Rotary Club of Marana
Marana Rotary Club
Meeting minutes, July 20, 2021
The meeting was held virtually instead of hybrid due to the NW Fire District’s need for both meeting rooms for a memorial in honor of the sudden death of the Fire Chief in a small aircraft crash while assisting firefighting in northwestern Arizona.  Sulee, the scheduled presenter, was not able to attend as she was transporting her husband to the hospital for blood transfusions.  The Club expressed their deepest wishes and support for his recovery.  Absent a speaker, Randy framed the meeting as an informal club business meeting.  Notable was the day’s attendance by members from all over N. America.  Maybe further….who knows where Peter was logging in from.
Happy Bucks-  a rather light Happy Bucks session ensued.
Don happily completed a ½ marathon in the Cascade Mtns. foothills while enjoying his time in Seattle.
Harold was happy to have dined recently with John Zwick who will hopefully be attending our hybrid meetings.
John Dooling said he “was just happy”.  He attended a little league baseball game where his nephew played.  John lamented that parents have changed little, expecting that their offspring be sports prodigies. 
Richie is happily filling holes with spackle in his new digs.  He echoed the little league sentiment saying parents, just let your kids play and have fun.  And that he was twice as happy being backup for Randy while Randy galivants across the country.
Mary was happy to be back at work after two weeks off.
Bob Bishop reported that he was enjoying 79-degree temps and overnight rains; Vail received over 1” of rain and he was excited to have guests soon to visit.
Peter was very quiet with a broken microphone but texted that he was quite happy.
Andy was in Belize scuba diving and promised to contribute $1 for every meter of decent under water.  (Calculations are in process)
John and Bob expressed delight over the successful launch of the Blue Horizon space vehicle and Bob revealed that he had the chance to sit in the space vehicle while visiting Seattle a while back.
Laura was recharged after a vacation in Kauai, Hawaii.
Jen was happy for the rain and excited to be a new member.
Randy misses his moose and deer who apparently have distanced themselves from his Deer Lake cabin because of nearby timber cutting. 
Dan Contorno; we reported for Dan that he must be happy- he was fishing in Idaho.
Denise was happy that June was potty trained.  And she thanked Mary for her thoroughness and care towards the Cameroon Project.
Other Discussions
Beckie expressed thanks to Denise for her work on the Tour de Tucson aid station to be sponsored by Marana Club on November 20th.  Denise described the Tour sponsorships.  The Tour expects 6,000 to 9,000 riders.  Sponsorships BEGIN at the Bronze level for $3,500 and that there were over 40 corporate sponsors.  Randy suggested that the Club restrict our support to the Aid Station only and the members agreed.  Volunteers for the aid station to be determined later.
Mary mentioned that the Peace Poles have arrived.  Marana would like to handle the installation: however, Mary said that the design would be directed by the Club.  She suggested that a garden be designed and asked for input and volunteers on the design and construction.
Mary also reported that the grant proposal for Felicia’s Farm had been accepted by the District for funding in August.  She discussed the concept of supporting food insecure people in conjunction with the Picture Rocks Community Center Inc.  Logistics were discussed for transporting the estimated 300 pounds of food per month.  Excess could be donated to the Picture Rocks women’s shelter.  Since Picture Rocks has little infrastructure (coolers, etc.) the distributions could be broken into 2-3 deliveries per month.  Vehicles will be needed on a volunteer basis.  Mary gave a brief presentation on the materials acquired for Felicia’s Farms and suggested that two volunteers could participate on a rotation basis for distribution of food 2-3 X/month.
Mary also provided an update on the Cameroon Project.  Certain administrative glitches have been resolved with the arrival onsite of Poobah (sp?).  Classrooms are outfitted very well now, and attendance is increasing.  The gardens are producing so kids don’t have to walk great distances home for lunch.  Additionally, there are seven cows providing milk.   Mary also reported that the grain bank was functioning well with over 100 sacks of millet providing for grains to be borrowed during the spring to summer season when crops are not available.  Unfortunately, the women’s businesses are not going great due to administrative challenges.  However, the local Rotary club is providing support for the Association of Women until things can be sorted out.
Don advised that a rather thorough questionnaire will soon be sent to members.  The survey will assist in seeking new members.  Randy thanked Don for his hard work on the New Members task.
Randy reached out to Jen, asking if there was anything further the Club could do to welcome her and assist as a new member.  Jen said she felt at home and part of the family.
Randy noted that on Nov 11 Rotarian dignitaries will be visiting Tucson and asked for volunteers to welcome them at TIA.  If volunteers can provide their time on a two-hour basis that would be greatly appreciated.  Volunteers can answer questions and make suggestions to welcome our visitors.
Finally, Randy asked club members to think about local projects for the coming year.  He also encouraged members to visit the “old folks” home in San Carlos as one of our local efforts.  John Dooling said he will seek Board support for continued involvement in the San Carlos project for the coming year.
Andy Swarthout