Marana Rotary Club
March 1, 2022 weekly meeting
Happy Bucks
Randy was delighted with the number of events the club was involved in and the support of our members
Harold had mixed feelings after selling his Bonanza airplane after 45 years of flying.  Goodbye to a family member
Cathy was happy about a memorial after 6 months
Sulee was happy about the collaborative effort with Mary producing the Peace video
Bob was breaking up with bad connection, so simply reported that he was happy!
Cindy was happy to have a track event coming up involving her grandson.  Randy suggested that she and John be given assigned reserved seats for all of the sporting events they attend
John was just very happy today
Beckie was happy to have the Tour de Cookies flyers ready to hand out and has been VERY busy with the event
Laura was happy to have had a great experience at PETS last weekend in Los Angeles
Mary was happy to have closed off the Cameroon Project with RI and to have shared an amazing time with the kids in the Four-Way essay contest
Don also attended PETS where he met the incoming RI president, Jennifer Jones.  He shared that Laura was really stepping up to the plate and taking on a lot of work as incoming Pres
Andy was reporting in from Colorado Springs, more about that later!
Denise was still happily working very hard on the Tour de C.
Dan was also working hard on the Tour, which has grown immensely.  Dan feels less nervous than previous years, despite there being over 300 riders expected.  He is lining up the troops for this Saturday’s event.
Miscellaneous Announcements
Randy and Deb will work backwards at the Tour, thanking the booth sponsors as they ride to the starting point.
Cindy mentioned that District Governor, “Hank”, will stop by our booth at the Tour
Laura mentioned that there are over 80 Rotary Clubs in Ukraine with 1100 members.  And that RI has expressed their concern and support for the crisis they are facing
Guest Speaker
Bob introduced today’s speakers, Mike and Joan of Primeamerica, a financial advisory firm providing counseling and guidance for money management.  Mike explained their approach towards responsible money management and retirement planning.  They guide their clients through debt strategies and retirement planning.  Mike described their approach through a series of concepts that were thoughtfully presented.  Most of us older folks could have used their visions during our earlier years!
Thank you, Bob, for arranging this interesting talk!