sure no one else did (tongue in cheek) and arrived to a locked building. I then texted Randy for assistance to break into the locked jail. Notes from this point on are not based on my surmises, but my actual first hand experience.
The facility is truly amazing and built to meet the town's needs for at least 25 years. Meeting attendees saw the evidence warehouse room, the forensic science area, temporary lock ups including a padded room and officer work stations. We saw the body cameras and the vehicle cameras and were educated as how they record and upload all data on an easily retrievable basis.
The facility has a spacious workout room that is filled with new workout equipment of every kind imaginable. Also saw the room dedicated to car searches that is complete with a lift! 
There were a couple of walls with empty shelving for future trophies to be won and a pretty nice cafeteria sans chef.
All in all an impressive facility and an impressive job as tour guide by Sergeant Pridgett.
Upcoming events:
Tomorrow at Mary's home to string ceramic cookies 4:30PM
Tomorrow at 5:30 Board Meeting at John Dooling's office 
SATURDAY everyone needs to be involved for our biggest fund raiser of the year. 8 to noon.
Rotary Meeting Mar 5, 2019 2019-03-05 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting Feb 26, 2019

Rotary Club of Marana
President Hunter gaveled in the meeting at precisely 8:00 AM and your's truly The Pledge. We almost got away without singing when former member and current E-club member Debbie Conover led us in If Your Happy And You Know It. Great participation until verse two when only two joined in the "stomp your feet".
Todays guests included Terry and Peggy Greiger from Leon, IA. Both are Rotarians and Terry is a Past District Governor. They are here for the sunny weather and are part of the Rotary RV Fellowship which aforementioned Debbie Conover is President. The Rotary RV Fellowship has a project scheduled for this Saturday at the YMCA Youth Camp in Oracle, AZ. Anyone interested contact Debbie or Terry/Peggy at 641-442-5559.   
 Also today we were pleased to host MCAT Student of the Month, Andres Perez. Andres was accompanied by his mother Andrea Valencia, student support coach Laura Garcia and MCAT Principal Denise Coronado. Anrdes likes helping others and will attend Pima Community College west campus after graduation from MCAT this spring. His long term goal is either nurse or teacher.  
Denise shared some info regards MCAT's future. They will double in size next year from 100 to 200 students. New curriculum will include robotics, construction and computer networking. Also, MCAT graduation night is 5/23/2019 and will return to the Middle School this year. This is a Thursday 7:00 PM start time and all are welcome and encouraged to attend. 
By the way, our club has sponsored MCAT's Student of the month for twenty years, per Club Historian Harold Burtzloff.
Richie reports a great learning experience at Northwest PETS (President Elect Training Seminar). Met loads of Canadians and Alaskans. He strongly recommends attending an Alaskan Hospitality room if you ever get the chance.
 Dan Contorno reports we have 126 riders signed up for the Tour de Cookie fun ride scheduled for Saturday 3/9/2019. All memebrs are encouraged to share on Facebook. Many club volunteers are required for this event so it is an "All hands on deck" kind of thing for our major fundraiser for the year.  It was suggested the Interact Club be approached for additional volunteers.
Poker Night raised about $800 for our Foundation. Thanks, Dan Contorno and the others that helped.
Happy Bucks
John- Successful quail hunt in Sturgis, KY with two legends from the Gun Dog world. Great job Richie on our Club's Facebook page
Dan-Granddaughter Ava.
Deb Conover- SNOW! And Student of the Month (SOM)
Peter-Great people and friends in Rotary (AMEN-my two cents worth!)
Denise-SOM and "Caught the purse snatcher!"
John Z-Happy
David-Took the kids to Flagstaff to play in the snow!!!!!!!!!!!For those of you not aware, Flagstaff, which gets a lot of snow every year, broke a record that has stood for over 100 years for snowfall last week. Great timing David. I propose David Hindman as FATHER of the YEAR!!!!!!!
Richie-In the northwest, but missed the Tucson snowfall of 2019.
Randy-Friends from Iowa who was DG same year as Randy.
Lynne-SOM and snow
Raffle-Harold won and lost with six of clubs.
Joke Off
Maeve-Cowboy rides into town known for its practical jokes. After a couple of shots he goes out and his horse is gone. He goes back in and loudly and menacingly "states my horse is gone and I do not want to happen here what happened in Texas last week." He has another shot then goes back out. Lo and behold his horse is back. As he mounts up one of the town folk comes up and asks, "What happened in Texas last week?" The cowboy looks him in the eye and slowly declares, "I had to walk home."
Lynne-Cops nab a shoplifting old lady. In court the lady pleads guilty of stealing a can of peaches. Since there are nine peaches to a can he gave her nine days in jail. In attendance happened to be the old lady's husband of many years. He stands up and addresses the judge, "Excuse me your Honor, she also stole a can of peas."
Humbly submitted by your lowly scribe, John Dooling
Rotary Meeting Feb 26, 2019 2019-02-26 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting Feb 19, 2019

Rotary Club of Marana
Although I was out of state there was indeed a 2/19/2019 meeting. While I must use my imagination for some of this report much was taken from our Facebook Page. Thank you Richie Benner.
After President Hunter called the meeting to order and the pledge was recited a major club event took place: the awarding of Paul Harris Fellows to members Denise West and Tony Hunter. Thank you to both for your hard work and club support in all its endeavors. You are roll models for each of us
 Our speaker was Becky Noel of Therapeutic Riding of Tucson, TROT. Founded in 2006 TROT was originally established in cooperation of Southern AZ Veterans Admin Healthcare System for veterans of all ages to experience the physical and psychological benefits of riding. It has expanded so that today children and adults with cerebral palsy, mental retardation, Down;s Syndrome, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy and other special needs can benefit. For additional information one can access Rotary Club of Marana Facebook Page or visit
According to my source the Joke Off was.....meh.
No one won the lottery/raffle.
Thank you to Harold Burtzloff for taking/reporting last weeks attendance.
Rotary Meeting Feb 19, 2019 2019-02-20 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting Feb 12, 2019

Rotary Club of Marana
Ten members met at The Cracker Barrel for today's meeting. This last minute change was necessitated by death of the mother of the young man who prepares our breakfast compounded by a child care commitment by owner/member Javier Terran. Mary suggested a sympathy card be sent.
Maeve complimented Denise for the quality of our speakers. Next week we will be hearing from TROT, Therapeutic Riding of Tucson.
Last Friday Don, Tony, Beckie and John witnessed the swearing in of 17 Interact members at Tortolita Middle School. This is the largets group by far in the eleven years the program has been in existence.  Honorary Rotarian Kathleen Neighbors has led the program from the beginning. Of the 17 members four are 7th graders. This should help in the continuity for next years members. It was suggested we may want to speak with Kathleen regarding donation of a Club banner or similar item to show our appreciation of their efforts. Also our members may wish to attend their meetings in the future.
It should be noted that their efforts include: assistance with RoadRunner School painting, a candy drive for AZ National Guard, cleaning pumpkins post Halloween that were donated by Bucklew Farms to the Food Bank, making and selling salsa to fund their projects, assisting with our  and another aide station during the Tour de Tucson, helping with AZ Air National Guard muster at DM Airport, collecting food for the food bank at Winter Haven Christmas Lights event and supporting Dan Heston's (father of one of the members)12 hour run marathon at Mt. View High School that raised thousands of dollars for the food bank. 
Finally, two members are part of the Tortolita Broadcasting team and are able to provide frequent videos of the Club's good work to the school during daily news casts beamed into all classrooms.
Tour de Cookie PR folks will move the outreach from Sunday at the Farmers Market to Saturday at Christina Taylor Green Park across from Pima Community College NW Campus on Shannon. Be there around 9 AM if you can assist Dan and Mary.
Much discussion regards the formalizing of list of past Club activities. Please send your thoughts/memories to Tony via email. There was a suggestion that the list be split by in country and out of country. John recommended asking Lynne to review our check register for those projects that required an expenditure of funds.
Randy received an unsolicited round of applause for his six years of assisting PETS training of new Rotarian Leaders. He says the PETS is stronger and more impressive than at any time he has experienced in the past. Randy is stepping down from PETS to take over the Rotary Educational Fund District Chairmanship.
Mary reports she recently witnessed it raining water. She also says the Cameroon Project approval process continues and final approval could be less than a month away.
POKER TOURNAMENT this Friday. Try to be there by 6 PM to assist even if not playing. Still time to sign up players. Mary and Dan providing snacks. John will bring large cooler of  bottled water and two 57 oz. cans of Planter's Dry Roasted Peanuts.
March first there will be a honoring of former Club member and retiring Director of Marana Chamber of Commerce, Ed Stolmaker. More on this later.
See you Friday night. GOOD LUCK!
Rotary Meeting Feb 12, 2019 2019-02-12 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting Feb 5,  2019

Rotary Club of Marana
President Hunter requested Richie to lead us in the pledge and a find job he did. Lynne requested "Hey Jude", a Beatles tune from fifty-one years ago, be sung. Tony helped us with his guitar and I must say we sounded good. Good compared to our attempt at "Yellow Submarine" a few months ago, not good compared to John Lennon. All things are relative.
Odds and Ends
Our Top Golf event from last Tuesday got a few good reviews from those who were able to attend. It was announced that Bob Bishop's twin grand kids have arrived and doing well. Randy asked for a few members to remain after the meeting to interview Alexis Elarosa for possible Rotary Vocational Fund scholarship to Respiratory Therapist School.
Board meeting at John's office tomorrow 2/6/2019 at 5:30 pm. 
Tour de Cookie rider prospecting done on Sundays at Farmers Market 9 am to noon. Help is appreciated and easy to do. Located near Rillito Park on First Street just south of River Rd. Beckie has several booth sign ups, but still looking for the $500 Sponsor. Dan requests any signs, tee shirts etc from last year please bring to next week meeting. Please share on Facebook and your email contacts. March 9th.
Poker Tournament a week from Friday. Please share information with your email contacts, golf club members, fire department employees, congregation members and anyone else you can think of. 
Rachel spoke of the United Way's program to assist the working poor with the income tax refund process. There are nine sites in Pima County and one being at the Marana senior Citizens Center. Mary, Randy and Deb from our club are assisting and more needed.  Hours of operation are Thursdays 4-7 and Saturday's 12:30 to 3:30. The UW is also partnering with PCC for basic tax accounting course.
Tony says we are looking for an April project. Send him your ideas.
Happy Bucks
John-Thanks Tony for Top Golf outing
David-Trial is over
Don-Glad David was acquitted?????
Harold-Enjoyed Top Golf
Richie-Enjoyed Rotary Leadership Institute and recommends for new and old Rotarians
Beckie-Happy to be here and hopes SLC home sells quickly
Rachel-Heck if I know. I think I was asking for additional salsa at the time.
Randy-Happy to have seen Richie on TV for a lengthy informative session on Scouting. Randy also claims to have hit a golf ball straight and far at Top Golf last Tuesday. He did not say if it was straight and far "in the direction he intended."
Mary-Heck if I know. For some reason I miss Mary's comments on a regular basis. I apologize and short of writing me a note every time I do not know what else to do. Maybe you can sit with me and Dan from now on?
Joke Off
Lynne won easily as Maeve chose not to attend this morning.
John-As usual won and lost the raffle this time with the 5 of hearts.
Jeff Pridgett, Marana Police Department Sergeant and Public Information Officer (PIO), was our speaker this morning. Counting Jeff, Richie and Dan we had three Marana Tigers at our meeting. Jeff spent twelve years in the MUSD school system. He has held numerous positions from "beat" cop to school resource officer to motorcycle cop to in house Sergeant in charge to his current position as PIO. The new station is a place of pride having evolved from a triple wide mobile to the state of the art facility they now are housed in. The tax levy that raised the money for the new building is gone as promised.  The headquarters is located across from Ora Mae Harn Park on Lon Adams Rd. A tour of the facility will be arranged.
The MPD respond to all traffic incidents unlike TPD and writes a report for each. The MPD detectives are broad in scope and investigate all from purse snatchings to murder. The MPD responds to all calls and in a timely fashion, again unlike TPD.   
Rotary Meeting Feb 5,  2019 2019-02-05 07:00:00Z 0
Tour de Cookie 2019 2019-02-04 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting Jan 29, 2019

Rotary Club of Marana
Top Golf was the venue for January's 5th Tuesday social. Many may have stayed away, due to the fear of the cold. They had nothing to fear as the ceiling installed propane heaters not only kept the chill away they also  had us stripping off our jackets and sweaters and working on our tans.
John Zwick earns the "most people" award. Accompanying John was his wife, two daughters and a son-in-law. Tied for second was John and Cindy Dooling and Harold and Ellen Burtzloff. Trailing came Dan, Don, Randy and of course Tony.
When I say "nothing to fear" I was strictly referencing the cold. The "crowd" retreated a few steps whenever John, Randy, Don or Tony took a whack. Tony had a few shots that reminded this reporter as to why the netting to the right was so high. Let's just say Tony has the banana slice perfected. Tony was also the only "golfer" to whiff. John, me, hit a duck hook that made many respond in awe. The shots taken by Randy and Don were not memorable and that is a good thing. 
Of course there are always show offs. In this category Dan Contorno is firmly placed along with John Zwick's daughter, the one not named Joyce. Shame on me for not recalling her name at this time.
The food was much better than the golf and the beer was not bad either. Best of all was the company and I hope to see many more at our next event. Thank you Tony for planning it all.
See you tomorrow!
Rotary Meeting Jan 29, 2019 2019-01-29 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting Jan 21. 2019

Rotary Club of Marana
Dr Mack again led us in the Pledge. Apparently he has to do this until we get it right!
President Hunter apologized for having neither a song nor his guitar then sought a thought for the day from our members. Beckie Penman had a good one I recall, but unfortunately that is all I recall. Peter suggested we be generous with the our weekly Food Bank donations as there may be an increase in need due to the Federal Government shutdown.
Flash: "Life is a journey not a destination." Thanks, Beckie.
No 7AM meeting next week. Members and their friends are encouraged to attend our 5th Tuesday social at Top Golf starting at 5:30 PM.
Dan will again send the 2/15/2019 Poker Tournament flyer to all members as apparently some did not receive his first email. Please talk this up among friends and family.
RLI this Saturday with Richie and Denise registered. Still time for more to register. Contact John or Randy for details.
Happy Bucks
John-Randy's birthday
Dan-  Randy's Birthday  
Harold-Weather here compared to rest of the country
Beckie-Daughter engaged, home for sale in SLC, weather here compared to SLC with the cold and inversion problems
Mary-Preliminary grant approval for Cameroon!
Denise-Happy for today's speaker, Edna Rosas-Gutierrez.
David-Happy about something(good to see you David. Happy New Year)
Joke Off
 Maeve began with lawyer trying to take advantage of old person. (Maeve apologized to David then continued). Lawyer says "I 'll ask you a question and if you do not know answer you pay me $5. Then you ask me and if I do not know I will pay you $500." Old guy agrees. Lawyer, "How many miles between the earth and the moon?" Old guy forks over $5. Old guy, "What goes up the hill on three legs and down on four legs?" Lawyer scratches his head. He consults the Internet. Tweets his friends. Finally gives up and gives the old man $500. The lawyer then asks the old guy, "just what does go up the hill on three legs and down the hill on four?" Old guy gives the lawyer $5!
 Lynne countered with conversation between a "normal" person and a Psychiatrist. "Is there a simple test to determine if a person has mental illness?" "Yes, we tell the tested individual they have a bathtub full of water and a spoon and a bucket and ask how would thy empty the tub." "Ah, the normal person would use the bucket as it is larger/quicker than the spoon, right?"
"No, a normal person would pull the plug." "Would you prefer a padded room with a view or one closer to the cafeteria?" 
Harold won with ticket 121 and lost with the 7 of hearts.
 Edna C Rosas-Gutierrez is the owner of Better Choices Counseling, LLC. Her practice specializes in treatment of child sexual predators. Roughly 75% of child sexual abuse cases are by family and 97% by males. Most cases are opportunistic in nature. These individuals can and do respond to counseling.d  
Rotary Meeting Jan 21. 2019 2019-01-22 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting Jan 15, 2019

Rotary Club of Marana
 Dr. Peter Mack led us in the Pledge of Allegiance. President Hunter did not seek thoughts of the day from members, obviously learning from past experiences in solicitation in this regard. He did do a shout out to Charlie Benner who is growing like a weed.
A request was made to members to remain afterwards if they had input for the Tour de Cookie scheduled for 3/9/2019. This is our MAJOR fund raiser that enables us to do the various good deeds we do in this country and overseas. Everyone needs to get involved. Those who can might volunteer to distribute flyers to bicycle shops and help out on Sunday mornings at the Farmers Market from 8:30 to noon the next six or seven weeks.
 Dan announced a Poker Tournament for Friday February 15th to be held at Vision Church off Silverbell south of Cortaro Rd. Dan has organized several of these for our Club's benefit. With a decent turnout we can net a thousand or more. Please share the flyer with friends and family when it becomes available in a few days.
Discussion of a Club social the 29th of this month as it is the 5th Tuesday of January. Several ideas tossed out by members, but Top Golf seemed to be a popular idea. Since they were a sponsor of Tour de Cookie last year they might offer us a "deal". Tony to check it out and report next week.
RLI "College of Rotary Knowledge" will be offered 1/26/2019. Location to be at The Viscount Suite Hotel on Broadway. The $65 cost of attendance, which includes continental breakfast and lunch is paid by the Club. Richie Benner has signed up and others are encouraged to do so. Registration information is on District 5500 Website or speak with Randy Brooks for additional information. 
Denise West reports her purse being stolen at COSTCO when a man approached her as she was entering her car. With this distraction her purse was taken from inside her car. There have been multiple reports of this happening at COSTCO.
Rachel Cheeseman reports she too had this happen at Target a couple of weeks ago.
Happy Bucks
John-Happy to have Dan Contorno in our club. He is the main cog in our Tour de Cookie and Poker Tournament fundraisers.
Don-Thanks, Dan
Randy-Thanks, Dan
John Z-Thanks, Dan
Harold-Thanks, Dan
Mary-Thanks, Dan
Peter-Thanks, Dan
Well, you get the idea.
Also, Denise happy her jewelry was not taken
Rachel-Her friend elected to Amphi School Board
There were others that I just missed.
Joke Off
 Maeve-Patient goes to the Doc with carrots in his nose and broccoli in his ears. Doc immediately sizes up the situation and says, "I see the problem, you are not eating correctly". (I actually laughed at this simple humor) 
 Lynne-Three football Cardinal fans bemoaning thier team's dismal 2018 record. "I blame management" says the first. "I blame the players." announces the second. "I blame my parents." proclaims the third. If I had been born in Boston I would be a Patriots fan. (Truth demands that I report, as in most of her jokes, Lynne enjoyed her humor today as much OR more so than did her audience.Must be nice to have a Boston connection)
Based on the visual imagery of the patient ( and hatred of the Yankees, er, Pats) I "give" this one to Maeve.
John won AGAIN and lost AGAIN with four of hearts.
Guest speakers today were Bonnie Dudelston, Cemetery Administrator for AZ Veterans Memorial Cemetery at Marana and Tom Shambo. Board Member of the AZ Veterans Memorial Cemetery Foundation-Marana.
Bonnie played a video from in an effort to provide an historical perspective up to the present of the Veteran's Memorial Cemetery program. Land donated by the Kai family enabled the cemetery to open 3/14/2016. Funding to the tune of 7.6 million was required to prepare the land as a cemetery. Money for the daily management comes from the AZ Department of Veterans Services and the local AZ Veteran's Memorial Cemetery Foundation.
There have been 1,486 veterans interred in the past three years and there are 1,800 pre-registered, including our speaker Tom Shambo. The facility is designed to accommodate up to six burials a day with each having a twenty minute ceremony.
For additional information see the website above or or
Corrections or comments are appreciated. My attempts to report humorously AND accurately  sometimes go astray.
 Your Scribe,
John Dooling, Club Secretary
Rotary Meeting Jan 15, 2019 2019-01-15 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting Jan 8,2019

Rotary Club of Marana
Arriving exactly at 7:00 AM both I and Maeve missed the pledge, guest introductions and any new year thoughts our membership may have offered up. As they say, "The early bird catches the worm." In this case our infamous cuckoo clock dictated the start of the meeting, not my cell phone.
 Randy took the lead on our Club's family adoption for Christmas. Several hundred dollars donated by our club was spent in order for the family to have a merrier Christmas than what otherwise would have been possible. The family consists of a mother and four daughters, two of whom attend MCAT. Thanks, Randy.
President Hunter announced a full court press in our member recruiting process with numerous members assisting.
Happy Bucks
Randy-a good buck and a bad buck (maybe two good bucks. He was sick for his own NY's party.
Ritchie-Rain is always welcome in our arid state.
Rachel-HNY and family time
Beckie-Better weather here than SLC
Don-Family time in Seattle and nicer weather too
Peter-Daughter married Saturday and a shout out to Randy for Family sponsorship at Christmas
Bob-Friends in town. Oh, and Linda here with him this morning as well as guest speaker.AND IDENTICAL TWIN GRANDKIDS born over the weekend
Joke Off
Lynne- I think it goes like this: Preacher and Cab driver arrive at the pearly gates at the same time and the cab driver gets a bigger halo. The preacher naturally challenges this and when questioned admitted that sometimes his sermons were boring and put people to sleep. St Peter explained that nobody ever slept in the aggressive taxi cab owners vehicle and many were driven to praying for their lives. 
How can I clean this up? This is beginning to be weekly problem with Maeve as she dives into ever sinking depths of lurid humor to get a laugh and beat out Lynne for the Joke of the Day crown.
Okay, here goes: If you are taking a dump at the stroke of midnight on New Years Eve is it the SOS different year?
Maeve wins! Must admit she knows her audience.
John won and lost the raffle with a 6 of diamonds.
 Our guest speaker, invited to our club by Bob Bishop, was retired aerospace legend Burt Rutan. Burt was "twice" awarded the Collier Trophy presented to those who have made "the greatest achievement in aeronautics in America..........."
Throughout his career he has worked on 46 manned research airplanes.Born into a family of Seventh Day Adventists sports were not allowed. At a very young age he was amazed to witness a low flying fleet of B36's and became enamored with building model planes. His first business after graduating from Cal Poly was started in 1973. It was the manufacturing of home built airplane kits. One of his companies founded in 1986 now has 600 employees. He is justifyingly proud of the "real" jobs and the tax revenue they create as opposed to government jobs that are 100% tax supported and created.
Much of Mr Rutan's talk dealt with the significant demise of NASA and space exploration. The 1965 NASA budget was 5.3% of the total US budget. Today's budgeted dollars are less than one tenth of that 1965 number. He mentioned his disappointment after the meeting with the fact that China appears to want to take the lead in space exploration and the recent deployment of a rocket and lander/rover to the far side of the moon and the simultaneous launching of the communication satellite since there is no direct line of sight to the far side of the moon. To drive home this disturbing trend he noted no one born after 1935 has walked on the moon. 
Mr Rutan was proud of the fact that a piece of the carbon filter from one of his early creations is on the Horizon Spacecraft that has passed Pluto and recently returned photos of Ultima Thule, 4 billion miles from earth. His belief is if you are doing things that are doable you are in Product Development. If you are working on things that are questionably even possible you are doing Research.
His most recent project, funded to the tune of 23 million by recently deceased Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen is the Stratolaunch. its purpose to heave a half-million-pound rocket ship to cruising altitude and then drop it, whereupon the rocket would ignite its engines for a fiery ascent into space. Allen’s hope was that this extraordinary bird would be able to do quick laps between the ground and the stratosphere, making access to space no more exotic than a New York–to–Boston commuter flight. Launch is expected to be the fall of 2019.
One could not help but be reminded of The Spruce Goose masterminded by Howard Hughes and its one solo flight. With Elon Musk's SpaceX reusable rockets driving the costs down and reliability up does the Stratolaunch face the same fate? Only time will tell.
Today was a special day for our club. Seldom do we have the opportunity for such a distinguished person in their field speak to us. A winner of the prestigious Wernher Von Braun Memorial Award, named for the famous German rocket scientist who came to the USA after WWII, Mr Rutan provided us with a meeting to remember. As stated above he is truly a legend in the field of aerospace.
Board meeting John's office at 5:30PM Wednesday 1/9/2019.
Rotary Meeting Jan 8,2019 2019-01-08 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting Dec 18, 2018

Rotary Club of Marana
Today's meeting was a field trip to Jackpot Veterinary Center located at 6745 N La Canada Dr. Our tour guide, Karla Lombana DVM, is an owner and the daughter of Club Member Beckie Penman. Thirteen of our members enjoyed the tour and all were impressed with the size of the state of the art facility that is still partially under construction and the state of the art medical equipment. Jackpot Clinic serves both large and small animals and judging from the glowing review given by Maeve and Lyle Johnson the service is par none. It was voted best clinic in Pima county this past year.
You can visit their website at
The Club will be dark the next two Tuesdays. See everyone on the 9th of January 2019!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Rotary Meeting Dec 18, 2018 2018-12-18 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting Dec 10, 2018

Rotary Club of Marana
Due to our Club's powerful connections we were greeted by none other than Ms Santa Claus as members and guests entered Nana's this morning. She even led us in the Pledge. President Hunter then led us in the singing of Frosty The Snowman with lyrics provided by Lynne. Those in attendance who had a more of a deprived/Dicksonian childhood could be spotted as they frequently referred to the printed lyrics, being unfamiliar with this festive Christmas  carol.
Today's guests included a friend of Bob Bishop's, Steve Prust.
 MCAT Student of the Month Ashlynn Clevland, her mother Roxann, Grandmother Bruna, boyfriend, brother, Staff Rep Dani Anich and MCAT Principal Denise Coronado.
Our Club will sponsor a family again this Christmas in the amount of $400. The committee consists of Richie, Tony, Randy and Rachel.
Randy advises the Rotary Vocational Fund topped out its donations for the year. Thank you to everyone who contributed.
Happy Bucks
Bob Bishop did a fine job as Sgt At Arms.
Harold-Paid his IOU from last meeting and a few extra!
John-Student of the Month (SOM)
Mary- Grateful for Global Grant donations to Cameroon Project and they are where they need to be to continue with the project.
Denise, Steve, Beckie, Don Bob-All pleased for our SOM
Randy-Happy we had Ms Claus visit us.
Rachel-United Way
Richie-Charlie is 6 months old
Joke Off
Ms Claus stood in for Maeve Johnson who could not make today's meeting. Given Ms Claus' background and her omniscient knowledge of good and bad children, her "joke" concerned the very bad behavior of  one, Little Sammy, who decided the best way to get a new bike for Christmas was via kidnapping and extortion. Ms Claus did not say whether Little Sammy was successful or not.
Lynne took her front stage opportunity to regale us with humor at the expense of those labeled with Diagnostic and Statistical Manual Mental Disorders from Manuals 1,2,3,4 and 5. Randy, Mary and Don (and possibly others with a mental health background) are aware a reference to all five DSM publications was required as psychiatric disorders change with the times. What once was crazy ain't necessarily so in today's world. Any who, humor at the expense of those less fortunate is always welcomed at this club. As a hard of hearing person I should know. God help us if we ever get so PC that we cannot enjoy good natured ribbing. Excuse me while I get off my soapbox and let Lynne know I especially enjoyed the Manic and the Paranoid versions of Christmas.
The Club by acclimation  approved the following officers for fiscal 2018/2019:
President-Richie Benner
President Elect-John Dooling
President Nominee-TBD
Treasurer-Lynne Himmer
Secretary-John Dooling
Member at Large-Harold Burtzloff
Member at Large-Bob Bishop
Immediate Past President-Tony Hunter
Somewhere along this time during our meeting Tony ducked out leaving President Elect Richie Benner in charge. We did not miss a beat. Our President Elect has a command presence and will do quite well come July 1. 
Former member and current Principal of MCAT Denise Coronado introduced SOM Ashlynn. Ashlynn will graduate in a few days. Her educational efforts, and I use that term advisedly, began in Benson, AZ . Eventually she found herself at Tortolita Middle School then Mountain View. She attributes her poor scholastic record to basic laziness. However, she runs Ms Cornado's front office and has significant accomplishments in the culinary field having won thousands of dollars in competition statewide and even finishing in the top 40 twice in national competition. Her favorite creation is Key Lime Pie. She cites a friend she no longer has with the motivation to complete her high school education.
Ms Coronado, commenting on the closing of neighborhood Thornydale Grade School advised MCAT will be moving to that larger venue for school year 2019/2020. Also MCAT will be offering three courses in conjunction with JTED. JTED is funded by property taxes at the rate of .05 per $100 of assessed valuation.
Don won the raffle AGAIN but lost. It bears repeating that Don donated his winnings from two weeks ago to our Marana Rotary Foundation.
Last week's speaker was Brigadier General Andrew J MacDonald, Commander of the AZ Air National Guard.
Next Tuesday's meeting will be held at Jackpot Veterinary Center located at 6745 N La Canada Dr.
See you there!
Rotary Meeting Dec 10, 2018 2018-12-11 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting Dec 05, 2018

Rotary Club of Marana
President Tony Hunter asked yours truly to lead in the Pledge. Again today thoughts were not requested from the attendees, however there was music in the air. Thanks to Lynne Tony played Jingle Bells in a key unknown to most of us therefore we can blame, er, credit Tony with the questionably melodious result. Generally speaking the words in the refrain were recognizable.
Tony advised all that next week is voting for officers and our Christmas Party. The following week we will meet at Jackpot Veterinary Center owned and operated by member Beckie Penman's daughter, Karla Lombana. Location is 6745 N La Canada Dr. The following two weeks are Christmas and New Years Day and we will be dark (no meeting).
Maeve let us know that honoring Bush "41 the stock market will be closed 12/5/2018. She believes this is the first time this has ever happened.
Roadrunner Hockey this Friday will benefit the needy so bring food and toys. Ten percent of the gate will go to The Rotary Foundation. This event is organized by Stacy Fox the current President of Oro Valley Rotary.
Happy Bucks
John-slayed a 14 point buck, the biggest in his 49 years of helping Illinois with their whitetail problem. Saved a car.
Beckie, Denise, Mary and most everyone happy to welcome two representatives of the AZ Air National Guard as our speakers today.
Randy-announced the new member recruiting award of a Paul Harris Fellow was given to Tony and Denise. Congratulations to you both.
Richie-Happy about Kettlecorn and his niece (there was a connection here, but I missed it) and for his attendance at the "muster" Air Force and Army Guard Units at Kino over the weekend. Our guests were happy to learn Richie was among the 4,000 attendees.
No raffle this morning due to no cards. We had numerous decks of cards donated to us a year ago, but they disappeared when a past president who shall go unnamed cleaned out our cabinet.
Joke Off
I know most of our usual readers will doubt my assessment of today's Joke Off, but I am tellin ya I think Maeve and Lynne could rival some of the entertainers from the Borscht Belt of old (look it up young'uns). Genuine and loud laughter followed both deliveries. In fact the laughter during Lynne's delivery was explosive. True, it was mostly her laughter, but I am sure the joke was hilarious from what I could hear between Lynne's uncontrolled bouts of spasmatic laughter as she delivered her lines. The joke is too long to repeat here, but I can say it involved a dog named "coffee break" and the impugning of government workers everywhere.
Not to be outdone, Maeve came up with what may be the best of her career. Seems as though there are reasons the flight  tower asks pilots where they are from when they ask "what time is it?" Now I could tell you the punch line(s), but then the readers who did not attend the meeting might think there is no downside to sleeping in. Let's just say it was very very funny and just a good thing there were no army guys in attendance.
 Next Bob Bishop introduced Army National Guard Commander Andrew Day MacDonald and his companion a Brigadier General in the Tucson Army National  Guard. The local guard trains pilots on the F-16 and the Reaper from numerous countries all over the world. Specifically they are now training pilots from  Iraq and Kazakhstan. Their are 8,200 guardsmen in AZ.
Seventy percent of these Citizen Airmen are full-time and thirty percent part-time. Recently they were able to assist with the California wildfires to assess and deliver information to the fire fighters on the ground of the fires path and growth. The Tucson base is close to 100 acres has, I believe, seventy F-16's. The economic impact on Tucson is judged to be 383 million and the 162 Wing of the Tucson ANG has a 98 million dollar annual payroll. Many thanks to Bob Bishop, who was able to arrange for these two men to speak to our club. They even offered that there may be a way to give us a flight simulator experience to maybe raffle or help in some way to raise funds for our charities.
Board meeting at Dooling's office tomorrow at 5:30 pm. All welcomed.
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Rotary Meeting Nov 27, 2018

