Submitted by Randy Brooks, Secretary
Another fun meeting today.  We had 68.4% of our members attend which is not horrible attendance  considering we a only a few days away from the Christmas and Hanukkah Holiday.  Have a wonderful holiday everyone.
Guests: Kirk Reed, Governor Nominee, R-5500 and Susan Reed, an expert on Epilepsy.
Announcements: Jo states that she and Denise went shopping with the family we are supporting this year, learned that they enjoy music and are very interesting and talented people.
Randy: Discussed the Paul Harris Society.  This group of Rotarians, including, I think: John Dooling, Peter Mack, Mary Straus, Don Jorgensen and Randy from our club donate $1,000.00 per year to the Rotary Foundation.  If you would like to join this group please contact Randy and he will help you.
Randy also mentioned the Bequest Society and that President Mary Straus obtained level II recognition this past week and that we have openings for additional bequest activity.  John Dooling asked for a form to make a bequest.  Thank you, John.  You are a wonderful Rotarian and a great role model for other Rotarians.
President Mary asked if we would be interested in assisting the Bisbee Club in purchasing garbanzo beans to hand over the border in Naco, AZ – Mexico on Christmas morning.  According to Mary the club foundation has the budget and therefore we voted to fund this project in the amount of $300.00. It was not determined who would take the lead on this so I am assuming Mary will make arrangements.
Mary also mentioned a “Million Dollar’ fundraising event to fight hunger.  Mary will send details to us in the club.  The date of this event is January 19-21 and will be held at the Church of the Nazarene.  Specifics and sign-up sheet to follow.
Dan Contorno states he has applied for the permits and insurance for the Tour de Cookie.  I can’t wait for this ride …. It will be, as always, a lot of fun.
Don’t forget, January 14, 2014, Dr. Peter Mack taking all interested members of the club and family to Kitt Peak for the evening.  We will leave Tucson at 3:30 and return about 9 PM. We will need to carpool. Again, details to follow.
Seven Tucson Clubs are having a social ironically on the same night as our quarterly 5th Tuesday social. Mary suggested that we join those clubs in the event.  It will be held at Shlomo and Vito’s, Catalina Foothills, 2870 E Skyline at Campbell from 5:30 – 7:30 PM.  The club voted to support this activity.  It will be a great chance for those of us that do not get to meet many other local Rotarians to do so.
It was announced by Mary that the Rotary Leadership Institute will be held, January 21, 2017.  She indicated she is attending level III.  Because we have new members, Randy specifically asked that David Hindman and Tony Hunter attend this all day seminar.  We hope that Denise attends and others as well.  Let’s get involved in this wonderful organization.  It is designed to fill two purposes: one is to orient new Rotarians to Rotary and the other is to help develop leaders for our clubs.  Please, let’s have a good showing and as many of us as possible attend this event.
Susan Reed, representing the Epilepsy Foundation of Arizona (, Bent Wanderings and Carpe Diem Rides ( was our presenter today.  Susan has presented before at our club and the club invited her back to further discuss Epilepsy. She recounted the signs and symptoms of epilepsy, care of someone experiencing a seizure, and triggers.  She also stated that one of 26 people have epilepsy.  Susan has been working to develop a bike riding support group to ride with people with epilepsy but sometimes it is difficult to find those with epilepsy to engage in the sport.  Getting the word out is difficult, and obtaining those with the disease to want to ride is a struggle as well.
A few don’t in dealing with someone having a seizure:  Do not put anything in their mouth ….. They may bite their tongue, cheek or break a tooth and bleed.  It’s OK.  The will not suffocate. Do not do what I did …. I stuck my fingers in my mother’s mouth during a seizure and as a result she bit to the bone on a couple of them.  This almost makes me a candidate for the Darwin Awards.  Do not restrain the person, but make sure everything is out of the way so they do not bump into furniture of other objects. Do not feel that you must call 911 unless they are truly hurt.  They will come out of the seizure and be spacy but find after a short period of time.  Do not make negative judgements about those that have this disease. To learn more about this disorder contact Susan Reed at
Have a wonderful holiday my friends and thanks to each of you for making this club great.
Respectfully submitted,