Randy started us off with the pledge. There was debate with whether or not we should sing a song, even though it is a song Month. We eventually settled on “ take me out to the ball game”
Guests: one of our Rotary Exchange students from a few years ago, Jen ( I think was her name) - from France. She is now in Montreal studying Political Science. She is starting her third and final year. In Montreal degrees are awarded after three years. 
    Linda, Bob’s wife joined us, although she doesn’t believe she is a guest anymore.
Thought of the Day: from 1983-2006 KVOA ran an ice break contest. The goal was to try to guess when it would hit 100. In 2017 it was May the 4th. When will it hit 100 in 2018?
Please don’t forget about some of our upcoming events:
5/4- sunrise rotary club fundraiser
5/9- picture rocks food bank
5/22- roadrunner book fair and MCAT graduation
5/29- we are dark- we have a social at Mr. An’s
Happy Bucks:
Tony- got married a few weeks ago. He was smart and got the date engraved into  his ring so he won’t forget. 
Bob- happy he gets to get out of Tucson and visit family.
Lots of people just happy in general, especially for our exchange student visit. 
Joke Off: 
Maeve: an engineer was unemployed and set up a shop. If your problems were not solved you got $1000, if so you owed $500. Needless to say, the engineer was up $1500 at the end of the day
Lynne- a joke about baseball and a priest hitting a rival fan with a door.
Randy won the raffle, but quickly lost with a 2.
 Tour De Cookie: The good, the not so good, how do we improve 
  1. Do we make the medallions ourselves?
  2. Keep the signs out at least a month out to promote the event
  3. Hand out info at the Tour de Tucson Aid Station 
  4. How do we advertise to the families that are in schools 
  5. Check Social media for tags from the events
  6. Have posters to advertise for events 
  7. Do we have a vote for the best cookies?
Packet pick-up
  1. Need to have shirt sizes weeks prior 
  2. Need a way to check if waiver was signed 
  3. Make sure kids are denoted on roster 
Start point/ route
  1. Do we move to crossroads park?
  2. We need people to ride the route a month prior to see where signs need to be placed 
End of ride:
  1. Do we need to do anything at the end for riders?
  2. Do we do grab bag? Raffle? Vote? DJ ?
If you have any other suggestions email Dan
Those in Attendance were:
John zwick 
Richie Benner | Field Director
2017 National Jamboree Contingent Staff Adviser
Activities Staff Adviser
Membership Staff Adviser
“Striving to Build Tomorrows Leaders, Today”
Catalina Council
2250 E Broadway Blvd
Tucson, Az 85719
Direct Line- 520-585-5532