Marana Rotary Club
June 14, 2022 weekly meeting
Randy returned to lead us in this hybrid meeting.
Installation of new officers for 2022/23 will be held at Laura’s this Saturday from 5-7PM
Happy Bucks
Andy was happy to be back home after one month traveling in Africa
Don was happy to have had his wife back from New York
Adam was busy being a “financial therapist” during chaotic markets
Randy was suffering a horrible internet connection but managed to have backed his car into a boat in northern Washington!   Was the boat in the water?   He didn’t say.
Timothy, our guest speaker from Tanzania, was happy to be joining us from afar
Bob was happy and sad; leaving for VA right after our meeting; contributed 40 happy bucks!
Beckie’s daughter became married in the Elvis Chapel in Las Vegas in front of a full congregation
Harold was happy, but my notes are illegible, sorry Harold!   You’re always happy though.
John happily reported that he had “end Polio” pins for everyone and thanked us for the support
Cindy attended the Melbourne preconference and was able to make connections with Youth Exchange  committee members
Laura also attended Melbourne ad reported inspiring speakers.  Laura also attempted to get cash back at the grocery store for happy bucks, but learned it costs 50 cents to get your own money from Fry’s!
Guest Speaker
Today’s speaker is Timothy Massawa, aka “Michael” as repeatedly professed by Bob Bishop.  Timothy, a rotary member since 2011 and past Assistant Governor of his region, co-founded an NGO dedicated to empowering children of Tanzania through education.  Timothy, a member of the Massai indigenous culture of Tanzania described a fascinating program focused on children of the Ngorongoro region where, ironically, Andy had visited the week before.   Timothy’s presentation raised several ideas for our club to consider in future project support.