Well, here it goes. This bulletin is brought to you (maybe) by your Secretary Elect filling in for Sec Randy brooks. He plus fellow members Mary Straus, Jo Holt and Don Jorgensen are among the 40,000 plus attendees at the International conference in Atlanta, Georgia.
President Elect Elect Tony Hunter gaveled (is that a word?) in the meeting promptly at 8am sharp and punctually ended it at 8am. In between were sporadic moments of laughter, enlightenment and coffee.
Tony began with the reading of notes from President Elect Holt sent from Atlanta. Apparently in addition to our own Marana dignitaries others from around the world also attended including someone named Bill Gates.
Javier collected Happy Bucks from Tony, Dan, Bob (soon to be a member) Bishop, Richie and others. A secretary with better hearing  would have been able to report the source of their happiness. Lynn told a joke and since it included the name of a former presidential candidate perhaps her timing was perfect with so many of the Democratic persuasion being out of state. In any case this writer found it to be pretty funny.
Our speaker, Sheila Foraker, was introduced by Maeve. Sheila is the Route Director for the Tour de Tucson and works for Perimeter Bicycling Association of America, a 501c3 organization. This non profit has raised about 78 million for 60 different charities in its first 34 years of existence. They operate four Bike Rides (not races) in Arizona 1) Tour de Phoenix/Mesa, 2)Tour de Tucson, 3) Pima Co Loop? and 4)?????. Their events are open to all ages and abilities. With ten staff and 1,000 plus volunteers they coordinate rides that require the involvement of numerous city, county, university and tribal governments. Eighteen aid stations with 180 portable toilets, 7,000 ponds of bananas, 7,230 gallons of water, 6,000 ponds of oranges,  manned by church, club and civic organizations like our own Rotary Club of Marana makes the whole thing work. 
Sheila may be contacted at route@perimeterbicycling.com or 520-745-2033.