Promptly at 7:00 AM President Mary Straus called the meeting to order and did the pledge of allegiance to our flag.  Denise West give a wonderful thought for the day …… and Jo Holt, the happy camper, led the song and seemed quite proud of herself.  We had a small group today ….  Only 70% attendance.  I bet we could try harder to be at the meetings.  Thank you for all that were there and engaged.
Sad news:  Denise Coronado has resigned from the club. She states the early morning meeting is not helpful for her schedule.
More sad news: Randy Brooks has been asked and accepted the task of being your secretary for the remainder of the Rotary year.  Be patient with him because he is “special” and it takes him a while to catch on to processes.
Regarding attendance.  If any Rotary Club of Marana is engaged in Rotary activity, including district or zone activities your attendance at those activities will now be counted as a makeup.  Let Randy know. Further if you are asking for a leave of absence please let Randy (your new secretary) know and he will take your request to the board.
The following activities and opportunities were discussed at the meeting today: Walk to End Hunger …… September 17, Maeve Johnson in charge.  Ride to End Polio …. Not sure who is in charge but grateful we will be having several riders and will support the aid station again.  There will be no meeting next Tuesday 5:30,  August 30, 2016 … instead we will have a club social at Lo Esencial Brewery located at the Northeast corner of Tangerine/Twin Peaks/Dove Mountain starting at:
We discussed the Football pool and hope that you all play.  Ask your family and friends to join in …. It is a hoot.  Check your e-mail boxes you should have received an invitation by now.  If not contact Randy. Forward the invitation to your friends.  Proceeds will go to the Rotary Club of Marana Foundation.
We have a poker tournament scheduled for September 23, 2016.  This will also be to benefit the Club Foundation to help those struggling in our area and around the world. Dan Contorno is heading up this venture.  I can’t wait.  It is always fun and many clubs in the region as well as our friends participate.  You will have a good time.
We are looking at several projects in the near future.  Two projects are being considered for the food bank.  One that gives gifts to shut in persons and another that delivers food in areas where residents may not have transportation to the Food Bank.  More on this to follow. Maeve is in charge.
The club unanimously confirmed that they would like to assist Mr. Angelo Buongermino on an upgrade on his home.  This is called the Home Renovation Project: He is in need of sheet rock and insulation in the back of the home and a paint job to the house and two storage buildings.  Peter Mack volunteered to take care of the sheet rock and many indicated a willingness to help with sanding, grouting and painting Mr. Buongermino’ s home.  This is now scheduled for October 15, 2016Randy will send around a sign-up sheet at our next meeting.  Angelo is a disabled Vietnam Era veteran and his income if far below the poverty scale.  He was introduced to us by the Citizens of Picture Rocks Seniors Group.
Discussion was held regarding tax credit for the food bank.
Randy presented briefly on The Rotary Foundation, its programs Global and District Grants.  We are all encouraged to participate in Every Rotarian Every Year ($100.00) and Peter Mack approached Randy after the meeting and offered to become a Paul Harris Society Member …. He promises to donate $1,000.00 a year to the Annual Programs Fund.  Thank you, Peter.
The meeting was adjourned after the reading of the 4-Way Test by our esteemed president.