NOVEMBER 2, 2021
Opened the meeting at 7:00 am with the pledge of allegiance
Randy started by telling us that Don and Randy went to the District conference and one of the sessions was on diversity, they talked about the struggle that Rotary in general with diversity, inclusion, and equity among the membership.
Randy said he got a letter from Ri yesterday that said somebody donated a large sum of money from the club to the foundation.  The check probably came from Lynne (remember we said a $2000 check was to be sent to the foundation).

We received a certificate regarding the miles walked in the walk contest-Randy gave Don the certificate, As it turns out several members contributed to this walk.  Including Sulee who walked hundreds of miles and Don J. who ran long distances.  Randy contributed by walking as well.  Great job team.
Denise updated us about the El Tour, November 20, 2021, she gave us info on the Aid Station which will be at Redeemer Lutheran  8845 N Silverbell Rd, Tucson, AZ 85743 ( see picture below).  She gave us all the info on aid station – must be ready to go by 10am.    There will be an aid station contest (what can we do?).   John will meet Dan and give him the canopy, table  etc.  Things we need:
  • Canopy & Sandbags
  • Scissors
  • cut-up fruit as needed and placed in trays provided, paper cups
  • good snacks
    • peanut butter and Jelly sandwiches
    • salty chips
    • watermelon
    • electrolyte mix
    • gummy bears
    • pickles
  • water
  • trash bags
  • pickles
  • bicycle pump
  • Allen wrench
  • First aid kit
  • Tongs for picking up food
  • Plastic gloves
  • Rotary Banners
Randy congratulated Mary for the Peace Garden and how good it looks (Mary thank you and your team for all the hard work).
For a club social, in the future,  Becky said Harold recommended a wine tasting from 4pm to 5:30pm it was presented and voted on and passed, they will provide additional information.
Bob Bishop and John Dooling spoke on the Rotary Foundation
Bob went first,  regarding the Rotary Foundation. He described how the Rotary Foundation is funded in part by E.R.E.Y.  (do you know what that means?   another way is other doners who donate directly to the foundation.  The last way is the endowment fund and bequests.  There is a board of trustees who review and make the decision of how the funds are invested.  The Rotary Foundation has very low overhead and comes in at #1 on Charity Navigator for keeping our overhead down. 
The money is divided up into two groups (World Fund and District Designated Fund).
They get broken up into four funds (Polio Plus/Global Grants/District Grants/Peace Centers and other Districts). Randy recommends if you donate give to the Annual Fund, and/or Polio. Each contributions go toward your Paul Harris recognition. The annual fund is the only way District Designated Funds are returned to our district in 3 years to pay for grants. 
John talked about the Marana Rotary Club, and he did it in a way of asking questions and gave $20 out to everyone who answered  (the idea was to give the money John gave for the answers to Randy for his ride) He got a total of $321.00) John you’re the best.
One of the questions that surprised me was are there any people still in an Iron Lung in USA?  the answer was 2.
Rotary’s goal is to 50 million in the polio fund in order to benefit from the Gates foundation match of 2-1 for polio eradication.
Our club has several  Paul Harris fellows and benefactors, and two bequest society members (annuities) and for the last 5 years our club per-capita we have been 2-4 times the average district donations. John described the three types of donation members:
Sustaining Member (This is a Rotarian who donates at least $100 US to the Foundation in a Rotary year)
Paul Harris Fellowship (When a Rotarian or a Club has donated $1,000US to the Foundation the Rotarian may elect to nominate another individual as a Paul Harris Fellow. Self-nomination by the Rotarian is completely acceptable. Cumulative donations by a Rotarian or a Club over multiple years count towards Paul Harris Fellowship recognition.)
Paul Harris Society (When a Rotarian pledges to donate $1,000US per year to the Foundation that Rotarian becomes a member of the Paul Harris Society.) They must apply and commit to giving a minimum of $1000.00 per year to The Rotary Foundation.
Major Donor Once a Rotarian has donated a total of $10,000 US cumulative over time, that Rotarian becomes a Major Donor Level 1. There are subsequent levels for further donations in varying increments. We have two major donors in the club.
Arch Klumph Society (A Rotarian who donates $250,000US in a one-time donation of cash or equivalent become a member of the Arch Klumph Society.)
Benefactor (Individuals who include The Rotary Foundation for any amount in their estate plans are recognized as Rotary Foundation Benefactors.)
Bequest Society (Individuals who include The Rotary Foundation as a beneficiary of at least $10,000US in their estate plans are recognized as members of the Rotary Bequest Society Member Level 1. There are subsequent levels for further donations in varying increments.)
Meeting was adjourned at 8:05 am