Rotary Club of Marana
President Hunter began the meeting with The Pledge followed by the welcoming of our guest Tom Mangold. Tom is a former member of our club and the Rotary  E-club. With 95% attendance it is "too bad we did not sing".
*An aside to Tony, I much prefer writing "We did not sing too bad."
Hey, Holt! If you are reading this the election is over. Peter Mack, would be good to see your mug this month too.
Dan advises we have our first registrant for Tour de Cookie!
Rachel commented on a 250K grant that United Way and the Tucson Rotary Club are considering. Also, Rachel is in favor of Freedom to travel and the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments to the constitution.
Richie reminds us all that today is giving Tuesday and that for many organizations such as BSA and United Way, this is their biggest fund raising day of the year.
President Tony reminded all that 12/11 meeting will be a wild and crazy affair so be forewarned. Also, be aware that if you do not show up you may be voted into office for the coming year. On 12/18 we will be taking a field trip to Beckie's daughter's business.
Happy Bucks
John D- Deer Hunting in IL next five days and married 47 years as of today. Not necessarily listed in descending order of happiness.
David, Dan, John Z -All happy
Randy, Don, Harold, Richie-All happy
My mind wandered and I'll be damned if I know what the above seven are happy about, just trust me they were all just tickled pink.
Bob- News Flash! Hawaii might be a nice place to visit if you like to see one of the most beautiful areas on earth.
Beckie-I know she lost her cell phone and found it. There may be more to this story, but you will have to ask Bob as she faced him during the entire tale. Oh, left off last week, Beckie is glad she is in Tucson as SLC was mid twenties last week. Beckie tells me it is even colder today.
Rachel, Lynne and Maeve-Happy. You'll have to ask them why next time you see them. My mind apparently was out for a walk again.
Mary-Happy or maybe proud that her profession blends so perfectly with the ideals of Rotary. Hugs are good.
Joke Off
Maeve's entry was a real knee slapper. "You cannot trust atom's. They make up everything." (my favorite for the day. Dan liked Lynne's best, even after I explained Maeve's joke to him.)
Lynne's entry was pretty good too. Seems as though a princess trapped in the body of a frog hollered out to a passing male, who as fate would have it was an engineer. "Kiss me release me from this spell. I am a beautiful princess." The engineer picks up the frog and places it in his pocket. The princess hollers, "Hey, didn't you hear? Kiss me and I will turn into a beautiful princess." The engineer replies, "Yes, I heard you. But I am an engineer and I think having a talking frog is pretty cool."
Lady Luck was in the room today and sitting at Don Jorgensen's table. Don won and WON $304. In the giving mood, considering it is Giving Tuesday, Don donated the entire amount to our club's foundation. This was at least partially due to our recent sponsorship of a Shelter Box and Don's involvement with that organization. Thank's Don.
 Mary was our speaker and her able assistant was Randy. Members were divided into groups of four and we proceeded to play "What's My Rotary." We got off to a rough start with many members shouting out answers, ringing their bells too soon, not playing by the rules in general, dancing on the tables and obviously imbibing in too much coffee. Randy would not stand for this chicanery and quickly brought order to the room. Once order was established the team of Johnson, Contorno, West, Hindman and Dooling proved their mettle and dominated the exercise with an awesome display of Rotary knowledge. Perhaps the fact that our team of four had five members is the reason all teams received chocolate as a reward for participation rather than all the bags going to the aforementioned team? 
See you on the 4th of December, hopefully with deer pictures and I don't mean Rudolph.
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Rotary Meeting Nov 20, 2018

Rotary Club of Marana
President Tony Hunter called upon our newest member, Beckie Penman, to lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance. A quick glance at the blank faces of our membership led Tony to skip the Thought of the Day portion of our meeting. Instead, he uncased his guitar, and at the request of Lynne Himmer, led us in singing that American staple "Old MacDonald Had A Farm". Of course, being the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, the animal was a turkey. I was impressed that everybody knew the words and most sang in key. A good start to what proved to be a very good meeting with 90% attendance!
Guests included John (?) a Rotarian from upstate Washington  and our speaker from ADOT, Doug Nick.
 Many kudos to and by Maeve for a successful Tour de Tucson Aid Station. Eleven of our members plus support from Casas Adobes/Dove Mountain Rotary Clubs and our Totolita Interact Club worked the event. Special thanks to Denise West's sister, Edisa, who worked the full shift.
 (about this time  Rachel Cheeseman tried to slip in late, but since the back door was broken she had to make an entrance at the front of the meeting. Glad you could make it Rachel!)
One of our Interact students asked Maeve "What is polio?" That is progress my friends.
 Mary gave another short The Rotary Foundation (TRF) presentation hammering home the Three Legs of Rotary and the Six Areas of Focus. When quizzed membership struggled to recall what Mary had taught us over he last few weeks.(Aside to Mary, you might need a bigger hammer.) A slide presentation from our own project in Zimbabwe was presented. We partnered with a Yuma Club for this project. Randy recalled that the $14,000 which was raised for this project was stolen when wired to Africa. Randy stated this was a true "Rotary Moment" for him when Rotarians stepped up and within one week $18,000 was raised to replace the stolen money.
Happy Bucks
John-Tour de Tucson aid station workers. Special praise for Edisa, sister of Denise. A round of applause when John mentioned that Edisa would make a great member
Richie-BSA popcorn sales are over but club members still have time to order the wonderful tins of popcorn for Christmas! Also, the 50th Commemoration of the tragic deaths of the scouts lost in a freak winter storm in the Santa Rita Mountains. Good came from this as hundreds if not thousands have been rescued by The Southern AZ Mounted Search and Rescue SAMSAR that was organized following this tragedy.
John Z, Denise, Dan, Don, Mary, Randy, Tony-all happy for El Tour service project
Bob- Helicopter ride to bottom of double falls on Oahu.
Joke Off
Lynne- Lady looking over the frozen turkey bin asks the store clerk, "Do these turkeys get any bigger?" "No, ma'am" he replied, They're all dead."
The attendees loved this one, as did I.
Maeve- A pumpkin pie sells for $2.25 in St Martin. The same pie sells for $2.75 in Antigua. In Aruba it is $3.00. These are the Caribbean Pie Rates.
I love a good pun and this qualifies as a very good one judging by the number and the decibel reading of the groans emitted.
Bonus Extra- Reluctantly the teacher called on little Johnny during the first grade spelling contest. "Johnny, spell the word 'farm.' the teacher requested. Little Johnny replies, "EIEIO".
John won and lost with the seven o hearts.
Douglas Nick of ADOT told us that 2/3 of what ADOT does can be done on a smart phone or ServiceAZ on the web without having to go in person. Things like Registration,Permits, Licenses, Title Transfers, Special Plates and Insurance Updates can all be done remotely. 
ADOT now has Kiosks that also perform these functions. Office hours have been expanded and Over Time hours cut by 80%. Now when you do go to an ADOT office you are greeted by a human being who directs you the correct station and waiting times have been reduced from 52 to 22 minutes over the last couple of years. Charities have taken in 10.6 million through the Specialty Plate program. Additional questions can be sent to
Reminder, Johnny Cash show tomorrow at the Oro Valley Gaslight Theater. Tickets still available from District 5500 website. Money raised goes to TRF.
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Rotary Meeting Nov 13, 2018

Rotary Club of Marana
President Hunter led us in the Pledge on this cold (by AZ standards) and windy morning. No singing or thoughts, but a full house. Guests included Beckie Penman (to be sworn in as our newest member today), her husband Carl, daughter Carla and granddaughter June. Also, last weeks speaker, Janet pipes, is back and this time is interested in membership!
Tony announced Club and Foundation decisions to fund a Shelterbox for $1,000 and the Cameroon Project for $5,000. Tony offered his appreciation to John Dooling, Mary Strauss and Lynne Himmer respectively for their home, food prep and wine knowledge they all shared at last Friday's member recruitment social. Also, thanks to Tony and Randy for their musical contribution.
Maeve reminded us that Tour de Tucson workers are meeting for breakfast at 8am at Micky D's on Tangerine this Saturday then on to Moore and Camino de Oeste for Aid Station setup.
 Mary spoke on The Rotary foundation. Reminded us of the three legs of Rotary 1.The Clubs, 2. Rotary International and 3. The Rotary foundation. TRF has six avenues of service 1. Peace and Conflict Resolution, 2. Maternal and Child Health, 3. Disease Prevention, 4. Water and sanitation, 5. Basic Education and Literacy, 6. Economic and Community Development.
Foundation Fund Raiser at Oro Valley Gaslight Theater on 11/21/2018. Johnny Cash tribute. Order tickets at District 5500 website.
Rachel Cheeseman installed as new member of our club last Friday. Welcome Rachel. Rachel mentioned IRS publication #5307 that explains new tax filing information. Rachel had the distinction of being our newest member for a grand total of 3 and 1/2 days.
Tony brought Beckie to the podium where he shared some of her history. Denise West was the Club member that first discussed joining Rotary. Thanks, Denise. Beckie and husband Carl, married for 48 years, relocated to Tucson from Salt Lake City to be near their daughter and new granddaughter. Beckie has jumped right in and has volunteered for several projects even before today's meeting. She has a background in business services, specifically credit and debit processing and Lynne has already benefited from her expertise. Tony then inducted Beckie as our newest member and appointed her to the fundraiser committee. It was great to have her family here for the induction.
Happy Bucks
John D-He and Mary went all in against four seven's at the Old Pueblo Rotary's poker fundraiser Saturday night. They were both out before the break and Randy was able to see them get eliminated as he had been eliminated fifteen minutes earlier.
Randy, Rachel, Denise, Mary, David, Richie and others happy for our new members and for John's 70th.
Don- Shelterbox donation and new members
John Zwick-70 years of marriage to same woman, Sylvia
Joke Off
Maeve-New teacher was trying out her recently gained knowledge of child psychology. She asked the class to stand up if they think they are stupid. Finally after a long pause little Johnny stood. The teacher then asked Johnny, "Do you really feel you are stupid?" Little Johnny replied, "No. but I did not want you to be the only one standing."
Lynne-Priest, doctor and engineer playing golf. Group ahead were playing very slowly. The Ranger comes up and explains that the slow group were all blind firefighters who were injured saving the clubhouse last year when it caught fire. The priest says he will say a mass for their recovery, the doctor says he will consult with his good friend from medical school who was a top rated ophthalmologist and the engineer says, "Why don't they play at night?"
Both rated a strong seven on the laugh-o-meter. We may have to go to a show of hands next time to determine the winner.
Mary won and lost with the 8 of clubs.
Denise, our speaker scheduler, introduced Jeanmarie Schiller-McGinnis. Jeanmarie is President of Hearts That Purr Feline Guardians. This organization provides shelter and loving care for felines made homeless due to the terminal illness, incapacitation or death of their owners. Many of these pets are hard to find new homes for they are often older and may have other characteristics  consider not desireable.
Hearts That Purr has a website at WWW.HEARTSTHATPURR.ORG and they can be reached by phone at 520-297-3780 and by email at
Hope to see many of you Saturday at the Aid Station and 11/21/2018 at the Gaslight Theater show and fund raiser.
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Rotary Meeting Nov 6, 2018

Rotary Club of Marana
 President Hunter led us in the Pledge. He followed with his guitar as we all more or less chimed in singing "Here Comes The Sun". While we could not compete with George Harrison's version(the song writer) or with Richie Havens(the best version of the song IMHO) we did attempt to sing along. George wrote the song at Eric Clapton's home in the year 1969 when he had temporarily left the Beatles due to the constant demands of Apple studios and his arrested for marijuana possession. After a rough cold winter the song reflects his welcoming of the warm spring sun.
Moving on, party this Friday at my home. Hope to see many of you there with guests.
This Saturday Old Pueblo Rotary's annual Poker fundraiser at the Viscount Hotel. Food at five cards at six. Only $60. Let's support them if at all possible.
Youngest person in attendance award goes to Charlie Benner, age six months, who was accompanied by his father.
Thank you to anyone who supported BSA and their popcorn fundraiser.
 Mary explained TRF (The Rotary Foundation). As District Chair, Mary explained Rotary has three legs. #1 The Clubs, #2 Rotary International and #3 TRF. TRF recives the highest ratings possible for charitable organizations. Money given to TRF is returned to the Districts after three years of interest earning which TRF keeps. TRF money goes to District Grants, Polio fight, Peace Scholars and Global Grants.
 MCAT Student of the Month is Yazmin Lopez. Yazmin was accompanied by her sister, parents Javier and Yanicel and Laura Garcia her student support coach. Yazmin is a K through 12 MUSD student. She plans on attending PCC to study surgical technology. As is our standard practice she received a certificate suitable for framing (we have frames Tony in the cabinet) and movie tickets.
Mary drew her own raffle ticket but her luck stopped there with the Ace of Clubs, I believe.
Joke Off
Maeve-Candy corn looks like Trump
Lynne- It sounded like Weasel goes into a bar and when asked for drink order "Pop goes the weasel."   I may have that wrong because a few people laughed. 
John- Did you hear about the termite that walked into the bar and asked "Where's the bar tender?'
Our speaker Janet Pipes gave us a horrifying glimpse into the world of guardianship and probate gone wrong. Numerous examples of judges and attorneys not acting in the best interest of their wards. Two hand outs provide detail accounts of actual cases and the prevalence of these actions all over the USA, especially Florida, Nevada and Arizona where retirees/elderly flock. Several books were referenced as well as contact information provided. Final words were to record review of your will with heirs and fight/fight/fight a court appointed guardian.
Board meeting tomorrow at John Dooling's office to start at 5:15pm.
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Rotary Meeting  Oct 30, 2018

Rotary Club of Marana
Following the Pledge John, at the encouragement of Maeve, led the sparse "crowd" of ten people in a Halloween tune of "Itsy Bitsy Spider" complete with hand and arm imaging. We sounded better than usual, if you can believe that. Maeve also managed to have candy corn on each table. Thanks Maeve.
President Tony tried his darndest to squeeze a thought out of the membership. Failing that he went to the time trusted Transcendental Meditation. However, without Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (the Beatles Guru) I fear this was a bust also. OHMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. Maybe incense next week?
I salute that eternal bridesmaid Becky Penman who again was promised membership in the near future. We gotta speed this up. She has better attendance than a few members. By the way, if anyone needs Merchant Services debit/credit card processing done at their business Becky is your woman. Testimonial from our own Lynne Himmer.
This past week saw the tragic killing of eleven people at a Synagogue in Pittsburgh by a deranged soul professing far right anti Jew ideology. Mary mentioned tht her father was from that neighborhood. At this writing a number of our members have pledged donations to the Rotary Club of Marana's Foundation to be sent to assist with the immigrant assistance program called HIAS operating from the facility where the attack occurred. It is believed the attack was partially due to the wonderful work being done by HIAS.
Foundation "Fundation" Day is 11/3/2018. See District Newsletter for more info.
Club elections coming up. Those interested in board positions please see Tony and volunteer. You will be treated with kid gloves if you volunteer and boxing gloves if you are volunteered.
Incoming District Governor will have a "Mexican Riviera" cruise as her District Conference next year. PDG Tom Tilton did this a few years ago and was a great success.
Tour de Tucson quick notes. 8A meet at McDonalds on Tangerine to have coffee/breakfast before set up. Best riders come through around 10:15. We are not certain, but Dan said this might be Marana Rotary's 143rd year of participating in this wonderful event begun in 1983 by Richard DeBernardis. Maeve has organized the tables/chairs/tents/work schedule basically everything for the event.
Come see "Johnny Cash" at the Oro Valley Gaslight Theater on Wednesday 11/21/2018. Proceeds to End Polio. Best pricing available through District 5500 website
Tucson Presidio Rotary's Passport fundraiser this Saturday. Each participant, for $50, gets a taste of about 10 or 12 downtown restaurants 
and a drink at each! See for more info.
Dan gave us a complete update on our own Tour de Cookie event scheduled 3/9/2019.
Happy Bucks
John and John-We like dessert with breakfast (candy corn)
Randy-Give what you can. Do not get discouraged by all the requests for moola this time of the year.
Richie-Last week of BSA popcorn sales. Give your order to Richie next week! also, something about the Redsox.
Lynne-Something about the Redsox.
Don-He was not here, but if he were it would be something about the Redsox.
Several other donations for happy bucks, but heck if I know why their comments are not in my notes. Repeat it next week and I promise to publish.
Joke Off
Maeve-Little kid came trick or treating to the door in a suit and tie. Said I am from the IRS took 40% of the candy and left without saying thank you.
Lynne- Woman enjoying the company of her husbands best friend. They were interrupted by the phone. Woman answers, "Yes, that is great." "Wow, sounds like a good time." "Good to hear from you". Woman hangs up.
Husbands friend says "who was that?" 
Woman responds, "That was my husband telling me what a great time he is having on the fishing trip with you."
Considering the timeliness of Maeve's joke gotta go with her on this one.
Maeve, seems like I have mentioned her a lot today, won and lost with the king of Hearts. Pot up to 275,000 pennies. Hard to compete with Mega millions and Powerball.
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Rotary Meeting Oct 23, 2018

Rotary Club of Marana
 Richie, there is only one "R" in my last name, Benner rang in the meeting due to Tony's absence. He called upon the gray haired, grizzled and wise yours truly to lead the pledge. Lynne led us in a rousing rendition of Take Me Out To The Ball Game in honor of the World Series which starts today. From various comments it appears the Bosox are favored over da Bums by our membership. Looking forward to a great Series.
Linda Bishop, wife of Bob, graced us with her appearance along with perennial guest soon to be member Becky Penman (like penmanship without the ship).
Maeve again went over Tour De Tucson event. All worker bees invited to meet at the McDonalds on   Tangerine at 8AM 11/17/2018.
Mary announced a fund raiser for the Foundation, she is district chair, for the Oro Valley Gaslight theater on 11/21 and another Foundation Day event on 11/3/2018. Please reference your District newsletter for details. If you are not receiving the district newsletter please let me know and I will look into it. Mary also noted January is Foundation month.
Thanks to Tony, Dan, Rachel, Randy, Deb, Mary and anyone I may have overlooked for assisting with the painting of the Road Runner school bathrooms. This was in conjunction with the United Way Volunteer Day. Rachel also noted volunteers from our club are assisting with tax returns for the elderly at the Marana Senior Center in conjunction with the United Way. I believe Randy and Deb are helping and possibly others I am leaving out.
Happy Bucks
John-Columbia River paddle wheeler trip and jet boat on the Snake. Also, proud papa as his oldest received national recognition by the Pharmaceutical Industry for Technological Advancement in Pharmacology.
Dan-Volunteer painters at RR School
Don-Boston Red Sox
Bob (and Linda)-headed to Hawaii
Denise-Sorry, missed it
Rachel-baseball good times
Richie- weather and successful BSA event(nobody died) Reminds me of a comment by our football coach sophomore year. We got beat 56 to 12. Coach's comment "Well look on the bright side, nobody got hurt!"
Mary-Thanked Javier
Becky-headed for Salt Lake City and a grand kid fix (or just got back?)
Randy-Becky's admission to membership........some day.
Maeve-A reference to Snake Farm Insurance, or was that me?
Getting a little long winded here so..... Maeve led off with the four time wedded lady who explained why she married each gentleman. One for the money (Banker) two for the show (circus ringmaster) three to get ready (teacher???) and four to go (mortician) good effort Maeve.
Lynne gave us the strength exercise That starts out with 5 pound potato sacks while gradually increasing to 100 pound potato sacks with each arm! Next step is to add some taters to each bag. Some genuine laughter was heard.
Richie won and lost with the 10 of Clubs. Pot is now over $20.
 Border Patrol speakers, whose names I did not catch spoke of Tan, Blue and Green uniform branches. Air and Marine wear tan, Office of the Field at the border stations wear blue and the USBP running check stations and desert searches wear green.
Daily events were cited on June 6,20,22; July 2,5,8,17 all of which were newsworthy. Most of the folks crossing the border are asylum seekers. Court dates are a year and a half away.Once captured BP job is done. They hand them over to ICE or to which ever jurisdiction is in charge. 
Timely topic as an estimated 5,000 Hondurans are passing through Mexico as this is written. Club did a good job of tip toeing around this delicate subject without politics rearing its head.
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Rotary Meeting Oct 9, 2018

Rotary Club of Marana
The day started a bit chilly in the Sonoran Desert. 
Guests included:
Prospective member Beckie
Mary’s daughter-Lily 
Randy’s wife-Deb
Janette Butcher- interested member 
Randy. Gave out invitations to our November 9th Rotary Membership Open House. There will be three different kinds of meats, a wine pairing and “children’s drinks” for those of us who don’t drink 
Richie- October 20th Days of Caring Project. October 20th 8am at Roadrunner Elementary School. Our Interact club will be there and brining 9 youth to help with the projects
Maeve- reminder about El Tour aid station on November 17th. Same location as last year. We need people to sign up and volunteer. The board voted to have a flag banner for the tour station.
Dan- next week we will begin our planning meetings for the Tour de Cookie. 
Happy Bucks:
John is happy to be home. Forrest fires were a big issue 
Mary- She was happy that Lily ate Javiers breakfast
Rachel is happy about visiting her best friend on earth as well as going to the Balloon Festival In Albuquerque. 
Maeve- (from her 8 year old granddaughter) a knock knock joke about remembering her... we all didn’t 
Bob- had a lawyer joke... out in the woods... the check is in the male....
People were happy for John to be home, the weather and our several guests
Our guest Janette won and then lost the raffle.
 Randy and Mary presented on their trip to Cameroon. For international projects there has to be two clubs. One is the host club (Cameroon) and the other is an international club (Marana). We write the grant and raise the money and the host club is responsible for oversight and implementation for three years. 
MAROUA is the capital of the Far North Region of Cameroon. The area borders Nigeria and Chad. In the river that they use for their water source there are people who was their motorcycle, rugs and clothes. They also use it to bath and use the area around it as a bathroom facility. This is a big reason why the project is necessary.
Millet is their primary food source. Millets are a group of highly variable small-seeded grasses, widely grown around the world as cereal crops or grains for fodder and human food
We have two goals with the project: Economy and Education. We want to focus on education but we cannot get there without addressing the economy. When we asked the villagers as to why they want this issue fixed, the primary reason is money. They want their daughters educated and not married off at a young age. 15 is the legal age for young women to be married off and most are due to financial constraints on families in the villages. 30% of the Net proceeds will go to families to help defray a majority of the costs for families that can not afford it. 
Sustainability is a long term goal of this project. Our project will get the village up and going for the first year. We will provide fabric, sewing machines, embroidery machines etc.
On the education side we need to do many things. The first is to build a well for the use of a garden to feed children. The idea is primarily for kindergarten students as they miss out on early childhood education because they can’t walk home to get lunch. We will also build 6 latrines for the school use. We will also buy 30 heads of cattle to provide milk for the students and eventually meat for the village. Finally we will be providing the school with supplies for their classrooms. 

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Rotary Meeting Oct 2, 2018

Rotary Club of Marana
President Hunter requested John Dooling to lead the pledge and he/I did.Mary Straus requested "This Little Light of Mine" as the song of the week. Tony played his guitar admirably and I do believe ALL joined in. It got better the longer we sang and ended with many clapping to the beat. Those who have attended our meetings in the past are rightfully doubting  recall of this mornings meeting, but I am tellin ya it was GREAT! Eighty-eight% of our members were in attendance!
Guests galore included Rotarians and former Rotarians Jane Howell, Stephanie Rojas, Debbie Conover as well as speaker Roger Forrester,  guest/new member Rachel Cheeseman and soon to be new member Becky Penman. Plus the MCAT folks, named below.
Some reminders-El Tour de Tucson November 17th (Moore and Camino de Oeste)(Peter Mack has the signage), United Way Days of Caring October 19th and 20th, Volunteer opportunities with BSA this weekend.
 MCAT Student of the month is Kayla Hayes. Joining Kayla were her father Clint, Pricipal Denise Coronado and Teacher Mr Bowen. Kaylas has been a MUSD student for her entire education. She combats anxiety on a daily basis, but has blossomed in the MCAT environment, as did her sister ten years ago.Kayla hails from a family of seven and plans to attend Pima Community College and study Care Giving and/or medical field. She was presented with a Certificate of Academic Achievement and Harkin's movie tickets by The Rotary Club of Marana.
Happy Bucks
John- Gone next two weeks. Richie will write up the meetings and Harold will keep attendance. John happy that Randy applied direct pressure to stop bleeding of Cindy Dooling's head after she fell at the Hospitality Event Friday. Alcohol was NOT involved!
Dan-Good to see biggest Brown's fan Debbie Conover
Randy-Great Conference and speakers plus new member Rachel
Deb Conover-Rotary's RV Club will be in Hamburg at International Conference
Don-Student of the Month
Peter-Actually a sad buck. Could not find the beer tent at Marana Farm Festival last Saturday(to volunteer)
David-Student of the Month and fact that we skipped "pins and badges"
Becky-Husband and daughter's birthdays
Jane-Good to be here
Denise-Student of the Month
Roger-Thank for the invite
Bob-Missed it
Mary-Cameroon Grant is progressing
Rachel-Thanks to Mary, Randy and Deb volunteering for the UW tax prep for elderly
Tony-Missed it
Maeve-Sunday breakfast at Nana's
Lynne-Dissed Richie then said "Yea Pats" Football talk, I think.
Joke Off
Maeve led off with ventriloquist (I just spelled that without cheating) who was doing 100% "dumb blonde" jokes. Finally a blonde lady in the audience stands up and really lays into him. The ventriloquist apologizes profusely when the blonde replies "I am not talking to you, I'm talking to your partner."
Lynn-Why did the golfer wear two pair of pants? In case he gets a hole-in-one!
Personally, I liked them both. Of course I liked them both when I first heard them too, back in the 1960's. On a very close call I am giving this one to Maeve.
Harold "The Shark" Burtzloff tried taking two cards in the raffle. Javier was all over him like a cheap suit. Neither card was a winner.
Denise did a fine job of introducing Roger and Jane. "Back To Work" 50 plus is a Pima Community College program that is 65% funded by AARP. They assist folks 50 and over seeking full or part time work as well as employers looking for employees. The work force is made up of 25% over the age of 50. The program provides Job search skills, coaching, computer training, job placement and employer relations  and lasts one month. The program is about 4.5 years old.
Also mentioned is PCC's 50% tuition offer for those 55 and older.
Board meeting tomorrow at 5:30pm. Call 744-3998 for directions.
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Rotary Meeting Sept 25, 2018

Rotary Club of Marana
At the request of President Tony Hunter Dan Contorno led us in the Pledge. Next we had a prayer for the first time in a long long time. Maeve Johnson did the nondenominational honors. NEXT CAME MUSIC! Tony and his guitar plucked out This Land Is Your Land and numerous people chimed in. At Tony's request we sang in "G", but next time maybe we can try "E" or "D" keys? Da Da Da Daaaaaaaa.
Lots of guests today with Rotarians: Tom Nydecker-Peta Luma, Ralph ?-Dove Mtn, Rich Chimbles-Oro Valley, Saad Allawi-Oro Valley. Also with us today are new member applicants Becky Penman and Rachel Cheeseman. Welcome all.
Tony reminded the club that members may register for a single day if scheduling does not permit attending the full Conference this weekend. John Dooling will be sponsoring our Hospitality room Friday evening and requests everyone drop by.
Rachel Cheeseman requested anyone willing and able to assist with the United Way's tax preparation program at the Marana Senior Center to see her. With four hours of training and volunteering only four hours per week you can help the needy/elderly to complete their returns. She also suggested members may want to go to the United Way website to learn more about this program and the United Way Volunteer Day and the numerous areas available for volunteerism on that day.
Ralph is looking for assistance with this weekends Beer Garden at the Marana Cotton Festival. He apologized for the short notice. Our club has assisted in the past and earned a thousand or so, if memory serves. 
 Kathleen Nabors advises there are currently a dozen students interested in Interact Club at Tortolita. They will be assisting in the Tour de Tucson Rotary aid station. Mary suggested the possibility of the Interact folks getting in on the Four Way Test scholarship opportunity.
Happy Bucks
Harold-Paid off his IOU from last week
John-Dodger game and all the guests
Ralph-Any day above ground is a good day
Richie-Something about the Steelers' and Charlie rolled over! 
Mary, Dan, Bob, Peter, Randy, Rachel, Maeve, Lynne and others all happy and willing to give a dollar or more to say so.
Laugh Off
Maeve-A good one about drunkeness and leading a low worthless life with an unexpected punchline concerning the leader of the Catholic faith.
 Lynne-Ray and Blanche visited the State Fair and every time Ray would say "Let's go for the helicopter ride!" Blanche would retort "Ray, its $50 bucks and $50 bucks is $50 bucks."
After many years of this routine and Ray turning 85, the pilot overheard this same old conversation regarding $50 bucks is $50 bucks and we cannot afford it." The pilot offered "I'll give you a free ride if you do not say anything during the ride, other wise you have to pay." Ray and Blanche agreed and climbed aboard. The pilot did barrel rolls, loop de loops both inside and outside, straight up then straight down, but nary a word from the couple. Finally the pilot sat the chopper down and without turning around said "Well I must say I am surprised that not a word was said. The ride is free."
Ray replied, "I wanted to say something when Blanche fell out, but $50 bucks is $50 bucks!"
 Saad Allawi is an Iraq native, author, business consultant, software developer, mechanical engineer, Rotarian and today's speaker. The topic was Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) for Traumatic Brain Injury and Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. This therapy has been used for years in numerous countries. The patient is placed in a pressurized chamber with 100% oxygen piped in. There are two chambers in AZ one of which is in Tucson. The federal government allows it for wound treatment for diabetics and to treat people who have been poisoned with Carbon Monoxide. Proponets say it has numerous other uses. Presently there is a bottoms up effort among twenty states to receive approval for using this "cure" vs "symptom treatment" modality.
For more information go to  our Rotary Club of Marana Facebook page or
Todays' meeting has been faithfully recorded in exact detail by your scribe, John Dooling
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Rotary Meeting Sept 18, 2018

