Dove Mountain Rotarian Aleta Wiener shared her wisdom about planning for and navigating Medicare choices and the potential impacts of those choices on longterm healthcare options.
Marana Rotary Club
August 9, 2022 weekly meeting
Laura called the hybrid meeting to order at 7AM.
Laura asked for volunteers to plan the happy hour prior to the the District Conference dinner on September 24. As Don Jorgensen is the District Governor-elect, and our club will host the cocktail. The District Conference is September 23-25.
Randy asked if there was interest in participating in the football pool along with the Dove Mountain Club. Prior years were not enthusiastically embraced by our club alone; therefore, he is proposing that we join Dove Mountain in the competition. Cost to enter would be $25, Randy to verify. At least seven members expressed interest, and Randy will follow up.
Laura will be reaching out to individuals via Zoom this Thursday, Friday and Monday regarding their roles and responsibilities as committee chairs during her tenure as President.
The Marana Club Board meeting will be scheduled August 17, via Zoom.
Happy Bucks:
  • Dan was celebrating the successful start of the school session yesterday with 13,000 students attending school. First year in a long while where masks and quarantines weren’t the main topic.
  • John was happy with his extended family fishing trio to Mexican beaches where he and five grandkids caught numerous Mahi Mahi.
  • Cindy happily reported that three inbound and one outbound Rotary exchange students had successfully arrived. Inbound students are from Poland, Denmark and Spain.
  • Our guest speaker, Aleta Wiener, thanked the club for having her today and was happy to be here.
  • Randy happily announced that he and Deb are celebrating 35 years of marriage. To each other.
  • Denise was happy for the rains causing all the desert plants to look so good.
  • Carol was happy, (although yours truly couldn’t quite hear on Zoom why!)
  • Harold was happy to have seen the nice rain last night, and happily reported that that Canada del Oro was flowing nicely…..but not closed off as usual after a rain.
  • Adam was happy that the market was back on an upward trajectory.
  • Lynne was obviously happy as she shared a good joke with the club.
  • Richie was happy as his youngest is receiving a new tooth and Charlie is starting pre-school.
  • Andy was happy and peaceful after visiting the spectacular wildflowers with Christie for two days in Crested Butte, Colorado.
  • Beckie’s 4-year-old grandchild just started pre-school and her daughter is starting teaching at Pima Community College. And, she gets to have her four-year-old granddaughter more.
  • Laura had a law school friend down from Phoenix to visit and they went through her friend’s dad’s baseball card collection of over 2,000 cards; a very special time.
Guest Speaker
Aleta Wiener, from the Dove Mountain Rotary Club, was our guest speaker. Aleta has been a Tucsonan for over 15 years, arriving here from Connecticut. Aleta’s specialty and passion is providing consulting services for those entering the byzantine system of Medicare.
Her later-in-life career was the result of her caring for her mother during long-term care needs and having witnessed, first-hand, the burden that can be placed upon families providing care to the aged or infirmed. Her motto is “you can’t predict, but you can prepare”.
Aleta expertly explained the decision trees, and consequences of those decisions, as one approaches and turns 65 under the complex Medicare system. Aleta provides consulting services and left her contacts for the members of our club.