Rotary Club of Marana
If you like window shaking raucous behavior, June heat and pizza you should have joined your fellow members at the home of Mary Strauss last night. Mary provided the pizza, AZ the heat,  while our new president's one year old son provided the excitement/noise. Yes, Charlie was quite animated in his approval of our choice of President for 2019/2020.
 To begin the meeting out going president Tony Hunter provided an over view of our Club's lengthy accomplishments of the past twelve months. Tony recognized many in attendance with a card of thanks and an aloe cactus plant. Specifically he noted membership growth, the significant increase in riders and revenue of our Tour de Cookie fundraiser and thanked Dan for his leadership in this regard, Denise was thanked for her dedication to our weekly speaker agenda, Harold for his institutional knowledge of the Rotary Club of Marana and his willingness to share the same, Bob Bishop for something important, John for the humorous minutes, Lynne for all things financial, Randy and Mary for District and Club Foundation reps, Mary again for Global grant work, Dan again for District Foundation Treasurer and others which I do not have listed as I was distracted watching and waving to Charlie as he beat on the glass and waived his arms from within the house. (This is probably why teachers always made me sit in the front row.)
Where was I? Oh, yes.....
Richie Benner was then brought forward and sworn in as our new President.(Squealing, window pounding and light applause from the crowd!)
With some arm twisting Laura Clymer agreed to be our new Club Secretary. Joining her, Board Members John Dooling, Harold Burtzloff and now Past President Tony Hunter were sworn in by President Benner.  
With Laura's acceptance of the Secretarial position we will need someone to step up and assist her with outreach to our Tortolita Middle School Rotaract Club. Someone? Someone?
 Richie's acceptance speech noted we are continually evolving and we must be ready to accept changes as they occur. He said some other profound stuff, but Dan took this moment to show me a picture of a Rooster fish that had to be at least 60 pounds. He did this to prove my wife wrong about the Rooster being an ugly fish and indeed they truly are a beautiful fish. In closing Richie basically said "The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what we do here. It is up to us to dedicate ourselves to the unfinished work of those who have gone before." 
Thank you Laura for taking the photos and Mary for opening your home. (BTW, love your dog. Hope he likes pizza as much as he does swimming pool water.)
The following all received a Rotary Club of Marana Tour de Cookie pin from new President Benner as a reward for attending the installation:
Randy Brooks, Don Jorgensen, Laura Clymer, Mary Strauss, Dan Contorno, Harold Burtzloff, Denise West, Cindy Dooling, Mrs Benner and ...........Charlie!
(This is a benefit of having younger members and I for one would welcome more kids to liven up our get-togethers!)