Marana Rotary Club
Weekly Meeting Minutes, Oct. 19, 2021
The hybrid meeting dove straight into Happy Bucks:
John D. reports his wife was in San Francisco and N California for a week.
Lynne was happy that tax season was over and shared a funny frog joke
David was happy to have spent time in Pinetop and had a great time seeing the first snows of the season
Andy was looking forward to his trip to Canada and S. America
Sulee reported that her husband’s medical challenges had increased, ☹; all offered their support and prayers
Harold was happy to see new members showing interest in our club
John Z. happily reported on his great grand daughter’s marriage and that he was enjoying two great, great grandchildren, ages 2 and 4
Denise was happily preparing for a vacation to Sedona
Don was happy to have the Tucson Car Show, and coveting the Bat Mobile
Peter lost his bags for 5 days in Washington D.C., but managed to visit his wife in Minneapolis before she returns to Tucson following a prolonged absence, leaving Peter to his own resources
Cathy’s best friend is visiting the next day AND she is celebrating her 25th wedding anniversary.   Congratulations!
Mary reports that she is getting though life and her daughter was a “handful”
Richie was happy that our IT is running so well, and thanked Peter for his clear instructions and generous help throughout the meeting debugging.  And, Richie was happy for the passing of the summer solstice and changing weather
Laura was not happy with the U of A football team and offered anyone tickets if they wanted.  (I’m sorry, Laura; the minutes are late and their record is now even worse)
Randy was happy to be standing erect in front of us
Drawing- Harold offered the deck and Sulee drew the four of clubs.
  • Randy reminded the meeting of the Ceremony commemorating the Peace Garden, this Friday at 3PM.  Attendees will include Marana Chief of Police and other Town officials and members of the Pima County Board of Supervisors.  The keynote speaker will be Anita McDonald, district governor-elect and the topic will be “Peace”.  Cathy will also speak on the role of food and hunger resolution as role-players in peace.  Mary will provide brochures inviting attendees to attend our meetings.
  • A decision needs to be made regarding a $400 donation to the Southern AZ Law Enforcement Assoc. towards their upcoming raffle.  Randy will table this at the budget meeting to immediately follow this meeting
  • Randy asked Lynne, Harold, John D. Laura, Don and Andy (if the zoom link will hold, which it did not) to join a brief budget meeting immediately following our meeting
  • Randy is asking for authorization from the club’s Board for a $100 kick-starter donation to the newly formed Tucson Verde Rotary Club founded by Michael Drake.  The new club’s mission is environmentally focused.
  • Mary reported that she has not seen the $500 check from the District Foundation for the Peace Garden plaque.  It was indicated that it may be too late as the donation was under the past governor, and that the Marana Rotary Club may bear this cost.
  • Lynne reported that the check Cathy’s daughter’s RYLA support will be issued today.
  • Today’s Speaker
Mary Straus agreed to speak on Vocation as it relates to Ethics.  As a part of her presentation, she asked each club member to describe their vocation and how they felt it related to ethical and sel-fulfilling values.
  • Sulee- as an on-line media trainer she is motivated by reducing bullying.  In law enforcement for 30 years, helping families in times of crisis.
  • Dave a business attorney who helps people solve complex problems
  • Randy, as a psychotherapist helping people keep their jobs and overcome alcohol addition
  • Laura as an attorney who advocates for those injured on the job and vulnerable
  • John D. in the insurance business 36 years, helping people and achieving highest rates of client retention through successful feedback
  • Lynne, as a CPA helping to reduce peoples’ taxes
  • Harold in 57 years selling manufactured houses which helped younger people acquire their first homes.
  • Denise as a jeweler who takes pride in repairing family heirloom jewelry
  • Don has dedicated his career towards consulting for addiction treatment programs assisting in recovery
  • Peter takes joy out of his IT wizardry
  • Cathy through Felicia’s Farms helps people overcome food challenges
Mary wrapped up her presentation by touching on the backgrounds of three founders; Paul Harris, Arch Klumpf, and Herbert Taylor and the history of Rotary International under their guiding principles.  She described each’s motivations in founding RI with regards to ethics and their specific vocations.
The talk provided interesting perspective on the history of Rotary.   Sulee commented that she thoroughly enjoyed each member sharing their story and that we all learned more about each other.