Submitted by Randy Brooks, Secretary
Called to order by President Mary Straus.  Pledge led by Eric Miller and invocation by Guest PDG Tom Halazon, RC of Pasco, WA. 87% of the club attended today.  Good work.
Guests: Tom as mentioned above and his spouse, Sharon.
Song:  Let by John Dooling and Jo Holt.  It made our imaginations soar with what it might be like to hear the actual tune.  Thank you John and Jo for the glorious attempt of leading this group with limited musical attributes. Whew.
I caught a few, but not all of the announcements: We missed John D’s birthday.  Denise West celebrates one year of membership in our club …… time passes so quickly. Xavier had a birthday and Joe Farr is not far behind in celebrating hers.  Harold is celebrating his 45th wedding anniversary and Maeve Johnson is celebrating her 26th. She had a birthday as well.
Eric donated a computer to the club today.  It did not work completely because of a conflict between Apple and Microsoft.  Someone smarter than this writer will figure it out.
Standing ovation for Dan Contorno for his leadership with the Tour de Cookie.  Great job Dan to you, Tony (I heard he was your backbone.  I think they meant he had your back).  Over 70% of the club actively engaged and volunteered in this project.  Two visiting Rotarians, PDG Tom and his spouse volunteered as well.
The rest of the meeting was centered on a review of the Tour de Cookie:
Happy bucks: Randy won and then quickly lost ……..
Four Way Test and meeting adjourned.