Rotary Club of Marana
President Hunter rang in the meeting to a full house. Eighty-seven percent attendance plus three guests and our speaker. In spite of this plethora of outwardly appearing intelligent folk nary a thought could be gleaned from any of the attendees. When an appeal for anyone with a song in their heart was made this too resulted in an awkward silence. Tony saved the day with a promise of bringing his guitar next week.
Guests included Becky Penman who has relocated from Utah to be near her daughter and grandchild. Becky is a prospective member. 
Marc Snow, Oro Valley Rotarian who wanted to here our presenter.
Rachel Cheeseman, prospective member who has visited four or five times I believe.
Abigail Wilhelm, our speaker, from "free ever after."
 The Club welcomed back Randy and Mary from Cameroon project assessment  trip.  They arrived back in Tucson at 11pm last night after a 36 hour journey. They met with over 300 villagers, a hydrologist, a representative of The Ministry of women Empowerment and many many others. No sightseeing or fancy dining. This was a working experience. They were welcomed by the Rotary Club of Maroua. However, there was a distinct feeling that the villagers were suspicious of these two fair skinned foreigners. Randy mused that perhaps this derives from an historical perspective of  white interaction in African continent. Buba Hamadou, the Tucson Rotarian and a Cameroonian indicated there is a cultural paranoia when it comes to outsiders. After our weary travelers have a chance to sync with Tucson time I am sure we will learn more.
President Hunter sat in on the nominating committee for our DGE. A woman was chosen, who would be the third female in a row to hold the position of District Governor.
Tony also spoke of involvement by our club with Rotary's Freedom United. More on this later.
Happy Bucks
John- Happy for all the guests and our travelers safe return
David-Happy that the rattlesnake that was hanging out by his mailbox did not strike
Mary, Bob, Rachel, Denise, Marc Snow-All happy
Harold -$5 IOU happy about something
Peter-Wheels touched down in Tucson for a week after five weeks in Chili
Randy-Happy Mary and he returned safely and that the proposed Cameroon project will improve/save thousands of lives
Richie-Happy he was late????? May have been more to that.
Joke Off
Lynne won in a near unanimous decision. It was not close. Dominating. One sided. Did I mention Maeve was not here today?
 Lynne had a segue for the ages. Following Randy and Mary's description of the very needy people in Cameroon, Lynne began with "On a lighter side a man had a heart attack". I kid you not, That's verbatim.
Anyway, when he wakes up in the hospital there is a nun by his bedside. She abruptly asks how "How are you going to pay?"  His response "I don't know."
Looking at the clipboard in her lap she asks,
"Do you have money?"   "no."
" Do you have insurance?"   "no"
"Do you have family?" He responds yes, but my only sibling is a spinster nun."
The nun looks up from her clipboard and says "Nuns are not spinsters they are married to God!"
The man replies, "Well send the bill to my brother-in-law."
 Abigail Wilhelm spoke on the mission and vision of "free ever after" Bridal Boutique. Sex trafficking occurs when there is force, coercion or fraud involved in a sex act for commercial purposes. This often occurs at an early age and the victims are not aware until later that their choices in life were taken before thy knew they had any. Sex trafficking is ongoing worldwide and Tucson is no exception. Often sex traffickers will follow major events such as sporting venues and even the Gem Show. 
The Bridal Boutique raises money via donated bridal gowns , they have over two hundred, that are sold to the public and occasionally given to victims. "free ever after" also sponsors 14 women in a mentoring program, led by a victim, that attempts to teach empowerment to women who have had little if any experience in that regard.
For more information or to donate go to
This scholarly synthesis has been brought to you by your Club Secretary, John Dooling. Complaints, concerns, additions or deletions  should be submitted on the back of a twenty dollar bill and discretely slipped to me at our next meeting on 9/25/2018.
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Rotary Meeting Sept 11, 2018

Rotary Club of Marana
Our meeting began a usual with The Pledge of Allegiance from 85% plus of our members in attendance. With Randy and Mar overseas on a Rotary project this is an excellent representation for our club. There was no singing and no thoughts were asked for or received. Possibly this was due to an extremely full meeting schedule. I like to think that is why. Or maybe I was not paying attention. Moving on.
Guests were aplenty:
Janis Wilkom from Interfaith Community Services is our speaker
Merri Kae Vanderpleug who is a Rotarian and has moved here from  Virginia and will be joining our club. Merri Kae is a counselor for MHS.
Rachel Cheeseman, prospective member visiting for the third time.
Denise Coronado- Administrator, Mr Todd-Math Teacher and Caleb Hines-Student of the Month all from MCAT. 
Some announcements included Maeve working on 11/17/18 Tour de Tucson, Don Jorgenson awarded 2018 Presidential Volunteer Service Award for assisting Shelterbox International,  Shelterbox nominated for Nobel Peace Prize. FYI-Our Club has participated in multiple Shelterbox purchases over the years.
 Caleb Hines is a K through 12 MUSD student. Mr Todd says Caleb is alert and attentive in the classroom and assists others in class and this is why he nominated Caleb for this award. Caleb intends to relocate to Nashville after graduation and become a tattoo artist with emphasis on "artist". He will be taking his guitar and possibly taking advantage of some "open mic" nights. With Caleb, Mr Todd and President Hunter all being guitarists and all at the podium together this writer was disappointed that NOT ONE thought to bring their instrument with them.
Happy Bucks
Many remembered the solemn occasion of the anniversary of 9/11. In addition:
Merri Kae-Son's upcoming birthday in a day or two and happy he was not born on the exact day the US was attacked.
Don-Headed to Denver
Rachel-Pastry Chef friend in Denver and somehow that leads to free vacations
Denise, Dan, Richie and others-Student of the Month
Tony reminded us all that two of our members, Mary and Randy, are in Cameroon assessing the grant proposal. We look forward to their safe return
Joke Off
Two jokes similar in style and substance. The normal groans were not heard and chuckling seemed more polite than spontaneous. We have come to expect a higher level of idiocy.
Lynne led off with two Habitat for Humanity volunteers with one tossing half her nails away thinking they were defective, not realizing they were for the other side of the dwelling. (Lynne, I apologize if I missed the punch line as I had heard variations of this joke before and my mind may have wandered.
Maeve followed up with the worker bagging M&M's and tossing out about half as they were stamped with W's! 
 Janis Wilkom worked as a docent and met an elderly woman who needed assistance in order to remain in her home.This led Janis to Interfaith Community Services (ICS). ICS is a Four Star National Non Profit organization made up of 105 different faith communities in Tucson and surrounding area. ICS has four main avenues of service 1. Care Giving and Senior Services, the one Janis participates in, 2. Emergency Services, 3. Self-Sufficiency Programs and 4. Communiy Health Outreach. Space does not allow a detailed list of services, but I would encourage you to check out ICS at or call 520-297-6049.
Your Scribe,
John Dooling
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Rotary Meeting Sept 4. 2018

Rotary Club of Marana
Twelve of our members attended today's meeting along with guest speaker T Van Hook and former Illinoisian and former Rotarian John Johnson.
President Tony rang the bell and led us in the pledge. With precious few thoughts and with none to be shared publicly, Randy Brooks saved the day with a brief rendition of one of his favorite songs. Showing the depth of his empathy, earned over decades counseling the unfortunate,  Randy's "If Your Worthless and You Know It Clap Your Hands" submission left us all speechless.(eyes blinking mouth agape)
Pantano Rotary is having a mixer this Thursday at BJ's on Broadway. All are welcomed to attend.
Next week we have a speaker from Mobile Meals AND MCAT Student of the Month. 
We will be having a Hospitality Room, shared with the Oro Valley Club Friday evening of the District conference. Thanks John for stepping up. You're welcome, John.
District has asked that we assist with the Four Way Test Contest for High School Students. It has been many years since our club participated but sounds like all those in attendance think it is a good idea. Our Interact students, being in 8th grade, are too young to participate.
Maeve gave more info regards Tour De Tucson aide station. Location will again be Moore and Camino de la Oeste. Harold and John Z have setup with Denise in charge of food. We will have Burma Shave signs again and all workers plan to meet at 7AM at MacDonalds the morning of the race for breakfast.
Mary Straus updated Cameroon assessment trip. Phil Silvers, Tucson Rotarian Renowned and former RI Director, believes Cameroon project is well within reason when it comes to potential danger. Cameroon is NOT on the Rotary "Do Not Travel" list. There are still some serious reservations among members, but all will welcome Randy and Mary back mid September with open arms.
Happy Bucks
Everybody happy. Mary got a dollar from her financial adviser (Maeve) so she was REALLY happy. Even "T" Van Hook (former Marana Rotarian)was $5 happy and she donated $200 to the Cameroon Assessment Travel Budget. Thanks "T". "T" also won and lost with the 9 of Diamonds.
Joke Off
Maeve gave us the old "UR a Pe un" bathroom joke while Lynne came in with a Little Mary joke. (Wonder if Little Mary knows Dirty Ernie). Well, Mary's mind went right to the gutter when the teacher asked what organ grows by a factor of ten when stimulated. Long story short the answer is your pupils and Mary will be disappointed on her wedding night.
Not to be denied, John (me) entered with "Anyone heard about the smallest zoo in the world?" "Only has one animal and it is a dog" It's a real Shitzu."
Now that's funny.
"T" has been CEO of Habitat for Humanity (HH)  for over four years. HH and Rotary International have had a working relationship for thirty years. The intent of HH is to break the cycle of poverty. While new homes get all the pres HH actually renovates over 100 homes every year.  There are over 55,000 homes not up to code in Tucson.
New homes are sold not given to recipients at very very low interest rates. Sales price is based on appraisal.  Recipients (all inhabitants over age 18) must donate 250 hours towards the home construction and there are 9 months of basic consumer ed classes that are mandatory.
One third of HH's revenue comes from their thrift Habistore located at 835 W Grant. Money is also raised via the sale of the homes.
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Rotary Meeting Aug 28, 2018

Rotary Club of Marana
President Hunter led us in the Pledge followed by introduction of speaker/guests Elsa Jacklitch and Sabrina Ray of Hughes Federal Credit Union. Also back to observe and join our club is Rachel Cheeseman. Randy Brooks provided her with membership application papers.
Tony is not getting much sleep due to that dang puppy so we all had to suffer through another meeting sans guitar music. Suggested name for new puppy-"Downer".
Thoughts were rare, when Randy suggested a moment of silence for the passing of US Senator from AZ, John McCain. This was later followed by Denise West's recommendations regarding wiping out negative feelings, popping the despair bubble and experience the joy of a pet or good book. 
Mary Straus took the floor and led a discussion on our Adopt a Village in Cameroon project. On September 8th Randy and Mary plan to board a plane with final travel destination of Malam-Petel in the far northern Region of Cameroon. This area has outstanding travel advisories from The French, United Kingdom and US Department of States. Violent crimes such as carjacking, armed robbery and terrorism are common. In addition there is tremendous civil unrest with  French vs English speaking populace attacking and killing each, other leading up to this fall's election. Of the three types of advisories 1)See our advice before traveling, 2) Advise against all but essential travel and 3) Advise against ALL travel,  Malam-Petel falls into category #3.
Mary explained that with out The Assessment Team (Randy and Mary) pre-visiting the area there will be no international grant. Both she and Randy downplayed the danger saying Bouba Hamadou, a local Tucson Rotarian and Village Chief from the area says the danger is not really a major concern. Mary also stated they will be accompanied at all times by local leaders and even military. Cameroon is not on RI's Do Not Travel list.  One of our members, Bob Bishop has decided not to go, but has generously donated money for the cause. Concern was mentioned that if the project received the go ahead by Rotary International few if any members may wish to participate in person whenever the project should come to fruition. Mary acknowledged this and indicated after the assessment and hoped for approval the entire project very possibly would be turned over to the locals without our Club member hands on involvement. I believe this was the first the club has heard of this possible eventuality. No doubt there is significant need in the area and both travelers fully understand the potential danger.  Bottom line the very real danger is not 100%,  nor is it 0%, but somewhere in between. Some club members believe discretion is the better part of valor while others prefer, as Mark Twain once said, “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore! Dream! Discover!” If I may speak for the group, I hope Mark is right in this case.
Maeve gave some updates on the Tour de Tucson Rotary Aid Station.
Maeve announced Ed Stolmaker's retirement as Director of the Marana Chamber.
District Conference coming up fast and we need a volunteer to manage/host our Hospitality Room on the evening of the 28th.
Happy Bucks
Javier-Oops. He left the meeting to get CO2 for beer.
Denise, Rachel, Mary and Randy all happy and I apologize for not hearing why. Maybe we can pass the mic around so Harold (my hearing aide) and I will know what is all the happiness about on the south side of the room. (Which explains why yours truly got up to adjust our banners (read blinds) during the meeting. Hard to get visual cues staring into the sun
Lynne's joke won hands down over Maeve's I-da-ho. 
Wife told her husband, who had forgotten her birthday, I want to see something in my drive way tomorrow that goes from 0 to 200 in just seconds. The next morning the wife sees a package in the drive, opens it and finds .................a bathroom scale!
Hughes Federal Credit Union has 123,000 members and ix locations in Tucson. Founded in 1952 they are members of a Credit Union organization with 5,600 locations throughout the US with 30,000 ATM's.
Auto loans are not "risk based" as same rate applies to all. They have seen auto loans with 20 to 25 percent being charged. Their arte is 4.9% for 72 months. Various CD and checking account programs were discussed. They Auto, home, boat, RV and many other kind of loans.
For additional information click here:
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Rotary Meeting Aug 21 2018

Rotary Club of Marana
President Hunter was greeted by 100% attendance (not counting two on extended leave) and rang in the meeting with  a precision strike of our large brass Rotary Club of Marana Bell. Following the pledge, with no guitar and a thoughtless crowd, our leader went straight to welcoming back member Harold Burtzloff. Harold is back about a month earlier than planned, but no one is complaining. His brief but memorable description of Manure, North Dakota (preferred spelling Medora) and the surrounding Roosevelt National Park made all in attendance except President Hunter want to visit. 
Our sole guest is Rachel Cheeseman, last weeks speaker. Possible member?
Maeve commented on her visit to the Port of Tucson sponsored by The Presidio Rotary Club and Rotarian/former Tucson mayor, Bob Walkup. The Port has just entered an agreement with Amazon for a major distribution center.
District conference coming fast and the $79 a night Double Tree rooms are also going fast! The evening of Friday September 28th is the hospitality night and our club will be hosting a room, as we have done many, many times in the past. All members are encouraged to attend some if not all of the conference.
Don spoke of the great need for Shelterbox's all over the world especially Indonesia where the proud leaders do not want to accept outside help, but where internal Rotary Clubs may work with clubs around the globe ,thus bypassing the regulations. Of course Quatamala and now India are in great need as well.
Happy Bucks
Richie-Baby son Charlie getting his immunization shots and Richie will be out of state for a couple of weeks
Harold-Good to be back
David-May be the only one in Pima County that enjoyed the haboob
Randy-Happy Don is leaving and many other reasons
Tony-I laugh while I write this, Tony happy because he has a Great Dane puppy plus pocketed a dollar from Maeve
Maeve-Complimented Javier on the tasty quiche
Joke Off
Three nuns died. Oh, the hilarity. Excuse me while I compose myself........St Peter, guardian of the Golden Gates, asks an entry question of each of the three. The first two get very easy questions regarding Christmas and Easter and Trumpets blare as the Gate open then closes respectively as the first two enter heaven. The third nun gets the question "What were the first words Eve said to Adam." The nun replied "Boy, that's a hard one." The trumpets blared a third time.
Maeve may have had a winner, but decided to go with a loser joke vs club banishment with possible filing of obscenity charges. GOOD THINKING MAEVE! Maeve's punch line "Small Medium at Large" did bring forth a few titters from the crowd, most of whom heard this joke last century. Love you Maeve, but I am just trying to do my Simon Cowell impersonation. Nothing personal.
Denise squeezed in a third joke, just under the gavel, of "What do you call a lazy joey kangaroo?" A pouch potato!
Don (again) +ticket #0+7C=$0 payout. Is Don really lucky or not. Hmmm.
Margie our speaker and a Rotarian, spoke of her own franchise home care business, "HomeWatch Care Givers". Margie's talk touched on the needs of folks with dementia, legal documents we should all have, AZ state regulatory overview of care providers and Long Term Care Insurance. As was the case last week, I recommend those interested in additional information go to our Rotary Club of Marana Facebook Page for a fantastic write up by our own Richie Benner. Please feel free to share this and past Facebook postings. Richie is doing a great job and sharing his posts will help with recruiting.
Our speaker was rewarded with not ONLY a cowbell, but also flowers!!!!!!!!!!!! If word gets out the speakers will be lined up out the door and down the block.
Til next week.............
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Rotary Meeting Aug 14, 2018

Rotary Club of Marana
Ya'll better read these damn things as I just spent forty minutes a huntin and a peckin just to have the work of art get lost in cyber land. Snivel.
The Wise, Benevolent and migraine free President Tony Hunter returned this week with guitar in hand. After The Pledge and Denise West's reading of the Thought for the Day (All family are not "blood. In the lost version I had more, but this was a very well received Thought of the Day) Tony attempted to make up for his past misguided foray into our collective musical minds when the Beatles Yellow Submarine went over like the proverbial lead balloon two years ago. This time, while not receiving the Gold Buzzer, Tony definitely made it into the next round with  his sing along rendition of Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire".  This writer hopes that President Tony has a few more "hankerings" to play some JC for us now that he knows our sweet spot.
RandyB then shared with us a little known fact that Mr Cash and the carter Family turned down a boat full of money from the maker of Preparation H who wanted to use the song in its commercials. It is this kind of nugget that keeps me coming back each week as a proud Rotarian yearning to learn.
Ellie Patterson, DGE was our guest.
Tony Hunter and Richie Benner attended Rotary member recruitment seminar in Green Valley and came back with lots of good information to share.
Bob Bishop attended Rotary/Hope 4 Kids water conservation seminar in Phoenix last Saturday.
Mary says Cameroon project progressing and she and RandyB are soon headed to Africa for the required project assessment. Safety is of paramount concern since apparently Cameroon is not in Kansas.
Joke Off
Lynne, the only contestant won easily with her joke about how Old Age and Treachery will overcome Youth and Skill on the golf course. (and many other places I might add).
Happy Bucks
Dan and John-Just plain happy
Randy-Canada is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L. Good to see Ellie P.
Don-Good to be back to cooler weather. Don was visiting the State of Washington
Mary-Will be seeing old friends from grad school
Richie-Membership is everyone's responsilbility
Bob Bishop-New owner is FAAQ. In my first and lost version I had a lot more on this, but now I am more interested in just the facts.
Don +ticket#01+card 4c=$0
Rachel Cheeseman spoke of the United Way and specifically on their VITA program.(See Richie Benner's excellent write up on our Marana Rotary Club Facebook Page). Rachel is the volunteer coordinator for the Pima County United Way and whose grandfather and mother were Rotarians in Lafayette, IN.
Rachel shared with us the fact that 40% of Americans are just $400 away from a fiscally devastating calamity. The all volunteer VITA program assists with tax preparation and saves the payer around $300 were they to go to HR Block. Also, were thy to go to a less than reputable tax return specialist they might be talked into a loan advance on an inflated return with outrageous monthly compound interest rates.
VITA has completed 15,000 free returns in Pima County. There are nine sites in the county including one at the Marana Senior center. 
Rachel may be contacted at 903-3919 or
Board Meeting at John Dooling's office tonight at 5:30.All welcomed.
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 Rotary Meeting Aug 7, 2018

Rotary Club of Marana
With President Hunter out with a migraine President Elect Richie Benner quickly established his brief but omnipotent reign of terror. NO SONG was his first proclamation quickly followed by belittling those in attendance for having no "thoughts" to share. With his minions trembling King Richie proclaimed "He who gives should never remember." and "He who receives should never forget." This was actually one of the better "thoughts" we have had this year imho. I write this not just to curry favor with next years president, but to also togain access to this years Marana Rotary Foundation President.
With no guests and only ten members the meeting progressed swiftly. Mentioned were the upcoming Rotary Meeting in Green Valley that several members will be attending and the Rotary Water Conference that Bob Bishop will attend, both this coming Saturday.
Do not forget the District Conference 9/28 & 29. Sign up on line. Support our District Governor and staff.
Pantano Rotary partnering with Ben's Bells 8/14/2018. See Mary for additional information.
Happy Bucks
John-Five grandkids on Pima County Swim Championship Team plus they won Spirit Award. Grandson Carter set individual county records in three events. Son-in-law Justin doing very very well in his cancer fight and returned to full time employment as a Golder Ranch Fire Fighter.
Peter- has been struck deaf as a result of tormenting his dog. I do not fully understand, but it seems as if Peter for hours repeatedly tossed a stick into his pool and before his dog, a pedigreed retriever, could get it Peter would dive in and get it first. I have no idea why Peter is happy about his water logged hearing/deafness but he gave us a dollar so who am I too ask?
David-All the rugrats are back to school
Dan-$2,600 feared auto repair bill turned into a minor thermostat repair. The money saved will soon be spent however as Dan is to be a grandpa!!!!!!!!!!!
Denise- MADE IT! Sorry, I could not hear what she made. Ask her next week when you see her.
Mary-Happy and a Joke Off competitor
Maeve-Will be visiting out of state family next week.
Joke Off-
Mary-What did the German cowboy say when he went into the Dealership? Audi!
Lynne- Joke too long to list here, but it did explain a lot about the stages of life and why animals are smarter/happier than us.
Maeve's joke was hilarious but way too much sex for me to include in this puritanical summary. (Randy, you will love it!)
This writer got into the swing of things with an entry about one of my all time favorite heroes, Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier. It seems Davy had a peculiar birth defect that is little known to today's citizens. He had three ears! A left ear, a right ear and a WILD FRONT EAR! Thus he was actually King of the Wild Front Ear!!!!!!!
The voting was not close. All "vote" went to me.
Following a stellar introduction by our despot in training, Richie Benner,our guest, the Rev Billy Still of the United Methodist Faith, spoke of The Inn, a migrant family shelter project. Housed in the basement of  the local United Methodist Church the mostly volunteer staff have assisted almost 3,000 ICE captured immigrants with a few days of food, clothing, shelter and showers. After this brief but welcomed respite they are off to their sponsors often in other states. Seventy Six percent participating in the United Methodist assistance program are from Guatemala, a country that is broken and gang controlled.
Before leaving for their sponsor each has an ankle bracelet for tracking. Rev Billy indicates 99% show up for adjudication (See Justice Department data below provided by this writer showing average of 24% to 43% judged inabsentia and trending higher) and seventy percent are returned to their country of origin.
The church receives no government funding for this project and the cost runs about $17 per person for the average two day stay. Our speaker stressed they are addressing the here and now problem and regardless of your beliefs about our immigration problem The Inn is helping people in need and could use financial support to continue their work.
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Rotary Meeting  July 31, 2018

Rotary Club of Marana
Today's meeting was held at the Conference Center of the Marana Municipal Complex. With nine members present President Tony Hunter called the meeting to order.
The meeting covered the general areas  1) Club Experience 2)Service and Socials 3) Members 4) Image 5) Business Operations.
The only area of deficiency that was noted was recruiting new members and maintaining members. Within this category those present felt improvement was needed in follow up of potential members, lead development and community presentation.
Ideas presented by those in attendance included 1)Friend Storming 2)Lead development list 3) Vocational Speakers 4) More emphasis on business networking 5) Enhanced community awareness 6)Recruit past members 7) Exit interviews.
It was announced that the Chair of the Marana Rotary Foundation for fiscal 2018/2019 will be Richie Benner. Treasurer will be Lynne Himmer with Denise West, Harold Burtzloff, Don Jorgensen and John Dooling also serving on the Board.
Meeting concluded with the four way test performed admirably considering we were without access to the printed word. 
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Rotary Meeting  July 24, 2018

Rotary Club of Marana
Tony Hunter rang the bell to attend one of the sparsest attended meetings in many a year. With District Governor Kirk Reed attending this was in deed unfortunate. With no fewer than five members out of state for the summer months it is understandable, but none the less unfortunate. Passers by would have recognized the lyrics to My Country Tis of Thee if not the actual melody.
The SOP of our usual meeting was not adhered to as we began with individual tables discussing among themselves inspirational people in their lives. I was not privy to the discussions at the other tables, but Dan Contorno and I seem to have led remarkably uninspired lives up til now.
No Happy Bucks today and our lone comedian Maeve (Lynne not here today) barely got off the stage with her life. Only her instinct allowed her to avoid the small but nasty crowd. (Inside joke. You had to be there).
DG Kirk Reed's grandfather joined Rotary in 1922. His mother, age 97, is a Rotarian in Georgia and was their bookkeeper/secretary up until a few months ago. Kirk has been a Rotarian for twenty-seven years. His young grandson was very impressed when he learned Grandpa was the Governor of the Tucson Rodeo!
DG Reed is an Eagle Scout, avid reader, cyclist and baseball fan. One of the people that inspired him was Ron Santo, famed third baseman of the Chicago Cubs from 1960 to 1973. Ron, a diabetic, raised millions for the fight against Juvenile Diabetes. Another inspiration in his life is his mother who not long ago called him and said "I do not want you to worry, but I am in the hospital and my house burned down!" In spite of this heavy blow, her attitude was "I might as well move closer to my Rotary Club since my home was seven miles from where the meetings were held!" So she moved closer!
Bad things can happen, planning goes astray and the strong stumble. Credit goes not to the critic nor to the timid souls afraid to participate, they experience neither victory nor defeat, but rather credit goes to those who dare enter the arena.
In closing he quoted Ghandi in saying "The best way to find yourself is to get lost in the service to others". DG Reed will take his message of "Have Fun-Get Stuff Done" to another forty-seven clubs before his year is finished.
Our Club donated $100 to DG Reed in his Ride for The Cure polio eradication effort this coming November.
Next week's meeting to be held at the Marana Town Hall and will serve as our annual Club Assembly.
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 Rotary Meeting July 17, 2018

Rotary Club of Marana
Following the Pledge of Allegiance President Tony Hunter searched furtively and  futilely for anyone with a song or even a thought.
Quickly moving on with the deftness of all great public speakers, our President whipped out from behind the rostrum a banner from the Rotary Club of Eureka, Arkansas. This banner was brought back to us from member Bob Bishop who did a make up while visiting in Eureka. Thus Bob was marked as attending today's meeting although he was not here today!
There is a New Member seminar to be held August 11th in Green Valley. Tony would like for at least three members to attend. Membership Chairman Randy Brooks will be out of state on Rotary business that weekend. Cost for the half day sesion, which I believe includes lunch, is $30. I believe we have Denise West as a probable attendee. Think about it and, if interested, let Tony know. Possibly carpool and a singalong in transit may entice an additional two members?
The Board has agreed to spend $2,500 from the Marana Rotary Foundation towards a District Grant match for assessment costs of our planned Global Grant project in Africa. The $2,500 commitment was made with the understanding that $2,000 will be raised by specific club members with $500 from current Foundation money.
District 5500 sent our a club a letter documenting the completion of our 2017/2018 Literacy project. Well Done! Jo Holt was given a round of applause for her leadership. Jo also announced her leave of absence for the next three months while political commitments consume her time.
DG Kirk Reed here next Tuesday.
In two weeks we meet at The Marana Town Hall Conference Center for our annual assembly.
Treasurer Lynne Himmer reports we made a profit of $5,000 from our Tour de Cookie event. Big thanks to Dan Contorno and all who worked to make this a success.
A tour of The Port of Tucson has been organized by Presidio Rotary Club. It will take place Wednesday 8/8/2018. Call John Dooling if interested for details. 744-3998.
Dan- Has plumbing leak in his Pinetop Trailer and daughter's car is broken down.(Is it just me or does Dan not understand the concept of HAPPY BUCKS?)
Peter-The well traveled Mr Mack just returned from England where a celebration of his fathers life was held. His father was 87.
Denise-Pleased to have the Marana Town Manager as our speaker today.
David-Clouds, rain and the cooler weather
Don-His wife's eye surgeries are complete and successful. Headed to Seattle for a couple of weeks.
Randy-Headed to state of Washington and on to Canada for two or three weeks. Plans to visit John Zwick.
Randy also promised two Paul Harris Fellow's to our membership. One to the member who recruits the most members the first six months of the year and ditto for the second six months.
Joke Off
Lynne-Late at night a drunk sneaks into his home and falls on his kiester breaking the two bottles of booze in his back pockets. He attempts to bandaid his cuts using the hall mirror before stumbling off to bed. In the morning his frau confronts him with his drunken status the night before. "What gave it away?" he asks. His wife explains, "The front door was left open, there was whisky and broken glass in the hallway and there were bandaids all over the mirror!"................ Now that's funny!
Maeve-Needs to work on her delivery. Patron asks for a glass of punch at the bar. Bartender says "You will have to get in line." The guy looks around. There is no punch line............... You know, this is actually funnier when I type it than when Maeve told the joke.
If you are still reading it must be because you are interested in what Jamsheed Mehta, Marana Town Manager, had to say. Jamsheed was born in Karachi, Pakistan and educated as a civil engineer at The University of Kansas. He was Transportation Director in Glendale, AZ prior to coming to Marana. He got on his audience's good side early by relating his familiarity with the global good works of Rotary International specifically programs for the visually impaired and polio inoculations in Pakistan. He believes RI has been doing good in Pakistan for possibly 100 years. 
The Town of Marana is dependent on construction revenue directly or indirectly for roughly 80% of its budget. This is fine for many years into the future as there is much land to grow, however this will have to change as time goes on and construction plateaus. Also, recovering from the Great Recession has been slow. Many developers have reduced lot sizes from 10,000 square feet to 6,000 square feet. Population has increased from 35,000 to 45,000 over the past ten years which is good but less than projected ten years ago. This year 818 new single family home construction permits have been issued.There are four parks in various stages of development, a four story hotel to open in three months, two senior care centers and an apartment building under construction right now.
A major concern is the Marana Main Gate. The ambiance one feels when first entering the town of Marana is very important to attract future citizens and businesses. Perks are available to entice builders to plan parking in the rear of their establishments and possibly town parking within walking distance to local stores to preclude the need for parking lots.
Marana has 18 miles of frontage road on Interstate 10 and  an airport with plenty of space for expansion and long runways. The waste water treatment plant is now three times the size as when purchased from the city of Tucson a few years ago. Water access is being jointly planned with Metropolitan Water District and the Town of Oro Valley.
Speaking of water, much of Marana is in the 100 year Flood Zone. The so called Tortolita Alluvial Plan brings flood water west from the Tortolita Mountains towards Marana. The S&P railroad serves a berm as does Interstate 10. As land is rezoned to housing more flood prevention projects will be required. Much land within Marana is state owned and will be sold off for development in the coming years with proceeds going to fund education statewide.
The town took over its own Animal Control within its boundaries from Pima County this past year. While there were some Doubting Thomas's the takeover has been a resounding success with 50% of lost animals being returned to their owners the first day of the loss being reported.
There are numerous community programs for citizen involvement and a Citizens Forum to bring issues before the Town Council.
Marana prides itself on being family friendly and their Founders Day, Harvest Day and Fourth of July celebrations are evidence of this commitment.
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Rotary Meeting July 10, 2018

