Marana Rotary Club mourns the passing of longtime member Lynne Himmer.


Marana Rotary Club

November 8, 2022 weekly meeting

Laura called the meeting to order at 7:00 a.m. The meeting this week is hybrid.


Laura advised the club of some very somber news; Lynne had passed away the day before. A few minutes of fond reflection were taken. Several members spoke of her humor, her dedication. Randy shared that he was en route to see Lynne when he received the news; John said he had been assembling jokes in her memory and unfortunately wasn’t able to deliver them in time.

Laura described the meeting with Tour de Tucson the past Saturday that she Denise had attended. It was determined that our aid station #8 setup should occur at 9:15 a.m. with breakdown anticipated around 2:30 p.m.. Fruit should be cut as needed as the leftovers will be donated. John will bring the supplies he has around 8:15. Several other topics covering logistics, access, set-up were discussed.

For our booth at the Dec 3, Marana Festival of Lights, Copper Creek Cookie could supply cookies which we can sell for $2, hopefully making a profit of $1 each. Those who sign up for Tour de Cookie will receive a free cookie.

Holiday dinner. After much discussion attempting to accommodate as many of our club as possible, it was decided to hold our holiday dinner on Wednesday, November 30 at Lil Abners. Action Item- Randy made a motion to set the above in the records, Harold seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

Laura thanked Cathy for her time and efforts interviewing Rotary youth exchange student candidates.

Happy Bucks:

  • Cindy is absent today having volunteered to work at an election polling station.
  • Andrea is happily looking forward to an upcoming trip to Cancun to attend a friend’s wedding. Laura reminded that Andrea will be traveling there for HER wedding next year!
  • Beckie was happy to have just remembered that it was Tuesday and therefore had to attend virtually. She was looking election day being over. Hear Hear!
  • Cathy was battling a week with a cold. Lamented the fact that duties continue and she is making her best effort.
  • Andy comments that now that Utah has changed form daylight savings, he actually HAS to get up early to make the 7 o’clock meeting. He also can’t wait for elections to over and clear his phone from robo messages.
  • Steve (guest speaker) was just happy to be here.
  • Mary was happy to not have to worry about her hair!!
  • Bob was enjoying the weather and change of seasons and happy to be here in persona.
  • Denise was happy to be on the other side of nine-day work stretch.
  • Harold was also happy for the nice weather, working on his goal of wearing shorts until November 1.
  • Randy was happy for our new member and being able to see Peter and Bob in person.
  • Peter was happy to be here and enjoying a cookie. He shared a very clever astronomer joke in memory of Lynne.
  • John joined Cindy in waking up at 4 a.m. and was able to catch the lunar eclipse.
  • Adam was not looking forward to the market reaction tomorrow post-election and having to put on his “financial therapist” hat.
  • Dan shared about his recent rip to Rocky Point where he was designated driver for recently turned 21 offspring and friends.
  • Laura also shared a very clever joke about "Fonts" in a bar in memory of Lynne.

Guest Speaker

Steve John, Public Information Chair for District 5500, and member of the Sierra Vista Rotary Club spoke on the importance of image with respect to Rotary clubs and Rotary International. Steve has been a member of Rotary for five years, has been a member of three clubs, and has held numerous positions in Rotary. Steve spoke about the importance of branding in Rotary and addressed the numerous protocols for logos, banners and representations in Rotary. He described the functions of the Rotary International Brand Center, recent changes and what clubs should be paying attention to when presenting Rotary images. The bottom line? Image is important. He explained that he is not the "Image Police" but would make suggestions as he visits different clubs. Steve looked at some of our designs and agreed that they were appropriate.

Steve shared his contact information if anyone had questions: , 402-981-0677 (cell).