Rotary Club of Marana
After President Jo started the meeting with The Pledge the club gave one of its best efforts in singing Happy Birthday to Javier Teran. Denise then gave us a List to Live By from Benny Bear Wellness. Jo added a comment about an unnamed local office holder and political candidate  who recently spoke of growing up poor and now being in a position to help others. Guests included Mirabel, our exchange student and  Brianna Olivas, an applicant for a Rotary Vocational Fund Scholarship. Also a contingent from MUSD MCAT who shall be named later. 
Picture Rocks/Ortiz Clinic Food Bank work detail tomorrow for those who can assist from 9am to noon.
Tour de Cookie this Saturday with potential 200 riders? Dan will be setting up at 7:30 am and could use assistance . Meet him at the Rillito Race Track on first south of River. The Farmers Market location. Mary read a list of booth sponsors. Thank you to Dan and his committee for another excellent job of planning this event.
 Mary mentioned the Leadership seminar 5/5/2018 to be held at Quail Canyon Country Club in Green Valley. All are encouraged to attend this meeting. Cost is $15 and includes breakfast. Go to District 5500 to register. 
Javier started the Happy Bucks giving with a dollar for every year that he has been on the earth.
Dan, John and John all happy. 
David young son Tim was the last to lose his baby teeth in his entire class. David, being squeamish sort did not want to yank it out. Finally natural causes brought about its demise and made for one very happy young man. (Tim)
Randy borrowed a dollar and thanked former Marana High School Principal Jim Doty for assistance with our club's Exchange Student program over the years.
Tony mumbled something about being broke and a pleasant if dry bachelors party last weekend.
Richie commented he was a "good kid" in Principal Doty's era while Jim rolled his eyes. Richie also shared information that if we can grow four members by 6/30/2018 our club will receive a Paul Harris award.
Harold is happy that everyone talks so much, or not.
Finally heard Mary speak, but she said nothing of importance!
We learned Lynne knows a lot of tax accountant and alcohol jokes.
Maeve, last heard the Texas swimming pool/Toilet joke when I was ten.
You will never guess who won the raffle ticket draw AGAIN and proceeded to draw two cards neither of which was the one he wanted. Yep, Bob Bishop.
 Our MCAT student of the month is Xavier Balderrama. He was accompanied by Dani Anich his MCAT attendance coach, his mother and the aforementioned Jim Doty. Xavier has found the smaller classes at MCAT to his liking. He has a knack for anything automotive and plans to study automotive and diesel mechanics after graduation.
 I believe he said the school of interest is UTI where auto body is also taught. He comes from a family with a lot of girls and appeared to enjoy a chance to speak. (Humor intended.) With his automotive knowledge he has been useful to fellow students, recently taking a look at a car leaking gas which he diagnosed as safe (probably not going to explode just sitting there) but not driveable. I personally had a 1951 Kaiser/Fraizure that fell into that same category of leaking gas, safe but not driveable without flame retardant clothing. Wish I had known Xavier back in the 60's. Xavier's long term plans would include owning his own shop.
Following the meeting Randy, John, Jo, Mary and Richie met with Brianna Olivas and voted to award her with a Rotary Vocational Fund grant/scholarship for dental assistant training that starts his Monday.