Rotary Club of Marana

  Early arriving members gathered outside of the locked Nana's Kitchen doors. Javier and Nana arrived in time to open the doors, get coffee started by 7am. President Tony Hunter rang in the meeting at 7:02am. Not bad, plus Nana and Javier whipped up quiche, tater tots and sausage in short order. After the PofA Maeve decided we should sing "It's a Grand Old Flag" again. Next time we have a rainy day we might want to revisit "Itsy Bitsy Spider"?
Guests included Amanda  Rodriguis who was requesting a grant from The Rotary Vocational Fund to study as a veterinarian tech. (She was approved by the Randy Brooks led committee for a $3,000 scholarship), our speaker KarynVampotic and our youngest visitor EVER Charles Benner, age 30 days.
Announcements included:
Board Meeting at John Dooling's office Wednesday July 11th at 5:30. Call 520-250-4012 if you need directions.
El Tour de Tucson rest/aid station will be headed up by Denise West. There will be a division of work assignments to be explained later.
Global Grant- For our Cameroon Project will be coupled with a District Grant for travel expenses. At least that is the thinking. A proposal will be submitted to the board tomorrow. The Cameroon project will address Education and Poverty. A fruit and vegetable garden as well as a small milk cow herd are planned with food for the students and surplus sold in the market. Foot powered sewing machines and a grain mill are also in the works for the village to create jobs and bring money into the community.  Mary presented.
Denise mentioned that tomorrow is the final Food Bank food distribution in Picture Rocks at the Ortiz Clinic. Dan Contorno volunteered to assist Denise. Thank you to the both of you. 
Randy, with a little help from Lynn, earned and donated a little over a hundred dollars by singing and strumming last Friday evening.
Bob Bishop will be attending a Az Water Summit meeting sponsored by Rotary in Phoenix on Saturday 8/11/2018. Anyone wishing to attend should contact Bob at 240-2338 to carpool. 
Happy Bucks:
Dan-Liked the quiche
Jo-Visited California relatives and avoided being bit.????????
Bob-Likes airplanes
Don-Able to meet with numerous relatives, also in California, many of whom he had not seen for years. Don's family spans the globe.
Denise-Vocalized all our thoughts when she mentioned her happiness caused by the rescue of the twelve Thai soccer players and their coach.
Joke Off
Maeve rear ended a dwarf. He was not Happy.
Lynne knows of a set of identical twins that were adopted out at birth to families in different countries. Juan was raised in Spain and Amahl in Egypt. A few years later the birth mother received in the mail a photo of Juan. This made her very happy but she lamented that she would like to see a picture of Amahl. Her friend commented when you've seen Juan you've seen .................Amahl!
Personally I think this was a tie, but the groaning from the audience was much louder following Lynn's delivery.
Bob Bishop won then lost with a red ten.
Karyn Vamotie, a former teacher and a semi retired attorney spoke of the Tucson Pastel Society "TPS"of which she is a member. Boasting 100+ members their mission's condensed version is to promote art activities especially pastel fine art among members, art collectors and galleries. Recently a building was donated to them and they are renovating it. Presently they are trying to raise money for a new roof.
TPS is trying to connect with local children's groups to allow for the exercising of their artistic talents.
Next Tuesday-The Marana Town Manager is our guest speaker.
In two weeks Governor Kirk Reed will be here.
In three weeks our Club assembly is scheduled.
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Rotary Meeting June 25, 2018

Rotary Club of Marana
As always, not withstanding last week, President Jo M Holt rang in the meeting at 7am (not to be confused with 8am) sharp. Jason Halper, (remember him?) led us in the Pledge of Allegiance. Maeve once again demanded that we sing and once again we sang a patriotic song, "My Country Tis of Thee". Totally unbiased President Holt commented "Not too bad". High praise indeed.
Next our leader, whose time in her lofty perch is short, polled the membership for an idea or thought. When none were forthcoming she suggested we incubate those thoughts/ideas that are in the zygote stage and possibly gift them to President Tony when he returns from the RI Conference in Toronto.
Jo then shared a quote from Buddha regarding one candle can share it light with a thousand other candles and not diminish its brightness. The same can be said of human happiness.
Mary spoke of Cameroon project. The country is dry for nine months then three months of torrential downpour. The inhabitants subsist on millet and water with few protein sources. Challenges in numerous areas such as disease control, education, economic growth and food scarcity. Our RI grant may include cows, sewing machines and a community garden project. Guidance from local Rotarian Phil Silvers who has sat on the RI Board in the past. An RI grant requires a community assessment and therefore possible travel to Cameroon by two or more Rotarians. This travel cannot be paid by RI grant money and could run about $2,000.
Brief discussion followed regarding 1)Shelterbox for Guatemala, 2)Xray machine for Guatemala 3) AZ Rotary Vocational Fund. President Jo artfully and appropriatly ducked these discussions as being more correctly addressed by new President Tony Hunter. 
Happy Bucks
Richie-Charlie is 8.5 pounds and doing well, lost his wallet (I lost my wallet once and indirectly cost me a night in jail and $50) and he's going to Washington DC in August. One out of three isn't too bad.
Don- Spouse Kathy is undergoing her third of four scheduled eye surgeries this week
Randy-Getting out of Dodge to see his family and his best friend Bert. Don was visibly hurt by this announcement about Bert.
Denise-Happy for Tony in Toronto (probably because it is about a hundred degrees cooler there than here)
Jo- Her son is back in school in NY and living in Hell's Kitchen. (I thought that was near Yuma)
Joke Off
Yes, Joke Off now gets its own heading. Maeve began by lowering the bar with a story about a guy wrapped in  cellophane  (invented by Swiss Chemist Jacques Brandenberger) going to his new psychologist for his first appointment. The psychologist exclaimed "You do not have to tell me about your situation, I can see your BLANK." Or alternatively, Randy's punch line "I can see you're BLANK" .
Convinced that she had another victory, Lynne went with the nervous new priest who was given advice by the Monsignor to have a small glass of vodka next to his water at the pulpit during his prsentation. Well you guessed it, the new priest over imbibes and made numerous funny errors in his homily (it truly was as if Lynne was a member of the congregation as she struggled to get through her delivery without a complete collapse from her hysterical laughter) ending with the Monsignor's admonishment "There will be a taffy pull at St Peter's Church next Sunday, not a peter pull at St Taffy's Church."
Denise "Lucky" West won and lost with the five of spades.
 Jim Evers was our speaker today. Following his retirement as an ob/gyn he has volunteered for several years at Community Home Repair Project of AZ. CHRPA.
The daily work as a new volunteer was abit too strenuous for Jim so he ended up on the board and is their current Board President. CHRPA is a 501c3 organization that does mobile home repairs for owners who are of limited means and ability. Coolers, bathrooms, floors, roofs, plumbing, ramps, etc. You name it they do it. The organization was founded over 35 years ago by Mennonites. Today they are still housed in the Mennonite  church at 30th and Wilmot and pay $1 year for the facility.
They have a million dollar a year budget and did 18oo projects last year in Tucson, primarily in the south and SW parts of town. 1/3 of the budget is from government grants, 1/3 from fees for service and 1/3 from donations. There is a shortage of funds due to city cutbacks and CHRPA is currently dipping into its surplus to provide needed projects.
Volunteers are always welcomed, with or without skills. Many winter visitor RV'ers assist and religious groups from around the world that send young volunteers to do good in the world and end up in Tucson and participate.
Volunteers include people from various backgrounds such as ob/gyn, a physicist and a Violin Player, not to mention building trades. Their culture is one of "No One Complains".
Jim indicated they do a couple of ramps a week and they are very willing to work with Rotary when we can share the cost and provide some hands on labor.

See you all on July 3rd 2018 in the year of Tony The Hunter.
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Rotary Meeting June 19, 2018

Rotary Club of Marana
President Jo M Holt led us in The Pledge as the clock struck 8am. Her attempt to quickly begin reminiscing about her past year as club president wa thwarted by Member Maeve Johnson's enquiry "Isn't this a song month?" Without waiting for an answer Maeve pressed "Let's sing "Its a Grand Old Flag" I just love that song. And so we did. Some of our younger members (those under 70) may not know the background of this George M Cohen song written in 1906.  
The original lyric for this perennial George M. Cohan favorite came, as Cohan later explained, from an encounter he had with a Civil War veteran who fought at Gettysburg. The two men found themselves next to each other and Cohan noticed the vet held a carefully folded but ragged old flag. The man reportedly then turned to Cohan and said, "She's a grand old rag." Cohan thought it was a great line and originally named his tune "You're a Grand Old Rag." So many groups and individuals objected to calling the flag a "rag," however, that he "gave 'em what they wanted" and switched words, renaming the song "You're a Grand Old Flag".[1]
Library of Congress
If you have three minutes check this out-
  Back to President Jo's reflections on the past year. 
The year was filled with the planting of thousands if not tens of thousands of trees by Rotarians spurred by our RI President. Hundreds were planted in our own Marana Veterans cemetery. Tour De Tucson aide station was again our big November event. Rpotarians riding in this event have raised over FORTY-FIVE MILLION DOLLARS for the fight against polio over the past few years. Our club has played  a not so small part. Our own Tour de Cookie has also raised thousands of dollars for our charitable works. Our books for preschool kids project, in spite of a few twist and turns start to finish, provided over 6,000 books to needy families seeking services through the Women, Infants and Children program at The Marana Healthcare facility. A few hundred hours of hands on work were spent assisting the Food Bank at the Ortiz Clinic in Picture Rocks, AZ.
Gifts were provided by Jo to her Board Members and she especially singled out Denise West, while not a member of the board, for her participation in so many of the years events.
Then Maeve went on a roll. I missed 95% of what the hell was going on. However, I did learn a new word. "Jamoke". I think Randy is one, but as I said, I am not sure I heard everything correctly. There is a lot of stuff that goes on over in that corner of the room each week that is out of order and needs to be reigned in. I think our Sergeant of Arms needs to get involved. This kind of fun should be prohibited.
Lynne, following up to last weeks hijinks, decided to read her joke of the week to us.  While not as hilarious as last week, the gist of the humor was, if you are looking for a priest or a lawyer there may be better places than St Pete's backyard.
We finally got around to swearing in Tony Hunter as our new president effective 7/1/2018 and he in turn swore in and pinned the following members:
Richie Benner-President Elect
John Dooling-Secretary
Lynne Himmer-Treasurer
Harold Burtzloff-Member at Large
Bob Bishop-Member at Short (his joke, not mine)
Tony addressed the club and notedly told us that Rotary International, the Zone, The District and The Club all run on their members. The thought was taken from this months Rotarian Magazine's article by the new RI President. After providing the backstory to the origin of the name Marana Tony encouraged us to take risks and "To Be The Inspiration".
We look forward to Tony's year at the helm.
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Rotary Meeting June 12,2018

Rotary Club of Marana
The Rotary Club of Marana is becoming a very "exclusive" group judging by attendance today. Ten members and two speakers heard President Holt call the meeting to order at precisely 8 am sharp! Lynne Himmer came to the meeting prepared with a thought taken from Ralph Waldo Emerson. Happiness is not required for a successful life, but useful, honor and compassion are required. Randy Brooks took exception to this and in his best Bob Newhart impersonation said "uh, and happiness?" Struck me funny. Moving on.
 President Holt congratulated new dad, Richie Benner. An "I love Rotary" outfit for Carl Benner and other gifts were given to Richie, Samantha and their son.
President Jo advised the group that The Budget for Tony Hunter's year as president starting July 1st has been passed by the Board. "May the reign of terror begin." is pretty much a direct quote from lame duck Holt.
The Food Bank Picture Rocks program is coming to an end as it has failed to grow as anticipated. Thank you to all who have participated over he past year or so.
John-Good to see Javier and Peter again.
Dan-Bah Humbug, his last dollar was given to Sgt At Arms Javier Teran so no reason to be happy
Peter-Stuck on a mountain in Chile with four gray walls to surround him. Down the road he looks and here comes Mary, hair of gold and lips like cherries and wild mules munching the green green grass over the septic. (Had to combine a few things due to space limitations)
Richie-Happy, duh.
Virtually everybody happy except for the afore mentioned, Dan Contorno.
One of the punniest jokes of all time was heard at our meeting this morning judging from the peal after peal of hysterical laughter and actual tears of joy coming from the joke teller herself, Lynne Himmer. "I crack myself up!" she was heard to  exclaim  as she made her way back to her table after finally getting through the "Sally sells c-cells at the sea shore" punchline. Four people in attendance clapped a total  of five times in appreciation of her poised delivery technique. Seriously, she enjoyed the joke so much herself we all could not help but to enjoy it with her. Thanks, Lynne. You are a, um, a, um, a  treasure! 
Peter won and lost and literally does not know a spade from a club.
Our speakers, Colleen Leon and Jerry Simmons, were from SAMSAR-Southern Arizona Mounted Search And Rescue. This all volunteer organization got its start after the tragedy in the Santa Rita Mountains in 1958. You can copy and paste the following URL for more information.
While SAMSAR helps to coordinate numerous rescue service providers they are uniquely qualified when mounted recovery efforts are required. I regret that these minutes do not do the organization credit, but there skills and accomplishments are far to varied to give them justice here. They did mention that cases of dehydration are almost as frequent in the winter months as they are in the summer. This is often due to visitors unfamiliar with the extreme rough terrain of the Catalina's and surrounding mountains and the low humidity that allows heatstroke to sneak up on you. Jerry recommends that you keep a slip of paper in your wallet listing any meds you are taking and always leave a slip of paper on your dash when hiking stating when you left, destination, number in your party and expected time of return. There have been 50 rescues already this year and many from the Sabino Canyon area.
Jerry and Colleen  accepted numerous question with the only caveat being they must be about SAMSAR. See below.
Saturday 6:00 AM - 8:00 AM Your exclusive home for Tucson's longest running, most respected car care program. Jerry Simmons has been answering your car care questions each and every Saturday for 19 years! Call in to the show - 751-1041 In business at the same location (3743 S. Country Club) since 1974, Simmons is a full service repair center, as well as specializing in 4x4, drive shaft and exhaust system repairs. ASE certified technicians are well-trained in computer diagnostics.
Hope to see a few more members returning from their summer travels next week. Don? Bob? 
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Rotary Meeting June  5, 2018

Rotary Club of Marana
President Jo called the meeting to order, which was no easy feat as many were on a carb and sugar high from our Dunkin Donuts breakfast. As frequent readers may recall Nana's was closed Tuesday and arrangements were made to meet at Coyote Trail Elementary School. Thanks, Dan. Oh, and thanks Mary and Randy for the coffee, orange juice, bagels, cream cheese AND donuts. 
President Jo was a little run down from her Party's party the night before, I believe in Sedona. Never the less she called for Happy (no bucks) and many felt obliged to take advantage of this FREE  opportunity. Some of the happy comments came from:
Mary- Happy to have met Mirabel
Randy-Happy to have his diabetes under control (as he bit into the first of two iced donuts)
Dan-Wife is in Ethiopia and he cleaned the kitchen in her absence. I can understand the happiness in the first item, but the second?
Tony-Legally married to a prosthetist. Hey, I just report what's said.
David-Summer Vacation!
Maeve-Lyle is left handed? Had to be there.
Harold-Photos on website---with room for improvement
Richie-Baby watch continues. Baby room painting complete. Looks like Harvey is not in the cards.
Don-Shelter Box is in the running for Nobel Prize!
Jo-Partied with her party this time for three days in Window Rock. If you are going to Window Rock, might as well party for three days.
 Mirabel presented her Exchange Year.RYLA was GREAT. She was forced to work with others and develop skills of persuasion. She overcame fear of heights and made several friends with whom she remains in contact. 
She said she does not see the world as yes/no, up/down. black/white as much as when she arrived. She is more aware of the various shades and not so absolute. As all Exchange Students before her she commented on school in the US being less demanding than what she had experienced in her own country of Nigeria. Classes she took were Photography, Spanish, Choir and Biology. She indicated people in the USA smile and wave much more than in her home country, even if they do not know you! 
She traveled to Hollywood, CA, The Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and even into Mexico. She is very grateful for the opportunity to experience our culture and to now have a white family. She said she will miss In and Out Burger, Dessert after meals and all the fatty, fatty food.
Randy summed up the club feelings when he stated we were grateful for the experience of  sponsoring her and the opportunity to learn from her about her country and culture. This exchange student program definitely provides for growth and learning to both parties. 
A big thank you to Randy, Deb, Mary, Nancy, Bouba, David and Mrs Hindman for stepping up as host parents. Our entire club benefits.
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Oh What a Night!

Posted on May 29, 2018
With no apologies to The Four Seasons the Fifth Tuesday Social held at Mr. Ans was a smash hit. Two chefs were required to serve our group of nineteen and both were at the top of their game. Food was flung everywhere and occasionally caught. Three foot tall flames, twirling knives and even two volcanoes set the tone for the evening.
Prior to dinner being served Lynne Himmer shared a few words in praise of our president, Jo Holt, who's term ends 6/30/2018. No jokes from Lynne this time as she wanted to not distract from the praise lavished upon President Holt.
Next Randy Brooks spoke about our Nigerian Exchange Student and recent graduate of MUSD, Mirabel. At times the evenings festivities looked like a party to honor Mirabel who will be departing for home in a few days. She even received the "lit candle on scoop of ice cream" treatment. She will be missed, but I think we may see her again in the future.
Congratulations to Maeve Johnson for organizing the best 5th Tuesday Social our club has experienced in a long long time.
Members attending were:
The Benner's
Denise West
The Jorgensen's
The Burtloff's
The Zwick's
The Johnson's
The Brook's                                 
The Dooling's                              
Jo Holt                                           
Lynne Himmer                                            
Kathleen Neighbors                
and, of course, Mirabel!
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Mirbel Exchange Student Graduaton

Our Rotary Club of Marana exchange student at graduation May 23rd .
Mirbel will be heading home to Nigeria in a few days and will be missed by us all.
Great Job,  great year Mirbel. Thanks to all host families and Club supporting her though out the year.
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MCAT Graduation

Posted on May 22, 2018
The Rotary Club.of.Marana has been providing support and recognition for.these nontraditional students for.19 years.
MCAT Graduation 2018-05-22 07:00:00Z 0

Road Runner Book Fair

Posted on May 22, 2018
Were you a good reader in first and second grade? Were you in the Redbird or the Bluebird group. Do you remember Dick, Jane and Spot or were David, Ann and Zip in your first grade reader? Did you go to college? Are you in a Book Club now? Do you like to curl up with a book or a Kindle and pass the hours reading fiction, history or my favorite historical fiction with an Ipad on my lap. 
It is a well proven fact that reading to preschool age children improves their vocabulary and their understanding of the reading process. Unfortunately, if a child is behind in their ability to read in the first few years of education there is a likelihood they will never catch up.  If they are adept at learning to read in those early years the chances of success in the classroom and in life grows exponentially as you begin to read to learn. With this in mind local, good hearted, community minded people called Rotarians got together, raised money and donated it for the following project.
The Rotary Club of Marana in conjunction with The Rotary Club of Dove Mountain and Rotary District 5500 raised almost $6,000 towards books for preschool children in the Marana area. Working through Scholastic Book Fairs, to make our dollars go further, we purchased roughly 1,700 books to be distributed free of charge to young mothers through MHC Healthcare's WIC (Women, Infants and Children) program. The Fair, held at Roadrunner Elementary in Avra Valley, was this past Tuesday May 22nd. By holding the event at Roadrunner School they too benefited by receiving Scholastic Bucks to be used in book purchases for their school.
Will this project make a difference? Will the learning light shine into even one child's eyes as a direct result of this project? Could we hope for two or three? More? Like planting a seedling this project hopefully will sprout and maybe a future book club member or, dare we hope a Rotarian, may someday trace their thirst for knowledge back to this simple project. I know I remember the books I had available in my childhood home when I was young and I bet you do too.
Rotarians making a difference and seeking members in the Marana area. 
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Rotary Meeting May 15, 2018

Rotary Club of Marana
President Jo welcomed a full house and then requested David Hindman to lead us in the Pledge. Maeve responded to the request for a thought for the day with something about a backbone, wishbone and a funny-bone are all that are needed in life. Many in attendance were left scratching their head bone.
 All members and quests in attendance raised their voices in a musical tribute to John Zwick and Harold Burtzloff for their combined 103 years of Service Above Self.
Lynne Himmer led us in "For They's a Jolly Good Fellows". It was more loud than good, but I do believe both John and Harold appreciated the recognition.
In attendance to lend their voices to the special recognition of John and Harold's acomplishmenst were: DG Joe Hentges, DGE Kirk Reed and DGD Diane Venture-Goodyear.
Other guests included Kimberly Welch-Vocational Fund Scholarship applicant, Jen-French exchange student from two/three years ago.
 MCAT honoree John Cain, his mother Elaine, two brothers Tim and Victor and a sister. John chose MCAT Secretary Tiffany Montes as someone to accompany him to the award ceremoney as she has been there for him since he started MCAT. John is 22 and running out of time to complete his high school education. He has dropped from MCAT twice but is determined to complete his studies this time. He wants to be a welder and has learned first hand of the doors that are shut to him without a HS diploma. John has a great support system as evidenced by his entourage and his biggest supporter appears to be his mom. His recognition by The Rotary Club of Marana was an emotional occurrence. 
 Next we presented John and Harold with token gifts of a Rotary pen and key chain for their support of Rotary over the years. Each has been a member of only one other club. Both were rather stoic in their comments regarding their accomplishments, but John did indicate that the Marana Club has a special feeling and that he has enjoyed our club to a greater degree over the first club he joined 2/13/1963. A rather large cake with special decorations celebrating John and Harold's longevity was sliced distributed to everyone in attendance. Special thanks I believe go to Randy Brooks for spearheading this richly deserved recognition meeting.
 Today was a special day also in that Richie Benner was welcomed into Paul Harris Fellowship by District Governor Hentges. Richie has excelled as an active member in his short time with The Rotary Club of Marana and this step is but one more to what we believe will be a long career with Rotary. Congratulations, Richie.
NO MEETING NEXT WEEK. There will be a gathering at Roadrunner Elementary School for the Marana Rotary sponsored Scholastic Book Fair. The event runs from 7:30am to Noon. Location is 16651 W Calle Carmela.
MCAT Graduation to be held Tuesday May 22 at 7pm. Many Rotarians plan to meet at 5:30 at Nana's Kitchen to eat before heading over to 11745 W Gladden Farms Dr
NO MEETING 5/29/2018 as it is the 5th Tuesday of the month. Instead we will dine at Mr An's that evening.
Many happy bucks for John and Harold and for our guests. One of particular note was John Zwick's "stung by a scorpion" trip to the hospital happy buck.
Lynne shared a couple of teacher jokes that got a decent laugh and Maeve made amends for the dumb blonde detective wanna be  joke from a few weeks ago by insulting the intelligence of Irish men. Maeve may have wanted us to extrapolate this lack of intelligence to all men, you will have to ask her. In any case HALF the audience seemed to rather enjoy the humor.
Well that's it. Again, we will NOT be meeting for breakfast the next two Tuesdays. We will be DARK! See you for breakfast June 5th.     
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Rotary Meeting May 8, 2018

Rotary Club of Marana
 Newly married President Elect, Tony Hunter, led the meeting today. President Jo turned the reigns over to Tony so he could gain some experience running the meeting before taking over officially 7/1/2018.
We did have a pledge, but no song, no prayer and literally not a single thought in the room. How can this be? You ask. All I can say is the reader will have to attend our next meeting and draw their own conclusions.
We did have a mighty fine joke however, from Lynne Himmer. "What did the 0 say to the 8? Your belt's too tight!" Now that's knee slapping humor if I ever heard it. I passed this joke on to an adult lady friend who did not get it. I am trying to recruit her as she would fit right in with our "no thoughts" crowd. But I digress.
Many guests including a former Exchange Student, Jen from Colmar,France and current Exchange Student from Nigeria, Mirabel. Two speakers addressed the club
 Beth Garrow of Zone 26 our Rotary Foundation Chair (our zone) and Pam Kerr former PDG in the Chicago area that encompasses Evanston, IL where RI is headquartered. Pam's husband, Andy was also in attendance primarily to make sure Pam did not leave something out of her talk.
Beth was very complimentary of our small club's record of giving. Unfortunately I missed much of the salient points in her talk due to impaired hearing.
Happy bucks galore, but again I regret to say I missed most of what was being said. I do know that Don, Jo, Richie Tony, Denise, Randy and many others are happy about something. That's good. Personally I did hear what I said so.....Had a great trip down the Rhine. Visited Jen's home village of Colmar in the Alsace region of France and became reacquainted with the WWII heroics of Audie Murphy. This genuine hero went on to additional fame as a movie/western cowboy actor in the 1950's. To me it seems very strange that the most decorated soldier in WWII and a man who made many movies, including To Hell And Back where he actually played himself  and was known to everyone in the USA is not recognized by many under the age of 60. Somebody once said "Sic transit gloria mundi." and you can look it up.
 Harold Burtzloff made a generous donation to our club's foundation in recognition of his 50 years in Rotary. Thank you Harold for all your service over the years. As many of you are aware Harold also is a recipient of the Wright Bros Master Pilot Award for being a licensed pilot for fifty years. It is an honor to be in the same club as you Mr. Burtzloff.
Lucky Mary won again(?) but did not draw the winning card.
 Pam Kerr made an excellent presentation regarding Rotary's work in Guatemala. Primarily she spoke of the goal of raising 2.5 million to purchase 29 x-ray units. Eleven have been funded and eight have been installed. Each unit can serve between 50,000 to 100,000 persons a year. This is a true Global Grant with Taiwan Rotary clubs sponsoring three of the units. The individual machine/operational cost is $73,000 to run for two years with individual clubs raising $23,000 with the balance from matching funds from District and RI. Cooperation among RI, the Guatemalan Minister of Health and other governmental entities has been wonderful. Pam provided two pages of documentation concerning this project.
By the way, Harold passed on a compliment to your's truly from Mindy Blake "Your writing is a perfect blend of humor, wit and facts." I thanked her for the comment and asked her to speak of my hidden talents to former members Jim DeGrood and Thomas Benavidez. Mindy, Jim and Thomas are all associated with PAG RTA. Mindy, if you are reading this we could offer a deal if all three of you wanted to become members.
Hope to do a better job next week if this head cold passes and I get back to my normal poor hearing.
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            3rd Annual Tour de Cookie

             Rotary Club of Marana

3rd Annual Tour de Cookie
        On April 14th nearly 200 riders, ages seven to seventy, came out on a beautiful Saturday for the 3rd annual Rotary Club of Marana’s Tour de Cookie.   Smiles beamed on the faces of riders and cookie station hosts alike, as participants rode 28.6 miles from one cookie station to another along the paved Pima County Loop.
    Participants enjoyed community camaraderie and a wide variety of home-made cookies satisfying even the pickiest taste-buds.  Moreover, 100% of proceeds from the ride directly funded the Rotary Club of Marana’s many local and international service projects.  2016-2018 projects have included food distribution in Marana, home repair, water sanitation in Mexico, tree planting at the Arizona Veteran’s Cemetery and Memorial in Marana, development of a playground for special needs elementary children in MUSD, building a school in Zimbabwe, 0 to 5 early education book distribution in Marana, memory screening and Alzheimer education, amongst others. 
    Volunteer Cookie Station hosts were at the heart of the event.  Each were responsible for baking their own cookies, and word has it that competition was steep.  This year’s hosts were Chasse Building, Pathways Hospice, Tucson Roller-Derby, Top Golf, MHC Healthcare, Performance Bikes, Friese for House, The Optimist Club of Marana, Maeve Johnson-Edward Jones, John Dooling-All State Agent, Janice Meyer and Family, and the Tortolita Middle School Interact Club. 
    Next year’s Rotary Club of Marana’s Tour de Cookie promises to be bigger and better.  Stay tuned to experience what’s to come.
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Rotary Meeting May 1, 2018

Randy started us off with the pledge. There was debate with whether or not we should sing a song, even though it is a song Month. We eventually settled on “ take me out to the ball game”
Guests: one of our Rotary Exchange students from a few years ago, Jen ( I think was her name) - from France. She is now in Montreal studying Political Science. She is starting her third and final year. In Montreal degrees are awarded after three years. 
    Linda, Bob’s wife joined us, although she doesn’t believe she is a guest anymore.
Thought of the Day: from 1983-2006 KVOA ran an ice break contest. The goal was to try to guess when it would hit 100. In 2017 it was May the 4th. When will it hit 100 in 2018?
Please don’t forget about some of our upcoming events:
5/4- sunrise rotary club fundraiser
5/9- picture rocks food bank
5/22- roadrunner book fair and MCAT graduation
5/29- we are dark- we have a social at Mr. An’s
Happy Bucks:
Tony- got married a few weeks ago. He was smart and got the date engraved into  his ring so he won’t forget. 
Bob- happy he gets to get out of Tucson and visit family.
Lots of people just happy in general, especially for our exchange student visit. 
Joke Off: 
Maeve: an engineer was unemployed and set up a shop. If your problems were not solved you got $1000, if so you owed $500. Needless to say, the engineer was up $1500 at the end of the day
Lynne- a joke about baseball and a priest hitting a rival fan with a door.
Randy won the raffle, but quickly lost with a 2.
 Tour De Cookie: The good, the not so good, how do we improve 
  1. Do we make the medallions ourselves?
  2. Keep the signs out at least a month out to promote the event
  3. Hand out info at the Tour de Tucson Aid Station 
  4. How do we advertise to the families that are in schools 
  5. Check Social media for tags from the events
  6. Have posters to advertise for events 
  7. Do we have a vote for the best cookies?
Packet pick-up
  1. Need to have shirt sizes weeks prior 
  2. Need a way to check if waiver was signed 
  3. Make sure kids are denoted on roster 
Start point/ route
  1. Do we move to crossroads park?
  2. We need people to ride the route a month prior to see where signs need to be placed 
End of ride:
  1. Do we need to do anything at the end for riders?
  2. Do we do grab bag? Raffle? Vote? DJ ?
If you have any other suggestions email Dan
Those in Attendance were:
John zwick 
Richie Benner | Field Director
2017 National Jamboree Contingent Staff Adviser
Activities Staff Adviser
Membership Staff Adviser
“Striving to Build Tomorrows Leaders, Today”
Catalina Council
2250 E Broadway Blvd
Tucson, Az 85719
Direct Line- 520-585-5532
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Rotary Meeting 04/24/2018

