Our June 4, 2019 meeting was held in a small meeting room at the Hampton Inn.  
President Hunter recognized Rob and Adam from Tucson Botanical Gardens are our speakers or today.  Laura introduced Michelle as a returning guest.
A lot of folks are in Germany at the conference.  Ritchie, Randy, John and Dawn.  Richie sent a text this morning that he is at the session ready to cast his vote on behalf of the club.  Randy is taking a cruise on the Danube River following the conference.
Next week’s speaker is from Tucson Sweetwater Project.  Banner Hospital tour is on June 18th as a follow up from when they spoke to us earlier.  Following week is Ritchie’s installation at Nana’s but the location has not been confirmed.  Mary has hosted installations in the past and she offered to make her house available again.  Denise continued to let us know about future speakers.  July 9th will be Tucson Wildlife followed by the Reid Park Zoo on the 16th and Pima County Attorney regarding Crisis Intervention on the 24th.
Next Board Meeting will be at Johns next Wednesday since Ritchie is out of town. 
Mary was concerned about the District Grant for Human trafficking.  Harold reminded us to go to the website whenever we have a question.
Watch for emails regarding forms to submit recommendations for achievement awards.  We are coming up to the yearend closings.
Mary updated us regarding our pending Global Grant. Rotary International wants a business plan from the Village including details regarding specifics regarding costs.  Randy went to the Foundations International and complained. There is a woman who is directing Global Grants in Africa who wants to hear from Mary as well as Buba.  Mary’s hope is she will help facilitate the process for us.  It’s getting complicated like a Masters Thesis.
Harold said his wife is expected to leave hospital on Friday. This is her 43rd day in ICU. President Hunter advised us our speakers brought some guest passes that we will be able to give away or the club could put to good use.
After a short break to enjoy breakfast was Happy Bucks;
            Dave- No 100 degree days so far this year
            Denise- Happy for guest and speakers
            Mary- Gay Pride Month
            Bob- Happy for Mary and her tenacity
            Laura- Happy for Harolds wife coming come and for her guest
            Michelle- Happy to signed a lease for possibly January.
Denise introduced speakers from Tucson Botanical Gardens
            Rob Elias – Dir. of Marketing & Communication
            Adam Farrell-Wortman – Horticultural Manager
Rob began presentation explaining the Disney Institute is a program that teaches you about Disney’s philosophies on guest engagement, innovation, culture protection, creativity and innovation. 
The Tucson Botanical Garden is located on Grant and Alvernon.  It started in 1930’s with the Porter Family who came from the East Coast.  Their original home is still in use for offices.  They started a landscaping business as well as a nursery.  The property was gifted to the city by the family and today it is a not for profit which functions from guest admissions and gifts.  No city of county support.
Their Mission is to connect people with plants and nature through art, science, history and culture.  There are fabulous art galleries that people are not aware of.
Currently on 5.5 acres in downtown Tucson with 18 pocket gardens.  Over 150,000 guests a year.  300 events a year.  Ranked as one of the top 10 gardens worth traveling to from the Canadian Garden Council. 
Last year a Corpse plant bloomed for 36 hours and was 4.5 feet tall. Only about 100 have bloomed in cultivation and about 10,000 physically came to see the bloom.  The live cam was viewed in 187 countries with the average time of 38 minutes.  They only bloom twice in its life.
Their pocket garden was selected as only 1 of 2 to appear at the entrance of the US Botanic Gardens for the conference of American Public Gardens Association in Washington DC.  The exhibit is on display now with only actual gardens on display.  There are only 14 total gardens and Tucson also is 1 of 6 photo gardens on display.  Space is only 15 X 25 but is a cool space where you can enter and sit to enjoy the garden.  There was a lot of support from nurseries in the area in making the pocket garden possible. 
Designed with one half as edible and the other side being plants found in AZ.  Wheelbarrow and pots used in the display.  Visitors are able to enter the garden and sit to take in the South West atmosphere. The other gardens are designed for people to only look at the gardens.  The different plants will stay and go to the national collection, schools and horticulturalists when the pocket garden is taken down.
Dog Days have just started and will go through September.  Working on building a new Butterfly Exhibit but this has not yet been announced.  1500 sq. feet with $15 mil. capital campaign starting next year.
President Hunter closed meeting reminding us that next weeks’ presenter will be discussing the Sweetwater Project.