MINUTES 12/27/16
Submitted by Randy Brooks, Secretary
Don Jorgensen led us in the Pledge, Denise gave us a thought for the day and Mary followed with a video of photos of Chimps’ in Africa opening a gift package of drink and food.  It was very funny.  The chimps were orphaned and needed a little levity. We did as well. Now that I think about it  the goings on reminds me of my family at Christmas.
No song today …… I did not see a dry eye in the house. 
Only one guest today, Don Winfield owner of Up and Running Computer Services,
Jo, Peter, Denise, and John Dooling all personally contributed (in addition to the funds donated by the club) to our holiday cheer for a family.  They were all pleased and the family very grateful for the kindness shown by our Rotary Club. Thanks to all of you for your generosity of time and money to help this needy family.
Dan Contorno has finished the course outline for the Tour de Cookie bike ride.  It will actually be 29 miles this year.  Anyway he thinks it his.  His GPS broke during the ride …..However, the positioning of the sun and burning of his legs provided valuable information about distance. The shorter distance is to insure those of us with physical challenges will be able to finish the course – like me.  Remember, we will need help on the day of the event, riders, and we will ask you all market the event.  Don’t forget this is a club project and we ALL need to participate in order for this fundraising event to be successful.  The money raised in this insures we can help others throughout the year.  Dan, your committee is doing a wonderful job on planning this event.  Thank you so much.
Randy reminded everyone of the New Year’s Eve party at his home this coming weekend …. Several have indicated they will be attending.  It should be fun.  We will have beverages, music, visiting, and goodwill for the New Year.  It starts at 7 PM and will shut down when everyone goes home.
President Mary thanked the club for the $300.00 donation to the Bisbee Club to help in the purchasing of food staples for people in Naco, Mexico.  Each family was given 30# of food. Once again, our club stands talk in our commitment to help those with less.
Presidents Report: Mary has been compiling a report for the Assistant Governor regarding our club activities for the past quarter.  More goes on than meets the eye:
  • We completed the $23,000 project in cooperation with the Marana School District and private contractors and sweat equity (as well as outright donations of money) toward the playground for physically challenged children. (Chair Mary)
  • We completed an air conditioning project for a military veteran in Picture Rocks. He has been without cooling for five years. (Chair Randy)
  • Again we donated and shopped for the family in Marana that needed assistance for the holiday season. (Chair Denise)
  • We are geared up and prepared to build a wheel chair ramp for a disabled woman in Marana. Partnering with the Community Food Bank and the Town of Marana on this project. (Chair Tony)
  • We partnered with the Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation and the Rotary Club of Nogales, Sonora, Mexico which provided memory screenings in Nogales. (Chair Randy)
  • We celebrated several “Students of the Month” from MCAT, MUSD …. This is always fun. (Chair – Mary and Club)
  • We organized and supported the aid station for El Tour de Tucson and 8,000 bike riders.  In addition to members riding in the event we were able to enlist the support of the Rotary Clubs of Dove Mountain, Tucson Rotary Club, Interact Club, and the Rotary Club of Old Pueblo. (Chair Maeve)
  • We were able to support Shelter Box by a donation to buy a box. (Chair Don Jorgensen)
All of the above was just in the last quarter.  What an amazing Rotary Club.  I’m proud of all of you.
Selected statement during our traditional Happy Bucks ceremony:
Peter ratted out Randy saying he was wrong on the statistics of attendees at last week’s meeting.  Forgiveness was offered, as well as accepted. Your esteemed secretary promised to do it again.
Xavier was late, he gave $5.00 for “Happy Bucks’” He had a weird grin on his face …. Kinda creepy.
Eric states he went to a movie this weekend and indicated that a movie called, “Collateral Beauty” with Will Smith was great.
Peter reminded everyone of the outing to Kitt Peak, January 14, 2017, we will meet at a place to be determined at 3:30 PM. We will get back to Tucson at some point ….. I’m forgetting at what time.  Carpooling is necessary and sign up is important as well.  He can only accommodate 30 people to insure everyone gets to the look through the telescope. 
Finally we introduced our speaker:
 Don Winfield is a US Navy veteran and was prior to owning his own computer repair business he was into tuxedo sales and management person.  He became interested in computer work and virus detection and formed his own company, Up and Running Computer Services, with his spouse. He discussed those annoying “pop up” banner ads and especially those that say your computer is malfunctioning and it’s important to send your money and children to them to fix the problem.  He say’s just turn your computer off (reboot) and they will go away. These companies are frauds and do not respond to them.  He is recommended by Eric for maintenance and care of your computer as well as a good man to fix problems.  Don can be reached at 520-271-8684 and  Website
Meeting adjourned.  See you all next week in the New Year.