                     Marana Rotary Meeting
Richie lead us in the pledge and it was announced there would be no song today. Everyone was devastated 
Thought of the day: Jim Henson- life is like a movie, write your own movie, keep believing and keep pretending (imagination and creativity)
Announcements: Dan feels better about the Tour de Cookie two weeks post event. We are sticking with 175-ish riders
Breaking News: the month of May starts next week! May is busy with the district assembly in Green Valley, food bank distribution, book fair at roadrunner, MCAT graduation and our 5th Tuesday social at Mr. An’s 
The MCAT graduation is at 7pm at Gladden Farms Elementary per the CFO of MUSD. Plans are in place to possible have dinner prior
Rotary Vocational Fund update: we had a young lady interview for a dental hygienist school. They awarded her $3000 for her education. 
Happy bucks:
Richie learned the Boy Scouts are working on growing new coral for the reefs in the Florida Keys 
Randy-won the basketball pool
Don- spent two weeks in France (admittedly missing the tour de cookie)
Mary- met a man who will be making Mirabel a dress for her 18th Birthday
Jo- spent a few days with her son in New York
Joke off..... something about a surgeon and god and attorney and chaos.... debating which profession was created first….or Some of was about a catholic priest and a jackass(donkey).... needless to say, Lynn was voted as the winner 
A lot of people are just happy in general for no apparent reason 
Raffle was won by Randy, Bob was saddened by his loss but happy Randy pulled a 5 of Diamonds.
 Susan Friese was our guest speaker from Literacy Connects. Literacy Connects is a Tucson nonprofit connecting people of all ages to a world of opportunities through literacy and creative expression.
Literacy Connects was hatched from an idea from a town hall meeting. Volunteers came together to discuss issues plaguing the community. Literacy was at the core of it all. 
The literacy community came together and started the organization. The ones that came together were:
Literacy volunteers of Tucson
Reading seed
Stories that soar
Literacy for life coalition 
Reach out and read southern Arizona 
They helped over 45,000 learners in 2017. The ages now range between newborn to 86. They have over 1,000 volunteers who help their organization. All their classes are free to anyone who needs them. They do not take any state education funding because of two issues: they must include standardized testing and they must provide immigration status. 
Their approach to working with students is student focused, individualized learning based on trust and personal relationships. They focus on the student’s abilities versus what they are lacking. 
Their reading seed program goes into elementary schools and identify those who are reading below their grade level. From there they are assigned a reading coach. Their goal is to connect to the students and find out what they are interested in to get them reading something. 
Here is an excerpt from their website:
Envision a community where every child graduates from high school, crime and poverty rates are low, a skilled workforce is fostering a thriving economy, and the arts and culture environment is second to none. We do!
From birth throughout adulthood, Literacy Connects’ programs offer opportunities for learners of all ages to realize their potential — at school and in the workplace, as parents, as consumers and as participants in the life of our community. Last year, our staff and more than 1,500 dedicated volunteers helped more than 50,000 individuals in Southern Arizona. The programs of Literacy Connects coach children in reading so they catch up with their peers and help adults with reading, writing, math and English. The programs teach parents the importance of reading to their children, help young people experience the power of words and ideas through the arts, and put books in the hands of people who need them.
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Rotary Meeting 4-17-2018

Rotary Club of Marana
President Jo started the meeting by asking Dan C to lead the pledge. He did such a fine job that Maeve suggested we sing "For He Is a Jolly Good Fellow" to Dan. Sounded pretty good too!
Lots of good advice this morning:
Lynne- To paraphrase "If you are on the road to perdition go fast so you can get in and out before the devil knows you're there."
Jo- Per Will Rogers "Good judgement comes from experience and experience comes from bad judgement!"
Picture Rocks Food Bank recipients ran a little low last time for reasons unknown. 
 Lots of good discussion regards the Tour de Cookie fund raiser last Saturday. (The real reason we sang to Dan). Randy received a Canadian check that is not as easy to pass as a Loonie. Numerous comments about the Janice Meyer cookie booth and her families baking history. John sold some cookies and commented on the Cookie Monster shirts of several riders. Talk of moving event to earlier in the year. Dan will call a meeting soon to discuss possible changes and what we have learned from this years event. Dan ballparked the net profit at almost $6,000. Thank you EVERYONE that assisted. Due to travel etc several members could not help the day of the event but I know you were with us in spirit.
John-Daughter and granddaughter attended the meeting and granddaughter spoke of her RYLA experience
John-Will be out of country next two weeks and thank you to everyone for volunteering RICHIE BENNER to take minutes the next two meetings.(Richie, it doesn't pay to miss meetings)
Dan-Sorry he is such a grouch
David-He and his kids enjoyed the ride. Oldest daughter thinks they could enjoy it more if they ditched the younger ones and hit more cookie booths!
Bob-Grateful for table companions
Maeve-Had one of the longest lead ins in the history of jokedom to get to the punch line that Randy was not blessed by the pope but was actually kicked out of St Peter's Square. 
Randy-Sorry he missed T de C but learned new ways to get into our knickers for the Rotary Foundation
Lynne-Pete and Repeat, etc.
Harold and John-Happy although Harold was going to donate two dollars then changed his mind.
Mary-Her little cousin, who she thinks of as an 8 year old, but actually closer to 50 is one of the worlds experts on the Rwandan genocide. Scott Strauss, a former free lance reporter in Kenya and now a professor at University of Wisconsin has written several books on the topics of genocide, war and the making and unmaking of nations. He was named a winner of the Grawemeyer Award for Ideas Improving World Order. Along with the prestige he received $100,000.
Randy WON then lost the raffle. Perennial winner Bob couldn't believe it.
 Tyler McMurrich expressed her appreciation in being selected to attend RYLA. She enjoyed the interaction of being with a large group of strangers as this is fairly new to her. Tyler, a junior at BASIS Oro Valley has had the same 50 classmates for several years. She kind of enjoyed the "no tech" environment where cell phones were abandoned for personal interaction. She found it a challenge to get people to decide/agree in what direction to go for some of the activities. Being the oldest child and fairly opinionated she is used to others following her orders! She is still in contact with a few of the other participants. She liked the rock climbing, but did not participate in the telephone pole/zip line event. She plans on a career as a Forensic Pathologist and has visited schools in New York and also considering Washington University in St Louis, President Holt's alma mater.
With no word to the contrary we believe Tony Hunter is now a married man. If we learn otherwise the crystal stemware shall be returned. 
See you all in May!
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Rotary Meeting Apr 10, 2018

Rotary Club of Marana
After President Jo started the meeting with The Pledge the club gave one of its best efforts in singing Happy Birthday to Javier Teran. Denise then gave us a List to Live By from Benny Bear Wellness. Jo added a comment about an unnamed local office holder and political candidate  who recently spoke of growing up poor and now being in a position to help others. Guests included Mirabel, our exchange student and  Brianna Olivas, an applicant for a Rotary Vocational Fund Scholarship. Also a contingent from MUSD MCAT who shall be named later. 
Picture Rocks/Ortiz Clinic Food Bank work detail tomorrow for those who can assist from 9am to noon.
Tour de Cookie this Saturday with potential 200 riders? Dan will be setting up at 7:30 am and could use assistance . Meet him at the Rillito Race Track on first south of River. The Farmers Market location. Mary read a list of booth sponsors. Thank you to Dan and his committee for another excellent job of planning this event.
 Mary mentioned the Leadership seminar 5/5/2018 to be held at Quail Canyon Country Club in Green Valley. All are encouraged to attend this meeting. Cost is $15 and includes breakfast. Go to District 5500 to register. 
Javier started the Happy Bucks giving with a dollar for every year that he has been on the earth.
Dan, John and John all happy. 
David young son Tim was the last to lose his baby teeth in his entire class. David, being squeamish sort did not want to yank it out. Finally natural causes brought about its demise and made for one very happy young man. (Tim)
Randy borrowed a dollar and thanked former Marana High School Principal Jim Doty for assistance with our club's Exchange Student program over the years.
Tony mumbled something about being broke and a pleasant if dry bachelors party last weekend.
Richie commented he was a "good kid" in Principal Doty's era while Jim rolled his eyes. Richie also shared information that if we can grow four members by 6/30/2018 our club will receive a Paul Harris award.
Harold is happy that everyone talks so much, or not.
Finally heard Mary speak, but she said nothing of importance!
We learned Lynne knows a lot of tax accountant and alcohol jokes.
Maeve, last heard the Texas swimming pool/Toilet joke when I was ten.
You will never guess who won the raffle ticket draw AGAIN and proceeded to draw two cards neither of which was the one he wanted. Yep, Bob Bishop.
 Our MCAT student of the month is Xavier Balderrama. He was accompanied by Dani Anich his MCAT attendance coach, his mother and the aforementioned Jim Doty. Xavier has found the smaller classes at MCAT to his liking. He has a knack for anything automotive and plans to study automotive and diesel mechanics after graduation.
 I believe he said the school of interest is UTI where auto body is also taught. He comes from a family with a lot of girls and appeared to enjoy a chance to speak. (Humor intended.) With his automotive knowledge he has been useful to fellow students, recently taking a look at a car leaking gas which he diagnosed as safe (probably not going to explode just sitting there) but not driveable. I personally had a 1951 Kaiser/Fraizure that fell into that same category of leaking gas, safe but not driveable without flame retardant clothing. Wish I had known Xavier back in the 60's. Xavier's long term plans would include owning his own shop.
Following the meeting Randy, John, Jo, Mary and Richie met with Brianna Olivas and voted to award her with a Rotary Vocational Fund grant/scholarship for dental assistant training that starts his Monday.     
Rotary Meeting Apr 10, 2018 2018-04-10 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting Apr 03 2018

Rotary Club of Marana
The first meeting of April 2018 began with a "Welcome back Don" shout out to Mr Jorgensen. Bet you thought I was going to say it started with the Pledge.
Maeve asked for a song but alas, being a no song month she was denied. She "threatened" the club with a Johnson/Dooling duet next week. The fear was palpable in the room.
GREAT ATTENDANCE at 90%! Even Jason showed up. If we can get Clint, Mark and Jason at the same meeting I am donating an extra $20! Although Jorgensen and Mack both indicated they will be on the road again in the coming weeks it was good to see both. Javier was out on a father/daugher event, but Nana capably filled his shoes.
Thought for the day came from Mr Richard Benner. Basically it was "Don't worry. Be Happy". Space limitations on the internet prohibit the full recitation of the thought.  
Odds and Ends
The winner of one hundred dollar early bird Tour de Cookie sign upper is Roger somebody. Randy said he probably knows him and took the money.
Club members all participated in the culling of poorly made ceramic cookies from the hundreds dumped on each table. Made for our club by Quail Run School as part of the Tour de Cookie fund raiser, we learned that not all ceramists ages 7 to 11 are created equal. Truth be told a some at our table were damaged by the CFO who tested a few for possible school lunch inclusions. Anything to save a dime at MUSD, right Dan? Thanks Quail Run.
Board Meeting Thursday 5:30P start. John's office. All welcome.
Thanks to Randy, Deb, Bob and Jo for working The Loop and getting out the word about Tour de Cookie.
More Tour de Cookie-This Sunday 9A at the Farmers Market Rillito Park one last get the word out  before the big event 4/14/2018.
DID I MENTION TOUR DE COOKIE? OUR MAJOR FUND RAISER OF THE YEAR REQUIRES ALL HANDS ON DECK. To paraphrase  Uncle Sam "WE NEED YOU!" With Don and Peter out of town and Tony getting married all those remaining in town need to make a concerted effort to be available. Friends, family and kids welcome to help.Thank you, the management.
Party Time! May 29th is a 5th Tuesday and Mr An's will be where we gather for a fun filled evening. Maeve and Lynne are promising to have a rice flinging contest if Harold and John Z promise to be their open mouthed targets. This promises to be more hilarious than their "Battle of the Jokesters" skit we have come to loathe. (that is sarcasm)
Speaking of this lovable duo Maeve spoke of poop maps and Lynne of IRS audits. Knee slapping hilarity. Oh my. Tears are running down my cheeks as I relive the moment. Ahem, moving on.
Jo congratulated Maeve on her anniversary...........................six months early or late, we're not sure.
Happy Bucks
Dan-Pocketed a cool $202.25 at his garage sale and gave the club one half of one percent of the profit
Peter-Visiting his father soon and then off to Chile for months
Don-Here and gone
Randy-Sold a tee shirt for $3 and made the buyer feel like a  cheapskate. Seriously, Randy was happy about this, I kid you not.
Mary-Only Denise and Tony who were sitting at her table know the reason for her happiness
Bob-Wife returning to Tucson after short absence
Denise-Sorry, I missed it. My ears exploded while trying to amplify Mary's reason for happiness 
Thanks to all who donated.
Tony-Got five bucks out of him after last week's "zero". Headed to Flagstaff for a wild and crazy kind of time. Kind of like Vegas only NOT.
Bob "Lucky" Bishop pulled the 4 of hearts. The sadness displayed by his fellow Rotarians at his misfortune tugged at this writer's heartstrings. Sniff.
 Kimberly Ward, mother of two Eagle Scout's, friend of Richie Benner and Scholastic Book rep was our speaker. A few of the numerous points she made about reading are:
1. 85% of your brain growth is over at age 3
2. Reading to young'uns three times a week improves their ????????by 25%.
3. The wealthier the family the more words/vocabulary a child is exposed to
4. 61% of low income families have no books in the home
5. If you enter school two years behind your peers in learning you may never catch up
Kim read Malcome Mitchells "The Magic Hat" to us. My interpretation of the story is the magic hat is like a library. So many wondrous books on so many wondrous topics await you once you are inside. Open the cover and let your imagination loose.
Rotary Meeting Apr 03 2018 2018-04-03 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting Mar 27, 2018

Rotary Club of Marana
President Holt rang in the meeting at the designated hour. We all rose in unison and recited the pledge. In light of our speaker being US Congressman O'Halleran, President Jo quoted the Happy Warrior Hubert H Humphrey when he observed " I have seen more (enter a lengthy list of platitudes here) in the halls of Congress than anywhere else in the world."
No song today and the die hard singers did not complain. It seems they have lost the battle. (There goes my sunshine, my only sunshine, it makes me happy when skies are gray).
 Moving on, The Congressman did bring along two or three staffers, but I did not catch their names except for Max Oliver at the Constituent Office at Ina and Shannon.
Javier has recovered nicely and there are no plans by the club to revisit The Village Inn anytime soon.
*******************TOUR DE COOKIE NEWS**********************
61 registered riders(180) last year. 13 Cookie Booths
Thirty families served by Jo and Denise at the Ortiz Clinic/Food Bank distribution center Tuesday. Thank you ladies. 
Sad news-Lori Malagone is leaving Rotary.
Happy Bucks
John-Daughter's Birthday
Tony-Has no money. Ha, wait until he is married and kids. He'll look back on these days as rolling in the dough.
David-Enjoyed telling a falsehood to his kids. For several hours they thought the car was traveling to the Grand Canyon. At some point they figured out Lego Land was the destination.
Harold-Happy he figured out how to change Mary's email address on our website.NOTE-He was happy for less than a day. Down again.
Denise-Last weeks vacation
Benner-Putting a crib together not as hard as he had been told. Richie, you will not find that to be true in raising kids.
Randy-Marched for ending the gun madness. His first march since vets against Viet Nam war.
Denise raffle ticket drawn and there was much, dare I say giddiness in the room when she drew the Q of  Clubs!
 The Congressman took the stage and spoke of his 58,000 square miles of district. Twelve Indian tribes, Kingman, Sedona, Pinetop/Lakeside, Oro Valley, you name it he's got it.
His background is unique in that he has been a bond trader, a cop, an elected Republican state official and an elected Demoratic US Congressman.
He spoke of:
Helicopters-we are losing some
Infrastructure Bill-Not happening
111 in session working days in Congress-Not enough to do the work
Loves Congress
Trade/Tariff Wars-Dan still not sure of what to do about steel contractor bids on the new school
Water-Twenty Lake Mead's worth of water in District 1 subsurface that could be brought to the surface with solar. We still got a problem and maybe a desalinization plant in the Sea of Cortez where the Colorado enters may be a good idea. No time to discuss subsidence or cotton subsidy/water consumption. 
Cyber Security-ASU has a Cyber school and the Government and private industry must work together as Private industry cannot protect us alone
Medical- Violence in America, Opioid epidemic and 3-6 billions of dollars for mental health.
Rotary Meeting Mar 27, 2018 2018-03-28 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting March 13, 2018

Rotary Club of Marana
President Jo was back in full health to lead our meeting. She asked a lady from Nigeria to lead us in the Pledge and Mirabel did a fine job. Thoughts for the day revolved around the circumference of a circle divided by its diameter. This calculation gives us Pi and its many uses especially in Rotarian Humor. (see further down)
Picture Rocks/Ortiz Center Food Bank volunteers for tomorrow include Denise West and Jo Holt. Begins at 9:30 ends around noon. If you are interested and available they could use you.
Speaking of being needed, this Saturday at Brandi Fenton Park we will have a booth marketing our Tour de Cookie. We need people from 8:30 setup until noon. Please let Dan or Mary know if you can assist. 
Roadrunner school will be hosting a Scholastic Book Fair on a Tuesday, possibly in April, and we will participate. It appears we may be able to purchase a 1,000 books plus RoadRunner will receive 10% of our purchase in Scholastic Bucks.
We sang happy birthday to John, and I must say it, that would not be polite...........It shouldn't say that either..................thanks to all who tried. Okay, the word dirge came to mind. There, I said it. I am an ungrateful.......
Happy Bucks: John-UA BookFair & he made the "50 years ago today" column in a central IL newspaper for walking 65 miles in 23 hours, Denise West will have a forensic gemologist available 3/26/2018(see her for details), Harold-fixed Mary's email, Richie-Great day at UA BookFair representing Scouting at the Rock Climbing Wall, Randy-Successful foot surgery, David-Book Fair and attended daughter's performance at Centennial Hall on the UA Campus. Dan, Tony, John, Harold and others-I know you gave happy bucks but I have no idea why. Give more and I'll try to listen better. JUST KIDDING!
Lynne led off with the old standby of NASA sending an astronaut on a one way trip to Mars. Not to give anything away, but the evil lawyer figures out a way to send the engineer and make a profit fo himself of a cool million. I saw David Hindman taking notes.
***********************************JOKE OFF**************************************
Okay, you have read this far only because you need some Pi humor, right?
Did you know that 3.14% of all sailors are PIrates?
If you divide the circumference of a pumpkin by its diameter you get Pumpkin Pi?
The roundest Knight at King Arthur's Court was Sir Cumference because he ate so much Pi?
Maeve wins! Maeve wins! Maeve wins!
Denise did doesn't.
Our guest and speaker was Diane Ventura Goodyear, DGND. She spoke on District 5500 Strategic Plan and specifically sought input in its development. Of particular interest seemed to be the Indicators of Success and Target Dates section. It has been a while since neither he District nor Clubs strategic plan has been addressed in recent years.
All appeared to agree that a major indicator of success is membership numbers and  unfortunately they are dropping significantly. Money for recruitment and Rotary name recognition was available for a couple of recent years. It was spent with no appreciable change in membership. Do not look for money in this regard any time soon.
As it often does the bottom line falls on individual members to ask contacts to join you for a breakfast meeting. No commitment to join, just come check us out.
Hey Maeve, thanks for the cherry and apple pie girl. Nice touch. Yummy. Too bad for you non attendees.
Attendance at 72% today.
Rotary Meeting March 13, 2018 2018-03-13 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting March 6 , 2018

Rotary Club of Marana

Fellow Rotarian's, our President has fallen ill. Our thoughts and prayers are with her along with the hope she is fully recovered from her cold by 3/13/2018 also known as Pie Day Eve.
Showing he has the "crust" needed by "filling" in for President Jo our President-elect Tony Hunter deftly led today's meeting showing us all it is as easy as ............can be. Peter led us in the pledge. If there was a  significant thought following the pledge I missed it. I meant to say "immediately" following the pledge. I am sure there were numerous significant thoughts as the meeting progressed. Had to be,....... right?
Guests included Mirabel-our exchange student from Nigeria, Stephanie Rojas- of Tucson Sunrise Rotary.
  Denise Coronado-MCAT Principal, Mr Bowen-Social Studies Teacher and Hamish Pottenger-MCAT Student of the Month.
By the way, Mr Bowen is familiar with the Scholastic Book Program, looked up prices for under age 5 books while at our meeting ($3-5) and gave us the website
That lovable duo Maeve and Lynne were at it again. While not up to their usual hilarity I distinctly heard Dan giggle over the "snake hadn't a leg to stand on" punchline delivered by Maeve. Denise Coronado groaned over "Nacho Cheese". Lynne, uyou can do better. Hey, Maeve, did you know snakes have no use for "Toe" trucks? Moving on......
Lucky Bob Bishop won but lost with the 9 of hearts. Crocodile tears were shed by many
MEA CULPA, MEA CULPA, MEA CULPA: Left Denise West and son Chase off of last week Tree Planting attendee list. Thank you Denise, you are a terrific club member and active volunteer in most all club projects.
Dan Contorno requested volunteers to work a Tour de Cookie rider recruitment booth this Saturday 3/10/2018 at 9:00 am located at the Rillito Race Track Farmers Market. Please assist Dan if you have a couple of hours to enjoy the outdoor weather and the Farmers Market.
Guest Speaker Stephanie Rojas comes from a Rotarian family that sponsored four exchange students when she was a youth. (Many in our club believe Stephanie is still in her youth). Night of a Thousand Stars is the Tucson Sunrise fund raiser and she encouraged us to check it out. Date is 5/4/2018.
 Our student of the month was unavoidably quite late in his arrival, but never the less made a powerful impact on our club. Without going into details, the adversity this young man has faced in his first eighteen years has been significant. The emotion felt by the club after hearing his life story moved Mary Straus to stand and applaud quickly followed by the entire club. Hamish works at The Ritz while attending MCAT full time. His immediate goal is to graduate and attend Pima Communiy College. His long term goal is to "make my mother proud". 
I love this club. Oh, missing only three members today. Way to go!
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Rotary Meeting Feb 27, 2018

Rotary Club of Marana
Following the Pledge President Jo asked if anyone had a thought. We were saved by Maeve who mentioned the beautiful tree planting event this past Saturday at the VA Memorial Cemetery in Marana. This moved President Jo to have a thought. Actually it Carl Sagan's thought  about the greatest gift is to read to children.
*******WEATHER ALERT**************WEATHER ALERT****************WEATHER ALERT****
Harold says we have a winter arriving at 11:00 pm this (last)evening. He says nobody will know if we have snow because we will not be able to see it.
 Richie Benner made a presentation that President Jo said only he could make because of the intricacies of the topic, giving books to kids. After the presentation we all agreed Richie was still the only one who understood. Therefore the following meager attempt should be taken with a grain of salt. We put up $5,600. Going through "Scholastic" we get the biggest bang for our bucks. Of two options my favorite was naming Road Runner Grade School ( a low income school) as beneficiary they would receive 40% of that amount on top of our $5,600 purchase for books at their school in Scholastic books that could/would be used for book purchases. The $5,600 worth of books will be distributed through Woman, Infants and Children Program (WIC) at the Marana Health Center (MHC Healthcare) and placed in the "Up With Books" book stand we saw and learned about last week. I have no idea what Option 2 was. See Richie if you gotta know. It was something about buy one get one free and 10% to the schools. The club brain trust made up of the board (with exception of the Secretary) will determine our final plan of attack.
Speaking of Board Meetings, our next one will be tomorrow March first. It will begin at 5:30 pm and is held at 2005 W Ruthrauff Rd, suite 157. Ya'll are welcome.
PIE DAY just around the corner! We will also have a 5th Tuesday months from now.
Dan reports 13 Cookie booth sponsors.
John donated UA/Stanford BB tickets. Maeve won the bidding war. $50!
Randy chastised the club for failure to recruit new members. He's right, you know.
Mary happy tree planting plus seeing Javier and his daughter at the event.
Bob Bishop thanked this writer for the clever and humorous meeting minutes. He could have left it at that, but went on to say "even if they are not accurate nor representative of what took place." I resemble that remark.
Maeve mentioned new shoes she bought off a drug peddler. She does not know what thy were laced with, but she has been tripping all day.
Not to be outdone, Lynne gave us a dumb blonde joke, typical of what may have been heard at a Rotary club meeting in the 50's. Too long to relate, but it was also funny. Good job ladies.
Arlene Nehls grew up in Morenci, AZ. She has a 30 year old child and another younger child. Why do we care? Because Arlene runs the WIC program in Marana. She has about 30 years with the WIC program in Pinal County, Sierra Vista and Marana.
The WIC program is concerned with nutrition for ........nursing mothers, infants and children. It began primarily as a breast feeding support program and has expanded. Eligibility is based on family income. The program pays for itself by reducing nutrition related problems in the target population. In Pima County MHC Healthcare serves 5,300, El Rio Healthcare serves 2,400 and Elizabeth of Hungary serves 600 WIC recipients.
 In addition to the 26 years experience Arlene has, 15 of 20 staff members have a nutrition degree. In addition to providing food and occasionally formula, they can test for iron and vitamin levels in the blood. Since they are housed at MHC referrals are quite easy. WIC now has an electronic benefit capability when shopping for food.
Experienced tree planters in the club include Richie, Tony, Harold, Mary & Lilly, Javier & Jasmine, Randy & Deb, Jason, Bob, Maeve & Lyle, Jo. They also helped the bottom line of The Cattlemen's Restaurant. Thank you to you and the many other Rotarians for giving up a Saturday morning for this very worthwhile cause.
Oh, Randy drew the 3 of diamonds. NA NA Na Na Na Na. I mean, oh, too bad.
Hope next week we have a better turn out. Are my notes keeping people away? It is really more than than I can describe.
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Rotary Meeting Feb 20, 2018

Rotary Club of Marana
Mark Murray led us in the Pledge. My notes are a little hazy here, but according to President Jo some guy named Lyons said something profound regarding if we fail to take notice we cannot take action because we failed to notice. This was followed by applause. (You had to be there). Not able to contain herself President Jo quoted Mia Hamm regards building fires. No applause. (You did not have to be there) We then learned  that Richie Benner just had a wedding anniversary and that he is an expectant father. Bob Bishop proceeded to educate us explaining that having a baby is a process, but provided no further elucidation.
Today we also learned that:
1) Tree planting ceremony is this Saturday,
2) Jo's relatives are leaving town soon (whew)
3) Our book program will be through WIC at MHC Healthcare and partnering with Make Way for Books
4) Over 30 families served at Ortiz Center via Food Bank last week. Thank you to our volunteers,
5) Don mentored at Open Doors and did not just recite his health problems as did the last presenter from our club.Randy?
6) At PETS Mary met other clubs possibly interested in our Cameroon project consideration
Happy Bucks:
1) John suggested we partner up at our breakfast tables with at least one person with good hearing at each table. This suggestion was tabled as we may need to recruit more (younger) members in order to have a person with good hearing at EACH table.
2)Mary and Randy/Deb-Good time at Dove MTN fund raising event.
Many others also gave but were too polite to say it was because Maeve had no joke today. Javier did have a joke. Maeve, your job is NOT in jeopardy.
Don won and lost the drawing. This made Randy sad.
Speaker today, as just so happened, was Ally Baehr, the Director of Community Events for Make Way For Books. Ally, who will soon be joining the Tucson Sunrise Rotary Club, gave a wonderful presentation of the twenty year history of Make Way for Books. Numerous facts were shared such as:
1. At age 5 one can successfully predict if college is in the students future
2. Half of education gap is BEFORE child starts Kindergarten.
3. Poor readers are 4X more likely to drop out before high school graduation
4. 82% of neural connections complete by age three
5. The Pokey Little Puppy is the number one best seller of all time
 Make Way for Books has kiosks where books are free and where they can be loaned like a library
They focus on 13 grade schools in Tucson where 95% of the students are on free or reduced lunch program
Attendance at only 70% today. If you are reading this and did not attend today please try and make it next Tuesday.     
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Rotary Meeting Feb 13, 2018

Rotary Club of Marana
The rabble were easily brought to order today, compared to a week ago, by President Holt, possibly because we dropped from 90% attendance to only 70% of our members in attendance this morning. John Zwick got us started with the Pledge of Allegiance and the singing of Happy Birthday to Denise damn near ended the meeting. While I still support a "Singing Club" I am beginning to rethink my stand. I blame Maeve for a weak start, although she did try to pick up tempo by waving her arms like a clipped banty rooster but it was too late. The Titanic had sailed. Her math joke about drinking and deriving was a step up but still this act would not play in Peoria.
Words of wisdom from Denise and Mary but you will have to see them as their comments did not make it past my eardrums. We either need to use the microphone or the club needs to buy me an ear horn.
The Club welcomed Peggy Holt from Parker, AZ who now resides in Tucson. A Rotarian, Peggy is seeking a local club to join. If in need you can visit her at Sabino Canyon Recovery. Hopefully our singing did not scare her off. In spite of comments to the contrary I do not believe she is related to our Club's President. Also vacationing Rotarian Bill Woodard joined us from the northeast and gave an excellent presentation on Shelter Box.
**********************Tree Planting 9 to noon at Veterans Memorial Cemetery 2/24/2018***************************
Tony-Happy for surviving PETS and loves his new flea collar
Dave H-Nice visit with parents
Randy-Successful PETS with 700 people attending
Mary-After several attempts to communicate with this writer tossed her hands skyward in complete frustration. I requested she consider texting her happiness and/or deep thoughts.
Harold won and lost the raffle. We once again gave Harold a round of applause for his Right Brother's Award of 50 years of error free flying. Less than 1% of all aviators have ever qualified for this award.
 This writer was quite happy as I won the diamond pendant donated By Denise and Ben Bridge Jewelers. The fund raiser brought in $400. WOW! Thanks, Denise. Also, thanks for the box of chocolates given to all in attendance.
 Don-Happy about recent conversation with friend Bryce of  Zimbabwe and the peaceful removal of Mugabe. During Mugabe's rule the country went from the breadbasket of Africa to a food importer. Don also sponsored today's speaker.
Bill Woodard gave a presentation that made us all proud to be Rotarians. The number of homeless in the world has doubled in the past five years to 85 million. Climate disasters on a scale never seen before and man made turmoil have brought us to the crisis we see today.  Shelter Box is making a dent in the need having served 160,000 families in 2017. Rotary provides 40% of their funding and a very large percentage of their staff. Shelter Box, Red Cross and the UN are the only three organizations that can take the lead in countries in need of humanitarian aid. With Rotary membership being made up of local leaders and business owners it is a natural to organize relief efforts plus it has instant credibility. Shelter Box has been allowed in North Korea and in to Myanmar where government or religious affiliated organizations were not allowed.
Bill shared with us photos of places he has been as Shelter Box/Rotarian volunteer and told us the final two miles are often the most difficult in getting aid to those in need.
If I was too harsh on Maeve let me know and I will pay a fine next week. 
Rotary Meeting Feb 13, 2018 2018-02-13 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting Feb 6, 2018

