Rotary Club of Marana
President Hunter began the meeting with The Pledge followed by the welcoming of our guest Tom Mangold. Tom is a former member of our club and the Rotary  E-club. With 95% attendance it is "too bad we did not sing".
*An aside to Tony, I much prefer writing "We did not sing too bad."
Hey, Holt! If you are reading this the election is over. Peter Mack, would be good to see your mug this month too.
Dan advises we have our first registrant for Tour de Cookie!
Rachel commented on a 250K grant that United Way and the Tucson Rotary Club are considering. Also, Rachel is in favor of Freedom to travel and the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments to the constitution.
Richie reminds us all that today is giving Tuesday and that for many organizations such as BSA and United Way, this is their biggest fund raising day of the year.
President Tony reminded all that 12/11 meeting will be a wild and crazy affair so be forewarned. Also, be aware that if you do not show up you may be voted into office for the coming year. On 12/18 we will be taking a field trip to Beckie's daughter's business.
Happy Bucks
John D- Deer Hunting in IL next five days and married 47 years as of today. Not necessarily listed in descending order of happiness.
David, Dan, John Z -All happy
Randy, Don, Harold, Richie-All happy
My mind wandered and I'll be damned if I know what the above seven are happy about, just trust me they were all just tickled pink.
Bob- News Flash! Hawaii might be a nice place to visit if you like to see one of the most beautiful areas on earth.
Beckie-I know she lost her cell phone and found it. There may be more to this story, but you will have to ask Bob as she faced him during the entire tale. Oh, left off last week, Beckie is glad she is in Tucson as SLC was mid twenties last week. Beckie tells me it is even colder today.
Rachel, Lynne and Maeve-Happy. You'll have to ask them why next time you see them. My mind apparently was out for a walk again.
Mary-Happy or maybe proud that her profession blends so perfectly with the ideals of Rotary. Hugs are good.
Joke Off
Maeve's entry was a real knee slapper. "You cannot trust atom's. They make up everything." (my favorite for the day. Dan liked Lynne's best, even after I explained Maeve's joke to him.)
Lynne's entry was pretty good too. Seems as though a princess trapped in the body of a frog hollered out to a passing male, who as fate would have it was an engineer. "Kiss me release me from this spell. I am a beautiful princess." The engineer picks up the frog and places it in his pocket. The princess hollers, "Hey, didn't you hear? Kiss me and I will turn into a beautiful princess." The engineer replies, "Yes, I heard you. But I am an engineer and I think having a talking frog is pretty cool."
Lady Luck was in the room today and sitting at Don Jorgensen's table. Don won and WON $304. In the giving mood, considering it is Giving Tuesday, Don donated the entire amount to our club's foundation. This was at least partially due to our recent sponsorship of a Shelter Box and Don's involvement with that organization. Thank's Don.
 Mary was our speaker and her able assistant was Randy. Members were divided into groups of four and we proceeded to play "What's My Rotary." We got off to a rough start with many members shouting out answers, ringing their bells too soon, not playing by the rules in general, dancing on the tables and obviously imbibing in too much coffee. Randy would not stand for this chicanery and quickly brought order to the room. Once order was established the team of Johnson, Contorno, West, Hindman and Dooling proved their mettle and dominated the exercise with an awesome display of Rotary knowledge. Perhaps the fact that our team of four had five members is the reason all teams received chocolate as a reward for participation rather than all the bags going to the aforementioned team? 
See you on the 4th of December, hopefully with deer pictures and I don't mean Rudolph.