Marana Rotary Club
May 16, 2023 weekly meeting
The hybrid meeting takes place in our original room at the fire station and internet connections were stable again.  Following 10’ of social time, Laura led the pledge of allegiance at 7:10.
It has been recently learned that that the NW Fire District building is experiencing foundation problems and will be closed for repairs for approximately three months beginning sometime in late July, early August.    An alternate meeting site will be needed starting in August.
June 23 will be Cathy’s installation to be held at Laura’s.  The event will be catered for simplicity’s sake.
June 25 is Don’s installation to be held at the Gaslight Theatre from 9AM to 1PM.  As this spotlights our club, everyone’s involvement is encouraged. 
May 25- the MCAT graduation at Marana Middle School.
July 11 will be Cathy’s first meeting as President
The May 23rd meeting will be Zoom only and will include discussion of incoming officers and board members.  Among other inductees, Bob will remain as Board-member-at-large, Peter will join the Board, Harold will remain as Treasurer, Mary will become Secretary.  Randy moved that the slate of officers and board members be approved, Mary seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.  John D. added that there is one position open on the Foundation Board. 
Cindy pointed out that the incoming Youth Exchange student from Spain is desperate for a host home.   The paperwork needs to be started ASAP, otherwise she will not be able to process her VISA for entry into the USA.
Happy Bucks (“lightening round” to save time for our speaker)
Bob has spent 10 days in Oklahoma City, en route to Virginia, enjoying 70 degree weather and time with family
Dan wants to reach out to NW Fire to find out who designed their building before he considers who should build Marana School District’s new K1-8 building
Andy was planning for the season’s flyfishing
Nancy Jones (guest speaker) was happy to be amongst us this morning
John was basking in the accomplishments of his son and daughter, recently having graduated from universities with honors.
Harold was happy that a device promoted for improving circulation had, for once, actually helped  his wife with her feet challenges
Andrea reported to be all-around happy!
Randy was $10 happy and preparing to leave for Washington state for up to 4 months on his annual pilgrimage in search of big foot.
Peter, regrettably, will not be in town for the installation festivities
Beckie had a fabulous Mother’s Day with grandkids visiting from Salt Lake.  A bubble machine was an integral part of the occasion.
Laura was happy that final grades had been issued.  She enjoys being one of the few prof’s who are willing to write letters of recommendation for her students.
Guest Speaker
Nancy Jones, Crossroads Coaching/Career Counseling,  a professional personal growth trainer, spoke to the club about strategies for defining and attaining goals.  She described methods for setting goals at the beginning of each year and mid-year assessments for achievement and progress.
Andy Swarthout (any errors are mine and mine alone!)