Marana Rotary Club
Randy called the meeting to order
Mary led us in the flag Salute.  
Randy said – sad news - Liz Cohen is very ill and was placed in hospice yesterday.
Adam Pina a prospective member joined us via zoom (welcome).   He is a financial advisor with Edwards Jones.  He grew up in Tucson and Live in Marana with his wife, he was a private banker for Wells Fargo.  He is a Yankees fan, Mary put on her NY hat, Kathy put on Cubs, Don put on his Boston hat, Laura put on her team hat.   Ya we have baseball fans. (let’s go to a game)
Lynne told a joke   The Yankees were playing the Red Sox at Fenway Park a kid goes to the game he meets his priest there they get to talking and after the game the priest says  can I get a ride home the kid says  father, I would be happy to.  So they are driving down the street and here is this Yankee fan all decked out in his garb, hat, shirt the whole 9 yards the kids swerves, and almost hits him.   At the last minute he veers off and looks at the priest and said Father I am so sorry I shouldn’t have done that, and the priest said no worries  my son I got him with the door.
Happy Buck Time:
Harold said he and Bob spent a couple of hours working on getting the computers going at the fire department, so at the next meeting we can be hybrid.
Bob also happy about getting the computer going.
Kathy – 450 new chicks at the farm we will be at her place to visit on  5/31.
Becky – new grandma Elenore, and her other granddaughter June had her 4th birthday Saturday. 
Mary – another treatment  - good news brother arriving today to help Mary.
John – question for Kathy – with all the chicken can you use the chicken dropping to make her own compost and she explained how she does that.   Don and Cindy hosted the District Governor and District Governor Elect at their house along with the outgoing foreign exchange students.  Rotary 5500  has students going to Belgium, Thailand & Denmark and we will bring in four incoming students
Laura – happy and relieved she is done with the AZ Supreme Court; she won’t know for four or five months if she wins or not.  She said this was called a hot bench. it’s what the call a hot bench:* here is the meaning The Supreme Court justices are talking. And they are talking more than ever during oral argument. The term “hot bench” implies that appellate judges engage in vibrant verbal exchanges with the parties during oral hearings.
Don, good news he watched the live streaming of Laura at the Supreme Court he said she was fantastic. Their daughter is an FBI  agent in New York she was just selected to train for the  Hostage Negotiation Team. Shelter Box update sense the beginning of the rotary year district 5500 has raised over $46,000 for shelter box.   That ranks us 9th out of 150 some districts in the US and second in our zone and were one of the smallest districts in the zone.
Sulee – Also watched Laura and we went to Bullhead with 18 family member and had a great time.
Lynne happy tax season is off and happy she is semi-retired.
We netted $7400.00 at the Tour de Cookie.
Shredding event this Saturday
  • Event will be from 9:00 – 1200
  • We need to be set up and ready to go by 8:30, if you can help, please be there by 8:00 a.m.  All hands-on deck if possible.
  • John will bring two pop ups, tables and chairs,  signs for the road.
  • Have some masks on hand for elderly people.
  • John will bring a cooler with water.
  • Laura brining bagels and crem cheese.
  • Becky to make sure we have the credit card.
  • John has some trifold to hand out.
  • Randy has a paper that we handed out last year.
Student of the month:
Denise Coronado, Student of the Month Brisel Rivera
She went to school at Road runner and Marana Middle School and then to the High School. She wanted to graduate earlier and be with a smaller community.   What she likes best about MCAT: is the schedule and that she has  6th period to use as independent time so she can catch up on her work.    Denise said that Brisel is the one that really gets her work done!  She will graduate in December she was supposed to be a May 2024 graduate, can you imagine graduating two years early?  She is going to go to the Pima and then the UofA and get her teaching degree.   Info her brother is also a graduate of MCAT
Laura asked her what teaching area she is  interested in and she said History.  Mr Bohen is the person she picked to be there with her today he is her History Teacher.  He said  Brisel is supper self-directed she had a lot of questions and always want to know more.  She is willing to help other students that are struggling a little bit.  Because of that other student are also engaging more.  She is a great role model.   Rotary provided her with a certificate and a gift card to the movies. 
Brisel said it was an honor to be at MCAT.
Denise said that MCAT,  graduation is May 19th, 2022.  She has four seats for us to join, let Randy know ASAP who is going.
Mary – Past District governor Eli sent a card thanking for the video sent in for the peace pole. 
Laura and Mary have been planning Laura’s installation. She has picked June 18th  for the date and to be held at Laura’s house and it will be catered.   John recommends that Laura and Lynne put their heads together to discuss the budget for her year.    
John said the Annual Programs fund raising is , total contributions are at $8540. That includes polo plus and foundation. Randy’s goal was $10,000.  Lynne has another $1600.00 to go in this will put him over his goal at $10,140.   Membership goal was two and we have three new members, Cindy, Kathy and Carol.
John will receive honors for his year as president.  Club also submitted the paperwork we will be honored as a Prestige Club.
John kind of related My Rotary, My Rotary in the district people registered 54%.  The only two people in our club who are not registered Kathy and Carol are the only two members not registered. 
Next week’s  hybrid meeting the  speaker is Elizabeth "Biffie" Danckwert  from South Africa. 
Mary asked on behalf of Jen our Youth Exchange Daughter if anyone would be willing to host her 24-year-old friend for three months.
Don led us in the Four Way Test.