Posted on Nov 03, 2020
Rotary Club of Marana Meeting Minutes
7:00 AM – 7:45 AM
Submitted by Randy Brooks
Attending: Harold, Randy, President John, Joyce (Guest), Peter, Bob, Lynne, Beckie and Richie
Pledge by John D.
Mark Snow our Assistant Governor for our region and the District Governor Nominee Designate reported to John that the Governors Visit with the Board will be November 30 and the club visit will be December 1. Please plan to attend these events.
John invited all members to attend the Virtual Zone Institute for the Big West Region of Rotary that includes Zones 26 and 27 (one third of the geographic US). It will be held November 26 and 27 online.
John briefly discussed various Rotary Fellowships. A few include, BREW (guess what they do) of which Peter is a member, Caravanning (former member Debbie Conover has been active with this group), Flying (Harold has been a member but dropped out cause he was not interested in some of the locations the members were flying to), Computer, PDGs (Randy is a member), Photography, Quilting, Wine (Lynne is interested in this group) Yachting (John asked if we thought his canoe would qualify) and Slavery and Trafficking is another (Mary and Randy) are members of this Fellowship).
Committed to attend the Morning of Peace include Mary and Randy this coming weekend.
Applications for membership:  We have two people interested in joining our ranks but neither, Andy nor Sulee have completed the applications.  John is following up with them.
Handbags of Hope, it turns out that any local nonprofit group could be given out to those in need. Mainly abused women’s shelters but others as well.  Randy is going to call: Emerge, Interfaith services, and other shelters in town.  John and Bob have agreed to meet Randy to go shopping sometime next week (John may be out of town so Bob and Randy will go it alone if necessary). Beckie has 4 bags that are stuffed, Sulee has over 20 bags, and others said they have several.  Please deliver to Carl Maes at Edward Jones, 3005 W Ina Rd, #101 during business work hours.
Happy bucks:
John entertained us with a story of having to use a feminine hygiene product when in college after a football incident during a kick off. 
Harold has been flying and enjoying the weather.
Randy is working on a deck at home where termites have been discovered. Ugh.
Peter Mack …  this is good …. Brushed his teeth with hydrocortisone yesterday. He wanted to make sure we all voted and that we use the 4 Way Test when doing so.  He did mention that it is unlikely that any candidate would pass all 4 items on the test.
Bob … Celebrating that a company he was a consultant for just sold for $1.5 Billion dollars.  Bob, will you be my consultant to?
Joyce: likes the weather, has met her sales for the month, and had a terrific time with her granddaughter on Halloween.
Joyce is going through a warm spell in Canada, no one asked how warm it is knowing that her warm spell would be very cool for us in Arizona.
Lynne, Tax season is over “what’s an alligator wearing a vest? … An Alligator” We have missed you Lynne.
John discussed his termites at him home and it sounds like an annual struggle. 
Randy has been asked to facilitate the meeting next week.  Richie, if you would prefer to provide this service you are welcome to.