Rotary Club of Marana
President Holt had difficulty getting everyone's attention to start the meeting. We had numerous guests and over 90% member attendance. There was a great deal of conviviality going on. Finally she was able to get Mark Murray's attention to lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance and a fine job he did.
Next we sang Happy Birthday to Dan Contorno although this was against club rules. We later found out we owe Denise West a Happy Birthday serenade this month as well. We actually sounded pretty good maybe because of the following guest voices: Kirk Reed, DG Elect, Lyle Johnson, Mary Straus's little girl, Lilly, Denny Scanlon, Dove Mountain Rotary President Donna Hansen and Dove Mountain Rotary Secretary John Mead.
The older members of our club appreciated President Jo's quote from a name from the past Dr Albert Schweitzer, "The key to happiness is good health and a bad memory." Also, success does not proceed happiness, it is the other way around.
Jo and Harold B cleaned out our club closet and transferred lots of useful stuff to Jo's guest room closet at home. By the way, Jo is looking for volunteers to help clean out her guest room closet.
An update to Food Bank/Diaper Rack situation. The Food Bank has been notified the rack is theirs not ours and it can be used or disposed of at their determination. We are in touch with Make Way for Books regarding purchase of children's books and with the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program for possible distribution through the Marana Health Center, not through the Food Bank.
*******Please get your money in for the diamond pendant raffle by 2/13/2018 and the tree planting ceremony /24/2018******
This month President Jo is doing vocational mentoring at Lori Malagone's Open Doors School. Last month it was Randy Brooks. All members please consider taking a turn.Rotary Club of Dove Mountain announced their annual fund raiser will be a Flamenco theme with professional guitar player and dancer. Date to be announced. Entertainment and meal $65.
Denny Scanlon spoke of the lady who was severely injured while helping a stranded motorist. Many of us were familiar with her plight due to a three part front page story in the Star newspaper. Denny has asked our club to assist with installing a wheelchair ramp at her home as well as possible other aid.
Members and guests were very generous today. Javier kicked in $100 due to a minor scheduling problem last week at our 5th Tuesday social. Seems like he closes Nana's at 8pm which happened to be the start time of the UA basketball game. Not a problem, we just migrated west about 90 feet to the Native Wing place and enjoyed nthe UA blowout of Washington State. John Dooling donated a $100 also. Apparently Tuesday the 1st of February is considered the first Tuesday of the month and when the Club's board showed up at 6pm for the monthly meeting John's office had already been closed for an hour. Sorry.
Others donating were: Mark Murray-actually late, but due to the aforementioned conviviality beat the bell; Tony-Looking forward to "PETS" training where he will learn to sit, stay, roll over,etc.; Denny Scanlon-"Go Cats"; Don Jorgensen-was sitting about ten feet from the losing last second shot made by Washington U in Seattle last week (Why does that make him happy?); Richie B- happy for 108th Scouting in America anniversary and admission of the fairer sex (can I say that? I get so confused in the PC world) to Scouting; Bob Bishop-SOLD!,  Jason watched the Super Bowl with friends visiting from Philly(Philly won for those of you who are Jeopardy types), Maeve, Phil and others were happy as well.
These notes are getting a little long in the tooth, so with no disrespect intended suffice to say our speaker Randy Brooks had a rough childhood and the words "scholar" and "Brooks" were not used in the same sentence during his teen years. However, the finished product that stood before us today was the result of the Marines, the GI Bill and vocational training. The Rotary Vocational Fund in AZ combines the north district with ours.  Scholarships based on financial need goes to students for trade job training. There is a state tax credit of $400 per individual and $800 per couple. Donations for the 2017 tax year are still possible. Maximum grant per candidate is $3000. Last year 33 of 92 applicants received a grant. Aviation Tech, nursing, phlebotomy and solar certification were a few of the careers supported. Donations are encouraged and you can visit the website at WWW.TRVFA.ORG
Before going I think it would be appropriate to point out that we had four Eagle Scouts in attendance!  
Great meeting. See you all next week.
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Rotary Meeting Jan 23, 2018

Rotary Club of Marana
At the Request of President Holt, David Hindman led the club in the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance. Denise West gave us food for thought regarding the "precious present" being a gift. (Deep!)
Dan Contorno led us in a pitiful rendition of "Happy Birth Day" to Mr. Randy Brooks. (Note to self: Do not EVER let Dan lead us in song)
Guests included Denise Coronado Principal of MUSD's MCAT school, Mikyla Bambrough-Student of the Month, Mikyla's mother Pam and Step dad Fred Clark and Alexis Jacobs- visiting friend from California of Randy Brooks.
Our two RYLA students sent notes of appreciation and will speak to the club at an upcoming meeting.
Asst. District 5500 Governor Stacy Fox met with the Region 6 clubs made up of Marana, Dove Mtn, 2 Saddlebrook , Catalina and Oro Valley clubs. Looks like several opportunities to assist with tree planting project on February 24th and 25th. Details on what constitutes "tree planting" considering hole digging not required is forthcoming. Shovels optional?
The Club has asked for a $5 donation from every member to cover the cost of the trees.
Raffle tickets available for the diamond pendant donated by club member Denise West of Ben Bridge Jewelers. Price reduction from $40 to $25! Drawing to be day before Valentine's Day.
This weekend Tony, Mary and Randy will all be in Los Angeles for PETS Assembly. This is training Rotary leaders for tomorrow.
Cookie booth available. Please share with anyone who may be interested. No charge to advertise just provide cookies for 350 people.
*****************DARK NEXT WEEK************
****************Social next Wednesday 1/25/2018.
Enjoy the UA basketball game. Nana's Kitchen 7:30pm
Happy Bucks from Bob Bishop-spent night on live firing range(several members question sanity of someone who would be happy about this), Randy-visit from Alexis, Many members happy for our Student of the month. Bob knew who Ralph Edwards was and the show he hosted, but no prize for that. Tony won the raffle, but the King of Clubs did not win him a prize either.
 Mikyla Bambrough, our Student of the Month, spent 71/2 years in the Casa Grande School system before moving to Marana and attending Tortolita and Mtn View schools. She struggles with shyness, but has blossomed at MCAT where she is getting "seven"A's in her classes.  Mr Bowen, the staff rep, commented on her Compassion and her Concientiousness. (I spelled that without looking it up). Per Mr Bowen "She is onderful to have in class". She would like to study dermatology. 
See you next Wednesday?    
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Rotary Meeting 01/16/2018

Rotary Club of Marana
I arrived today at Nana's Kitchen at 7:45A and for a moment I thought I was late. Numerous members had arrived for our El Tour de Cookie fundraiser and were hard at work. Thank you to Dan, Mary, Randy, Tony, Lori, Richie and others who attended he planning meeting.
President Jo called us to order at 8am sharp and Clint led us in the Pledge of Allegiance. Although a song month we could not come up with a song that was within our skill zone, so no singing today. We did have words of wisdom from MLK.
Joe Hentges, District 5500 Governor, visited and presented the Presidential citation to our club for last years accomplishments. Immediate Past President Mary accepted the reward on behalf of the club.
Many happy bucks collected from mumblers of the first order. If you want the world to know why you are happy ask for the mic or speak up. Or sit at this writer's table! Jo was happy regards son's health and Jason was happy about getting mice on camera. Probably not as happy as Walt Disney though.
Lot's of hungry people showed up last week at the Food bank, so many that the federal food boxes were all distributed and some needy left without a package. 
Rotary Leadership Institute will be held 1/20/2018 at the Viscount. Please consider attending to expand your knowledge of Rotary.
The fifth Tuesday of January will be on Wednesday 1/31/2018. Yes, you read that correctly. Tuesday the 30th of January we will be dark. On the 31st we will meet at 7:30 at Nana's and enjoy the UA basketball game along with Rotarian's from Dove Mountain. Plan on attending.
Ask Lynne how Yuma got it's name.
Bob won the raffle, or at least the first half.
Denise West has donated a diamond necklace valued at $370. I believe we decided to sell raffle tickets with the winner to be drawn on Valentine's Day. More to come.
Tony spoke of projects to come then turned the mic over to Dan. Need to get the word out to friends and acquaintences regards the 4/14/2018 Tour de Cookie. Total ride is 28.6 miles, but lesser distances may be ridden. Corporate sponsors are desired and necessary to get into a five digit fundraiser. If you know possible corporate sponsors feel free to turn it over to Taylor Swift (Closer's Close) er, Mary Straus or Randy Brooks.
Tremendous attendance today. WAY TO GO!
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Rotary Meeting Jan 9th 2018

President Holt began the new year with a quote from singer Neil Diamond. Mr. Diamond urges us all to make mistakes in 2018. Making mistakes results in learning, living, changing the world. It means you are "DOING SOMETHING". Guests included our Exchange Student from Nigeria, Mirabel and our District Govern Joe Hentges. Maeve and John D led the club in one of the best renditions of Auld Lang Syne that has ever been sung or heard at Nana's Kitchen between 7:00AM and 7:05AM on a second Tuesday in January.
There was a discussion regarding our 5th Tuesday of the month social meeting. Some confusion regarding Tuesday's being Thursday's in January and whether or not Thursday March first could be considered the last Tuesday in January. If so, we might meet with Dove Mountain club at Nana's Kitchen in the evening. More to follow once we consult with a planetary scientist who could shine some light on why the calendar is set up as it is and what's stopping us from making changes anyway.
 The Governor commended our club for its generosity and singled out Don Jorgensen and John Dooling for their annual Paul Harris donation of $1,000.
President Jo explained to the club that the Marana Food bank does not want our $2,400 gift of diaper holding bins, which they ordered. Unfortunately there is more to come on this story.
Numerous members indicated their willingness to donate $25 for trees to be planted at the Veteran's Cemetery in Marana. Randy donated 100% of his share of the tip from the Picture Rocks New Year's Eve gig. This is enough to cover 5 trees!
RYLA this weekend and our club is sponsoring two attendees.
Happiness donations from Mark-Not suitable for Jury Duty, Lori-Holidays are over, Richie-Expectation of papahood in June, Mary-Thought Mark looked lovely in his go to court clothes, Plus many others welcoming the New Year.
Again we were entertained by the Dueling jokesters Lynne and Maeve. Lynne's tree planting humor easily defeated Maeve's math joke. (Maeve, many of us still harbor ill feelings about our math experiences and do not consider math a humerus topic).
Bob Bishop won and lost with a four of spades.
Randy presented with a summary of the RI Foundation, The District Foundation and the Rotary Club of Marana Foundation and how they differ from one another. There is plenty of literature on the RI Foundation and their Annual Program Fund. For details about the District Foundation see Randy and for the Marana Foundation see Mary.
This example may help:
$2000 from our Marana Rotary Foundation gets matched with another $2,000 by District 5500 Foundation and a match of about $3,000 from RI Foundation turns a small project into a village changing international project in Cameroon.
RI Foundation money is spent on Peace, Clean Water, Moms & Kids, Education, and Local Economies Development (micro loans).
Randy did share that RI Foundation was ranked #1 by Charity Navigator and that over 90% of money spent on projects as opposed to salary and other overhead.
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Rotary Meeting Dec 19, 2017

Rotary Club of Marana
The last meeting of 2017 was called to order by President Holt and Javier Teran led us in the Pledge. Words of wisdom from ? indicated hey would not change anything in their past since it might lead to another door in which YOU were not there. Guest was Eric Munoz who is an applicant for a Rotary Vocational Scholarship. We broke club rules "again" and sang "We wish You a Merry Christmas" and we sang happy birthday to Richie Benner (31, OMG).
Denise West again worked the Picture Rocks Food Bank along with Jo, Randy and Deb. Denise made all the top tier decisions. Denise is also heading up the adopt a family program with assistance from Jo.
Speaking of Jo, do not let her near your tax returns. Thank you to Lynne on some Rotary donation/tax reporting dates. Also, reminding all that you might want to pay real estate taxes this year rather than waiting until spring deadline due to Federal Tax changes happening today.
Randy playing at Picture Rocks "Horseshoe Cafe New Year's Eve from 8 to midnight. Food, drink and good music. Half the music donations go to Rotary. DIRECTIONS: Go to PR make a left and it is the 5th building on the right.
Harold Burtzloff received The Wright Brothers "Master Pilot" designation for error free 50 years of flight. Additional Happy Bucks came from:
Jo-Son her for Christmas
Bob-Buyer for his business
Don-Not necessarily happy, had a few disparaging remarks about the PA. highway system.Daughter home for Christmas
Randy- Got Steamrolled by a wisenheimer
Lori, Mary and Jason all happy as well.
Maeve let us in on a little known secret. After visiting the good boys and girls on Christmas Eve. Santa then visits the naughty girls. I cannot help but wonder how she knew this.
 PE Tony Hunter went to the PE meeting at the Golden Pins Bowling Alley and he was packing. Happy to meet other PE's he will be working with. Tony discussed with us the Tree Program (Peter would like to se Interact involved), Aide Station, PR Food Bank, Diaper Program, Vocational Mentors at Lori Malagone's school, adopt a family and adopt a Cameroon Village. He announced Mary Straus will be one of the Assistant Governors next year. Thanks for stepping up, Mary.
Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and see you all Tuesday 1/9/2018. Be safe.
Rotary Meeting Dec 19, 2017 2017-12-19 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting Dec 12. 2017

Rotary Club of Marana
Beautiful table set up with edible center pieces greeted the members and guests as they entered Nana's Kitchen Tuesday morning. I believe we have Maeve and Jo to thank for this display.
Harold Burtzloff began the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.
Guests included the MCAT student of the month, Nathan Ryberg, his mom Laurie, dad Bill, teacher Mr Bowen and Principal Denise Coronado. Nathan came well prepared with an acceptance speech and was heavily praised by all as a conscientious hard worker. His plan is to attend Pima Community College.
Happy bucks from this writer for son-in-laws recovery from eleven hours of cancer surgery in Houston, TX, Peter- ten day upcoming Canary Island work/cation, Lynne-happy+sad, David has accepted Mirabel into his home. There were many other contributors.
Richie Benner has filled this years opening on the club board. We need a Member-At_Large for the 2017/2018 year and Peter Mack suggested we need a female (he was worried some one would nominate him possibly?) Tony wondered who would be the "Mystery Woman" willing to serve on his board.
The nominated and unanimously approved board for 2017/2018 year are: President-Tony Hunter, Richie Benner- President Elect, Treasurer- Lynne Himmer, Secretary-John Dooling, Past President-Jo Holt, Member-At Large--Harold Burtzloff. I think I got this right.
The "Three Wise Men" didn't stand a chance against "The Three Stooges".  See Maeve for details.
DENISE WEST WON & WON!!!!!!!!!! And promptly donated her $50 winnings to the Marana Rotary Foundation. Thank you Denise.
 Our speaker today was Lynne Himmer and the topic was "WINE". The following are odds and ends from this writers notes:
1. Serve white at 55* and red at 65*
2. Zin.... is a red grape white fruit. Thus depending on whether or not skin is included can be white or pinkish.
3. Tannin comes from the skin and gives wine a dry taste/feeling. It goes away over time.
4. You can drink Riesling with 11.5* alcohol and not get drunk. BWAHAHAHA!
5. Wine can bruise. I "think" it is better to store wine in a lateral vs horizontal position to allow it to breathe.
6. Champagne is only from an area in  France and can be fermented a. In a bottle, b.In a steel tank, c. by carbonizing. Oh, and the bigger the bubbles the bigger the headache. Also get the New Mexico stuff. Weather is same as french area and taste is just as good with a lower price.
7. Sulfites are every where so do not worry about it
8. The lower the alcohol the sweeter the taste, usually.
9. Wine spoils. Centuries ago a boatload from Portugal sent to England went bad. The Potuguese added brandy and the subsequent brew is called Port. My personal favorite.
10. Pinot Noir is very versatile as to what food it pairs with.
11.  Take a non drowsy antihistamine with Red Wine.   Ask Lynne why. That's all my notes say.
12. Cork vs screw cap? There are now ventilated screw caps and some expensive wines now use screw caps can harbor bacteria. Any way, either is just fine.
Lynne finished her presentation with a raffle of a fine bottle of Gruet sparkling Champagne. Be nice to me and I might share it with you!
Rotary Meeting Dec 12. 2017 2017-12-13 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting Dec 5, 2017

Rotary Club of Marana
President Holt brought the meeting to order and Harold Burtzloff led us in the Pledge. No singing this month however, even in a no singing month we can quote a singer, Cheryl Crow. Cheryl said something to the effect of  "if compassion was the motivating factor for all our actions the world would be a better place."
Erica, the UA student/spy, was our only guest and she was quite complimentary regarding Rotary. She was not familiar with this organization before the assignment and now is considering membership!
 A big shout out to David Hindman for not only stepping up to house our Rotary Exchange Student, Mirabel, but also to arrange for housing following her stay at the Hindman household. THANK YOU!
Attendance was sparse with just under 60% in attendance. Of special note, John Zwick was among the missing-a very very rare occurrence. John is getting over a bout of flu and should be with us next week. Hopefully the same can be said about the other missing members as well.
We sang. Rules are made to be broken, so Mary, Dan, John Z, Richie all were serenaded with "Happy Birthday". I think there may have been others as well.
Peter reported on the Food Bank Diaper cage fiasco. Many Rotarians answered the call for assemblers, however the cabinets ordered/received will not do the job. Maeve to provide more info at a later date. Thanks to all who answered the bell.
Speaking of Maeve, she broke a few HIPPA rules regarding Santa's sessions with Mary Straus, a mental health therapist. Apparently it all began when Santa's parents told him he did not exist.
 Not to be out done, Lynne told of us two books she is reading. One she highly recommends: The Girl With Seven Faces about a North Korean girl. The other she does not recommend, but she cannot put it down. It is called Helium. One could call the group reaction to this second book as "speechless". Jaws opened as if to speak but they just hit the floor.  
Odds and Ends:
Next year enter the football pool and let Randy make your picks.
Dan says our first Tour de Cookie rider has signed up.
Round of applause for Maeve for Aide Station work.
Richie to speak at Open Doors, Lori Malagone's school.
**********Harold is B-E-G-G-I-N-G for El Tour photos****************
Don happy about a surprise visit from daughter and son-in-law. Don also won and lost with a small heart.
 Since we are on the topic of Don Jorgensen he was our speaker and gave an excellent presentation on ShelterBox.
The big box with tent weighs about 140 pounds and costs about $1,000. It contains solar lights, saw, shovel, hoe, pots, pans and much other stuff. The solar light is about the size of a deck of cards before it is unfolded. It gained venture capital after appearing on Shark Tank!There is also a water purifier.
Boxes are tailored for their audience. Tents come with or with out stoves and some are built to United Nation specifications. Mosquito netting where needed is packed and there is now a Shelter "Kit" sans tent for about $100 and maybe a quarter the size of the big box.
The program was started and still is run by Rotarians out of Cornwall, England. There is also Shelter Box USA in Florida. The great Tsunami of 2004 in India put Shelter Box on the map. Since they have been in Panama, New Orleans, Haiti multiple times and currently in Madagascar, Mozambique, Syria, Peru, Columbia, Iraq, Somalia, Niger, Myranmar and Cameroon. Don showed a satellite photo of a spot on the map called Menawao in Cameroon that has grown from effectively zero inhabitants to 35,000 over just a couple of years due to migration of people fleeing Boka Haram.
Shelter Box responds to both man made and natural catastrophes. 
See you all next week????????

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Rotary Meeting Nov 28, 2017.

Rotary Club of Marana
Harold Burtzloff led us in the Pledge of Allegiance to start off the meeting and Lynne led us in Home On The Range to almost end it. Seriously, it was close. Many in the assembly muttered under their breath "Thank God December is a no singing month.".
 President Holt saved the day by introducing, Erica, the spy/observer who is working on her Communication degree from the University of AZ. Then quoting Henry David Thoreau and William Arthur Ward regarding their thoughts on Thanksgiving. WAW is one of the most prolific inspirational quote writers of the 20th century. In the words of President Holt "Who knew?" Of course we are all familiar with HDT the protege of RWE. 
The scheduled presenter, Randy Brooks, was out of town due to the recent death of his aunt. The time was filled by Happy Buck turkey day stories and by Maeve Johnson's review of the El Tour aide station project.
Maeve began with "Why did the bikes keep tumbling over at the aide station? They were two tired." We decided to let her go on with the presentation anyway since it was only 8:30am.
 The topics of balloons, Burma Shave Signs, site change from previous years and many others were touched upon. Maeve thanked the many people involved by name. Peter, Richie and his brother and Jason were all day help. Denise West was instrumental in planning and shopping and even had an employee assist us. She has agreed to head up the Rotary Club of Marana's aide station for 2018. In fact it seems almost everyone in the club was involved except this writer. To paraphrase Maeve and President Jo, "John was assisting the state of Illinois with their deer infestation problem. He personally slayed three of the great beasts and donated the meat to three separate low income families thus providing them with sustenance and protein during the coming winter months."
 This writer won the raffle and drew the winning JOKER and donated the $140 in winnings to the Marana Rotary Foundation. John also shared information regarding the Rotary Fire Fighter Apartments in Houston, TX that are available to Fire Fighters nationwide who need shelter while undergoing treatment at MD Anderson Hospital. The rate of cancer diagnosed in Fire Fighters is twice the national average. John's daughter and son in law will be staying there for the next three weeks while Justin undergoes surgery.
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Rotary Meeting Nov 21. 2017

Rotary Club of Marana
Our Thanksgiving week meeting began with The Pledge followed by the old standard "Old MacDonald Had A Farm". Lynne chose the song and the animal (turkey). Most members were familiar with the song. Guests included former Marana member Debbie Conover and Erica (?) an observer and communications student from UA.
 Denise spoke at Lori Malangone's school Open Doors and awarded prizes to good listeners. I have Dollar General in my notes for reason unknown, but probably related to our meeting.
President Holt spoke of progress with our multi club Tree Planting Project, but still no firm date. 
 Tour de Tucson Aide Station was a rousing success. Richie Benner was impressed with the turn out of so many "Friends of Rotary" including spouses and children (David Hindman). Peter does not like Peanut Butter. Peter's old truck was used as a dumpster, he has pictures to prove it, and John Zwick's new truck was not abused "this" year. It is anticipated Rotary International's "Ride for the Cure" is expected to raise ............10 MILLION DOLLARS towards the eradication of polio. Our Aide Station is the second most popular stop on the 110 mile tour next to the Firehouse Pancake stop.This is our 24th year.
Everybody happy, except Peter and Tony(That's what my notes say). Randy was here, but not his name badge. If you had trouble remembering his name see him next meeting for a referral. Debbie Conover sang the praises of Rotary's RV Fellowship which she is heavily involved with. 
Dan won and lost the raffle. Loudest applause of the meeting was for Lynne's "No joke today." comment. 
 Peter Mack Astrophysicist and Marana Rotarian spoke of his 24 year old business Astronomical Associates. At one time he wrote programs for astronomers telling them where to point their telescopes to observe what they wanted to see. He now supports, renovates and manufactures scopes all over the world including Egypt, Australia and Chile.
 He spoke of the Large Synoptic Telescope and the smaller scope alongside it. The large scope takes pictures of large pieces of the universe and the smaller scope helps to determine the best time to photograph when the turbulence is low (the shimmering one observes when watching a sunset in the hot desert. Most scopes are located at 8,000 to 10,000 feet or higher to lessen the disturbance.   Peter's explanation of the red spectrum shift (he specifically pointed out the indicator for the element sodium) being similar to the doppler effect experienced with sound enabled many of us to better understand the concept. This is used to determine distance from observer to object being observed.
Many questions were deferred to another date as they were not specific to his business operation and time was limited. Peter did promise another field trip to Kitt Peak in the coming months and offered to be a speaker at a future meeting regarding general astronomy and recent major advances in the field of Astronomy.
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Rotary Meeting Nov 14, 2017

 As our Secretary John Dooling is out of town today, it has fallen upon Pres. Jo to report on today's meeting. It was OK. Folks were a little quiet. But I know deep in their hearts they were thrilled to be there. We had a large turnout, 77% attendance!
 Our speaker, Club member Jason Halper, brought his daughter Aliza along as his guest. He gave us a run-down of what he referred to as "pests". Specifically: pack rats, rattlesnakes, scorpions, roaches, palo verde beetles, mice, and did I say pack rats? But Jason also did something unexpected by talking about how he applied the Rotary four-way test to his job in pest control. In the course of dealing with customers and their fears,educating them, and earning their trust, Jason has seen the four-way test in action. He's intent on doing the right things at the right time for the right reasons. He wants to empower people to take care of themselves and their pest issues as much as possible. It was great to hear someone who is excited and passionate about their work, and that's our fellow Rotarian Jason. 
 In other news, Maeve Johnson led a lively discussion on preparations for our aid station for the upcoming El Tour de Tucson. We'll meet at the McDonald's on Tangerine & Thornydale at 7:45am and begin setting up after that. This is a very big deal for our Club and will be a lot of fun.
There was, unfortunately, a joke-off between Maeve and Lynne. Who won is still undecided.
 Denise is presenting on her career at Open Hands School on Friday! Randy won the football pool this week! And Richie reminded us about Giving Tuesday, coming up in two weeks.
It was a good day at Rotary in Marana!
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Rotary Meeting Nov 7, 2017

Rotary Club of Marana
President Holt has returned from New York with good news regards her son's health. Welcome back.
Also we welcomed back Harold Burtzloff from his annual summer escape. Finally we welcomed Joan Buth, a Rotarian from Irvine, CA who now lives in our area and who is shopping for a club.
Words of wisdom from Mirabel, "It is not an end it is a "bend".
 President Jo advises that some believe politics is the art of getting money from the rich to buy votes from the poor in order to keep the two groups from killing each other. Hmmmmmmm. Oscar somebody said this. Oscar Levant (anybody else remember him?) said "A Politician is someone who will double cross that bridge when he comes to it."
Joan Buth selected God Bless America as our song of the week and honestly we sounded pretty good.
 Moving on, Maeve provided an update as to our Tour de Cookie aide station. This is scheduled 11/18,2017 and additional help is always welcomed. Contact Maeve.
Next Dan gave us an update on our   own Tour de Cookie.
Many dollars collected as Happy Bucks from virtually every member (What a happy group!). 
 Mary Straus sent a sheet around for donations supporting our own riders (Randy and Mary and Deb Hume) in their "Ride to end polio. Thank you to everyone who pledged and of specific note a BIG THANK YOU to Peter Mack for his $1,000 donation. 
 Denise Coronado, Principal of MCAT introduced "Dave" math teacher at MCAT who was chosen as the favorite teacher by our Student of the Month winner Audrey Rhodes. Dave showered many superlatives when speaking of Audrey. She currently is taking three math classes! Audrey's mother is a Marine and she attend this mornings meeting along with Audrey's step father. Audrey has moved around the country frequently as her mother has been relocated. She looks forward to soon completing her high school requirements at MCAT and would like to study medicine in college with a goal of Medical Doctor.
Great meeting with 80% attendance! 
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Rotary Meeting 10/23/2017

Rotary Club of Marana
Our "Mole" day meeting was extra special with the visit from DG Joe Hentges, his wife Bridgette as well as Assistant District Governor Stacy Fox. Following pledge of Allegiances to the Flag and to Avogadro's constant we settled into our normal routine for the next three minutes with our "Joke Off" contestants Maeve and Lynne. Both were surprisingly (no offense) good todsy. Too bad if you missed today's meeting, you'll just have to trust me on this.
Stacy Fox then addressed our club and gave a lengthy and impressive introduction of District Governor Joe Hentges. Joe is a 35 year Rotarian, musician, retired school Administrator/Superintendent, Minnesotta/Illinois native, outdoorsman and author of two books. He and Bridgette retired to Arizona over ten years ago. They are members of the Dove Mountain club.
Our DG began his talk by reminding us that our clubs 30th birthday is coming up April 2018.
Why are you a Rotarian was asked of John D and Eric and their responses echoed the International membership responsesers-Friendship and Service. DG Joe complimented our club on many factors including giving per capita of $364 to The Foundation and total giving of $417 per capita which ranked third out of 52 clubs in District 5500. There are concerns regarding Rotary membership in District 5500, but our club's growth and retention of members is better than the District average. Also, concern was expressed that in our entire district there are only four exchange students.
The DG has five main goals this year: 1) Empower and strengthen local clubs 2) Develop Club and District Leaders 3) Support Youth Service 4) Foundation and Polio Eradication 5) Promote Rotary awareness.
Maeve Johnson was called to the podium and presented with a well deserved Rotary "Above and Beyond" pin.
Rotary International by participating in The Tour de Tucson, which Maeve has been very involved with our Aide Station, has raised over 35 MILLION DOLLARS in the past five years for the eradication of polio!!!!!!!!
You can help. Go to "MYROTARY", click "Give" at the top right, Click on "DONATE", Polio Plus Fund, Miles To End Polio. It is really simple.
DG Joe ended with a call to Pima County Rotarians to "Like" the Facebook pages of the other clubs.
Randy ended the meeting with a feel good story of him and Lynne being interviewers of a young lady seeking help from the Arizona Rotary Vocational Fund. A decision was made to assist her with two thousand dollars in tuition towards a career in dentistry.
IF YOU HAVE READ TO THE END YOU ARE NOW AWARE WE ARE DARK NEXT TUESDAY. No social event has of yet been planed. President Jo will be in Manhatten, but we are free to congregate in front of her home and to trick or treat her neighborhood.    
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Rotary Rotary Oct 17, 2017

