Marana Rotary Meeting Notes. 
June 15 Meeting
Attendance: Lynne, John D, John Z, Dan, David, Mary, Laura, Sulee, Andy, Richie, Peter, Harold B. and Randy.
Few announcements: Banner year (3rd in district % of members who donated to Rotary Foundation Fund, #1 in per capita for district)
June 26 installation at 6 p.m. for Randy Brooks as president for 2021-22. 
Sugar Skulls game this Friday — those attending will need to arrange to meet John before the game.
Email from Joyce Zwick about the need for oxygen concentrators in India. Mary moves to donate $2,000 to the oxygen concentrator bank in India; Laura seconds. Passes unanimously. 
Lynne reported that the wire to San Carlos project for the renovation of the senior living home was completed.
Happy Bucks
Richie — UA men’s baseball team to Omaha and Suns doing well, Richie’s mom in town from Michigan to celebrate Charlie’s 3rd birthday.
Sulee — happy to have husband back home after a trying hospital stay.
Andy — family visiting from Illinois and sun out in the Northwest
Lynne — “If you’re happy and you know it ...” 
Harold — Skin cancer removed and it went well 
John Z — I like the warm weather but this is ridiculous. Hoping for a good monsoon.
Dan — Hoping for a good monsoon, too.
David — After months of testing, pool no longer leaking.
Mary — Headed up to Pacific NW for vacation. Just finished a seven-week course on Trauma and Wisdom which was really good.
Laura — Happy that it is Pride Month and Juneteenth, a month of celebrating freedom and liberation in this great country of ours. 
John — Dan is a member of this organization.
Dan’s journey —
Born in Chicago. Moved to Marana when he was 5 because of “allergies”. Dan’s father was a lineman, who said there weren’t enough clothes for that job in Chicago. Dan’s mom was speaker for Weight Watchers and traveled nationally as a motivational speaker. Went to UA and got a degree in finance and accounting, and thought he was going to settle in Denver but tried to put in gas in his truck but there was ice caked on his truck. Opening in the MUSD business office, about 30 years ago and returned to Marana to take it. He is now going on 20 years as being the CFO for Marana Unified School District.
Dan married to Heather — they met in an Eagles concert line for the Eagles farewell concert tour. Played lots of softball a while back. He loves to golf, and passionate about fishing (about the experience, about that one single moment like seeing a brown trout jumping out the water). He ties his own fishing flies. 
He and Heather have two children — Kelsey is 20 and working as a special education aide and Kaitlyn, who is married and has two children. 
Overall, he’s had a wonderful life. “It’s about relationships,” Dan said.