President Holt brought the meeting to order and after the pledge she shared the writings of Maya Angelou regarding a rich tapestry ,made up of thousands of threads of varying colors. Each is valuable to the overall effect regardless of color.
Guests/ speakers included Bouba and Nancy Hamadou as well as Mirabel, our Nigerian Exchange student.
Denise West and her son, along with Bob Bishop and President Holt were acknowledged for their assistance with the Food Bank distribution.
President Holt advised of upcoming absences in September (a trip to the Old Sod with Donna of Thornydale) and October (son's anticipated adult onset epilepsy surgery at Mt Saini in NY.)
Secretary Dooling advised of his absence next week (Eclipse viewing in Missouri(pronounced missura)) Need somew one to step up to take notes and attendance.
August 26th Doubletree Hotel hosts annual Rotary Membership Seminar.
Mirabel reports having met exchange students from Germany, France, Denmark and other countries. She has learned to swim, but also consumed copious amounts of water in the process.
Maeve requests Burma Shave/Tour de Tucson slogan entries be submitted.
Happy bucks came from:
Maeve -Nuclear Bikini contest- Hey, I just report em folks. See Maeve for details.
Bob Bishop- Back from Scottsdale Rotary water project meeting and bride to soon return. Javier questioned why he was only $2 happy, but then quickly moved on before Bob could respond.
Lynne- While totally messing up the punchline Lynne made it clear to all why she gave up her first career choice as a stand up comic in favor of the less humorless CPA gig.
Mary- I think was happy, but she is very soft spoken.
Denise West won again!!!!!Drew several cards but peer pressure forced her to return all but one to the deck. jack of clubs is no longer available.
Bouba Hamadou presented a project for our consideration to adopt a village in Cameroon. Bouba, a former Marana Rotarian, lives in Tucson about 7 months a year and Cameroon the rest of the year. He is a member of the Rotary club of Maroua, Cameroon. His project vision is a multi-level endeavor including Clean Water/Sanitation, Education for adults and children, Health and Income Generation. Bouba provided all in attendance with a two page synopsis that included anticipated expenditures. There were many thought provoking episodes during his presentation, but the fact that teachers earn $40 a MONTH stood out to me as I took notes on his presentation. Copies of his presentation are available. Let me know if you need/want one.
Next week-Open club discussion regarding anticipated projects this year and fiscal 2017/2018 budget.
See you in two weeks.