Submitted by Randy Brooks, Secretary
Meeting opened with the pledge, President Mary offered a moment of reflection regarding stick figures (people) on the back of vehicles and how we can be cognizant of being kind to one another.  87% of our members attended today. 
The song selected by John Dooling. This tune has a cool history dating back, I think he said to the Civil War and has been recorded by almost every musician since (just joking).  This song was performed at Churchill’s funeral, recorded by numerous people, such as Judy Garland, Johnny Cash and many others.  It was rewritten by Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens). The song is called, in the USA, Battle Hymn of the Republic.  Great history lesson, John.  We actually sang it in key. 
Guests included past district Governor Tom from Pasco, Washington.  Next week he will leave and return to the Northwest.  It is somewhat cooler in the Tri-Cities of Washington, but not a lot.  Many people do not know that the Center and southern part of Washington State is a desert environment (chaparral). We will miss Governor Tom.
Breakout your calendars: Jo Holt will become president of the Rotary Club of Marana, July 1, 2017.  Her installation will be June 27, 2017, 7:00 AM, at Nana’s Kitchen and will be a breakfast affair.  Please put this meeting and event in your calendar now.
Mary discussed articles from the most recent Rotarian magazine regarding activities in Guatemala and polio eradication in Nigeria. In Nigeria polio detection was discussed and the expense of hunting down the virus around the globe. 
Maeve told the story about how Lyle, her spouse, purchased a pair of tennis shoes from a local drug dealer and now he is tripping. 
We were all happy to see Peter back at the meeting ….. He has been traveling the world.
Harold announced that Club Runner has an app for our phones that is very effective.  Go to your app store and type in Club Runner.  Have Fun.
Jo announced she is attending a rally on Saturday ….. A rally for Science.  She finds it odd that we must rally for science in order to reaffirm we believe in it. 
Jo introduced our speakers from the Marana Unified School District; Cynthia Ruich, Director of Student Services and Christina Noriega, Family Resource Coordinator.  Jo added that it may be possible to work with these educators on a District Grant in the future.
Cynthia discussed “Food Packs,” and how these packs provide nutrition for students in need throughout the school year. She also discussed how the school district has two buses that distribute meals (breakfast and lunch) throughout the district during holidays to students that are low income and are not likely to receive needed meals at home. These buses also have the ability to provide basic immunizations and dental care for students. She discussed homeless students (purchasing supplies) and the provision of counselors that assist when students or family members pass away.
Christina described herself as an occasional “social worker,” and enjoys the part of her job that allows her to visit students’ homes and learn about what the student needs to be more successful.  She also coordinates a “clothing bank” for students as well as the Holiday Share program.  As you know we have been active in this program for many years.  They do their best to provide food and gifts to over 600 families per year. She complimented the Rotary Club of Marana in that we follow through with our commitments.
We then entered into a discussion of generational poverty and how many students learn a poverty culture which makes it more difficult to recognize the problem in their own lives. She stated that impoverished families rarely move further than 5 miles from the place they have lived as adults.  They accept the altered norms of the community.  They indicated there are many myths regarding poverty.  They did state that programs like MCAT can break that cycle.
Meeting adjourned with the 4-Way Test.