Marana Rotary Club
January 4, 2022 weekly meeting
This week’s meeting was held hybrid.  Given the situation with rapidly spreading Omicron, it was agreed by members to hold our weekly meetings virtually through January, then re-evaluate going forward.
The January 15 visit to El Cohibo in San Carlos is being postponed until later in the year.
Happy Bucks
  • Bob was celebrating grandkids’ various birthdays
  • Cathy was happy to have purchased a new car at a great deal.
  • Lynn happily told a funny joke involving camping and tents which was hard to understand remotely.  But from the groans it must have been a good one!
  • Harold was happy to have BOTH eyes functioning after cataract procedures.  “I can see forever”.
  • Don had a great visit with his 3 year-old grandson and was happy to watch the cold weather in New York from afar.
  • John (and Cindy) was enjoying the grandkids, and relayed an interesting spelling of Mississippi by his eldest 6 year old
  • Beckie was celebrating the strong showing by the University of Utah in the Rose Bowl and the Arizona Cardinals win record against the Cowboys
  • Mary celebrates her daughter’s visit; a much-needed respite given the fight she is undergoing.  Everyone offered their strong support
  • Peter returned from Hamburg safely the night before after a 10-day jaunt to Egypt and the Canary Islands.  The volcanic eruption has subsided in the Canaries; however, damage is extensive and funds are woefully inadequate.
  • Laura said that this year she “would be relentlessly optimistic”.  And thanked Peter again for his  instructions for meeting set up
  • Andy was also optimistic, hoping that the data was right indicating that we are on the path to survive the pandemic
  • Randy was happy for so many good things; the generosity of our club, the providing for three families over Xmas, Laura for setting up, Mary for donuts, Harold for everything he does.
John (as Chairman of the Foundation) and Cindy Dooling came forward to recognize Cindy’s joining of the club and recipient of the Paul Harris Society.  The giving of $1,000 resulted in a total donation of $3,000 after matching donations.
Youth Services – a meeting with Denise will be arranged to determine the date for the MCAT student presentation.
Guest Speaker
 Randy introduced Captain Roberto Jimenez of the Marana Police Dept.  Captain Jimenez spoke of his experiences during 23 years on the force in Marana, preceded by 5 years on the police force up in Eloy, AZ.    Capt. Jimenez described several examples of how the Marana Police Dept. has strived to create a healthy relationship between the department and the community after suffering a reputation issue 8 years ago.  He explained the recruitment and training process instituted by the Police Chief to engage officers with the community.  Captain Jimenez also touched upon the challenges presented to law enforcement under stress and strain of the COVID pandemic.
Following the talk, several members expressed strong interest in Captain Jimenez, and members of his department, to consider becoming a member of our club.  Members also asked that he be invited back to speak about topics raised that time did not permit addressing.