Rotary Club of Marana
At the Request of President Holt, David Hindman led the club in the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance. Denise West gave us food for thought regarding the "precious present" being a gift. (Deep!)
Dan Contorno led us in a pitiful rendition of "Happy Birth Day" to Mr. Randy Brooks. (Note to self: Do not EVER let Dan lead us in song)
Guests included Denise Coronado Principal of MUSD's MCAT school, Mikyla Bambrough-Student of the Month, Mikyla's mother Pam and Step dad Fred Clark and Alexis Jacobs- visiting friend from California of Randy Brooks.
Our two RYLA students sent notes of appreciation and will speak to the club at an upcoming meeting.
Asst. District 5500 Governor Stacy Fox met with the Region 6 clubs made up of Marana, Dove Mtn, 2 Saddlebrook , Catalina and Oro Valley clubs. Looks like several opportunities to assist with tree planting project on February 24th and 25th. Details on what constitutes "tree planting" considering hole digging not required is forthcoming. Shovels optional?
The Club has asked for a $5 donation from every member to cover the cost of the trees.
Raffle tickets available for the diamond pendant donated by club member Denise West of Ben Bridge Jewelers. Price reduction from $40 to $25! Drawing to be day before Valentine's Day.
This weekend Tony, Mary and Randy will all be in Los Angeles for PETS Assembly. This is training Rotary leaders for tomorrow.
Cookie booth available. Please share with anyone who may be interested. No charge to advertise just provide cookies for 350 people.
*****************DARK NEXT WEEK************
****************Social next Wednesday 1/25/2018.
Enjoy the UA basketball game. Nana's Kitchen 7:30pm
Happy Bucks from Bob Bishop-spent night on live firing range(several members question sanity of someone who would be happy about this), Randy-visit from Alexis, Many members happy for our Student of the month. Bob knew who Ralph Edwards was and the show he hosted, but no prize for that. Tony won the raffle, but the King of Clubs did not win him a prize either.
 Mikyla Bambrough, our Student of the Month, spent 71/2 years in the Casa Grande School system before moving to Marana and attending Tortolita and Mtn View schools. She struggles with shyness, but has blossomed at MCAT where she is getting "seven"A's in her classes.  Mr Bowen, the staff rep, commented on her Compassion and her Concientiousness. (I spelled that without looking it up). Per Mr Bowen "She is onderful to have in class". She would like to study dermatology. 
See you next Wednesday?