Rotary Club of Marana Meeting Minutes
President John Dooling
Scribe: Randy Brooks
Attending: Joyce Zwick (Canada), Harold, Randy Beckie, John, Don, Peter, Mary, Laura, Dave, Richie, Carl and special guest Melanie Larson.
We were informed the Xavier has resigned from the club.  President John is speaking with Xavier about whether we will return to Nana’s Kitchen or find a new place to meet after the virus allows us to congregate.
Joyce reports she has been in quarantine since returning to Canada and let us know the fines and sanctions are very still for those not complying with COVID 19 mandates from the government.
Happy Bucks: Beckie is sad, missing her granddaughter. Don J., happy that an old friend Melanie is visiting and that his book about his trip to Antarctica is nearly complete. Mary is happy about how the project is going in Cameroon and very sad about the loss to America Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Peter is in Washington, DC working on a telescope, he is happy that the Chinese government finally paid his invoice, attend a vigil for RBG in Washington, and purchased a hungry man a dinner.  You are awesome, Peter. Laura is happy that Jennifer Tersigni, Fundraising Executive and member of the board for Mobile Meals is attending and very sad about RBG. “You can disagree without being disagreeable.” RBG.  David claims he saw a drop of rain at his house this morning, the group seems to think it was a neighbor’s sprinkler.  He has been going out early in the day riding bikes.  Go David. Our guest Melanie said she appreciates all that Rotary does and thank Peter for his efforts at the Supreme Court and for feeding a hungry man.  She encourages to remain optimistic in this time of upheaval. Richie “my toe is healing up” and feels Christmas in the air.  He thanked Laura for her work on obtaining quality speakers. Carl says the stock market is a roll coaster at this time and is excited he is going to Albuquerque to visit his mother.
Mary gave a very brief review of Malam Patel, project and will provide a more through update next week.
Randy reports he will be gone much of June next year, as well as all of July, August and half of September. He wanted to let the club know he discussed this with the board and reported to them that several club presidents have offered to step up and facilitate the meetings in his absence.  The board approved of the plan.
At this weekly meeting Randy brought up the issue to the general membership, telling them if any were uncomfortable with his trip (he will be joining the meetings via of Zoom if possible) he would resign as President elect. He will attend meeting on Zoom as well as board meetings.  The club voted and approved and his leading the club from a distance next summer and support past presidents’ in assisting next summer.
Laura introduce Jennifer Tersigni, Board member of Mobile Meals of S. Arizona and a Fundraising Consultant. Off the bat she thanked Rotary for a scholarship to college and the fact she was on a Group Study Exchange (GSE) to Thailand (arranged by Randy and the District).  As a result of her GSE experience she became a lover of travel.  She sees beauty in life and she lives to serve others. Encourages us all to remain positive.
Mobile Meals was started in 1970.  It was started to be an assist to “shut ins” and has grown and grown. She states that COVID has strained operations with older vulnerable volunteers leaving for safety reasons and yet she has recruited replacements for those leaving. The cost of meals is $1.00 to $10.00 per meal.  They are prepared mostly at local health facilities and taken, still warm to the beneficiaries.  They do not provide meals in NW Tucson, but all of the rest of Tucson is covered, as well as Sahurita and Green Valley.  Parts of Marana are now being served. The Mobile Meals are looking for a CEO. Their budget is about $850,000 per year. 5 FTE staff and one part time dietician. They have 280 Volunteers and 33 routes in Tucson and need 35 volunteers each day.
They provide services to elderly, infirmed, and anyone that need their services they are always seeking volunteers in interested call 520.622.1600 or visit  You can reach Jennifer at
Thank you Jennifer for a very interesting presentation
Respectfully submitted: Randy