Thanks to Laura, following are the minutes for our Feb 15 meeting.
Marana Rotary Club
February 15, 2022 weekly meeting
Attendance: Denise West, John and Cindy Dooling, Bob Bishop, Dan Contorno, Sulee Edwards, Harold Burtzloff, Don Jorgensen, Mary Straus, Bouba, Beckie Penman, Cathy Lolwing, Laura Clymer. Guest: Norbert Stede from Porto Maroua, Cameroon.
Continue virtual meetings only through March 8 – Plan to return to hybrid March 15.
Busy times in the District. There are several other events going on the same day of our Tour de Cookie, including a Rotary river clean-up.
Four-Way Test speech contest
Mary met with the students on Wednesday and spoke with them, but unfortunately they were not prepared. Mary is doubtful that they will be able to pull it together.
Food bank box packaging
Volunteers regularly on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Next possible packing day week March 19: John and Cindy D., Mary, Denise, Bob, Randy, 7:45 a.m.
Peace Garden update
This past weekend, Peter, Mary and Randy installed the plaque Rotary Club of Marana
Tour de Cookie update
Dan C: Shirts ordered 220; 146 riders have registered. Thanks for all the behind-the-scenes work. One thing we can all do: we need sponsors $500 and logo. Need a few more sponsors.
Cameroon Project update
Bouba and Norbert Stede. Electricity is not reliable. Embroidery. May need a generator. Tailoring is operational and 9 students in training to make uniforms for school. Women’s group assessed the needs of women. Reading and writing skills are needed – book entries, income and expenses, etc. Second session of training occurred several weeks ago. Bouba has appointed a manager for Grain Mill who collect the money and manage, purchase and replace parts, and report to the women. Bouba and Norbert are visiting the grain mill to see how that management of the grain mill is going. Grain Bank has 50 bags of millet, which was handed out during last dry season. It’s turning out to be a good and useful investment for the poor people in the area. Intend to increase to 100 bags of millet in the bank. Water system: a pump kept failing so a more robust and new one was purchased in July 2021 and seems to be working better. Garden – termites keep eating the mango trees but the citrus trees are doing better. Goats managed to pass through the fencing, so the fencing had to reinforced with chicken wire to keep the goats out.
Current project focuses on villages with about 2,000 residents.