Rotary Club of Marana
Our meeting was opened by President Holt sharply at 7AM. The pledge was followed by words of wisdom from RWE regarding "ENTHUSIASM". Emerson said nothing great is ever achieved without "ENTHUSIASUM"! President Holt then gave a mediocre half hearted example of enthusiasm.
Guest for the meeting was one, Alex Droban. Alex is a current member of the Rotary Club of Valle Verde. He is now retired from the Sahuarita Police Dept, lives close to Nana's Kitchen and is shopping for a new club. (Dan, he is a fly fisherman)
Richie Benner gave an overview of the District Conference. Richie did all the heavy lifting surrounding our Hospitality Room which consisted of putting tee shirts on chairs and passing out cookies. (his words). Over all he gave the conference good marks.
Mary Straus told the club of our Presidential Citation for outstanding work. One of eight selected out of over 50 clubs. The Rotary Club of Marana was also #3 in the entire district for average donation to the Foundation per member. Great Job!
Randy Brooks told of the Sunday morning recognition of our veteran members. Randy called Eric Miller up front to receive his Veteran/Rotarian pin.  
COTTON FESTIVAL- Will be this Saturday evening and we will need volunteers to vend beer along with the Dove Mountain Rotary. Festival held at Heritage Park, on Tangerine west of I10.  
The 23rd of October will be a meeting at President Holt's home for a review with Club Officers and District Governor Joe Hentges. The following morning DG Hentges will attend our Tuesday meeting. PLEASE TRY TO ATTEND.
Maeve Johnson spoke at length regards her organization for Tour de Tucson aide station. A sign up sheet was sent around. Hopefully all who are in town will participate in this event that literally raises tens of millions of dollars for the eradication of polio.
Lots of people happy for various and sundry reasons and were willing to pay to express their joy aloud. Thanks to Dan-Alabama golf with dad and bro, David Hindman -Himmel Park Trees being planted by his law firm, Lynne Himmer-end of tax season, Clint-trip to the frozen remote tundra of North Dakota to visit aeronautical school with his son. There were many others, but my favorite was deja poo- "I've seen this shit before." Thanks, Maeve.
Mary won and lost the raffle/drawing with the 5 of spades.
Mirabel, our Nigerian Exchange Student, was our presenter for the day. She started with a map of Nigeria pointing out the capitol of Abuja. She shared with us their Coat of Arms, motto of Unity, Faith, Peace and Progress. 
Mirabel comes from a family of five children although two are deceased. She did have a goal of being a pediatrician, no doubt influenced by the loss of two siblings. However, she is coming to the realization that their are many avenues in medicine that can be explored. Her father is usually away from home as he works in the oil industry. Her mother used to buy and sell items obtained from travels to Dubai, but no longer is doing that. Mirabel has two brothers and her favorite is the 11 year old as he does what she tells him, not so much the older brother.
Politics were delved into and the beloved Goodluck Jonathon's presidency was much more pleasing than the current elderly, ill, military background of current president Muhammadu Buhari. He comes from the north which apparently is more violent than the south of Nigeria.
Nigerians were colonized by the British and therefore English is their official language. They have been independent since 1960.  
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Rotary Meeting Oct 10, 2017

Rotary Club of Marana
                  Those arriving early were entertained by yours truly standing on a chair then a stool for the entertainment of president Holt.
Speaking of our President she went out of her way to touch Peter Mack following The Pledge. Denise West then gave us food for thought quoting the self deceased Kurt Cobain "Wanting to be someone else is a waste of who you are."
President Jo then explained the revised District grant and advised we had the "green Light" for the changes from the district. 
 Lynne Himmer presented a check to Executive Director  of the Marana Food Bank, Linda Hampton. The check of $723 added to $150 already donated earlier this year comes to  a total of $873. This money will provide over 3,000 meals.
Tomorrow volunteers at the Marana/Picture Rocks Food bank will be Randy, Jo, Denise and Richie.
District Conference starts Friday and we will be giving out Rotary cookies made by Copper Creek.
Cotton Festival 10/21/2017 and we will be working the beer tent from 5 to 9. Maybe we could use a few more volunteers. Working with Dove Mtn club.
Mole Day-Moles are small mammals adapted to a subterranean lifestyle. They have cylindrical bodies, velvety fur, very small, inconspicuous ears and eyes, reduced hindlimbs and short, powerful forelimbs with large paws adapted for digging. Wikipedia
Apparently when ground up you may express the number of atoms, ions or any other elementary entities in the sample by Avogardo's number 6.0225 X 10 to the 23rd. Ergo 10/23 is Mole Day. Thanks, Jo.
Speaking of harming our animal friends Tony Hunter was one dollar happy to have split up a fawn from it's mother over the weekend. Among many happy people in attendance were John, Joe, Don, Lori, Peter (created a feintspectrophotomasstrigoncosineometer for the Egyptians), Denise, Randy(crossed off the movie Fitzcarraldo from his bucket list), and Richie. 
Randy won and lost. Lynne was so exhausted tired weekend she could not climb stairs or
 Lori Malangone, club member, was our speaker. As Executive Director of Arizona Youth Partnership she was well versed on the subject matter, AZYP. Lori began with AZYP program following a short stint as a teacher and working for a title company. She has spent 12 years with them, the last four as Executive Director. They have offices in eight Arizona cities. AZYP was founded in 1990 to ensure the more rural areas of the state had resources similar to those available in the City of Tucson. Their mission is to cultivate healthy foundations for youth and promote strong families. They support numerous programs for youth including Healthy Relationship Education for 6th to 12th graders, Drug and Alcohol education including a tour of Banner University Medical Center to see first hand the ravages of drugs and alcohol, Stronger Families for parents and care givers with children in the 10 to 14 age range, Homeless Youth Shelters in Kingman and Bullhead City offer 30 days of temporary shelter to homeless and runaway boys and girls.
Lori shared with us an exercise in which  we all learned how uncoordinated Mary is and how difficult it is for all teens to keep educational goals, alcohol/drug/parties and dawning of sexual urges in relative perspective as they prepare for adulthood. Goals from our grade school days such as becoming a journalist, a physical therapist, an algebra teacher or even Paul McCartney's wife can be adversely affected by influences unrelated to the goal.
Nice job Lori, I concur with Jo, you would have made a fine teacher.   
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Rotary Meeting Oct ,2 2017

Rotary Club of Marana
We began the meeting with a big "Welcome Back" for John Zwick who then led us in The Pledge. Quickly following the pledge was a mediocre rendition of Happy Birthday for President Jo Holt led by Lynne. It is apparent that singing only every other month is taking its toll IMHO. Jo waited until Javier was out of the room to announce she is now receiving Medicare and saving $400 a month. Hopefully Javier reads these minutes. Quoting Play Dough, or is it Plato, President Jo reminded us to be kind to everyone as all are fighting battles with which we are not aware.
Mirabel our Exchange Student once again attended our meeting.
By the way, 80% attendance this morning. Congratulations!
Our one day a month Picture Rocks Food Bank assistance program is a week from tomorrow. Denise West has volunteered with possible attendees John, Mary,and Jo.
We will have a hospitality room co-sponsored with Dove Mountain at the District 5500 Conference 10/13/2017. Still time to sign up. Come see the Big Picture. You can pick and choose what to attend during the three day event.
There will be a board meeting this Thursday at 6pm. Consider attending. There will be a board meeting 10/23/2017 when we meet with District Governor Joe Hentges. DG Joe will attend our 10/24/2017 meeting.
October 31st i the 5th Tuesday of the month as well as All Hallows Eve. Sounds like a theme possibly?
Honorary Member Kathleen Nabors, Tortolita Middle School Teacher and leader of our Club's Interact program, will soon be holding an induction ceremony. Please try to attend. 
Tony Hunter gave brief update on Corn Hole Tournament. Still appears to be a small signup.
Randy shared some of the winners names on the weekly football pool.
Happiness shared from Richie, Lynne ( much groaning following All Nighter bathroom joke), Mary ( happy to the point of tears but I have no idea why),   Denise told a Dolly Parton joke that did not involve bosoms,   Maeve took it to a new level of groaning with a less than polished delivery of an algebra joke. That Eskimo Pi joke from last week sure was good.
President Jo drew the Queen of Hearts.
 Guest Speaker was our own Silver Bullet owner and pilot, Bob Bishop. Bob gave us an overview of how his smallest human piloted jet in the world has been used since 2005 by the US military. The radar profile of his jet simulates one of a Cruise missile. Bob saved the military millions of dollars when he replaced the $200,000 per flight target vehicles that cost 3/4 of a million if they crashed. Mr. Bishop does not charge if his jet crashes.
We were provided a little background of the use of cruise missiles. They were fired 5 times during the Iraq War and none were detected. Cruise Missiles can be launched from cargo ships. The Russian STYX missile was improved upon by the Chinese and its' range was doubled. Bob's jets have the only Type One ranking for the simulation of a cruise missile. All branches of the military use his product as well as a very big customer NORAD. 
Data obtained from the use of the SMART small jet enabled the development of JLENS a high altitude tethered blimp for reconnaissance purposes. This massive blimp, many times larger than the Goodyear blimp that Bob has piloted, is tethered with an 86,000 pound tensile strength cable. The electronics aboard can detect cruise missiles and forward the what, where and when information to the nearest ship to the missile.
Bob shared with us his great disappointment, if not anger, over the Congressional action to kill the 2 billion dollar funding of this missile defense system.
We finished with the El Tour de Tucson Burma Shave winners.
Need to pee?
Need to poo?
Stop here next
And use our loo. 
What a great meeting. Hope to see the missing 20%   of our members next week.
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Rotary Meeting 9/26/2017

Rotary Club of Marana
President Holt has returned from Ireland's Matchmaking Festival. Few of us knew the reason for her trip to the Ol' Sod. She was impressed with the friendliness of their culture. She recited a lovely prayer thanking God for those who love us, asking God to turn the heart of those who do not and finally, to turn the ankle of those who still resist. I think I got that right. Anyway, she and her friends spent a lovely day at an Irish beach where they enjoyed the typical weather of the Emerald Isle, i.e. getting rained on and sand blasted by gale force winds. It's good to be back home.
In her absence it is reported that Tony Hunter did a good job, but was mean to Maeve. (probably had it coming)
 Today we honored Emily, a student at MCAT. Accompanying Emily were her mother, sister, Principal Denise Coronado and English teacher Melissa. Emily was a bit shy but did state her intent to attend PCC and study nursing. She will graduate ahead of schedule in early October! By the way, she is a gifted artist. 
Randy Brooks participated in the Old Pueblo poker tournament and, by our club standards, did quite well. 
Maeve Johnson gave a lengthy update on El Tour de Tucson bike race. She has attended multiple planning meetings. She will or has been in touch with our Interact Club.
Maeve also made a last request for Burma Shave slogan submissions. Two prizes available to those among us with the gift of the bards.
Denise West greeted everyone and guest Michael Drake drew the deuce of Clubs.
Happy people included Don, Lori, Dan, David, John and Jo. Richie specifically mentioned that the diamondbacks are in the playoffs. Randy shared with us the fact that his name has a double entendre that could get you more attention than desired in Ireland. This is especially true I suppose if you happen to go to  Eire during the Matchmaking Festival.
Maeve shared with us "The Dali LLama isn't." and that the ratio of an igloo circumference to it's diameter is .............. wait for it...................Eskimo Pi!  Nice to hear people laugh instead of groan.
Michael Drake visited to accept our $1,000 donation towards Rotary's Global Grant benefiting disabled children in Palestine. The East Jerusalem Rotary Club, Clubs and individuals from District 5500 plus money from Rotary International will total $70,000 when the project commences. Michael is the Foundation Chair for District 5500 and he publicly thanked our own Lynne Himmer for her assistance.
The meeting finished with a brief discussion regards the District Grant towards the Diaper Bank/Book Distribution. Of the $8,800 not all will go for book purchase. No money will be spent on tracking software but 45% is now planned for construction costs (separate bins required) with 55% for actual book purchase. This is this writer's understanding and I urge anyone to correct me if this is not accurate.
There has been no intent to impugn anyone needlessly only where it was necessary.
Have a good week.  
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Rotary Meeting 9/12/2017

Rotary Club of Marana
In the absence of President Holt, President elect Tony Hunter gaveled in the meeting. Tony shared with us the thought to "Go as far as you can see then you can see farther (or is it further). Whichever, it is a profound thought.
Guests included Mirabel and Tucson Mayor Bob Walkup, a member of the Presidio Rotary Club.
Richie Benner led us in Take Me Out To The Ballgame.
Denise donated a diamond pendant to the raffle/auction the town is organizing and in which our club will benefit.
Food Bank workers in Picture Rocks needed for tomorrow. Contact Randy at if
you can help.
Happy buck comments from:
Peter- Victim of identity theft and the associated problems are a pain in the.....I did not catch the last word
Tony-Happy for the heat??????????
Richie- Upcoming camping opportunity
Jason-Grateful for copy of Eric Miller's new book
Lynne- Squash a bug. Ever notice how soft spoken Lynne is?
Mary-Was happy about Netflix then changed her mind and asked for her dollar back.
Mayor Walkup asked us to spread the word about a trap shooting fundraiser the day after Tour de Tucson. If you want to learn how to fire a shotgun and shoot trap the Mayor is available every Saturday at 9am at the Pima County shooting range near the fairgrounds. Open to all ages and experience.
 Speaker was our own author, Eric Miller. His book The Owners Compass is about Bio Communications and how personal  vs business goals often collide. Eric himself used the Galvanic Response machine and found it to be amazingly accurate in assessing his strengths and areas in need of improvement. Tonal quality and emotion are as or more important than words in communication.
Much of Eric's presentation deal with the process of book publishing including graphic designers, publishers and ghost writers and editors. Even with all of that a misspelling of a word on the cover!
Eric provided each member a free copy of his book. By the way, the book was a #1 on Amazon before release and a #1  again in paperback sales. He also says Amazon is the best way to get published and in marketing a book.
See everyone next Tuesday.
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Rotary Meeting Sept 5, 2017

Rotary Club of Marana
Our meeting began, as always, with The Pledge. Denise West then addressed the club with thoughts regarding time management and showing respect for the time we have available to us.
Mark Murray led us in an emotional if not rousing rendition of God Bless America.
Don Jorgensen has returned with a West Seattle Rotary Club banner.
Guests included four of Bob Bishops friends plus his new bride.
In case you were checking your cell phone at the time President Holt explained this:
Pythagorean Theorem Day or Pythagoras Theorem Day is celebrated when the sum of the squares of the first two digits in a date equals the square of the last digit in the date and it was 8/15/2017..
Not to worry, another one is due 12/16/2020. In any case, statues of Mr. Pythagoras might have to be torn down before then as recent discovery of Babylonian Trigonometry tables predate Pythagoras by a 1,000 years. Apparently "sharing" of mathematical knowledge was wide spread back then.
ERRATA: Sunlight travels from sun to earth in 8 minutes, not months or seconds. This will be on the test.
If I get fired from this job it is with good reason.
Jo is from a small town near Houston that was evacuated due to flooding following Hurricane Harvey. Donations via Rotary District 5500 website are being accepted. By the way, Dan Contorno is the Treasurer for the District 5500 Foundation.
Odds and Ends
Lynne Himmer's birth on 9/28 is the only significant date this month. Randy asked for donations to assist Mirabel in her trip to Havasuppie Falls. Tony Hunter to be running the show the next two weeks since our leader will be out of state.
Mary Straus is offering a bounty for the return of our Marana Rotary Banner.
Tony attended the Rotary Membership Assembly and served on the Generational Panel discussing the recruitment of younger folk. He also mentioned a club opportunity to plant trees along with the Town.
Our Club will be sending two representatives to RYLA. John Dooling's granddaughter, Tyler McMurrich and our Nigerian Exchange Student Mirabel.
Maeve mentioned a 9/15/2017 meeting at the Marana Food bank where diaper and book distribution will be discussed. All welcomed to attend and learn more about our major project for this year. If anyone is wondering "Where's The Poop?" please call Maeve at home. More pearls from Maeve: Sunblock exceeding SPF 1 is not good for eyeballs, Chuckee Cheese tokens are not acceptable in the payment of fines at US libraries and Humpty Dumpty, after a mediocre summer is expected to have a great fall. Hey, I do not write em I just record em.
Mary has dead rodents and Mark says Albuquerkians stare into space with their mouths agape. Denise West won and lost at our lottery.
*****************DISTRICT CONFERENCE IN OCTOBER***********************************
Bob Bishop was our speaker and his subject was Water. Bob attended a seminar with about 30 people from all over.This morning the discussion revolved around cross boundary water claims and the problems especially with "limited" aquifers that are not being replenished. This cross border problem is with state to state, country to country and exists all over the globe. Desalinization and the harvest of brackish water may be the answer. The complex issues are compounded by 19th century laws, 20th century infrastructure and 21st century growth.
There will be a board meting tomorrow starting at 6pm to be held at John Dooling's Allstate office located at 2005 W Ruthrauff Rd suite 157. Next to barber shop at SE corner of Ruthrauff and La Cholla. All are welcomed.
Th, th, thats all folks.
Ypour Scribe,
John Dooling
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Rotary Meeting Aug 15, 2017

President Holt brought the meeting to order and after the pledge she shared the writings of Maya Angelou regarding a rich tapestry ,made up of thousands of threads of varying colors. Each is valuable to the overall effect regardless of color.
Guests/ speakers included Bouba and Nancy Hamadou as well as Mirabel, our Nigerian Exchange student.
Denise West and her son, along with Bob Bishop and President Holt were acknowledged for their assistance with the Food Bank distribution.
President Holt advised of upcoming absences in September (a trip to the Old Sod with Donna of Thornydale) and October (son's anticipated adult onset epilepsy surgery at Mt Saini in NY.)
Secretary Dooling advised of his absence next week (Eclipse viewing in Missouri(pronounced missura)) Need somew one to step up to take notes and attendance.
August 26th Doubletree Hotel hosts annual Rotary Membership Seminar.
Mirabel reports having met exchange students from Germany, France, Denmark and other countries. She has learned to swim, but also consumed copious amounts of water in the process.
Maeve requests Burma Shave/Tour de Tucson slogan entries be submitted.
Happy bucks came from:
Maeve -Nuclear Bikini contest- Hey, I just report em folks. See Maeve for details.
Bob Bishop- Back from Scottsdale Rotary water project meeting and bride to soon return. Javier questioned why he was only $2 happy, but then quickly moved on before Bob could respond.
Lynne- While totally messing up the punchline Lynne made it clear to all why she gave up her first career choice as a stand up comic in favor of the less humorless CPA gig.
Mary- I think was happy, but she is very soft spoken.
Denise West won again!!!!!Drew several cards but peer pressure forced her to return all but one to the deck. jack of clubs is no longer available.
Bouba Hamadou presented a project for our consideration to adopt a village in Cameroon. Bouba, a former Marana Rotarian, lives in Tucson about 7 months a year and Cameroon the rest of the year. He is a member of the Rotary club of Maroua, Cameroon. His project vision is a multi-level endeavor including Clean Water/Sanitation, Education for adults and children, Health and Income Generation. Bouba provided all in attendance with a two page synopsis that included anticipated expenditures. There were many thought provoking episodes during his presentation, but the fact that teachers earn $40 a MONTH stood out to me as I took notes on his presentation. Copies of his presentation are available. Let me know if you need/want one.
Next week-Open club discussion regarding anticipated projects this year and fiscal 2017/2018 budget.
See you in two weeks.
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Rotary Meeting Aug 8, 2017

Our meeting began with the pledge followed by words of wisdom from David Hindman regarding the power of a positive attitude. There were no "guests" this morning, but we did welcome Mirabel and soon to be new member Jason Halper.
Happy Bucks came from:
Lori-Great Pyrenees accepted into Obedience School 
Dan-Sixteen year old daughter Chelsi lasted 30 days before a minor fender bender
Tony-Parents visiting
Richie-Football Season
Lynne-Bad Jobs(I have no idea what I mean by that or what she said)
Bob- On the road to recovery after a rough patch with the flu.
Denise-Disneyland! Denise was also our lottery winner and loser.
WARNING: Do not ask Maeve what you call a seagull by the bay.
We next celebrated Rotary Membership month with the swearing in of Jason Halper as our newest member.(see I told you above it would be soon.) Jason has a background in scouting, he is an Eagle Scout, and various forms of law enforcement. Presently employed by Truly Nolen, Jason made a presentation that rodents everywhere would take exception to. We learned of the packrat breeding cycle, nesting habits, dietary preferences, use of whiskers and that peanut flavored wire harnesses are not a good thing in the Sonoran Desert. A final bit of advice-If you pour predator urine, mothballs, Irish Spring soap and hot peppers into a bucket then stir it up and pour onto your auto engine it is a waste of time.
Thank you to Bob Bishop, Denise West and family and Jo Holt for stepping up to assist with the Picture Rocks Food Bank Distribution tomorrow.
Next week our speaker is Bouba Hamadou. In two weeks we will discuss club projects, budgets and Rotary calendars.
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Rotary Meeting Aug 1, 2017

The first meeting of August was brought to order by President Holt. Following the Pledge of Allegiance President Holt quoted Desmond Tutu regarding hope is when you see light where there is darkness. Our Exchange Student from Nigeria, Mirabel attended the meeting and graciously offered to help set up and take down.
It was brought to members attention that:
There will be a board meeting this Thursday beginning at 6 pm.  Board meetings are held at John Dooling's office located at 2005 W Ruthrauff and are always open to non board members.
This month has five Tuesday's and therefore the 5th Tuesday will be a club social. Location TBD.
Wednesday the 8th is a Food Bank volunteer day. With both Randy and Mary, our stalwarts in this arena, will both be out of town. Two, preferably three volunteers will be needed. This entails assisting with the distribution of food at the Ortiz Center in Picture Rocks from 9:30 to noon.
 DG Joe will visit our club 10/24/2017 and there will be a board meeting the evening of the 23rd. Non-board members welcomed.
Draft Budget to be finalized at Thursday Board meeting.
Secret Greeter process has been installed an possibly helped with what was a lively meeting. As a reminder, prior to the opening gavel try to greet every other member with a handshake, fist bump, hug pat on the back (NOT HEAD). Once the Secret Greeter is made known by our president anyone who did not greet them must pony up $1 fine.  This is NOT intended to be a fund raiser, but rather an encouragement for interaction.
Many happy members offered cash just to share their reasons for joy:
Richie Benner-A wonderful Boy Scout Jamboree
Tony Hunter-A fine vacation in San Diego
Lori Malangone-Backpacking aand tent camping at 14,400+ feet.
Mark Murray-Bi-cycling across Iowa (Mark left wallet at home and Javier has promised to extract a major "donation" at our next meeting.
Peter Mack-They have observatories in Ohio
Bob Bishop -Got married in Sedona, AZ but it rained the second day there. Not that the newly weds noticed.
Bob proved the old adage "Lucky in love-not in cards" as he drew the wrong card after having the right raffle ticket.
Randy shared with us some of the events and speakers scheduled for the District 5500 Conference October 13-15. This is an event we will be hearing much more about. Mark your calendars now and plan to attend. Be there or be square.
Richie Benner presented on our club Facebook Page and the difference between a "group" page (more internal for chosen members) and a "Page" page that connects to the outside world. Please go to the Rotary Club of Marana website and "Like" and "share" with all your friends encouraging them to do the same. To add a story or photo at this time text Richie at 520-591-0381 or email Richard.Benner@Scouting.Org
 Randy presented on a mentoring opportunity at Open Doors, an alternative school in Marana. If this goes forward each of us will have an opportunity to address the students and speak of our chosen career. Also, Randy discussed a project with the Marana Prevention Alliance regards kids and drugs. Randy is still trying to get a handle on exactly what we could do and plans on attending additional meetings with this group.
We also discussed a project in Cameroon spearheaded by Bubba Hamadou a former member of this club, a Cameroonian and current member of the Old Pueblo Club. Bubba will be one of our club speakers soon.
Next week our speaker will be Jason Halper. His topic will be bugs. We also hope to install Jason as our newest member. 
John Dooling, Secretary
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Make Up

Marana Rotarian’s make Up at Cranbrook Rotary Club  Cranbrook,  BC. Canada
Harold Burtzloff , John Zwick and his daughter Joyce Made Up at John’s old Club
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Rotary Meeting July 25, 2017

Our meeting was brought to order by President Jo Holt. After Denise West led us in the Pledge President Holt gave us something to think about by quoting Martin Luther King, jr regarding being all you can be is only possible by letting others be all they can be. WE are all connected.
The song Stand By Me was played by Maeve Johnson with her smart phone. This song and Tony Hunter came to us from 1961, or maybe not. Speaking of Maeve, one loud groan and one low mournful whimper were heard after she entertained us (?)  with two jokes this morning.
Be sure to get your Burma Shave/Tour de Tucson entries to Maeve. There will be a reading and a vote to select the best.
We welcomed Jason Halper, who submitted his membership application this morning, Mirabel (YES THAT IS THE CORRECT SPELLING and NO, IT IS NOT PRONOUNCED MARYBELL), our new Exchange Student from Nigeria and Diane Ventura Goodyear, our speaker.
President Holt made a commitment that we all will learn the correct pronunciation of Mirabel's first and last name sometime before she returns to Nigeria next June.
 Mary Straus, newly appointed President of our very own Marana Rotary Foundation advised us of her board consisting of Lynne Himmer, Eric Miller, Randy Brooks and Lori Malangone. Mary also mentioned a District Membership Assembly scheduled for Saturday August 26th Cost of $30 covers a continental breakfast and lunch. The program runs from 9 am to 1 pm with location undetermined at this time. Many of us attended the membership assembly last year and found it to be very informative.
SECRET GREETER- Starting next week we will have a secret greeter. Any member may be selected as the secret greeter. President Holt will announce the name of secret greeter just before Javier comes for our money. If any member did not shake the secret greeter's hand a fine will be meted out by Javier. This  hopefully will encourage interaction with all members prior to the start of our meetings (and maybe lead to a decrease in late arrivals). The program will require a fair memory and the honor system. For these reasons the Secret Greeter program will be on a trial basis as those two attributes are in rare supply among our membership.
The Loop the Loop bike ride, precursor to the Tour de Tucson, is September the 16th. Mary Straus may have a team and our club will assist with an aid station. In regards to Tour de Tucson donations to eradicate polio, The Secretary of Rotary International Foundation already has $100,000 in pledges. By the way our connection with the Bill gates Foundation came via a Rotarian who sits on the board of the Gates Foundation.
There is a mixer TONIGHT of Rotarians at the Viscount Hotel on Broadway East of Swan. Starts at 5:30pm. You are all welcomed.
Lots of happy bucks/members: John-grand kid swimming success in the Pima Co Swim Program (cost is only $20 per kid per season); David Hindman- Seven year old son broke arm while family vacationed in Idaho (I think he is happy because of the cool camoflage cast, but I could be wrong about that); Denise recited the connection between thoughts, words and actions in a way far superior to what I just wrote; many who donated were grateful for our soon to be new member Jason and Exchange Student Mirabel's presence.
Randy was the lucky winner in the raffle and while I did not see his card the sound of many "Oh, too bad." comments leads me to believe the joker is still in the pack!
Diane Ventura Goodyear (DVT), an Assistant District Governor for District 5500, spoke of her involvement with the Vocational Training Team and its travel to Uganda. This partnership lead by Phil Silvers of Green Valley Club, was began five years ago. A big part of the project deals with empowerment for women via education. Smart phones and computers were provided by Rotary. Internet was slow, but cell phone coverage was good. Areas of education are not only technical and vocational but also deal with Domestic Violence, women health issues, family planning etc. Three districts involved are Ghana, Uganda and District 5500. The film shown to us of the project was produced by DVG.  
John Dooling, Secretary
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Rotary Meeting July 18, 2017

Following the Pledge President Holt provided words of wisdom from Rotary 1957. Basically Rotary is universal and to thrive we must build on our commonalities and not focus on our differences. Next came a rousing rendition of Take Me Out To The Ballgame led by Lynn Himmer. 
Attendance continues to be lackluster mostly due to the summer travel plans of many members. There was one hell of a welcoming for Marana's version of the wondering son, Mark Murray. Good to see you, Mark. Hope the bike ride across Iowa next week goes well.
Guests included potential new member Jason Halper and Fonda Insley, Tucson Club member and friend of Mary Straus.
Brief discussion of our hastily submitted District Grant proposal. Due to number of requests and limited funds a cutoff date was imposed. President Holt has submitted a $10,000 proposal (half from our club with possible input from Dove Mountain Club) to provide reading material for young children in conjunction with the Diaper Bank program of the the Maana Food Bank. Also involved is MUSD's Christine Noriega.
 Javier got pinned by President Holt!
Happy bucks came from many including Joe Farr, a BIG boxing fan. Who knew? Some sad bucks when Randy shared with the club news of the passing of Rotary International's President elect. Sam F Owori of Uganda was to be only the second RI President from Africa.
Speaker Michael Drake, a Stanford University graduate and UA trained attorney, was our speaker. His topic was a grant proposal for the area often referred to as Palestine. Mr Drake did his utmost to remain unpolitical in educating us on the troubled history of the area from League of Nations decision to split TtransJordan and Palestine from the area controlled by Lebanon and Syria. This is a fascinating opic and one in which I personally am quite interested in. However, space does not allow for me to go into greater detail from the two pages of notes.
Bottom line there is a Rotary Club in Ramallah and one in Bethlehem plus two more. The Club in East Juruselem   is seeking a Global Grant to assist with Ramallah Club in funding the Princess Basma School that serves about 300 disabled kids. Money will be for remodel of library, computers and training material. Total including match would be $70,000.
DO NOT FORGET: Maribel, our Nigerian Exchange Student, arrives this Friday at the Tucson Airport. Please try to join your club members. Be there by 6 pm and flight arrives at 6:14 pm.   
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Rotary Meeting 7/11/2017

 Todays meeting brought us the following guests: District Governor Joe Hentges,
Kathy Carlisile (friend/co-worker of  Maeve), new member inductee Robert Bishop and his fiance Linda Redman.
Words of wisdom from President Holt came from Rotary in the year 1927. Rotary can and should be used as a source of friendship as the basis for enterprise. The "average" Rotarian was mentioned but not defined.
President Holt discussed the District 5500 challenge to come up with a grant proposal by Saturday that targets youth literacy. The tentative plan is a children's book delivery tied to the existing Marana Diaper Bank program. This would be an ideal way to put books into the hands of young mothers ergo young potential readers at the earliest age possible.  More on this topic to follow.
Maeve mention a Burma Shave advertising program related to our Tour de Tucson aid station. She asked for slogan entries, but sounds like she already has a winner.
Our Food Bank packing and distribution assistance at the Ortiz Clinic in Picture Rocks is tomorrow. As a reminder this takes place on the 2nd Wednesday of each month from about 9:30 til noon. Numerous club members have participated. Contact Randy or Mary to assist.
We have confirmation of the scheduled arrival of our exchange student from Nigeria. Please consider welcoming Maribel July 21st at 6:30 pm at the Tucson Airport. All members are encouraged to be part of the welcoming committee.
 Next President Holt swore in Rotary's newest member, Bob Bishop. His sponsor and mentor Don Jorgensen did the pinning. Bob's classification is Aircraft Research and Development. Bob recently returned from Russia, a trip he almost did not make as a result of a head-on collision on the way to the airport. Bob is a former Rotarian, but not to be confused with Bob Bishop, The Rotary Club of Marana's first president.
Mike and Vickie Suba representing Rotary's District 5500 Paul Harris Society took center stage to award both Don Jorgensen and Jo Holt as our clubs newest Paul Harris Society members. Our club now has six members who have pledged a $1,000 each year to the Rotary Foundation. Midway in giving ourselves a pat on the back for having over 25% of membership in the Paul Harris Society our District Governor reminded us we can do better!
 Richie Benner, club member and District Field Director of our local BSA council was guest speaker. We learned there are 7,000 scouts in the local Council  hat covers Pima, Pinal, Santa Cruz and Cochise counties. Programs are available from K through 12. The Lions are comprised mostly of kindergarten kids, Cubs are anywhere from k through 5th grade. Boy Scouts ages 11 to 18. Co-ed programs are Venturing (kayaking, canoeing, mountain climbing etc.), Explorer (vocational exploration with numerous police and fire departments as well as Customs, Border Patrol and US Army)and the newest STEM. The Tucson Council was founded in 1911 just one year after BSA was established in 1910.
We ran out of time before Richie could discuss the newest Facebook enhancements, but he promised to return in three weeks.
Numerous happy bucks were given for such varied causes as Foster Child adoption (Clint), rain (John), definition of "borrow"(Dan), Attendance of the DG Hentges and new member admission Bishop(Randy and others).
This was an action packed meeting with Bob Bishop drawing the losing Jack of Clubs and President Holt still tingling from the nearby lightning strike she experienced last night. Its going to be a wild year if this meeting is any indication. If I have left off something or someone, please jot me a note on the back of a twenty dollar bill and give to me at our next meeting.
Humbly and hopefully accurately submitted, John Dooling-Club Secretary. 
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Meeting Summary

