MINUTES 12.15.2020
Submitted by Randy Brooks
Harold B., Randy, Joyce Z (visitor), John D. (president), Beckie P., Bob B., Don J., Andrew S., Peter M., Mary S., Lynne H., Laura C., Dan C., Mindy Blake (Guest and speaker RTA)
Pledge of Allegiance: Harold
President John stated the following will receive PHF awards in the mail.  Congratulations to Andrew, Beckie, Peter and Mary.  Mary, Chair of the Club Foundation went on to congratulate all the awardees and the entire club is appreciative of the effort.
John asked if everyone has signed up on My Rotary yet? If not please do and help the club be the first 100% compliant club.  If you are having trouble contact Harold and he will help.
Slate of Officers for the Board of Directors for the RC of Marana and RC of Marana Foundations voted on and the results are: 
Rotary Club of Marana Board of Directors
President: Randy Brooks
Secretary – Andy Swarthout
Treasurer – Lynne Himmer
President Elect – Laura Clymer
Member at Large – Mary Straus
Member at Large – Don Jorgensen
Immediate Past President – John Dooling
Rotary Club of Marana Foundation Board
President – Harold Burtzloff
Secretary – Bob Bishop
Treasurer – Lynne Himmer
Member at Large – Beckie Penman
Member at Large – Carl Maes
Thank you all for offering and accepting to serve.  The vote was unanimous.
John is sending out information to members regarding a fundraising event for the Coolidge Rotary Club.
Kingman Rotary Club requested our clubs help on a project in the Middle East. After discussion it was decided to table the request for a later date.
Harold – Enjoying the weather and happy that his children are recovering nicely from Covid 19
Randy – Happy that so many stepped up to be board members and remarked his Diabetics is doing very well.
Bob – Still in Oklahoma staying with family whom are recovering from Covid 19.
Andy – Happy to be elected to the board and that he was awarded a PHF.
Don – Excited that Seattle Magazine did an article on his book, “Three Worlds – One Voyage” You can purchase this book on Amazon or Kindle…. Just sayin.
Peter – was excited to go to Chile and sad he unable to fly. Remember that Jupiter and Saturn will dazzle us now and into the solstice December 21.
Mary – announced her niece is still Covid positive but, Mary and another niece are negative.  She mentioned she is happy that the board was elected for next year.
Laura – is happy that she has shopped and today is mailing gifts to her family and that they should arrive on time.
Carl - Harold dropped by his office this week and picked up donated food for the needy.
Lynne- Once again entertained with a funny joke about football.
Dan – Crazy times at the school district... MUSD still meeting in person.
Joyce – Pass
John – Three of his family, first responders and pharmacist are receiving Covid immunizations this week.
This has been a big year for the RTA and plans are being prepared for the future of the agency.  She pointed out that RTA and the Pima Association of Government, PAG, are administratively the same.  In order to make road improvements, build better bridges, bike paths and other efforts the voters voted for a ½ of a cent sales tax increase several years ago.
For all you acronym lovers she showed us how funding works for various projects and agencies, involved in all of this ….. Here we go are: RTA, PAG, FPA HURF, FNWA and ADOT.
The process: The advisory committee develops the recommendations for improvements, then they establish priorities, RTA approves or discusses, Public input is requested, Plan is reviewed, then a call for election is made (your vote).
If you would like to get involved text 22828 or go to the web at
Wendy answered several questions regarding jurisdictions …… Pima County is responsible for unincorporated areas. RTA works mostly on arterial roads and projects within all the cities, municipalities, and tribal lands in our area.
I can’t even imagine how many errors I have made on this document …… Have a great week everyone.