Marana Rotary Club
Weekly Meeting November 23, 2021, Minutes
This weeks meeting was held entirely virtual.
 El Tour de Tucson, Aide Station review- excellent participation was acknowledged from the Dove Mountain club, maybe 8 members helping out.  Need more people in the future, being the first station for both the long ride and short rides, masses stopped at the same time.  Need more tables and definitely, more porta-potties.  None were delivered so the church porta-potties had to be used.  Long lines resulted.  Laura and Adisa were enormous help.  It was noted that the Dove Mountain tee shirts were awesome, and Sulee offered to provide mock-ups for our club’s consideration.  Everyone commented on our awesome signage.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Randy reported that he completed his ride in 3 hrs 50’ and 30”; thirty seconds before the imposed deadline.  Ibuprofen is working well.  Deb left him in the dust.
Randy asked if his incessant bullying style intimidated anyone.  Nobody could respond.  Seriously, all who dared respond reported no issues.  The meeting moved on.
Dark days- a discussion ensued on dark days in December.  It was decided to accept Mary’s generous offer to have a more festive meeting at her house on Dec. 21st.  Lynne will bring her famous pumpkin cheesecake.   Dec 28th will be our normal Zoom meeting.
Thanksgiving families- Dan shopped for and delivered meals to two very appreciative families.  One was an out-of-work gentleman and the other a single Mom.  Since only slightly over $300 of the budgeted $600 was spent, the idea of adding another family for the X-mas effort was floated.  The club unanimously agreed to add one family for this year’s X-mas effort. 
Randy met with Michael Drake regarding the AZ-Mexico friendship group’s meeting coming up the first weekend in February to consider global grant projects.  Bob Bishop is looking into some environmental grant program opportunities.  The grant process is slow; therefore, it may be too late for grant approvals under Randy’s presidency and the grants may fall under Laura’s leadership.  Randy asked that willing Marana members participate in the February AZ-MX meeting. 
Randy reminded the club that at least two club members take and pass the grant writing test each year in order for the club to be eligible for grant requests.  To date, only Randy and Mary qualify.
Discussions were held regarding the agendas for the December meetings.  Randy would like to induct Cindy Dooling at the December 7th meeting and have the MCAT Student presentation at the Dec 14th meeting.  Randy will confirm through Richie that Dec 14th works for MCAT and, if not, the dates will be reversed.
Beckie reminded all that the social meeting next week will be held at the winery on Monday, Nov 29th from 4-5:30 PM.  A poll was taken, and eleven attendees are expected.  Wine and cheese will be provided.  Anyone not drinking wine should bring their own beverage choice.
Mary reminded everyone of the December commitment to the maintenance of the Peace Garden.   Harold referred everyone to the Sept 28 minutes for the list of folks who volunteered.
Randy and John D reminded everyone of the club’s commitment to match Foundation donations, up to $500 total (i.e. $250 donation plus $250 club contribution) for the months of November and December. 
Thanksgiving Plans
Harold will join his daughter for Thanksgiving dinner.  Randy recalled Harold’s daughter’s involvement in Boxing Gifts for soldiers deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan
Mary leaves tonight for Sonoma County with her daughter and plan to follow Thanksgiving with a bakery tour in San Francisco.
Bob is heading to Tempe to join Linda’s family for T-day.
John and Cindy plan for a great week with nephew and family in Scottsdale.  Today he buys Cindy the gift of hearing aides (for John!) and they look forward to their 50th wedding anniversary this Saturday
Don is staying in NY for the holiday with his daughter and grandsons; both of whom are high-energy and under 6 years old.  The grandsons, that is.
Laura is hosting siblings
Beckie plans for a PJ football day with her daughter
Sulee is having a quiet Thanksgiving this year; we wish them peace and solitude for her holiday
Denise is having T-day at her mother’s house
Lynne will start baking pumpkin cheesecake to bring to her brother’s house in Scottsdale
Andy plans to sit by a fire and watch football
Dan is hosting family this year for a big gathering
Randy will enjoy T-day with nine humans and four dogs.