Hamburg was an amazing opportunity. there were plenty of new experiences for me. I was able to travel to/through three different countries on my way to and from the Rotary International Convention. The first interesting thing I experienced is that all three were on different currencies. This made it interesting for currency exchanges while in these countries.
Europe is green both from a nature and a technological point of view. It was very different coming from the desert. I did appreciate that they had a very comprehensive public transit system. It made getting around town very easy. Most everything was in German as well as English.
The rotary convention was well put together. While it was very spread out compared to other conventions, there was plenty of signage and maps to get you to where you needed to go. The programs that were presented were great. The presenters were well prepared, and the topics helped attendees plan for their future in Rotary. Overall there was a lot to experience both from the conference and the city of Hamburg.