Rotary Club of Marana
Minutes – 1/19/21
Submitted by Randy Brooks
Attending: John, Harold, Randy, Bob, Don, Peter, Andy, Richie, Carl, Joyce (visitor), Beckie
I apologize for the tardiness of these minutes …. I was so excited about my birthday I completely forgot the minutes as well as my name and location. 
This was a general meeting without a presenter:
Question if Denise is returning to the club ….. John will follow up with her.
Dan C., and John held a meeting with the Old Pueblo club and discussed the possibility of a poker tournament.
John announced a Neil Diamond concert with the Dove Mountain hosting.  It will be held this Friday, 1/29/2021.  Check the website for additional information.
Randy mentioned his birthday and his total excitement in becoming 75.
RYLA: We have two children registered and can take one more if you know a high school aged student. Dan will check with MCAT to see if they have someone.
We have an opening for a student to participate in the 4-Way Speech contest.  Needs to be registered by the 1st of February, 1st place is $1000.00.  Please check out the website if you’re interested in referring a student.
Peter visited a meeting in the UK for fun...  Challenged everyone to join a meeting somewhere in the world this next week. 
Discussion of posting our connection information for our meetings and it was decided not to do it because we could be hacked and could experience naked people showing up at our meetings. LOL
Don’s friend Carol is still interested in joining our club, but has some medical issues to resolve first.
On Martin Luther King Day there is a meeting of all Peace Builder Clubs.  Several members are hoping to attend.
Actually, Don, Harold and Randy attended 38 attended from our district. They have a Rotary Action Group (RAG) that is a fundraising group and also acting on ways to foster peace around the world, including Peace Poles. They hold peace events and support scholars. 
Beckie discovered 5 guys’ burgers and sounds like she will return.
Joyce went out to dinner.
Richie will tomorrow receive his first COVID injection … yea.
Carl wishes the new administration in DC and is hoping for peace.
Andy: Hard to find happy right now (I get it), Rain is nice and is hoping the country will work together to be a “more perfect” union.
Bob: completed a 1000 word jigsaw puzzle. His spouse has symptoms of COVID but actually it was a dental problem. Anyway that is what I heard.
Peter: Renovating his bathroom and discovered the slab is broken under the tile.
Mary: Apprehensive and hopeful for the new administration. Visited the Sandhill Cranes and enjoyed the moment.
Don: Returning from NY and sad to leave his grandson behind. He has been helping Jana and her husband paint.
Randy: Worried about COVID and his wife’s surgery tomorrow (she did fine by the way)
Harold: Gets his COVID shot on the 28th and is happy.
John: Played golf for the first time in forever.  Scored an impressive 90 on the front 9 hole. Lost 9 balls but found 12.  On Saturday he sat on a Prickly Pear Cactus. 
That’s it folks.  As usual please keep needed corrections to yourself.  As you know I have to write these from a few weeks ago and my retentive memory is strange. 
Randy B.