Marana Rotary Club
Meeting minutes Sept. 14, 2021
The hybrid meeting was held at Mary Straus’s home featuring Cathy Lowling’s induction into the Marana Club.  Kudos to the numerous individuals who made this meeting a “virtual” success with respect to audio and visual components.  Randy thanked all for their patience not only for the struggle getting our hybrid meetings up to snuff, but for support during his 2 and ½ month travels away from Tucson.
Randy briefly described highlights of his Quixotic journey across the USA.  His time with Bob Bishop in Virginia certainly fortified an already strong friendship.  However, his serenading of folks along the shores of the lake in a paddle boat may have cost Bob some friendships.  Seriously, it sounded wonderful.  Randy also described an incident in the Midwest where a buffalo grabbed an errant tourist, removing her pants.  “The Midwest was a pleasant surprise.”
Randy asked Andy to order Rotary badges and pins for Sulee and Cathy.
There will be a virtual only board meeting Monday evening with the District Governor, “Hank” Husking.  Randy asked that Marana Club Board members attend, and all were welcomed and encouraged to attend. Goals and objectives of our club will be discussed; therefore, it is important that our club’s committee chairs attend as well.   I will distribute the time and links once confirmed.
Dianne will also attend our club meeting this coming Tuesday.  Randy asked that everyone attend, if possible.  The Governor personally attends over 50 club meetings per year; therefore, our efforts to attend are important.
Harold summarized last week’s social event where 7 club members toured the Marana Health Center.  Harold reported that there may be two great candidates there that may be interested in joining our club.
Harold also reported on efforts to have the 5th Tuesday in November social gathering at the 390 Air Museum. Several suggestions were made as to day and time.  Sulee offered to circulate a poll with options and set the meeting according to the majority preference.
 Induction of Cathy Lolwing into the Marana Rotary Club (note that yours truly finally spelled her name correctly, my apologies)
Mary Straus introduced Cathy, and her husband, Mark, to the club.  Cathy is the Executive Director of Felicia’s Farms, who we have come to know well as one of our club’s newest community projects.  Mark holds the position of Director of Circulation and Consumer Innovation of the Arizona Daily Star.  Randy provided background color prior to the formal induction.  Their daughter, Amanda, will be participating in RILA and they have a son, Sam, 21 years old studying to be an air traffic controller.  Both Cathy and Mark are musicians.  Cathy plays guitar and Mark has written over 1,000 songs.  Between Randy and the new inductees, our entertainment needs will be met for the foreseeable future.  Randy emphasized that Mark will also be considered a member and is invited to participate in the club’s activities.  Lynne presented a check from our club to Felicia’s Farms in the amount of $3250, representing ½ of the donation to Felicia’s Farms pending the remaining balance from the District.
Randy presented the pin to Cathy and the club warmly welcomed Cathy and mark to Rotary.  One of Cathy’s first involvements will be to assist in the Tour de Cookie event.
 Speaker, Don Jorgensen
Don provided more information regarding how Shelter Box functions.  We are all familiar with Shelter Box having participated for almost three years in supporting the effort.  The Marana Club has been named a “Hero Club” being one of the most successful clubs in raising funds; $1,000 per year for three years running. 
Don used the recent Haiti disaster in describing the behind-the-scenes activities of Shelter Box.  Shelter Box is aiding Haiti for the third time.
                2010- 20,000 families displaced by a major hurricane were provided shelter (tents)
                2015- Haiti was once again hit by a major hurricane and Shelter Box supplied rebuilding supplies designed for the youth to be actively involved.
                Today- Haiti encountered both earthquake and hurricane wherein 137,000 families were wiped out.
Don described just some of the methods that Shelter Box utilized before entering a country such as Haiti.  SB liaises with organizations such as the Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, and the UN in designing logistical support.  Disaster aid is a straight-forward concept.  What is less understood are the steps taken before a decision is taken to provide assistance.  Don described the following:
An assessment team was sent, in this case, to the Dominican Republic because of uncertainty and political instability in adjoining Haiti.  Questions asked included:
  • Are there at least 200 families effected?
  • Will the required aid be needed for longer than one month?
  • Will Haiti even accept assistance?
  • Can the government perform duties such as facilitating customs on incoming aid?
  • Are there translators/facilitators?
  • Is there adequate security?  Protection under COVID conditions?
Needs in this case were determined to be quick, temporary shelter gear, mosquito netting, tarps, grommets, wire.  The assistance is underway and ongoing.  Thanks to Don for his commitment and eloquent presentation. 
Andy Swarthout, Secretary