Marana Rotary Club
June 28, 2022 weekly meeting
Randy returned to lead us in his final meeting, held virtually.
There being none, Randy proceeded to make comments his year as our President.  Randy described a very challenging year where everyone in our club stepped up to make our projects a success and our challenging meeting environments successful.  Notably, we reached our Foundation goals, brought in new members (Don), achieved our Foundation funding (John), brought the Youth Exchange back into focus (Cindy), executed international projects (Mary), kept the website and public relations crisply up to date (Harold), executed the Tour de Cookie and shredding events (Dan and Don), made families happy for Thanksgiving and Christmas (Denise), kept the Food Bank supplied (Cathy); to name but a few of our accomplishments during a tough year.
Randy felt we could have done better organizing our weekly meetings, despite the heroic efforts made especially by Peter, Harold and Bob.  Randy apologized for being, at times, sketchy in leading the meetings; but Don pointed out that it took exceptional leadership to have held the club to such high standards during a  most unusual and challenging year.  All joined in deeply thanking Randy for his leadership.
Harold reported on the Foundation year.  The year ended with $14,000 after twelve funding requests were considered and approved.  11 monthly meetings were held.  Also, Harold proudly reports this is his second year in a row where he had perfect attendance in weekly meetings!
Mary reported that Anita will be visiting our club in September and thanked the Doolings for their help at her installation
Randy said there will be n o monthly Board meeting tomorrow night
July 5, our speaker will be Richard Allen, topic- projects in Cambodia
Happy Bucks
Harold enjoyed his visit with his brother-in-law and was enjoying summer
Dan was happy to be back after one month’s absence due to work and family commitments.  Dan described feeling “not connected” as a result of the meeting environments over the past year.  A weird year and missed the comradery, socializing and the meals together.  A topic discussed more at the end of the meeting.  He was also happy that the State education budget was approved.
Bob was happy, apparently, but unable to connect his audio.
John agreed with Dan’s comments and it was suggested that Laura should consider the club’s feelings on meetings for the next year
Don reported that medical tests prior to his upcoming surgery were positive.  Don shared that recently his nephew passed at 44 years old from a heart attack.   Therefore, there have been TWO losses in Don’s immediate family as his sister’s husband also passed this year.  A tough period for Don.
Mary is not looking forward to a treatment this week; however, there are only two treatments remaining.  HOORAY Mary!   You look awesome, by the way!
Andy was happily rid of COVID and trying to organize his Africa photos
Adam was happy to see the markets up so he could catch up on sleep and the phone isn’t ringing off the hook
John has the NW Fire all to himself this morning
Cindy recounted the big swim meet this past Saturday and happy to see so many kids getting back to normal, social
Cathy was looking forward to making ollas with her campers
Denisse had an amazing trip to Hawaii snorkeling with the Manta rays
Randy was happy to have dodged COVID so far
Other topics
Randy asked members to share their experiences over the past year with regards to our club.
Much discussion centered around the effect of COVID on the ambience.  Many shared Dan’s view of lacking connectedness.  However, Bob pointed out that he felt more connected and if it were not for the hybrid environment, he likely would not still be a member.  Don suggested that we bring the topic up before Laura.
Adam noted the great comradery and suggested a dinner night out occasionally, with spouses, to connect better.
All agreed that, despite the restrictions placed by CIVID, our club has performed stellar!