Submitted by Randy Brooks
Attending: President John, Harold, Bob, Peter, Carl, Mary, Sulee (potential new member), Joyce (guest), Randy, Don, and Richie.
Pledge by Randy, who I might add did a brilliant job.
John informed us he will be unavailable to lead our meeting November 7-14th.
Randy and John attended the Polio Seminar and both learned more about the disease.
Zone Institute: John states that any Rotarian is invited to the Big West Rotary Institute November 12, 13, and 14 of November.
The student that requested to be an exchange student aged out and is not eligible.
Handbags for Hope is a project we decided to support this year.  It is a project that will benefit women that have been abused and have abandoned their homes for safety.  They leave quickly, often with no resources.  This project is to assist them by giving them hand bags that, with your help, will be stuffed with toiletries (refer to the e-mail sent by John regarding needed supplies).  DGE Hank Huisking is the contact for the efforts.  Handbags can be dropped off at Carl’s office during work hours.  Please complete this delivery by mid-November.
We are seeking a new meeting place …. John states we have a few leads and is following up.
The club has opted to sell the screen and projector to Xavier at Nana’s Kitchen rather than to remove the items.
Happy Bucks
Harold is very happy that his daughter gave him the opportunity to have the status of being a Grandfather.
Bob B. has been here in Tucson, sleeping in front of the fireplace waiting for his ballot to arrive so he can vote and get back to his spouse.
Peter M, is happy to be back home from Oklahoma and Texas where few took COVID 19 precautions. 
Mary S is grumpy today. Discussed an app she has on her cell that is teaching her phrases she never knew.
Joyce discussed Provincial Elections in Canada. 
Sulee: our former member is willing to help with Handbags of Hope project. Thank you Sulee.
Carl: Is going to New Mexico this weekend, I think Albuquerque …. Have a safe and fun trip, Carl.
Don: States he is in NY with has daughter and grandchild.  Returning in time to be a poll observer. Laura is not here today (deposition) but is a poll watcher as well.  Randy was going to be one but they moved him out to the airport (from Marana).
We learned that Andy was busy today and unable to attend.  He will be with us next week.
Richie is a poll observer next Tuesday and was encouraging Sulee. He either liked or disliked the cold weather … I can’t remember which.
It is very impressive to me that Don, Laura, Richie all from our club, are engaged in poll observation. Not to mention Cindy Dooling and Deb Hume whom are working the polls as well.
Meeting adjourned with the 4 way test.
Because of the election we are like to have a small group next week.  Please attend if you can.