Rotary Club of Marana Meeting; Jaunary 12, 2021
After the slow-motion rendition of the Pledge of Allegiance…
Club Business::
  • Board Meeting:          
    • Tour de Cookie has been canceled for year 2021.
    • Dan and John will be meeting with Kevin from Old Pueblo t.  Kevin has experience in organizing on line poker tournaments which we will
  • RLI on 23rd and 30th of this month; first Saturday next month
  • RYLA has been postponed until February 19 and 20.  Still openings. 
  • There’s a push to use Rotary Direct for contributions to Rotary for automatic drafts.
  • Brand new D55000Rotary Club;  Rotary of Tucson Club, Verde; Environmental Focus
  • Peace Conference USA/Mexico, February 13th and 14th, Virtual; Linking Mexico
  • Four-Way Speech Contest; $25 Entrance Fee; deadline is February 1st. Event April 10.
Happy Bucks:
  • David has recovered from Covid and is looking forward to the warmer temperatures that are joining us in the coming ddays.
  • Richie has regained his taste and intermittent smell.  He started puppy training, with his puppy.
  • Lynne enjoyed and recommended Don’s book.  She also entertained us with a clever joke.
  • Andy is grateful none his family has contracted Covid.  He believes this due to the streak of Meanness that runs through his very being.  This writer has a hard time imagining that.
  • Peter is having fun knocking out walls in his home.  He‘s taken on a remodeling project.
  • Randy is tickled pink he’s receiving his 1st vaccine on January 29th.   He also delighted in telling us of a video Kathy Jorgensen sent of their grandson walking.  He particularly enjoyed that just as the grandson was walking toward Don, he veered and blew by  him.   
  • Laura is happy that she received a negative Covid test, which means she didn’t bring home a nasty souvenier from New Orleans.
  • Becky was happy to say Goodbye to all her Christmas decorations and to reintroduce herself to a clean house.  She lamented not getting the vaccine yet; Arizona lags behind Utah and Wyoming.
  • Carl thankful all in family are healthy.
  • Dan was surprised that when he went to his doc for a sinus infection, he tested positive for Covid.  Luckily extremely mild symptoms. 
  • Bob’s been doing all the important things; puzzles and binge watching 24, in 29 degree weather in Oklahoma.
  • Don travel to New York, negative tests on both sides of trip. 
  • Joyce is in Tucson with her parents.  From isolation in Canada to isolation in Arizona.  Grateful to be with family.
  • Harold continues to see select friends while waiting for shot.
  • John shared with the club that he has met and really enjoyed Rotarians Kathy and Jay McCaul.  Jay published letter in letter to the editor that John recommended. 
Submitted by Mary Straus, January 19, 2021