Rotary Club of Marana
With guitar in hand President Hunter began the meeting with 85% club attendance and the pledge followed by a pretty good rendition of my Old Kentucky Home. Most everyone could be heard even Dan Contorno seemed to know this song. Although the original lyrics contained the word "darkies", which was the vernacular of the time, this anti slavery ballad by Stephen Foster was praised in his 1855 biography published five years before the start of the Civil War by no less than Frederick Douglass.
Guests included potential members Carl (?) the new guy at Edward Jones where departing member Maeve Johnson is employed and Michelle Estheimer a MUSD product who is opening her veterinary clinic. Michelle is a guest of our new member Laura Clymer.
Odds and Ends
1)Nana's closed in two weeks will meet at Hampton Inn.
2)MCAT grad night is Thursday 5/23/2019 at 7 pm. Several members still planning on dinner at Nana's before attending the graduation.
3)Several members, specifically Rachel and Richie, thinking about various District Grant proposals and Club community involvement for the 2019/2020 year. District Grants should be applied for by 7/15/2019, but not mandatory. Mary also mentioned possibility of sex trafficking project she is thinking about. (It seem stupid for this writer to say "anti" sex trafficking so I didn't. Or did I?)
4. DGE to be installed 6/23/2019 in Tubac. All members should have received email from Wendy Hobbs regarding particulars. Encourage all to consider attending.
5)Four members, Benner, Brooks, Dooling, Jorgensen, will be in Hamburg at Rotary International Convention first week of June.
6) Richie Benner's installation as Club President will be last Tuesday of June, POSSIBLY in the evening. Please save 6/25/2019.
Happy Bucks
John-Happy to see two former Rotary Exchange Students
Richie-snow on Boy Scout Camp in the Catalina Mts. (first snow this time of year in 27 years)
Dan- Bought a few raffle tickets and won a $1,200 Fly Fishing reel
Randy-Praised Laura for bringing in potential new member and shamed the rest of us
Harold-Wife Ellen may be released from hospital by June 1st!!!!
John Z-Wife of 70 years, Sylvia, had minor stroke but is home and dealing with slight speech involvement
Beckie-Did not catch it all, but in spite of looks "Cactus flowers re real!"
Peter-Guests and weather  
Rachel-Promoted! Also spoke of a program that pays off medical debt for the poor for pennies on the dollar. Plus pins are out of broken wrist! (I think)
Joke Off
Lynne- This may have been the funniest golf joke ever delivered at our morning breakfast (for at least one member) Fortunately for me I heard it a long time ago. The only reason no one laughed today (with one glaring exception) was that no one could make out the punch line. Those were real tears flowing down Lynne's cheeks as she did her best to deliver the final line between convulsive fits of laughter. I officially give her a mulligan (redo) and she can try this again next week.
Maeve-Unlike Lynne, who is her own Harvey Korman to Tim Conway combination, Maeve must make do with selecting a good joke and working on her delivery. Maeve excelled in both this week, except she chose a joke that half the population in the room (the men) were the butt of the punchline. Here goes:
Husband of many years sees his wife looking at herself in the mirror and knowing she was nearing another birthday asks his wife if she were okay. She replied that she wished she were eight again.
Birthday arrives and husband fixes her Cocoa Puffs and Pop Tarts for breakfast. He takes her for a day at Adventure World where they went on every ride. For dinner it was MacDonald's and a Happy Meal with toy. When they finally return home he asks if she feels like she was eight again. Her reply, "I was speaking of my dress size.". The moral of the story, even when men listen they get it wrong!
The ladies laughed.
The mood in the room changed quickly as Pima County Prosecutor for Sex Trafficking, Tracy Miller, took the lectern. My notes are almost non existent except for a comment regarding the number one source of sex trafficking participants are homeless boys and girls who are groomed for the trade. Sexual exploitation occurs when a victim through force, fraud or coercion is placed in a situation to give sexual services to customers. It was pointed out that prostitution, which some believe to be a victimless crime between consenting adults, often is consensual due to the coercion or force placed on one of the participants.
This was a tough topic to consider at seven in the morning. How fortunate/protected most of us have been in our lives.
John Dooling, me, will be out of country for next two meetings. Someone will need to take notes and attendance. June Board meeting will be rescheduled to Wednesday June 12th, 5:30 pm my office.