7:00 AM - Nana’s Kitchen – 8225 N Courtney Page Way
Submitted by PDG Randy Brooks, Secretary
This may come as a surprise …. We opened with the pledge and an invocation.  Denise asked that as we pray or reflect to keep in our thoughts how animals are being tortured in our own community.
Guests today included Peter Rede, MCAT student of the month, Denise Coronado, Principle, Educator Mr. Chuck, Peter’s mother Belinda and his brother/
Diane Ventura-Goodyear, The Computer Nanny, is visiting today and will be our presenter.
Announcements: Rotary Leadership Institute is scheduled for January 21, 2017.  We encourage new members and potential leaders attend these sessions.  Please go to the district website and register.  The club may help with tuition if necessary.  This is a very important orientation to Rotary and prepares one for leadership.  Randy will be one of the facilitators but please attend anyway.
The Christmas party will be at Nana’s next week instead of John Zwick’s business.  Please make notice of this and remind one another of the change.
We received a letter from the Rotary Vocational Fund of Arizona that the student interviewed by our club last week has received the $3,000 scholarship
For the meeting next week please bring a toy or diapers, clothing for a child in need. The gifts will be donated to “More Than a Bed.” Suelee, our former member, will be given the articles that are donated.
Denise West is working to purchase gifts for the family we adopted for the holidays.
Introduction of
 Peter Rede, MCAT Student of the Month.  He is described by his teacher, Mr. Chuck and Ms. Coronado as “Good kid, quiet, and  bright” l- he hopes to attend NAU and eventually go into law enforcement.  Peter received his certificate and a gift certificate to the movies.  His mother, Belinda was visibly moved and stated she is proud of her son.  The brother on the other hand seemed, as most brothers are, unimpressed.
Happy Bucks: people were happy about last week’s highly successful social, uneventful surgeries, student of the month.  Randy drew the joker and was given $240.00.  He donated $120.00 of the winnings to The Rotary Foundation Annual Programs Fund.  Lots of people gave him advice about how to spend and/or donate the remaining $120.00. He wishes to thank each of you for your constant support and ideas.
Mary Straus, President, not to be out done stated she had a birthday this past week and is donating dollars for each year of her life to the Annual Programs Fund.  She will be giving $154.00.  Thank you Mary for your kindness and appreciation for helping those with less.
Our guest speaker,
 Diane Goodyear of the Old Pueblo Rotary Club was introduced.  She is the owner of “The Computer Nanny” …. And is an accomplished expert on computers.  She discussed the website, both our own clubs and Rotary as a recruitment tool … encourage people to visit the site.  Further you can learn about the Rotary programs, go to and find videos to show at the meeting and exchange ideas online.  We learned that Harold needs to learn how to flip his switch ….. To find meetings on his telephone. Diane discussed Rotary Brand Central where you can get accurate logos.  She asked how many people were reading her newsletter.  Nearly everyone raised their hand and then guiltily look at the 4-Way Test.
That’s all I have for you today.  Remember next week the meeting will be at Nana’s Kitchen.  Bring a gift for “More Than a Bed.”