Marana Rotary Club
May 9, 2023 weekly meeting
As the meeting this week is in a different room at the fire station, internet seems to be jinxed and virtual attendees had a much clearer signal for our guest speaker.  And, those present in-person heard broken audio from those on-line.  After about 10’ of social time, Laura led the Pledge of Allegiance (wink), followed by our speaker, Timothy Massawe.  Order of things were reversed to accommodate Timothy, speaking to us from Tanzania.
Guest Speaker
Timothy Massawe provided an update on the Kirima Secondary School bathroom reconstruction where the facilities were destroyed by rains and floods 1 and ½ years ago.  Timothy has been a Rotarian since 2011 and holds two law degrees from Tanzania.  Last year our club’s foundation donated $2,000 towards the approximately $10,000 project.   Timothy is asking us to consider an additional $2,000 to complete the project.  Thus far, the building and roof are complete, and one of seven toilets has been completed.  Six more toilets and the water storage system have yet to be installed.  To stay within budget, students and families have provided unskilled help on the project.  The septic systems (existing and undamaged) require maintenance every 2-3 years.   As this is a TZ government supported school, this maintenance cost is born by the government.  (note: thanks to Mary for asking this questions regarding sustainability and maintenance issues). However, the government provides little to no assistance otherwise, hence the outside funding required for the bathroom rebuild project.
Timothy explained the impacts of the destroyed bathrooms.  Girls were especially affected and ceased to attend school immediately.  Since the one toilet was installed, girls are beginning to return; however, the remaining toilets are critical for higher attendance.  The Kirima School serves over 700 students; imagine, even when fully completed, that equals one toilet for each 100 students, male and female!
After Timothy left the meeting, Mary made two comments.  1) In her experience, a  $10,000 budget for this size project, in Africa, seems very high and 2) a total ask for a small club of $4,000 is a lot to consider.  Laura asked that members consider this further.  It should also be noted that signage for our club and the TZ club will be placed on the facility.
Post script- Bob followed up further with Timothy regarding Mary’s question about Tanzania’s support for schools.  Timothy’s thoughtful response is included below for reference:
"Dear Bob,
Thank you for helping the advocate for support for this school.
In 2003, the Tanzanian government introduced “free primary education for all children” and in 2015, “free secondary education for all”. 
Both of these policies are an amazing stepping stone in the development of Tanzania. Unfortunately, the Tanzanian government has such few resources meaning all schools quickly became oversubscribed and the level of financial support didn’t really change. Most government schools have class sizes of 140 students with 1 teacher. 
As you can imagine, the teacher really struggles to give the children a decent education. These schools also have no or very little water, no or poor quality toilets, no school lunch provided and almost no money for school maintenance. 
The government appreciate private schools in Tanzania because without them, government schools would be even more overcrowded and poor quality.
To cut a long story short, the schools receive barely any funding from the government because the country is one of the poorest in the world. 
The government schools we also support often have no windows so the children get wet when it rains, children are squashed 4 to a 2-person desk and teachers have no resources, and sometimes not even a blackboard! The Rotarians in Tanzania are working hard to change this! 
Most of our rotary education projects focus on improving the lives of children in  government/public schools because it is the place where there are hundreds of poor children without alternative.
After this project is completed, we will start looking for partners to do a Global Grant to build many toilets in majority school in the new rotary year 2013-2024.
This will be like a model for our next GG project.
Thanks Bob,
Yours in Rotary Service,
Laura mentioned that Beckie was not able to come today as her husband, Carl, had to be admitted to the hospital for a procedure “which didn’t sound non-serious”.  Our thoughts are with you Beckie; it isn’t often that you don’t find a way to make the meetings.
The MCAT graduation ceremony is May 23 at 7PM.  Laura needs to know who’s attending no later than May 22 so she can advise Denise Coronado of seats needed for Rotarians.
Reminders that Cathy’s installation will be May 23 and Don’s will be held on May25.
May social event- was being considered for late May; however, graduation events and Memorial Day holiday are making it difficult to impossible to schedule.  Laura wants to defer until later and hold our business meeting as scheduled.
Happy Bucks
Bob is remaining in OK City, now departing for Virginia around the first of June.
Peter, who joined the District Training meetings last Saturday from his seat on an airplane, was Zooming in from somewhere around Fargo, N. Dakota.   He’s enjoying beautiful weather, lakes and scenery.  Peter commented on the brutal life farmers have in N. Dakota.
Cindy is in Scottsdale attending graduations, including their daughter who graduated with honors from the ASU Barret’s medical sciences college.  WAY TO GO CINDY AND JOHN!
John appeared to be in the same hotel room as Cindy and was thoroughly enjoying their children’s success.  John admitted that this ambition for excellence did not come from his side of the family.
Andy was enjoying Spring in Utah, and commented that ranchers here were suffering too, losing 30-40% of their calves this year due to cold weather and high water.
Harold was happy that his second knee replacement is scheduled for May 26
Mark was happy to be there at the meeting, commented on the incredible job Laura does as president, and remarked how satisfying it was to be able to help people half way around the world in Tanzania.
Dan said he finished a fishing trip with three people, three days in one boat….and caught five fish.
Cathy J. was happily packing for Australia
Don was pleased with our district training event, the first in 5 years.  Said he attended an event for District 5495 and was proud of our District 5500.
Randy had set his alarm clock an hour earlier than normal and was at the meeting at 6:01 to help with set-up.  He also gave kudos to Don for the excellent district assembly last Saturday which saw a high-level of participation.
Mary commented on the fact that Dooling’s offspring all graduate with honors, adding that she was happy to have her daughter graduate, period!   “We all have our strengths” said Laura.  So true.
Cathy was looking forward to her son’s graduation tomorrow with a Masters Degree in Aviation Management
Laura was celebrating ten-years out of law school and was so grateful to have switched her major from journalism, given everything going on with journalists.
 The meeting was adjourned at 7:55 with the Four-Way Test.
Andy Swarthout (any errors are mine and mine alone!)