Posted by John Dooling on Jun 27, 2017
Submitted by John Dooling, Secretary
  • This morning, 6/27/2017, The Rotary Club of Marana once again, as it has for the past thirty 30 years, experienced a peaceful transition of power. As members solemnly filed into Nana’s Kitchen they beheld fabulously decorated tables for four, complete with blue and gold napkins, blue Lilliputian cowbells and even a center floral arrangement. (Thank you to the member elf or elves who decorated the room last night) and to Maeve Johnson. Maeve not only provided the flowers but also the iced miniature cakes available for dessert.
Outgoing President Mary Straus began the meeting by greeting guest Jim Hazzard of New York, son of incoming President Jo Holt and Donna Mabry of Thornydale, BFF of incoming President Holt. In addition we had guests Jim Nook of the Dove Mountain club and Lyle Johnson, husband of Maeve, who probably answered a last minute call to arms to carry flowers and miniature iced cakes.
President Straus thanked all in attendance for making her almost two year tour of duty possible and palatable. President Straus led us through some very turbulent times. We will be grateful for as long as there is a Rotary Club of Marana. Special thanks was given to the outgoing board. Member Randy Brooks was singled out as especially helpful in guiding her fledgling steps in the early months. By the way, we also learned that Randy has a new position with the District that requires he step in to lead should new District 5500 Governor Joe Hentges be unable to serve. Flowers were also given to Nana of Nana Kitchen fame for appreciation of her work and the outstanding quiche centerpiece of today’s breakfast.
Next came the swearing in of 2017/2018 President Jo M Holt. Being of humble spirit the first thing Jo did was to put us all at ease by advising that she can be addressed as either Dr. President Holt or President Dr.  Holt. She is comfortable with either. Jo went on to tell us of having been recruited by Randy Brooks with tales of the potentially significant lottery winnings she could partake of and tasty breakfasts fifty weeks a year. She was struck immediately and remains in awe of our naiveté in allowing one such as herself into our club. Actually, her awe truly comes from the simple wording of the Four Way Test and by our recitation of same at conclusion of each meeting. The stark contrast of its honest clear message versus the cynicism that too often comprises a big chunk of our daily lives is refreshing. One could say the theme of her address is that we are “all connected”.
In turn the incoming board of Straus, Hunter, Dooling, Miller and Burtzloff received their pins. Outgoing/Incoming Treasurer, Lynn Himmer, could not attend todays meeting.
The whole meeting makes one proud to say they are a Rotarian.
Humbly and hopefully accurately submitted this day in the year of our Lord 2017.
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Rotary Meeting June 20, 2017

Submitted by Randy Brooks, Secretary
Great meeting today: 85% of the members attended and seemed engaged.  Thank you one and all.
Guests: Potential Member Bob Bishop (he will be inducted as a member July 11, 2017).  With Bob was his finance Linda Raman. It was a pleasure meeting her and seeing Bob.
Pledge completed by Tony, Mediation or Thought of the Day provided by Jo Holt.  Song was unique. Maeve played a recording of a song “Hey Good Looking,” and the goal was to guess who in the club was born that year. (Answer: Jo Holt – she is born in 1968) I thought Hank Williams passed by then ….. Strange. She played another song done by Fred Astaire and it coincided with the birth date of Harold.  (How is that possible? Harold is only 48)
Although we have one more Tuesday left in the month this is Mary Straus’ last meeting as president.  The reason? Mary gave President Elect Jo Holt the opportunity to use the meeting next week for Jo and her team to hold her installation during our regular meeting.
Mary asked that we discuss the international conference.  Mary, Jo and Randy provided insight to the event.  Also attending the conference were Don Jorgensen and two of our spouses, Kathy Jorgensen and Deb Hume. Mary and Randy attended the pre-conference regarding Sex and Human Trafficking and found the experience to be amazing.  Jo reported the attendance of about 43,000 Rotarians and friends at the conference. She particularly enjoyed the food court in the House of Friendship where she met people from around the world.  She became aware that we have a “damn good club” compared to many around the world.  She’s right.
The Rotary Club of Marana received tremendous recognition among the participants (80 + countries) for partnering with the Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation to provide mental health examinations.  We provided 180 assessments and noted, in Randy’s case, about 8% had some degree of cognitive impairment and those individuals were referred to physicians in those their communities for follow-up.
Some of the most helpful sessions were related to peace, sex trafficking, conflict between individuals and clubs and great plenary sessions with Dr. King presenting, Bill Gates, and many others. Basically it was awesome.
Jo raised the question of whether Polio can really ever be eradicated.  Randy as the Assistant Zone Rotary Regional Coordinator for the Rotary Foundation, is researching these observation to find out the most recent scientific studies and beliefs among the stakeholders.  Randy will submit a report upon conclusion of conversations with physicians, scientists, CDC, WHO and others. 
This Sunday is Joe Hentges installation as Governor of D-5500.  It appears that we have enough members attending but not sure about obtaining a table for just us at this late date.
Happy Bucks: Most gave acknowledgement to Mary Straus for her creative and solid leadership; this past year.
Denise thanked those that helped at the Food Bank this past week …. Delivering food for those with less.
Eric stated that his book “Owner’s Compass” was the best seller for several days on Amazon in three categories.  A Huge congratulations to Eric …. Proud of you.
Richie just completed a two week summer camp with the Boy Scouts.
Mary drew and quickly lost in the drawing. 
Mary recognized Peter Mack who received his Paul Harris recognition for both levels 2 and three.  Thank you, Peter. He responded “this money comes back to us for projects.  I tell other charities that my choice for donations is the annual program fund of the Rotary Foundation.” That quote is paraphrased …. But the message was clear.
Mary Farewell Speech:
Mary discussed her year as president and how much it means to her to be involved in our club and district.  On the District 5500 level she discussed, many projects that distinguish us. Further she stated that Dr King suggested that we are all connected as people and how we treat one another is as important as how we treat ourselves. Further she stated that as Dr King suggested we should be ashamed when we die if we have not lived a life of service.
Mary discussed our success with projects and activities this year: Helping disadvantaged youth for MUSD, MCAT, Food Bank, Christmas and Thanksgiving food and gifts for family, Interact, RYLA, Peace Camp in Africa, Shelter box, funds for 3,000 polio vaccines, Alzheimer Prevention screenings, air conditioning for Vietnam Veteran, donated $7,000 + to The Rotary Foundation and  $1,000 + to Polio Plus.
Mary gave a hear felt thank you to board members, Joe Holt, Tony Hunter Maeve, Harold, Lynne and Randy
Mary thanked the club for this experience made her a better speaker, leader and Rotarian.
We sang “For she’s a jolly Good Fellow.” And gave a standing ovation.
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Rotary Meeting 6/13/2017 

Well, here it goes. This bulletin is brought to you (maybe) by your Secretary Elect filling in for Sec Randy brooks. He plus fellow members Mary Straus, Jo Holt and Don Jorgensen are among the 40,000 plus attendees at the International conference in Atlanta, Georgia.
President Elect Elect Tony Hunter gaveled (is that a word?) in the meeting promptly at 8am sharp and punctually ended it at 8am. In between were sporadic moments of laughter, enlightenment and coffee.
Tony began with the reading of notes from President Elect Holt sent from Atlanta. Apparently in addition to our own Marana dignitaries others from around the world also attended including someone named Bill Gates.
Javier collected Happy Bucks from Tony, Dan, Bob (soon to be a member) Bishop, Richie and others. A secretary with better hearing  would have been able to report the source of their happiness. Lynn told a joke and since it included the name of a former presidential candidate perhaps her timing was perfect with so many of the Democratic persuasion being out of state. In any case this writer found it to be pretty funny.
Our speaker, Sheila Foraker, was introduced by Maeve. Sheila is the Route Director for the Tour de Tucson and works for Perimeter Bicycling Association of America, a 501c3 organization. This non profit has raised about 78 million for 60 different charities in its first 34 years of existence. They operate four Bike Rides (not races) in Arizona 1) Tour de Phoenix/Mesa, 2)Tour de Tucson, 3) Pima Co Loop? and 4)?????. Their events are open to all ages and abilities. With ten staff and 1,000 plus volunteers they coordinate rides that require the involvement of numerous city, county, university and tribal governments. Eighteen aid stations with 180 portable toilets, 7,000 ponds of bananas, 7,230 gallons of water, 6,000 ponds of oranges,  manned by church, club and civic organizations like our own Rotary Club of Marana makes the whole thing work. 
Sheila may be contacted at or 520-745-2033.
Rotary Meeting 6/13/2017  John Dooling 2017-06-14 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting June 6, 2017

MINUTES  2-6-17
Submitted by Randy Brooks, Club Secretary
Meeting held offsite at the business of Bob Bishop whom will be joining our club in the very near future. Bob owns a company called Ariel Productions. 
No pledge, or invocation or song. Bob simply gave those in attendance a tour of his business and described how his one person airplane is made and the various uses of this amazing machine. Bob has been a pilot at Air Shows, his plane was in James Bond movies, TV shows.  On the tail of each plane (he had about 4 present) is the logo for the Freedom Team.  This plane could fit in your living room or garage.  It is very small and only weighs about 500 pounds.    It could take off on the deck of a cargo ship, almost vertical and travels very fast.  As Bob says it is like flying a missile.
Bob gave us some of the applications of this airplane (it only fits one person) and flies at low altitudes (as low as 17 feet off the surface of the earth) and has many military uses.  For example he has flown as close as a few hundred feet from the Pentagon and the White House to test our US defenses from missile attacks.  His plane was used for the “Coor’s Silver Bullet” ad campaign.  Bob has bailed out of his planes twice and he claims that is why he could be seen as vertically challenged.
Many of the applications of the airplane he could not discuss because they are secret.  He did discuss the various radar uses and the sophistication of the electronics on his airplane. 
One of his employees was in the Marine Corps …… hooorah and was the pilot of the helicopter for the Reagan and Bush administrations.  Bob was very gracious in feeding us, giving us coffee to drink and made all of us comfortable. 
Thanks for a very interesting morning, Bob.
Next week a few of us: President Mary, President Elect Jo, Don Jorgensen and I will be at the Rotary International Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.  We will be helping with the Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention booth (a club project) and at the Ride to End Polio booth (a district project), attending classes, receptions and generally having a good time  John Dooling will be taking attendance and notes so treat him nice.  I will see you all. Tuesday, June 20, 2017. With four of us gone it is important that as many of you as possible attend the meeting next week and for the rest of the year.
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Social May 2017

Rotary Club of Marana social Tuesday evening. John and Harold preparing to go away for the summer. We will miss you.
Social May 2017 2017-05-30 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting May 23,2017

Submitted by Randy Brooks, Secretary
Meeting opened by President Mary Straus with the pledge and a thoughtful moment by President Elect Jo Holt. I am adding more titles today for new members that may be trying to figure out who is who in the club. 
We had 76% of our members attend today.  Guests included Amber Mathewson, Director of the Pima County Libraries, our potential new member Bob Bishop s and Fred Fox of the Presidio Club of Tucson.
Reminder President Elect Jo will be having her installation 27 June 2017 at our regular club meeting. Please invite your family, friends and business friends to this important event.
The 20th of June, President Mary Straus, will be conducting her last meeting and plans to find ways to thank the club for service to our community and for supporting her this past year.  Congratulations to both of these fine leaders.
This past weekend, President Mary, Secretary Elect John Dooling, Don Jorgensen President Nominee Designate Eric Miller  and PDG Randy Brooks attended the district assembly.  We encourage all of you to attend these district level training opportunities whenever possible.  It makes us a more effective club and we find ourselves engaged at new levels. 
Bob Bishop informed the club that he is marrying his fiancé, July 22, in Sedona, AZ.  Congratulations Bob.
President Mary inducted the following new members:
            Richie Benner, (John is his mentor) and promptly assigned him to the task of social media for the club. Richie is a lifelong Tucsonan, graduated from Marana High School and is Director of the Boy Scouts in this region.  Welcome Richie.
            Lori  Malagone (Mentor is Tony Hunter), M.Ed., is Executive Director of Arizona Youth Partnership.  This organization works statewide. Lori is also a lifelong resident of Tucson and graduated from Mountain View High School. She is a wonderful young lady that will benefit our club for years to come. I said young because both of these new members are millennials. She will be assigned to community service.
Bob Bishop will be voted on today for membership by the board of directors. He is  CEO and President of Aerial Productions, Inc. He is a former Rotarian from Oregon. Bob will be voted on today by the board and members will have a week to respond with any concerns.  He has attended three meetings and based on approval is eligible to join.  Don’t forget we will have our meeting June 6 at his place of business at 7 AM. The address is 3865 N Business Center Drive., Suite 101, Tucson, AZ. Phone number is 520-682-1281.  He has promised to allow Mary and Jo fly the aircraft that he designs and builds at his facility.
We are dark because of the social next week but a few of us are meeting at 8 AM at the site of last year’s El Tour de Tucson aide station to discuss with Perimeter Cycling where we might be placed next year.
The raffle was promptly won and lost by Denise.  We all felt terrible for her lack of luck.
Tonight is the MCAT High School graduation. Several of us are attending and having dinner first at Nana’s Kitchen.  It will be fun and is always moving. The ceremony is at 7 PM and dinner at 5:30.
We learned today that our club is eligible for the presidential citation after two members and the two new members made a donation to the annual programs fund of Rotary International Foundation.  Congratulations to the club and thank you Mary for your leadership this past year.
OK….. Finally to our guest speaker:
Amber Matheewson, Director, Pima County Libraries can be reached at 520-594-5650 or write her at   Amber raised from being a customer service clerk to being the director of 26 libraries.  She fell in love with books when she was 8 years old and foraging through the books at the bookmobile in her community. Libraries are “America’s great equalizer.” Any ethnicity, age, sex culture can enter and obtain a free library card and obtain educational and entertainment material. She has an “Impact Plan” that included Education, connected learning, and community outreach.
Education: Improve early literacy, career study HS diploma as opposed to GED.  She expressed concern that graduation rates are diminishing in Arizona.  Connected learning: learn about business, and economic development. Connect to compete: Computer education.  25% of households do not have a computer but they can use one at the library and the library donated 50 computers last year to needy families.
Community: you can check out plan and vegetable seeds (you don’t have to return them).  They hold arts and cultural events.  You may rent a space for your community meeting for no charge.  There is a library nurse program.  The nurse give educational presentations and refers people to treatment providers.  They hold ESL classes, summer reading program and give books to kids that work throughout the summer.
I am very impressed with our library and of Amber.  Thank you so much for this presentation. 
Meeting adjourned.
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Rotary MeetingMay 16.2017

Submitted by Randy Brooks, Secretary
Meeting called to order by President Mary Straus. She also led the pledge.
President Elect Jo Holt gave a thought for the day ….. From Mr. Rogers
Attendance dipped below 80% attendance today for the first time in several months.  Must be summer. Harold our resident greeter was not in attendance today ….. We were all concerned but we learned he is OK ….. A minor medical problem so Harold know we were thinking about you.
Visitors:  Richie Benner, Boy Scouts of America, will be inducted next week.
                Lori Malagone, Executive Director Arizona Youth Partnership, will be inducted next Tuesday.
                Bob Bishop, CEO, Aerial Productions Intl., Inc., guest today and officially submitted his application for membership.
                Carolyn Gorst, Education Manager, Junior Achievement of Arizona.
The club expressed sadness regarding our guest and soon to be new member, Richie Benner, in regards to the loss of his niece in a swimming accident.  Our thoughts are with you and your family Richie.
Mary discussed that Rotarian Ray Naylor is advocating for the Civil Discourse initiative and it’s National Institute. This was founded after the terrible shooting in Tucson of politicians’, civilians and, children, January 8, 2011Two of the members are past presidents George Bush and Bill ClintonCivility can exist between all of us.  Rotary proves that daily.
We had not one but two jokes today from Maeve and Lynne.  Sadly I did not write them down …. One was about a duck bill and the other referenced pasta.  Sorry.  Xavier provided levity during Happy Bucks John Dooling won and then lost the drawing.  We then acknowledged Xavier’s Mother for her abilities as chef for our club meetings.
Carolyn Gorst, Manager Education for Junior Achievement of Arizona presented at the invitation of Joseph Farr, Bank of the West. Here’s the news: Founded in 1919 as a response to the industrial revolution to help young men and women learn about financial literacy. Students working in that era were able to make money but made poor financial decisions (remind you of any other youth). Here are the stats: 30% of students do not graduate from high school, Arizona ranks near the bottom of graduation rates. Of the students in school and attending Junior Achievement 56% qualify for HUD housing assistance.  Young adults from 21-15 years of age have the dubious recognition of filing bankruptcy at the highest rate of all persons. Traditionally children receive one semester of training about money in Economics.  Now the fun started: we did an experiential exercise geared for third graders.  It was fun and the team of Mary, Lori, Tony and Randy were the clear winners. Each work group was asked to form a business, decide location and pay rent, utilities, taxes, advertising, purchase goods and services, supplies, learn about credit.  Again this is geared for 3rd graders so most of us were severely challenged.  It was fun.  Carolyn asked if members would be interested in volunteering for this organization.  Deferred to President Elect Joe Holt.  One day in the spring or for a week at the high school each year.  Not a huge commitment and perhaps possible.  Joseph Farr and Jo Holt may pursue. Carolyn: 520-792-2319
Do not miss the meeting next week where we will be inducting two new members to our Rotary family. Lori and Richie.
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Rotary Meeting May 9, 2017

MINUTES 5-9-17
Submitted by Randy Brooks
Pledge and Reflection completed.
Guests: Rob Bishop whom is submitted his application for membership in the next few days.
                Brenda Soto …. Math Teacher, MCAT and Denise Coronado Principal.  The student of the month did not show for his award.
Food Bank tomorrow: Mary, Randy, Don, Denise.  Next month because several of us will be at the international convention the following have agreed to help: Denise, Tony and if he is in town, Peter Mack.
MCAT Graduation is planned for Tuesday 5/23/17, 7:00 PM and all club members are encouraged to attend.  Maeve suggested that those attending consider meeting at Nana’s Kitchen at 5:30 for dinner before proceeding to the Marana Middle School where the event is held.
Mary discussed the presidential citation from Rotary and noted that we appear to be short on the Every Rotarian Every Year category.  Lynne states that she does not make contributions until May so that observation may not be accurate.  Our foundation giving is very good … we are third in the district at giving (per capita) at this time.  Thank you to our club members.
She also noted that at one time (a few years ago) our club was 50% female.  That figure has dropped to 29% at this time.
Mary requested that everyone go to the and sign on as a member if you have not
Denise won the drawing and then promptly lost.  Sorry.
Visit our club website and have a look.  Harold has done a great job on updating the site and Mary has downloaded photographs to compliment his work.  Go to
President Jo Holt will be installed as president June 27, 2017 7 AM during our regular meeting time.  It is asked that your contact Maeve’s assistant to RSVP for the event. President Mary asks that we all attend not only Jo’s installation but attend the meeting on the 20th of June for a special appreciation by Mary of club members and those that have helped her this past year.
Presenter: Bob Bishop …. Bob is a potential member (sponsor Don Jorgensen) whom built the world’s smallest Jet ….. Known by many as the Coors Silver Bullet.  It travels at 320 miles an hour and was a prototype of plane that he has built to see if our national defense systems are adequate to intervene in a missile attack.  He stated we are good at shooting cruise missiles and he works on making sure the USA is not vulnerable to attack by similar missiles.  His team routinely flies (with permission) only a few thousand feet from the White House and Pentagon to test our defense systems. He is an honorary squadron leader at Davis Monthan Air Force Base.  He has been a pilot in air shows and builds very interesting machines.
June 6, 2017 at 7 AM we will meet at his place of business and have a tour.  His address is
Bob Bishop
President CEO
Aerial Productions Intl., Inc.
3865 N Business Center Drive – Suite 101
Tucson, AZ 85705
We will not have a regular meeting that week. The meeting will be held at Bob’s place of business.  What an interesting presentation.
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Rotary Meeting 5/02/2017

Submitted by Randy Brooks, Secretary
Meeting Called to Order by President Mary Straus.  Pledge completed and invocation by Jo Holt.  No song today.  A sigh of relief by some, sadness expressed by others.
 Bob Bishop, President and CEO of Aerial Productions Intl, Inc. He was brought to the club by Don Jorgensen as a potential member. Application Pending
Lori Malagone, M.Ed., Executive Director of Arizona Youth Partnership.  This is the second week of visitation by Lori and hopefully she will be voted on by the board next Wednesday at the board meeting. Her sponsor is Tony Hunter.
Javier Avalos, Owner of Ina Road Auto Collision visited as well.  He is interested in membership and his sponsor is Eric Miller. Application Pending
Mary Franco, Principal, Open Doors Community School, presented today and also indicated to Randy that she would like to join our club. (I suggested that she go to the website and download an application).  Sponsor Mary Straus (I think).
Richard Benner, Jr., Field Director of the Boy Scouts of America has now had his application in for two weeks.  I called his today and asked him to attend next week so the board can vote on his application. Sponsor is John Dooling.
I think this is the first time, in my knowledge, that we have had five potential members in the chute for admission to the club. 
To make up for it we sang Happy Birthday to Joe Farr who celebrated his 27th  birthday.
A reminder: Dues are not being collected … don’t make us send an enforcer to collect from you.  Some of you also received an invoice for Every Rotarian Every Year (EREY). It is only $100.00 per year make your donation as soon as possible to the “Annual Programs Fund.” So we can get some of that money back for projects in three years.
District Conference attended by President Mary, Don Jorgensen, Jo Holt and Randy Brooks.  Jo attended sessions related to Youth Services. Don and Randy attended the Grants Management Seminar (this qualifies us to pursue a District or Global Grant in 2017-18.  Don encouraged the club to look into a district grant. “It’s sad to leave money on the table.”  The decision (in rough form) must be submitted to the district by July 15 or we will be ineligible to apply.
Mary, Don and Randy gave out cookies at the district conference. Both were warmly received.  Thank you to Mary and Deb Hume (Randy’s spouse) for baking cookies and to Dan Contorno for suggesting we hand out the 40 Tour de Cookie T-shirts. It was really fun.
Don announced that the Rotary Club of Marana and the Rotary Club of Dove Mountain Marana are two of the top three giving clubs to the foundation so far this year.  Our club gained a tremendous amount of notoriety and respect at the District Conference.  We are truly one of the absolutely best clubs in the district.
Maeve suggested we collaborate with Marana Health Center and have Clint help us.  Mary suggested we consider TROT … an organization that provides equine therapy to children with autism and adults struggling with emotional issues.  I have seen these efforts help dramatically with veterans with PTSD from combat.
If you have not visited our website.  Please do so.  Harold Burtzloff did the work and he did a great job.  Thanks Harold.
I am sure I missed some of the announcements today but here are a few: Don is celebrating his 38th Wedding anniversary this week.  Xavier is celebrating an anniversary as well (did not get the number), Dan and Heather are celebrating 15 years of wedding bliss.
Harold has been a Rotarian for 48 years, Tony and Clint have been members for one year.  Don is celebrating 9 years in Rotary.
May 4, 1987 is the anniversary of women in Rotary.  Mary read the Council on Legislation history of “shame” (my word)  in rejecting for scores of years the entry of women into Rotary.  The Supreme Court made the final decision for those in the USA.  Sylvia Whitlock, a Governor classmate of Randy was the first woman to enter Rotary.  She is and was a psychotherapist and to this day is an example for all of us.
Mary, Maeve, and Randy told stories of the struggle to introduce women into Rotary.
Don suggested we watch TNT on Thursday nights to see how the FBI operates in New York City.  The film is just one year old and in interesting in that Don and Kathy’s daughter is a FBI agent in New York.
Maeve announced that her daughter and granddaughter are doing great now…. Hooray!
She then told a joke about a pirate that was being driven nuts. Sigh.
Guest speaker: Mary Franco from Open Doors Community School. She holds a master’s degree from the University of Phoenix and is a current doctoral student.  Raised on a farm in Bisbee she was encouraged by both of her parents to become an educator in their footsteps.  She has three children and was principal of the middle school she attended as a child.
At the Open Doors School they have 26 students and will cap admissions at 70. They accept children with risk factors including teen pregnancy, drug issues and learned disabilities. The partner with community resources to meet the need of children and integrate those services into the learning experience. All teachers are certified.  Students can arrive at 7:30 and stay till 5:30 PM to assist working parent
Meeting closed with the 4-Way Test.
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Rotary Meeting 4/25/2017

Submitted by Randy Brooks
Pledge and invocation were completed. The song this week, as selected and led by John Dooling was “Old McDonald” he received the support and encouragement of many club members. 
Visitors today: Lori Malagone, Executive Director of Arizona Youth Partnership (AZYP).  She submitted her application for membership today and the board will ask for a vote soon from members. Also there for his last visit was PDG Tom from the Tri-Cities of Washington and a proud member of the Rotary Club of Kennewick.
Also, not at the meeting but mailing an application in for membership today is Richard Benner, Jr. Richard is with the Boy Scouts of America and works as a field director.  Need to introduce him to Don Jorgensen, our own Eagle Scout.  We hope Richard will be invited to a meeting so we can all meet him before voting.
Four of our members are going to the district 5500 conference this weekend: President Mary, Don Jorgensen, President Elect Joe Holt and PDG Randy Brooks.  Don will attend as well as work at the Shelter Box booth.  We will also have a booth for “Tour de Cookie, “and at the booth giving out a limited number of T-shirts and cookies. 
President Mary discussed how the club is running at a deficit at this time.  Our dues, happy bucks and raffle tickets just keep us afloat. This will need to be addressed in Jo Holt’s term as president.
Mary discussed a program the probable next new member may propose.  It consists of mentoring middle school aged children at a local school.  The mentoring may be done individually or in groups.  This notion was just floated as an idea.  Four members said they would be interested.  We will surly need more participation and the issue was tabled until more information is learned about the mentoring, when, where and expectations.
We discussed the food bank schedule and four people have agreed to help.  New to the task is Don Jorgensen, Thank you Don and thanks to John Dooling for helping last time.
Drawing: Randy won and lost again. It’s become a weekly ritual.  “You can’t win if you don’t play.”
The speaker today is LuAnn Gerker, Ph.D., University of Arizona, Psychology Department.  Her specialty is in childhood early language.  You may reach her at
LuAnn spoke of the need for children to read to children during the last three months of pregnancy. She states children can distinguish the tone and vibration of sound waves from the mother and others that are speaking.  She spoke of how children are most pliable and able to comprehend different languages in the after first six month of life.  
She indicated it is hard to recruit mothers to allow studies to be done on babies.  She reminded us of the days when expectant mothers were in the paper and new babies are not announced like they once were.   Some of the tips offered by Dr Gerker were:  Talk to your baby, be a storyteller and repeat the stories often, even if the child is not learning quickly treat them “as if”, they are learning.
She told Don that the children can be taught to “speak” using sign language but they do not develop the nuance of vocabulary as other children might.  She mentioned that baby listen for sound and music.  However they do not appreciate hip-hop.  I made that up so don’t go telling her playing hip-hop for your in utero children has done wonders for the baby.  After 7 years of age it becomes much more difficult to learn language. So start early with those kids.
Thank you Dr. Gerken for a very interesting presentation.
Meeting adjourned.  Thanks to all of you for helping our community.
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Rotary Meeting 4/18/17

Submitted by Randy Brooks, Secretary
Meeting opened with the pledge, President Mary offered a moment of reflection regarding stick figures (people) on the back of vehicles and how we can be cognizant of being kind to one another.  87% of our members attended today. 
The song selected by John Dooling. This tune has a cool history dating back, I think he said to the Civil War and has been recorded by almost every musician since (just joking).  This song was performed at Churchill’s funeral, recorded by numerous people, such as Judy Garland, Johnny Cash and many others.  It was rewritten by Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens). The song is called, in the USA, Battle Hymn of the Republic.  Great history lesson, John.  We actually sang it in key. 
Guests included past district Governor Tom from Pasco, Washington.  Next week he will leave and return to the Northwest.  It is somewhat cooler in the Tri-Cities of Washington, but not a lot.  Many people do not know that the Center and southern part of Washington State is a desert environment (chaparral). We will miss Governor Tom.
Breakout your calendars: Jo Holt will become president of the Rotary Club of Marana, July 1, 2017.  Her installation will be June 27, 2017, 7:00 AM, at Nana’s Kitchen and will be a breakfast affair.  Please put this meeting and event in your calendar now.
Mary discussed articles from the most recent Rotarian magazine regarding activities in Guatemala and polio eradication in Nigeria. In Nigeria polio detection was discussed and the expense of hunting down the virus around the globe. 
Maeve told the story about how Lyle, her spouse, purchased a pair of tennis shoes from a local drug dealer and now he is tripping. 
We were all happy to see Peter back at the meeting ….. He has been traveling the world.
Harold announced that Club Runner has an app for our phones that is very effective.  Go to your app store and type in Club Runner.  Have Fun.
Jo announced she is attending a rally on Saturday ….. A rally for Science.  She finds it odd that we must rally for science in order to reaffirm we believe in it. 
Jo introduced our speakers from the Marana Unified School District; Cynthia Ruich, Director of Student Services and Christina Noriega, Family Resource Coordinator.  Jo added that it may be possible to work with these educators on a District Grant in the future.
Cynthia discussed “Food Packs,” and how these packs provide nutrition for students in need throughout the school year. She also discussed how the school district has two buses that distribute meals (breakfast and lunch) throughout the district during holidays to students that are low income and are not likely to receive needed meals at home. These buses also have the ability to provide basic immunizations and dental care for students. She discussed homeless students (purchasing supplies) and the provision of counselors that assist when students or family members pass away.
Christina described herself as an occasional “social worker,” and enjoys the part of her job that allows her to visit students’ homes and learn about what the student needs to be more successful.  She also coordinates a “clothing bank” for students as well as the Holiday Share program.  As you know we have been active in this program for many years.  They do their best to provide food and gifts to over 600 families per year. She complimented the Rotary Club of Marana in that we follow through with our commitments.
We then entered into a discussion of generational poverty and how many students learn a poverty culture which makes it more difficult to recognize the problem in their own lives. She stated that impoverished families rarely move further than 5 miles from the place they have lived as adults.  They accept the altered norms of the community.  They indicated there are many myths regarding poverty.  They did state that programs like MCAT can break that cycle.
Meeting adjourned with the 4-Way Test. 
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