Rotary Club of Marana

Fellow Rotarian's, our President has fallen ill. Our thoughts and prayers are with her along with the hope she is fully recovered from her cold by 3/13/2018 also known as Pie Day Eve.
Showing he has the "crust" needed by "filling" in for President Jo our President-elect Tony Hunter deftly led today's meeting showing us all it is as easy as ............can be. Peter led us in the pledge. If there was a  significant thought following the pledge I missed it. I meant to say "immediately" following the pledge. I am sure there were numerous significant thoughts as the meeting progressed. Had to be,....... right?
Guests included Mirabel-our exchange student from Nigeria, Stephanie Rojas- of Tucson Sunrise Rotary.
  Denise Coronado-MCAT Principal, Mr Bowen-Social Studies Teacher and Hamish Pottenger-MCAT Student of the Month.
By the way, Mr Bowen is familiar with the Scholastic Book Program, looked up prices for under age 5 books while at our meeting ($3-5) and gave us the website
That lovable duo Maeve and Lynne were at it again. While not up to their usual hilarity I distinctly heard Dan giggle over the "snake hadn't a leg to stand on" punchline delivered by Maeve. Denise Coronado groaned over "Nacho Cheese". Lynne, uyou can do better. Hey, Maeve, did you know snakes have no use for "Toe" trucks? Moving on......
Lucky Bob Bishop won but lost with the 9 of hearts. Crocodile tears were shed by many
MEA CULPA, MEA CULPA, MEA CULPA: Left Denise West and son Chase off of last week Tree Planting attendee list. Thank you Denise, you are a terrific club member and active volunteer in most all club projects.
Dan Contorno requested volunteers to work a Tour de Cookie rider recruitment booth this Saturday 3/10/2018 at 9:00 am located at the Rillito Race Track Farmers Market. Please assist Dan if you have a couple of hours to enjoy the outdoor weather and the Farmers Market.
Guest Speaker Stephanie Rojas comes from a Rotarian family that sponsored four exchange students when she was a youth. (Many in our club believe Stephanie is still in her youth). Night of a Thousand Stars is the Tucson Sunrise fund raiser and she encouraged us to check it out. Date is 5/4/2018.
 Our student of the month was unavoidably quite late in his arrival, but never the less made a powerful impact on our club. Without going into details, the adversity this young man has faced in his first eighteen years has been significant. The emotion felt by the club after hearing his life story moved Mary Straus to stand and applaud quickly followed by the entire club. Hamish works at The Ritz while attending MCAT full time. His immediate goal is to graduate and attend Pima Communiy College. His long term goal is to "make my mother proud". 
I love this club. Oh, missing only three members today. Way to go!