Minutes of Marana Rotary meeting Tues 3/14/2017
One of our favorite meetings today – we honored our MCAT Student of the Month! Principal Denise Coronado presented Cheyenne Willingham. Cheyenne brought along her science teacher, Ms. Soto, along with her friend Xavier and her Dad, Adam. As she was happy to talk with us about herself (not always the case with our Students of the Month, especially at 7am), we peppered her with questions. She has a very focused interest in horses, including breeding and training, and she has chosen to attend college in New York. Cheyenne says of her teacher Ms. Soto, “she’s awesome”.  We all applaud Cheyenne and wish her the very best.
Our Club President, Mary Straus, informed the Club about a new part of the Rotary gun policy. The policy states that no Club should engage in or sponsor any activity that involves the transfer of ownership of a weapon. This policy is somewhat controversial, and we discussed it. Thank you, Mary, for making us all aware of this update.
Denise West and Dan Contorno assisted President Mary with the Food Bank food delivery in Picture Rocks last week, and Denise said that she enjoyed it and that we need more volunteers! The Food Bank is asking for assistance every second Wednesday of the month (in the morning), and a very large crowd showed up last week, so the need is definitely there. Mary will bring the sign-up sheet again next week.
AND FINALLY --- Today’s date is March 14, and we all know what that means – it’s Pi Day! The value for Pi is 3.14…, so, well, you get it. Pi Day is celebrated all over the world, and Jo Holt gave a brief description of the parameter, including that Pi is both irrational and transcendental. Like many of our members. Oops! And Jo read a fascinating account of the relationship of something to something else squared. Or something. You had to be there. Maeve Johnson re-awakened the group with a delicious cherry pie! Pie for Pi Day, you just can’t beat it.