Marana Rotary Club
Weekly Meeting
February 7, 2023
The hybrid meeting started at 7AM. Harold joined from his recovery room at Oro Valley Hospital and was expected to be discharged at 11AM after successful joint replacement!
Laura announced that Carol recently lost her mom, and asked we keep Carol in our thoughts and prayers.
Cindy was fighting an infection that had spread to the blood stream, but is doing well and will successfully fight it.
Adam reports that he is doing well, but swamped with work at Edward Jones.
John Zwick is celebrating 50 years as a Rotarian!
Beckie is celebrating her 75th birthday today!
Laura shard "thank you’s" from the MUSD Holiday Share program and thank you from Avery for the hugely successful RYLA leadership camp.
Dan updated on the Tour de Cookie event; there are currently over 150 registered riders and reminded that Feb 22 is the deadline for ordering tee shirts
Randy updated on the Human Trafficking Forum urging everyone to register soon as food is being ordered. The Saddlebrook and Dove Mountain Clubs have indicated that they would like to volunteer and contribute.
Cathy shared that president-elect Gordon McInally gave an inspiring speech at the recent PETS conference in Los Angeles.
Happy Bucks
  • Peter was happily anticipating the cold and mold as he heads to Chile next week for two weeks
  • Andy was happy to have completed his most recent adventure to Mexico during the winter storms
  • Harold was just happy today
  • Dan was happily sending his wife cross-country on a biking and fund raising campaign
  • Cathy was celebrating a new dog
  • Randy reported having lots of fun at the PETS conference in Los Angeles
  • John was very happy for Dan’s wife riding cross-country and mentioned that Cindy was pretty sick with an infection which is causing her more familiarity with the Marana Hospital than she ever wanted.
  • Beckie was struggling with Carl’s health; we wish her the very best in his recovery
  • Don indicated to our guests Denise Coronado, Student of the Month Christian Maldonado and family, that our meetings are not always like a chapter out of General Hospital! Don was very happy with the PETS meetings and commented that the Southwest meeting was an awesome family of clubs
  • Denise C happily reported that she was recently remarried in December and was in the process of changing her name on Teaching Certificates
  • Randy reported that on Laura’s birthday, Feb 2, she saw her shadow so we have six more weeks of winter (I think I got that right, Randy?)
Guest Speaker(s)
Today we were honored to have Denise Coronado and Christian Maldonado, MCAT Student of the Month, and Christian’s support team, including family members.  Denise described Christian’s overcoming Turret’s Syndrome and other challenges on his journey beginning at Ironwood passing through Mountain Vista and joining MCAT in Jan 2022. Christian courageously pushed himself through challenges with a lot of family and teacher support until he received his first “A” in a psychology class. He works for the school’s front office where he is a greeter and assistant.  He will graduate this May and wants to pursue a psychology degree with goal of having his degree in 2025.
Christian received a lot of encouragement, acknowledgement and support from the club.  Don J commended Christian on the courage to come and share his story. Don also pointed out that President-elect Gordon of RI has a special interest in addressing mental health issues. Beckie commended his parents for providing the support and pathway for Christian’s success. His mom expressed huge pride in his accomplishments. 
Thanks to Denise C and Christian for sharing this story and the opportunity to meet everyone.
The meeting adjourned at 8AM with the 4-Way Test led by Laura