Posted by John Dooling on Jun 27, 2017
Submitted by John Dooling, Secretary
  • This morning, 6/27/2017, The Rotary Club of Marana once again, as it has for the past thirty 30 years, experienced a peaceful transition of power. As members solemnly filed into Nana’s Kitchen they beheld fabulously decorated tables for four, complete with blue and gold napkins, blue Lilliputian cowbells and even a center floral arrangement. (Thank you to the member elf or elves who decorated the room last night) and to Maeve Johnson. Maeve not only provided the flowers but also the iced miniature cakes available for dessert.
Outgoing President Mary Straus began the meeting by greeting guest Jim Hazzard of New York, son of incoming President Jo Holt and Donna Mabry of Thornydale, BFF of incoming President Holt. In addition we had guests Jim Nook of the Dove Mountain club and Lyle Johnson, husband of Maeve, who probably answered a last minute call to arms to carry flowers and miniature iced cakes.
President Straus thanked all in attendance for making her almost two year tour of duty possible and palatable. President Straus led us through some very turbulent times. We will be grateful for as long as there is a Rotary Club of Marana. Special thanks was given to the outgoing board. Member Randy Brooks was singled out as especially helpful in guiding her fledgling steps in the early months. By the way, we also learned that Randy has a new position with the District that requires he step in to lead should new District 5500 Governor Joe Hentges be unable to serve. Flowers were also given to Nana of Nana Kitchen fame for appreciation of her work and the outstanding quiche centerpiece of today’s breakfast.
Next came the swearing in of 2017/2018 President Jo M Holt. Being of humble spirit the first thing Jo did was to put us all at ease by advising that she can be addressed as either Dr. President Holt or President Dr.  Holt. She is comfortable with either. Jo went on to tell us of having been recruited by Randy Brooks with tales of the potentially significant lottery winnings she could partake of and tasty breakfasts fifty weeks a year. She was struck immediately and remains in awe of our naiveté in allowing one such as herself into our club. Actually, her awe truly comes from the simple wording of the Four Way Test and by our recitation of same at conclusion of each meeting. The stark contrast of its honest clear message versus the cynicism that too often comprises a big chunk of our daily lives is refreshing. One could say the theme of her address is that we are “all connected”.
In turn the incoming board of Straus, Hunter, Dooling, Miller and Burtzloff received their pins. Outgoing/Incoming Treasurer, Lynn Himmer, could not attend todays meeting.
The whole meeting makes one proud to say they are a Rotarian.
Humbly and hopefully accurately submitted this day in the year of our Lord 2017.