Submitted by Randy Brooks
Meeting called to order by President Mary at 7:00 AM.  Denise led us in the pledge, meditation completed by Don J. and David H., an almost beautiful rendition of “Clementine” led by Lynne. Xavier collected happy bucks … thanks Xavier for the new screen.. You know Harold never gets a thanks for welcoming all of us to the meeting, thanks Harold.
Guest today: Mindy Blake of the Pima Association of Governments and Laurie from the Marana Youth Outreach.  Sorry I missed her last name.
Randy, John and Don were asked to discuss the newest on the Peru project.  Randy spoke for the group, describing the woman in need of help and her family.  The board had offered to donate up to $1000 for this project. The Rotary Club Foundation did write a check for that amount.  However donations by Mary (discretionary fund), John Dooling and Randy covered the expense. The foundation did not experience a loss on this transaction.
Foundation review by Mary ….. It appears that we have $8,918.47 in funds.  Remember we are keeping an amount of $2,500.00 for a rainy day fund.
Discussion about the Food Bank work this past weekend.  Several members attended and supported the effort.  Tony was there and had a walkie talkie.  He indicated it made him feel quite powerful.
Randy gave an update on the youth exchange student from Nigeria.  Marana High School was visited today by Randy and arrangements made for her to register for classes.  I few hoops still to go through and hopefully she will be awarded a student visa.
Dan C. continues to work hard on the Tour de Cookie and is looking for volunteers this weekend.  
Jo Holt said we have 12 cookie stations and all but two are filled.  Two life insurance companies decided to not participate.  If you can’t rely on a life insurance group … who can you?  I tell you it is a sad day.
Guest Speaker:
 Mindy Blake, Outreach Coordinator, Pima Association of Governments.  Mindy was an anchor on Channel 13, CBS and sat involved with  the board of directors of the Amphi School District with Joe Holt. Mindy discussed the Regional Transportation Authority which is in its 11th year.  Maintenance of roads, sidewalks are usually complete by the township, city or county in which the roads or sidewalks need help. PAG is mainly concerned about roadways, safety, intersections, train crossings, green belts and pathways.  They have contributed to the bike paths in Pima County. Lots of discussion about public transportation and the lack of it in the Picture Rocks area. Mindy stated that 54% of people that ride buses have not vehicle of their own. Mindy discussed how the recession affected tax revenue for building and maintaining roads but that we seem to be coming back from the deficit and the future looks much brighter.  If you want to reach out to Mindy Blake her e-mail is, and 520-495-1427 Thank you Mindy for an interesting discussion.